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NevimusIs ubuntu for Android a firmware or app16:41
NevimusIs firmware easy to install?16:45
NevimusI have a rooted Motorola defy+16:46
NevimusI really don't like the firmware.. Was going to use something like cyanogenmod but I might wait for ubuntu for Android release16:47
HacDanubuntu for android will not be an android replacement16:51
HacDanand at this time, ubuntu is only supporting dual core phones, which the defy+ is not.16:52
NevimusStill had 1gig chip and 512mb ram.. Is that still bad?16:59
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Beezyhi everybody, hope your day is going well!18:35
Beezyanybody got time for question relating to bluetooth?18:36
Beezywell, ugh, let me know if ya do!!!18:38
Hiob10hiobany news?18:46
Myrttion a weekend?18:46
Hiob10hioby? not18:47
HacDanBeezy: as with most irc channels, just ask your question, you'll have a better chance of getting an answer =)18:50
Beezyoh, I want to set Bluetooth pan up on my android through ubuntu but there is no adaptor found in ubuntu18:51
BeezyI beat around the bush because it's complicated question: I have rom supporting cryomod, no idea if I have to pass bluetooth to ubuntu or what18:52
BeezyI have found little info about running ubuntu on phone and what is supported or how to do it18:53
HacDanubuntu only runs in a chroot at the moment on cell phones that I know of18:53
HacDanin regards to bluetooth pan tethering, I'll see what i can find18:54
HacDanto make sure I understand things correctly, you're looking to tether your android's connection to your ubuntu box, correct?18:55
Beezywell, my goal is to connect my android sdcard through a samba netwrok18:56
Beezyto samba folder share through bluetooth18:56
Beezyinteresting goal perhaps18:57
HacDanhrm.. and doing things via wifi is out of th question?18:59
BeezyI did what I wanted with wifi, save when I connect to some wifi networks I frequent they block certain connections18:59
BeezyI figued bluetooth would be unblockable, plus if it did work it would be much more convinient19:00
Beezybut, it's not really done by anybody yet19:00
HacDanwell, http://blog.sumostyle.net/robg/2009/11/16/ubuntu-tethering-via-bluetooth-pan/ to get you going with ubuntu pan tethering19:00
HacDanoutside of that, I'm not seeing a use for it =/19:01
HacDanyou could mount your phone's sdcard on your machine and share via samba that way, you're adding an unneccsary link =/19:01
Beezylol, pan would would good for internet sharing too i bet19:01
HacDanwell unless you're running a samba server on your phone, what are you trying to accomplish?19:02
Beezywell, I want to sync my microsoft onenotes wirelessly, I don't wanna plug it in! im lazy19:02
Beezyi found a good samba server for andriod, but like I said I get blocked by certain networks19:02
Beezybluetooth should be unstoppable, save for router interference, we will see19:03
Beezythanks for the link checking it out now!19:03
HacDansorry I'm not much of help, it is a very strange use-case19:04
Beezyya, that's how I live19:06
Beezyi dunno, my main issue following all other instructions is after I install blueman gui app the bluetooth adaptor isn't found.  I don't know if it's a standard setup issue or if it is beause I'm running it 'next' to android19:07
Beezythe link you sent seems to be from computer perspective, I will be using mr microsoft to pair.19:09
HacDanI've never heard of mr microsoft, sorry :(19:25
Beezylol, thanks though!19:33
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