ScottKIs that common enough it's worth it to comment on every accept?00:01
ScottKCould we just ping on the problem cases and people reply?00:01
infinityWe've been doing that, but it's a bit problematic when the accept was out of your timezone.00:02
* infinity shrugs.00:02
infinityI'm not wildly picky, but it can be irritating to hunt down rationale, or even a person to ask about rationale.00:02
* ScottK finds adding overhead to commonly performed operations to solve rare problems annoying.00:07
* Riddell snoozes00:13
ScottKJFTR, New has been done.  I've done it for packages that were related to FFE's I approved.00:13
skaetThanks ScottK00:13
skaetRiddell,  if still around,  are things set for the next set of dailies to show up as beta 1 - or still some things pending to do there?00:14
Riddellskaet: iso tracker should be done00:15
nessitahello everyone! I was wondering if someone can help me defining if a given bug requires a FFe or not00:15
Riddellskaet: just ticking the boxes and pressing the button when the isos appear I think00:15
skaetRiddell,  coolio.  nusakan switched?00:15
nessitathe bug is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/930716 (please note that there is a branch attached to the bug report that shows all the changes that would be needed to solve it)00:16
ubot2`Launchpad bug 930716 in ubuntuone-client/trunk "ubuntuone.credentials is not preferring the SSO Qt UI for auth" [High,In progress]00:16
Riddellskaet: hmm let me see00:16
Riddellskaet: hmm how do I do that again?00:18
Riddellnessita: so it's ubuntuone.credentials making use of a new API to show a given frontend?00:20
ScottKIs either one shipped on the CD?00:20
nessitaRiddell: yes, the new API and new frontend are already in Ubuntu, the branch onle makes ubuntuone.credentials "prefer" that00:21
* ScottK votes bug fix (no FFe), but only barely.00:22
nessitaScottK: ubuntuone.credentials is shipped on the CD, sso as well (but not the Qt bits). SSO will fallback to the GTK+ UI if the requested UI is not available00:22
ScottKUnless Riddell disagrees, I think you can call it a bug fix.00:23
Riddellfine with me00:23
nessitathanks! :-)00:23
Riddellskaet: sorry I need to sleep, you'll need to do whatever nusakan needs yourself00:28
ScottKI bet we could do a release team meeting really fast and well with trello00:29
skaetRiddell,  ack.  ok,  will handle.00:29
skaetor at least will try.  ;)00:29
skaetdefault_milestone=Precise Beta 1 has been set in .isotracker.conf00:44
* skaet notes that edubuntu-dvd appear to be be building, will see if it now shows up under Beta 1.00:46
skaetEdubuntu DVD has now appeared under Precise Beta 1... *\o/*01:44
skaetFramework for gathering release note information for Beta 1 is now up at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/TechnicalOverview01:46
skaetgnomescan is a FTBFS fix, have approved01:47
skaetthe unapproved queue is now empty, and so on that note,  time to go for dinner.01:48
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infinityskaet: gnomescan was being replaced with gnome-scan anyway.  I need to review and upload that this weekend.01:52
infinityskaet: But oh well. :)01:52
skaetinfinity, :)  beer-o-clock!01:53
infinityIf crimsun swings by asking why his gnomescan builds are failing to upload, that's why.  And I'm on it (later).01:54
infinityOh, or Ampelbein may have already uploaded gnome-scan, even better.01:57
* infinity will clean up gnomescan later.01:58
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ScottKWow.  Powerpc caught up.17:45
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skaetRiddell, NCommander, pitti, slangasek - since we've got a first set of images up under Beta 1 on the iso tracker,  I went ahead and disabled the crontab for now, so they have a chance to gather some test results.21:49
NCommanderskaet: great, I'll keep an eye on it over the weekend21:49
skaetThanks NCommander  :)21:50
tumbleweedincoming tesseract spam21:52
skaetNCommander,  could you and see if you can figure out why the ubuntu-server images for i386/amd64 didn't get built/posted?   also xubuntu-alternate appear missing.21:53
NCommanderskaet: will smack it21:54
skaet:)  Thanks!21:54
tumbleweedScottK: thanks! you made quick work of that22:19
ScottKskaet: I accepted a kde4libs update today for a milestoned bug, so the Kubuntu images need rebuilding.22:25
skaetScottK,  which bug?22:27
* ScottK looks22:28
ScottKskaet: Bug #93552122:29
ubot2`Launchpad bug 935521 in kde4libs "missing file in kdoctools.install script" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93552122:29
skaetScottK,  thanks.   have added needed to the pad.  Edubuntu affected as well?22:32
ScottKI don't know. If they ship any kde apps, they are, so I'd assume so.22:32
skaetNCommander, ^^ please add Edubuntu and Kubuntu rebuilds to the list after you finish looking at server/xubuntu-alterate22:35
skaetScottK,  just checked the manifest,  and yes - they're included.22:36
skaetin Edubuntu22:36
skaetstgraber, highvoltage ^^ fyi.22:36
NCommanderskaet: will do22:36
skaetThanks!  :)22:37
highvoltagethanks skaet22:37
ScottKtesseract storm is over.22:50
stgraberskaet: indeed, we ship kdeedu so we'll probably need a rebuild then22:51
Riddellthanks ScottK23:14

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