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DeltaFCould someone help me with a keypair issue with Amazon Cloud in EC2? I didn't lose the keypair, it's just not working in the AMI we've created.00:21
SHOVELLi am trying to get a webserver up and running and i have tried ispconfig with no luck is there a tutorial that could help me?00:21
DeltaFtutorial for ispconfig or what?00:21
SHOVELLi want to host a website and i think a ftp not sure but isp was the first tutorila i found i have isp up and running but cant see the site from outside my network00:23
SHOVELLwell i also have no content either that is for later00:24
DeltaFhave you tried http://<yourserver>:81 ?00:24
DeltaFwhere is this hosted?00:25
SHOVELLinside my network00:25
DeltaFSELinux or other firewall issues?00:25
SHOVELLhmm i dont think so00:25
SHOVELLoutside of the server?00:25
SHOVELLoh nvm00:26
DeltaFI've wasted many hours on its silent blocking. :)00:26
DeltaFnot sure how ISPConfig integrates itself. Dedicated service, or apache site entry?00:27
SHOVELLi think it is dedicated00:27
DeltaFdid you start the service, then?00:27
SHOVELLpretty sure still really breen with server stuff00:28
DeltaFsudo /etc/init.d/ispconfig start (or something like that)00:28
SHOVELLyes every thing is running i can acess the ispconfig by the ip but no website is accessable00:28
SHOVELLbrb i gotta check00:29
SHOVELLi used http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-10.04-lucid-lynx-ispconfig-200:32
SHOVELLjust to test so i have done everything there00:32
DeltaFhave you tried
SHOVELLi can access the isp server via port forwarding from my external (see pm)00:35
SHOVELLthat works but now a www.example.com00:36
SHOVELLwould you mind trying to connect to that?00:36
DeltaFin the apache config for it, does it list the IP or *:8100:36
DeltaFhmm. that doesn't make sense necessarily.00:37
DeltaFyes, look in sites-enabled00:37
SHOVELLok looking00:37
SHOVELLwith nano or something?00:38
SHOVELLok looking00:39
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DeltaFshould be /etc/apache2/sites-enabled00:42
DeltaFunless it's in one file00:42
SHOVELLyes it says *:8100:43
SHOVELLbe right back00:45
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rocketsWhat do you guys think would be decent bandwidth for an iSCSI target01:40
rocketsWould 2 gbits be usable?01:40
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SHOVELL!ispconfig 201:54
SHOVELLi am trying to get a webserver up and running and i have tried ispconfig with no luck is there a tutorial that could help me?02:03
sp4zHi, does anybody know how to disable screen blanking on 11.10?02:12
ch33z does this matter for SSH? To set your OpenSSH to listen on TCP port 2222 instead of the default TCP port 22,02:46
ch33zinstead of using the cli sometimes I use the FTP to copy and download files but also create folders02:52
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aarcaneHow to provision a perfect vm from vmbuilder on oneiric ?03:49
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qazokmi work at ubuntru05:21
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ZanzacarHi I have been looking into powernap and had a problem with the load monitor.06:24
ZanzacarAfter looking into it there is a python program called LoadMonitor.py06:25
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Zanzacarits located in 3 different places on a my system and I was thinking about editing it and restarting the daemon to test to see if I could fix any problems I am having with the LoadMonitor06:25
Zanzacarthat being said. one of the files I found was under /usr/share/pyshared/powernap/monitors would this be the code the program runs when it starts up? is there any way to check?06:26
aarcaneZanzacar, modify each file, add the eqivalent of "system logger file1" in each file, and see which one executes.06:41
Zanzacarwhat is system logger file1? I figured I could just move the monitor file and see what happens.06:43
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uvirtbotNew bug: #940780 in nova "nova-volume fails to start: OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/lock/nova' " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94078009:12
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eagles0513875hey guys i have a question i have some ppa urls which arent working added by a fellow admin and its causing me issues with updating my server11:18
eagles0513875how can i remove ppa's since they are not listed in the sources.list as well is there a file where they are listed?11:19
Myrttilook in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/11:19
MatBoymhh how long does it take to compile a kernel on a core2duo these days :(11:24
eagles0513875and Myrtti those the ppa's11:24
greppyMatBoy: I haven't tried lately, but it shouldn't take too long.  What do you need that is not supplied from the stock kernels?11:25
MatBoygreppy: scst11:26
MatBoygreppy: like this http://www.tomlecluse.be/blog/20110902/scst-and-scstadmin-ubuntu-110411:26
MatBoyiscsitarget crashes all the time11:27
greppyMatBoy: so https://wiki.edubuntu.org/scst doesn't work?11:27
MatBoygreppy: didn't try that one11:28
MatBoygreppy: is seems that the Qlogic driver was already standard, it was selected in the kernel config11:28
greppyMatBoy: I haven't tried it myself, just did a quick search.  People seem to come to #ubuntu-server asking questions for what they *think* they want instead of what the goal is :)11:29
MatBoygreppy: I tried iscsitarget and that is crashing. I have used one of the two a couple of years ago on a ESXi test... which worked good11:30
MatBoygreppy: why don't they add scst to ubuntu ?11:30
jMCgMatBoy: what *is* scst? Who are "they"?11:32
eagles0513875hey gusy anyone have 12.04 server testing environment with the latest -17 kernel11:36
eagles0513875seems like it causes a kernel panic11:36
jMCgOh. 12.0411:41
eagles0513875ya the -17 kernel update seems broken11:42
eagles0513875also seems to have removed the old kernel11:43
chmacHow do I tell why a package was installed from the terminal? As in, was it installed manually or as a dependency.11:53
chmacAny idea if I can install php 5.2 debs from Hardy on Oneiric?13:02
eagles0513875WARNING GUYS those testing precise on a test server the latest 3.2.0-16 and -17 kernels are broken they trigger a kernel panic13:42
chmaceagles0513875: The server kernels or all kernels? I'm running precise on my primary laptop, will it affect me?13:44
eagles0513875this seems to be 3.2.0-16 and 17 generic13:44
eagles0513875im not sure if they would affect a normal ubuntu install but seems like they affect server for sure13:45
eagles0513875we reverted to the 3.0 server kernel13:45
chmaceagles0513875: I'm running 3.2.0-17-generic without issues so far on a Lenovo x30113:45
eagles0513875humm ok13:45
eagles0513875chmac: you running any test servers13:45
chmaceagles0513875: Nope13:45
chmacI gotta go eat, hope you get the kernel panic figured out eagles0513875 :-)13:46
pgranereagles0513875, what does you panic look like?13:58
eagles0513875pgraner: this is yoru typical kernel panic on boot up will try and get a screen shot14:01
eagles0513875pgraner: very odd now the 17 is working again O_o14:06
eagles051387516 is still panicing14:10
MatBoyI hate this BIG time14:22
MatBoyiscsitarget is as buggy as it can get14:22
pgranereagles0513875, need to see where it panics, looking thru git there was a rebase to .6 stable with a lot of patches14:23
pgranereagles0513875, that is a rebase in -1614:23
eagles0513875pgraner: not to worried if 16 doesnt work cuz 17 now works and we have the 3.0 to fall back on if need be14:24
MatBoyI wonder why iscsitarget is still in and scst is not !14:24
Deathvalley122pgraner: http://picpaste.com/pics/sshot-54-r9Ohd6pH.1330180271.jpg14:34
Deathvalley122pgraner: in case you didn't see it http://picpaste.com/pics/sshot-54-r9Ohd6pH.1330180271.jpg14:37
eagles0513875thats our kernel panic with the -1614:38
Deathvalley122pgraner: http://picpaste.com/pics/sshot-55-LmLJQcdb.1330180894.jpg for 17 it seem to panic again14:41
chmacAnyone have any advice on installing PHP 5.2 on Oneiric?15:11
eagles0513875turns out the 17 kernel started working again after rebooting onto the 3.0 kernel15:39
eagles051387516 is still broken15:39
chmaceagles0513875: Happy days :-)15:39
eagles0513875chmac: yep15:40
eagles0513875odd fix but its still workin15:40
Deathvalley122not true eagles0513875 it started acting up again15:40
Deathvalley122so I had to put it back into 3.015:40
eagles0513875Deathvalley122: really15:42
eagles0513875are there any more updates for precise?15:42
eagles0513875what did it do this time Deathvalley12215:42
Deathvalley122same kernel panic15:43
Deathvalley122as 1615:43
eagles0513875Deathvalley122: you still have the image past to show to chmac15:43
eagles0513875chmac: what you think of that ^15:44
chmaceagles0513875: Not sure what I'm looking at to be honest, other than the colour scheme!15:45
eagles0513875chmac: if you click youll get full screen image15:45
chmaceagles0513875: Yeah, I did, I'm seeing kernel panic, looks like a vm spazzing out?15:45
eagles0513875chmac: no vms installed15:46
Deathvalley122just basically15:46
Deathvalley122updates for the host server15:46
albert23Deathvalley122: can you try to boot the new kernel with the additional option --no-log on the boot line? I think your panic is a result of re-enabling job logging in upstart16:37
ch33zIn the DNS client configuration I already have by default when setting up so do i leave as is cuz it says in the config to use the dns servers but the isp already put them there. paste.ubuntu.com/85669916:38
Deathvalley122I can try albert2316:38
Canadian1296I noticed when I installed ubuntu server I had the option to add "DNS server" (under LAMP, OpenSSH, etc). I didn't install it, but what does it do? I'm currently using freedns.afraid.org as my DNS server, so what's that for?16:44
joschiCanadian1296: it installs a task selection which includes an authoritative nameserver (bind)17:05
Canadian1296joschi: But how can you be your own DNS server?17:06
joschiCanadian1296: uhm, just install and configure the software. if you want to serve some domain names in the internet you also have to register with your registry17:07
Canadian1296joschi: I got an explanation from #ubuntu. Thanks though :)17:07
rmkIs there a global method for preventing newly installed packages from starting any associated daemons/services?17:47
SpamapSrmk: yes17:47
rmkSpamapS: Awesome, details? :)17:48
SpamapSrmk: man invoke-rc.d ... you want to create a script called /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d that returns 100 I believe..17:49
rmkAppreciate it, thanks17:49
rmkWe've been fighting it -- I should have asked sooner17:49
SpamapSrmk: /usr/share/doc/sysv-rc/README.policy-rc.d eplains it too I think17:49
rmkAnd using this, dpkg installations won't report an error on denial?17:52
SpamapSrmk: right17:53
rmkSo if I'm understanding correctly, the policy script is executed first rather than invoke17:58
SpamapSrmk: invoke executes policy18:03
SpamapSrmk: if policy returns the "don't start me" code, then the service is gracefully left alone.18:03
rmkI'll have to find an example to clear this up a bit for me18:04
SpamapSrmk: its pretty simple really18:09
SpamapSrmk: if you just want dpkg to never mess with any services,   #!/bin/sh\nexit 10118:10
rmkSpamapS: thanks again, this saves a lot of pain18:16
rmkThis works great.18:26
rmkOne other question.  Is there a way to use predictable uid/gids for packages which create users and groups?18:26
rmkThe only way we've found is to overlay our own passwd/group files ahead of the install18:26
Ho^OhIs it normal to take an hour or so to install Ubuntu Server from Ubuntu Server Disk?18:34
rmkHo^Oh: It can -- depending on your net connection.  Even though it's off the disk it still downloads the latest packages.18:36
rmkUsually it's a lot faster than that, so either you have a slow connection or are hitting a busy mirror.18:37
Ho^OhBut it's a real live server for goodness sakes.18:38
Ho^OhThing downloads faster than my computer,.18:39
rmkDon't know what to tell you.18:44
rmkThat's probably what's happening though.18:44
ChmEarlHo^Oh, if it takes 1 hour for server, be glad it's not Desktop.. might take 4-5 hours18:46
ruben23guys any help on how to correct this error problem on my ubuntu-server-----> http://pastebin.com/QgWqn1Lg18:51
Ho^OhG Finally!18:51
Ho^OhChmEarl: You need to get yourself a " kernel" then.18:52
ruben23Ho^Oh: help how to get it and installed it on ubuntu server..?18:57
ruben23guys how to install the source kernel of this..? ---> kernel"18:59
Ho^Ohruben23: You can give this a try: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)18:59
ruben23see this the kernel header dont match the version at all on my installed kerne---> http://pastebin.com/Q6fNpAU319:00
ruben23any idea guys..?19:02
ruben23is there anyway to replace the kernel..? to the default of ubuntu server 10.04 LTS19:03
Ho^OhOr: just apt-get install linux-headers19:12
ruben23http://pastebin.com/Q6fNpAU3  <---------------------this is the result19:12
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Ho^Ohruben23: Did it work?20:25
MatBoyah no... again... on this HP machine Ubuntu sees only one sata disk during the install20:27
MatBoyI hate this20:28
Eruadanhey! Does anyone have the link to node.js package for ubuntu lucid 10.04 ?20:28
MatBoyeven fdisk is not in the installer20:32
Ho^OhMy Ubuntu-Server doesn't boot no matter what I install/configure.        The server uses a 2TB HD, and uess I tried GPT and that fails too.20:35
Ho^OhAre there alternative ways to install other than chroot?20:35
MatBoyHo^Oh: Ubuntu is doing weird these days it seems20:36
Ho^OhI just don't know why this is happening. -.-20:36
MatBoyafter an upgrade form 10.04 to 11.10 or 11.04 to 11.10 it changed sdc to sdb20:37
Ho^OhOH WOW!20:37
Ho^OhI thought grub was my problem, it's something depeer than grub.20:37
MatBoyor there are some weird shared sata shitty things on this machine20:37
Ho^OhI was using this tutorial: http://forum.ovh.co.uk/showthread.php?t=3787            <--- This tutorial works on harddrives that are not oversized.20:37
Ho^OhI just do not know what I'm doing wrong.  I installed the way I usually do it, of course that fails. I tried GPT partitioning.  I tried grub1 and grub2, still fails.20:38
MatBoythis sucks20:38
Ho^OhAnd CHROOT is the only way I can do this.20:39
MatBoyI have had this working but I dont want to upgrade again after my install20:39
Ho^OhBecause I do not own the computer, I have very little info of the server I'm working on.20:39
Ho^OhI only know this: 1. It's 64bit. 2. intel i5 processor. 3. 2TB space.20:39
Ho^OhMatBoy: Then don't upgrade unless you know the changes.20:41
Ho^OhI hate how all the ubuntu install instructions are so outdated.20:41
MatBoyHo^Oh: I need new packages all the time20:42
MatBoydownloading 32 bits now... on a core2duo ??20:42
Ho^OhWhy new packages?        If you don't mind telling me.20:43
MatBoyHo^Oh: new features and so on20:44
MatBoyI dev my own webcluster software20:44
Ho^OhMatBoy: Alrighties.20:46
Ho^OhI'm just trying to run a web server.20:46
MatBoyI hate this really... it seems to be an odd issue21:21
RoyKMatBoy: what?21:26
RoyKMatBoy: device name change?21:27
MatBoyRoyK: yes21:56
MatBoyand 11.10 doesn't want to see the second disk and changed sda to sdb when I change connectors 1-2 to 321:57
MatBoyI made a bug about it21:57
RoyKprobably a driver thing21:57
RoyKfor different drivers, it's a matter of driver load order21:57
RoyKMatBoy: same controller type/driver on both ports?21:57
MatBoyRoyK: yes21:58
RoyKcan you pastebin lshw?21:58
MatBoyRoyK: I have seens someone with the same issue with no clue21:58
MatBoynope... installer21:58
RoyKtry a live cd21:58
MatBoyyeah can do that... tomorrow... busy all day with it !!21:58
MatBoyand I need Ubuntu because of orchestra21:59
MatBoybut even the iscsitarget is crashing on ubuntu... it crashes the whole kernel and scst needs to be compiled :S21:59
RoyKMatBoy: which version?22:01
SHOVELLhey i am looking for a guide for how to setup a server that i can host files like this site does for a online game i play22:29
Danny_JorisHi, I have two ubuntu images on my mac. I both want to set network configuration in virtualbox to NAT and host-only. When I do that I get a certain ip address. When I want to ssh in into my vm I get a big warning, probably because the key is saved in known hosts for my 1st VM and I'm trying to access the same ip address, but with another vm running.22:38
Danny_Jorishow can I change the ip address of the second VM?22:38
guntbert!crosspost | Danny_Joris22:39
ubottuDanny_Joris: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.22:39
Danny_Jorisguntbert: hah - you got me.. :p22:40
guntbertDanny_Joris: no worries :)22:40
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SHOVELLhey i am looking for a guide for how to setup a server that i can host files like this site does for a online game i play22:47
SHOVELLi have a apache server setup but how to share the files so they are acessable online?22:48
airtonixport forwarding?22:48
SHOVELLwell i can access the server online but i dont know how to have the files accessable22:49
SHOVELLgo to that is me22:49
SHOVELLis it that i have to have a "site" or can i just tell it to use a folder and display the content22:51
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SHOVELLie the above mentionned site22:51
airtonixyou need to investigate apache directives like indexes. first try deleting the /var/www/index.html23:09
airtonixyou might also find this useful : http://larsjung.de/h5ai/sample/23:10
ClusterHi, how do i remove a module from the dkms tree?23:27

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