AlanBellhttp://askubuntu.com/questions/107442/orca-screen-reader/107473#107473 yay I did a thing on askubuntu to correct some fantasically crap advice that someone was given there00:00
gordi've only one experience with ask ubuntu, and that is that i have an rss feed from it in my google homepage. whenever i see a question i can answer i go there to find someone else has done a good job of answering it anyway.00:02
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* popey votes AlanBell up00:11
AlanBellsomehow I have a reputation of 137, without actually thinking I use askubuntu at all00:12
penguin42AlanBell: You sure your chickens aren't doing stuff while you're out?00:14
AlanBellthat is probably it00:14
jpdsThey're probably crossing the road.00:14
AzelphurDoes anyone know how to force an upgrade on a package to a version available in a newer ubuntu release?02:36
Azelphuralso, does anyone know what to do in order to point out that the version of the application in the repo is actually, 100% broken and needs to be updated02:37
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Calling All Twisted Daemon Experts - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/25/calling-all-twisted-daemon-experts/05:13
MartijnVdSAzelphur: use a backport, or add the new ubuntu version to sources.list and pin it (apt pinning is your google keyword here), then apt-get install pkg=version05:58
MartijnVdSAzelphur: and "file a bug"05:58
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jacobwmorning ubunteros10:33
brobostigongood morning everyone,10:38
dwatkinshiya folks10:39
brobostigonhi dwatkins10:40
dwatkinsI forgot to log in to my Ubuntu machine, that makes using x11vnc a little difficult...10:40
TheOpenSourcererpopey: ping10:45
KrimZonI once set up xrdp on a machine to remote into it - it would create a new x session for each login10:48
AlanBellanyone got a Samsung Galaxy Y (or other budget smartphone suggestion)11:13
directhexhow budget is budget?11:14
AlanBell£15/month preferably free handset11:14
directhexvarious low-end galaxies exist at that price point11:16
directhexacer liquid express from orange?11:17
directhexor from tmobile with moare data11:19
directhexxperia neo v? htc wildfire s?11:19
directhexcouple of LGs from O2 at that rate, or a refurb galaxy s2 for £6011:20
AlanBellwhere is the refurb s2?11:23
TheOpenSourcererAlanBell: Wifey has the Galaxy Ace and is happy with it.11:29
TheOpenSourcererGot it from CPW11:29
AlanBellthat is a possibility11:29
AlanBellhttp://shop.o2.co.uk/mobile_phone/pay_monthly/24_months/100MB/BlackBerry/Torch%209860 this looks like a good deal. Not Android, but quite cheap for a decent phone I think11:29
TheOpenSourcereranyone got a init script to start/stop a minecraft server? Am trying this one but it aint working and no logs: https://github.com/Ahtenus/minecraft-init11:36
jacobwobvious question, doesn't minecraft-server provide its own init scripts?11:37
TheOpenSourcererjacobw: if it did do you not think I would have tried it?11:37
jacobwi'm just kind of suprised it dosen't11:39
TheOpenSourcererit's just a jar11:40
jacobwi realise that might be annoying ;)11:40
jacobwi can't see any logging stuff in the code11:41
jacobwhave you done all this stuff https://github.com/Ahtenus/minecraft-init/blob/master/readme.markdown11:43
TheOpenSourcererfound a different script that seems to work: https://github.com/ajoberstar/minecraft-init12:00
jacobwawesome :)12:00
TheOpenSourcererMy son is now a happy chap.12:01
TheOpenSourcererAnyone know any friendly Swedes who could spare my wife an hr? (or even a Norwegian might do it? eh christel_ ;-) ) https://twitter.com/#!/opensourcerer/status/17338041286800179212:16
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: drop her a mail her mum is visiting so she's not on irc12:29
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: pong12:59
TheOpenSourcererHi popey Was going to ask about minecraft servers and OpenJDK but it seems to be running fine :-) I have a happy son whose is sending out an IP address to his mates.13:18
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daubersUrgh, covered in roof tile dust now14:30
cliftontswhat are you up to daubers?14:32
dauberscliftonts: Running cables through the roof at the hackspace14:32
cliftontsaah right14:32
daubersAnd screaming at the router14:32
daubersno-one seems to have the password for it :)14:32
cliftontsdaubers: well the Tottenham Court Road computer fair is DEAD today!14:37
* daubers closes up the hackspace14:58
AlanBellafternoon all17:09
* AlanBell has been out hat shopping17:09
MartijnVdSTop hat? Bowler hat?17:18
brobostigondeer stalker?17:18
penguin42thing with bells17:18
MartijnVdSpenguin42: one of those jester hats you mean? :)17:18
penguin42MartijnVdS: Yeh17:18
* penguin42 hopes AlanBell hasn't been buying a Fedora17:19
MartijnVdSMaybe a cowboy hat17:19
MartijnVdSor a sombrero17:19
AlanBellmine is black which isn't shown on the website17:22
penguin42Gah! He has bought a Fedora!17:23
AlanBellit isn't red17:23
AlanBellthey didn't have one in #dd481417:24
penguin42that would be pretty special17:26
brobostigonwales 12 : 12 eng.17:30
AlanBellczajkowski: what train are you getting to Reading?17:35
brobostigonwales 19 : 12 eng. wales are doing pretty well, really.17:37
czajkowskiAlanBell: aiming to be there for 12:3017:41
czajkowskihow about you17:42
MartijnVdSHeh, Picasa's face detector + pictures from a family reunion = confusion all around17:42
MartijnVdSit's tagging 2 aunts as 1 person, and 3 nieces as 1 person :)17:42
MartijnVdSWell they do look alike (as they're family), but still.. :)17:46
AlanBellczajkowski: well I have car so can do any time really, I can meet you at the station perhaps17:47
AlanBellI will be the one in a hat17:48
czajkowskidont know where the train staion is in relation to the stadium?17:50
MartijnVdSczajkowski: Check google maps ;)17:50
czajkowskiMartijnVdS: you dont say ;)17:52
czajkowskiwas more of a passing comment17:52
AlanBellmore than a walk17:52
MartijnVdSWonder of our age, that17:52
AlanBellthere are probably buses or some kind of organised way to get there, but I have a car and free parking17:52
AlanBellthough last time czajkowski got in my car I had to scrap it the next day17:55
czajkowskiAlanBell: hah forgot about that17:58
gordonjcpsounds like a story worth the telling...17:59
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* daubers makes cake18:01
MartijnVdS\o/ cake18:03
penguin42typeof(cake) ?18:03
MartijnVdSsizeof(cake) ?18:04
dauberstypeof(cake) = victoria_sponge; sizeof(cake)=20cm;18:05
daubersor should that be (cm) 2018:05
penguin42cake.jam=strawberry ?18:05
gordonjcpcake.jam = bramble18:06
daubersstrawberry \o/18:06
penguin42daubers: Yeh!18:06
dauberscoops finest :)18:07
* penguin42 wonders if cake[0] is the top or bottom cake - but I guess there could be wars about that18:07
dwatkins_cake wars18:08
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daubersI love the smell of baking in the evening, smells like victory.18:08
penguin42well, going to bed on a slice of victoria sponge with the smell of warm cake must make for nice dreams18:09
dwatkinsgooey dreams18:10
brobostigon!info chromium-browser precise18:12
lubotu3chromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 17.0.963.56~r121963-0ubuntu3 (precise), package size 19705 kB, installed size 72030 kB (Only available for any all)18:12
ali1234has anyone seen this 7 page article about raspberry pi in linux format?18:48
ali1234i'm wondering how they stretched it out to 7 pages18:48
ali1234i mean that's about 50% of the magazine18:48
Azelphurbecause it's the raspberry pi, it should time travel and take every page of every linux format magazine ever.18:50
jacobwhow is precise right now?19:24
AlanBellrather fine19:26
* jacobw checks schedule19:27
* daubers puts the kettle on, loads up episode one of BSG and get's his warhammer paints out19:29
penguin42jacobw: Kprecise isn't too bad - chromium is being a bit touchy for me, other than that all good19:31
jacobwi've given up on kde after a few years of advocacy and a few more years of waiting for 4.x to reach the standard of 3.519:32
jacobwi don't care enough about gui things aren't web based anymore19:36
penguin42jacobw: Yeh, I found I prefered current 4.x to the way Gnome was going19:39
jacobwpenguin42: i'm in the small cross section of people who like both unity and gnome319:41
penguin42each to our own hey19:42
jacobwthings that run in the terminal or the browser > other things19:42
dogmatic69adobe dropped linux for adobe air22:39
dogmatic69they suck22:39
zleapthat means bbc iplayer may stop working,22:40
zleapare they under some sort of pressure to do this22:40
brobostigonbbc iplayer requires only flash that i know of, i dont have adobe air here, and iplayer works fine.22:41
zleapwhy drop support for linux,  creating the software can't be that much different to creating the software for OSX22:43
brobostigonboth are in a way unix, but there are alot of differences.22:43
brobostigoni would say, everything in osx above basic darwin is different, but i think they even adapt and change that.from the published OSS darwin.22:45
brobostigonbut they certainly used darwin as a basis, but everything above that, i would say is different.22:46
zleaphmm,  they could reverse that policy if the raspberry PI takes off adn can use adobe air properly22:46
brobostigoni dont think there is even the basic gnu toolset, in osx.22:47
zleapits bsd based isn't it22:48
zleapso not gpl license22:48
brobostigonit must have dd though, as the basic osx haiku liveusb creation instructions mention dd being there.22:49
brobostigonzleap: darwin is based on nextstep, therefore bsd, yes.22:49
zleapah,  nextstep being the front end22:50
brobostigonin part, in darwin also,22:50
zleapi need to read up on OSX for this computer group,  youth service place uses macs22:50
dogmatic69I thought the whole point of air was to be platform independent apps22:51
dogmatic69so much for that22:51
zleapmind you won't html5 do away with all this flash stuff too22:51
dogmatic69adobe and everything they make can just go jump off a cliff22:51
dogmatic69flash is dead, html5 has replaced it22:51
dogmatic69air was slightly different, still bloated though22:52
AzelphurI'm not that great at apache configs, can anyone take a look at this and tell me how I might move it to be on a subdomain? http://collabedit.com/d6u8723:07
Azelphurlike, instead of being active only on /munin, I want to put it on munin.azelphur.com23:07
shaneo1Does anyone else have sound from their speakers when headphones are plugged in23:17
Azelphurshaneo1: it's a "common" thing that happens, but it's hardware specific to fix it.23:17
shaneo1I have realtek hardware built in my laptop,23:18
Azelphurshaneo1: the only advice I can really give is google the hardware, see if you can find any answers on ubuntuforums or askubuntu, Upgrading alsa may also help23:18
shaneo1I am running the latest alsa on 12.0423:19
Azelphurdid it happen on 11.10?23:19
Azelphurfile a bug23:19
shaneo1ok thanks23:19

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