arandmhall119: Hmm, it looks like it might've all been an oddity isolated to the liveCD :/ Maybe it doesn't update hicolor-icon-theme properly or sommat...00:19
arandOn a related note though, what decides the colour of the app buttons in the launcher, does it simply grab the mos prominent colour of the icon file? Can it be overridden?00:21
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arandEr, no, there we go, it works in unity-2d but uses the low-res icon in standard unity :(00:46
mhall119arand: ah, good catch, definitely file a bug for that01:08
arandBleh, turns out my x48/apps/redeclipse.png is in fact x32 :/ strange that unity-2d bypasses it though...01:46
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dumpunitywell i just had to come by and say that I love ubuntu, well i started loving it until unity came along07:26
dumpunityplease bring gnome back07:26
dumpunityno disrespect intended, i just can't get my work done on unity07:26
dumpunityit's too difficult to configure and jump around within, and it presents a huge impact to performance07:27
dumpunityi'm pretty much ready to beg at this point :)07:27
dumpunityjust so you know, i gave unity a fighting chance, i used it for 2-3 months on 11.04 and 11.10 and it created so many more issues than it solved07:29
dumpunityhopefully im not the only one feeling this way07:29
dumpunityis there any chance that future versions will return the option to use the 'classic' interface?07:30
vibhavAnybody knows how do I compile unity 5.4 for 11.10?10:49
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ryehm, gajim dropped messaging indicator support so it is now unusable in unity - bug #761587 - the original bug to add the indicator support was #340213 - should it be reopened?11:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 761587 in gajim (Ubuntu) "Unity makes Gajim unusable" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76158711:11
ryebug #34021311:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 340213 in gajim (Ubuntu) "[jaunty] Use indicator-applet for new messages" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34021311:11
jincreatorWhat is the exact name of funcion show something when press right-alt key?12:39
jincreatorI mean, at latest unity.12:40
jincreatorAh, it's HUD. I find it.12:42
jo-erlendthe HUD seems to have improved much in the latest version. In the previous one, it didn't always show up when I pressed alt, but now it seems to react very quickly.13:00
jokerdinoi disabled HUD13:02
jincreatorWell, using right-alt is critical for Koreans to use input method. I'm about to report bug about it.13:02
jo-erlendjincreator, do you mean alt gr? That doesn't open the HUD here.13:08
ryejo-erlend, it does open hud here, hm13:09
jincreatorjo-erlend: I still can HUD with right-alt. Then what key did you use to open HUD there?13:10
jo-erlendAlt (left)13:10
ryebut not if i switch to layout which uses compose keys (e.g. not english), hm13:10
jincreatoromg, it use both alt key.13:10
jo-erlendI don't think it's supposed to use alt gr.13:11
ryejincreator, could you please present a use case when you use right alt for korean input?13:11
jo-erlendand it should only be used when alt is tapped anyway, so it shouldn't conflict with combinations.13:11
ryethough i can reproduce it on ukrainian though13:11
ryejo-erlend, well, sometimes you end up pressing and releasing alt, and hud opens on altgr too13:12
jincreatorrye: without HUD, right-alt make switch input method. But at now, it just open HUD.13:12
ryejo-erlend, ^ looks like pressing alt is enough to switch13:13
jincreatorjo-erlend: Is alt-key at right side called alt_grave?13:13
* rye goes to see whether there is a bug about this13:13
jo-erlendjincreator, yes.13:13
* rye has AltGr on his keyboard13:13
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ubot5Ubuntu bug 872051 in unity-2d (Ubuntu) "Drag & Drop from dash to Desktop broken: produces a unusable shortcut" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:51
jokerdinoi am planning to crack that bug, but have no idea where to start, do any of you have some pointers?15:51
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Pooky5Hi guys, I want try Unity 5 on Ubuntu 11.10. So I add this ppa package "ppa:unity-team/staging" bat it looks like, there is no available version for Ubuntu 11.10. Is it correct or there will be in feature?23:15
DaekdroomPooky5, that ppa indeed does not have packages for 11.1023:16
Pooky5Daekdroom: so is there any ppa which still have version for 11.10?23:16
DaekdroomNot that I know of.23:17
Pooky5so, only option is wait for 12.10 release?23:17
DaekdroomThat, or use the development version of 12.10, which shouldn't be done on production machines23:18
DebolazIt contains a few unfixed bugs atm, so yeah, no production machines. :-)23:20
arandHow does one use greybot vi msg?23:22
arand^ Oh, wrong channel, nvm23:28
kklimondais there a fix for launcher not showing under virtualbox?23:53
kklimondaWhen I move a pointer to the left side of a screen, and keep it moving it doesn't send more events23:54

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