yanonothing exciting in the "real NEO" you need to travel to cleveland for stuff like that.04:12
yanothough imo, i don't consider cleveland part of "NEO"04:12
* canthus13 nods.04:16
canthus13I'm actually looking for work in NEO. Ashtabula, Kent/Akron...04:16
yanothe real north east ohio is ashtabula, trumbull, mahoning, columbiana, stark, and portage.04:17
canthus13Yeah.  We're trying to relocate somewhere closer to Erie, PA, where my girlfriend lives.04:17
paultagcanthus13: ashtabula, brah04:17
paultagor conneaut04:18
yanothough, last time i was in ashtabula, cell phone service sucks up there04:18
canthus13paultag: Yeah... Unfortunately, I'm not finding much in the way of job postings out there. :/04:18
yanothough i was more near orwell04:18
paultagcanthus13: truth04:18
* canthus13 shrugs, drove through there this morning.. his cell seemed fine.04:19
canthus13Of course, I was on 90 the whole time...04:19
yanoyea near the interstates, cell phone signal is fine.04:20
* canthus13 nods.04:20

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