* c_smith is at Broadway Commons for the Ubuntu Hour,01:49
c_smithanyone else here?01:50
bkerensablkperl: I did pickup and I will send photos post-event incase you want to share internally :) thanks02:36
bkerensahello c_smith: I'm here virtually :D02:36
blkperlbkerensa: wut02:36
bkerensablkperl: disregard that was for bkero :P02:54
bkerensaI'm having a tired day... I went to bed at 10pm so my sleep schedule is out of whack02:54
bkerobkerensa: cool, thanks02:56
bkerobkerensa: please do, and I will02:56
bkerensabkero: I will already be anyways just to share with the rest of the Mozilla WebFWD team02:56
bkerensabkero: I have been trying to get Google to send me swag for a year02:57
bkerobkerensa: we <3 you more than Google02:58
bkerensabkero: I think so... You guys sent me a t-shirt and Google have me a lame flashing magnetic pen03:00
bkerobkerensa: you want tshirts?  How many?03:01
bkerensabkero: I have a shirt03:06
bkerensabkero: I might take some for the release party though but thats not till April :)03:08
bkerensaBrian_H: Looks like Shawn is coming to the Global Jam03:08
bkerobkerensa: I'll get you some stuff03:09
bkerensaslangasek: Looks like I'm going to co-maintain that package until the current maintainer is confident that the package wont end up RFA again21:58
blkperlwoah bkerensa is a package maintainer now?22:52
blkperlbkero: i want a t-shirt :)22:53
bkerensablkperl: Co-maintainer22:54
blkperlbkerensa: :D22:55
bkerensablkperl: and will likely see if this is going to be something sustainable for me but it seems like a good match with low work levels :)22:55
bkeroblkperl: okay22:57
bkerensabkero: should tell him there will be some at release party :)23:00
bkeroyou can23:00
bkerensablkperl: we will have shirts at the release party in April and next sunday at global jam we will have some mozilla swag23:20

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