Sarvatthmmm, dragging with multiple fingers is insanely faster than dragging with a single finger, and the cursor position loses track of where it really is (cursor is about 1" above the menu bar i'm dragging around)02:58
Sarvatti keep loosing input until i restart unity with these newer synaptics :(03:03
Sarvattcnd: normal that i cant 2 finger click to right click anymore with the clickpad stuff? clickfinger synclient property doesn't change anything unless i disable clickpad03:13
cndSarvatt, two finger click action is disabled for clickpads03:20
cndit interferes03:20
cndI hope to bring it back later with better heuristics03:21
cndas for the dragging with multiple fingers, are you dragging while the button is pressed?03:21
cndif so, why?03:21
Sarvattbecause i dont have tap to click turned on?03:21
Sarvattand urg, no right click then?03:21
cndSarvatt, I think we'll be enabling the right button area by default03:22
cndin the lower right corner03:22
cndSarvatt, when you are performing a press and drag, are you actually moving more than one touch?03:22
Sarvattyeah i'm sloppy with the touchpad, other fingers end up touching it :)03:23
cndahh, I'm not sure what to do about that yet03:23
cndthis is just one step on the way to really awesome trackpad support :)03:24
Sarvattargh, 5th time i stopped being able to interact with anything until restarting unity, WARNING: failed to get previous touch value03:28
cndhmmm.... still?03:29
cndI thought that was fixed in the latest stuff03:29
cndit likely means a touch grab isn't being released properly03:29
cndI haven't seen the issue, but I don't use a multitouch trackpad a lot03:30
cndSarvatt, please file a bug about it and assign me03:30
cndI haven't seen anyone else have issues03:30
Sarvattthis is with xserver 1.1203:30
cndmaybe there's some skew between the servers?03:30
cndbut there shouldn't be03:30
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