mdsnhow do i set up my boot, recognize both windows and ubuntu, cause now it just starts up automaticly ubuntu00:00
mdsnto recognize*00:00
colbyso, if it's recoverable, how do i go about recovering it?00:00
Chipzzzcolby: i've seen an article about how to fix that... looking for it now00:01
humungulousmdsn: you manipulate /boot/grub/grub.cfg00:01
stanikihey guys pc doesn;t actually suspend in ubuntu 11.10 anyone have this issue?00:01
humungulouscolby: grub> prompt: GRUB 2 loaded modules but was unable to find the grub.cfg file00:02
goodyobhow come I can't edit the /var/www/ folder00:02
humungulousgoodyob: use sudo to chown it to your user00:02
Chipzzzcolby: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery00:02
colbyhumungulous i found that out during my googling but i don't know how to fix it.00:02
colbychipzzz i ran across that in my googling, but my cd instantly boots to try or install with no recovery option00:03
colbydo i have to do the recovery after the livecd boots into ubuntu?00:03
humungulouscolby: system sounds like it doesnt see the drive at all00:04
humungulouser i mean the partition00:04
Ho^OhAre there other things I should be doing to make grub boot properly?         "nomodeset" isn't enough to resolve my issue.00:04
Chipzzzcolby: yes, you can press alt-f1 and get a command prompt from which to work00:04
goodyobhumungulous: Any way to make the folder public?00:05
humungulousgoodyob: dont understand what you mean00:05
colbypressed alt+f1 and nothing00:05
humungulousctrl-alt-f1 ?00:05
colbycursor still blinking at the grub>00:05
humunguloushe means once in the recovery00:05
Chipzzzcolby: first boot the live CD and then, when its desktop is running, press alt-f100:06
humungulouscolby: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#GRUB_2_Troubleshooting_Preparation00:06
colbyoh you mean terminal00:06
colbythe terminal00:06
goodyobhumungulous: nvm, I wanted to know how to make it so that everyone has access to the folder, but after I gave myself permission I was able to do it manually00:06
grkbloodhow do you extract a 7z file?00:07
humungulousgrkblood: http://www.7-zip.org/download.html00:07
colbyall right...but it's going to take about 10mins to get there (old p3 850mhz w/ 256? ram)00:08
tking0036grkblood: you can do it with p7zip it is upstream... apt-get install p7zip00:08
humungulousgrkblood: or possibly sudo apt-get install p7zip will work00:08
humungulouscolby: throw that thing away lol00:08
Chipzzzcolby: it's ok... get a terminal window that way and follow the instructions on the page i linked for you... you'll be up and running in no time :-)00:09
Chipzzzglad to help :-)00:09
colbyhumungulous - i would, but it's all i've got to run my wireless home network. i just need to get it running so i can share broadband with my wife's and my laptops (and possibly the blue ray player)00:10
humungulouscolby: why u no get a wireless router00:10
kantlivelongare there any good cpu burnin tools for modern i7 cous?00:10
LunaVoraxHello eveyone!00:10
CFHowlettLunaVorax   greetings00:11
LunaVoraxIs Ubuntu for i686 32bits processors only?00:11
tking0036it will run on x64 processors00:11
colbybecause we're poor and i'm using the equipment i've already got00:11
CFHowlettLunaVorax   no the amd64 is also available00:11
colbymarried, 1 kid, full time college, part-time job, wife also working and we're just barely scraping buy :D00:11
LunaVoraxNo, I meant. I'm talking about the 32bit version. Debian is compiled to be i386 compatible.00:12
DeltaFHello. Does anyone here have experience with Ubuntu Cloud in AWS/EC2?00:12
bastidrazorLunaVorax: it'll run on any processor.00:12
CFHowlettLunaVorax   if you've got more than 4 gigs of ram, consider 64 bit.  Otherwise, 32 bit should work just fine.00:12
Chipzzzcolby: hang in there... there are better days to come :-)00:12
LunaVoraxOk, thanks bastidrazor.00:12
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humungulouscolby: craigslist free section someonell be giving one away00:12
DeltaFspecifically, after creating an AMI of a running instance, I can't log in using the same key pair...00:12
LunaVoraxCFHowlett, no it's not the case.00:12
colbyat 34? i think i've hit my highpoint lol00:13
Chipzzzcolby: you aren't even half-way there yet... keep the faith ;-)00:13
colbyi'll have to check out that section humungulous, thanks for the tip00:14
jeregonhello can any one help me with my ubuntu installation ?00:14
humungulousi find your lack of positivity refreshing00:14
CFHowlettjeregon   ask away ... details00:14
urfr332gOjeregon, what is going on?00:14
humungulouswhats the bot command for telling people not to say hi00:15
jeregonCFHowlett well im having problems with the display the only way im able to access is to enter through recovery mode wich is how im talking to you now00:15
urfr332gO!nomodeset > jeregon00:15
ubottujeregon, please see my private message00:15
CFHowlettjeregon  read the nomodset info plz00:16
jeregonCFHowlett: COULD POINT ME THE WAY?00:16
urfr332gOjeregon, you might need a graphics driver do your update and upgrade in ubuntu and then look at the additional drivers app.00:16
DeltaFAny thoughts on my AWS problem?00:17
jeregonubottu: how do i see your private message00:17
ubottujeregon: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:17
humungulousjeregon: it should have come up above00:17
urfr332gOjeregon, should be in the channel list00:17
pietro_I don't know how you switch into a private message from irssi00:17
Chipzzzjeregon: what irc client are you using?00:17
jeregonChipzzz: irssi00:18
Chipzzzjeregon: alt+300:18
SHOVELLhey i think i am in the wrong place but i am trying to get a webserver up and running and i have tried ispconfig with no luck is there a tutorial that could help me?00:18
humungulousjeregon: here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313200:18
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=== racket is now known as ozzloy
Chipzzzhumungulous: i don't think jeregon has a browser running yet00:20
aBoundSHOVELL, You tried the ubuntu server channel yet? #ubuntu-server00:20
SHOVELLno i will go there thank you00:20
abhatnaghey guys, oneiric here; my ubuntuone-syncdaemon process takes up anywhere between 90% to 110% of my CPU while it runs, rendering my computer useless until I stop it.  Anyone know the solution to this?00:20
jeregonhumungulous: you do know i am using the computer i am having trouble with right? just in recovery :/00:20
adam__what does ubuntu use instead of xinetd?00:21
jeregonChipzzz: thats is correct00:21
humungulousjeregon: ok didnt think that through. if you have another working computer around just google ubuntu nomodeset and go to the first result00:21
abhatnagI have set it's nice value to very high (low priority, but that doesn't seem to help at all. seems like a buh*00:21
jeregonChipzzz: only server00:21
Chipzzzjeregon: did you get ubottu's message?00:21
jeregoni dint get one?00:22
jeregonwell there was a request but do not know hot to accept it00:22
atribone_hey people!00:22
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto00:22
lewis1711I updated to 11.04, but now my fonts lack anti-aliasing. any clues where I might remedy this?00:22
lewis1711sorry, 12.0400:22
ActionParsniplewis1711: ask in #ubuntu+1 for pre-release00:23
ubottulewis1711: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:23
Chipzzzjeregon: in irssi you can switch windows with alt-1, alt-2, alt-3, etc... your pvt msg from ubottu is probably in the window at alt-3... this should be at alt-2 for you00:23
ActionParsniplewis1711: its Alpha release, you will get issues00:23
lewis1711ActionParsnip: maybe it's not 12.04 I can't even remember00:23
humunguloussomething bothers me00:23
humungulousif he's a server layout why would X be at issue00:23
tyler-riddle92My headphones arent working. I have checked the settings. The speakers work fine. How can i fix this?00:23
humungulousmaybe its something else00:23
ActionParsniplewis1711: what does: lsb_release -sc   say?00:23
ActionParsniptyler-riddle92: what make and model system?00:24
ActionParsniplewis1711: then its 11.10 and is supported here00:24
jeregonChipzzz: i got it thanks for the help ill take a look at this :)00:24
lewis1711yeah it's 11.10. sorry, my mistake00:24
Chipzzzhumungulous: his desktop doesn't work because of the video card... he's using terminal mode right now00:24
lewis1711anyway, about the fonts. is this controlled somewhere centrally? getting the same issue in the lubuntu thing, as well as plain openbox00:24
Chipzzzjeregon: :-)00:24
ActionParsniplewis1711: if you set the font aliasing to something then set it as you want, is it better?00:25
lewis1711I have no clue where to set it though00:25
jeregonChipzzz: well im not looking for a desktop environment all i realy whant is a VPN server00:25
Warp4hi all, has anyone tried using wireless broadband with Ubuntu?00:25
humungulousjeregon: then install the server layout00:25
jeregonhumungulous: i did thhis is what im using00:26
humungulousjeregon: the graphical desktop will just be bloat00:26
humungulousjeregon: and you cannot boot normally?00:26
ActionParsnipWarp4: yes, works fine00:26
webspyderyea wireless00:26
urfr332gOWarp4, can you give details of your setup and problem.:000:26
Chipzzzjeregon: oh... i thought you needed the desktop... what problem are you having, then?00:26
humungulousjeregon: this whole time we've been treating your situation as it desktop00:26
humungulousjeregon: different problem than that assumed00:26
lewis1711" System -> Preferences -> Appearance" what's the name of this binary? slow computer will explode if I boot into gnome00:27
* humungulous faceslaps various ppl00:27
tyler-riddle92Nice one.00:27
ActionParsniplewis1711: which DE are you using?00:27
adam__what does ubuntu use instead of xinetd? anyone know?00:27
humungulousadam__: sysv style rc.d00:28
jeregonhumungulous: i can but there seem to be currupted data (but i know theres not so i sing in and put in the command reboot) and using the grub menu select the second option which i think is recovery mode00:28
adam__humungulous, so init.d/ ?00:28
humungulousadam__: ya00:28
Warp4urfr332gO, basically, its a regular ubuntu desktop machine, i want to connect to my mobile broadband internet provider with it in case cable goes down00:28
humungulousjeregon: so we need to know what you see when attempting normal boot00:29
jeregonChipzzz: i can but there seem to be currupted data (but i know theres not so i sing in and put in the command reboot) and using the grub menu select the second option which i think is recovery mode00:29
Warp4when i hook the device up to the USB port, all dmesg returns is that it is another USB drive00:29
ActionParsnip!init | adam__00:29
ubottuadam__: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto00:29
humungulousjeregon: you arrive to a login prompt at normal boot though?00:29
nibblerhumungulous, adam__, what is the connection between a internet superserver and a startup/rc-control mechanism?00:29
urfr332gOWarp4, cool but with what card/chip and how exactly, a modem, your phone,  smoke signals. :)00:29
humungulousxinetd was a hook point for starting services00:30
Warp4urfr332gO, its not a phone00:30
jeregonhumungulous: yes bu cant see it it all seems like a whole bunch of white blocks that are chiped off some but not all instead of the normal characters00:30
Warp4just a CDMA/EVDO modem00:30
Warp4for lack of a better phrase00:30
lewis1711ActionParsnip: using plain openbox, but lxappearance seems to have worked. fonts still look weird though, they probably just changed since last version00:30
urfr332gOWarp4, cool did you notice the 4 questions and need for details?00:30
Warp4i did and i provided all i know.00:31
ignoredthoughtswhat's a good programming language to learn if you're new00:31
humungulousjeregon: odd00:31
jeregonhumungulous: but i know were i am due to what i know from past expirinses00:31
ignoredthoughtsand are there any chats on this server that could help?00:31
nibblerhumungulous, xinetd/inetd offer lots of options you won't get with just starting a service (hosts.{allow,deny} etc)00:31
lewis1711ignoredthoughts: to learn programming in general, or to do a specific task?00:31
Chipzzzjeregon: there are solutions to several problems you may be having, but what is your goal... desktop, server, ...etc.?00:31
urfr332gOWarp4, cool can't help you then, good luck :)00:31
ignoredthoughtslewis1711: to learn programming in general00:31
jeregonChipzzz: VPN server00:31
ignoredthoughtsI want to major in computer science00:31
humungulousnibbler: so what do you believe the correct answer to adam__'s question is then00:31
jeregonhumungulous: yes quit the problem LOL00:32
ignoredthoughtsC++ is what i've started hacking at but some people suggested I look elsewhere00:32
urfr332gOignoredthoughts, good for you sign up for classes.00:32
lewis1711ignoredthoughts: Python or Ruby. I think Ruby is better but I'm sure many people here will vehemently disagree with me. can't go much wrong with either00:32
jeregonhumungulous: any sudgestions?00:32
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lewis1711yeah, C++ is interesting... many people who learn it first end up programming it really badly.00:32
humungulousjeregon: ok so you have a character set issue on normal boot00:32
ignoredthoughtsurfr332gO: am in school just going through the pre-reqs00:32
nibblerhumungulous, ubuntu has xinetd in its repo aswell, but prefers to start daemons directly00:32
ignoredthoughtsurfr332gO, can't take the classes until i'm done00:32
jeregonhumungulous: what do you mean by that00:33
ignoredthoughtslewis1711, i've read that python is for scripting, is ruby the same?00:33
jeregonhumungulous: i want to be presise on my answers00:33
ignoredthoughtsand do you know if there is a chat dedicated to comp science or programming in general00:33
FuegoHi… is there a "automated" script to setup ubuntu to act as a simple router/file server ?00:33
urfr332gOignoredthoughts, cool your scool have a pretty good CS program I have a friend who switched to this late knowing no language and sems to be learning it fast, but she is brilliant to begin with.00:33
humungulousjeregon: google for how to change console font00:33
lewis1711ignoredthoughts: yeah but scripting is programming, I would ignore the distinction at this stage, it's fuzzy at best00:34
jeregonhumungulous: why does it worke only on recue mode?00:34
AntaresPython is for anything, it's Turing-complete. ;)00:34
Timmo_how to delete folder from terminal?00:34
humungulousjeregon: can you edit  /etc/default/console-setup00:34
ignoredthoughtsurfr332gO, working on math at the moment.  pain but gotta do it00:34
ignoredthoughtswhat's Turing-complete?00:34
ignoredthoughtsPython > Ruby?00:34
ignoredthoughtsi know that's a dangerous question00:34
urfr332gOignoredthoughts, eww I hate math. :)00:34
jeregonhumungulous: using lilo i think00:34
ignoredthoughtsmy end goal is going to be pretty much video game programming?00:34
lewis1711actually C is a good choice if you want to go purely educational. It's slower to program than other languages, but it's very useful, and other languages will be easy after learning it00:34
Antaresignoredthoughts, http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?TuringComplete00:35
humungulousjeregon: try sudo pico /etc/efault/console-setup and play with the values in there00:35
Chipzzzjeregon: i think there's an openvpn in the repos... you can "sudo apt-get install" it from your command line if that's all you need00:35
AntaresThat means anything can be done given enough resources.00:35
jeregonhumungulous: ok cool thanks for the help\00:35
AntaresYou can write device drivers in Python given enough resources. That's just my way of saying that Python isn't *only* for scripting.00:35
qfhas anybody an idea how to solve my aptitude problem http://pastebin.com/hjqhqrEa thank you00:35
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jeregonChipzzz: yeap i know :) thanks though00:35
humungulousignoredthought: video game programming has traditionally primarily been done in c++00:36
qfi have tried to cancel pending actions - no luck00:36
nibblerqf, use apt-get00:36
jasonlfunkWhat is a good channel to ask general programming questions?00:36
jasonlfunknon-language specific00:36
Timmo_command to delete folder? pls00:36
urfr332gOjason1234, this is ubuntu support ##linux might be better if not ubuntu specific.00:37
humungulousTimmo: rm -rf <foldername>00:37
humunguloususe with care00:37
ErrorLarryrm -R /folder00:37
Timmo_delthank you00:37
nibblerTimmo_, rmdir folder <-- works with empty ones only00:37
Chipzzzjasonlfunk: do you ask because you are interested in learning programming?00:37
urfr332gOjasonlfunk, this is ubuntu support ##linux might be better if not ubuntu specific.00:37
ErrorLarryhey guys I'm kinda new to linux and I have a question00:38
qfoh with apt-get there is no error - but why exists since one day these problems with aptitude?00:38
luke--_hey there, does somebody know how you can find out your USB (port?) number that a keyboard is connected to? I mean that what looks like USB3 , USB4 (sorry for the agressive noobishness)00:38
jasonlfunkChipzzz:  No… I'm looking for specific resources on an algorithm or oss software about a specific problem that I'm trying to solve.00:38
urfr332gOnever know though somewhat depends on how many questions really jasonlfunk00:38
jeregonhumungulous: there seems to be nothing there?00:38
ErrorLarrye.g what is the difference of ubuntu to arch other any other dist since  I can change the gui to gnome7kde,xfce ....00:38
ErrorLarrybeside like the paketmanager ..00:38
Chipzzzjasonlfunk: pvt me and i'll see if i know anything that might help00:39
nibblerluke--_, lsusb00:39
humungulousjeregon: the file is not present?00:39
urfr332gOErrorLarry, a whole lot of similarities in linux overall not really a ubuntu support question though.00:39
tcawould anyone mind helping me with a dual video card / dual display problem00:39
CXIVHow logoff user via terminal?00:39
jeregonhumungulous: well it opens but theres no txt00:39
nibblerErrorLarry, its the quality of the packages, the idea behind the project (userfriendlyness eg ubuntu, complete free eg debian etc etc)00:40
urfr332gOErrorLarry, install both and compare and contrast.00:40
humungulousjeregon: what does ls /etc/default/console-setup show00:40
ErrorLarryurfr332g0, ok sry I guess im gonna search for another channel00:40
luke--_nibbler: It's the bus number there, right? not the device number. Is that correct?00:40
jeregonhumungulous: let me see00:40
urfr332gOErrorLarry, try ##linux you have to be signed up to freenode though.00:40
nibblerCXIV, exit, logout or ctrl-d00:40
CXIVWhan I use pkill -KILL -u user , then user is "rebooting" in bash00:41
ErrorLarryurfr332g0,yea I know sux .. I have now ubuntu testing, gnome3 (lots of trouble), openbox, xfce, kde .... did mostly the same on arch and debian00:41
jeregonhumungulous: well i wrote exactly what you wrote and you forgot the d on default LOL00:41
nibblertca, just ask your question, maybe someone has an answer - dont ask to ask00:41
AntaresQuestion, is a Java JDK available through apt-get or do I have to manually install it? I don't mean JRE.00:42
humungulousjeregon: ack yeah i corrected it on the next line00:42
jeregonhumungulous: now it opens :)00:42
humungulousjeregon good00:42
humungulousAntares: should be00:42
datapoliticalIf I want to represent a dataset and show only the last member of the set, but that there are many entries before it, does {*,"stuff I want to say"} make sense?00:42
CXIVI cannot logoff that user -_-00:42
CXIVEven from sudo00:43
jeregonhumungulous: what should i chage?00:43
jeregonhumungulous: change*00:43
humungulouslemme look00:43
nibblerCXIV, check his terminal with w or who, use fuser -k /dev/pts/X (or such)00:43
jeregonhumungulous: ok\00:43
AntaresThanks humungulous. :)00:44
humungulousjeregon: FONTFACE and FONTSIZE00:44
jeregonhumungulous: to what?00:44
humungulousthats a good question00:44
humungulouswhat are they now00:44
jeregonhumungulous: hahaha LOL00:44
jeregonhumungulous: let me see00:44
jeregonhumungulous: fontface is "FIXED"  and font size is 1600:45
Timmo_what is desctop directory in 11.1000:46
jeregonTimmo_: /desktop?00:46
CXIVnibbler Its not working00:46
humungulousjeregon: try VGA and 1600:46
jeregonhumungulous: ok00:47
CXIVI cannot log that user out00:47
nibblerCXIV, maybe he is just logging in instantly again?00:47
CXIVnibbler Yes00:47
CXIVnibbler How block it?00:48
humungulousjeregon: if that doesnt change the problem then its possible im barking up the wrong tree00:48
jeregonhumungulous: let me reboot ill back00:48
CXIVIm in sudoers00:48
Timmo_cd /home/desktop no go00:50
humungulousTimmo: ~/Desktop/00:50
CXIVHow delete an user that is instantly logging in? -_-00:51
CXIVI cannot use deluser because he is logged.00:51
humungulousCXIV: do ps -ef | grep <username>00:52
tomvolekhi , where does the default gateway ip gets written to, i am looking at the /etc/interfaces file and i dont see it there00:52
CXIVAnd when I logoff him he instantly log in00:52
humungulousCXIV: find the PID of his shell process00:52
humungulousCXIV: kill -9 that PID00:52
humungulousCXIV: im skeptical of this instantly logging in diagnosis00:52
nibblerCXIV, delete the user, deluser00:53
nibblerCXIV, and then kill the active process00:53
humungulouswhat news00:53
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jeregonhumungulous: did not work :(00:53
Chipzzzch33z: you around?00:54
humungulousso you boot normally, and all the console activity looks like in a garbage character set00:54
nibblertomvolek, /etc/network/interfaces is the right place, but its not there if you use dhcp00:54
CXIVhumungulous I killed all PID's , and new PID's from that user are...00:54
humungulousand the only way you can reboot is by guesswork and knowing what it should be saying00:54
Timmo_no such directory00:54
nibblerCXIV, deletion of user might be replaced by unsetting his password, or changing his shell to /bin/false00:54
Timmo_f headache00:54
jeregonhumungulous: it looks like white blocks with a mix of bricks LOL00:55
humungulousjeregon: if you check the file we modified in /etc/default/ were your changes maintained00:55
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CXIV nibbler How can I change his password if he is logged in?00:55
nibblerCXIV, either replace the password field in /etc/shadow by a "*" or use "sudo passwd usernamehere"00:56
jeregonhumungulous: let me check and about the guess qork stuff is corect :/00:56
chipotlehow do i allow ubuntu to be connected to via port 22?00:57
chipotlefile sharing....00:57
nibblerCXIV, if this user is not a real user, like a human, or someone actually logging in, but more a cronjob or such, changing password wont help. same if it uses challenge/respnse auth in ssh e.g.00:57
AntaresThanks humungulous once more, I got JDK 6 and 7 installed and Netbeans is up and running. :)00:57
nibblerchipotle, aptitude install openssh-server00:57
jeregonhumungulous: yes it was maintained00:57
humungulousAntares: cool, that was easy00:57
chipotlenibbler: is that what i need for file sharing via sshfs?00:57
noahnoahHi.  Trying to install nvidia drivers and cuda onto ubuntu 11.10.  Looks like I have a conflict with driver issues.  Now X won't start.  Anyone around who can help me diagnose a problem?00:58
humungulousjeregon: well you can try some of the other values00:58
nibblerchipotle, yes. mind the impact please, weas user accounts can let hackers in. and mind your network setup (home router, you might need portforwards etc)00:58
humungulousjeregon: the ones that are listed in the comments above where they are set00:58
jeregonhumungulous: ok will do00:58
juan_que  es  esto00:58
humungulousjeregon: im afraid i got to go but good luck00:58
nibbler!es juan_00:58
CXIVnibbler So what should I do?00:59
stevecamwhat's the command to start the gnome 3 shell00:59
juan_buena snoches00:59
AbuMaiaHi there. I'm having mouse cursor issues. The mouse theme I've selected only appears over Firefox. Everywhere else it's a black pointer. I'm using Gnome Shell on 11.1000:59
jeregonhumungulous: what was it that thing you mentioned earlyer?00:59
humungulousthe weekend begins00:59
humungulouswhat thing?00:59
ActionParsnipstevecam: press ALT+F2 and run:  gnome-shell --replace00:59
humungulous/etc/defaults/console-setup ?00:59
jeregonhumungulous: about the desktop and how you need it for old desktops and the bot sent it to me00:59
nibblerCXIV, first find out what this user is, whats his name? what means does he use to login? in doubt use "userdel" (or was it "deluser"?) to delete the account completely00:59
Timmo_what means cp: omitting directory './mdocimages' ?01:00
humungulousjeregon: nomodeset, but it only pertains to graphical installations01:00
chipotleis there another way to share a file? i don't have wifi set up yet and i want to transfer to my other computer.....01:00
humungulousjeregon: you have server layout which is console-only01:00
nibblerTimmo_, that means you did not use -r to also copy directories01:00
humungulousjeregon: and your issue is a console issue01:00
hafidbonjour   a tout la   communaute  ubuntu  et linux  et au  monde libre des logiciel  free01:00
ActionParsnipchipotle: use a usb stick..01:00
jeregonhumungulous: ok cool then have a great week end :001:00
nibblerjeregon, ssh is a pretty good idea for that. do you have a router at home to connect to the internet?01:00
chipotleActionParsnip: says that the file is too large for the file system...01:01
stevecamActionParsnip, more then what i needed to know, but thank you your answer is still helpful01:01
hafidvous   parle  francais01:01
jeregonnibbler: well im talking to you through it LOl01:01
ztag100My sound isn't working, I don't know why (Don't know much about this type of stuff)01:01
AbuMaiaThe mouse pointer theme worked correctly under Unity on 11.10, and worked for a little while under Gnome Shell, but no longer. I do not know what changed.01:01
nibblerjeregon, i don't undertand, talkint to me thought what?01:01
CXIVnibbler What is name of conf file where I can find users?01:01
jeregonnibbler: how do i know it will allways start even though there has been a power outage?01:02
ActionParsnipchipotle: are you using FAT32 by any chance?01:02
nibblerCXIV, /etc/passwd for users, /etc/shadow for passwords (hashed)01:02
nibblerjeregon, what?01:02
chipotleActionParsnip: it's from a mac computer01:02
ActionParsnipchipotle: FAT32 has a maximum file size of 4Gb, so if your file is bigger then it will explain01:02
chipotlethe usb stick01:02
chipotleyea, it's 6gb01:02
chipotlemakes sense, i did it for maximum compatibility across systems01:03
chipotleActionParsnip: which fs do you recommend?01:03
ActionParsnipchipotle: then you are using FAT32 which can only hold 4Gb files01:03
jeregonnibbler: ok whatever yes i do have a router that connects to the internet and i belive i insyalled open ssh on this server01:03
ActionParsnipchipotle: NTFS or Ext2 wil be fine01:03
ztag100Can anyone help me?01:03
lewis1711http://imgur.com/5KRfE can anyone tell what's wrong with my font here? it's on Sans 10, which AFAIK is the default ubuntu font, but it looks really, really weird01:04
jeregonnibbler: continue dont mind what i sayd earlier LOL01:04
Chipzzzztag100: if you ask the question and someone can help, they'll let you know01:04
nibblerjeregon, sorry, now i understood :) well, if you have a router and did not configure port forwards for ssh, then you don'tneed to be scared of hackers, but you'll only be able to be connected to from computers in your local network01:04
ActionParsnipchipotle: or you can use tar to split the file, then reform on the other side01:04
jeregonnibbler: sorry to have confused you01:04
tomvoleknibbler i was using dhcp , but i am trying to make it staitc..   what do i need to add to the interface file01:04
ztag100Chipzzz: Sorry, it's just... I don't remember if this ever happened before, and I'm not sure how to fix it01:04
jeregonnibbler:  i whant to be able to connect from outside the network01:05
Chipzzzztag100: ask away...01:05
ztag100My sound isn't working, I don't know why (Don't know much about this type of stuff)01:05
Timmo_yes i fixed monodocs (http) thanks for help01:05
jeregonnibbler: local network01:05
chipotleActionParsnip: so besides openssh-server, what do i need to brose disks on ubuntu via ssh on a mac computer?01:06
nibblertomvolek, http://www.howtoforge.com/forums/showpost.php?p=83654&postcount=301:06
nibblerjeregon, then you ahve to make sure you configure your router to forward port 22 to  your pc - and make sure you have proper passwords on all accounts01:06
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ActionParsnipchipotle: thats it, the openssh server gives an SFTP service01:06
ActionParsnipchipotle: you can connect with filezilla if you want another GUI to it01:07
Chipzzzztag100: can you provide a little background... hardware, did it ever work, what version ubuntu, stuff like that?01:07
Timmo_so where i could write soliution for bug?01:07
jeregonnibbler: ok cool do you mind walking me through the steps on doing this?01:07
ztag100Shoot, I just noticed I got my machines confused. This one isn't even running ubuntu (I fail)01:08
ztag100I'm asking in the apropriate channel now01:08
nibblerjeregon, as this is 0 ubuntu related, and all routers are sort of different, sorry, no01:08
jeregonnibbler: keep in mind that the computer that i will be using is this one01:08
jeregonnibbler: not the router side but the server side01:08
Chipzzzztag100: glad to help ;-)01:08
nibblerjeregon, check your routers manual. on the server side you are done with "sudo aptitude install openssh-server"01:08
jeregonnibbler: hmm01:09
ActionParsnipnibbler: i'd use apt-get as aptitude is not in a default install01:09
jeregonrealy then how do i connect using the local network?01:09
nibblerActionParsnip, it got removed? interesting, thanks :-) apt-get > aptitude imho anyway, don't know how i got used the aptitude....01:10
ActionParsnipnibbler: yeah its in the repos and stuff, just not default installed :)01:10
ActionParsnipnibbler: i use apt-fast personally01:10
nibblerjeregon, on the client: ssh USER@IP (remote login) or scp /blah/file user@ip:/tmp for filetransfer, or use a client like filezilla01:11
nibblerActionParsnip, Couldn't find any package whose name or description matched "apt-fast" ?01:12
ActionParsnipnibbler: there is a ppa for it, its basically apt-get + axel. Downloads packages from 3 places instead of just one01:12
colbyok, i'm not having any luck01:12
AntaresIs there any way to add a program to the Unity launcher manually? I don't have the "keep in launcher" option when I right click.01:12
no-name-can somebody help me setup my live cd so that I can apt-get stuff01:13
colbywhat i have noticed though is that my partitions are not showing as (hd0,1), they are showing as (hd0,msdos1)01:13
ActionParsnipAntares: sure, make a .desktop in /usr/share/applications    and it will appear in dash, you can then drag from dash as you normaly would01:13
colbycould this be part of the problem?01:13
Wingedeanyone running ubuntu 11.10 under macbook pro from efi ?01:13
no-name-I get "E: Unable to locate package blah" on the live cd01:13
nibblerActionParsnip, ah okay.. sounded interesting, but my download speeds are usually quiet nice, so i'll skip this enhancement ;-)01:13
urfr332gOno-name-, the cd wont save them right?01:13
ActionParsnipno-name-: that is the default behaviour, you can install and update as long as you have enough ram space01:14
Chipzzzcolby: did you install windows after ubuntu?01:14
colbyhad windows on it first01:14
no-name-ActionParsnip: but how do I change it?01:14
urfr332gOno-name-, if you shutdown that is.01:14
jeregonnibbler: ok cool thakns01:14
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no-name-urfr332gO: right01:14
ActionParsnipnibbler: makes the download max out my connection :)01:14
nibblerno-name-, an option might be to make a bootable usb stick with a persistent part - use the usb creator that is availablein the live-cd system for that01:14
ActionParsnipno-name-: what, change the default behaviour to what it already is...?01:14
Chipzzzcolby: ubuntu should have taken care of it during install, then... you had it running until you did updates, didn't you?01:15
ActionParsnipno-name-: the changes aren't persistant but you can install what you want01:15
no-name-ActionParsnip: no. change it to make it so that I can apt-get stuff01:15
nibblerjeregon, if you want to synchronise you might want to look into rsync, works just as scp, but does not transfer stuff that is already there01:15
no-name-ActionParsnip: but I get the unable to locate package msg01:15
ActionParsnipno-name-: the liveCD can have stuff apt-getted to it, they just don't stick. Do you want the changes to stay?01:15
ActionParsnip!info msg01:15
ubottuPackage msg does not exist in oneiric01:15
Chipzzzcolby: no luck with fixing grub from the live cd?01:15
no-name-ActionParsnip: I don't want the changes to stay01:15
ActionParsnipno-name-: run:  sudo apt-get update     first01:16
colbyi'd do an fdisk in windows then a format of the partition, but with linux, i don't understand how to set up partitions and swap spaces and all that jazz01:16
Chipzzzcolby: how far did you get with that... ?01:16
=== Bushman_ is now known as Bushman
colbynothing i did worked with my system01:16
ActionParsnipno-name-: obviously you will need to get the system online and so forth01:16
Bushmananyone worked with MIDI in U11.10?01:17
ActionParsnipcolby: gparted does that for you01:17
Bushmani have no idea how to force it to make a sound01:17
ActionParsnipcolby: its part of the installation01:17
ActionParsnipBushman: do you have timidity installed?01:17
colbywell, apparently it didn't do it's job lol01:17
BushmanActionParsnip: what is that?01:17
no-name-ActionParsnip: ok, I've run apt-get update01:18
ActionParsnipBushman: same place every other app you install is...01:18
ActionParsnipno-name-: did you hit servers ok?01:18
BushmanActionParsnip: i asked "what" not "where"01:18
aphixehello guys, i just installed ubuntu on this system, and it also has win7 on it, along side. is there a way to expand my ubuntu partition for apps, once installed. i'd like to keep my current install but add more space, for more apps01:18
ActionParsnipcolby: you can use fdisk in terminal if you want. You will need to run:  sudo fdisk diskname   e.g:   sudo fdisk /dev/sda01:18
Bushman(btw: i use synaptic PM)01:18
ActionParsnip!info timidity | Bushman01:19
ubottuBushman: timidity (source: timidity): Software sound renderer (MIDI sequencer, MOD player). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.13.2-39ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 599 kB, installed size 1544 kB01:19
colbyi think i'm just going to do a clean install and see what happens01:19
ActionParsnipBushman: as I said, do you have timidity installed, implying that timidity was the package.01:19
Chipzzzcolby: have you tried holding down the shift key while rebooting to see if you could get a grub menu?01:19
colbyyes and no dice01:19
colbytried the esc trick too01:20
aphixecan i use the methods here to do a ubuntu resize http://www.howtoforge.com/linux_resizing_ext3_partitions01:20
Chipzzzwhich esc trick?01:20
colbyhitting the esc key repeatedly01:20
colbyi read it somewhere on one of these pages01:20
ActionParsnipaphixe: you can resize partitions in liveCD. I suggest you resize the ntfs in win7 then resize the linux partition in liveCD into the free space. I also suggest you ensure your backups are up to date in case of catastrophe01:20
no-name-ActionParsnip: I don't know what you mean01:20
BushmanActionParsnip: no i don't. will that make Rosegarden or VMPK to play sound?01:21
no-name-ActionParsnip: oh. yes.01:21
Escherialer, hey, this isn't strictly about ubuntu, but the only surviving copy of my work is open in kate, which has just frozen up (the screen's dimmed, app's unresponsive, etc.)01:21
Chipzzzcolby: (*shrugs*) didn't know about that...01:21
Escherialit's likely because i had the files opened up remotely and now they're gone, then i stupidly pressed 'save all' when i meant to press 'save as...' and it's probably trying to restore the connection or something...is there any hope that it'll wake up? :{01:21
colbyi'm thinking maybe...just maybe, if i kick the machine in the right spot and just hard enough, it'll start to work01:22
aphixeActionParsnip, so if i boot up via the livecd. and use say disk utility app, or say gparted. i can keep my ubuntu data yes? and should i in win7 resize it and use linux to fill the extra space01:22
Chipzzzcolby: lol... it used to work back in the day ;-)01:22
CFHowlettBushman   no ubuntustudio?01:22
colbythe golden age of computing01:22
no-name-ActionParsnip: apt-get update was successful01:22
BushmanCFHowlett: man, i'm only trying to do simple stuff. why do i have to get a whole distro?01:23
CFHowlettBushman   just asking ...01:23
acidrainim not seeing how i can use ifconfig to connect to a wired network...01:23
Bushmansimple stuff starting with just midi playback from players01:23
Chipzzzcolby: have you looked here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 ?01:23
BushmanCFHowlett: well, no.01:24
stapperi have some questionns about ubuntu server01:24
senayarif i got 6giga ram i need a swap of 12giga?01:24
acidrainthings like that01:24
acidrainhow can i go about troubleshooting why my wired network drops a connection?01:24
Bushmanno ubuntu studio01:24
FloodBot1acidrain: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:24
Chipzzz(do you have another machine you can use to browse with?)01:24
colbythat's a page i've been stariing at all last night and tonight01:24
stapperare there any known problems with the AMD FX-6100 processor01:24
CFHowlettBushman   see timidity in the software center01:24
joshdwhere is the best place to ask about MPI configuration issues?01:25
BushmanCFHowlett: already installed with Sinaptics01:25
acidrainok... can anyone tell me why a wired connection drops?01:25
Chipzzzcolby: sorry... bad question then...01:25
Timmo_what this means cp cannot stat './MonoDevelop.desktop'01:25
colbyno worries01:25
ActionParsnipacidrain: run:   dmesg | tail    when it does01:25
no-name-ActionParsnip: still unable to find package though01:26
colbyi'm going to try something, with my cables, so i may lose connection here01:26
ActionParsnipno-name-: then you can now install what you desire01:26
ActionParsnipno-name-: sudo apt-get install firefox    for example01:26
TaosStruggling with custom service01:26
Bushmanok, i installed timidity and i still donno how is that suppose to help me?01:26
Taoswhen I call service myservice start it tells me its unrecognised01:27
no-name-ActionParsnip: it found firefox. but not xchat01:27
ActionParsnip!info xchat01:27
ubottuxchat (source: xchat): IRC client for X similar to AmIRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.8-3ubuntu8 (oneiric), package size 350 kB, installed size 928 kB01:27
BushmanActionParsnip: i have it installed, now what?01:27
ActionParsnipno-name-: do you have universe repo enabled?01:27
ActionParsnipBushman: what installed?01:27
Bushmanthe timidity01:27
no-name-ActionParsnip: I think it isn't enabled by default for teh live cd. I don't know how to enable it though.01:27
ActionParsnipBushman: thats all I know of midi. most apps use it for midi goodness01:28
* stapper 01:28
Chipzzzcolby: did you try "boot-repair" from the live cd?01:28
ActionParsnipno-name-: in software centre, or you can manually edit /etc/apt/sources.list if you want01:28
Bushmansome help -_-'01:28
ActionParsnipTaos: is the file format correct?01:29
* stapper is wondering if there are any known problems with ubuntu server and the AMD FX-6100 prossecor01:29
ActionParsnipstapper: its a cpu, should be fine01:29
TaosActionParsnip: Maybe not01:29
CFHowlettBushman   I use Ubuntustudio but not midi.  However, you can add the US sound components to your exisiting ubuntu.  GUESSING that you might still need a program or 2 or a setting.  Please read  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ubuntu%20Studio%20Upgrade%20from%20Ubuntu01:29
TaosActionParsnip: its a sh script01:30
jeregonChipzzz: hey Chipzzz do you know how to configure openvpn on ubuntu server once installed01:30
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noahnoahHelp:  I accidentally removed ubuntu-desktop.  Can only ssh into box, can't use  normal guy.  I did re-install the package, but that didn't seem to fix things.  What config step am I missing??01:31
Chipzzzjeregon: i've never done it but can find you the instructions if you like01:31
colbyok, i did the "something else" selection and i'm looking at my partition table01:31
timmo__what is wrong here ? 6728:/home/orca/Desktop# cp ./MonoDevelop.desktop /usr/share/applications/01:32
timmo__cp: cannot stat `./MonoDevelop.desktop': No such file or directory01:32
TaosActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/85606601:32
jeregonChipzzz: yes pls :)01:32
Chipzzzcolby: have you tried the "boot-repair" from the live cd?01:32
no-name-ActionParsnip: I tried to in Software Centre but it's being weird about it. What do I add to /etc/apt/sources.list ?01:32
colbyit shows /dev/sda broken down into /dev/sda1 ext4 and /dev/sda5 swap. why am i not seeing all that msdos1 mumbo jumbo?01:32
jeregonChipzzz: BRB getting on laptop01:33
nibblertimmo__, use -r, if you want to copy a directory01:34
colbyooo ooo ooo01:34
nibblertimmo__, sorry, its not a dir. it say the file you want to copy does not exist. use tab-completion to check esistance and avoid typos01:35
jazzy1quick question, how do i fix this? :[ http://pastebin.com/vCYb88bn01:35
eon_Hello people , does any one tried to install Autodesk Maya on Ubuntu ?01:35
jazzy1just a simple failed to fetch01:35
nibblerjazzy1, apt-get update01:35
timmo__root@orca-MS-6728:/home/orca/Desktop# cp -r /MonoDevelop.desktop /usr/share/applications/01:35
timmo__cp: cannot stat `/MonoDevelop.desktop': No such file or directory01:35
bastidrazortimmo__: why are you putting ./ infront of the file?01:35
no-name-ActionParsnip: nevermind. that's got it :)01:36
nibbleror even without the ., just /01:36
no-name-ActionParsnip: ty01:36
jazzy1nibbler: tried that, but i get 404's on some apts01:36
colbyi hit change on the /sda1 ext4 partition. i checked "format partition" but it also shows a mount point option. should i leave this blank or change it to "/"?01:36
jazzy1nibbler: so im wondering what im doing wrong01:36
bastidrazortimmo__: if your're in the same directory as the file just type the filename no need for ./ or /01:36
Chipzzzcolby: are you doing a reinstall?01:37
colbynot really01:37
colbyi'm just looking at the partition table right now01:37
timmo__bastidrazor: thank you ;]01:37
dtmbmw325iwhat theming will unity/gnome accept?01:38
bastidrazortimmo__: you're welcome01:38
colbyi don't understand it though because in grub when i typed ls it gave me (hd0) (hd0,msdos1) (fd0) (fd0,msdos1) and (fd1) (fd1,msdos1)01:38
colbythis doesn't show any of that01:38
timmo__root@orca-MS-6728:/home/orca/Desktop# cp -r MonoDevelop.desktop /usr/share/applications/01:38
timmo__cp: cannot stat `MonoDevelop.desktop': No such file or directory01:38
colbyjust /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda501:38
Chipzzzcolby: strange01:38
bastidrazortimmo__: .desktop is a file do not use -r. are you sure that file is in that directory?01:39
colbyChipzzz: so i guess i'm doing a new install01:39
Chipzzzcolby: did you try the 'boot-repair' program from the live cd?01:39
colbyevery time i try to boot to the live cd, it hangs now. it looks like i can only do an install01:40
overdubbastidrazor: / won't work unless you're in the root directory, and, ./ is less confusing and I use it all the time01:40
colbyi think the system is hosed01:40
overdub./ is a good habit to get into when referring to the current directory01:40
__machinei have some files with non-ascii characters on an unRAID NAS. When i mount it under OS X, they appear fine. When I mount it under Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS, they appear like `-????????? ? ? ? ? ? 07 Do While ?X.mp3` and i cant mv, rm, cp, etc. My fstab is `//  /mnt/unRAID  cifs  user,uid=mrmachine,gid=mrmachine,username=mrmachine,password=********  0 0`01:40
Chipzzzcolby: it isn't encouraging that it doesn't want to boot the live cd :-(01:40
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colbywell, it seems the question now is, do i let the cd auto format my hard drive, or should i manually set up the partitions?01:41
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CFHowlettcolby   I'd go with manual...01:42
nicksserveDont forget to register by typing /msg nicksserve identify password01:42
Chipzzzcolby: i think because there are already two operating systems on it, you'll probably have to format manually01:42
bastidrazor!ops | nicksserve01:42
ubottunicksserve: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!01:42
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colbyok, so how do i do this, i can do it in windows, but i don't understand all the linux stuff01:42
urfr332gOcolby, what windows version do you have?01:42
ActionParsnip__machine: try a different encoding for the characters, you can add it to the mount option01:43
colbyi wiped it out, just having residual problems01:43
Chipzzzcolby: that being the case, i would recommend that when you set it up, you make yourself separate partitions for / and /home01:43
urfr332gOcolby, what OS at all do yiou have?01:43
logLoRez: poke01:43
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urfr332gOcolby, and your trying to install?01:43
ignoredthoughtslubuntu is awesome01:43
colbyok - i'm at the partitioning program. and i've got 500GB to partition, how do i do it?01:44
timmo__bastidrazor: thank you i misstaked file name01:44
colbyyup, the other install didn't work so well01:44
CFHowlettcolby   the default ubuntu system needs about 4 gigs.  Your /home can be as large as you like ... but don't you also have windows on that machine?01:44
Chipzzzcolby: i'd give 10G to /, 2xRAM to swap, and the rest to /home01:44
bastidrazortimmo__: you can use tab to auto complete the filename.. for example Mono*tab tab  .. it should complete it IF the file is in the same working directory01:45
colbywell i need to be walked through this01:45
urfr332gOcolby, you might consider opening gparted and taking a screen shot then putting it in a imagebin so we know exactly what your dealing with.01:45
colbylol, if only it were that easy01:45
colbythe live cd hangs when i try to boot up01:45
colbyall i can do is install01:45
urfr332gOcolby, it is you have internet with the computer right?01:46
colbyhopefully that will fix it01:46
colbyno, i'm on my laptop right now01:46
ignoredthoughtscolby are u using USB?01:46
timmo__that was nice tip :)01:46
colbyin front of the other machine01:46
urfr332gO!nomodeset | colby01:46
ubottucolby: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:46
LoRezasdasd: get the point?01:46
colbyignored - nope off a cd01:46
Chipzzzcolby: isn't the target machine ancient, or am i confusing it with another from earlier?01:47
timmo__thanks alot bastidrazor01:47
colbyChipzzz - yes, ancient01:47
bastidrazortimmo__: you're welcome. good luck01:47
colbyp3 850MHz w/ 256MB ram and a 500GB hd01:47
Chipzzzcolby: i'd be leery of it now that it's refusing to boot the live cd as well as the system on the HD01:47
ignoredthoughtscolby what version are you installing?01:47
urfr332gOcolby, wont work to little ram really01:47
ignoredthoughtsthat little RAM use lubuntu01:48
dtmbmw325icolby, just a thought.. did you do a memtest?01:48
CFHowlettcolby   the alternate installer is text based - much better for your installation scenario..  also, given your specs, you might wish to consider xubuntu or lubuntu lightweight distros for low spec computers.01:48
colbyurf - i got it installed, then i did all the updates and it just booted to "grub>"01:48
ignoredthoughtslubuntu is great | colby01:48
ignoredthoughtsi run it on my netbook01:48
Silverlionhey there01:48
Chipzzzcolby: you just need server & no desktop, right?01:48
urfr332gOignoredthoughts, lubuntu harrdly runs on my ibm thinkpad with about the same chip and 500MB ram, very chunky.01:49
CFHowlettcolby   forget everything I suggested...01:49
ignoredthoughtsurfr332gO, lubuntu is the fastest i've seen01:49
ignoredthoughtsit runs on 88-89 mb of RAM01:49
Chipzzzcolby: i would burn a copy of the server edition & install that01:49
urfr332gOignoredthoughts, hardly01:49
ignoredthoughtsurfr332gO, explain01:49
urfr332gOignoredthoughts, never seen mine go below 120Mb even when trimmed.01:50
colbyhmmm i do have 11.04 server somewhere around here...but like i said, i don't know enough linux to get around without a gui01:50
ignoredthoughtsi'm running it on a netbook now and am in mid-install01:50
ignoredthoughtsam @ 246 mb01:50
ignoredthoughtsidle i'm at 8801:50
Chipzzzcolby: i'm thinking your problem may have to do with the lack of memory, which would be solved if you didn't try to run the desktop01:50
ignoredthoughtsdunno what you're using01:51
__machineActionParsnip: that seems to work thanks… i added ,iocharset=utf8 to my fstab01:51
ignoredthoughtsurfr332gO, what's your CPU?01:51
ignoredthoughtsasdasd, african american sir01:51
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ignoredthoughtsurfr332gO, lubuntu is pretty quick.  do you have an alternative suggestion? i'm open01:51
NiggarRaepAfrican American Raep, w/e01:52
* CFHowlett *adds asdasd to the ignore list*01:52
ignoredthoughtseven have a spare netbook to give it a shot01:52
colbyok, i'll try the server and see what happens.01:52
ignoredthoughtswith that little amount of RAM01:52
=== NiggarRaep is now known as penusreturns
Chipzzzcolby: good luck :-)01:52
k1llj0yok anyone know about adb?01:52
urfr332gOignoredthoughts, I'm not on that laptop now it is just a backup, but from memory almost a a gig like 996, with 512 ram, still runs chunky in comparison to my atom 1.6 netbook with 2 gigs ram and running gnome 3 or unity.01:53
ignoredthoughtstry lubuntu01:53
colbyok, i'll give that a whirl if server doesn't work.01:53
urfr332gO!op | penusreturns01:53
ubottupenusreturns: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!01:53
colbythanks everyone for the help, you'll definitely be seeing me around!01:53
ignoredthoughtsurfr332gO, you're doing something wrong or you have unnecessary processes running01:54
dtmbmw325iwhat theming does unity/gnome accept?01:54
jason1234urfr332gO, what did i say that wasn't ubuntu specific?01:54
ignoredthoughtsunder no circumstance should lubuntu run choppy01:55
coviHi all. When I try to do 'cp somewhere/file somewhere/' it reports the error 'cannot create regular file'... Please help :001:55
urfr332gOignoredthoughts, don't get me wrong I like ubuntu, but with that setup I would run something much lighter.01:55
ignoredthoughtslike what?01:55
urfr332gOjason1234, did not say you did. :)01:55
Chipzzzcovi: are you sure your is destination valid?01:56
ignoredthoughtsurfr332gO, like what?01:56
urfr332gOignoredthoughts, puppylinux DSlinux a few more out there.01:56
DropsOfSerenityis there any way to change the gradation of the volume slider when I press the volume up button, I have sensitive speakers and would like to raise it  around 2% instead of 5% i'm running ubuntu 12.04 but is there any way to do this on either 12.04 or 11.10 i assume the volume is controlled the same way.01:56
jason123419:36:50 <urfr332gO> jason1234, this is ubuntu support ##linux might be better if not ubuntu specific.01:56
coviChipzzz: I didn't have the dest directory created yet.01:56
jason1234didn't tab enough or confusion. one or the other.01:57
coviChipzzz: Do I use -f or -r to achieve that?01:57
jeregonChipzzz: hey chipzzz im back did you find any thing on openvpn?01:57
Chipzzzcovi: -r or -R will create the directories as well as the files01:58
Chipzzzjeregon: yes... you ok with video tutorials... if so, i found you a good one :-)01:58
urfr332gOjason1234, first you accuse me of saying that to uyou and then your response is to not read the channel and mirror it back what's up with that. :)01:59
jeregonChipzzz: yes i love them LOL01:59
jeregonChipzzz: and thanks01:59
Chipzzzjeregon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfZV4MnGfkk01:59
Chipzzzjeregon: glad to help01:59
jason1234scroll back won't go past the point you quoted my name. i'm sure you mistyped the nick, because i haven't been home the past 36 hours.02:00
jason1234in either case, i was making sure my nick isn't being abused.02:00
coviChipzzz: thanks!02:01
stevecamis it possible to set variables that pass on to different shells, like $VALUE02:01
=== meisth0th is now known as zz_meisth0th
ChipzzzDropsOfSerenity: although you can't change the sensitivity of the control, you can use a less sensitive part of its range...02:02
BushmanActionParsnip: CFHowlett: i managed to make it play sound but you don't want to know what weird things i need to do every time i want to use Rosegarden. I'm gonna try it again tomorow but for now, sleep.02:03
ChipzzzDropsOfSerenity: volume controls are logarithmic, & you have one in the system tray and another on the player... you can use that to your advantage in this situation02:03
CFHowlettBushman   glad you got some results.  Have fun/be safe02:03
Chipzzzcovi: glad to help :-)02:03
DropsOfSerenityChipzzz, theres gotta be a tweak somewhere, mabye in the dconf registry? When I press the button it's gotta be executing a command telling how much to change it, I just want to tweak that command.02:04
moesActionParsnip, I updated toFirefox-02:04
offtopicis E450 slow for browsing and office? I'm thinking wether I should go for a 2.6kg laptop with i3 or a 1.5kg netbook with E450.02:04
=== moes is now known as Ray2
=== Ray2 is now known as moes
ActionParsnipmoes: ok...02:05
ChipzzzDropsOfSerenity: there could be a tweak of which i'm unaware, but if there isn't, you can try what i suggested :-)02:05
DropsOfSerenityChipzzz, yeah it's not really what I wanted, it's not a big deal, I just want easier gradation when I change my volume via my media keys. for all things.02:06
moesActionParsnip, I updated to firefox-10.0.2 canonical-1.0 from synaptic...Now everytime I try open yahoo games firefox crashes02:06
coviChipzzz: I tried 'cp -Rt DEST FILE' but ended up with errors too... DEST is not created yet.02:06
DropsOfSerenityChipzzz, but thanks. i'll look around02:06
dtmbmw325iis gnome-look.org having problems?02:06
ChipzzzDropsOfSerenity: good luck :-)02:07
urfr332gOjason1234, I think if I remember that is what happened these things happen, the response to question our conversation just has a retaliatory tinge to it except for one post I was on Ubuntu topic.02:07
HelsinkiiiI used to be able to see a video loading in a web browser in /tmp/ but for some reason i stopped seeing them there so I can't save them like I used to02:07
CFHowlettHelsinkiii   that trick doesn't work anymore.  Use a video downloader browser plugin02:08
Chipzzzcovi: you may have to mkdir the directory first because of the -t02:08
HelsinkiiiCFHowlett, really? I run Karmic02:08
ActionParsnipmoes: try closing the browser and run:   mv ~/.mozilla/firefox ~/.mozilla/firefox_old   then retry the browser02:08
jason1234urfr332gO, no offense.02:08
exodus_msHelsinkiii: use downloadhelper plugin for mozilla02:08
chown_does somebody here use polipo?02:09
CFHowlettHelsinkiii   there was an infrastructure change which negated the /tmp buffering the video02:09
ubottume: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://ubottu.com/y/karmic for details.02:09
urfr332gOjason1234, no biggie things get misconstrued at least in my tiny brain. :)02:09
CFHowlettHelsinkiii   consider updating yet?  karmic desktop is already end-of-life02:09
HelsinkiiiCFHowlett,probably soon02:09
* jason1234 continues Heineken02:10
coviChipzzz: so the cp command does not provide the functionality that helps you create dest directories?02:10
HelsinkiiiCFHowlett, any tips for a Chromium user?02:10
CoJaBois it possible to connect to wpa wifi network via command line?02:10
jason1234testing how tuff ubuntu is on my 12x1Tb drive array02:10
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
jason123411Tb of RAID5 via mdadm02:10
ActionParsnipCoJaBo: wicd-curses is a nice cli network manager app02:10
Chipzzzcovi: it should if you just use -r or -R... i think the -t was messing you up02:10
ActionParsnipjason1234: for something like that i'd get a proper raid card02:10
=== CPhoenix_ is now known as CPhoenix
CoJaBoActionParsnip: i need to script it so it connects automatically02:11
ActionParsnipCoJaBo: yes, wicd can be told to do that02:11
exodus_msHelsinkiii: if you absolutly need to dl vids from the web then use one of hundred plugind for firefox02:11
jason1234ActionParsnip, nope. too much money. i needed cheap redundancy quickly02:11
CoJaBoActionParsnip:  the GUI option is ignore d02:11
jason1234ActionParsnip, eventually i'll pony up for hardware raid02:11
coviChipzzz: nope, eliminating -t and leaving -r does not work either.02:12
CoJaBohardware raid is overrated02:12
ActionParsnipjason1234: its worth it, get 1Gb cache on the card and it wil flyyyyy02:12
Chipzzzcovi: i'm not really sure of that and if you're doing a script or something, you can rsync instead... fer sure it creates the directories for you02:12
CFHowlettHelsinkiii   search the chromium addons for a download helper - sorry IDK more as I'm still on firefox02:12
ActionParsnipCoJaBo: what gui option?02:12
Chipzzzcovi: i'm surprised at that... but there's always rsync02:13
jason1234ActionParsnip, bullshit redundancy is better then no redundancy. i just upped from 3Tb's of no redundancy , and i changed my tune when one drive faield that had nothing but bullshit on it.02:13
ActionParsnipHelsinkiii: uget recognises copied URLs. I use fatrat here (on my file server so I can download direct to my file server). There is also jdownloader02:13
CoJaBoActionParsnip:  networkmanager. wicd doesn't seem to support multiple wifi cards02:13
coviChipzzz: okay. thanks :)02:13
ActionParsnipjason1234: just maintain backups :)02:13
=== Guest56708 is now known as wildbat
Chipzzzcovi: :-)02:13
ActionParsnipCoJaBo: i see, not had multiple devices in use here. I know there is a cli interface to network manager but i've never used itr02:14
jason1234ActionParsnip, i shutter at the thought of backups. easier to have spare SATA's on hand.02:14
ActionParsnipjason1234: not 'shudder'?02:14
jason1234ActionParsnip, lol yeah, i'm drunk02:14
jason1234ActionParsnip, i could SSD and really push stuff to the limit02:15
CoJaBoActionParsnip:  its profoundly complicated, apparently, chant find a good guide02:15
jason1234ActionParsnip, quad quad core CPU's running raid5 SSD's02:15
* CFHowlett *Friends don't let friends Compute While Drunk*02:15
jason1234that'd be some impressive shit02:15
urfr332gOCFHowlett, lol or post on the IRC. :)02:16
jason1234i think electrons would be the bottleneck at that point02:16
ActionParsnipjason1234: `not seen the video online of that?02:16
moesActionParsnip, I got a different looking firefox but the crash is still there..firefox version still 10.0.2..02:16
ActionParsnipjason1234: its SSDs in raid, they copy a file from partition to partition faster than they can throw the dvd box of the window02:17
ActionParsnipmoes: what plugin does the content use?02:17
ActionParsnipjason1234: check PM02:19
moesActionParsnip, All plugins disabled...normal uses ice tea and shockwave flash02:19
bitplaneHi, can someone on an x64 system run a test for me before I raise a bug report? I can talk you through the steps02:19
jason1234holy shitballs02:20
bitplanepretty please with sugar on top?02:20
dtmbmw325ibitplane, how involved is it?02:21
bitplaneinstall python if you don't already have it, install one other small package, download a small zip file containing a py file and a html file, unzip it02:21
bitplanerun the py file. if it doesn't segfault, I am going insane02:22
bitplaneif it does, we have a valid bug that magically fixes itself when you recompile the source. which sucks bigtime02:22
Chipzzzbitplane: you have to recompile python to fix it?02:22
bitplaneChipzzz: no, no need for the tester to recompile anything. I just want to rule my system out02:23
ActionParsnipmoes: shockwave dont own flash now02:23
bitplanenow I've recompiled the .so I can't recreate the problem02:23
moesActionParsnip, showing version 11.1 r10202:24
ActionParsnipmoes: yes, thats the latest ADOBE flash02:24
jameslordhi all02:24
jameslordi have a question about vncserver02:24
dtmbmw325ibitplane do you have that file?02:24
bitplanesudo apt-get install python python-elementtidy .... then extract this: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/10950496/ElementTidy%20crash.zip ... then cd to that place and run "python crashme.py"02:24
Chipzzzbitplane: i'm curious and would like to help you out, but i only have 32 bit systems... wondering which so, though02:24
ActionParsnipmoes: can you give a pastebin of the output of:  uname -a; lsb_release -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'    thanks02:24
jameslordi can connect to vnc server , but the desktop opened is not the one i see on that remote pc?02:25
bitplaneChipzzz: would be worth a try I guess, the more data the merrier!02:25
jameslordhelp ......02:25
ActionParsnipjameslord: what screen do you tell vnc to connect to?02:25
Chipzzzbitplane: which .so has to be recompiled to fix it, though?02:25
TUX11HI guys :D02:26
ActionParsnipjameslord: and for what purpose do you use VNC for?02:26
bitplaneChipzzz: the Python module _elementtidy.so02:26
bitplanelibtidy.so seems to be fine02:26
jameslordActionParsnip i don't specify screen, when i start to connect to remote vnc server, i just use ip and port 590102:26
CFHowlettTUX11   greetings02:26
ActionParsnipjameslord: for what reason are you using vnc?02:27
TUX11how is everyone02:27
DropsOfSerenitycan someone direct a text at me?02:27
jameslordActionParsnip remote web develop, i should run eclipse there:) and i would go back to office and continue my work there , so the remote desktop and the one i connect to should be the same:)02:27
TUX11i kinda need some help actually02:27
CFHowlettTUX11   great - do you have and ubuntu issue you need help with in this support channel02:27
CFHowlettTUX11   ask02:27
TUX11indeed i do lol02:27
SHOVELLDropsOfSerenity, hello02:28
TUX11how can i turn off the stupid password thing02:28
TUX11im the computer admin02:28
DropsOfSerenitySHOVELL, thanks :) indicator working in unity bar.02:28
SHOVELLDropsOfSerenity, ugh another poor unity user have you ever used gnome?02:29
CFHowlettTUX11   you mean disable it so anyone at anytime can install/delete/disable your system with no warning from the built-in protection systems??02:29
chown_All tor traffic over ubuntu by default is over socks5 , is that correct?02:29
ActionParsnipjameslord: gotcha. you need to tell vnc to connect to screen 0 so you get the desktop02:29
TUX11get fed up of putting my password in lol02:29
Chipzzzbitplane: somehow, i'm not surprised... seems like xms & html parsers accumulate more than their share of problems ;-)02:29
TUX11im new to linux lol02:29
ActionParsnipTUX11: run:  sudo -i   and you wil get a root console02:29
dtmbmw325ibitplane, segmentation fault02:29
DropsOfSerenitySHOVELL, I've used everything, gentoo, LFS, arch, gnome, kde, lxde, xmonad, awesomewm, fluxbox, openbox, xfce, etc.02:30
ActionParsnipTUX11: if you want to exit it, run:  exit02:30
bitplanedtmbmw325i: excellent, thanks a lot :)02:30
TUX11and thats it :o02:30
SHOVELLDropsOfSerenity, nice02:30
dtmbmw325ino problem02:30
bitplaneI'll raise it as a bug, thanks for making the world a better place :D02:30
xenhello i am new to gnome 3.2 when i right click i dont see create launcher option please help me to create launcher on my desktop02:30
TUX11why cant they just have an button "STOP ANOYING ME LIKE WINDOWS"02:30
ActionParsnipTUX11: yes, the OS runs as user which gives a greater level of security, your user is in a group called 'admin' which allows you to use sudo and gksudo (and kdesu in kde)02:30
jameslordActionParsnip how to specify that, how to tell vnc to connect to screen 0?02:30
ActionParsnipjameslord: not sure, but thats what you need02:31
dtmbmw325ibitplane, no problem. What did I run though?02:31
jameslordhow to connect to vnc server scrren 0?02:31
ActionParsnipTUX11: after the OS is setup, you rarely need sudo as you are just using the OS02:31
=== root is now known as Guest82915
TUX11ah ok02:31
Chipzzzxen: just find the program, create a link to it, and drop the link on your desktop02:31
xenhelp please02:31
ActionParsnipjameslord: not wanting to try and  find out yourself...?02:31
TUX11well all i use it for is music making02:32
CFHowlettxen   ask ... details02:32
lduroshi, does anybody know of a peer-2-peer / ip to ip method to do video/audio conferencing with someone else? It doesn't need to be multiple computers, just two, but using ip rather than a server02:32
bitplanedtmbmw325i: It just tries to convert a very simple XHTML document to an XML element tree, it's a cut down version of a website I was trying to parse02:32
TUX11just get sick and tired of putting it in when i use software centre02:32
xenis there an easy way02:32
SHOVELLTUX11, me too!!!02:32
moesActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/79db05FG02:32
Chipzzzxen: look above02:32
dtmbmw325ibitplane, okay02:32
adam__music production in linux is shotty as hell.02:32
aarcaneHow to provision a perfect virtual machine using vmbuilder on oneiric ?02:33
TUX11ah well use vbox lol02:33
bitplanedtmbmw325i: I'm trying to identify forum software from elements found in the HTML.. but that's irrelevant really, the problem is that some files crash the whole Python interpreter instead of raising a proper exception02:33
adam__i still use renoise in windows xp :)02:33
TUX11music making under linux lol02:33
ActionParsnipjameslord: sudo vncviewer vnchost:0    may work..02:33
adam__TUX11, it has potential but the software is immature.02:33
TUX11not very many options and the VSTI suports a bit naff02:33
ActionParsnipTUX11: well you are doing an admin task, so will need to authenticate02:33
bitplanedtmbmw325i: but when I download the source to python-elementtidy, patch and then recompile it, the problem goes away. This suggests that Ubuntu / Debian's package is corrupt02:34
=== Knorre is now known as Knorre`BNC
dtmbmw325ibitplane, oh okay. I'm glad I could help02:34
ActionParsnipjameslord: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=36323602:34
dtmbmw325ibitplane, why wouldn't it work on 32 bit... different package?02:34
TUX11but thank you guys for the help i stumbled on this channel by accident lol02:34
bitplanedtmbmw325i: yeah I think so, if the 64-bit binary .so is corrupted then it's no use testing the 32-bit binary02:35
bitplanewell, there might be, but it doesn't answer the question about it being the system or not02:35
bitplanecould be an old bug in gcc or something. I'll file it and forget it I guess02:36
TUX11sweep it under the carpet :D02:36
TUX11or turn to bill gates lol02:36
TUX11his got his os sorted pmsl02:36
adam__linux seems to be getting more and more better02:36
ActionParsnipTUX11: its a poor user model02:36
TUX11lol i know02:36
adam__it's still slightly slow on my celeron D box though w/ 1gig of RAM.02:37
TUX11cant stand it02:37
adam__but xfce4 is nice for a change..02:37
TUX11death to bill gates02:37
ActionParsnipTUX11: you run every app as admin, including web facing apps02:37
ActionParsnipTUX11: so any malicious thing you bump into will get that access, so you get all sorts of stuff installed02:37
TUX11na im careful02:37
jameslordActionParsnip can i use display :0 and virtual displays at the same time:)02:37
=== Guest82915 is now known as bobad
TUX11i only use it when i use sysyem installer thing02:38
ActionParsnipTUX11: with the ubuntu model there can be no external installs as it all needs ratifying with sudo. no need to be careful02:38
dtmbmw325iis there an x2go channel?02:38
ActionParsnipjameslord: can you see how guides exist for what you need though?02:38
coviHi all. I have some commands that needed to be run everytime on startup. How can I reduce the pain and make them automatic?02:39
ActionParsnipcovi: do they need root access?02:39
Chipzzzdtmbmw325i: http://irc.netsplit.de/channels/?net=freenode02:40
* TUX11 just sits here and takes notes02:40
coviActionParsnip: only one does. Others don't .02:40
bazhangTUX11, please stop that02:40
TUX11why lol02:40
logdtmbmw325i: No, there doesn't appear to be one.02:40
bazhangTUX11, this is support only.02:40
TUX11ah ok ill go then02:41
moesActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/79db05FG02:41
TUX11didnt know02:41
ActionParsnipcovi: if you add them in /etc/rc.local  they will run as root. If you need for the desktop to be running I suggest you make a script and run the but backgrounded and have the script have a large sleep command so the desktop has time to load etc02:41
bazhang!alis | dtmbmw325i02:42
ubottudtmbmw325i: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*02:42
ActionParsnipmoes: sudo dpkg -P flashplugin-installer    will clean up a bit and may help02:42
jameslordActionParsnip i can connect to ip:1 and ip:2, since i have run vncserver and vncserver :2 on my remote ubuntu, but why i cannot connect to ip:0, and vncserve :0 failed on remote ubuntu:(02:42
ActionParsnipjameslord: not sure of that dude, i don't use vnc02:43
coviActionParsnip: thank you so much! Do you think a 'autossh' command needs a desktop first?02:43
ActionParsnipjameslord: have a play, see what you can find02:43
moesActionParsnip, Okay Thanks02:43
coviActionParsnip: the command pops up a small window for me to enter the password.02:43
ActionParsnipcovi: if you are running it from rc.local then no02:43
dtmbmw325iubottu, you're so smart... thanks :-)02:43
ubottudtmbmw325i: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:43
=== james is now known as njan
coviActionParsnip: but I need to enter the password everytime I ssh into my machine02:44
jameslordwhy vncserve :0 failed:(02:44
ActionParsnipcovi: ahh, handy. Then you could make a .desktop for it in ~/.config/autostart   and it will run at login02:44
CFHowlettjameslord   ask ... details02:44
coviActionParsnip: okay... but I don't know what a '.desktop' file is?02:45
ch33zdoes this matter for SSH? To set your OpenSSH to listen on TCP port 2222 instead of the default TCP port 22,02:45
jameslordCFHowlett http://paste.ubuntu.com/856101/02:47
jazzy1anyone know of a channel for wine support?02:48
yeatsch33z: it doesn't make a difference unless you have specific applications that expect the standard port 22 (and they're usually configurable)02:48
ubottujazzy1: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu02:48
ch33zah cool02:48
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
jazzy1ah lol thanks CFHowlett02:48
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».02:49
CFHowlettjameslord   ah, the VNC problem.  I'm sorry to say that I'm not experienced enough with vnc to provide substantive help.  Please ask for help in the channel.02:49
jameslordCFHowlett i can connect to :0 now, but the screen is grey , not the display 0 i want02:51
ch33zis it wise to do linux admin through sftp?02:51
CFHowlettjameslord   As I said, I don't use VNC enough to provide meaningful guidance.02:52
ch33zinstead of using the cli sometimes I use the FTP to copy and download files but also create folders02:52
Jon--Running a programming competition, files on an NFS share can be accessed over the Terminal but Nautilus errors. Any ideas guys?02:54
ActionParsnipJon--: what is the error?02:57
ch33z instead of using the cli sometimes I use the FTP to copy and download files but also create folders?02:57
ch33zis that wise?02:57
ActionParsnipch33z: sure, why not02:58
halphalphalpHALP! how do i turn off my laptop!02:58
adam__sftp might be smarter though :)02:58
acidrainwicd seems to hold a better connection than the ubuntu network manager02:59
urfr332gOhalphalphalp, is it stuck or frozen?02:59
dtmbmw325isudo shutdown -h now03:00
Cindy_halp! how do I turn off my computer *sorry buggy irc clint03:03
Cindy_relative linux newbie03:03
CFHowlettCindy_   sudo shutdown -h now03:03
ChipzzzCindy_: "sudo shutdown -P now"03:03
Cindy_how do i hard reset my ubuntu 11.10 stuck in 'loading initial ramdisks'03:03
Cindy_my laptop is overheating as well...03:03
Cindy_no cli03:03
HasselsaurusUnplug the power cord, remove battery03:03
xanguaCindy_: clic the power icon or the power button03:03
Cindy_cant remove battery...03:03
Cindy_basically, tried to boot into recovery mode, cant even get there03:04
ChipzzzCindy_: alt+PrtScr... R E I S U O03:04
CFHowlettCindy_   unplug03:04
coviHi all. I added 'mkdir /mount/C' and 'mount /dev/sda2 /mount/C/' these two lines in my /etc/rc.local file. I expect these commands to be run automatically on startup, but they failed to do so. What's the problem? thanks03:04
ChipzzzCindy_: (hold down the alt+PrtScr while entering the rest)03:04
Cindy_trying the alt+prntscreen reisuo, but working03:05
dtmbmw325iChipzzz, thought it was busier backwards?03:05
Chipzzzdtmbmw325i: if memory serves, b reboots, o shuts down03:06
Cindy_sorry, wahts the reisuo thing?03:06
Cindy_order is alt + printscrn and then r e i s u o individually?03:06
Cindy_or together?03:06
CFHowlettCindy_   sequentially03:06
Cindy_tried that03:07
ChipzzzCindy_: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key03:07
Cindy_fasljkdhfalskjdhfaljh sequentially doesnt work03:07
dtmbmw325iits hold alt+printscrn and then R E I S U O03:07
dtmbmw325iChipzzz, I can confirm b reboots. Thought that is what you were after sorry03:08
Cindy_alt prntscreen b?03:08
Cindy_sorry ok, so maybe some context would work03:08
Chipzzzdtmbmw325i: no problem... either way would have solved the problem :-)03:09
Cindy_updated kernel to or summasing like that, wouldnt boot splash page03:09
dtmbmw325ithe letters are seperate. you don't need to hold each letter03:09
Cindy_booted into recovery mode, tried previous kernal 3.0.0.-12-generic03:09
Cindy_got to 'loading initial ramdisk ...'03:09
Cindy_now fans are stuck off, and copmuter is hot enough to cook an egg on it03:09
aBoundHmm, 3.2 kernel sounds like the kernel being currently used in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.03:09
CFHowlettaBound   agreed.03:10
Cindy_I tried several combinations for r e i s u o03:10
Cindy_none work... :(03:10
aBoundCindy_, What version of Ubuntu are you currently running on?03:10
ChipzzzCindy_: that's bad... cooking the cpu can be fatal03:10
axisyshow do I enable Ethernet over USB between ubuntu and toshiba thrive tablet? I want to use rsync to copy all contents of thrive over usb. I have a usb a / usb a male cable connected between the ubuntu laptop and toshiba thrive tablet03:10
* CFHowlett *ponders is alpha release = safe release"03:10
aBoundCindy_, How old is the PC and or/laptop?03:11
Cindy_5 days old, samsung series 7?03:11
Cindy_i spent like 4 hours last night configuring the install...03:12
Cindy_very close to giving up...03:12
Cindy_ive uninstalled and reinstalled at least 3 times too03:12
Cindy_but right now i dont even care about configuring it, i just need to turn the computer off03:12
Cindy_otherwise ill have a $1300 brick03:12
CFHowlettCindy_   why can't teh batter come out?03:12
Cindy_battery is under screws inside the laptop...03:13
CFHowlett*the battery*03:13
jazzy1http://pastebin.com/FgnNnU20 anyone know hats going on? ive tried apt-get update and --fix-missing syntax03:13
aBoundCindy_, The system can't be shut off automatically by using the shut down button?03:13
CFHowlettCindy_   given the overheating I'd almost say risk it and get a screwdriver03:13
Cindy_previously when it was stuck in purple blank page, I was able to hold the power button down, but for some reason this time the whole system is kaput03:13
Cindy_whole machine is unresponsive...03:14
Chipzzzhappily the warranty is > 5 days :-)03:14
aBoundCindy_, Are you able to get to a terminal by pressing ctrl-alt-F1 or nothing happens?03:15
=== alexander is now known as Guest59178
Cindy_the whole thing turned off03:15
CFHowlettCindy_   by itself?03:15
Cindy_lasdhgaslkjdh woohoo!03:16
Cindy_booting into windows safely now03:16
ChipzzzI've got a dollar that says it never turns on again ;-)03:16
CFHowlett...  I'd REALLY suggest you leave it off overnight and let everything chill03:16
aBoundLaptops tend to shut off automatically when the temperature of the CPU temp reaches a high temp.03:16
CFHowlettChipzzz   I'll double that03:16
Cindy_fan control go!03:16
mrpopoanyone has nice links to help with building firefox extensions for ubuntu? :o03:16
CFHowlettmrpopo   might want to search mozilla development03:17
Cindy_whew, that was too exciting and dramatic03:17
CFHowlettGuest59178   greetings03:17
aBoundMore or less it seems certain kernels have certain bugs with specific hardware.03:17
Cindy_i think the battery just ran down03:17
CFHowlettCindy_   let us hope03:17
Cindy_thankfully, ubuntu on this machine uses too much power03:17
Cindy_ok, should i risk it again?03:18
Cindy_too scared now03:18
Cindy_i cant tell if its a kernel issue and how to fix it03:18
dtmbmw325iI have 4:51 on my laptop so far03:18
CFHowlettCindy_   let it cool - overnight is my advice...03:19
aBoundWait till the machine cools down and try again later. I'm sure by default your laptop has a warranty placed on it.03:19
CFHowlettCindy_   also remove that battery and run from ac03:19
Cindy_should i just give up altogether on 11.10?03:19
CFHowlettCindy_   generally I suggest there're excellent reasons to stick with LTS releases - 10.4 is the current and 12.4 comes out in April.03:20
Cindy_i somewhat need ubuntu soon, but ok03:20
Cindy_thanks for the help everyone03:21
Cindy_that was a moment of panic but all is well now03:21
Cindy_its turned off03:21
CFHowlettCindy_  good luck/be safe03:21
Jon--ActionParsnip, Sorry for the delay03:21
aBoundLooks like the power regression fix won't land until kernel 3.3 is released.03:21
mrpopoCFHowlett yeah that should be a good start :p thx03:22
CFHowlettmrpopo   good luck03:23
aBoundBring back the arcades.03:23
Jon--ActionParsnip, The problem we're currently trying to fix is we have an ntfs share, the share has permissions 770, however when user test makes a file in that directory, it's chowned to test:test instead of test:groupnumber, so +w is lost on the newly created files. How can you do some sort of umask to fix this?03:23
Jon--Omg that was tl;dr, sorry.03:23
aBoundIs anybody currently on 10.04.4 the last maintenance release is it stable?03:24
eon_Hello people , does any one used Autodesk Maya on Ubuntu ?03:24
CFHowlettaBound   yes and yes03:24
Jon--The aforementioned nautilus issue still exists, one issue at a time.03:24
CFHowlettaBound   very much so if my ubuntustudio is any indication03:25
aBoundHA! Ubuntustudio surprised people still use it.03:25
CFHowlettaBound   so much so that I feel no compelling urge to immediately upgrade when 12.04 comes out.03:25
aBoundCFHowlett, Sounds like you're kept on the stable train. :P03:26
psusiJon--, to make newly created files inherit the owning group of the directory instead of the creating user, you set the sticky bit03:26
CFHowlettaBound   LTS works just fine for me, tyvm ...03:27
daweefolkhi, wondering... in links or links2 can you number the links like lynx does?03:27
aBoundCFHowlett, No doubt LTS's are just supported longer so they're much more stable.03:28
ChipzzzaBound: i have a 10.04 machine but it isn't on right now... it's quite stable, though03:28
CFHowlettaBound   works for me...03:28
Jon--psusi, Don't you have to be the directory owner in order to write to sticky bit directories? That would only work for one group member.03:28
CoreNetaBound: We are on 10.04 with Amazon EC2 and have had zero problems. Very stable for us03:28
Jon--psusi, We fixed it03:29
psusiJon--, no, the purpose is to have a directory that multiple users can write to ( group or other has +w )... /tmp uses this mode03:29
Jon--psusi, Thank you very much03:30
aBoundIs 10.04.4 running any latest version of Firefox or would I need a PPA?03:33
noisewaterphdaBound: you need a ppa03:34
MrHacksIs it me or did Flash just die?03:34
noisewaterphdaBound: ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next03:35
noisewaterphdthat will get you the very latest03:35
haylo_flash doesnt work the same for me anynmore with fglrx03:35
xangua!info firefox lucid03:35
xanguaabound noisewaterphd that ppa is no longer required ;)03:35
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 10.0.2+build1-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 (lucid), package size 17002 kB, installed size 32336 kB (Only available for any all)03:35
aBoundxangua, Saying it's in the official repo?03:36
xanguaaBound: yes03:36
aBoundIt's like I want to move to that version but than I know my hardware won't be as effective on it as it is with 11.10.03:36
noisewaterphdxangua: cool, good to know03:36
Chrys0pras3can't seem to get a pattern to work03:37
Chrys0pras3using grep -E -o "archive_files.php?action=download&amp;id=[:digit:]+"03:37
Chrys0pras3the purpose is to match archive_files.php?action=download&amp;id=2305   archive_files.php?action=download&amp;id=96868 etc03:37
_MarcusJohnDoe: ?03:40
jazzy1http://pastebin.com/FgnNnU20 anyone know hats going on? ive tried apt-get update and --fix-missing syntax03:42
noisewaterphdjazzy1: did you test that link to see if the server is up and the package exists?03:44
jazzy1good idea.03:44
jazzy1i should try that03:44
Chipzzzjazzy1: it looks like there's something wrong at the repo03:44
noisewaterphdit's up for me, but that doesn't mean much03:44
jazzy1yeah the links are working form what i can tell03:45
=== adam__ is now known as italys
jeregonChipzzz: hey man i took a look at the video and im having problems with my vpn :/03:46
jazzy1i went out to the site and downloaded the version i need03:46
jazzy1but im confused as to how i can install it03:46
Chipzzzjeregon: what happened?03:46
noisewaterphdjazzy1: your output does show the repo trying to serve it from cache, maybe the cache has been invalidated and their system out of synch now? that kind of stuff usually works itself out pretty quickly.03:47
jeregonChipzzz: im not able to connect to the vpn server :/03:47
jazzy1so probably just go ahead and clear the apt cache and restart maybe?03:47
noisewaterphdjazzy1: you got the .deb file?03:47
letadminIs this the correct forum to ask for help with Lubuntu/Ubuntu LXDE?03:47
jazzy1uh its a tar.gz file03:47
noisewaterphdjust install it then03:47
Chipzzzjeregon: are you running a firewall?03:48
jeregonChipzzz: the server runs but i cant connect hold on i think i know wht the problem might be03:48
noisewaterphdjazzy1: download the deb file, a deb file will just install easily with the software manager03:48
letadminI need some help with Ubuntu LXDE if anyone can help or direct me to the correct channel.03:49
jazzy1okayill try that, thanks noisewaterphd03:49
letadminDoes anyone here use wicd instead of network manager?03:50
jeregonChipzzz: brb03:52
JoseeAntonioRHello! Does anyone here knows if the pad is working? Because I have been getting an error for the past hours.03:54
bsrhey guys, quick question here. Any way to modify my ubuntu 11.10 install to launch an alternate program when i type in 'gedit' into the terminal? I have finally found my replacement for gedit, but cannot quit typing gedit into the terminal instead of sublime-text-2. gedit is so much easier to type! I am not sure how to modify these types of settings though. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!03:54
escottbsr, then alias it in .bashrc03:54
`korvinhey, my friend has an ubuntu server I ssh into all the time03:55
`korvinhowever, when I ssh, I can't use the common key shortcuts, like up for last input03:55
`korvinor tab complete03:55
`korvinhow can I enable that functionality?03:55
bsrawesome, looked up alias, looks like it should do the trick perfectly. Thank you!03:55
escott`korvin, what shell are you using when you ssh in03:56
_MarcusWhat is "Server load"?03:56
`korvinI'm running kubuntu just typing ssh root@server03:56
`korvinI don't know03:56
escott_Marcus, the average number of running processes per unit of time03:56
escott`korvin, ssh in and type echo $003:57
letadminQuick question.  When I try to open wicd-client gui, it opens and then immediately closes.  Any suggestions to fix this.  I have run wicd-client in the terminal with no error messages.  Worked fine before a reboot but been messed up since.  I still have network connectivity, just can't access the client gui.03:57
ActionParsnipletadmin: run it from terminal, the output may help03:58
ActionParsnip`korvin: if you run:  source~/.bash     does it work?03:58
ActionParsnip`korvin: add a space after the word source03:59
`korvinsource not found03:59
ActionParsnipsource ~/.bashrc03:59
`korvinoh I see escott04:00
`korvinit's sh04:00
`korvinActionParsnip,  command not found04:00
=== karthik is now known as treadstone90
escott`korvin, there is your problem  see if you can chsh04:00
jazzy1okay wait04:00
jazzy1i just thought about something04:00
jazzy1im using 64bit linux and its trying to install 32bit libraries04:00
`korvinwhat should I change it to04:00
ActionParsnip`korvin: probably why then. If you don't hav ~/.bashrc then bash will have issues04:00
jazzy1but theres no 64 bit version of wine so how exactly am i going to install wine04:01
escott`korvin, thats probably what you are most familiar with. you'll have to verify that bash exists but it should04:01
ActionParsnip!info wine1.3 jazzy104:01
ubottu'jazzy1' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, unstable04:01
ActionParsnip!info wine04:01
ubottuwine (source: wine1.2): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.3-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 3 kB, installed size 68 kB (Only available for amd64 i386)04:01
ActionParsnipjazzy1: "(Only available for amd64 i386)"   wanna bet?04:01
`korvinsweet escott04:01
jazzy1!info freetype04:01
ubottuPackage freetype does not exist in oneiric04:01
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
jazzy1!info libfreetype6_2.4.4-2ubuntu04:02
ubottuPackage libfreetype6_2.4.4-2ubuntu does not exist in oneiric04:02
ActionParsnip!find libfreetype04:02
ubottuFound: libfreetype6, libfreetype6-dev04:02
jazzy1!info libfreetype604:02
ActionParsnip!info libfreetype604:02
ubottulibfreetype6 (source: freetype): FreeType 2 font engine, shared library files. In component main, is optional. Version 2.4.4-2ubuntu1.1 (oneiric), package size 328 kB, installed size 796 kB04:02
jazzy1!info libfreetype6-dev04:02
ubottulibfreetype6-dev (source: freetype): FreeType 2 font engine, development files. In component main, is optional. Version 2.4.4-2ubuntu1.1 (oneiric), package size 733 kB, installed size 3488 kB04:02
ActionParsnipjazzy1: where did you hear there was no 64bit wine?04:02
jazzy1no i mean04:03
jazzy1this package im trying to install04:03
ActionParsnipjazzy1: wherever it was, its wrong04:03
jazzy1doesnt have 64 bit04:03
jazzy1its for wine04:03
FloodBot1jazzy1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:03
ActionParsnipjazzy1: use 32bit windows binary, it will work04:03
ActionParsnipjazzy1: assuming the app runs in wine04:03
jazzy1but it wont install at all. everything works but this single package as it gives me an input/output error04:03
RocketLauncherWhen I move my trackpad and I like.. hold it down after I move it.. it drags or crawls a bit. how do i fix this?04:03
ActionParsnipjazzy1: which package?04:03
RocketLauncherit happened after i upgraded from 10.0404:03
jazzy1when i launch the .deb file it says04:04
jazzy1Wrong architecture 'i386' in the description04:04
ActionParsnipRocketLauncher: and what did you upgrade to?04:04
RocketLauncherActionParsnip, the latest04:04
RocketLauncherwhatever it is04:04
ActionParsnipRocketLauncher: did you upgrade to maverick and then natty in between?04:04
ActionParsnipRocketLauncher: thats why then04:04
RocketLauncherffff what do i do now04:04
ActionParsnipRocketLauncher: you cannot bunny hop release04:04
ActionParsnipRocketLauncher: I'd reinstall with a clean oneiric04:05
ActionParsnipjazzy1: sudo apt-get install libfreetype6   should install what you need04:05
jazzy1it says already at the newest version04:05
jazzy1so i already have it..04:05
ActionParsnipjazzy1: yes, so why are you tring to install a 32bit package?04:06
jazzy1for wine1.304:06
jazzy1but its giving me an error and ceasing install04:06
jazzy1saying that i cant download libfretypeyaddayadda04:06
jazzy1or rather, i cant open the file04:06
ActionParsnipjazzy1: can you give a pastebin of the output of:  sudo apt-get install wine1.3; lsb_release -a; uname -a      thanks04:07
jazzy1ActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/0jeRWTA904:08
jazzy1and yes i tried the --fix-missing and the sudo apt-get update04:09
ActionParsnipjazzy1: ok and the output of:  apt-cache policy wine1.304:10
jazzy1ActionParsnip: ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ apt-cache policy wine1.304:10
jazzy1  Installed: (none)04:10
jazzy1  Candidate: 1.4~rc4-0ubuntu104:10
jazzy1  Version table:04:10
jazzy1     1.4~rc4-0ubuntu1 004:10
jazzy1        500 http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-wine/ppa/ubuntu/ oneiric/main amd64 Packages04:10
FloodBot1jazzy1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:10
jazzy1fail paste04:11
FloodBot1jazzy1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:11
jazzy1my bad :/04:11
ActionParsnipjazzy1: i suggest you comtact the ppa maintainer04:11
ActionParsnipjazzy1: we cannot support PPAs here04:12
jazzy1ok. thanks.04:12
ActionParsnipjazzy1: does the app you are wantingto run, run better in the newer version?04:13
jazzy1not sure. i could try an older version i guess04:13
ActionParsnipjazzy1: i would, remove the PPA and try that, you'll probably find it installs cleanly as it is tested to work with your release04:14
=== elijah is now known as Guest69068
Saikwell, seems i found linux software with no seeds04:17
legendbug win 704:17
blackshirtSaik,what you mean?04:18
legenddo you know?04:18
SaikLinux+ LX0-101 102 Lab Sim by TestOut04:18
Saiki could order it but found out a bit late that i needed it for a class midterm04:19
ActionParsnipSaik: is that copyrighted material?04:21
Saiknot sure04:21
Saiki suppose it might be, can't seem to find that torrent again. its rather time sensitive atm, ordering it would take too long, awkward04:24
SirSpamHow can I import the GPG key for the ubuntu software repositories04:29
superdave321is there an apt-get install package for Growl?04:30
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: let me see04:31
escottsuperdave321, mumble04:31
ActionParsnip!info avahi-growl04:32
escottSirSpam, its apt-key add filename04:32
ActionParsnip!find growl04:33
escottI think ubottu died04:34
ActionParsnipyeah, must be her bedtime :)04:34
SirSpamescott: Now where can I find the Ubuntu Software repository key file?04:34
escottSirSpam, keyserver.ubuntu.com04:34
SirSpamescott: Thanks04:35
superdave321ActionParsnip, escott: Found it... http://mattn.github.com/growl-for-linux/04:36
acidrainwtf. shoutcast is so hard to use now lol04:36
acidraini dont even want a shoutcast server no more04:37
acidrainand it appears it cost money :/ linux fail04:37
escottsuperdave321, avahi is the standard zeroconf implementation so if it has a growl plugin its probably better to use that04:37
wannabemonadistubuntu n00b here..04:38
wannabemonadisti think i screwed up my .bashrc04:38
superdave321escott, Hmmm you wanna expand? I've only worked with growl's front-end...04:39
wannabemonadisti am getting the following ouput each time i open the terminal emulator http://pastebin.com/pr2SXmHz04:39
cool_beansHey guys, I'm really in need of some help :/04:39
cool_beansMy Ubuntu installs arent' working properly because the initial log in screen doesn't load up right04:39
cool_beansIt's placement on my screen is messed up, so that it starts at the middle of my screen, and then wraps around my screen to end at the middle agian.04:39
cool_beansBasically, if I try to click on the login portion in order to get something going, I can't.04:39
cool_beansIf I restart enough times, I'll get a login screen that has lodead up properly04:39
cool_beansCould anyone let me know what's going on and what I can do to fix this?04:39
FloodBot1cool_beans: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:39
ubottuPackage avahi-growl does not exist in oneiric04:39
ubottuFile growl found in amsn-data, beast, cobbler-web, el-get, flashbake, hedgewars-data, ipython, libjifty-perl, libramaze-ruby1.8, libramaze-ruby1.9.1 (and 14 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=growl&mode=&suite=oneiric&arch=any04:39
escottwannabemonadist, you can copy the original out of /etc/skel04:39
wannabemonadisti did04:39
wannabemonadistbut i have to copy it each time i open the shell04:40
escottcool_beans, what kind of cable is attached to your monitor04:40
escottwannabemonadist, ok in what way is it messed up04:40
wannabemonadistthis is what i get each tiem i turn on the shell04:40
wannabemonadistand the same lines become bigger and bigger over timei04:41
cool_beansHey guys, I'm really in need of some help :/ My Ubuntu installs arent' working properly because the initial log in screen doesn't load up right.  It's placement on my screen is messed up, so that it starts at the middle of my screen, and then wraps around my screen to end at the middle again. Basically, if I try to click on the login portion in order to get something going, I can't. If I restart enough times, I'll get a login screen tha04:41
ActionParsnipwannabemonadist: check the folders in $PATH04:41
wannabemonadistcp /etc/skel/.bashrc ~04:41
cool_beansescott: oops, I thought I was muted!04:41
wannabemonadistthis is what i try04:41
cool_beansescott: I have a VGA cable attached to my monitor, but it connects to my video card using a VGA to DVI adapter04:41
ActionParsnipwannabemonadist: you may want to uncomment the last 3 lines so that bash completion works :)04:41
lewis1711I am having difficulties with mouse and monitor responding when I log out of a session, and into one. when I log in, the mouse often doesn't respond. when I log out, the monitor goes blank and says there's no input. any idea where I might start looking for solutions to this?04:41
escottcool_beans, can you go dvi all the way?04:41
cool_beansescott: I can't, my monitor's an old LCD one.04:42
ActionParsnipwannabemonadist: may want to chown to your user too, your cp command will need sudo to04:42
escottcool_beans, well the problem is an invalid modeline. you can specify one in your xorg.conf (although you will have to create one). if you have the money buying a dvi monitor will be the easiest fix04:42
wannabemonadisti tried sudo, didnt help. havent tried chown04:43
morrigandsmithusing ubuntu software center, I had an application fail to finish installing (password error of some sort) wouldn't let me go back or stop the install, now I cant install anything04:44
jameslord1Font directory '/usr/share/fonts/X11/75dpi/' not found, what's wrong?04:44
cool_beansescott: Yeah, I don't quite have the money, hahaha - stereotypical student's budget. I'll try looking into creating a xorg.conf though.04:44
axisysso anyone has any idea why I get no message in dmesg when plugin my usb cable into it?04:44
cool_beansescott: Thanks :)04:44
ActionParsnipwannabemonadist: sudo cp /root/.bashrc $HOME; sudo chown $USER:$USER ~/.bashrc04:44
escottcool_beans, http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=4&ved=0CEgQFjAD&url=http%3A%2F%2Fxtiming.sourceforge.net%2F&ei=JGdIT-ixF4ziggfWq-WaDg&usg=AFQjCNEgwth25GHVA4IfNsorcTw0QP-aXg&sig2=3_E3JPMVaJEv7Q3rS5Gknw04:44
axisysthe other side is is connected to a android tablet04:44
escottcool_beans, darn google http://xtiming.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/xtiming.pl04:44
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=== Guest76033 is now known as M4dH4TT3r
legendsudo aptitude install unrar04:45
legendE: Failed to fetch http://archive.offensive-security.com/pool/multiverse/u/unrar-nonfree/unrar_3.8.2-1_i386.deb: 404 Not Found04:45
`Korvinhow can I grep for '$04:45
morrigandsmithusing ubuntu software center, I had an application fail to finish installing (password error of some sort) wouldn't let me go back or stop the install, now I cant install anything. any suggestions on how to get the installer to quit and take the lock off?04:45
ActionParsniplegend: run:  sudo apt-get update     first04:45
X5h4d0wany programming channel?04:46
X5h4d0wpython programming04:46
`KorvinX5h4d0w, what language04:46
`Korvin##python I'm sure04:46
cool_beansescott: Sweet!04:46
wannabemonadistanother question.... does anyone here use bumblebee?04:46
`KorvinX5h4d0w, #python04:46
ActionParsnipwannabemonadist: its superceeded by ironhide04:47
ActionParsnipwannabemonadist: i dont use either and never will04:47
`Korvinanyone know how I can grep for '$04:47
X5h4d0wk thnx04:47
`Korvinjust remember channel names are pretty semantic04:47
wannabemonadistActionParsnip: wont use it because you dont have a stupid hybrid graphics card or won04:48
`Korvin#derp will probably be about derp04:48
`Korvinif it isn't add a #04:48
wannabemonadist... wont use it because its unsatisfactory04:48
ActionParsnipwannabemonadist: both, i think its a nasty idea04:48
escottmorrigandsmith, when you try and install something what error do you get04:48
wannabemonadistbuying an alienware was the worst decision i made... and im not even a gamer04:48
ActionParsnipwannabemonadist: and nvidia and amd have both stated they will not be supporting anything but windows with it, so I won't buy it04:48
=== irdx_ is now known as irdx
morrigandsmithescott, E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)04:49
morrigandsmithE: Unable to lock the list directory04:49
wannabemonadistActionParsnip: i know. thanks for the help, btw04:49
morrigandsmithescott, only synaptic is running04:49
escottmorrigandsmith, so if no apt instances are running why not remove the lock and try again04:49
morrigandsmithescott, how do I remove the lock? I have never had to deal with this before04:50
X5h4d0wfuck this gay irc server, i dont want to fucking register04:50
=== mike_ is now known as Guest89529
escottmorrigandsmith, close synaptic. use ps aux | grep dpkg and ps aux | grep apt to verify nothing is running then sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/lock04:51
=== Guest89529 is now known as Ethek
escott`Korvin, escape with \04:52
`KorvinI tried that escott04:52
`Korvingrep "'\$" returned every line >.<04:53
`Korvinwhat is the right escape balance?04:53
L3topgrep "\'\$"04:53
=== jameslord1 is now known as jameslord
escott`Korvin, you are getting into multiple escaping issues grep '\$' will do what you want so '\'\$' should work "'\$" doesn't fully escape shell expansion04:54
`Korvinoh I see04:54
`Korvinthanks escott04:54
escottL3top, `Korvin it is the diff between echo "\$" and echo '\$' that is the problem04:55
morrigandsmithescott, the dpkg config that hung on my is still showing as running04:55
escottmorrigandsmith, well if its hung not much you can do but kill it04:55
`Korvinescott, grep -R '\'\$' ./ is waiting for more input, looks like the quote isn't being escaped -.-04:55
escottmorrigandsmith, sudo kill #### where ### was the pid of the dpkg instance04:56
escott`Korvin, then use " but \\$04:56
escott`Korvin, echo "'\\$" shows as '\$ which is what grep needs04:56
`Korvinthat did it04:57
ActionParsnip!aptfix | morrigandsmith04:57
ubottumorrigandsmith: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »04:57
ActionParsnipyay ubottu is up04:57
cool_beansIs there a light version of Ubuntu I can download while I'm still using Windows? By light version, I mean something that doesn't have to download things for an hour or so (because of my crappy internet connection) in order to set up things like languages (I really only need one language). I looked into setting up ubuntu from the "mini" version, but it too has to download quite a few things, which basically means I can't use my computer 04:57
SudoKingyou could try running a livecd04:58
morrigandsmithty ActionParsnip I will give that a try04:58
cool_beansI need to do more than just access the internet though, haha.04:58
Jordan_Uescott: For future refernce, in bash the only "special" character in a single quoted string is another single quote. You can literally so '\' would be the literal string containing a backslash character.04:58
escottJordan_U, yeah i usually figure it out when i need to by trial and error04:59
Jordan_Ucool_beans: The mini.iso is the exact opposite of what you want. It downloads everything from the internet.04:59
nagarajanhi there04:59
nagarajanI am not getting GRUB while system starting05:00
Jordan_Ucool_beans: A standard Ubuntu Desktop iso can install with no internet connection at all. If it starts trying to download language packs hit cancel (or just never connect to the internet from the LiveCD during install).05:00
nagarajanI am getting message as INPUT NOT SUPPORTED05:00
=== Betrayer is now known as Guest27236
qazokmnagarajan, that means05:01
qazokmyour input is not supported05:01
Jordan_U!caps | nagarajan05:02
ubottunagarajan: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.05:02
L3topHow did you get to this point nagarajan?05:02
cool_beansjordan_U: I facepalmed :p Thanks!05:03
Jordan_Ucool_beans: You're welcome :)05:04
nirjhoris there any PPA to install 3.2.6 kernel?05:06
w1jpHi I am using Ubuntu 11.10 on a Lenovo Thinkpad and every time I wake from sleep, my screen gets corrupted. Any ideas?05:09
lunitiknirjhor: is there are particular feature in that kernel you need?05:09
w1jpno, it was just upgraded to that05:09
nirjhorlunitik: yes, in this kernel my sound driver doesn't work properly05:09
w1jp(or the lateset stable release when I installed it)05:09
nirjhorlunitik: so, wanted to try my luck upgrading05:10
=== Guest27236 is now known as JohnDoe`
Jordan_Uqazokm: What exactly do you see when you try to boot? I assume that this "Input not supported" is actually an error message from your monitor.05:10
nirjhorlunitik: so, is there any PPA? :)05:11
=== P4R4N01D1 is now known as P4R4N01D
qazokmJordan_U, I see my keyboard05:11
Jordan_Uqazokm: That's not a terribly useful description. If you want support you'll have to do better than that.05:13
lunitiknirjhor: no, you can build your own kernel though... debian provides kernel-package to make it a little easier, but I really don't recommend it... there is a wiki page for troubleshooting audio05:14
* lunitik stops05:14
qazokmJordan_U, then I guess im not going to do any better! HOHOHO LOOK BEFORE YOU PING PEOPLE05:14
=== JohnDoe` is now known as _123_
lunitiknirjhor: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205449 ... sound is such a frequent issue that it isn't worth it to trouble shoot in the channel05:15
lunitiknirjhor: this is the corresponding wiki page, but the thread looks more helpful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting05:16
nirjhorlunitik: thanks man :)05:16
xtmobohello everyone.05:16
jameslordwhat's wrong with vnc? http://paste.ubuntu.com/856166/05:16
xtmoboi need help establishing a server to server connection with PHP and Java Server05:16
xtmobocan anybpdy help?05:17
morrigandsmithxtmobo, try in #ubuntuserver05:17
lunitikjameslord: try doing 'touch /home/jack/.Xresources' then running it again05:17
morrigandsmithxtmobo, they have helped me with a lot of server related stuff in there05:17
xtmobothanks let me try.05:18
ActionParsnipnirjhor: we don't support kernels not intended for your release here05:19
ActionParsnipnirjhor: there is a ppa but its not supported here05:19
nirjhorActionParsnip: yet, May I have the PPA?05:19
* lunitik mumbles something about not being able to find it being a hint05:20
ActionParsnipnirjhor: check pm05:20
w1jphelp ctcp05:20
jameslordlunitik ok now:)05:20
xtmobo#ubuntuserver there is nobody available to chat.05:21
lunitiknirjhor: Many more issues could arise using an unsupported kernel, I would really recommend troubleshooting your sound instead.05:21
nimbioticsHello evry1. Cab someone please explain why "grep "sntnc[0]" butcher.py" is not returning any lines? TIA!05:21
lunitikxtmobo: #ubuntu-server05:21
jameslordlunitik but there is still some problem , the remote window's headline seems broken:( buttons like close are not shown05:21
lunitikjameslord: can you show a screenshot?05:22
Chipzzznimbiotics: you probably have to escape the "[" and "]"05:23
jameslordlunitik the headline is black, no icon such as close x is shown:(05:23
nimbioticsChipzzz: THX05:23
lunitikjameslord: http://imagebin.org/ throw the image there cuz it could be a few things from your description05:24
lunitikChipzzz: by escape he means do "sntnc\[0\]"05:25
Chipzzzor else 'sntnc[0]'05:25
root1Is there a reason people try and say you cannot customize gnome/unity? It seems pretty customizable to me05:25
lunitikuhh, I meant to point that at nimbiotics05:25
nimbioticslunitik: I got it alreadym thx05:26
Chipzzzlunitik: (not really sure about the second one, though)05:26
hayloroot1they just havent found the gui thats lets you change   everything05:26
lunitikroot1: take a look at something like openbox config options, or kde even... people don't like that Gnome is targeted at people who like clean interfaces and don't mind something like dconf05:27
haylobut i still use openbox instead05:27
root1lunitik: i see but what is wrong with a clean interface? especially one that you can tweak gui wise05:27
lunitikGnome is actually more customizable perhaps than KDE, for instance, but the configs are all hidden out of the general UI05:27
lunitikroot1: people call it 'dumbing down', it is just a generic complaint05:28
root1lunitik: just download gnome-tweak and copy a folder into .themes and thats it lol even for a newbie05:28
cool_beansWhy are there so many different linux distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, etc.?05:28
cool_beansWhat does Arch offer that Ubuntu does not, and vice versa? Is it a subjective thing?05:28
cool_beansAre there objective reasons?05:28
lunitikcool_beans: cuz people can make linux exactly what they want, and many want to show off what they made05:28
root1lunitik: even for a newbie though, just copy a folder into .themes and download gnome-tweak and you're done05:29
Chipzzzcool_beans: diffr'nt strokes for diffr'nt folks05:29
ActionParsnipcool_beans: i'd ask in #ubuntu-offtopic  this is suport only05:29
DropsOfSerenitycool_beans, a faster system, custom tailored to your own needs, no bloat05:29
cool_beansPerfect, sorry bout that!05:29
cool_beansI'll ask in #ubuntu-offtopic05:29
root1sorry lagging or something05:29
ActionParsnipDropsOfSerenity: you can get that with ubuntu-minimal05:29
DropsOfSerenityActionParsnip, not vanilla packages05:30
ActionParsnipDropsOfSerenity: sure, install minimal then install openbox and slim, no bloat05:30
lunitikActionParsnip: vanilla means what upstream released... on debian systems there are a lot of patches and the like because debian likes to do things their way05:31
DropsOfSerenityActionParsnip, i'm saying the packages on arch are vanilla (no patches applied) and are more up to date, you can get essentially the same system in both, i'm just saying what the differences are.05:31
=== Kab is now known as kabiigon
kabiigondoes any know about usb 305:32
jameslordlunitik dude, see this pic http://i.imgur.com/JQMtw.png05:32
lunitikArch is still pretty patch-happy though, their fs is quite different to others05:32
ActionParsnipif you want full customizability, use gentoo05:32
lunitikor funtoo05:33
cool_beanswhat does "patch-happy" mean?05:33
cool_beansthey patch things a lot?05:33
cool_beansWhy is that a bad thing?05:33
lunitikjameslord: eeek, see, I thought the whole bar was gone... I'm not sure what could have happened there, sorry05:33
DropsOfSerenityarch's package manager is faster, even for binaries, and they have more community support than gentoo atm, gentoo is still the best for compiling your own USE flags, but arch would probably be the best choice for a binary distro of that philosophy.05:34
lunitikcool_beans: its not, but it isn't vanilla when you patch...05:34
mi3can you suggest me how can I open image files in picasa photo viewer by default instead of gnome image viewer?05:34
kabiigondid you try picasa /pat/to/file05:35
lunitikThis really isn't a discussion for #ubuntu05:35
Chipzzzmi3: open the properties for the file type you want to change, go to the 'open with' section, and change it05:35
kabiigoni need some usb 3 hel05:36
kabiigonam i in the right place05:36
mi3Chipzzz there is no option of picasa photo viewer!05:36
Chipzzzmi3: no, you have to do it for each file type (.jpg, gif, etc)... just open the properties box for any file of the given type & change it there05:37
ActionParsnipkabiigon: not sure usb3 is in the kernel yet. I'd ask in #ubuntu+1 to see if its in the precise kernel05:37
Chipzzzmi3: for example, put a jpg on your desktop, right click on it, select properties, and change which program opens it... done for all jpg's05:38
mi3Chipzzz give me the command to open that file from picasa cos i dont have that option05:39
Chipzzzk... hang on05:39
kabiigonmi3, either picasa or picasa web05:40
mi3picasa kabligon05:40
kabiigonim taling about the command05:40
Chipzzzmi3: under your choices, there's a button marked "Show other applications".. click that05:40
Chipzzzmi3: picasa should be in that list05:41
somethinginteresweird problem just arose. Holding down my backspace key does nothing. If I press it over and over per char I want to delete it works05:42
mi3Chipzzz I right click on the png/jpg file then select open with other application, then there is no option for picasa however there is custom command option so i guess there must be a command to open it via picasa can you suggest me that command?05:43
Chipzzzmi3: "select open with other application" is different from opening the properties box, selecting the "open with" tab and clicking the "Show other applications" button05:44
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Chipzzzmi3: ;-)05:44
mi3yeah yeah i mean open with then open with>other applications05:45
Chipzzzpicasa isn't in that list either?!?05:45
=== _123_ is now known as Penggodam
mi3no it isn,t Chipzzz05:47
mi3sorry *isn't05:47
=== Betrayer is now known as Guest2859
mi3I am asking you 4 the command Chipzzz provide me the custom  command05:47
Chipzzzmi3: the command would be /path/to/picasa %u ... to find the full path to picasa just type "which picasa"05:48
spridelhi, i can't seem to access a specific site from FF in ubuntu 10.04, but chromium it works fine, as well as on my other computers.  any ideas?05:49
mi3ok let me try that05:49
mi3where are picasa settings stored in ubuntu Chipzzz?05:50
=== Betrayer is now known as Guest36254
Chipzzzspridel: a popup blocker or noscript suggest themselves as possibilities05:50
Chipzzzmi3: i don't have it installed, but i'd expect them to be in .config/picasa05:51
mi3its not there, is it in /usr/bin?05:51
Chipzzzmi3: sorry ~/.config/picasa05:52
harsh343how to kill program in ubuntu05:52
harsh343I want to kill libre office05:52
T_H_Xharsh343: xkill   or kill from term05:52
mi3picasa folder is not there in .config folder Chipzzz05:52
Chipzzzhtop also does a nice job05:52
harsh343office not responding right now T_H_X05:52
harsh343yes xkill05:53
harsh343just hung up05:53
Chipzzzmi3: you're sure it's installed?05:53
zykotick9harsh343: xkill is "weak".  You could probably use "killall soffice.bin" from terminal.05:54
mi3it is installed Chipzzz i just edited one of the images with that a few moments ago!05:54
harsh343zykotick9, what i can do ?05:54
harsh343how ?05:54
L3topps aux | grep libre05:54
L3topkillall -9 whatreturned05:54
zykotick9harsh343: from a terminal run "killall soffice.bin"05:54
harsh343zykotick9, excellent works thanks dear05:55
spridelChipzzz: thanks, looks like i'll add them in one by one and see which one breaks the page, interestingly enough it is only one site05:55
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
=== Guest36254 is now known as _123_
Chipzzzmi3: google tells me they're in ~/.google/picasa05:56
=== _123_ is now known as Guest23000
mi3Chipzzz: i got that folder now?05:57
Chipzzzspridel: good luck :-)05:58
=== Guest23000 is now known as _123_
spridelChipzzz: interesting it is HTTPS everywhere05:58
Chipzzzmi3: that was for an installation running under wine... is your running native or under wine?05:59
mi3its native05:59
Chipzzzspridel: that is interesting... which site?05:59
mi3google itself has developed picasa on wine  thats why the deb file is a little big06:00
mi3google itself has developed picasa on wine  thats why the deb file is a little big Chipzzz06:00
Chipzzzmi3: you could try "locate picasa | less" and find them :-)06:00
L3topmi3 you could try dpkg -L picasa | grep conf06:00
L3topor dpkg -L picasa | grep oogle06:01
Chipzzzor that... :-)06:01
L3topor just look at the whole list from dpkg -L picasa for something that seems logical06:01
mi3its in a folder called /opt/google06:02
mi3its in a folder called /opt/google/picasa/3.006:02
=== rymate1234_ is now known as rymate1234
L3topnice... locate is more complete... thanks Chipzzz06:03
Chipzzzspridel: backtrack-linux.org looks good in my firefox with noscript blocking lots of stuff... i don't have chrome installed, though... sorry06:04
spridelChipzzz: no worries, think it is interesting that a security disto's site is breaking on SSL handling06:05
Chipzzzlol... it is :-)06:05
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Etherael1I just installed oneiric, I absolutely *despise* unity and what has happened to the grid plugin in compiz (https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz-plugins-main/+bug/878820) Is there an alternative desktop environment that isn't quite so utterly broken?06:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 878820 in compiz-plugins-main (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Window Management, Keyboard shortcut - The grid keybindings are behaving inconsistently" [High,Confirmed]06:06
sprideli'm pinged those guys, it could be that i have a bad certificate in FF(always possible)06:06
theadminEtherael1: XFCE, Gnome Shell, Gnome Fallback, KDE, LXDE...06:06
Etherael1Can I just rebuild compiz from source and use that and then it won't be so completely screwed?06:06
jschallso, on my kubuntu laptop, the regulatory domain on my wifi was set to 00, instead of US... i set it to US using "iw reg set US" but will this change be permanent? if not, how do i make it permanent? shouldn't kubuntu be setting it correctly based on the time zone i select?06:06
mi3Chipzzz, how long are there ? i will be back in 20? can you hang on?06:06
spridelChipzzz: thanks again.06:07
ChipzzzEtherael1: i gather gnome 3 runs nicely on oneiric, but i'm running it with unity and cairo-dock & like it a lot :-)06:07
Etherael1What DE is least likely to be broken in future distributions because of ubuntu's continuing pandering to the lowest common denominators?06:07
Chipzzzmi3: i'll pribably be hanging around...06:08
Chipzzzsprindel: my pleasure06:08
theadminEtherael1: XFCE hardly ever changes. It also is a lot similar to Gnome2. If you're a fan of that, try it06:09
Jordan_UEtherael1: Please keep the ranting out of your support questions. You don't need to compile compiz from source to use it without Unity. Unity is a compiz plugin, you can disable / remove it if you want.06:09
Etherael1Jordan_U: The grid plugin is still useless due to the previously pasted change.06:09
possible1994What command do I use in fdisk to make /dev/sda have a partition start at sector 512?06:09
Etherael1and it was a huge part of the way I used to use compiz.06:09
Etherael1and by the amount of complaints on that ticket, a lot of other people too.06:10
acidrainwhat ever happened to the good ole days where u setup an ftp server and it just worked lol06:10
possible1994Is there any easy way to optimize my SSD for ubuntu, or am I going to have to read about 10 tutorials and extract the applicable information due to dates of posting?06:10
Etherael1I don't even know there is anything else like that available in linux *aside* from the non canonical modified version of compiz grid06:11
acidrainin ubuntu, is it possible to setup a symbolic link that goes to a directory that has certain permissions. but that sym link has ftp permissions, and is able to access files in the other directory?06:11
CFHowlettcisers if you have an ubuntu support query, ask.  Otherwise, stop spamming.06:11
linusOn 11.04 in which file are the screen resolution settingw recorded?06:12
theadminEtherael1: If you don't like how Ubuntu is, switch, that's what I say. Though up to you of course.06:12
Jordan_Uacidrain: Symbolic links cannot in any way affect the permissions of their target, if that is what you're asking.06:12
Chipzzzacidrain: you mean a link with different properties than the folder to which it's linked?06:13
acidrainChipzzz: yes06:13
Etherael1theadmin: I like the reliability of the core and the general strength with which it is put together, the changes in oneiric from a user experience perspective speaking as someone who has actually used a computer before though are utterly devastating.06:13
Chipzzzinteresting question...06:13
acidrainthanks. i would like to setup an ftp server, but i dont want to change permissions on all of these files. though i could do it with a 1 line command06:13
Chipzzzacidrain: off the top of my head, i would think not, but i could be wrong06:14
linus@Etherael1 a window manager rewrite that puts most of the load on the gpu was a great advancement. and I think the user experience is a good start in a new and more productive direction06:15
Etherael1@linus, sure, no objection to compositing / acceleration, no real objection even to having a beginner UX that is aimed at people who don't know how to use computers, but breaking a keyboard shortcut plugin at the same time, which let's face facts, idiot users will never even touch, what's the rationale for that?06:16
Chipzzzacidrain: generally, it's done by making an ftp user & group... setting the file permissions accordingly06:16
xtmobois there any other way of communicating using cURL without POST method?06:16
theadminEtherael1: Could you pm me?06:16
linuswhich keyboard shortcut are you refering to? I think all mine still work06:17
Chipzzzxtmobo: curl is highly configurable... type "man curl" to see them all06:18
linusAnd I dont think it is just aimed at newbie. The incorporation of the gnome-do like app launching and displaying of most recent files could deffinitly increase productivity for all users.\06:18
dnivrahello I'm using kubuntu 11.10 and have a weird issue. I'm trying to use 'jdb' and I get this output. why does this happen? http://paste.ubuntu.com/856200/06:19
Etherael1linus kp+4 / 6 in compiz used to resize windows to 1/3 1/2 2/3 of the screen, it now just does 1/2.06:19
Etherael1linus: it was done on purpose https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz-plugins-main/+bug/878820 for some totally inexplicable reason.06:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 878820 in compiz-plugins-main (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Window Management, Keyboard shortcut - The grid keybindings are behaving inconsistently" [High,Confirmed]06:19
dnivrainstalling openjdk-6-jdk solves the issue.06:20
jschallso, on my kubuntu laptop, the regulatory domain on my wifi was set to 00, instead of US... i set it to US using "iw reg set US" but will this change be permanent? if not, how do i make it permanent? shouldn't kubuntu be setting it correctly based on the time zone i select?06:22
possible1994If I only make one partition on my SSD, doesn't that automatically make it aligned, since gparted makes the start sector 1mb, which is divisible by 512?06:24
Chipzzzpossible1994: you'll probably save yourself some trouble later on if you make separate partitions for "/" and "/home"06:25
ActionParsnippossible1994: if you are using SSD, I suggest you put your web browser cache in tempfs06:25
linuswhere are the settings from display settings saved?06:26
possible1994ActionParsnip, I put a few dir's in tempfs, and changed to the noop scheduler06:26
possible1994I would love to make sure my SSD were aligned properly06:27
ActionParsnippossible1994: adding the mount option:  noatime   can help too06:27
possible1994Yes I did that, and discard to enable TRIM06:27
ActionParsnippossible1994: moving stuff to tempfs in general is good, less access to slow HDDs06:27
Chipzzzpossible1994: take a look at it in "disk utiity"06:28
possible1994ActionParsnip, If I had a lot of ram, what would prevent me from mounting / to RAM at boot?06:28
ActionParsnippossible1994: you can, its how the liveCD works06:29
possible1994Well, not most livecd's06:29
possible1994It seems to me, that with a lot of ram, and a decent Sata3 SSD, it would be extremely fast to mount everything to ram from the SSD at boot06:30
ActionParsnippossible1994: i tried to do it myself, you'd need to rebuild initramfs at shutdown to put the changes back on the drive06:31
=== fireball is now known as Guest26380
possible1994ActionParsnip, can gparted be used to align my SSD properly, or do I need to use something more flexible like fdisk?06:35
cdj*sigh* why do I always keep losing my flash drives... I swear it was on the table a minute before06:35
=== Guest26380 is now known as mi3
mi3hi Chipzzz you there?06:36
mi3ohh he left, can someone suggest how can I open my png/jpg files with picasa photo viewer instead of gnome image viewer?06:37
CFHowlettmi3    system>preferences>preferred applications06:38
CFHowlettcisers   please stop06:38
Blue1I can't get ubuntu to properly display foreign characters like japanese.  How can I fix this?06:39
DropsOfSerenitymi3, right click properties -> open with -> set as default, if it's not there show other applications06:39
Blue1CFHowlett: he's doint this on #debian as well06:39
ActionParsnippossible1994: not sure, i've alwas used platter based drives06:39
CFHowlettBlue1    my vote is kick - but I'm not a mod...06:39
Blue1CFHowlett: ditto06:40
zykotick9Blue1: and you, you're having the same issue on both debian and ubuntu06:40
Blue1zykotick9: yes06:40
mi3CFHowlett tried that option but it directly opens picasa gallery instead of photo viewer , DropsOfSerenity, I looked into that option 1st but that option is not there06:40
possible1994ActionParsnip,  You should get an SSD, it makes an incredible difference, but I know you knew that. I'm out anyway take care.06:40
* CFHowlett *adds cisers to "ignore" for eternity"*06:40
linuswhere are the settings from display settings saved?06:41
linusthere is no more xorg.conf06:41
DropsOfSerenitymi3, you are using unity 11.10?06:41
linusthe settings the xrandr load on startup have to be saved somewhere06:41
zykotick9linus: no xorg.conf "by default"06:41
ActionParsnipyeah, my web browsing will be so much different considering its all in RAM which is faster than SSD. Go figure06:41
bobo37773linus: just create one06:41
linusI know there is no xorg.conf by default.06:42
ActionParsniplinus: if xorg.conf exists, it will be obeyed06:42
linusso when you change the settings where are they saved?06:42
L3topxorg -config I think... but you want to just know how it is working now?06:42
L3topmight be --config06:42
L3topcant remember06:42
linusthere is no xorg.conf06:42
linusyou dont need it06:42
ActionParsniplinus: there can be06:42
ActionParsniplinus: I do06:42
mi3DropsOfSerenit, I use natty [gnome classic, no effects]06:43
* L3top definitely needs it06:43
ActionParsniplinus: if your monitor doesn't play nice then you will need one to tell the display how to use the hardware06:43
linusok if you are using a propritary driver you need it06:43
ActionParsniplinus: yes proprietary driver06:43
ActionParsniplinus: "06:42 < linus> you dont need it"06:44
linusI just want to change the settings xrandr runs when you start a session06:44
CFHowlettblue1 you wanted kanji characters ??06:44
ActionParsniplinus: my screen sets DPI at something silly like 2000 x 2000 at 1940x1024 res, makes the text HUGE and the windows controls teeny tiny, so I NEED xorg.conf to set the DPI to someting sane so I can use the OS06:45
L3toplocate xrander ?06:45
fAz4where can i check libre office log files ?06:45
ActionParsnipfAz4: possibly in ~/.libreoffice  someplace06:46
Blue1CFHowlett: yes06:46
mi3CFHowlett any suggestions?06:46
Blue1CFHowlett: fwiw - I report cisers to the admin contacts at ucalgary06:46
CFHowlettBlue1   see http://paste.ubuntu.com/856225/06:47
fAz4ubuntu logouts while working in libreoffice !!!!06:47
fAz4im in 11.0406:47
CFHowlettmi3 suggestions for what?06:47
bobo37773fAz4: Does X crash?06:47
bobo37773fAz4: Just look at xorg log06:48
L3topmight look around in /var/log fAz406:48
cisersWho is cisers?06:48
mi3suggestions for opening jpg files in picasa instead of default image viewer?06:48
bobo37773fAz4: maybe even dmesg06:48
fAz4bobo37773: didnt found anything on dmesg06:48
urfr332gOcisers, you lost yourself. :)06:49
bobo37773fAz4: you mean nothing at all?06:49
CFHowlettmi3   ah - right.  My suggestion didn't pan out.  Sorry.  Looking into it.06:49
zykotick9mi3: does picasa except filenames?  from a terminal can you run "picasa /path/to/file"?06:49
fAz4 bobo37773: no, about crashes06:50
bobo37773fAz4: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:50
CFHowlettmi3 try looking at properties on your jpg and set the opening program to picasa?06:50
ActionParsnipfAz4: try closing all libreoffice apps, renaming ~/.libreoffice and retrying the app06:50
ubottushan: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw06:50
mi3wait let me try that06:51
fAz4ActionParsnip: just while scaling the images, it crashes06:51
shanthank you06:51
ubottushan, please see my private message06:51
Blue1CFHowlett: yeah the message about the chinese channel looks like dominoes with numbers just now.06:52
shanhow to06:52
ActionParsnipfAz4: if you make a new ubuntu user, is it the same?06:52
CFHowlettBlue1   so my suggestion didn't work?06:52
mi3ohh man it opens the picasa suite instead of the image viewer CFHowlett!06:52
rymate1234shan, copy /join #ubuntu-cn into text box06:52
Blue1CFHowlett: I missed the suggestion.  let me scroll back.06:52
CFHowlettBlue1   fwiw, at least in irc, I see the chinese characters.06:52
fAz4ActionParsnip: yeah, i dont know where find crashes log !06:53
shanthanks rymate123406:53
CFHowlettBlue1   http://paste.ubuntu.com/856225/06:53
ActionParsnipfAz4: which libreoffice version and which release?06:53
bobo37773fAz4: Test with a non compositing (less compositing) window manager if you can. What version of ubuntu are you using?06:53
fAz4ActionParsnip: 11.04  , LibreOffice 3.3.206:53
fAz4im on gnome classic with no effect06:54
bobo37773fAz4: hmm metacity? no compiz or anything?06:54
mi3fAz4, have you tried updating your office suite?06:55
Blue1CFHowlett: installing now06:55
fAz4mi3: in fact i want to know the reason than solving it !06:55
fAz4logging out is odd !!06:55
bobo37773fAz4: Did you look at your xorg log06:55
fAz4 fAz4:  i'll post it06:56
mi3does it crash while opening a specific file or just opening a blank document? fAz406:56
ranjanHi all, anyone here sucessfully using any of the Linux Distro with HP dv4-3015tx with Raedon and Intel Hybrid Graphics technology06:56
fAz4mi3:  just on scaling images06:56
ActionParsnipfAz4: could try: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:libreoffice/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade06:56
ubottu日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。06:57
Blue1CFHowlett: works great@!  日本語の場合は06:57
CFHowlettBlue1    looks like kanji to me and I added no software to my ubuntu06:57
ActionParsnipranjan: amd have said they will not be supporting anything but windows06:57
ActionParsnipranjan: could try ironhide06:57
Blue1CFHowlett: I will add that to pkill-9.com and properly credit you.06:58
curiousxi have a problem =P06:58
bobo37773fAz4: May be related to java. I have had quite a few java related crashes in the past06:58
bobo37773curiousx: Tell us06:58
rymate1234ActionParsnip: where did they say that? D:06:58
CFHowlettBlue1   sent you a PM special06:58
fAz4bobo37773: not sure, http://paste.ubuntu.com/856232/06:58
Blue1CFHowlett: loved it thanks06:58
ajnabicanceri need help06:58
CFHowlettblue1 no worries mate06:59
ActionParsniprymate1234: "http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NjM3Mw"06:59
mi3umm CFHowlett?06:59
Blue1me thinks he is gone06:59
CFHowlettmi3   yes still no solution to that06:59
curiousxi tried to install the nfs server but no succes, and now i uninstalled it but the nfs modules still loading at boot start =(06:59
ajnabicancerCan i get some help here about "signal out of range" after installing Nvidia drivers06:59
mi3ok, will need to stay with the default viewer then but thanks for the time07:00
curiousxy blacklist them in the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf07:00
mi3ok, will need to stay with the default viewer then but thanks for the time CFHowlett07:00
ranjanActionParsnip: ironhide ? what is that?07:00
ActionParsnipranjan: go find out07:00
ajnabicancerCan i get some help here about "signal out of range" after installing Nvidia drivers07:00
curiousxand i remove any start up link doing: update-rc.d -f nfs-kernel-server remove but the same =P07:01
CFHowlettmi3 sorry we couldn't config that the  way you wanted07:01
bobo37773fAz4: Nothing that jumps at me there. Which java are you running? Go into the options of libreoffice and disable java completely and see if that avoids the crash07:01
curiousxany idea ?07:01
mi3its ok CFHowlett maybe image viewer is good for me [for now] thanks for your  time07:02
CFHowlettmi3 have fun/be safe07:02
mi3yeah thanks07:02
ActionParsnipbobo37773: a good point :)07:02
ActionParsnipfAz4: could disable java, see if it helps07:02
ajnabicancerCFHowlett: Can i get some help about "signal out of range" after installing Nvidia drivers07:02
fAz4bobo37773:  ok, thanks for help07:02
bobo37773ActionParsnip: Yeah java was crashing my openbox for the longest time07:03
ActionParsnipfAz4: I always disable java in libreoffice as well as give it more ram to work with07:03
ActionParsnipbobo37773: <3 openbox07:03
fAz4i'll check that07:03
curiousxActionParsnip: i <3 fluxbox =)07:03
bobo37773ActionParsnip: Yeah I tried to get away a few times. Looks like I am bonded to it now haha07:03
ajnabicancerCan i get some help here about "signal out of range" after installing Nvidia drivers07:03
bobo37773fAz4: Try it and let us know07:04
ActionParsnipajnabicancer: you may need to run:  nvidia-xconfig    in root recovery mode07:04
curiousxi like puupy with fluxbox v2 here my own screenshots: http://paste.ubuntu.com/851048/07:04
`Korvinhow can I define the file name in grep07:06
`KorvinI'm trying to only search php files07:06
ActionParsnipcuriousx: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/Desktop.png my lxde config07:06
ajnabicancerActionParsnip: i actually run that command07:06
CFHowlettajnabicancer   sorry, IDK enough about configuring video to be of any help with synch issues.07:06
ActionParsnip`Korvin: find -iname "*.php" -exec grep foo {} \;07:07
bobo37773curiousx: There is a tool called "rconf" (think thats what its called). That is what I used to use in debian. See if it shows up in that tool07:07
ajnabicancerActionParsnip: Let me tell you what i did, Bcoz i'm newbie.07:07
curiousxor... have any of you nfs working properly ? i follow: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NFSv4Howto but nothing =(07:07
ActionParsnipajnabicancer: k07:07
`KorvinActionParsnip, it's --include=*.php07:07
CFHowlettActionParsnip   looks good...07:07
curiousxActionParsnip: ill see it07:07
ActionParsnip`Korvin: if grep can do it, why not :)07:07
curiousxbobo37773: rconf ? mmm... il see it thank07:08
ajnabicancerActionParsnip: after installing Nvidia drivers i got error of signals out of range then i tried some commands to get it back to normal mode. i installed Startup manager and try a trick ALT+CTRL - or + to change resolution07:09
bobo37773curiousx: Yeah I needed something easy when building a guiless os for someone a while back. It works well. ncurses if I remember right07:09
ajnabicancerActionParsnip: Then some editing in lines "grub_cmdline_linux=nomodeset".........blah blah :)07:10
ajnabicancersudo update grub07:10
zykotick9bobo37773: curiousx it's rcconf - but i don't know if you should be using that with ubuntu07:10
curiousxoh! thanks, yeah! i'd see a tool gui based and its PPA but i dont remember where xD07:10
ajnabicancerActionParsnip: i run this command Nvidia-xconfig and it made a backup file.07:11
bobo37773curiousx: There is one called "bum" boot up manager too.07:11
ActionParsnipajnabicancer: fine, run:  reboot    does it help07:11
ajnabicancerActionParsnip: Nope07:12
curiousxi think the all issue is due to my 3.2.5 kernel =(: Linux bt 3.2.5-030205-generic-pae #201202061401 SMP Mon Feb 6 19:19:46 UTC 2012 i686 GNU/Linux07:12
ActionParsnipajnabicancer: press CTRL+ALT+F1, do you get a prompt07:12
ActionParsnipcuriousx: 3,2 kernel is not supported here07:12
ajnabicancerno i didn't try that07:12
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
curiousxActionParsnip: ups! i didnt know it =P07:12
curiousxanyway thanks bobo37773 if i find the tool that i was writing about i'll tell ya xD07:13
ActionParsnipcuriousx: using precise?07:13
ajnabicancerActionParsnip: do i need to try CTRL+ALT+F1 ?07:13
curiousxnop, usin 10.4 Backtrack... yep i know BT is not supported here xD07:13
ActionParsnipcuriousx: right again, the kernel isn't suitable for Lucid either07:14
ActionParsnipcuriousx: if you know its not supported here, why ask..07:14
bobo37773curiousx: So you are trying to set up a file server on a root box?07:14
ActionParsnipajnabicancer: wait a little while after you see the messsage and then press it07:14
curiousxbobo37773: yes07:15
ActionParsnipcuriousx: backtrack is NOT for daily use, its a network tool. Its not for web browsing and checking your emails withj07:15
theadminActionParsnip: That's not really what it's for... it's for pentetration testing.07:16
bobo37773curiousx: so whats the problem? should work fine.07:16
theadminEither way, curiousx, backtrack support is in #backtrack-linux not here07:16
curiousxActionParsnip i dont agree at all, its comes with a los of servers preinstalled but... maybe you rights xD07:16
ActionParsniptheadmin: does "its a network tool" not cover that?07:17
ActionParsnipcuriousx: either way, its not supported here07:17
theadminActionParsnip: Well, oh, wait, I didn't notice the "NOT for web browsing" (the not part), sorry07:17
curiousxbobo37773: i dont know why but "nfs-kernel-server" dosent install properly, its say dpkg return code 107:18
curiousxand i installed via offical repositories, not PPA or .deb, that the strange07:19
curiousxiand when i do "sudo service nfs-kernel-server start" it never start up, its say "failed"07:20
bobo37773curiousx: yeah not sure. I will never use backtrack again probably. There is a good change it is backtrack specific as they do many tweaks to the system. You may want to ask on there irc ir maybe even forums07:20
curiousxi google it but no wey07:20
ajnabicancerActionParsnip: bro, i used CTRL+ALT+F1 and it sure went to @ubuntu$07:20
bobo37773curiousx: chance*07:20
NyLeshow to downgrade kernel?07:20
=== sun_ is now known as Guest27315
ActionParsnipNyLes: hold shift at boot and choose the older kernel07:21
urfr332gONyLes, you only have one what do you actually mean?07:21
ActionParsnipajnabicancer: ok then you can run:  less /var/log/Xorg.0.log     and see what is going on.07:21
curiousxbobo37773: yeah! good idea, but its not issue related to BT, when i google it the issue, i found the same issue on Debian, but i'll check no BT channel and forum07:22
ActionParsnipurfr332gO: probably has a few, the old kernels are not removed during upgrades07:22
Lynx_Hi all! Where can PATH be set globally, except for /etc/profile and /etc/environment? I installed some software that changed the PATH, but I can't find out where it's set.07:22
ajnabicancerActionParsnip: i actually don't know what is going on & can'07:22
theadminLynx_: /etc/bash.bashrc ?07:22
ajnabicancerActionParsnip: i actually don't know what is going on & can't figure it.07:22
ActionParsnipLynx_: did it add it in ~/.bashrc ?07:22
bobo37773NyLes: is the older version you want in the repos? why do you want to downgrade anyways?07:22
ActionParsnipajnabicancer: just look for (ww) and (EE)07:22
urfr332gOActionParsnip, thats what I was thinking or they actually want one out of the distro.07:22
curiousxi found on Debian a solution installing "rcpbind" instead of "portmap"07:22
riad_shourovhello... i've installed ubuntu 11.10 from command line install in alternate-cd. then i installed xorg manually with apt-get . but i cannot boot through grub without the recovery mode.what should i do?07:22
ajnabicancerActionParsnip: Can i run those command without restarting my pc. i mean can i run it through xp07:23
curiousxthey say that portmap doesent support ipv6 but, thanks time to google angain xD07:23
NyLesurfr332gO: i don't understand your question..07:23
bobo37773curiousx: yeah maybe. also check your version in the repos and see if can build a newer version07:23
NyLesbobo37773: because i want to install a ppa that requires 2.6.32-34 kernel and mine has 2.6.32.-3807:24
curiousxi'll do bobo37773 =)07:24
bobo37773NyLes: What is the ppa?07:24
urfr332gONyLes, you want a kernel not installed in the release or just a earlier one still on the computer?07:24
ajnabicancerActionParsnip: Can i check that log with in the windows07:25
zykotick9!ppa | bobo3777307:25
ubottubobo37773: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa07:25
NyLesbobo37773: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-audio-dev/+archive/ppa07:25
NyLesurfr332gO: i don't know when i install ubuntu 10.04 the kernel is alread 2.6.32-38..07:25
bobo37773zykotick9: Thanks. I meant specifically the ppa in question though.07:25
zykotick9bobo37773: sorry, saw "what is a" vs. what you really wrong "what is the"07:26
bobo37773zykotick9: No worries. I get it07:26
urfr332gONyLes, so what do you mean by download a kernel is the actual question?07:26
urfr332gONyLes, I meant downgrade07:26
NyLesurfr332gO: yeah.. from 32-38 to 32-34..07:27
urfr332gONyLes, why?07:27
Lynx_theadmin: no, it's not there either, weird.07:27
bobo37773NyLes: What is the program or feature that you need? Are you having audio problems?07:28
theadminLynx_: Hm... No idea honestly >.<07:28
i_is_brokeok how do i get this netgear wireless usb adapter to work with 11.10. its the bcm43231 chipset.07:28
NyLesurfr332gO: because the ppa i want to install this ppa https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-audio-dev/+archive/ppa linux-alsa-driver-modules07:29
NyLesbobo37773: yeah for 4 days already :D07:29
zykotick9!broadcom | i_is_broke07:29
ubottui_is_broke: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx07:29
curiousxcya thank, brb07:30
urfr332gONyLes, you miss this on the ppa  NyLes>07:30
bobo37773NyLes: Hmm. Have you tryed updating your kernel instead of downgrading and seeing if maybe the alsa modules you need are built into a newer version07:30
urfr332gONyLes, linux-alsa-driver-modules-2.6.38 20 weeks ago07:30
NyLesurfr332gO: so i cant downlaod it anymore?07:31
urfr332gONyLes, I see with a quick look builds for precise I didn't look at what exactlt.07:31
NyLesbobo37773: ok upgrading is fine as long as the sound will work :/07:31
urfr332gONyLes, no that a build was made 20 weeks ago.07:31
bobo37773NyLes: Is that something you tried already?07:31
bobo37773NyLes: does alsa pick up your sound card at all?07:32
NyLesbobo37773: yeah i think. i tried every article i see but none seems to solve my problem..07:33
NyLesbobo37773: aplay -l results with no soundcards found,07:33
NyLesbobo37773: but in puppy linux it works smoothly..07:33
bobo37773NyLes: What are the kernel version differences between the two?07:33
bobo37773NyLes: Did you try alsaconf ?07:34
NyLesbobo37773: hmmm, with puppy and ubuntu?07:34
bobo37773NyLes: yeah07:35
NyLesbobo37773: alsaconf command not found.. ahhh, i don't know? i think it has something to do with how the modules  are compiled..07:35
ajnabicancerI need help "signal out of range"07:38
bobo37773NyLes: hmm. You may want to compare your module blacklist settings between the two as well07:39
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:40
NyLesbobo37773: yeah i've done that, nothing is different, one thing different is every boot, ubuntu shows ALSA intel8x0 codec_ready: codec is not ready [0x300000]07:40
bobo37773ajnabicancer: Did you look at your xorg.conf to make sure it is set up right?07:40
ajnabicancerbobo37773: i don't know anything? how to do that07:41
totesmuhgoatsajnabicancer: /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:42
bobo37773ajnabicancer: Do you have a file located at /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:42
bobo37773ajnabicancer: What kind of video card do you have?07:43
ajnabicancerbobo37773: i can't get to that file07:43
ajnabicancerbobo37773: Nvidia07:43
bobo37773ajnabicancer: Are you using the closed source drivers?07:43
L3topwhich nvidia card/chipset?07:44
ajnabicanceri am using ubuntu07:44
bobo37773ajnabicancer: if you run -->   sudo nvidia-settings     from a terminal does it open a program07:44
L3toplspci | grep -i vga07:44
ajnabicanceryes it does07:44
PaijoAjnabicancer, tell your vga card spec.07:44
bobo37773ajnabicancer: ok can you create the settings you want there?07:45
soreauajnabicancer: Did you install the proprietary driver or are you using the default nouveau?07:45
ajnabicancerI installed nvidia-17307:46
bobo37773soreau: he is using proprietary07:46
soreaubobo37773: How do you know that?07:46
bobo37773soreau: Because he has nvidia-settings application07:47
ajnabicanceri did installed the drivers and not using Nouveau07:47
soreauajnabicancer: So what's the problem?07:47
brkolog anyone knows how to see what directory vsftpd uses as root?07:47
bobo37773ajnabicancer: second tab down called "X server display configuration"07:48
humungulousbrkolog: by default /etc/vsftpd.conf07:48
bobo37773ajnabicancer: Make your changes and then click the "Save to X configuration file" button. Then reboot. See if that works. It will create an xorg for you07:49
humungulousbrkolog: by default (it would be set within) /etc/vsftpd.conf07:49
brkologhumungulous: thanks, I'll look again, didn't find it in that file before07:49
trishxohow to always run a program in the terminal? (downloaded world of goo, can only play if started in the terminal.07:50
chown_i just got started to using ubuntu, is there a wayi find my apps? and could sort of group them all together, like shortcuts on desktop?07:50
theadmintrishxo: gnome-terminal -e '/path/to/program'07:50
bobo37773trishxo: try using cd in your scipt to launch it07:50
humungulousbrkolog: it's probably going to be /var/ftp/07:50
chown_Or if there is a folder where they stay... i dunno. I just want to look at them cuz i dont know their names yet07:51
ajnabicancerbobo3773: how to make changes07:51
cdjbleh, compiz crashed twice in 2 hours on precise07:52
bobo37773ajnabicancer: Are your monitors detected?07:52
humungulouschown_: poke around in /bin/ and /usr/bin/07:52
trishxobobo37773: how do i do that? lol07:52
chown_humungulous: ty man i didnt even know where to start07:52
bobo37773trishxo: would you like to have a shortcut for your program? like a script or something?07:53
brkologhumungulous: I'll try that too07:53
L3topchown_: which is helpful to find programs, eg: which firefox07:53
ajnabicancerbobo3773: ubuntu was running ok. once i installed drivers i faced resolution drivers, then with someone guide i reinstalled drivers again and the issue is now "signal not found" H:95khz v:60hz07:54
humungulousbrkolog: actually https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html says it's /home/ftp/07:54
NyLesbobo37773: are ALSA and OSS different?07:54
bobo37773ajnabicancer: Use nvidia settings to change settings and then save to x config file07:54
trishxobobo37773: ok, i downloaded world of goo game, there was no installation, i just downloaded the tar file, did a couple command, and the game opened from command. there is a script to start to game in the file.07:55
bobo37773NyLes: Yes they are. There is an alsa-oss package though or something similar07:55
urfr332gOtheadmin, had to reboot07:55
trishxobobo37773: opened from the terminal*07:55
L3topajnabicancer: just curious... what lead you to download 175?07:56
chown_L3top: i mean, if i know the name of the program it gets easy cuz i just hit super and start typing. The problem is if want to look for some function like vnc thing, and i dont know what to type... u know, so i have to get familiar with the applications first07:56
bobo37773trishxo: do you run it like this --> ./worldgoo07:56
trishxono, didnt know how to run it lol07:56
brkologhumungulous: It didn't create the directory,07:56
trishxono option to run in terminal.07:56
humungulouschown_: unix is a vast ecosystem07:56
trishxoi had a longer command to run it07:56
trishxobobo:37773 ^... that had that command at the end07:57
L3topchown_: by all means poke around... I was just saying if you are looking for places to look... which will show you where things live, and from there you can see other things that live there07:57
humungulousbrkolog: you can always create it yourself and change it to whatever you want, i suppose07:57
Jordan_Utrishxo: Why not install World of Goo from Ubuntu Software Center?07:57
brkologhumungulous: local access worked but another machine didn't list any files, I'll try again07:57
bobo37773trishxo: this^^07:57
brkologhumungulous: yes, I did create i07:57
NyLesbobo37773: do you think using oss instead of alsa will solve my problem?07:58
brkologhumungulous: maybe it's the client (explorer)07:58
bobo37773NyLes: hard to say. I doubt it. How old is your soundcard / computer?07:58
bobo37773NyLes: did you compare the module blacklist / kernel version difference beteen puppy and ubuntu? What was the results07:59
humungulousbrkolog: absent some (mis)configuration you should see the same dir contents ftping in with the same credentials from any posture07:59
onasisneed some help installing chameleon on ubuntu please anyone?07:59
onasisneed to boot osx on legacy kernel08:00
NyLesbobo37773: more than 10 years old, soundcard is Intel Corporation 82801BA/BAM AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 05)08:00
onasisgrub doesnt accept kernel commands for osx08:00
NyLesbobo37773: they are the same, nothing is different, even the punctuations..08:00
Jordan_Uonasis: We don't support hackintoshing here, sorry.08:01
ajnabicancerWhat the solution?08:01
bobo37773NyLes: Do you have alsa-utils installed?08:01
onasisim not asking about hackintosh08:01
onasisim asking about installing chameleon on ubuntu08:01
ajnabicancerI cannot get into ubuntu, but i only now can get into terminal via CTRL+ALT+F108:02
Jordan_Uonasis: That's the only reason I know of to use chamaelion. Either way, chameleon is not in the Ubuntu repositories, maybe you can get support through chameleon's support venues.08:02
NyLesbobo37773: how will i know?08:03
bobo37773ajnabicancer: from creating an xorg?08:03
bobo37773NyLes: Look in your repos and see if its installed. Software center apt whatever08:03
ajnabicancerbobo37773: plz tell me the commands, so i can get some solution?08:03
onasisok well fair enough08:03
bobo37773ajnabicancer: try this:     sudo nvidia-xconfig      then reboot08:04
NyLesbobo37773: ok i have it..08:04
bobo37773NyLes: it was installed already?08:04
NyLesbobo37773: yeah...08:04
curiousxbobo37773: look what i found: http://meiga.igalia.com/ xD i'll try it08:05
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa08:05
brkologhumungulous: I tried filezilla there and it listed the files but it uses my home folder in ubuntu as root it seems. had the same issue using pureadmin as ftp server.08:06
bobo37773NyLes: What about alsa-base08:06
humungulousbrkolog: what do you want it to use08:06
bobo37773curiousx: very cool. glad you figured it out08:07
NyLesbobo37773: i have it too..08:07
curiousxand if someones liks online radio in 4 minutes www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-Ixoe6gOe808:07
bobo37773NyLes: But you dont have alsaconf ?08:07
brkologhumungulous: /home/ftp for example08:07
chown_guys when i want to finish an application im running terminal and doing this: ps aux | grep -i appname ; than i kill pid, is that the correct way to finish an application that is not responding?08:07
NyLesbobo37773: yeah command not found it says..08:08
brkologi created such a directory before in pureadmin too humungulous08:08
humungulousbrkolog: who are you ftping in as08:08
Jordan_Uchown_: "pkill appname" is easier.08:08
chown_Jordan_U: ty08:09
Jordan_Uchown_: You're welcome.08:09
bobo37773NyLes: your right. Apparently ubuntu does not have alsaconf. What a drag. Sorry.08:09
NyLesbobo37773: ok thanks for the time..08:10
brkologthe remote machine uses another user humungulous , but in filezilla i used the local user i use in ubuntu08:10
humungulousbrkolog: you can create an ftp user with homedir /home/ftp08:11
brkologhumungulous: windows seems to screw up though, doesn't ask me for credentials just shows an empty ftp server08:12
humungulousbrkolog: browser's ftp mode generally logs in as anonymous08:12
humungulousbrkolog: if you want a cleaner test from windows do it from the command line08:13
brkologi enabled anonymous too08:13
humungulousso thats whats happening08:13
humungulousthe browser tries anonymous first, it works, so it doesnt prompt you for further credentials08:13
brkologoh never tried cli in windows, I thought there was no such client in windows08:14
humunguloussure just ftp hostname08:14
Kartagishi. I have a cable modem, and an adsl modem on top of that to enhance wireless range. but I don't remember its IP address and I can't seem to find out by nmap. what else to do?08:16
humungulouswindows command line ftp is a piece of garbage08:16
humunguloustesting is just about the only thing its good for08:16
humungulouslucky for you thats all youre doing08:16
humungulousfor real ftp work use filezilla08:16
humungulousKartagis: you mean you have a modem and a router08:17
brkologhumungulous: it seems to work, it shows my homedir in ubuntu, humungulous . I just need one file, but filezilla downloaded at 50kb/s. That could be a Virtualbox issue, those are both virtual machines. :P08:18
bambanxanyone can recommend me a good image viewer like gnome viewer but with the basic tools for resize crop ... ?08:18
humungulousbambanx: google gimp08:19
Kartagishumungulous: yes, exactly08:19
humungulousKartagis: the router IP is the one reported as gateway by ifconfig08:20
bambanxhumungulous,  i know gimp thanks , but i mean a lightweigth viewer with only the basic like shotwell08:20
humungulousbambanx: dunno08:20
humungulousKartagis: make that "route -n"08:20
Kartagishumungulous: I have no trouble finding out the IP of the cable modem, it's the adsl modem of which I can't find the IP08:21
humungulouswell, sometimes its .10008:21
humunguloussometimes its .1.108:22
humunguloussometimes you cant route it, it depends on how the router feels right then08:22
brkologKartagis: try just connecting the other modem, if dhcp is working, you can find it08:22
Benkinoobywhat about nmap?08:23
brkologor look at the client map of the first mothem08:23
humungulousKartagis: are you saying youre doing double nested NAT? thats bad architecting08:23
brkologcan work though :)08:23
bambanxhumungulous,  gthmb works great :)08:27
humungulousbambanx, alright08:27
mehdi_hey guys i was installing sth with dpkg -i and in middle of the installation i Ctrl+c the process now it gives me error how can i fix this?08:27
humungulousmehdi_: apt-get remove <package> and start over?08:28
mehdi_humungulous, gives me this error The package libobasis3.3-core04:i386 needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.08:30
mehdi_humungulous, i was trying to install libreoffice08:30
OffGridOps11.10/Compaq CQ57:  I need some good places to learn how to set up a computer as a home media server (stream dvd, pix, net, etc) to 4 tvs.  Thanx!08:30
humungulousmehdi_: how about sudo apt-get -f install libobasis08:31
chown_i see i can open gui apps from terminal, but as i do that, the terminal gets locked in that app process, is there a way to avoid that?08:35
humungulouschown_: suffix an & after them08:35
humungulouschown_: that forks them and unblocks the shell08:35
chown_humungulous: tyvm sir, im learning a lot today xD08:35
lotuspsychjehowto disable users fast switching in main bar?08:36
humungulouschown_: thats one way to do it anyway08:36
doc-saintlyMy testDisk finished and here's what it says at the end: http://imgbin.org/index.php?page=image&id=692608:38
doc-saintlyI'm not quite sure what it means08:38
Dave_MaydewIs there a way of getting a GeForceFX card to run in Ubuntu 11.10?08:38
humungulousdoc-saintly: looks like theyre gone08:39
=== Guest75065 is now known as onre
humungulousyou said you saved the irreplaceable stuff right08:40
teckyDave_Maydew: Ubuntu Restricted Drivers ?08:40
doc-saintlyFor the most part. I just don't understand it. There was nothing written to it since the partition was lost08:40
doc-saintlythe files are still there08:40
humungulousmy understanding was the addition of the usb 3.0 card blew up your whole /dev/08:41
humunguloussoftware raid is a biotch08:41
Dave_Maydewthe issue I'm having is 11.10 displays a grey screen, and a cut out where Unity is08:41
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
Dave_MaydewI've tried installing the driver even off the nVidia site08:42
Dave_Maydewboth ways don't work08:42
L3topwhich driver are you choosing?08:42
Dave_Maydewone of my issues is that the driver says it's installed but another is being used08:42
Dave_Maydewoh I think it was 175 that crashed the machine08:43
L3topwhat is installed currently?08:43
L3topand how was it installed?08:44
Dave_Maydewfresh clean install08:44
doc-saintlyhumungulous: I don't know. THere were a few strange occurances right around the USB3.08:44
Dave_Maydewreading the bug reports I'm not the only one having these issues08:44
L3topSorry, so nvidia 173 is installed from... nvidia? or ubuntu?08:45
doc-saintlythe one that i noticed immediately is that I had selected the usb3 device in the disk utility to edit the partitions, and it came up trying to edit the md008:45
Dave_Maydewon 10.0408:45
L3topand you achieved this by typing apt-get install nvidia-glx-173 correct?08:45
humungulousraid is the illusion of failproofness with the reality of fragility08:45
doc-saintlyonce it did that, I restarted. I later learned that had I not, I could have kept the partition table that was in the kernel, but I wouldn't have had a place to put the backups since it wasn't recognizing the usb3 properly08:46
Dave_Maydewthe card in question is built into my Sony VGC-V2M All-in-One media PC08:46
Dave_MaydewGeForceFX 570008:46
doc-saintlyhumungulous: however - photorec seems to be happily pulling files off even though testdisk was unable to do anything with the partitions :S08:46
doc-saintlyhumungulous: i simply told photorec that it was an ext3 file system, and it's scanning it now08:46
humungulousdoc: good, wait until you get to sift through the 18,000 files it pulls08:46
Dave_MaydewI installed the driver in 10.04 using the hardware drivers08:46
Dave_Maydewunder the GUI08:47
Dave_Maydewit runs a dream in 10.0408:47
doc-saintlyhumungulous: indeed. But I believe there's only a few I'll actually be looking for (some homework assignments)08:48
Dave_Maydewbut when it comes to 11.04 & 11.10 it just either displays a grey screen and a cutout where Unity is, or crashes when I install the latest driver08:48
humungulousdoc: they're going to be numbered arbitrarily and grouped by file type08:48
doc-saintlyhumungulous: is there a way to tell it to make a new ext3 partition the entire size of the raid, but not mess with the data inside and see if any of the file headers come up properly?08:48
doc-saintlyhumungulous: yea - i'm watching the stuff it's pulling out08:48
cybothello guys08:48
humungulousdoc: no, a new volume gets a new mft08:49
humungulousdoc: well you can try and see08:49
humungulousdoc: at this point nothing to lose08:49
Dave_Maydewif I install the nVidia driver under Hardware Drivers in 11.04 or 11.10 it comes up with Driver is installed but being used by another08:50
humungulousdoc: do it with fdisk but do not mke2fs08:50
humungulous!ask | cybot08:51
ubottucybot: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:51
doc-saintlyhumungulous: i'll give that a try after a few things with photorec08:51
humungulousoops, what is the macro for hi08:51
Dave_MaydewIts been driving me crazy with this nVidia issue, as I want to start running Unity08:51
cyboti'm running ubuntu for arm on my motorola atrix 4g, everytime i hit the button on keyboar between s an f (i can't type i) it minimizes the current programm.08:51
doc-saintlyhumungulous: Is there a folder comparison tool that will do it at the binary level? That way I could see which of the files I recovered exist in my backup08:52
humungulouscybot: try #ubuntu-arm08:52
humungulousdoc-saintly: there are tools to dedupe what it pulls out08:53
doc-saintlyhumungulous: how could there be duplicates?08:53
humungulousthe logic is very uh loose08:53
Dave_Maydewso any help in getting the GeForce FX5700 running in later distro's of Ubuntu would be great08:53
humungulousit recognizes a lot of file fragments youll see08:54
doc-saintlyhumungulous: it seems it would be trivial to compare, say the first 1kb, of every file recovered vs. a directory structure. Since you would only have to look at the file type and then look at the size, and then the first kb08:54
StravHi. Here's a few questions about raid maintenance. A few months ago, I assembled a raid5 (ext4) array; so far, everything is fine but I noticed that my scheduled fsck (at boot) usually run really fast so I suspected that the array wasn't really checked. Just to make sure, I launched gnome's disk utility, unmounted the array and checked the file system and then got a popup saying that the file system is not clean. I then launched the08:54
Strav"check array" task and now it's been running for a good 30 minutes with the md0_resync and md0_raid5 processes taking a good 50% cpu. So about this, my questions are: since my array seemed to behave correctly before that, are those checks necessary? And if so, what are the checks and repair operations that disk utility is really using in the backend (so that I could schedule them on a weekly basis) - in the end, I wish to ensure that if08:54
Stravthere's a disk failure someday, that I really can recover and won't be troubled by a corrupted filesystem.08:54
FloodBot1Strav: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:54
humungulousdoc: there is a tool i used for dedupe i just dont remember what it was called08:54
Strav(just to make it clear: it's the "check the filesystem" that reported that it "wasn't clean" (I guess this is gnome disk utility launching an fsck on the array); the actual repair operation is done by "check array")08:58
azbam117Hey everyone.09:03
NyLescan someone analyze my problem with my soundcard? http://paste.ubuntu.com/85630109:03
azbam117Is there someone who can explain to me the benefit of rooting an android tablet other then sudo capabilities09:04
vitamin{azbam117, installing a differnt os/rom09:05
vitamin{azbam117, there really is not a whole lot of benefits unless you really want to dig deep into the os09:06
akemNyLes, looks like there is an issue with intel8x0 driver, tried pulseaudio etc, no sound?09:07
NyLesakem: yes, i tried that already..09:08
Dave_MaydewJust found the bug report for the problem I'm having - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-173/+bug/77220709:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 772207 in unity (Ubuntu) "version 173.14.30 driver is buggy for NVidia GeForce FX series" [Medium,Confirmed]09:08
akemNyLes, best luck to find out someone with the same computer running linux, forums, etc.09:08
NyLesakem: but the soundcard works fine with puppy linux..09:09
Dave_Maydewso is there a workaround09:09
azbam117Vitamin{ Thats kind of what i thought. Another noob question...what kimf of os would you put on a tablet such as a prime?09:10
akemNyLes, i see, check which modules are loaded with puppy and if it is using alsa or some other backends09:10
akemi was going to suggest knoppix too to see...(:09:10
NyLesakem: puppy uses alsa,.. what do you mean the modules?09:11
akemNyLes, kernel modules09:12
Dave_Maydewis there a newer version of the driver I could try under 11.10? or is the philosophy of Ubuntu being compatible with older hardware coming to an end??09:12
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal09:13
Dave_Maydewthere's also physically no way I can't change the card as it's on board being a Sony all-in-one PC09:14
Dave_MaydewIs it Unity or Linux Kernel 3??09:15
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lotuspsychjehowto password protect chrome to start?09:15
=== malkauns_ is now known as malkauns
Dave_Maydewso final question before I go nuts... will this issue be fixed in 12.04LTS for the older versions of the Nvidia cards to run with Unity or are we all going to be stuck with 10.04??09:19
theadminDave_Maydew: That's up to nvidia09:21
Dave_MaydewI asked nVidia the same question09:21
Dave_Maydewguess what they said!!09:22
Dave_Maydewthats up Linux distros09:22
theadminlotuspsychje: That's not really possible. If you want to, you need to change execute permissions of the chrome binary so that only you can run it09:22
theadminDave_Maydew: lolwut. They're the ones who make drivers :/09:22
Dave_MaydewI feel like I'm having the same issue as I did with my Acer Aspire One ZA3 with the GMA50009:22
chidhi, I recently resumed from a hibernate but accidentally rebooted, how can I resume from the hibernate swap again?09:23
Dave_MaydewOh well09:23
Dave_Maydewcheers for the answers09:23
dr3mrohello, I have installed ubuntu now and i need some suggestions of ubuntu apps that are very good and being unknown ??? what apps did you find by accident09:25
theadminchid: Not possible, it gets removed after you resume so that it doesn't take up space. Which makes sense.09:26
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=== badola_ is now known as badola__
godtrunkshow can i install java6 on ubuntu 11?09:30
theadmin!java | godtrunks09:31
ubottugodtrunks: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.09:31
RandyJCis ubottu a bot picking up questions? :) cool!09:31
pangolinRandyJC: not exactly, ubottu is an info bot. it doesn't know anything it is not thought.09:32
pangolin!bot | RandyJC09:32
ubottuRandyJC: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots09:32
theadminRandyJC: Someone in the channel just pulls up a !factoid, and the bot gives the information which is stored as that !factoid09:33
RandyJCpangolin: still pretty awesome :)09:33
RandyJCnice nice :)09:33
godtrunksthx guys09:35
zikoshi...my battery on ubuntu laptop dries in hour...how can i extend the life...09:36
theadminzikos: Disable services you do not need, change your desktop environment to something more lightweight, do not run programs you don't use09:37
srikanthlogicHi, my update manager just hangs once I click Install updates, how could i fix this ?09:37
jellowanyone know how to read the size of all the files on a ftp server?09:37
RandyJCbtw :) is there an special chan for the project on Ubuntu Android? or is it all general in #ubuntu? :)09:37
pangolinRandyJC: #ubuntu-phone09:38
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zikostheadmin: but isn't awkard that with default ubuntu install on powerfull laptop battery goes out in 1 hour and on win7 it can last for 2 and half hours09:41
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i6amokksomeone care to help one lost soul?09:47
hoffai have trouble with the "empathy" program. im trying to chat on MSN but the person i talk to cant see what im writing.09:47
hoffaanyone with a solution to my problem?09:47
hoffai may add im in Iran so i dont know if its restricted by the goverment09:48
=== RJC|away is now known as RandyJC
i6amokksomeone care to help with choice of video player ?09:49
RandyJCdamn thats a whole lot better ignoring the join/part messages here.. pff09:49
i6amokkgood one09:49
theadmini6amokk: VLC works for me09:49
i6amokklet me see09:49
akpkHow to encrypt a folder in Ubuntu 11.10 ??09:50
i6amokkapt-get install doesnot work for me09:50
i6amokkwith vlc09:50
i6amokkcan i use other option to install09:50
bindiwhat do you mean "does not work"09:50
deinchewno project euler? some care some not09:51
i6amokkwell can not connect to blabla09:51
akpkHello! How can I Encrypt a folder in Ubuntu 11.10 ??09:51
rodhashHi guys... what's the difference between user's ssh key and host's key? (ssh-keygen)09:51
deinchewno lol the other one no flood09:53
vaasuhi, im using luicd in a laptop, having a usb3 port and transfering files to en external usb3 hdd. im getting speeds of around 24Mbytes/s , which is much less than USB 2.0 theoretical max. how would i increase the speed?09:53
vaasulsusb shows usb3 root hub is present and that there is the intended external hdd connected to it09:55
vaasui expect the speed to be more than Usb 2 theoretical max speed.09:56
chuck1310I'have lost my network on my vmware Ubuntu09:56
akpkfolder encryption in Ubuntu 11.1010:00
theadminvaasu: Depends on the drive's filesystem a lot, if it's NTFS the transfer speeds are going to be slow10:00
akpkHew can I encrypt a folder in ubuntu 11.1010:00
chown_akpk: truecrypt10:00
aussie_matthi all, can anyone help me mount my raid array please? dmraid -ay finds it and lists two devices in /dev/mapper....Which device do i mount?10:01
akpk<chown> : How ??10:02
lasers`!truecrypt | akpk10:03
ubottuakpk: Truecrypt is a free open-source on-the-fly disk encryption software.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TruecryptHiddenVolume10:03
vaasutheadmin: it is ntfs to ntfs , i wonder what would be the typical speed for this scenario10:03
theadminvaasu: About 30mb/s or so, ntfs-3g isn't very decent honestly10:03
vaasutheadmin: ah i see.. thanks10:04
chown_ubottu: do u know if truecrypt suports whole disk encrypt on linux?10:05
ubottuchown_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:05
theadminchown_: It does10:06
theadminchown_: But not for the system drive10:06
chown_oh, i see. ty theadmin10:06
chown_If i would like to make a backup for a future restore under another machine, and i would like to save all my apps and configs, what would be the best way to do that?10:09
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luke--_hi there10:12
ceasarwashereneed help10:13
ceasarwashereany one here?10:13
viciumOh hi. :)  I'm running a ECS. Is it reccomended to upgrade to the newest build?10:14
luke--_I created a file /etc/init.d/wake.sh and added it as a service to with update-rc.d wake.sh defaults . what that scipt should do doesnt work. now I want to remove that service again. can I *savely* just do update-rc.d -f wake.sh remove to remove that service again or is that somehow wrong/do I break other things with this?10:15
luke--_ceasarwashere: what's your problem?10:15
ceasarwasherei found a usb10:15
ceasarwashereand gave to my friend10:15
ceasarwasherehe is good in electronics10:15
ceasarwashereand he returned me with a number and i dont know what it is10:16
malin_Hello, i recently installed ubuntu 11.10 on my compaq laptop with amd athlon qi-46. I can just see that one core is working, it has been alright with earlier versions of ubuntu10:16
ceasarwashereMESSAGE : 07 0B 04 11 4A 4C 06 4D 0C 16 1010:16
ceasarwasheredo u know what is it in message?10:16
lasers`Sony? .__.10:16
luke--_ceasarwashere: sorry no idea10:16
ceasarwasherek no probs10:17
ceasarwasheredo u know any channel10:17
ceasarwasherewhere people can discuss about10:17
ceasarwasherependrives and stuff?10:17
luke--_sry no, maybe #linux10:17
ceasarwasherek thnx10:17
ceasarwasherek luke do u know any thing about crytography?10:18
darrenlooby Having trouble in Apache removing trailing slashes in combination with sending all traffic to index.php - here's what I'm currently using... http://pastebin.com/RDUs3fqq10:18
malin_why can i just see one core working? ubuntu 11.10 compaq amd athlon qi-4610:18
luke--_darrenlooby: try #httpd10:19
darrenloobyluke--_, yea, no one is active there at the mo... so, thought I'd give it a pop in here10:19
malin_can someone give me directions of where to start searching for answers? i tried google but forcing acpi did not seem to to anything.10:20
luke--_darrenlooby RewriteRule works that way:      RewriteRule pattern redirect_target10:20
luke--_darrenlooby: your just wrote the patterns and wrote targets in diffrerent lines10:21
luke--_one line = one rewrite rule10:21
luke--_RewriteRule ^.*$ index.php [L]10:21
luke--_^ everything goes to index.php10:22
darrenloobykk - and will that work with removing trailing slashes at the same time?10:22
luke--_darrenlooby: you can write something like this: RewriteRule ^(.*)/$ $1 [L] BUT the browser always displays a / at the end of the url, only the internal / will be removed, it will still be in the addressbar though10:24
TheDexter1111can anyone help, I just installed nvidia-current and when i reboot, i cant startx.. it says failed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist)10:24
vicivaciHi, I'm running a Ubuntu 11.04 x64 template Would you say its viable to upgrade to the newest build that gets prompted on boot?10:25
TheDexter1111and No drivers available10:25
darrenloobyAhh ok... so, then maybe I need to force them instead... I basically want it to be consistent10:26
OldManMagnushi. anyone got any idea how to change the nautilus right click menu to get the "open with" option back?10:26
OldManMagnus(on 12.04)10:26
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PatrunjelHi. I had an ext2 (if I remember right) formatted flash drive with arch, spectacularly fail to install it decently, and I now wanna go back to Ubuntu. I only have access to a Windows box (it's not mine, I promise :P), so I made a bootable pendrive using Universal Usb installer, but when I try to boot it (in an Acer Aspire one), I only get " SYSLINUX 4.05 EDD 2011-12-09 Copywright (C) 1994-2011 H. Peter Anvin et al" and a bliping line (like it got stuck10:29
Patrunjel in an infinite loop) What should I do?10:29
RawProduceon 10.04: /etc/apt/sources.list contains "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu lucid partner", apt-get update -> OK, apt-get install sun-java6-jre --> "Package sun-java6-jre is not available, but is referred to by another package"10:31
RawProducewhat am I doing wrong?10:32
JustMozzyhi guys. I have just restarted after receiving some updates. I am on a 11.10 machine with gnome shell and there is now a menu bar (like from a window) right under my top panel and I can't seem to remove it. did this happen to someone else?10:32
TheDexter1111can anyone tell me what the default vga drivers are so I can edit my xorg.conf ?10:33
marryhow to install bitcoin in ubuntu10:34
=== Shadows` is now known as SoulShadow
RicoHow i can change my nick color?10:35
kaspihey guys :)10:36
TheDexter1111whats the default vga module?10:36
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
TheDexter1111k, fuck it, fresh install it is10:37
oCeanTheDexter1111: control your language here, please10:37
kaspiAlsa doesn't want to mix sounds from more than 1 app at a time... What to do?10:37
kaspisaying: snd_pcm_open failed: Device or resource is already in use.10:38
marry    apt-get install qt4-qmake libqt4-dev build-essential libboost-dev libboost-system-dev \10:38
marry        libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-program-options-dev libboost-thread-dev \10:38
marry        libssl-dev libdb4.8++-dev10:38
marrythen execute the following:10:38
marry    qmake10:38
FloodBot1marry: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:38
marry    make10:38
oCeanmarry: stop that10:39
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RicoI use Xubuntu, how i can install skype?10:39
=== RJC|away is now known as RandyJC
oCean!afk > RandyJC10:40
ubottuRandyJC, please see my private message10:40
RandyJCi will turn it off for this server :)10:41
RicoSomeone can answer me?10:41
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga10:41
MyrttiRico: the same way you'd install it for Ubuntu10:41
Ricoyeah, thanks.10:41
kaspiAlsa doesn't want to mix sounds from more than 1 app at a time... what to do? :)10:43
CharminTheMooseCan someone explain to me why 'gksu -u root xedit' complains about a wrong password even when I set both user and root passwords the same?10:48
=== fork is now known as forkup
kaspiAlsa doesn't want to mix sounds from more than 1 app at a time... what to do? :)10:51
bluedeepbe yourself no matter what they say :D10:52
JustMozzyOk I tracked it down. it seems that nautilus is keeping its menu bar always under the top panel in my ubuntu 11.10 with gnome shell. Anyone has an idea why that is? restarting nautilus doesn't fix it. calling nautilus -q removes it but as soon as I open nautilus again it appears10:52
robin0800kaspi: use pulse audio thats what its for10:52
kaspirobin0800: um... how?10:53
ndkellyLooking for an all round Temperature sensor monitor (hdd, gpu etc), any suggestions?10:53
robin0800kaspi: start by installing pulse audio components volume control etc10:54
chown_where do linux ppl usually mount shared disks? /media/share or /mnt ?10:56
chown_i see that i have to spend a little time studing the filesystem10:56
=== kfr is now known as digital-chaos
kaspirobin0800: and then? :)10:58
DaniG2kguys how can I remove unity in 12.04 and install xfce?11:01
oCeanDaniG2k: Precise/12.04 is not yet released (still alpha). Please /join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion11:02
robin0800kaspi: open the volume control and play with it note you may still have to enable stuff in alsa mixer as pulse audio sits on top of it11:03
ApolloHello,every one.11:05
chown_so i want to search for something at a file, im doing this: man mount | grep -i uid;  is there a better way for doing that?11:07
MonkeyDustchown_  type man mount and then / to search in the manual11:08
chown_oh, i didnt know that, thank you so much MonkeyDust.11:08
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brun0l3zHello People this is my first successful connection to an IRC channel calls for celebrations?11:12
oCeanbrun0l3z: maybe! Type /join #ubuntu-offtopic for chat. This is technical support channel..11:12
brun0l3zThanks oCean11:13
Ebron_where is the shortcut key file?11:13
CharminTheMooseCan someone explain to me why 'gksu -u root xedit' complains about a wrong password even when I set both user and root passwords the same?11:21
viktor133any idea what i need to do to get espeak working?11:24
LjLviktor133: i don't know, haven't been able to make it speak, but you can always make it produce a (temporary) wav file and then play that using a console tool11:24
MyrttiCharminTheMoose: well if you've enabled root account you're pretty much on your own. Root account isn't, as you know, supported as it is very very likely to break things in ways you've described.11:25
crackerjackzi'm using ubuntu 11.10 32 bit i'm having some problems with my graphics card i can't seem to get composite or open gl working correctly. i noticed the problem when i was unable to get compiz fusion working11:25
crackerjackzi have an nvidia geforce 7300 le11:26
crackerjackzi tried various drivers that jockey detected but none of them seem to work11:26
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Ebron_Since dist-upgrade mod4+T opens trash. I want it to open a terminal, but the trash does not show under keyboard shortcuts in system settings. Anyone know where this settings is specified?11:30
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=== shadowh511 is now known as shadowphile
CharminTheMooseCan someone explain to me why 'gksu -u root xedit' complains about a wrong password even when I set both user and root passwords the same?11:33
=== shadowphile is now known as shadowh511
dr3mropreload with ubuntu 11.10 does it work well ?11:34
lahwranhi, anyone here use dockbarx? I would like to make a specific window always have it's own entry and icon on the bar, even though it's an instance of an application I have open - specifically, I have a task shortcut for gmail tasks set up with chrome, so the tasks window is a chrome-owned window titled "Tasks", with its own icon. I'd like that window to have it's own entry on the bar so that I don't have to hover over the chrome icon to get to it.11:35
san_banshee player hangs not working play button please help11:37
san_system is up to date 11.10 also installed restricted extras still banshee works sometimes only added songs in play que still not effect please help any solution for banshee?11:38
theadminEbron_: Some nautilus thing maybe11:39
CharminTheMooseCan someone explain to me why 'gksu -u root xedit' complains about a wrong password even when I set both user and root passwords the same?11:41
oCeanCharminTheMoose: didn't Myrtti just answer you?11:42
CharminTheMooseOops, I missed that.11:42
theadmin!rootpw | CharminTheMoose11:42
theadminBah, I forgot the factoid11:42
MimosakaRyoucan i start rdp service on a remote win machine?11:42
CharminTheMooseAnd yes, I am familar with the !root factoid. ;)11:43
theadminCharminTheMoose: Ubuntu doesn't officially support setting the root password. If you do that, you're no longer eglible to receive support from this channel, Ubuntu forums, etc.11:43
oCeanCharminTheMoose: enabling root password is not supported and may cause all kinds of issues. Besides that, try gksudo, and don't use the -u root11:43
theadminCharminTheMoose: And yeah, use sudo/gksudo. They make much more sense than plain su alternatives of theirs.11:43
MimosakaRyouhelloo everyone . can i start rdp service on a remote win machine?11:44
theadminMimosakaRyou: Windows support is in ##windows , not here11:45
CharminTheMooseWell yes, but this breaks gksu as it uses su authentication mode by default which is broken.11:45
CharminTheMooseSo how can I change gksu to use sudo?11:45
oCeanCharminTheMoose: gksudo xedit11:45
theadminCharminTheMoose: Use gksudo. Or open "gksu-properties" and tell it to use sudo through that. That way, both gksu and gksudo will act the same11:45
MimosakaRyoui mean from my machine11:46
CharminTheMoosetheadmin, hmm yeah, I tried using gksu-properties, but the settings aren't saved on a dbusless chroot of 11.04. :/11:46
theadminMimosakaRyou: This is still a Windows issue. I don't honestly thing it's possible unless you have some other means of accessing the desktop remotely11:46
MimosakaRyoui see i see11:47
theadminCharminTheMoose: Ouch... Using desktop environments without dbus is generally a bad idea11:47
lahwranso uh, anyone on the dockbarx thing?11:47
lahwranI can re-say the question if necessary, but it was quite long11:48
lahwranmeh, I guess I'll ask in a few hours when the US wakes up11:48
theadminlahwran: Have some patience (might need to wait several minutes, even hours before you get an answer. Repeating the question every 15 minutes or so is okay), and try asking the forums while you wait11:48
CharminTheMoosetheadmin, it's not a full blown DE, just that stuff like gksu which AptUrl uses is by default in, ah, 'su' mode. *cough*11:48
theadminCharminTheMoose: That's weird, since if I recall right, gksu by *default* actually uses the sudo mode in Ubuntu, but then again it might act strangely because of lack of dbus11:49
simonskyhi, my wlan is instable under ubuntu 11.10 (10-30s lags every 5-10min). i'm using Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or AGN. i already disabled the wlan-n-modus. no improvement. any suggestions?11:50
Ebron_theadmin: it was unity :) a fix can be found here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/21934/how-to-change-the-binding-of-windows-key-which-runs-unitys-dash11:50
theadminEbron_: Ah, hm, okay11:50
chmacHow can I tell why a package was installed? As in, was it installed as a dependency of something else, or installed manually?11:50
chmacFrom the command line btw, not in synaptic / software-centre.11:51
CharminTheMoosetheadmin, would it be possible for me to temporarily set up dbus inside the chroot from the host system?11:51
* CharminTheMoose is using the chroot for building a livecd11:52
theadminCharminTheMoose: Probably, I'm not into chroots, sorry about that. But basically "apt-get install dbus" in it, start the dbus daemon and that should be about it11:52
slinzexError when installing NVIDIA driver. Log of jockey.log ==>http://pastebin.com/qeKzvdij11:52
slinzexhelp me please11:52
MimosakaRyouim trying to connect to a win machine with remote desktop , but it always say connection closed11:53
MimosakaRyouthe win machine has remote desktop already enabled11:54
theadminMimosakaRyou: Have you considered using a simplier remote control solution, such as TeamViewer? Also, if I recall right, the default Ubuntu's remote desktop tool uses VNC, not RDP11:55
MonkeyDustrdesktop is a very simple and easy to use remote desktop app11:56
Dr_willisive only used vnc and teamviewer. :) been trying splashtop.  but cen never get it to work over the internet. local lan works.11:57
MimosakaRyouvnc is relatively slow compared to rdp , dat's why i tried rdp first. i'll get back to u theadmin11:57
Dr_willisfreenx is faster then vnc  - but ive had mixxed results with it.11:57
edwinkcwhello, I have a problem about ntp, I use "sudo ntpdate stdtime.gov.hk" to get the updatest date and time, but I found that it is wrong. What is the possible reason?11:58
edwinkcw$  sudo ntpdate stdtime.gov.hk11:58
edwinkcw25 Feb 05:57:36 ntpdate[4692]: step time server offset -50407.500386 sec11:58
edwinkcwI just execute it, it the result is not correct11:58
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CharminTheMooseActually, can someone explain to me *why* gksu -u root xedit fails if the root password is set? What's blocking it?11:58
chown_guys cifs and smb is the same thing?11:59
theadminchown_: Pretty much11:59
MonkeyDustcifs is also used for NFS11:59
theadminCharminTheMoose: I think gksu as well as gksudo relies heavily on dbus to perform the authorisation, so if you don't have that it will fail... It's just a wild guess, but something makes me think that's the case.12:00
=== srini is now known as sai
CharminTheMoosetheadmin, well, I was trying this out from the chroot-as-livecd, which starts up dbus and such.12:01
theadminCharminTheMoose: Ah, then sorry, no idea.12:02
CharminTheMooseThanks anyway. :)12:03
bazhangsai, why paste that here12:03
theadminCharminTheMoose: Have you tried runing gksu with --sudo-mode and/or --debug? Might help...12:04
chown_well i have an network hd, i believe it is called a NAS, and it has some mount points. At a macosx i was used to smb://ip/mountpoint and it would mount how do i do that in ubuntu? am i in the right way? mount.cifs?12:04
saibazhang, then where to paste?12:04
bazhangsai, this is ubuntu support, this is not the place for random things like that12:04
wilyanybody familar with qtsixa (ps3 contoller support)?12:04
theadminsai: This has nothing to do with Ubuntu, so it's unrelated. Don't spam here.12:04
MonkeyDust!info qtsixa12:05
ubottuPackage qtsixa does not exist in oneiric12:05
theadminchown_: Sure, cifs or smbfs are what you are looking for, actually I think Nautilus and most other filemanagers would eat smb:// URLs too12:05
wily!info qtsixa12:06
ubottuPackage qtsixa does not exist in oneiric12:06
Dr_willischown_,  the gnome file manager, supports the smb:// type path. or use the various command line tools to mount things.12:06
chown_theadmin: i love u!!! u saved mylife man!!!12:06
theadminchown_: Um... okay? lol12:06
MonkeyDust"man" :)12:07
theadminHeh... well I'm used to that >.>12:07
saitheadmin, is there any place to do?any channels?12:07
chown_im sorry for my excitment12:07
bazhang!ot | sai12:07
ubottusai: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:07
nano-https://lists.launchpad.net/unity-design/msg08084.html THANKS FOR THE LAUGH! <3<3<3<3<3<3<312:07
chown_ok, but ill keep searching for the command line for that, cuz i need it to mount those things at the login12:07
theadminsai: #defocus and #ubuntu-offtopic are suitable for general discussion (might be more channels, but those are the ones that come to mind right away)12:08
theadminchown_: Mount it via fstab maybe? Might be the better way12:08
chown_theadmin: ty, ill search it, im a completly newbie at linux but ill search hard on it, ty again12:09
bazhangnano-, thats not appropriate for here12:09
MimosakaRyouaww shit teamviewer returned a reason unknown error12:09
nano-bazhang: It's not appropriate anywhere :D12:10
bazhangnano-, so dont paste it here12:11
nano-But funny :)12:11
nano-So thanks, and bye :)12:11
djbennydoes anyone know where i can get the last produced native Picasa software from? i tried searching for a mirror12:11
theadminchown_: echo "//ip/sharename /path/to/directory/where/you/want/to/mount/it cifs username=USER,password=YOUR_PASSWORD,_netdev 0 0" | sudo tee -a /etc/fstab # Run this, it will allow you to mount the share automatically at boot. But, be sure to edit it so that it corresponds to your share12:11
MimosakaRyouok teamviewer returns a reason unknown error , and the win machine that im connecting to is definitely up. what could be wrong12:18
sanjeev90anhow can i edit mbr to change the location of boot partition?12:19
Dr_willisMimosakaRyou,  first guess.. windows firewall.12:19
arandsanjeev90an: Simply re-run "grub-install"12:19
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)12:20
chown_theadmin: i cant thank u enough12:20
theadminchown_: lol don't worry, it's okay12:20
sanjeev90anarand; ok thanks12:21
mdsnhi, guys, im trying to set up my grub, to have windows and ubunto choise on startup,. i was holding shift to call it up, but i saw just some picture with vertical stripes and some writing, and fater it was back in ubuntu, pls help12:22
sahil_how is mysql different in ubuntu and windows12:22
Dr_willismdsn,  you may want to set it where grub does not hide. and a longer timeout/delay in the configs to make it easier to select what os.12:23
Dr_willissahil_,  thats a bit vague. they should be the same I imagine..12:23
LjLsahil_: probably a question better suited for #Mysql12:23
CharminTheMooseIs gksu in su mode supposed to be broken? Deleting the previously set root password to the ubuntu default rightly so makes gksu fail.12:23
mdsnso how do i do it, can it be done from gnome lvl, to setup all grub options?12:24
sahil_LjL, thnx...what is the channel for winehq12:24
oCeanCharminTheMoose: once more, enabling/using root password is *not* supported12:24
LjLshaatar: #winehq12:24
LjLsahil_: ^12:24
Dr_willis!grub2 | mdsn12:24
ubottumdsn: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)12:24
raptor67682hello how to join electrical switch on wall and USB that simuluatae press a key12:24
CharminTheMooseoCean, I know, I've now 'disabled' the root account with 'passwd -dl root'12:25
oCeanCharminTheMoose: so, don't use su and gksu again12:25
somethinginteresdoes anyone know how to execute in terminal "ffmpeg -i filename.flv -vcodec copy -acodec copy filename.mkv" for all files in a given folder?12:25
mdsndidnt lose it, i just want to have option starting windows also, and now just ubuntu startst automaticly12:25
Dr_willismdsn,  'for more information .......'  read the url?12:26
Dr_willisnormally if you have windows and linux. grub does not set iteself to autohide.12:26
Dr_williscould be update-grub is not seeing windows12:26
CharminTheMoose'cept my problem remains, by default gksu uses su mode, applications such as 'AptUrl' for downloading stuff from firefox use gksu, and I can't change the gksu mode as there's no way to get dbus to run inside a chroot.12:26
Dr_williswhy are you doing all this chroot stuff anyway? ive totally missed the reason12:27
LjLsomethinginteres: for file in *; do ffmpeg -i "$file" -vcodec copy -acodec copy "$file".mkv; done12:28
theadminDr_willis: (s)he's building a livecd12:28
LjLsomethinginteres: although that will result in filename.flv.mkv outputs12:28
phpn00bhow to switch to Oracle java?12:29
LjL!java > phpn00b12:29
ubottuphpn00b, please see my private message12:29
CharminTheMoose'tis an awesome learning experience for me. ;)12:29
somethinginteresLjL: certainly better than nothing. Thanks.12:29
theadminLjL: Well, then use ${$file/\.flv/\.mkv} instead of $file ?12:29
sanjeev90anhow i change default startup services in ubuntu 10.04 and add my custom programs there so that those program can start during boot time?12:30
phpn00bLjL, should I get Oracle Java 7 or 6?12:30
Dr_willis!upstart | sanjeev90an12:30
ubottusanjeev90an: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/12:30
Dr_willissanjeev90an,  dependng on what your progerams are doing. You could launch them from /etc/rc.local12:31
LjLphpn00b: that's up to you, i'd get 7 but it's possible you need to run stuff that requires specifically 612:31
somethinginterestheadmin: will try that cheers12:31
theadminsomethinginteres: Try what? lol12:31
phpn00bLjL, is version 7 faster/better?12:32
phpn00bLjL, I need to run Eclipse12:32
LjLphpn00b: i wouldn't know about faster/better12:32
somethinginterestheadmin: the "${$file/\.flv/\.mkv" in place of $file :)12:34
theadminsomethinginteres: Ah that... Obviously place that in the output place, not in the input :D12:34
somethinginterestheadmin: roger that12:34
chown_theadmin: if i put my Nas in my filesystem table, and when my Linux boot my Nas is down, it would be a problem, or it would be handled?12:35
=== [[__]] is now known as [AJS]
theadminchown_: I think it should be okay. Well I mean, it will throw an error at boot time for sure, but it won't stop it from booting or somesuch12:36
chown_Ok ty, i know its stupid asking it, but i know nothing as i said. Ty.12:37
sanjeev90anDr_willis: if i want to stop sshd, telnetd from starting during boot time what should i do ?12:37
markus__hi there, I'm planning to install ubuntu and want to go for 12.04.. If I install the alpha, is it possible to update to the final version or would I have to reinstall?12:38
Dr_willissanjeev90an,  rename the /etc/init/servicenameyouwant.conf to  whatever.dontrun is one way i recall.12:38
bazhang!final | markus__12:38
ubottumarkus__: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Precise and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 12.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.12:38
Dr_willisfor telnet ;) best to just uninstall it and forget it exists...12:38
theadminmarkus__: It will be possible to upgrade, but it's unstable, can be broken etc. Also, it's not supported here, use #ubuntu+1 for Precise support.12:38
markus__alright, thank you guys12:39
markus__one silly question remains, on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ do I have to choose AMD64 ISO for my intel core 2 duo processor if I want to install 64bit version?12:40
cemallettinis there somebody who use adblock plus or adblock with chromium based any browser?12:40
Dr_willisamd64 is the 64bit version yes..12:40
mongysanjeev90an,  sudo update-rc.d -f sshd remove  I think should work.12:40
markus__okay, _amd_ confuses me12:40
Dr_willismongy,  im not sure if that command has been updated to work with Upstart12:41
Dr_willismarkus__,  amd came out with the 64bit extensions first. :) so they got the name.12:41
markus__fair enough :)12:41
somethinginterestheadmin: that command didn't seem to work. I pressed enter and it just went to a new line with ">" at the beginning like a prompt..12:41
theadminsomethinginteres: You sure you pasted it right? There's a ${$file/\.flv/\.mkv}, watch out for the closing brace12:42
Dr_willissomethinginteres,  you got some extra quote marks or somthing in the line would be my guess.12:42
bazhangR4ndZ, ubuntu support question?12:42
somethinginteresDr_willis, theadmin: hmm let me check12:42
R4ndZbazhang: no12:43
mongyDr_willis, ah.. ok.12:43
Dr_willis> is the 'continue entering more info' prompt. (for lack of better terms) :)12:43
R4ndZ ${$file/\.flv/\.mkv} !=  ${file/\.flv/\.mkv}12:43
santoshmukinstead of video i want make the dvd of software with menus , sub-menu and with great background thumnails !12:43
Dr_willissantoshmuk,  i use devede to create dvd video disks with menus and stuff.12:44
theadminDr_willis: The better term is $PS2 :P What'd describe it is "the command is not finished. FINISH IT!"12:44
somethinginterestheadmin: was missing the closing brace but this time I got "bash: ${$file/\.flv/\.mkv}: bad substitution"12:44
Dr_willistheadmin,  what does my Sony Playstation 2 have to do with it?  ;)12:44
R4ndZsomethinginteres: use ${file/\.flv/\.mkv}12:44
theadminDr_willis: You know $PS1 is the main prompt? $PS2 is the secondary prompt12:44
santoshmukbut i want to do same for application !12:44
Dr_willistheadmin,  the bash prompt howto ;) is so much fun to read.12:45
theadminDr_willis: Except when you use ZSh. Like me ;D12:45
Dr_willis!info fish12:45
ubottufish (source: fish): a friendly interactive shell. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.23.1-2 (oneiric), package size 786 kB, installed size 3840 kB12:45
dtfHi! Does anyone know how to enable Video Chat withi Pidgin ? I've just installed Pidgin. And, my webcam works with Cheese etc.12:45
Dr_willisI was using fish for a while. :) had some neat features.12:45
theadminDr_willis: Tried that, meh, didn't quite like it12:45
theadmindtf: Pidgin does videochat ONLY on XMPP/Jabber/Gtalk. No other protocols are supported for that yet12:46
zoraelTabs take ages to load in all browsers (Chromium, Firefox tested), even when I run a local caching dns. Even when they seem finished (page rendered) they're still loading, and other tabs won't start until enough of the first batch have finished. What could cause this?12:46
dtftheadmin: so, does that mean i have to get XMPP in addition to pidgin?12:46
dabbuI have asus a43s system, touchpad stops working sometime and the only solution is to restart the system, any help ?12:47
theadmindtf: XMPP is a protocol, not a program or anything... you'd need to get an XMPP account I guess...12:47
somethinginteresR4ndZ: that worked. Thanks.12:47
R4ndZsomethinginteres: np12:47
zoraeldabbu: When it stops working, try entering 'sudo modprobe -r psmouse && sudo modprobe psmouse resetafter=10' in a terminal12:48
dtftheadmin: i'll check that right nw12:48
theadmindtf: Or just get a client which supports video chats on your network. You know, having every friend of yours switch to XMPP can be hard.12:48
dabbuzorael any permanent solution12:49
makarai need to organise photos on my iPhone into albums using Ubuntu. Is possible?12:49
dtftheadmin: so, this mean that my friend (on Windows machine using MSN Live Messenger) will not be able to video chat with me?12:49
theadmindtf: Not with Pidgin, yes. Try amsn, it does video chats on MSN12:50
BlueWolfIs this code correct?   ~/Downloads$ md5sum "linuxmint-12-gnome-cd-nocodecs-64bit.iso"12:50
JustMozzyhey. did anyone successfully install Wunderlist on 11.1?12:50
theadminBlueWolf: Looks right to me heh12:51
BlueWolftheadmin: Then could you explain to me why it is not working in my terminal? This is the error  -  bash: /home/byron/Downloads$: No such file or directory12:52
theadminBlueWolf: You're not supposed to type the "~/Downloads$" part...12:52
theadminBlueWolf: It's meant to represent your prompt12:52
zoraeldabbu: If it works, create a file like '/etc/modprobe.d/touchpad-fix.conf' with the contents 'options psmouse resetafter=10'12:53
theadminBlueWolf: md5sum ~/Downloads/linuxmint-12-gnome-cd-nocodecs-64bit.iso # Try this12:53
dabbuzoreal :ok, i will have to wait till it stops working again :)12:53
malin_is it just me or is ubuntu getting slower and slower?12:54
BlueWolftheadmin: Oh ya It's been ages since I last did this.Can you verify this for me to see if my .iso is ok before I burn it? -  641e0ab8f746b82c36fc3f0bbca70dc712:55
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
theadminBlueWolf: This channel does not offer mint support... But yes, this looks right.12:56
theadminBlueWolf: Hint: if you use the torrent downloads, you don't have to check the files, because your torrent client will handle that for you ;)12:56
BlueWolftheadmin: I have forgotten how to do that too. Ok thanks for your help hey. It's not really Mint help as I am asking Ubuntu questions, but ya will do..... :D12:57
malin_how come i can only see one core in ubuntu? i tried acpi=off acpi=force noapic nolapic and even installed mainland kernels 3.3 and 3.2 but nothing works12:57
theadminBlueWolf: Meh you asked me the right checksum of the MINT iso, how is that an Ubuntu question xD12:57
santoshmukwhich is better backtrack or ubuntu ?12:58
theadminsantoshmuk: That's a silly question. Backtrack is intended for security testing. Ubuntu is intended for regular desktop use.12:58
santoshmukand that is why i donot understand backtrack is at top ranking ?12:59
BlueWolftheadmin: ha ha, It's an iso in Ubuntu.. So I just download the torrent from the same page right?  I actually needed to download it through firefox because my internet is very slow and I need downloaded quite fast. :D13:00
theadminsantoshmuk: *sigh* They're intended for different purposes. Which is better - an apple or a shovel? :/13:01
anonisnaasa shovel, hands down13:01
santoshmuki donot know u tell  me which is better window or ubuntu ?13:02
BlueWolftheadmin: Hey thanks for the help. :D13:02
theadminsantoshmuk: *sigh* you keep asking the same thing, it's got NO ANSWER, there's no "better" when you compare entirely different things. Also, this is not a support question and is therefore highly offtopic13:02
theadminBlueWolf: No problem.13:03
moestheadmin, Updated to Firefox-10.0.2..canonical-1.0 using synaptic...now firefox will crash when I try to open yahoo.games ??13:03
theadminmoes: I don't even use Firefox, why you ask me? lol13:04
BlueWolftheadmin: Oh ya by the way, I am going to use Brasero to burn the operating system, what speed should I burn it at, 4.0?13:04
theadminBlueWolf: The lowest you can is good practice13:04
moestheadmin, On a chance you might help ..but thanks anyway13:04
malin_ONE core issue on ubuntu, is there anyone who can help?!13:04
santoshmukok then plz tell me how i can make a dvd of application ?13:04
theadminsantoshmuk: This doesn't make sense... Just burn it as data...13:05
soreau! ask | malin_13:05
theadminmalin_: Just ask the question first.13:05
ubottumalin_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:05
santoshmukno i want to run it on window but it should work like dvd styler so that it can look preety to install !13:06
anonisnaas<<malin_>> how come i can only see one core in ubuntu? i tried acpi=off acpi=force noapic nolapic and even installed mainland kernels 3.3 and 3.2 but nothing works13:07
theadminsantoshmuk: You need to write an installer then. And if you want to run it on Windows, it's got nothing to do with Ubuntu.13:07
malin_thank you anonisnaas13:07
anonisnaasno probs malin_ , hope someone can help.13:08
BlueWolftheadmin: The lowest is 8.0*(CD) - Burning speed. It is the slowest right? I can believe I have forgotten the simple things....13:08
santoshmukbut i want to sell the application of window by making dvd  and earn some money !13:08
theadminBlueWolf: Well it doesn't *really* matter, just burn it at the lowest you find13:09
malin_santoshmuk: what are you trying to accomplish?13:09
anonisnaasBlueWolf, you will find the lowest speed in the brasero options.13:09
BlueWolftheadmin: OK thanks Man!!!! :D13:09
arandmalin_: As per https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=797335#p797335    "pci=nommconf might be worth testing as well...13:09
theadminBlueWolf: "man" doesn't apply to me, but whatever. No problem.13:10
malin_arand: i will try that one also13:10
santoshmuki mean to say that i will download essential appliction of window and  sell it to my friend and whoever need it !13:10
soreausantoshmuk: Selling pirated software is not a way to 'earn' money13:11
theadminsantoshmuk: You know that's illegal right -_-13:11
BlueWolftheadmin: :-( Figure of speech. Thanks any way.13:11
chown_lemme say i have a few comands i would like to execute at the login time, how would i separate those commands at a text file?13:11
santoshmukso plz tell me how i can write installer !13:11
LjLsantoshmuk: can you please stick to Ubuntu support, not other stuff?13:11
soreau! illegal | santoshmuk13:11
ubottusantoshmuk: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o13:11
ggggotttoare there popular apps that windows can run but ubuntu?13:11
dtftheadmin: did you get yours working?13:12
santoshmukbut i want to sell which are open source and freeware !13:12
santoshmukand that is not a piracy !13:12
LjLsantoshmuk: still not ontopic for this channel. have you tried #ubuntu-offtopic?13:12
soreauggggottto: That's irrelevant to ubuntu. Try #windows13:12
phpn00bhow do I remove Videos from Places/Favoriets13:12
soreausantoshmuk: Why would you sell someone else's work? Also, how does this have anything to do with ubuntu?13:13
nullucashi, most pdf ebooks around have menus and they have real text instead of text in images. How do people do them? Some kind of OCR software? I heard OCR often causes formatting problems and errors, but these books don't seem to have any problems at all. Can this be done in ubuntu? Thanks13:13
santoshmukno bro u had asked me what to do and i had share my view !13:14
theadminchown_: This is the basic idea of a script: http://goo.gl/2KLtQ13:14
LjLnullucas: maybe they're just released as PDF from the publisher?13:14
zteamHi all13:14
soreauphpn00b: Click on Videos, and when it opens nautilus, right click on Videos in the left pane and select Remove13:14
zteamDoes anybody know how hard it is to access a encrypted LVM volume from a LiveCD provided one knows the password13:15
phpn00bsordina, the remove option is greyed out13:15
ansajaviaggio nell'isola misteriosa13:15
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:15
chown_theadmin: if i run a command line that has a sudo statement at the login time, it will execute wo promt? or should i somehow input the password at the script?13:15
zteamI consider to do a LVM-encryption but I wanna know how hard it is to recover my system in case it crash if it is encrypted13:16
theadminchown_: You can't really do that, except authorizing sudo to run that command without password13:16
santoshmukwould any body help me to make a installer ?13:16
dtfchown_: after the first time you've done sudo, the second onwards won't be prompting you for password13:16
soreauphpn00b: Something is wrong then13:17
dtfchown_: i believe it's only good for the session. meaning, if you close and reopen terminal, it iwll prompt you for password13:17
LjLsantoshmuk: not for Windows.13:17
nullucasLjL, maybe... I just got the impression that there are even old or rare books that are well formatted, which probably don't even exist as pdf for sale. I don't know... But if that's true, then I guess a good OCR software is the only way to go13:17
LjLnullucas: well, open-source OCR software around is not especially good13:17
santoshmukok bro !13:18
jailtonpierredo you use Lubuntu? Can you help me?13:21
phpn00bsoreau, nothing wrong with my system. it seems the list of folders in Places is hard coded :(13:22
soreauphpn00b: Which version of ubuntu?13:23
soreau! lubuntu | jailtonpierre13:23
ubottujailtonpierre: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.13:23
phpn00bsoreau, Ubuntu 11.10 + gnome shell13:24
soreauphpn00b: I'm not really sure about gnome313:25
jailtonpierreubottu: I'm trying it. Anyway thank's13:25
ubottujailtonpierre: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:25
phpn00bubottu, you are intelligent13:26
ubottuphpn00b: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:26
moes Updated to Firefox-10.0.2..canonical-1.0 using synaptic...now firefox will crash when I try to open yahoo.games ??13:26
sacarlsonchown_: there is an option that can be set in sudo for a user to not require a password in sudo13:27
chown_sacarlson:i see, well, i think its better i dont go this way, it would make my enviroment a lot less safe13:28
Sindikathi everyone! how to make ubuntu use .xinit.rc when started?13:28
=== muhammet_ is now known as tuapseli
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash13:29
ubottuGnash is an open-source Flash replacement. It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/13:30
sacarlsonchown_: true it will reduce security but at times in automated process I know  of no other solution.  this user doen't have to be the user you use as a desktop user13:30
ajnabicancerI'm having issue with resolution13:30
ajnabicancercan change it13:30
ajnabicancerany help13:31
chown_sacarlson: could 2 users be running at same time withous pause at the background user?13:31
sacarlsonchown_: yes13:31
=== dan__ is now known as Guest12427
lahwranhi, anyone here use dockbarx? I would like to make a specific window always have it's own entry and icon on the bar, even though it's an instance of an application I have open - specifically, I have a task shortcut for gmail tasks set up with chrome, so the tasks window is a chrome-owned window titled "Tasks", with its own icon. I'd like that window to have it's own entry on the bar so that I don't have to hover over the chrome icon to get to it.13:32
cdjUnity's HUD is amazing13:32
cdjit's like Spotlight in OS X13:32
cdjlove it13:32
sacarlsonchown_: as with apache, it runs in the background as user www-data as you are something else on the desktop13:32
malin_how come i can only see one core in ubuntu? i tried acpi=off acpi=force noapic nolapic and even installed mainland kernels 3.3 and 3.2 but nothing works13:32
phpn00bmalin_, how do you determine how many cores there are?13:33
ajnabicancerZuCo: i was having resolution issue then i installed Nvidia drivers. after drivers installed display gone with message"signals out of rang". recently i recovered by selecting to load ubuntu in "failsafe graphic mode". now i am back to 1024x768. but i can't change resolution.13:33
cdjdoes anyone know if you can show the package version when doing apt-get install13:33
cdjlike apt-get install apache213:33
cdjI want it to show the actual version of it13:33
malin_phpn00b: in system overview, i dont know what its called in english :P13:34
bastidrazorcdj: apt-cache policy packagename13:34
lahwrancdj: apt-cache show apache213:34
phpn00bmalin_, also check /proc/cpuinfo13:34
malin_phpn00b: where you see how many cores there are and how much % they are working13:34
=== ReTFEF is now known as TheTFEF
lahwranbastidrazor: how interesting13:34
malin_phpn00b: http://paste.ubuntu.com/856519/13:35
mongyphpn00b, htop is nice shell app also13:35
japrohow do i leave a ftp console session when the connection timed out?13:35
cdjbastidrazor, lahwran, that I'm aware of, I want something YUM style -- http://www.configureinstallsetup.com/files/yum_install_httpd/yum_install_httpd_1.PNG13:35
lahwranjapro: ctrl+d13:35
cdjsee how it lists httpd - i386 - 2.2.11-2.fc1013:36
japroi mean i can kill the ftp client externally13:36
monohedronhow to unpack an mzp file on ubuntu13:36
lahwranjapro: perhaps ctrl+c then - ctrl+d is "end of input", ctrl+c is "exit"13:36
japrobut that cant be the "proper" solution13:36
phpn00bmalin_, not sure what is wrong. mine display the 8 cores correctly :-)13:36
bastidrazorcdj: if you're using 32bit then its a 32bit .deb.. if you're using 64bit its 64 or it'll not it otherwise13:36
MonkeyDust8 cores *drool*13:36
japrowhen i type quit it just "waits" when i then ctrl-c it just goes back to the ftp prompt13:36
malin_phpn00b:  i had same problems with my desktop that had 8 cores, it did only display 113:37
lahwranjapro: how strange13:37
mongy4 real, 4 HT :)13:37
cdjbastidrazor, it's not about showing the arch13:37
japrowell i guess i'll continue with the kill solution13:37
lahwranbastidrazor: what does that have to do with his question?13:38
sacarlsonmonohedron: will your mzp file not open in nautilus?13:38
mrguserdon't have13:38
bastidrazorcdj: then i'm confused as to what you want.13:38
cdjdid you see the pic I provided?13:38
mrguserAlguem aqui é brasileiro?13:38
=== hybrid_ is now known as hybrid
japroHT performance boosts can be rather impressive for certain tasks13:38
bastidrazorcdj: yes.13:38
cdjbastidrazor, well, then you saw that it shows the version and among other things the arch and repo too13:38
monohedronsacarlson, nope nothing under linux seem to open them13:39
cdjubuntu only shows the package name, but nevermind I figured it out13:39
cdjapt-get -V install13:39
monohedroni wouldn't ask if i hadn't hased this already13:39
phpn00bwould ne nice ifi gnome3 has something similar to Desktop Folder in kde413:39
cdjwithout -V: The following NEW packages will be installed:  nginx nginx-common nginx-full; WITH -V: The following NEW packages will be installed:  nginx (1.1.14-1)13:40
cdjthat's what I wanted13:40
cdjthanks anyway :)13:40
mongyphpn00b, I'm sure there is a widget for screenlet or similar for that13:40
lahwrancdj: you're welcome anyway13:40
Segajahi, i'm trying to upgrade an ubuntu 11.10 system. but i get errors during the upgrade13:40
chown_like if i have to move a bunch of folders at the same time i have to do a mv /path1 /finalpath, i mean if the finalpath is the same could i pass a lot of arguments to be moved?13:40
=== magentar_ is now known as magentar
cdjnow where do I configure so that when I type in apt-get it automatically does apt-get -V13:41
cdjlike when "rewriting" commands such as sl to ls13:41
chown_cdj: .bashrc ?13:42
cdjterminal aliases13:42
bastidrazorcdj: .bashrc alias 'apt-get'='apt-get -V'13:43
=== CPhoenix_ is now known as CPhoenix
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
Segajahttp://pastie.org/private/k5ithz2hjmtctq623cnba << any ideas?13:44
ajnabicanceri was having resolution issue then i installed Nvidia drivers. after drivers installed display gone with message"signals out of rang". recently i recovered by selecting to load ubuntu in "failsafe graphic mode". now i am back to 1024x768. but i can't change resolution.13:48
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
ajnabicancerany help13:49
soreauajnabicancer: You probably aren't using the nvidia driver while in low graphics mode13:49
soreauajnabicancer: Why did you install old 175 driver not in ubuntu repos?13:49
ajnabicancersoreau: i am new to ubuntu. i did what i was told from this place.13:50
soreauajnabicancer: Well you should always use repo packages, especially when it comes to drivers13:50
wonderingwhy don't the icons on my new docky work.. They just bounce but will not open.13:51
ajnabicancersoreau: i don't know anything about commands and packages13:51
soreauajnabicancer: It's pretty easy to install the driver from repos after you install ubuntu.. you just use the graphical installer it prompts you13:52
bastidrazorwondering: ask the makers of your dock.13:52
ajnabicancersoreau: How to get that repos?13:53
wonderingbastidrazor Yeah, that was very helpful.  I googled it but didn't get any direction. Thanks for your help13:53
soreauajnabicancer: They're already included by default13:53
ajnabicancersoreau: i'm sorry but i didn't follow you. what should i do now?13:54
bastidrazorwondering: just pointing you in a more appropriate direction.13:54
Bert_2Hi, I'm having some sound issues in 11.10, my nforce audio isn't working, I checked some stuff online and strangely enough it's using the hda-intel kernel module for my audio, shouldn't I be using another kernel module ?13:55
soreauajnabicancer: Well you already installed the 175 version of the driver manually yes?13:55
wonderingI have no Idea who made this application.  Does anyone else have any ideas as to why my icons only bounce twice on my newly installed Docky station?  The icons won't open the appkications13:55
ajnabicancersoreau: let me tell, someone from here told me to check Xorg.0.log. i have copied this file in xp. can pastebin it.13:56
soreauajnabicancer: xorg.conf doesn't say much. /var/log/Xorg.0.log is much more useful13:56
ajnabicancersoreau: i am a newbie. don't have much command in linux.(ubuntu)13:57
ajnabicancersoreau: i can pastebin Xorg.0.log file.13:57
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JulianMuttrayso, can anybody help with with a tinsy problem I've been having?14:00
[AJS]where are the screensave settings in Unity?14:01
wonderingDocky help please. my icons only bounce twice on my newly installed Docky station?  The icons don't open the applications, they only bounce???14:01
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=== lasers` is now known as lusers
santubunhow to the driver of modem ?14:05
santubunsorry i mean to install !14:05
ajnabicancer_soreau: here's the LOG ---->http://www.mediafire.com/?6mf46ndy445lfjc14:07
rustygatesgood day all14:08
muesliis there an easy way to find out which recommended packages i'm currently missing? (e.g. all packages that are recommended by another already installed package)14:08
soreauajnabicancer_: You really have got to learn how to pastebin. I'm not downloading that file14:09
soreau! pastebin | ajnabicancer_14:09
ubottuajnabicancer_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:09
ajnabicancer_soreau: i tried and that didn't work for me, so i uploaded the file. no problem, i'll try again the pastebin14:10
muellisoftmuesli: Hm. there should be. I think Ubuntu has preset to automatically pull suggested (or recommended?) packages. So a plain aptitude install -f (or the like) might help you. Otherwise you might be able to find the setting to pull your desired suggestions then run aptitude.14:10
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
soreauajnabicancer_: yes it seems to be unusually large..14:10
ajnabicancer_soreau: trying......14:12
soreauajnabicancer_: In any event, my recommendation would be to get rid of whatever driver(s) you've installed and just install them using the jockey utility (graphical driver installer)14:12
tueckyIst es möglich cinnamon unter 11.04 zu installieren ?14:13
Muelli!de | tuecky14:13
ubottutuecky: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!14:13
ajnabicancer_Soreau: tell me how to do what you just defined.14:13
ajnabicancer_soreau: pastebin taking too long......14:14
ubuntu-guyWhat happened of Ubuntu 11.10? Everything changed and even to open "terminal" need to search..... OH!!!14:14
soreauajnabicancer_: I have no idea what you've done so far so I can't really say for your current install. The sure fire way is to install ubuntu fresh and then install the nvidia driver when prompted14:14
santubuncan anybody tell me how to install amd  audio , video ,motherboard driver ?14:15
jtannenbaumjapanese filenames/paths end up looking like this: http://i.imgur.com/65z98.png14:15
Muellisantubun: why would you do that? You usually don't need to do that14:15
hacked_kernelhow to set DNS server IPs like opendns for dnsmasq to resolve ?14:16
santubunwhat do u mean ?14:16
timmitWhy is https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/dev no more providing updates?14:16
ajnabicancer_soreau: How to get rid of Installed drivers, and then about utility (graphic driver installed)14:16
soreauajnabicancer_: You probably have to run the driver installer again and tell it to uninstall14:16
bencahillPici: ping14:17
s4ching nickerv identify sacisin14:17
LjL!identify | s4chin14:17
ubottus4chin: You can identify automatically by using your NickServ password as the server password in your IRC client. When identifying manually, do NOT send the command from a channel's tab, or a typo may give away your password. If that happened, type « /msg NickServ set password <new-password> » in the server tab as soon as possible.14:17
santubunis there any way to install it ?14:17
s4chinmsg nickserv identify sacisin14:17
bencahills4chin: you need to do /msg, not msg14:18
bencahills4chin: and change your password, since we all know it now :)14:18
s4chinmsg nickserv set password redhat14:18
s4chinDid :)14:18
s4chinlol Thanks14:18
bencahills4chin: put a / before msg14:18
timmitWhy is https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/dev no more providing updates? :/14:18
s4chinSeems my keyboard is getting dead14:21
ubuntu-guyHow can i find the terminal easily? ..... Main tool of linux should "TERMINAL" ...14:21
bencahillubuntu-guy: I think C-A-t14:22
ubuntu-guybencahill, Sorry?14:22
cdjopen it via dash, lock to launcher and later you could just super+# it14:22
bencahillubuntu-guy: Ctrl+Alt+t14:22
cdjor ctrl+alt+t as benca said14:23
ubuntu-guyoh yeah got it14:23
ubuntu-guythanks bencahill14:23
CharminTheMooseTurns out I can run 'gconftool-2 --type bool --set /apps/gksu/sudo-mode true' to set gksu to sudo mode on debootstrap ubuntu installs from inside a chroot.14:23
* mneptok slides theadmin some coffee and Percoset14:23
ubuntu-guyFirst time it made me confused14:24
theadminmneptok: ?...14:24
theadminmneptok: Why me?14:24
santubunmy update manager is not  working properly . how to fix it ?14:24
=== DaZ is now known as niedaz
Oersantubun, what is the error you get?14:25
=== niedaz is now known as DaZ
ajnabicancer_soreau: i have one more issue. i don't hear startup sound.14:26
soreauajnabicancer_: Does other sound work?14:26
HyperCowI can't use anything above Ubuntu 10.10. Does that make me a necrofile?14:30
santubunW:Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/oneiric-security/Release.gpg  Something wicked happened resolving 'security.ubuntu.com:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)14:30
santubun, E:Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.14:30
escottim trying to build against a vendor provided (not open source) C++ header that references iostream.h. What is the appropriate way to deal with this? Do I install lsb-build-base314:30
nihcasHi All14:31
Oersantubun, so you have troubles with wicca ?14:31
* Oer hates this alligation14:31
santubunwhat is that ?14:32
Oersantubun, i don't know, i think it is not a bug, just the old ones are used14:33
acid_ukafternoon all14:33
acid_ukhas anyone done LACP link aggrigation on ubuntu14:34
santubunhow to fix it ?14:34
acid_ukLACP connection is only getting maxed on accross one link ,14:34
acid_ukthere is two bonded 1gige links14:35
JP-sNLsantubun... sounds like a resolving problem... if it never happened before it might be DNS server problem... try again in an hour or so14:35
FCR2012I have a question,when the next ubuntu will come out14:36
JasonGriffeeI have a wireless card that suddenly stops using its wireless capabilities, what could cause this?14:36
theadminFCR2012: Ubuntu releases are April and October every year14:36
FCR2012Thanks theadmin14:37
santubun<FCR2012>  i.e  after six month  !14:37
dawciobielI need to run "fsck" and to do it i need to lunch system in "single user mode". But how to do it when i have no GRUB installeded? Do i need to install GRUB or there is another way to lunch single-user-mode?14:37
theadminFCR2012: That's where the version numbers come from, they're YY.MM14:37
runicfox@ FCR2012 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases14:37
FCR2012Ok then14:38
oCeanFCR2012: more accurately, it will be out when it's ready. Plans are april and october indeed14:38
HyperCowfcr: 26.04.201214:38
dawciobielIn my case LILO is not installeded as well14:38
ox3aperhaps 12.04 will be released on may14:38
FCR2012Ok thanks for the info14:38
HyperCowox3a: On may? It's been april, always.14:39
FCR2012So...I know to mount a c drive on DoSBox14:39
FCR2012In linux or windows14:39
theadmindawciobiel: If you don't have GRUB, you won't be able to use the system...14:39
theadmindawciobiel: Thus, you need a livecd if you *really* don't have GRUB14:39
santubuni heard that LTS is going to be for 5 year !14:39
oCeanHyperCow: incorrect. Release in '06 was in june14:39
dawciobielwell my system is already installed and runing14:39
FCR2012Man how a guy don't have GRUB?14:40
HyperCowoCean: Just one exeption :)14:40
dawciobielwhen i type: $lilo or $grub i got "The program 'lilo14:40
FCR2012Hey i know to mount a C drive on DosBox14:40
dawciobielwhen i type: $lilo or $grub i got "The program 'lilo' is not currently installed. Yu can install it by ..."14:40
oCeanHyperCow: as I said, it will be out when it's ready. It is just planned to be april. Might as well be may14:40
FCR2012But i have to go AFK for a minute14:40
ox3aHyperCow, oh yeah ... sorry14:40
dawciobielFCR2012: mate, i already got GRUB on another system. On this one i dont need it14:41
dawciobiel*another machine14:41
FCR2012dawciobiel: Oh14:41
CharminTheMooseWhat's the 'proper way' to su to another (not root) user?14:41
theadminCharminTheMoose: sudo -u username -i14:41
Ampelbeindawciobiel: Please pastebin the output of 'dpkg -l | grep grub' and 'apt-cache policy grub-pc-bin'14:41
theadminCharminTheMoose: Or, "su username". Well. That works fine for non-root14:41
dawciobielAmpelbein: well hart to do it, cuz 2nd PC is not connected to network right now14:42
dawciobielbut ok, i will try to copy some how those info14:42
[void]Hi,is there a pastebin.com application for Ubuntu too? found only one for unix...14:43
JasonGriffeewhy would a network card stop using it's wireless capabilities?14:43
=== Rodnn is now known as Hermann
Oer[void] pastebinit14:43
=== Hermann is now known as rodnn
malin_void: sudo apt-get install pastebinit14:43
ox3aPerhaps VLC is not in the repos ?14:47
ThatGuy|2Can anyone help me with virtualbox and ubuntu?14:48
ThatGuy|2Im trying to install aditional guest aditions, it says it is UNIX software and I click that it should install it with the autorun prompter14:48
ThatGuy|2then nothing happens14:48
ThatGuy|2shouldnt there be an installer popup or something?14:49
ThatGuy|2or is it working correctly?14:49
FCR2012Ubuntu,where you don't need antivirus14:49
FCR2012I don't use VirtualBox14:49
FCR2012I use DOSBOX for Dos games14:50
ubuntu-guyWhich is the good media player for 11.10 ... ? In 10.04 i used VLC but i don't find it in 11.1014:51
[AJS]vlc is in 11.1014:52
NahsiNGuest editions is installed if you can access the Auto resize option when booting up your virtual machine.14:52
BluesKajubuntu-guy,  make sure you have all your repositories enabled , including partners in your package manager14:52
soreau!info vlc14:53
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.12-2~oneiric1 (oneiric), package size 1375 kB, installed size 3516 kB14:53
soreauubuntu-guy: its in universe repo14:53
ubuntu-guyguys perhaps i am having some problem when "sudo apt-get update"14:53
ubuntu-guyIt show error: 404 not found14:54
FCR2012I was playing DOOM14:54
FCR2012Hell Yeah i was killing demons14:54
soreauubuntu-guy: Check what repos you have enabled14:54
danileigh79!offf-topic | FCR201214:54
danileigh79!off-topic | FCR201214:54
ubottuFCR2012: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:54
FCR2012I am just watching this chat14:55
pierserver irc.chlame.net14:55
ubuntu-guyFCR2012, 0_o14:55
wonderingIve spent hours on google and everything else I can think of....     Rythmbox icon only bounces on Docky but will not open??? Have tried removing, re drag and drop, logging out, restarting, activating in docky settings, nothing seems to start the app from the Docky bar... Can someone help me???14:55
FCR2012Because i know a bit of ubuntu14:55
danileigh79FCR2012: If you want to watch, then watch, but this is a support channel, don't bring up off-topic chat14:55
bazhangFCR2012, stop that please14:55
FCR2012Ubuntu has already an antivirus14:55
soreauwondering: Does rythmbox work when you start it normally?14:55
NahsiNThat Guy...if you downloaded the guest additions iso then you have to mount it in your virtual machine. That option is there in the virtual machine settings. After it's been mounted it becomes like a cd and then you can install guest additions from within your virtual machine.14:56
danileigh79soreau: What do you mean14:56
wonderingsoreau yes from the start menu way14:56
soreauwondering: Try running docky from a terminal then try starting docky and see if there is any interesting output14:56
junglist313Hello, what is that command that lets you identify what process is responsible for a given X window again? It's driving me crazy.14:57
wrmanwho can speak chinese14:57
wonderingsoreau Docky works fine.  Its the rhythmbox icon that doesn't work14:57
theadmin!cn | wrman14:57
ubottuwrman: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:57
BluesKajwondering,  or run rythmbox in the terminal and pastebin the error14:58
NahsiNDoes anyone know how I can suppress these log in log out notifications..... it's crazy!14:58
soreauwondering: I never said either was not true14:58
FCR2012Hey anyone needs help with dosbox?14:58
theadminjunglist313: xwininfo14:58
ChipzzzNahsiN: "/ignore * joins parts"14:58
junglist313theadmin: THANK YOU14:58
theadminjunglist313: np :D14:58
NahsiN "/ignore * joins parts"14:59
bazhangFCR2012, please stop it.14:59
FCR2012No one needs my help in DosBox14:59
hacked_kernelwhat is a good irc  bouncer?14:59
ChipzzzNahsiN: leave out the quotes... also, add "quits" to the list14:59
bazhangFCR2012, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here14:59
soreauNahsiN: without quotes14:59
FCR2012Meet me at the OffTopic15:00
theadminhacked_kernel: Try ZNC15:00
wonderingBluesKaj Rythmbox ran fine in term15:00
milen8204how can I flie transfer between two computers on linux ?15:00
hacked_kerneltheadmin, I tried it but can't get it working fine, and can't hide my IP15:01
Chipzzzmilen8204: rsync15:01
theadminhacked_kernel: Hm okay15:01
virtuapostaj #centos15:01
milen8204Chipzzz: what is this ?15:01
Chipzzzmilen8204: also scp15:01
BluesKajwondering,  what about the menu ..does it run from there ?15:01
milen8204is thouse a program?15:01
FCR2012I am in Off topic channel,if you need help at mounting c drives in DosBox meet me at #Ubuntu-offtopic15:02
hacked_kerneltheadmin, do you a vhost that hides IP that i can use in znc?15:02
Chipzzzmilen8204: they both do file transfers between different hosts... "man scp" and "man rsync" for info15:02
NahsiNOkay so I typed >>/ignore * joins parts quits15:02
milen8204ok thanks15:02
ichiro_Not quite ubuntu, but the debian channel is quiet.15:02
NahsiNand still nothing is happening.15:02
theadminFCR2012: Look, nobody needs help with that. If you know something there's no point in shoving it down everybody's throats >.>15:02
wonderingBluesKaj  Yes it runs fine from the menu and terminal ...  Just bounces in Docky15:02
NahsiNYes I did not put ">>"15:02
ichiro_I'm having issues with intel i810 on squeeze. I've done an i910.modeset=0 at boot to get the thing up and running but graphical performance is poor compared to etch and i get artefacts in some cases. Moving a window hammers the cpu. Don't have this issue on a 76Mhz pII :P15:02
ichiro_Any ideas?15:02
bazhangichiro_, #debian15:02
ChipzzzNahsiN: you should be all set :-)15:02
bazhangichiro_, debian is NOT supported here15:02
theadminhacked_kernel: No idea, I don't use znc myself15:02
theadminhacked_kernel: I just have a friend who uses it and says it's good15:03
ichiro_bazhang: Can you recommend a different channel that people actually use then?15:03
=== asier is now known as meju
bazhangichiro_, ##linux maybe or check alis15:03
BluesKajwondering,  well, I guess docky is the culprit15:03
bazhang!alis | ichiro_15:03
ubottuichiro_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*15:03
bencahillichiro_: debain has 1143 users o.015:03
ichiro_bazhang: Nobody talking for the past hour though. Thanks for the pointers though!15:04
soreauichiro_: #debian or possibly #intel-gfx15:04
wonderingBluesKaj   wait... I clicked on it again and terminal gave me a error.. I will pastebin it.15:04
Chipzzzichiro_: look here: http://irc.netsplit.de/channels/?net=freenode15:04
ichiro_Thanks guys.15:04
NahsiNChippz it's not working I am still getting joined quitting notification :(15:05
wonderingBluesKaj ok. I pastebined it..  How will you see it?15:05
BluesKajwondering,  post the pastebin url here15:05
NahsiNwhat stupid mistake I might be doing? :(15:05
bazhangNahsiN, what irc client15:05
NahsiNDoes it have it's own settings?15:06
bazhangNahsiN, perhaps ask in #quassel , I will check as well15:06
NahsiNOkay thanks.15:06
wonderingbLUESkAJ http://paste.ubuntu.com/856598/15:07
wonderingBluesKaj woops sorry        http://paste.ubuntu.com/856598/15:07
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:07
Hamedhi every  body i am trying to browse wired-internet from my laptop dell inspiron 6400 i couldn't but i am browse internet from wifi after i writed sudo mobprob b4315:07
NahsiNThanks guys I will check in quassel.15:08
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:08
simpson1897Hey Shonster!!!  Are you here? IT'S  Vladymyr!!!15:09
NahsiNAll I had to do is right click on the channel click on Hide and all the options were there :P Easier than I thought.15:09
wonderingBluesKaj    did you get it?15:10
ChipzzzHamed: b43 is a wireless driver... are you running a firewall?15:11
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:12
Hamedno firewall my wireless working but my wired don't15:12
=== eddie is now known as Guest21981
ChipzzzHamed: can you pastebin your ifconfig?15:14
Hamedhamed@hamed-MM061:~$ ifconfig15:15
Hamedlo        Link encap:Local Loopback15:15
Hamed          inet addr:  Mask:
Hamed          inet6 addr: ::1/128 Scope:Host15:15
Hamed          UP LOOPBACK RUNNING  MTU:16436  Metric:115:15
FloodBot1Hamed: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:15
Hamed          RX packets:366 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:015:15
Hamed          TX packets:366 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:015:15
Seveas!pastebin | Hamed15:15
ubottuHamed: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:15
FireboltHamed, in the future, use something like pastebin.ubuntu.com15:15
ss_i use the elementary theme, but i found there is something wrong with the address bar.15:16
ss_who can help me?15:16
Hamedok thank you15:16
bazhangss_ with what15:16
wonderingBluesKaj   are you still helping me?15:18
ChipzzzHamed: your eth0 is not setup15:18
Hamedhow can i setup eth0?15:19
ChipzzzHamed: do you have a desktop running or just terminal mode?15:19
klmmlkHamed, with ifconfig...15:20
Hamedi am using ubuntu unity 11.1015:20
sstaHamed: if you do "ifconfig -a" is eth0 listed?15:20
Hamed-a command not found15:21
sstaifconfig -a15:21
wonderingBluesKaj was helping me but I think he left or something because he is not responding   Can someone help me....  http://paste.ubuntu.com/856598/    Ive spent hours on google and everything else I can think of....     Rythmbox icon only bounces on Docky but will not open??? Have tried removing, re drag and drop, logging out, restarting, activating in docky settings, nothing seems to start the app from the Docky bar... Can someone help me15:21
Hamedifconfig-a: command not found15:22
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:22
bazhangHamed, theres a space15:22
bazhangPiratAsso91, stop that. there are no warez here15:22
ChipzzzHamed: right click on your wifi applet, edit connections, and add a wired connection... is easier than the command line method15:23
bazhangPiratAsso91, no file sharing here.15:23
ss_@bazhang ;)15:24
bazhangss_ whats the problem15:24
sk3ptic_1nehey folks, what the best ubuntu compatible laptop with the best battery life...maybe even as good as those apples batter lifes or comparable...I do heavy application development15:25
Hamedi will close to try chipzz solution15:25
ss_i can't describe it clearly.15:25
bazhangsk3ptic_1ne, check the hcl?15:25
wonderingIn Docky settings under helpers rhythmbox is showing as stopped???   How do I get it started again????\15:25
bazhang!hcl | sk3ptic_1ne15:25
ubottusk3ptic_1ne: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection15:25
ss_please click the link15:25
ubuntuare there every body from Poland?15:26
bazhangss_ did you contact the theme creator at deviant art? try another theme?15:27
bazhangubuntu,  #ubuntu-pl15:27
wonderingubuntu my girl is from Poland15:27
ubuntuPotrzebuję informacji na temat ubuntu a dokładnie instalacji15:27
bazhangwondering lets stay on topic please15:27
ss_bazhang, i haven't.15:27
wonderingbazhang  ubuntu asked!15:27
bazhangubuntu /join #ubuntu-pl   english here15:27
sk3ptic_1nebazhang, thanks, but that only tells me compatibility not the battery life right ?15:27
wonderingbazhang  can you help with my docky rhythmbox issue15:28
ubuntuCzy ktoś tu pisze po polsku?15:28
mintman_hello anyone use Multipass or Katana or Multi usb15:28
Hamedit didn't work15:28
bazhang!pl | ubuntu15:28
ubottuubuntu: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.15:28
qazokmis pl polish15:28
alisunjayaI ubottu15:29
bazhangqazokm, yep15:29
Hamedi tried to add wired network from edit connection wired then add then save15:30
kinglethello guys, i just installed my nvidia driver on my ubuntu 11.10 and then my boot-splash is very big now! what should I do to fix it?15:30
kingletI mean big and without quality!15:31
qazokmi dont think its your nvidia driver's fault kinglet15:31
l0ll0lllkinglet: it seems you might be unable to make it nice because nouveau KMS is no longer in use when you use nvidia binary driver15:31
HitokkohitoriHi is it possible, for a noob, to replace pc-grub with grub in Synaptic? Or will it cause trouble?15:32
wonderingbazhang http://polishlinux.org/linux/ubuntu/15:32
ajnabicancerPLEASE HELP ME! i am stuck with Graphic drivers. Resolution is stuck to 640x???.   Now What should i do.15:32
bazhangwondering, why paste that here15:32
wonderingthought you needed help in polish15:32
w1jpnoob ?: How do I filter out all the coming/going announcements?15:32
bazhangw1jp, which irc client15:32
kingletl0ll0lll, ahhh! really? this is not good :(15:32
wonderingubuntu http://polishlinux.org/linux/ubuntu/15:32
ajnabicancerin "Hardware Driver" there are three drivers listed 1. nvidia173 2.Nvidia 96 and one is current15:33
wonderingbazhang sorry.. it was ubuntu asking15:33
kingletl0ll0lll, boot-splash is ugly now :(15:33
bazhangw1jp, if you dont get an answer here you can ask in #pidgin as well15:33
l0ll0lllkinglet: yeah, i have the same problem on one of my machines15:33
w1jpTnx @banzhang15:34
ChipzzzHamed: since you are asking i assume it did not fix the wired connection?15:34
kingletl0ll0lll, I think there must be a way to fix it! what do u think?15:34
l0ll0lllkinglet: i might be wrong though and just don't know the solution15:34
ajnabicancerHow to solve resolution problem & someone tell me about Nvidia exact Driver.15:34
kingletany suggestion guys?15:34
ajnabicancerHow to solve resolution problem & someone tell me about Nvidia exact Driver.15:35
ajnabicancerin "Hardware Driver" there are three drivers listed 1. nvidia173 2.Nvidia 96 and one is current15:35
ajnabicancerPLEASE HELP ME! i am stuck with Graphic drivers. Resolution is stuck to 640x???.   Now What should i do.15:35
kingletme and l0ll0lll want to know how can fix boot-splash size after restarting ubuntu?15:35
l0ll0lllajnabicancer: please stop shouting15:36
bazhangajnabicancer, patience15:36
w1jp@kinglet I am a ubuntu noob; however, I would check out the startup and see where the display is being set. Mostly this is done in one of the many .../.*fc files15:36
ajnabicancerbazhan/lollolll: sure, but stuck from past 3 days15:36
Chipzzzkinglet: lollo64it: you can add "-nomodeset" to your grub boot line and set the graphics mode manually15:36
kingletChipzzz, can u plz explain me more? step by step plz15:37
l0ll0lllChipzzz: would nomodeset have any sense with nvidia binary driver?15:37
kingletChipzzz, I m a Ubuntu n00b15:37
bazhang!nomodeset | kinglet please read15:37
ubottukinglet please read: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:37
zykotick9kinglet: (WARNING: if i there you, i'd just leave it & i don't know if this works in modern Ubuntu versions) but see http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/script-to-fix-ubuntu-plymouth-for.html15:37
w1jpNOOB ISSUE: I just installed ubunto 11.10 on my old ThinkPad. It is working fine mostly; however, when it wakes from sleep the screen is __corrupted__  Any ideas?15:38
ajnabicancerchipzzz: i tried that solution too but nothing happened15:38
Chipzzzlollo64it: checking...15:38
Chipzzzkinglet: looking for dox on the subject...15:38
kingletChipzzz, sure! ty15:38
kingletty guys15:38
ajnabicancerDo i need to ask again? :|15:39
pushpopsomething is currently filling up my / partition15:39
pushpopI only have 65M free15:40
pushpophow can I found out whats filling it up15:40
bazhang!helpme | ajnabicancer15:40
ubottuajnabicancer: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude15:40
sgo11hi, I have added my user to group 'root'. why can't I access files/dirs which are root group accessible? thanks.15:40
jribsgo11: why would you do that?15:40
ajnabicancerbazhang: helpme15:40
bazhangajnabicancer, stop repeating every 6o seconds15:41
zykotick9pushpop: you need to find out what that "something" is.  from terminal "cd /" then "du -sh * 2>/dev/null" will give you size of the base directories15:41
w1jpsgo11 you need to chagnyour group id15:41
w1jpit defaults to your gid15:42
sgo11jrib, thanks for your reply. I remembered you taught me last time. :) I changed my apache2 config files permission. /etc/apache2/. by default, they are readable by others. i did chmod o-rx. then, i will not be able to read them. so I added myself to group root.15:42
sgo11w1jp, thanks for your reply. but i don't quite get it. for other group, if i am in the group and files are group readable, I can read them fine. why root group is different?15:43
jribsgo11: better to create a new group like "www-editors", chgrp of all of those files, give appropriate permissions for the group with chown, and then add your user to that group.  Or, just use sudo15:43
luke--_is there a tool / way with or without GUI to see scancodes sent by a keyboard the moment you press a key?15:44
ajnabicancerany help related to my issue?15:44
sgo11jrib, use sudo to edit files is fine. but since they are not readable anymore. sudo ls gives me headache. sudo cd will not work. so..15:44
zykotick9luke--_: xev?15:45
jribsgo11: you can obtain a root shell with « sudo -i » if you really don't want to create a groupc for your www files15:45
zykotick9sgo11: "sudo cd foo" will never work if it's root only15:45
w1jp@sgo11 you just need to make sure you are part of that group. Then change your active gid via "newgrp the new group"15:46
luke--_zykotick9: seems good, thank you!15:46
sgo11jrib, sudo -i is an option. I am doing it right now. just feel not safe. afraid I will type rm -rf / by accident. :)15:46
Chipzzzkinglet: ajnabicancer: & others: here is an overview from debian: http://wiki.debian.org/KernelModesetting#nVidia_GfxCards ... will find you the driver dox that describe the available config settings....15:47
ajnabicancerhow to uninstall nvidia drivers. there are three listed in "hardware drivers"? and then how can i find perfect drivers for nvidia and solution to resolution?15:47
sgo11zykotick9, that's true. :)15:47
w1jpyour default group is yourself  user= sgo11; group=sgo1115:47
jribsgo11: then setup a group for your www files.  Adding your user to the root group is not good practice15:47
sgo11w1jp, I am not talking about default group.....15:47
wonderingdoes anyone know anything about docky and icons.... PLEASE help.. I have been working on this problem for hours15:47
ajnabicancerChipzzz: ubuntu is new for me & i don't know much about commands....15:47
sgo11jrib, I think i will use sudo -i -u root for now. thanks.15:48
jribwondering: best to just ask your question15:48
jribsgo11: "-u root" is redundant15:48
wonderingrhythmbox icon only bounces on the Docky... It doesn't start the music player15:48
sgo11jrib, got it. thanks.15:48
ajnabicancerChipzzz: link you provided is not much help for me.15:49
hot2trotdoes anyone know of a good rss reader that can make different dings for different rss feeds getting a new message?15:49
w1jpHas anyone had screen issues when waking up from sleep (lenovo thinkpad w/ ubuntu 11.10)15:50
trakinashi fellas. Im trying to run memtest, but it get stuck at the fisrt screen. no keyboard, no action, no message like "checking your memory". Im starting it from grub. Am I doing something wrong?15:51
navahot2trot : lifrea15:51
zykotick9w1jp: yes, everytime i wake my laptop while it's sleeping - it's grumpy and yells at me.  </joking>  Perhaps you could expand on what you mean by "issues".15:51
=== karthik is now known as treadstone90
w1jp@zykotic9: when the laptop wakes up from sleep, the video is corrupted. Since I KNOW that it is asking me for my password, I just type that in the most of the corruption get painted over15:53
sgo11jrib, I think I made a big mistake..... I was trying to remove my user from root group with an incorrect command: sudo usermod -G root "$USER", now I no longer belong to any groups. can you please let me know if it's possible to undo it? or which group should I belong to in order to make my system work properly.... like audio etc....15:53
jigspanany one explain how to install net snmp on ubuntu 11.10?15:54
=== Shadows`sleep is now known as SoulShadow
zykotick9w1jp: what graphics card?15:54
w1jpnot sure.15:54
zykotick9w1jp: "lspci | grep -i vga" from terminal to find out15:54
hot2trotnava: i was just googling, it will make a ding when there is a new feed?15:54
navayes, Liferea is correct name15:55
treadstone90Can anyone tell me how to build Cppunit ?15:55
jribsgo11: I don't have a list of the default groups handy.  It's probably in a config file somewhere (I don't know where).  If you can't find it either, just create a new user and see which groups he belongs to15:55
navahot2trot: even it can connect to your google reader15:56
w1jp@zykotick9: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G84M [Quadro NVS 140M] (rev a1)15:56
sgo11jrib, that's a smart workaround. thanks. by the way, what is the proper command to remove user from group? i just know how to add....15:56
hot2trotnava: me likes... thank you!15:56
jribsgo11: just use: deluser USER GROUP15:56
w1jpSystem Info says my Deiver is 'Unknown'15:57
sgo11jrib, got it. thanks.15:57
navahot2trot : welcome15:57
Chipzzzajnabicancer: this seems to have solved similar problems for people in several forums: http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/15:58
zykotick9w1jp: i see several people are experiencing your issue.  Are you using the 173 nvidia driver?16:00
zykotick9w1jp: this is an old bug, but might have some info for you https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-173/+bug/3404316:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 34043 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-173 (Ubuntu) "Nvidia binary driver requires Option "NvAGP" "1" for reliable suspend/resume" [Medium,Confirmed]16:01
w1jp@zykotic9: I have an undefined driver16:01
zykotick9w1jp: don't use @ in nicks (in irssi i'm not getting highlighted)16:02
zykotick9w1jp: "undefined" what do you mean?  Can you open nvidia-settings?  You should see a version in there.16:02
w1jp zykotick9: I have an "Unkown" in my Dislpays driver16:06
somethingintereswhat prefix do I need to set for ./configure so that my apps compiled from source run when I just simply type their name instead of being told they're not installed?16:06
zykotick9somethinginteres: are you aware of checkinstall?16:07
javierf_Hi! I can't connect to my wifi after trying to ser WPA encryption. Someone can help me configuring it? It's very annoying, I followed a tutorial in internet and everything looks correct... thanks16:07
somethingintereszykotick9: actually, yes I just forgot to use it in this one case unfortunately, thanks for the heads up though.16:07
zykotick9w1jp: i don't know what "Display driver" is?  Have you installed an nvidia driver from the driver tool?16:07
w1jp zykotick9: I lopen SystemInfo and the Graphics settins are "Driver Unknown"16:08
w1jp zykotick9: when I go to Displays, I am told the same thing.16:09
zykotick9w1jp: ok, well i guess i can't help then.  Good luck.16:09
ajnabicancerHow to install nvidia drivers, i have removed drivers from "hardware dirvers"16:10
blackshirtAjnabicancer have you downloaded propietary drivers?16:11
ajnabicancerblackshirt: i don't know what to do for downloading drivers.16:12
javierf_ Hi! I can't connect to my wifi after trying to ser WPA encryption. Someone can help me configuring it? It's very annoying, I followed a tutorial in internet and everything looks correct... thanks16:12
BluesKajw1jp, open admin>additional drivers (if that path still exists) , and choose the recommended driver16:12
satish_anyone from India16:13
w1jpALL: I installed sysinfo and it properly identified my card  and I also discoverd that I am using NVIDIA Driver Version: 173.14.3016:13
ajnabicancerBlackshirt: i have removed previous drivers because those aren't working file. once it bring "signals out of range" then resolution error.16:14
satish_anyone from India16:14
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
ajnabicanceri am stuck16:14
trakinasIm trying to run memtest, but it get stuck at the fisrt screen. no keyboard, no action, no messages. Im starting it from grub. Am I doing something wrong?16:14
BluesKajw1jp,  read my post above , make sure the 173 is the recommended driver16:14
LinSkyratesomeone know howto switch desktops/workspace via keyboard in Linux/kde?16:14
blackshirtAjnabicancer,you can install open source nvidia drivers version from repository,or you can download propietary version for linux from nvidia websites16:14
ziyadbLinSkyrate: Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Keys16:15
satish_anyone from India16:15
LinSkyrateziyadb, nope.. thats in Gnome.. but not in KDE as it seems16:15
ziyadbLinSkyrate: heh. Google.16:15
LinSkyrateziyadb, he he.. beleive me.. i always check there first16:16
undeclaredxI'm having an issue with samba.  It's not allowing unix logins, although it's configured as user. Does anyone know the fix for this?16:16
w1jpBluesKaj: 173 is selected16:16
BluesKajok , did you install it , w1jp ?16:16
blackshirtSatish_ this is universal place16:16
BluesKajnot selected , w1jp I mean recommended16:17
zykotick9!tab > blackshirt16:17
ubottublackshirt, please see my private message16:17
w1jpBluesKaj:  there are three other options16:18
w1jp1) NVIDA (post-release updates (version173-updates)16:18
w1jp2)  " (version current) [recommended]16:18
w1jp3) " (post-release updates)(version current-dupdate)16:18
satish_this is universal place ?16:18
blackshirtUndeclaredx, what you mean with not allowing unix logins?16:18
satish_like a major black hole ?16:18
bastidrazorsatish_: #ubuntu-in would be a great place to look for fellow indies16:18
satish_how do i get here?16:18
bastidrazorsatish_: type /join #ubuntu-in16:18
satish_thanks Guys16:18
TUX11can someone help me plx16:19
Canadian1296!ask | TUX1116:19
ubottuTUX11: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:19
w1jpBluesKaj: you think I should use the newest one?16:19
BluesKajw1jp, ok ..that's the correct driver , you can be adventurous and try #316:19
TUX11right i try and open mousetrap and it dont open16:20
TUX11what am i doing wrong16:20
BluesKajw1jp,  but that's your choice16:20
TUX11the mouse spins but nothing happens16:20
w1jpBluesKay, tnx16:20
shourovhello.... i have installed ubuntu 11.10 from alternate cd. but i cannot boot into ubuntu without the recovery mode? what should i do?16:21
BluesKajok , BBL ...16:21
TUX11hmmm is the MBR ok16:22
Canadian1296shourov: What happens when you boot normally?16:22
Benxyzzybash script: How do I put double quotes inside a double quoted string?16:22
blackshirtShourov check your disk16:22
ChipzzzBenxyzzy: "\""16:22
shourovCanadian1296: a blank screen, then the monitor switches off16:23
Erealzhey everyone i was wondering if there a common fix for this error no screens found?16:23
BenxyzzyChipzzz: Like "My name is \"Ben\"" ?16:23
zykotick9!nomodeset | shourov16:23
ubottushourov: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:23
trakinasBenxyzzy: yes. you have to scape them.16:23
ChipzzzBenxyzzy: yes16:23
TUX11is there another software like mousetrap16:23
BenxyzzyChipzzz, trakinas : Thanks!16:23
bazhangTUX11, to do what16:24
Canadian1296Benxyzzy: Yes. You can escape any characters like that with / (To include a backslah type //)16:24
TUX11control the mouse using webcam16:24
BenxyzzyCanadian: Shouldn't your slashes be the other way round?16:24
Canadian1296Benxyzzy: Haha yes, yes they should.16:24
trakinasHow long does memtest takes to start its test?16:25
BenxyzzyThat's the last piece of easily the most complicated script I've ever written16:25
ChipzzzCanadian1296: you're using slashes, not sloshes ;-)16:25
shourovubottu: i can boot normally if i remove vt.handoff option from grub, but it starts only the console system....now, i ll try the nomodeset16:25
ubottushourov: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:25
ChipzzzBenxyzzy: congrats on your accomplishment :-)16:26
Canadian1296Chipzzz: In my defense, I'm on an iPod Touch not a computer. Its hard to type on a tiny virtual keyboard...16:26
Canadian1296Chipzzz: :P16:26
=== LuXor is now known as horus
ChipzzzCanadian1296: lol... i didn't mean to find fault... just observing16:26
ksusyo guys16:27
ksuslinux rox16:27
TUX11we know ;)16:28
Chipzzzksus: we've noticed ;)16:28
Chipzzzksus: glad you did too :)16:28
TUX11but i cant get mousetrap to work >:(16:28
trakinashow long does the memtest takes to start running? it seems to be freezing here. =(16:28
LuXorHi, im new to ubuntu and i have a network connection problem with the Ubuntu Software Ceter. I'm using my university proxy server in order to connect to internet, i can connect with any problem minus the Ubuntu Software ceneter, so i cannot install any program using it16:28
ksusi just started because of work16:28
ksusI like to know everything abvout it16:28
Chipzzzwelcome aboard!16:28
ksusalready installed on home pc and my private + work laptop16:29
bazhangTUX11, installed from where16:29
LuXorCould anyone help to to resolve this trouble with the Ubunto Software center connection?16:29
TUX11software centre16:29
bazhang!manual | ksus16:29
ubottuksus: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/16:29
bazhang!info mousetrap16:29
ubottumousetrap (source: mousetrap): A simple game of ball chasing. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9-2.1 (oneiric), package size 274 kB, installed size 696 kB16:29
ubuntu-guyAnyone know how i can configure text mode login please(startx for X)... ? I edited the grub but ubuntu still ask Password in GUI. Help please?16:29
ksusits nice16:29
ksusit working fast16:29
Canadian1296ubuntu-guy: What changes did you make to grub?16:29
bazhangksus, support question?16:30
zykotick9!text | ubuntu-guy16:30
ubottuubuntu-guy: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode16:30
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/16:30
Chipzzzksus: if you like it now, install cairo-dock and watch... :-)16:30
bazhangksus, general chat in #ubuntu-offtopic #ubuntu for support16:30
ksuswhats that16:30
blackshirtUbuntu-guy. What you mean with ask password for gui?16:30
ksuslemme google on that one16:30
Canadian1296ksus: If you don't have a support question, try #ubuntu-offtopic16:30
TUX11ill just use the compter for her :(16:30
Chipzzzksys it's in the repos... just install it with software center... it rox!16:30
ksuscairo dock is FX related right16:31
ubuntu-guyCanadian1296, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="text"   (It was "quiet splash")16:31
trakinasblackshirt: I think he means booting into command line, not X.16:31
zykotick9ubuntu-guy: did you run "sudo update-grub" after making the change?16:31
Canadian1296ubuntu-guy: You have to run "sudo update-grub" after to save your changes.16:31
Chipzzzksus: fx?16:31
ubuntu-guyCanadian1296, zykotick9 yeah i did16:32
ksusthnx chips its installing now16:32
Canadian1296ksus: To find out more about a package you can type "/msg ubottu !info packagename"16:32
undeclaredxcan I lock down /etc to be readable only by root?16:32
trakinaswill try to boot into memtest again. btb.16:32
liujie ,ksdjmv osdjvpsov16:33
Canadian1296undeclaredx: Yes, but it doesn't sound like a good idea16:33
mbutubuntuhello folks. I'm trying to start Ubuntu 10.04 but it gets Kernel Panic (I know it because I see keyboard leds blinking). I've tried also other linux distro like Fedora but nothing to do... I think there is an hardwar problem with some PCI (or ???). I'd like to run ubuntu live cd in text mode to see traceback for the kernel panic. How to do it? thanks16:33
zykotick9undeclaredx: no (unless you want to break your system for everyone but root, including all services)16:33
bazhang!cn | liujie16:33
ubottuliujie: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:33
undeclaredxk =)16:33
Chipzzzksus: enjoy :-)16:33
undeclaredxzykotick9: what's the default permissions then?16:34
undeclaredxjust out of curiosity16:34
zykotick9undeclaredx: they're not all the same16:34
daviddoriaApparently the Ubuntu Tex packages are very old. I've seen some (very complicated) instructions for installing "vanialla Tex" - is there any easier way to do this?16:34
riad_shourovzykotick9: i ve just checked with nomodeset option. it worked...thanks :)16:35
Chipzzzmbutubuntu: press shift while it's booting & the grub menu will offer you a recovery console, which is text mode16:35
zykotick9riad_shourov: :)16:35
ArthurI just want to learn something about Ubuntu on Android......16:35
sstadaviddoria: I can't think of much the ubuntu TeX packages can't do...installing TeX isn't trivial16:35
Canadian1296undeclaredx: To find out yours, type "ls -l / | grep etc"16:35
ksusCairo-dock rocks indeed16:35
ArthurWhich channel should I join..16:35
cleveris it normal for /sbin/init to be using 95% of the cpu time?16:35
ubuntu-guyJust i want to type "startx" to get the X16:35
kapzhi I am using ubuntu 11.10 gnome-shell on a laptop, the prpblem is suspend timeout won't work however closing lid,pressing Fn+F2 key or suspend from menu works perfectly fine...16:35
zykotick9Canadian1296: "ls -l /etc" would be easier16:36
daviddoriassta yea I really don't want to, but I'm getting erros and the tex people have told me some of my packages are too old16:36
zykotick9Arthur: try #ubuntu-phone16:36
mbutubuntuChipzzz, ok thanks16:36
NevimusWith ubuntu for Android.. Is it firmware or app?16:36
ChipzzzCanadian1296: gotta tell ya... it's pretty amazing that you can type fast enough on that ipod to keep up!16:36
mbutubuntuChipzzz, but it starts plymouth even with no-graphic boot16:37
Canadian1296zykotick9: And more confusing if he doesn't know what he's looking for...16:37
LuXor Hi, im new to ubuntu and i have a network connection problem with the Ubuntu Software Ceter. I'm using my university proxy server in order to connect to internet, i can connect with any problem minus the Ubuntu Software ceneter, so i cannot install any program using it16:37
sstadaviddoria: okay.  If it were me, I'd install the latest Ubuntu in a VM and install your TeX on that...but it's not for the fainthearted...16:37
Canadian1296Chipzzz: I'm up to like 40 WPM :P16:37
ChipzzzCanadian1296: hats off 2 u!16:38
ch33zIn the DNS client configuration I already have by default when setting up so do i leave as is cuz it says in the config to use the dns servers but the isp already put them there. paste.ubuntu.com/85669916:38
Arthurzykotick9:Seems that guys there are all AFK....16:38
Canadian1296Chipzzz: I would use my computer but I just woke up, and I'm far to lazy to get out of bed...16:39
BluesKajLuXor,  try sudo apt-get install packagename in the terminal ...does that work ?16:39
=== munx_ is now known as munx
Chipzzzmbutubuntu: i don't know of a way to avoid it, then... sorry... maybe someone else :-)16:39
NevimusI <3 ubuntu but With ubuntu for Android.. Is it firmware or app?16:40
ChipzzzCanadian1296: lol16:40
Canadian1296Nevimus: #ubuntu-phone16:40
TUX11wheres the defauly directory where cloned the repositorys go16:40
riad_shourovcan i have only a window manager in .xinitrc file (without gdm or similar) ?16:40
BluesKajch33z,  you don't need to use the ISP default dns , you can use other dns server like opendns or verizon etc , if you have that option in your router dns settings16:41
ch33zwell, then what do i use?16:42
ch33zI have static ips as well.16:42
ubuntu-guylol i removed lightdm blindly to get startx working ... sucks!!!16:42
riad_shourovblackshirt: but startx command doesn't seem to work16:42
ch33zBlueKaj  also would it matter because the object I am trying to accomplish is setting up 3 websites to host basic html websites16:42
BluesKajch33z,  or even google dns16:43
ubuntu-guyriad_shourov, you are also trying to work with "startx" command?16:43
Canadian1296ch33z: Try freedns.afraid.org16:43
Chipzzzhey ch33z, how ya doin' today?16:43
ch33zdoing alright Chipzzz16:43
riad_shourovubuntu-guy: ya :)16:43
ch33zdoing the config slowllly this time16:43
ch33zinstead of rushing ha16:43
ubuntu-guyriad_shourov, me too... you 11.10 ?16:43
Chipzzzlol... slow but sure always wins the race :-)16:43
riad_shourovubuntu-guy: ya16:43
riad_shourovubuntu-guy: i am now in console16:44
ubuntu-guyi see16:44
ch33zso really I shouldnt use the DNS servers from the ISP?16:44
Chipzzzch33z: for the time being, they're fine16:44
ubuntu-guyriad_shourov, Can you get working "startx" command ?16:44
popeyubuntu-guy: you could just disable lightdm16:44
popeyubuntu-guy: but leave it installed16:44
ch33zhm alright ill keep as is16:44
ch33zIf you have multiple domains you wish to search, your configuration might look like the following.16:45
ch33zsearch example.com sales.example.com dev.example.com16:45
Ast001I just tried to install ubuntu on my new Gigabyte Z68P-DS3 motherboard and after reboot it hangs with annoying black screen. It did not show grub boot loader at all... How can I fix this problem ?16:45
ch33zany idea?16:45
zykotick9!nomodeset | Ast001 start here16:45
ubottuAst001 start here: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:45
riad_shourovubuntu-guy: problem is ... i haven't any login manager.... i only have a small window manager (ratpoison) ..no gdm or lightdm16:45
TUX11check the disc first Ast00116:45
BluesKajch33z,  well it's not necessary , but if your ISP has provided you with a static IP then it16:45
ch33zso I guess I have to add custom domains? ;016:45
ubuntu-guypopey, I removed it already(Perhaps ubuntu-desktop also removed)... Now ubuntu not starting16:45
ubuntu-guyriad_shourov, i see ... same here16:46
popeyubuntu-guy: that was unwise ☺16:46
BluesKajch33z,  well it's not necessary , but if your ISP has provided you with a static IP then it's probly best to leave the dns settings as they are.16:46
ch33zthanks BlueKaj16:46
popeyubuntu-guy: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^    will put it back16:46
ch33zas I read on the next part though since I am hosting numerous sites with 1 -2 ips16:46
ubuntu-guypopey, Perhaps recovery mode?16:46
popeyubuntu-guy: yup16:46
ch33zIf you have multiple domains you wish to search, your configuration might look like the following.16:47
ch33zsearch example.com sales.example.com dev.example.com16:47
ch33zBlueKaj like this step here16:47
ch33zI dont get it.16:47
FloodBot1ch33z: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:47
riad_shourovpopey: i don't have any login manager...is it a problem in running startx??16:47
Chipzzzch33z: is that in the section about virtual hosts?16:47
popeyriad_shourov: no, the problem is having ubuntu-desktop missing, it generally breaks upgrades and new package installs16:47
ch33znope i dont think so chipzzz16:47
ch33znetwork config chipzzz16:48
Chipzzzch33z: ah... they're probably talking about setting up the directories for sub-domains16:48
ch33zah i see now16:48
ch33zwouldnt that section be under the DNS section tho ? ;016:49
PatrunjelHi everyone. I have problems with wubi (it sais it couldn't find a riit partiion and that I should go back to the partition manager, but there is no partition manager...) Can somone please help me out?16:49
* w1jp me16:49
Chipzzzch33z: no, it's a matter for the http server configuration to deal with16:49
riad_shourovpopey: so, do you mean .. i have to install the whole ubuntu desktop with gnome?? :O16:49
Canadian1296Patrunjel: The partition manager is most likely gparted, and what exactly are you trying to do?16:50
Ast001ok thanks16:50
popeyriad_shourov: i mean exactly what I said, if you're misisng the ubuntu-desktop metapackage then it's likely upgrades break16:50
Chipzzzch33z: the DNS server only concerns itself with the TLD16:50
riad_shourovpopey: but i am not doing any upgrades16:51
ubuntu-guypopey, Now my network is not connected ... I tried /etc/init.d/networking start but no connection16:51
ch33zchipzzz check your privates16:51
zykotick9riad_shourov: the "upgrade/update" issue is when you go from say 11.10 to 12.04 type thing.  Regular system upgdate will be fine without ubuntu-desktop.16:51
Chipzzz(at this stage)16:51
PatrunjelCanadian1296, I wanna get ubuntu to boot so that I can format a flash drive (that was formatted in ext2), because I have tried installing Ubuntu 10.10, and the latest one (made the pendrive bootable with Universal USB installer), and I always get16:51
PatrunjelCanadian1296, I always get boot error *16:52
riad_shourovzykotick9: ok ... it is not my problem then :) .. but can a system works fine with gdm or lighdm like apps?16:52
zykotick9riad_shourov: without?16:53
riad_shourovzykotick9: sorry ..without gdm16:53
Canadian1296Patrunjel: I've never used Universal USB installer. Try unetbootin, since I know it works.16:53
BluesKajubuntu-guy, run this in the terminal, sudo ifconfig wlan0 up , then , sudo iwlist wlan0 scan|grep -i essid16:53
zykotick9riad_shourov: sure!  my netbook is without gdm/lightdm - WARNING: network-manager might have issues!!!16:53
gr33n7007hPatrunjel, format flash drive to FAT3216:53
BluesKajubuntu-guy,  asuming your wlan = 016:54
PatrunjelCanadian1296, thanks for the tip. I will try it in a moment (I'm trying to get puppy on the pendrive now, to see if the problem is only for Ubuntu)16:54
=== d is now known as Guest21585
Canadian1296Patrunjel: I know unetbootin works with ubuntu, and it claims to work with lots of other linux distro's too.16:54
gr33n7007hcan't go wrong with Unetbootin lol16:55
riad_shourovzykotick9: i have network-manager-cli... i am even in console now...but i cannot run startx ( i have only 'exec ratpoison &' in my .xinitrc file)16:55
bazhongSup bazhang16:55
zykotick9riad_shourov: the n-m issues will affect n-m-cli as well :(16:55
Guest21585my yakuake seems to be frozen.. is there a way to reset it?16:55
zykotick9riad_shourov: n-m requires a DM to use wireless!16:55
radioact1veany tips on why my ntfs hd all of the sudden is read-only? I've been using it no problem since installation.16:55
ubuntu-guyBluesKaj, did it by "netroot"16:55
ubuntu-guypopey, how can i disable lightdm?16:56
damo22radioact1ve, if it wasnt unmounted cleanly, the filesystem might be dirty and wont mount rw16:56
damo22radioact1ve, you might need to run fsck.ntfs on it16:56
zykotick9riad_shourov: i rely on wicd-curses (and wicd is probably going to be depricated soon i hear)16:57
radioact1vedamo22: interesting, how could that have happened?16:57
riad_shourovzykotick9: you mean...if i run x without dm , my network will not work?? otherwise... i dont have any dm ..but my network is on16:57
damo22radioact1ve, usually by unplugging a usb drive without unmounting16:57
zykotick9riad_shourov: yes.  try it but it's a bug that's not easily resolved (it comes from ubuntu's upstream)16:58
radioact1vedamo22, its an internal hdd.16:58
zykotick9riad_shourov: wireless only.  n-m can still to wired stuff!16:58
damo22radioact1ve, in that case it didnt unmount properly last shutdown16:58
radioact1vedamo22, could it have been something I did or some random act?16:59
ubuntu-guyriad_shourov, How far?16:59
BluesKajubuntu-guy,  netroot ? ...never heard of that approach16:59
damo22radioact1ve, usually human error16:59
riad_shourovzykotick9: i have wimax..what should i put into? i didnt get it out of the box..when i installed ubuntu..now my network in eth1 ( its probably wired, i think??)17:00
ubuntu-guyBluesKaj, It has in Recovery mode which start with networking17:00
zykotick9riad_shourov: that, i have no idea about :|17:00
erebus_Hi guys. I have just recovered my damaged partition table with testdisk, but the swap partitions are not loaded succesfully. Is it safe to17:00
erebus_delete and re create them?17:00
zykotick9riad_shourov: does it require a login username and password to use?17:01
riad_shourovubuntu-guy: stuck yet :) .. but i don't have any problem with console :P17:01
riad_shourovzykotick9: no17:01
zykotick9riad_shourov: it will probably be ok with N-M then!17:01
ubuntu-guyriad_shourov, PM?17:02
riad_shourovzykotick9: sorry..actually yes...but its in a script file ..which i run from terminal17:02
Canadian1296What does the DNS server option do when installing ubuntu server?17:03
zykotick9riad_shourov: ;) sorry, not sure again.  Try N-M for sure!  But if it looks like it's working - but can't connect... you might know why.  Best of luck man!  If you're into terminal stuff, I hope you use screen (it's got thousands of amazing features)17:04
raidoCanadian1296: I assume it installs Bind17:04
VIPER-IIhi guys17:04
riad_shourovubuntu-guy: well... i am in irssi chat..this is the first time i am using it... you can try, but i dunno how pm works here :)17:04
escottCanadian1296, is it asking you if you want to install a DNS server or what your DNS server is?17:04
VIPER-IIWhat's that command again to force ubuntu to always start in a certain resolution? I remember i had to create a file or so?17:04
ubuntu-guyriad_shourov, I mean Private Message17:05
zykotick9VIPER-II: what graphics card?17:05
ironhalikIs there a way to try Unity2D via live CD?17:05
Canadian1296raido: Which does? I know what a DNS server is, I just don't see how it would work to be your own DNS server...17:05
=== CiDhed_ is now known as CiD|afk
riad_shourovzykotick9: yeah. :D not in screen ..but i am in tmux17:05
escotterebus_, swap partitions have no data so you can recreate them or just run mkswap on the partition17:05
Canadian1296escott: No, its to install a DNS server, I've just never used it.17:05
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:05
zykotick9riad_shourov: i haven't played with tmux (i should give it a try)17:06
raidoCanadian1296: if you dont see how it will benefit you when your installing "server" version, then it wont, so dont check it.17:06
ksus-lptpcan sum1 provide ubuntu help page again17:06
escottCanadian1296, if the machine were a router then it being a DNS server would be sensible17:06
ksus-lptpim on my notbook now17:06
ksus-lptpthis is awesome17:06
riad_shourovubuntu-guy: its good... i can run video in tmux in console (yeay!!)17:06
erebus_escott yeah i know but I have 4boot laptop (2 ubuntu, debian, windows) and the labels are changed after the testdisk17:06
Canadian1296escott: Oh, okay that makes more sense. Thanks :)17:06
riad_shourovubuntu-guy: yes...pm plz... lets see how it works in irssi17:07
erebus_escott, so the labels of /dev/sda* are changed. What I must do? In /etc/fstab are the old names17:07
erebus_So I have 3 ext partitions, one windows, one recovery and 3 swaps:P17:07
zykotick9riad_shourov: video in console?  do you know if it's using framebuffer or vga?  real question, does it require sudo to run?17:07
escotterebus_, you may have to clean up a few things to make the uuids of the swap partitions match up between the three linux systems. sudo blkid will give you the new uuids17:07
athenahi, I just installed ubuntu (11.10) and I ubuntu refuse to use my .xsessions file. How can I force it to use my file ?17:07
escotterebus_, why do you have three swaps? unless you want to be able to hibernate each of the three oses independently there is no use17:08
shanky_1hello ppl :D17:08
GatorAlliHello, I am using Ubuntu 11.10 - amd64. I have noticed that after I suspend my laptop and wake if back up, the fan starts being noisy. It never stops. Works fine after the boot. Why is that?17:08
erebus_escott, yeah I have already got the new uids, but I dont know which swap partitions is for each distro. Is that a prob?17:08
riad_shourovzykotick9: when i first installed ubuntu-cli 11.10, i didnt have xorg then, so i tried with vga17:08
erebus_escott, exactly in order to hibernate :-)17:08
erebus_escott, I dont know which swap is for the distros. In system monitor it says 0 used and 0 size of the swap. (free -m too)17:09
ironhalikbtw, ubuntu could use a dynamic hibernation file, instead of using swap area17:09
escotterebus_, i would just reassign them in some order (any order will do) and you may need to update-initramfs afterwards on each system17:09
ironhalikits insane I need a 5 gig swap area on my ssd17:09
erebus_hmmm so escott there is no need to recreate them?17:09
erebus_I have updated the each /etc/fstab with no luck. so I must update the initramfs kernel?17:10
escotterebus_, so it sounds like the thing to do is run mkswap on each partition, and then pick some assignment of swap to os, and update each fstab, and run update-initramfs on each system in turn17:10
Canadian1296Ill be back later17:10
chipotleis it possible to move a ubuntu install to another drive and erase the old drive?17:10
erebus_escott thanks! Is there any problem with grub or it's only about each distro itself. Cause grub is in the ubuntu17:11
riad_shourovzykotick9: i add my username in video group.. so it doesn't require sudo now17:11
escotterebus_, to get the suspend to work you would need the update-initramfs. but if they are in fstab they should be swapped on unless they don't look correct (like mkswap hasn't been run)17:11
bastidrazor /w 317:12
bastidrazorhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq  has some good information on swap17:12
erebus_escott, yes there are not reqognised. In debian dmesg it says that swap cant be loaded. So I must run mkswap in each system and I will see. Thanks for your help17:12
radioact1vedamo22, sorry to bother. trying thanks for your help. reading up further i should be doing this from win7. cant risk losing anything!!17:12
zykotick9riad_shourov: besides irssi do you use any cool terminal programs besides (mutt,elinks,mplayer,moc,mcabber,irssi-plugin-xmpp,wget,rsync,identicurse,abook,htop,iotop,slurm,bmon)?17:12
chipotleis it possible to move a ubuntu install to another drive and erase the old drive? or at the very least, partition the drive ubuntu is installed on down from 3TB to 100GB?17:14
chipotlewhen i format an extra drive, i shouldn't select scheme: master boot record, right? that's only if i'm going to use this drive as the boot drive?17:15
chipotlei want to select guid?17:15
riad_shourovzykotick9: w3m-img, links2( also with links2 -g), only mplayer( i dont have any other media player), wget, fbi,fbgs, vim, antiword, rtorrent, htop,cbm,surfraw, gpm, youtube-dl, get-flash-videos17:15
damo22chipotle, master boot record format is nothing to do with being the boot drive17:16
zykotick9riad_shourov: thanks - i forgot abcde for cd ripping in my list ;)17:16
MonkeyDustchipotle  http://paste.ubuntu.com/856755/17:16
BluesKajchipotle,  yes , you can resize the ubuntu partition to any size you wish as long as / and your home dir fit on it17:16
zykotick9riad_shourov: can i ask what de/wm you use?17:17
rymate1234sorry :(17:17
spectacularanybody have a clue how I can split a file into multiple files at its multiple EOFs?17:17
riad_shourovzykotick9: well...you see. i cant run x yet.. but i like ratpoison window manager17:18
escottchipotle, boot the livecd and use gparted to shrink the ubuntu partition. take backups of critical data first17:18
GatorAlliHello, I am using Ubuntu 11.10 - amd64. I have noticed that after I suspend my laptop and wake if back up, the fan starts being noisy. It never stops. Works fine after the boot. Why is that?17:18
zykotick9riad_shourov: :) ratpoison - mouse killer!  i recently got into awesome and now love it.17:19
riad_shourovzykotick9: isn't awesome another tiling wm?17:19
zykotick9riad_shourov: tiling or not - very customizable17:19
zykotick9riad_shourov: i'm a vi guy, but i think awesome is like the emacs of wms17:20
viktor133what is a good cli irc client ?17:20
zykotick9viktor133: irssi17:20
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ignoredthoughtsI'm having an issue where I log on and it pauses at the Lubuntu logo loading screen saying Searching for Network Configuration.  When it finally loads my NetworkManager doesn't register my wireless network card nor will it let me activate it.  I was having issues earlier where I couldn't use NetworkManager and a suggestion online that fixed it had me go into the .conf file and alter a value to to True.  Once I did that network ma17:21
ignoredthoughtsnager seems to work however it hangs up where I just previously mentioned.  I'll let it reboot and the problem shows it's head but never reaches the "Waiting for 60 Seconds" and when it boots everything works.  Will a simple uninstall and reinstallation of NetworkManager work?17:21
zykotick9viktor133: #debian's irssi factoids starts "methinks irssi is the best <IRC> client ever"17:21
ironhalikIs there a way to try Unity2D via live CD?17:21
ignoredthoughtsor is there a better NetworkManager other than NetworkManager?17:23
riad_shourovzykotick9: hw do you change rc file for awesome? is it in any programming lang or just simple scripting??17:23
zykotick9ignoredthoughts: no.  but alternative is wicd.17:23
zykotick9riad_shourov: it's some weird programing language actually - hard to work with!17:24
theadminweird? lua isn't weird...17:24
zykotick9riad_shourov: lua something - but the config is ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua17:25
CampinSamHeya.. I got problems. ubuntu won't boot to a login screen, and the only way I can start x.. (As far as I know) is to ALT-CTRL-F2 and startx. Even then, my unity desktop is moderately broken. All this is in ubuntu 11.1017:25
rkjhi. a dumb question no doubt, but how can i tell whether my kernel is 32-bit or 64-bit?17:25
BinshHeyo, can anyone tell me why /proc/meminfo show that i have 200mb ram free, while top show 600mb used out of 2gb? :S17:25
riad_shourovzykotick9: ah!! i m not good in programming :(17:25
MonkeyDustrkj  uname -a17:25
raidorkj: in terminal do "uname -a"17:25
zykotick9riad_shourov: ME NEITHER!  i can script my way out of a paper bag, but that's about it (and i don't consider bash scripting programming, though i use loops all the time)17:26
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:26
riad_shourovzykotick9: haha!! ya17:27
rkjraido it says "2.6.32-38-generic" --- i spose that means 32 bits?17:27
riad_shourovzykotick9: do u use mc for file manager in terminal?17:27
raidorkj: paste the full line of output here17:28
MonkeyDustrkj  type uname -p17:28
iliancan someone advice me a good editor that can search/replace in files/directories, I've used to PSPad(windows) and that it allows you easy to check the found maches without opening the whole file17:28
aitorhello, im new to ubuntu, i cant connect to my facebook chat with empathy, is there something special i have to do other than just write my user and password?17:28
theadminilian: sed17:28
zykotick9riad_shourov: mc is cool (should have been on my list) - but i rarely if ever use it17:28
MonkeyDustilian  try find17:28
Binshaithor: install pidgin :)17:29
Binshaitor: install pidgin :)17:29
rkjraidohere it is: Linux nemo 2.6.32-38-generic #83-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jan 4 11:13:04 UTC 2012 i686 GNU/Linux17:29
rkjMonkeyDust uname -p returns "unknown"17:29
iliantheadmin, MonkeyDust  thanks but I am more a GUI user )17:29
CampinSamAny help?..17:29
raidoYou are 32 bit17:29
Admin_UserI have a Ubuntu Q? is there away that I can play World of warcraft on Ubuntu.17:29
raidorkj: yeah 32 bit as shown by the i686 part17:30
rkjthanks raido17:30
chipotleescott: okay, can i transfer it to another hard drive?17:30
Admin_UserI have a Ubuntu Q? is there away that I can play World of warcraft on Ubuntu.17:30
riad_shourovzykotick9: but i cant get the heck of it :P ..rather i like to use 'ls' more17:31
escottchipotle, transfer what?17:31
ignoredthoughtshrm...  is there any reason Lubuntu wouldn't be able to see my NetworkManager.conf right away or on the first boot try?17:31
ignoredthoughtsor has anyone else ran into this?17:31
chipotleescott: i want to transfer my ubuntu drive to another, smaller drive17:31
zykotick9riad_shourov: the "core" stuff is often the most effective ;)  can i PM you an OT question?17:31
chipotlei couldn't do it before when i installed ubuntu because i had data on it17:31
escottchipotle, ok you are switching drives not just shrinking the partition17:31
riad_shourovzykotick9: ok17:32
Admin_UserI was wondering if there was a way that you can play World of Warcraft on ubuntu and if so is the perfomaance good and how can you do it please Ubuntu commity17:32
escottchipotle, there are ways to do it, but it might be easier to just reinstall see !clone17:32
Gentoo64Admin_User, wine17:32
raidochipotle: Clonezilla.17:32
brimlarAdmin_User:  try this link, there are a lot out there: http://www.azsoftwaredownload.com/linux/install-worldofwarcraft-ubuntu-111017:32
chipotlewhat's clonezilla?17:32
raidochipotle: http://clonezilla.org/17:33
Admin_UserGentoo64 : Some Application dont work on Wine get your resorce right man17:33
Gentoo64clonezilla wont restore to a smaller drive17:33
elhoirhi all, i have just upgraded to ubuntu 11.10, and start launcher does not search anything :-/17:33
Gentoo64Admin_User, fu17:33
elhoiri cant browse to any app17:33
raidoGentoo64: Yes it will17:33
Gentoo64raido, ok17:33
Admin_UserGentoo64: We dont use that in here ok sorry:(17:34
LjLGentoo64: please don't17:34
acidrainwhat is the nogroup group?17:34
LjLAdmin_User: WoW runs in WINE, so i don't see what you're complaining about17:34
LjL!appdb > Admin_User17:34
ubottuAdmin_User, please see my private message17:34
acidraindoes that mean that that user actually has no group? or is it a group?17:34
escottacidrain, its the analog of nobody. its meant to be a minimal privilege group17:34
Admin_UserLjL: if it does work some of the appication dont go by okay and if so how is the performance man.17:35
mosnoafaik, nobody isn't supposed to own any files17:35
ActionParsnipmosno: users will own the files in $HOME17:35
Gentoo64raido, i didnt know it could resotre to a smaller drive...17:35
ActionParsnipmosno: or do you mean the user 'nobody'?17:36
Gentoo64raido, i thought only bigger or same size17:36
escottActionParsnip, but nobody isn't supposed to have a $HOME17:36
LjLAdmin_User: it certainly won't work perfect, if you're into games a lot i'd suggest sticking to Windows.17:36
Admin_UserGentoo64: Am sorry do you hate me:( I dont want to enimies in this room17:36
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raidochipotle: when going to a smaller drive make sure to use the "partition" cloning option, not the whole disk17:36
ActionParsnipescott: gotcha, let me check. Curious now17:36
Gentoo64Admin_User, no dont be silly17:36
escottActionParsnip, its all from acidrain's question regarding nogroup. not sure where he is seeing it though17:36
raidoGentoo64: yes, when going to a smaller drive make sure to use the "partition" cloning option, not the whole disk17:36
Gentoo64raido, ofc but if its an entire disk it wont work17:37
acidrainright, nobody has a home17:37
raidoGentoo64: right17:37
woldhekkieRaido : http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/19141/clone-a-hard-drive-using-an-ubuntu-live-cd17:37
escottraido, if you are sending chipotle down that road make sure he knows how to update fstab and reinstall the bootloader17:37
acidrainim looking at it in regards to an ftp server17:37
christ828hi kann mir jemand auf deutsch erklären wie ich mein tmp verzeichniss vergrössern kann? mein englisch ist ziemlich mies.17:37
bobo37773Admin_User: There is only one way to test performance for your machine. You should follow the links provived for you and install it. Then you'll know.17:37
LjL!de | christ82817:38
ubottuchrist828: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!17:38
acidrainescott: i ended up not even using nobody and nogroup. created my own group17:38
elhoirany idea?17:38
escottacidrain, nobody's home should be /nonexistent which is aptly named as the folder is nonexistent17:38
Admin_UserLjL: that what I was saying if it would work on WIne it probley have a lagg or something with it something that would be wrong with it I was not saying that people were wrong if they use it on wine go right ahead it pritty cool that some aplication can work.17:38
raidoescott: clonezilla will clone the MBR and he wont need to mod the fstab, Ive done it. Its painless17:38
Aitorthank you, with pidgin no problem to configure my msn, gtalk and facebook chats. Is it posible to add Badoo chat to it?17:39
escottraido, ok ive never used it. does it know enough about gpt to do that correctly. i think he as a bios booting gpt17:39
woldhekkieescott: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/19141/clone-a-hard-drive-using-an-ubuntu-live-cd17:40
wolfmitchellI want to install ubuntu onto a network, but not the ubuntu installer.17:40
Admin_UserI was wondering not a gay Q? But who in here does not have a girl friend it kind of sad for people will for my self think if am the only one who does not have a girl friend see am home all the time and on my computer and I wish that I could find someone not getting down so deep just comment if you have any Answers for me:(17:40
wolfmitchellEg. Fullly functional ubuntu install that anyone on the network can access.17:40
raidoescott: he will be cloning. there will be no change that the bios can see17:40
calamarihi. does anyone know of a guide for getting JACK working alongside PulseAudio on 11.10 that isn't for Ubuntu Studio?17:41
escottraido, but he doesn't have an mbr. and his boot loader is not located in the mbr its located in a grub_bios partition (unless he has an efi system which is unlikely)17:41
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=== spect is now known as spectacular_
escottchipotle, you have gpt disk because its over 3TB correct? is it efi boot or bios boot?17:42
raidoescott: Dude, its a CLONE!17:42
acidrainyay ftp server finally setup properly on like 30th try!17:42
Guest72257list grazie17:43
MonkeyDustacidrain  now you're the expert :)17:43
ActionParsnipescott: http://paste.ubuntu.com/856783/   seems not :)17:43
acidrainMonkeyDust: lol. not i just have to fix the relay access on postfix -.-17:43
Blues-Manhi all17:43
Admin_UserHey I was wondering who plays runescap in this room...17:44
Admin_UserHey I was wondering who plays runescap in this room...17:44
Admin_UserHey I was wondering who plays runescap in this room...17:44
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: do you mean a PXE server?17:44
FloodBot1Admin_User: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:44
escottActionParsnip, thats expected it nobody/nogroup shouldn't own any files. its just a placeholder to give things like ftp a uid to change into with minimal privs inside a chroot17:44
wolfmitchellIdk, but I want to install Ubuntu onto the network so that anyone can access it. Do I need one to do that?17:44
ActionParsnipescott: just reinforcing ;)17:44
doc-saintlyAdmin_User: also - this room is for Ubuntu questions, not personal life / games17:44
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: access in what way?17:45
wolfmitchellBooting into it via lan17:45
Blues-Manaccording to this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization a new package should put in pool/extras/ but my question is: if the package has no architecture dependencies (Architecture: all) have I to put it in both binary-t396 and binary-amd64?17:45
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: yes, thats a PXE server17:45
Aitoris posible to add Badoo chat to pidgin or empathy?17:45
wolfmitchellDo the other people in the network need PXE17:45
MonkeyDustAitor  wrong channel17:45
LjLMonkeyDust: why?17:46
Aitormonkeydust: but empathy is built in ubuntu software, it is a ubuntu question if i want to chat in badoo with my ubuntu? isnt?17:46
escottraido, i understand clonezilla works for you on a standard bios/mbr partitioned system. i don't think you know enough about gpt to be able to say if clonezilla will properly clone a bios/gpt system. At least nothing you have said gives me any confidence you know what the differences are, and if you don't you are likely walking chipotle down a path where he will have a nonbooting system17:46
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto17:46
Admin_Userdoc-saintly: I can see the personall stuff but what ever if we are going to be friends on here why cant we get to know each other and this is past on ubuntu okay I have seen people play games and like it and just dont say that this stuff that am not talking about is not about ubuntu we are family17:46
doc-saintlyAdmin_User: lay off the sauce17:47
doc-saintlyand - there's this thing called punctuation and complete sentences.17:47
bobo37773Admin_User: Usually when people want to talk about such things here they just pm each other.17:47
bobo37773Admin_User: That way the room stays open for people who may need support.17:47
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: yes, the OS will boot off the PXE server. The system can be completely diskless17:48
bastidrazorAdmin_User: there is a channel just for chat. #ubuntu-offtopic17:48
Admin_UserDoc-Saintly: bob37773: Stop it your killing me man I was joking man I cant stop laughing.17:48
Admin_Usersorry guys17:48
VIPER-IIGuys, I know there is a setting to force Ubuntu to always start at 1920-resolution. Can't remember how to do it, but it had to do with putting 1 command into the 'Start-options'. I have a ATI card17:48
bobo37773Admin_User: Oh okay17:48
wolfmitchellI need it to still be able to boot the regular OS (eg. Windows) but have ubuntu running over the network.17:48
MonkeyDustAitor  i thought you were asking how to chat on Badoo17:49
bobo37773VIPER-II: Maybe an xrandr command?17:49
VIPER-IIah yeah17:49
ActionParsnipAdmin_User: seems to just need java..17:49
Admin_Userbobo37773: If you want to change you ip address in a database and use thouse to calilate what you been doing on the web can you do that or something or am I talking about something else17:49
VIPER-IIwas it: xrandr 1920x1080  ?17:50
Aitormonkeydust: np, by the way, do u know if is posible to chat in badoo trought empathy or pidgin?17:50
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: then have a virtualbox booting PXE, or you can just reboot and tell the system to boot PXE instead of the internal storage17:50
Admin_UserActionParsnip: lol I just had some coffie lol I get crazy some times sorry about that17:50
bobo37773VIPER-II: xrandr -s 1920x108017:50
wolfmitchellEg. access boot menu and select "LAN"?17:50
Admin_Userbobo37773: If you want to change you ip address in a database and use thouse to calilate what you been doing on the web can you do that or something or am I talking about something else17:51
zgrwhat is fastest (not secure!)  way to copy one big file over LAN?17:51
bobo37773Admin_User: What are you talking about? Which database? You may be thinking of using a proxy server17:51
bastidrazorzgr: scp17:51
zykotick9zgr: samba / nfs would be faster the ssh/scp17:51
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: yeah, it will hit the pxe server and boot to the liveCD17:52
elhoirmay anyone help me please?17:52
woldhekkiezgr: i use dukto 5, start on both pc`s and drop files on it. Also works between linux and windows. Easyast adn fastest way...17:52
Admin_Userbobo37773: but is it possible to use such a program. to have a history what you been doing on the internet and find which Ip address whent to that site.17:52
bobo37773elhoir: whats goiing on?17:52
wolfmitchellOk, but I don't want the live CD17:52
bastidrazorzykotick9: really? i would think scp would be just as fast as the network would allow17:52
raidoescott: Interesting comment from someone who admits never using it. Nevertheless, The process of cloning will not modify the source drive, He has nothing to loose by trying it.17:52
bobo37773Admin_User: You mean like on a lan?17:53
elhoirbobo37773: i cant search / run any app using the unity start launcher17:53
=== dasd3 is now known as S34rching
bobo37773elhoir: Oh. Sorry I don't use unity17:53
wolfmitchellI want it to boot a fully-installed OS17:53
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: you'll need to search that out then but you can PXE boot as long as your BIOS supports it17:54
zykotick9bastidrazor: i don't get the "greatest" performance from scp copying on my network?  ymmv?17:54
wolfmitchellCan I do that with an existing ubuntu install?17:54
Admin_Userbobo37773: mabey I guest but you know in school when someone goes on a site and that perison or if they find something on there history that they dont want it on there system or something they check which last IP address whent to that site and shut them down is I heard of such a tool I just cant find something just what am talking about.17:54
bobo37773elhoir: Did you try updating your system?17:54
woldhekkieFastest copy between 2 computers : http://www.msec.it/blog/?p=44417:54
elhoirbobo37773: its fully updated17:55
VIPER-IIbobo37773: I love you man. The resolution worked.   Ubuntu FTW!!!   :)17:55
bobo37773Admin_User: Oh I see. Local history setttings in your dns cache / web browser?17:55
bobo37773VIPER-II: Cool. Glad it helped17:55
bastidrazorzykotick9: i normally have to limit the speed with scp. it takes all my bandwidth.17:56
zgrzykotick9: thanks, I first tried rsync over ssh, and then saw article on lwn which says that cp is much faster (except delta transfers), just thought is there way to just cat file through lan to another pc without ssh? :)17:57
damo22zgr nc17:57
Admin_UserOh I have a Q? for you guys you know it will be so easy if there was a tool that you can use for remote access on a monitor only for remote access or something like that that would have like a ethernet cable and usb ports and sound and and just the stuff that you sould have not like mother board or anthing like that not a computer just a tool that u can use to access remote access and use that for your computer.17:57
bobo37773elhoir: all I can reccomend is maybe reinstalling / reconfiguring unity with yoru package manager. Other then that I dont know17:57
elhoirbobo37773: for reconfiguring unity... "unity --reset" maybe?17:58
zgrdamo22: thanks!17:58
Admin_Userbobo37773: Yes that what am looking for thank you17:58
Admin_UserOh I have a Q? for you guys you know it will be so easy if there was a tool that you can use for remote access on a monitor only for remote access or something like that that would have like a ethernet cable and usb ports and sound and and just the stuff that you sould have not like mother board or anthing like that not a computer just a tool that u can use to access remote access and use that for your computer.17:58
elhoiror better "dpkg-reconfigure unity" ?17:58
bobo37773Admin_User: There are plenty of tools like that. What are you trying to do exactly?17:58
bobo37773elhoir: Yeah thats what I was thinking dpkg17:59
elhoirlets see what happens17:59
bobo37773elhoir: Good luck. Hope it works17:59
bobo37773elhoir: You may need to reboot after.18:00
VIPER-IIanyone in here uses SICKBEARD?18:00
ActionParsnipAdmin_User: you could use x forwarding to a central server and users can run apps on the server and they will show on the client, not sound though18:00
elhoirbobo37773: actually, i have to reboot right now, since i cannot even open a terminal :)18:00
Admin_Userbobo37773: Just use a Operating system or soemthing but not all the application only remote access to access different computer is there a iso or something that I can just use for my computer18:00
bobo37773elhoir: just switch to a tty18:00
elhoiroh, true18:00
ActionParsnipAdmin_User: you could make a multiseat PC if you want too http://www2.userful.com/products/userful-multiseat-linux  something like that18:01
elhoirok, im back right now :)18:01
wolfmitchellAP-Can I set up a LiveCD to connect to an X server on the host computer instead of booting into lan?18:01
bobo37773Admin_User: Its not as simple as you may think if you are indeed talking about what I think you are.18:01
bobo37773elhoir: that quick?18:02
Aitorhello, trying to install restricted extras trought ubuntu software center gives me the advice to uninstall first two packages: libav codec and utility library; but i cannot find those packages to uninstall trought the same software center18:02
VIPER-IIhmm... guess not.18:02
elhoirbobo37773: no, i meant, "im back in a while, in a very whort period of time" :)18:03
bobo37773VIPER-II: Yeah never heard of it18:03
bobo37773elhoir: Oh I see. Okay18:03
bluezoneI'm using gnome3 right now, and the top bar's colours are all screwed up (they are a disgusting mixture of pink, white, cyan, blue, purple). It's basically a graphics glitch, in addition there's a lot of text that is not legible (but this only occurs in certain areas) any ideas?18:03
Aitorsould i take the advice and unistall those packages (libav) using synaptic before installing the restrictred ubuntu extras?18:03
ActionParsnipwolfmitchell: I guess18:03
wolfmitchellI'll try that18:04
Admin_UserActionParsnip: bobo37773: I guest it really hard to explane see if it was just a box that had a vga,ethernet,usb,sound plugin, that device that only has remote access that you can use and use different virtualization os system that you install on vmware and stuff like that and it would be nice for school or bussiness Deed a create something new if so I think I became a $1,000,000,000 lol just kittting18:04
lotuspsychjeis there a way to password protect programs in ubuntu?18:04
VIPER-IIbobo37773: well ppl who watches series kinda love it, cuz it is capable of searching the latest episode and download em each time that it comes out.18:04
bobo37773Admin_User: haha. Yeah dont forget about me when you do :p18:04
Admin_UserYa that true I will make you the CEO because your probley smarter then me lol:)18:05
bobo37773VIPER-II: eh. I do it the old fashioned way hahaha. Not really something to discuss here though18:05
zatanhi is there anyway that i can run programs on second screen "dual monitors" ?18:05
VIPER-IIyeah sorry.18:05
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Admin_UserActionParsnip: what do you mean About a x forwarding what kind of OS is that what that name of it.18:09
ActionParsnipzatan: you can use compiz or devilspie, you can use gdevilspie to configure it18:09
ActionParsnipAdmin_User: the x server in linux is very modular, the display for an app can be on a remote system but be processed on the server18:09
BlueWolfIs there a way to get onto irc.spotchat.org using Empathy to then go to #linuxmint-help?18:10
ActionParsnipBlueWolf: add the server in the client18:10
bobo37773BlueWolf: empathy? is empathy an irc client?18:11
ActionParsnipbobo37773: it can connect to irc servers, so yes18:11
bobo37773ActionParsnip: oh I had no idea18:11
BlueWolfActionParsnip: How would I go about this?18:12
ActionParsnipBlueWolf: not sure, i use pidgin18:12
ActionParsnipBlueWolf: try:    /server irc.spotchat.org18:12
BlueWolfActionParsnip: Where would I enter it in? The chat create a new account?18:13
ActionParsnipBlueWolf: where you are typing now18:14
wolfmitchellLol, just bombed a VM to reinstall onto it18:14
Boris_I'm looking for help18:14
BlueWolfActionParsnip: It's coming up with this  -18:15
BlueWolfUnknown command; see /help for the available commands18:15
BlueWolf /server irc.spotchat.org18:15
ActionParsnipBlueWolf: strange  /server is a standard command afaik18:15
BlueWolfActionParsnip: You try it18:15
BlueWolfActionParsnip: Are you useing Empathy or have you used it before?18:16
aaaswhat is the ubuntu equivalent of windows 'resource monitor'  (the right window here: http://i41.tinypic.com/2gsep0k.jpg)18:16
aaasI want to monitor what processes/files are using my drives18:16
Boris_i cant' log in on my ubuntu session... i can't go further than the log in screen.... i've tried the Xauthority solution but i can't find the file18:17
aaasnot using space, but what is using the speed18:17
monohedronBoris_, error message?18:17
Boris_no error message18:18
Pat201what would i type into the terminal to open an internet browser?18:18
Gentoo64aaas, iotop18:18
ActionParsnipBlueWolf:in the  main window:   Edit->Accounts   maybe?18:18
bastidrazorBlueWolf: in empathy you have to add another account and manually add spotchat.18:18
ActionParsnipPat201: which browser do you use?18:18
aaasGentoo64 thanks18:18
Pat201SRWare Iron18:19
ActionParsnipPat201: how did you install it?18:19
BlueWolfbastidrazor: ActionParsnip: Ok I will give it a try and get back to you.18:19
bastidrazorBlueWolf: i just did it yesterday. just to know how.18:19
monohedronwhat app caan unpack mzp files, i can't find anything in the software centre18:20
gr33n7007hany 1 on xchat??18:20
ActionParsnipPat201: try:   iron    if you used the deb18:20
ActionParsnipmonohedron: install unp, may be able to do it18:20
Pat201hold on will try18:20
monohedronActionParsnip, will try thanks18:20
Chipzzzch33z: still here?18:21
ActionParsnipmonohedron: http://www.winarchiver.com/tutorials/mzp-file.htm   looks like some winarchiver thing18:21
Pat201hmm that didnt work. and as for install i just downloaded the iron executable18:21
Boris_monohedron: is there a command line to seach for files on the hard drive? maybeee is the Xauthority file in an other location18:21
BlueWolfbastidrazor: Ok adding it manually - in the network do I just put spotchat or irc.spotchat.org?18:21
aaasmy drive on the ubuntu server will take 16 hours to copy over 62 gb (been runing for 10 hours probably)--that doesn't seem right does it--whats the best way to find out if its the read drive, the copy drive, the network or other?  I guess when the copy is done I should run a chkdisk on the drive?18:22
bastidrazorBlueWolf: in the network put irc.spotchat.org and you do not need to change the port number18:22
ActionParsnipPat201: i'd use the deb from the site18:22
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rasha666how can i install Ubuntu TV?18:22
monohedronActionParsnip, nope not working any other suggestion?18:22
ActionParsniprasha666: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/01/how-to-install-ubuntu-tv-right-now-via-ppa/18:23
monohedronBoris_, yes18:23
rasha666thanks :)18:23
monohedronboris use findfind18:23
ActionParsnipmonohedron: you may need a win app to extract it18:23
FloodBot1monohedron: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:23
monohedronBoris_, wat is the output of ls -l /18:24
Boris_like "findfind Xauthority" ?18:24
monohedronno find / -name ICEauthority18:24
acidraindoes anyone have any idea where i can get the old shoutcast server and transcoder that just simply works?18:25
monohedronActionParsnip, i was afraid you'd say that18:25
BlueWolfbastidrazor: And what about the Character Set and the severs thing underneath?18:25
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest32447
bastidrazorBlueWolf: leave it to the default that it was at.18:26
monohedronwell its actually 'find / -name .ICEauthority'18:26
VIPER-IIwhat's the 'chmod' command to make a directory and it's contents accessible for all other users?    I dont think it "chmod 777".18:26
EarthcoreHi, I want to know how to set the location (e.g. Berlin) with the command line?18:26
ChipzzzVIPER-II: chmod 777 /path/to/directory18:27
monohedronBoris_, well its actually 'find / -name .ICEauthority' it may not find anything without the dot18:27
Guest32447Hi Ubuntu community18:27
zykotick9VIPER-II: is this on a FAT/NTFS partition by chance?18:27
bastidrazorBlueWolf: in Servers you need to add irc.spotchat.org18:27
EarthcoreGuest32447: Hi18:27
VIPER-IIZykotick9: not this one is normal linux drive.18:28
VIPER-IIChipzzz: well doesn't 777 make content executable too?18:28
zykotick9VIPER-II: then 777 is "wide open"18:28
monohedronBoris_, also show us the output of 'ls -l /|grep home'18:28
Boris_i've found the file. how can i rename it or delete it?18:28
VIPER-IIwasn't it 776 or 757 or something else?18:28
zykotick9VIPER-II: for directories it means you can enter tehm18:28
Guest32447new to ubuntu but so glad i found it18:28
monohedronBoris_, mv18:28
bpb_grindahi. can someone help me with this postfix error:  postfix/postdrop[3711]: warning: mail_queue_enter: create file maildrop/609115.3711: Disk quota exceeded18:29
EarthcoreHi, I want to know how to set the location (e.g. Berlin) with the command line?18:29
Hector__chi, i have an opensuse 11.4 with samba + openldap + LAM + Bacula but my boss is asking me to replace that for an ubuntu server bcs he thinks there all of those services can be managed through a gui18:29
wolfmitchellWhat does 'grep' even do? I always see that here.18:29
haylothat last 7 gives full permission to the world- something you dont  usuallywant VIPER-II18:29