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Guest21943hey I was wondering if I could obtain the latest alpha/beta of precise for installation so that I could help test, as I am going to re-install anway.  is that possible?15:02
jussibah. 8 mins. missed them15:12
Len2I was just looking at https://wiki.edubuntu.org/UbuntuStudio/Artwork/OfficialOneiric17:19
Len2At the bottom it mentions this thing called "AWN"17:20
Len2Huh? Can people not just write it out instead of some letters? what does that mean? it just looks like a panel to me.17:20
lenAnyway, are we still pursuing an "AWN only" concept? or are we just looking at getting xfce working for us right now and see where things are going.17:23
lenIf AWN is a program, and we are still thinking going that way some time later... is there a ref I can go to to find out more?17:25
lenSorry for the switch of logins... that was where I happened to have the browser up.17:25
holsteinhehe...http://awn-project.org/ seems dead17:25
lenRight... Thanks for the answer.17:26
holsteinwhen i used AWN, it required 3d17:26
holstein+, i just personally hate the dock thing17:26
holsteini feel like it would compromise stability for a slick look that most folks probably wont appreciate in the end17:27
holsteinseems like there was a lot of talk about the look and feel of ubuntustudio not too long ago17:30
holsteinand i personally think that was the strongest thing it had going fo it17:30
holsteinit felt so modern... and zen almost17:30
holsteinanyways... ill get behind whatever we can make happen!17:31
holsteinim just saying.. i dont see anyone wishing they had a dock17:31
holsteinbut, it looks slick, and any little thing we could do drastic like that would really set us apart from main ubuntu and xubuntu17:32
holsteinnot that we need to detract users from either place, but if we are providing a whole different experience, i can see that as a benefit17:32
holsteineven if that experience is far from what i want, and something that im going to nix right out of the box17:32
lenholstein, I was thinking I could make a dock/menu/panel thingy that has buttons like that... 17:43
leneach button would be a selection of apps for a type of work.. sort of megga workflows17:44
holsteinlen: i bet you can :)17:44
lenin other words each button might represent a few related workflows.17:44
lenwhen the button is pressed the whole thing is replaced by a set of buttons that go to apps for the super workflow.17:45
holsteinsounds similar to what ScottL was talking about17:45
lenholstein does that make sense?17:45
holsteini think there are some mock-ups?17:45
holsteinmaybe just text on it17:46
lenI would do it in tk/tcl... because I think it will be around forever. and even if the version changes the scripting will still work for old apps.17:46
lenText would be real easy. Icons would take more time as they are new to me.17:46
lenI think I could make it configurable without having to recode...17:48
lenholstein I am thinking however that this would be 12.11 ish stuff.17:48
holsteinlen: cool!17:48
holsteini like the idea for sur17:48
lenI am also (slowly) working on "TikTOC" to replace gcdmaster. I am not at all happy with what ardour puts out.17:49
lenholstein, do you know how to put toc files out in ardour3? I can find it in ardour 2 but not 317:50
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holsteinlen: nah... i havent used it enough18:04
holsteinlsd over in #opensourcemusicians would know18:04
holsteinor las in #ardour18:04
ScottLlen, len-nb , when we work on the menu i would encourage you to use a bzr branch owned by you under your launchpad account, this will make merging the code together much easier18:18
len-nbScottL i can't do much for the next few hours but when I get back I will see how to do that18:19
ScottLno rush, i still need to get micahg some information about the recent set of change, but i would like to knock the menu change before the end of the coming week18:20
ScottLeven if it isn't "perfect", we still have made progress and can tweak it later18:20
ScottLi heard a really good saying that i'm trying to embrace; "don't let perfect stand in the way of better"18:20
ScottLreading the backscroll reminds me of something...18:21
ScottLi had thought about a package for ubuntu studio that would be "helpful" for the user18:21
ScottLit might be an "extras" package or similar18:21
ScottLit might set up some directory structures for users to help organize audio or video projects18:21
ScottLit might even have the awn dock in it with work flows18:21
ScottLjust something that i thought about one day18:22
ScottLbut i don't know that i'll want to put too much effort into docks or panels for work flows right now18:22
ScottLtwo reasons for this...18:22
ScottLfirst we need to finish the work flows and document them in the wiki better (along general work flow)18:22
ScottLsecond, i would like in the next two or three cycles *really* see about making work flows more transparent to users18:23
ScottLthis might be through gladish for audio18:23
ScottLor even scripts ala ralph on the mailing list for audio18:23
ScottLbut the point would be to make it easier to start or restart an audio (this automation might include video, graphical, or photography work flows too) project18:24
ScottLbut we can flesh this out later, right now we need to get through this cycle18:24
ScottLand probably a few things will not get done this cycle and will slide into next cycle18:25
ScottLand i hope next cycle we can refine the UI , theme, etc but mainly focus on work flows and documentation18:25
jussiScottL: ping?21:37
ScottLjussi, pong22:13
knomeScottL, dong22:15
ScottLknome, ding22:30
knomeScottL, any chancee of getting the cards to printer yet?22:34
astraljavaScottL: jussi is in Barcelona, most likely partying hard right now (Saturday evening, after all). :D22:35
knomeohai astraljava 22:36
knomei'm getting sub-60% wlan signal here at the floor on front of the living room window22:39
knomedon't ask why i22:39
knome'm here.22:39
knomeand, damn eeepc keyboard22:39
* knome just set up pidgin on eeepc :)22:40
astraljavaA real one?22:42
knomehah. not really. but i do have a bag which has the text PIGEON in it22:43
len-nbknome, I feel lucky if I get 50%... the ap is downstairs.23:07
knomelen-nb, i'm about 3 meters away from the ap, no walls between23:08
knomewell, maybe 4m23:09
len-nbOuch! Mine is an old wap1123:09
len-nbin b mode23:09
knomelinksys wrt54gs here23:10
knomethough it must be the eeepc that sucks23:10
len-nbNo drive deal23:11
len-nbI'm trying to remember what I have heard about them... not sure23:11
knomei have the 4G, one of the first23:12
knome4G meaning it has 4G drive space, not 4G mem23:12
knomebut i'm not really complaining.23:14
knomethis is fine23:15
knomei couldn23:15
knome't even afford another one.23:15
knomenot in the money sense, but in the sense i'd just play with it all day long23:15
knomeand i don't really need another yet, so...23:15
len-nbJa, that was the one I thought it was.23:17
* knome should be sleeping now too. but i'm stuck playing gnomine on this damn eeepc :)23:18
len-nbI have installed Ustudio on a 16G usb stick ok, but it took up about 4G, so not much room for playing with.23:18
knome4G is tight. but it's manageable. i run xubuntu, but i removed a lot of software at install time23:19
knomei have about 800M free23:19
len-nbI kind of wonder what the advantage is, the cheaper aspire I have has a drive in the same space. 23:19
len-nbDoes it have better battery time23:20
knomewell, it's not too good23:20
knomebut remind you, this *is* one of the first really small ones23:20
len-nbI don't know that I could use a keyboard much smaller... and not having a KB is what turned me away from the pads23:21
knomewell, tbh this keyboard is a bit small for me23:22
knomebut you get used to it23:22
knomeand i'm not writing novels with this23:22
knomeand i have a pretty decent writing speed too, i think23:22
len-nbSo I have found... this one has become my main use computer23:22
knomei just have to prefer my desktop :)23:23
len-nbMy desktop is downstairs... we don't heat downstairs.23:23
len-nbBut my desktop has a nice soundcard.23:23
ScottLknome, sorry haven't really tried any printers yet23:24
knomemine too, but old23:24
knomeScottL, np :)23:24
ScottLjust been busy, work especially, did 55 hours last week, probably more this week :(23:25
len-nbScottL: Do you want me to setup the menu as I have it, or change over to one config file first?23:25
knomelen-nb, but my desktop has two 24" monitors which handle the heating...23:26
len-nbWhat I have works fine.23:26
knomeScottL, too bad :(23:26
ScottLlen-nb, let's get one config file working first, if you don't mind....we'll start KISS23:26
len-nbKnome, I just have an lcd thing, doesn't even put out as much heat as the cpu.23:27
knomelen-nb, :)23:27
ScottLi trust everyone knows that acronym23:27
knomeScottL, did you mean: "that band"23:27
len-nbScottL, Ok, I will do that. I will have to touch a few different things to do that though.23:28
len-nbI am assuming I would put it in /etc/xdg/xdg-ubuntustudio?23:28
len-nbActually /etc/xdg/xdg-ubuntustudio/menus23:30
ScottLlen-nb, i'm not exactly sure, but you might look at xubuntu-default-settings as a template, but i do think that is right23:32
len-nbYes that is where I got the idea from23:33
len-nbScottL there is a small startup script that sets the path to the menustuff we have in /usr/share that will have to be removed.23:34
len-nb I'm going to reboot and play...23:35
ScottLlen-nb, is the script in the xubuntu stuff or from our original menu?23:35
knomeScottL, so you're *really* ripping us off, aren't you??23:36
len-nbjust for ours, Xubuntu doesn't anything like it.23:36
ScottLlen-nb, i thought so, i'm not sure that is needed anymore, especially if we are using the xubuntu (i.e. the proper) model for menus23:36
len-nbknome, not really, just using xubuntu as a lesson in using xfce right23:36
ScottLknome, i am afraid so23:37
ScottLlen-nb, well, i've used their stuff a LOT during all my changes23:37
len-nbJa, but like I say, they have the best xfce model in town.23:37
len-nbScottL, do you want me to set up panels while we are at it? (mainly I mean get rid of it ;-) )23:39
len-nbBack in a minute...23:39
CFHowlettWill the US 12.04 beta be available next week?  Couldn't seem to find an official US release calendar...23:45
knomeScottL, i'm just kidding :)23:46
ScottLCFHowlett, we follow the same as ubuntu23:47
CFHowlettScottL   thanks for the confirmation.  Looking forward to testing the new build!23:48
knomeLen-1204, thanks for the compliments ;)23:48

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