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knomehey pleia2 20:51
pleia2hey knome!20:51
knomei'm at my eeepc, so i can chat but not much else :)20:52
pleia2hehe ok20:52
pleia2so I created https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Marketing/Products20:54
pleia2moved the stickers there, did a super basic t-shirt design20:54
knomeyeah, i noticed the shirt design20:55
pleia2so I'm thinking we do a call for more t-shirt designs, and maybe ask for more suggestions for stuff to offer20:55
knomei think something basic is what we want20:55
knomei'd like one with quite small logo on the front20:55
knomeand maybe nothing in the back20:55
* pleia2 nods20:56
knomeunless we come up with a cool motto or so, but that could be printed on the front too20:56
knomedid you see the unity-greeter icons?20:57
knomehttp://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/precise_greeter/greeter_badges_preview.png for logs20:57
knomedo you like the mouse head?20:57
pleia2yeah, much better than squishing the whole mouse in to 22x2220:58
knomemaybe we could use that on the shirt designs too20:58
knomeand other places that needs a clear shape and not something cut20:58
* pleia2 nods20:58
knomewhat about a blue shirt with white mouse?20:59
pleia2can you add the mouse head SVG to the Artwork page?20:59
knomewill do when i'm at my desktop20:59
pleia2when I do the blog post about shirts I'll point people to the Artwork page so they start with the right stuff21:00
knomei will check everything is fine three21:00
knomeand what about moving that to our website?21:00
pleia2I haven't fully thought about that yet, I'm wondering if we want to keep artwork-proposed on the wiki so anyone can upload, and have official released artwork on the website21:01
knomeyeah, that21:01
knomei was referring to the official material21:01
knomewe could try ro gather some banners and stuff there too21:02
pleia2yeah, that would be good21:02
pleia2do you have any opinions vendor-wise? I'm in the US so I think zazzle, cafepress21:03
knomewell, not really21:03
knomei'd like to keep the expenses as small as possible21:03
pleia2they both ship internationally and mostly their stuff doesn't suck21:03
knomemeaning the shipping+handling21:03
* pleia2 nods21:03
knomewith only one ordered product too21:03
pleia2ok, well I'll blog asking people what stuff they want to see, and that can help us narrow down a vendor21:05
knomeyeah, that would be good21:05
knomedo we have rights to do this21:05
knomei mean, vs. canonical21:05
pleia2and I can start drafting an official released artwork page for you and ochosi to review21:06
pleia2I don't think it'll be a problem, they don't sell xubuntu stuff (and I doubt they ever will, they had trouble moving their kubuntu stuff)21:06
knomemmh, but still21:06
knomeshould we check?21:06
knomejust to have an official ack21:06
knomei mean, i don't want to go "oops"21:07
pleia2yeah, I see your point21:07
pleia2and I am going to go with not making profit on these (these sites let you add $1 or whatever to the cost of items to make money)21:08
knomeyeah, definitely21:08
knomebut still, on the (c) of the logos and stuff21:08
knometrademarks and so21:08
pleia2who does own the copyright of the locos?21:08
knomei don't know. it's possible i do, because i created that21:09
pleia2yeah, I think you do21:09
knomebut the trademark... i don't know21:09
knomeand what about the xfce mouse?21:09
knomei could check with xfce too that it's okay21:09
pleia2hmm, good question about the mouse21:09
pleia2ok, want me to email the canonical trademarks (I'll cc you) and you contact xfce?21:10
knomewell, it's modified in the xubuntu logo21:10
knomeyep, sounds good21:10
knomecould you send me an email telling me i need to email xfce about the mouse?21:10
knomei mean, just something with a title to remind21:10
pleia2that's pretty much all I had :) I am still working on text for the little fliers, I'll let you know when I have a draft that needs are love21:11
knomehehe, sure21:11
knomesounds like a plan21:13
pleia2doh, trademarks doesn't use an email address anymore, they have a web form21:28
pleia2"Thank you for contacting us. Every email we receive is read and handled by a person from the Trademarks Team."21:35
pleia2hehe, woo, a real person!21:35
knomethat's more than we could have ever asked for22:15

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