jadoeis there a way to prevent the screensaver/lock activation when a movie player is running?00:13
damianjadoe: I guess you could wrap the movie playing app around disable/enable the xscreensaver deamon in the script then call the script instead of the app directly00:20
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joshdI've just moved to xubuntu 11.10 from Mint 11, and am trying to compile an MPI application. I have, (as far as I know) all the right OpenMPI packages installed for this to work01:31
joshdI get this error when linking http://paste.ubuntu.com/856065/01:31
joshdlibmpi_cxx.so.0 appears to be linked to the correct location01:33
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juancBuenas noches05:24
juanc¿alguien habla español?05:24
well_laid_lawn!es | juanc05:30
ubottujuanc: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #xubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter. Si nadie responde allí puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.05:30
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hernan¿Alguien habla español?06:44
well_laid_lawn!es | hernan06:45
ubottuhernan: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #xubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter. Si nadie responde allí puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.06:45
hernanmuchas gracias06:45
NyLescan someone analyze my problem with my soundcard? http://paste.ubuntu.com/85630109:53
shpngldhello everybody! I have such an weird problem. Im running xubuntu 11.04 and have installed skype beta. the problem is I cant type in the chat windows in skype. The only way for a text to appear is to first type in in empty file than copy it and then paste in chat window. I have tried reinstalling skype but nothing happened please help!11:40
baizonshpngld: what version of skype are you using?11:42
shpngldlemme check11:42
shpngldskype beta
shpngldI installed it using the software center11:43
baizonshpngld: try skype 2.211:43
shpngldhow can i find this version?11:43
shpngldshoul i use the soft centre or just google?11:44
shpngldok baizon  I downloaded the package. should i first remove the other version?11:45
baizonshpngld: yes11:45
shpngldok Im tryin now....11:45
shpngldbaizon,  it installed the same version, wonder what i made wrong11:51
TheSheepshpngld: if you right-click inside the text area, you can select an "input method"11:54
TheSheepshpngld: see if changing that helps11:54
shpngldI cant even type my password at login screeen!!!11:56
TheSheepmake sure your keyboard is connected...11:57
shpngldnow I cant type ANYWHERE except here11:58
shpngldsomething is wrong last night everything was ok11:58
shpngldi havent donbe nothing unusual, just browsing11:59
TheSheepdid you try to change that input method?11:59
shpngldI cant login into skype, I cant type my password12:00
shpngldI cant type into addresss bar even12:02
baizonso something is wrong with you input12:02
shpngldonly here, what to do?12:02
baizonrestart? :D12:02
* TheSheep gives up12:02
shpngldwhat kind of input mkethod i have to use?12:03
TheSheepshpngld: try the X one12:03
shpngldwhen i right klik on to adress bar there is input method12:03
shpngldI will restart now, hopefully something better will happen12:05
baizongood luck12:06
xubuntu763i am quite new in xubuntu and all is working well on my pc, apart from a little problem that i am trying to solve but so far with no success.13:15
xubuntu763it is about clicking turn off pc, but in the end system is shutting down until it says system is down, but it is not because monitor is on and pc fan is running. then i have to press on/off button on tower to turn off definitely.13:17
xubuntu763i tried many things but with no success.13:17
xubuntu763my pc is a pentium 3 with 1 Gb ram. No acpi or apm.13:18
TheSheepwell, without acpi it's not possible to turn the computer off programmatically13:18
xubuntu763before i had xp running on this pc and it turned off well, but with ubuntu after and now xubuntu, no way.13:20
xubuntu763you are right, thesheep, about having no acpi, there is no chance.13:20
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.13:20
xubuntu763i tried to edit with acpi=off, but nothing. No acpi, no party.13:22
well_laid_lawnthis fellow found a solution http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=8898413:24
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vjacobanyone know how to get rid of the annoying corner pop-up about network connection being down/off (when it is clearly on)?16:32
GridCubeyep, clic on it16:34
vjacobi have been doing that16:34
vjacobmy question is how to avoid clicking16:34
vjacoband not have them display at all16:34
vjacobi dont really need that popzup16:35
vjacobto appear16:35
GridCubeno way that im aware of16:35
GridCubelet me check16:35
m1chaelcan i use virtual box to install to a usb flash drive?16:35
vjacobguess im not the only one http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=179540516:35
GridCubevjacob, nope, its something pretty common16:36
vjacobhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1877641 apparently has a "solution"16:37
GridCubevjacob, try this: gconftool -s /apps/nm-applet/disable-disconnected-notifications --type=bool true16:38
vjacobsudo mv /usr/lib/notify-osd /usr/lib/notify-osd-DELETETHIS16:38
vjacobthanks gridgube, i appreciate it16:41
vjacobwill keep it in mind16:41
vjacobanyone here know where the commands that launch each panel item are located?16:42
vjacobi want to find out what command is being used to screen lock16:42
vjacobor Lock screen16:42
vjacobor do any of you know how I could temporarily disable panel 2 without removing it from the configuration completely?16:43
vjacobhave it not load16:44
vjacobas in auto-hide is not enough16:44
GridCubemmm not that im aware of16:44
vjacobonly see delete and add buttons in the properties16:44
vjacobbut I take it there must be a config file somewhere16:45
vjacobthat I could backup and then I could also revert to that16:45
GridCubemaybe on ~/.config/xfce4/panel16:46
GridCubeno idea16:46
vjacobguess in .config yeah16:47
vjacobthanks again16:47
vjacobthe panel crashes and reloads when i try to add new apps to it.16:51
vjacobah, probably due to disk space running low16:52
mongyIt did that when I added the Places plugin,  after I configured it..  not low on space either16:54
vjacobmongy, to what extent did you customize your default XFCE config?17:07
mongyquite bit17:08
mongywell depends what you mean by customise.  I never hacked any scripts to get what I want.17:09
mongychanged theme, icons, enabled compiz and gestures, added places plugin, swapped time/date for xfce4-datetime-plugin, compiled netspeed panel plugin, er....rearranged app menu a little17:10
baizonnice config :)17:12
vjacoblooks nice indeed17:13
mongyI have the beef to have a little extra goin on17:13
mongyreminds me, food time..17:13
vjacobhow much ram do you have on that computer?17:13
vjacoband is it a desktop or a laptop?17:13
vjacobnae bother :)17:14
mongylaptop.  i7/8gb - ati 4650hd 1gig17:16
Sysimongy: put space before text "Applications", you can actually do that17:26
mongy:)  I guess it does improve a touch..17:27
Sysiwhich torrent client btw?17:29
mongymeans I don't use one, not locally anyway17:30
Sysioh right, that's how netspeed should be like17:30
mongyand rarely.17:30
mongyyeah, just xfce4-netspeed17:30
vjacobdo you have a special xfce repository? according to apt-get install xfce4-netspeed, its not located on my system17:32
adamrj1986Hi, I'm new to xubuntu and I can't figure out how to select different audio devices for sound output.17:32
mongyvjacob, compiled.17:33
holsteinadamrj1986: mention one is bluetooth... pavucontrol is the tool for that in most cases.. i think that is the issue you are having... BT management17:34
mongyvjacob, its only small and requires a few dev packages..  I kept the debs it made however.17:34
mongyvjacob, http://code.google.com/p/xfce4-netspeed-plugin/17:34
Sysipavucontrol is also used when switching between internal/usb cards but AFAIK it should work with BT too17:36
Sysimy desktop: http://imagebin.org/20076217:37
mongyvjacob, if you wanna compile it: sudo apt-get install intltool xfce4-dev-tools libxfce4util-dev libgtk2.0-dev libxfcegui4-dev libxfce4util-dev xfce4-panel-dev libgtop2-dev checkinstall  (checkinstall because I make debs)17:37
mongyvjacob, I may as well finish it off : )   ./configure --prefix=/usr && make && sudo checkinstall --pkgname=xfce4-netspeed --pkgversion="1:$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M)" --backup=no --deldoc=yes --fstrans=no --default17:39
mongyuse whatever pkgname you like.17:40
Sysiif I removed wine I could maybe install kwin..17:41
adamrj1986Sysi: Should the bluetooth device be shown in the 'output' tab of pavucontrol?17:42
mongyDOOO IIIIIT!17:42
Sysiadamrj1986: sorry, I don't have any BT sound devices17:43
adamrj1986Ok, I'm going to try doing some more reading and see what I can figure out17:43
vjacobthanks a lot mongy17:48
mongyvjacob, debs in the folder to use another time...17:49
mongyonly 1 meg17:49
mongyvjacob, if you want cpu % and mem % as well there is the indicator-sysmonitor indicator plugin, works fine as long as you have the indicator plugin on panel..17:52
vjacobinstalling the debs currently17:53
mongyits installed with the checkinstall command.  debs are only thre as backups17:54
mongyjust makes life easier for installing/removing17:54
vjacobi smell a package brewing up :)17:54
mongyso do I , brb. toilet18:09
justakillanyone know where i can find a tutorial about static ip adresses xubuntu20:10
justakillalso how do i check if its static or not20:10
GridCubejustakill, i don't think that depends exclusivelly on xubuntu or not20:11
GridCubethat will depend on the kind of contrat you have with your ISP20:12
GridCubeDSL kind of connection are always dynamic ip's20:12
justakillwell i'm talking about a static ip on local network20:13
justakilli think??20:13
GridCubethats you should set on your router20:13
Unit193LAN IP? No, that's the computer.20:14
Unit193Why do you need to set it? That's an easier way to figure out what you need.20:14
Sysiclick on network icon on panel -> edit connections -> wired20:14
GridCubethen you simply connect to a static ip on nm-connection-editor20:14
Sysiby default it's dhcp but your dhcp server is likely to give same address to same machine20:16
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mongycareful the one you set does not conflict with any in the dhcp pool20:19
DarkLordZimhi everyone20:44
DarkLordZimi've got a question dealing with hardware management20:48
DarkLordZimis there a command-line way to disable my touchpad? or do i need to install "synaptiks" to handle any of the touchpad settings?20:48
mongysynclient TouchpadOff=120:49
mongyman syndaemon20:49
mongysyndaemon -i 2 -d    if you wanna disable while typing20:50
Dayofswordsdoes anyone know how to stop xubuntu from starting up the programs that was open the last time i logged in?22:53
knomeDayofswords, close all applications, and when you log in the next time, be sure you have "save session" selected.22:54
knomeDayofswords, the next time after that, uncheck22:54
Dayofswordsk, i'll try that22:55
Dayofswordsso where is this save session thing? i'm not on exactly xubuntu, it's ubuntu 11.04 that i then installed xubuntu-desktop, i still have the ubuntu login screen(gdm?)22:59
mongyknome: out of curious, where does it save this info?22:59
knomeDayofswords, that was supposed to be "when you log *out*" :)22:59
knomemongy, i'm not completely sure.22:59
Dayofswordsknome: the logout thing doesn't have a save session option either, just "log out" and "cancel"23:01
knomeDayofswords, right, then check the session section in the settings manager23:01
mongyodd, I seeo one23:01
mongythere is a tick box23:01
Unit193~/.cache/sessions (close enough)23:02
mongyI have a shed load of 0 byte files in .cache/sessions23:10
mongyall thunar23:11
mongy265 to be precise.23:11
Unit193mongy: Delete 'em,  see what happens. :P23:15
brianp1992im installing xubuntu right now23:16
knomebrianp1992, :)23:16
brianp1992-when i upgraded to 10.10 ubuntu i realised that my system is too old for the os itself23:17
mongyUnit193: next time I reboot I'll remove them before I login and see how many appear.23:18
Unit193I have none.23:18
Unit193No, this is #xubuntu23:18
brianp1992in new to this, is there a way to change channels?23:19
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Unit193brianp1992: /join #ubuntu23:19
mongythe last one made 16:50 today. Thunar-20b501d96-25dd-4069-afe4-fc9aca0641ce23:20
mongy23:23 now btw23:20
brianp1992ahh okay i get it23:21
mongydon't leave us :'(23:22
mongyUnit193: ok am deleting them all23:22
Unit193I was kidding, but I have done it before... YMMV.23:23
mongyUnit193: thanks.. It took a while to delete them though.  265 x 0 bytes23:24
brianp1992so afer i finish installing it, is there a way in the teminal to set the root pasword?23:24
Unit193Err.. That's not actually supported.23:25
brianp1992so, i cant     sudo psword23:25
brianp1992so, i cant     sudo psword23:27
brianp1992well im restarting now, brb23:28
valdur55brianp1992, man passwd23:28
knomebrianp1992, please do not enable the root account23:28
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo23:29
mongyugh, the times I copy a lage file to my home or somewhwere, and it appears at like for example 92mb, when it's 2.8gb.. no matter how much I reload/refresh it stays at that.  I quite thunar and reload, bam there is it.23:31
Unit193ls -lh and I use a mix of pcmanfm and thunar, both are good for different reasons.23:33
mongyI'm really not using 2 file managers like that.  meh23:50

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