goddardi was curious if bzr was a good choice for version control for website development?01:52
goddardI want to have a dev site and a live site kind of a two step process01:53
bob2that's fine in any vc system01:53
bob2note that none of the free dvcs systems handle huge binary files well01:53
mgrandiis there a way to04:46
mgrandiview diffs in a better way? like having the 'complete' file along with the diff?04:46
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LarstiQ_mgrandi: you can do that right now?06:52
mgrandiwhat do you mean?06:52
mgrandias in i have a diff on launchpad06:52
mgrandibut its not the complete file...06:52
mgrandiand its a conflict, so i need to have the entire file to see what i'm changing06:52
LarstiQ_mgrandi: ah, viewing on launchpad06:53
LarstiQ_mgrandi: I don't know about that, but I would work with a local branch06:53
mgrandiwell it is a local branch, a branch of the bzr source code, but it ahd conflicts merging with 2.5 , now trunk i guess06:53
LarstiQ_mgrandi: so say you have two branches original/ and modificiation/ next to each other, `cd modification; bzr diff -r ancestor:../original` to get a diff in the style launchpad gives you06:54
LarstiQ_mgrandi: and then use your editor to view the diff and the original file06:55
LarstiQ_mgrandi: alternatively, you could try qdiff from qbzr06:55
mgrandiwill that load a diff file?06:55
LarstiQ_mgrandi: nafaik, but it will generate and show diffs06:56
mgrandihmm =/06:57
LarstiQ_mgrandi: hmm?06:57
mgrandiwell is there some program that shows the diff like qdiff does? cause i like having the user inferface part of that as its easier06:58
mgrandicause i can apparently download the diff file: https://code.launchpad.net/~markgrandi/bzr/gpg_devttynotfound_fix/+merge/9314406:58
LarstiQ_mgrandi: so if I branch lp:~markgrandi/bzr/gpg_devttynotfound_fix and run `bzr diff -r ancestor:../2.5` the diff comes up clean07:08
mgrandiok. thanks =)07:09
mgrandinew to diff files and whatnot.07:09
mgrandi(not the idea just working with em)07:09
LarstiQ_mgrandi: in this case it looks to me like launchpad generated the diff at an inopportune time or some such07:09
mgrandiwell it did it before 2.5 was frozen07:10
mgrandii was just busy and trying to figure out how to view the entire file so i didn't break things07:10
* LarstiQ_ nods07:10
mgrandiand it was sketchy anyway since it was proposed for merging at 2.5b607:10
LarstiQ_mgrandi: it can still go into the 2.5 branch even if it doesn't make 2.5.0, imo07:11
LarstiQ_mgrandi: so with that in mind, the merge conflicts are resolved. Only thing left is a news entry :)07:11
mgrandiyeah. thats actually a question i have about bzr's development (and i guess in development in general), if that gets fixed in 2.5, does it have to be applied to trunk as well?07:12
LarstiQ_mgrandi: it will be included in trunk automatically next time someone merges 2.507:12
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mgrandiah ok. so i'll fix it up tonight once i finish this thing07:13
LarstiQmgrandi: news entry goes in doc/en/release-notes/bzr-2.5.txt btw07:14
mgrandiso just fix the merge and add something in that file?07:15
LarstiQmgrandi: merge already looks fine to me, so just add an entry to that file07:16
mgrandiisn't the merge conflicted?07:16
mgrandithats what it says to me on launchpad07:16
LarstiQmgrandi: locally it was fine, that beats what launchpad says07:17
mgrandiok then07:17
LarstiQmgrandi: if you do get into trouble you can blame me and I'll fix it for you ;)07:17
mgrandik =P07:17
mgrandiand LarstiQ i updated it with the news entry. thanks again =)09:13
LarstiQmgrandi: np, thanks for the work!09:18
mgrandiall 5 characters of it haha09:18
LarstiQmgrandi: every bit of help is welcome :)09:20
LarstiQmgrandi: I commented on the mp, it does seem I was not quite awake yet09:26
mgrandihaha. ok09:26
LarstiQmgrandi: as said I can fix that up, and/or I can tell you how to deal with it09:26
mgrandiwhats the command to show the full diff? im pretty sure its just a small change09:27
LarstiQmgrandi: basically, and what I should have realized, is that lp does: `cd 2.5; bzr merge ../gpg_devttynotfound_fix`09:27
LarstiQmgrandi: because we are merging _into_ 2.509:28
mgrandiah, not the other way around.09:28
* LarstiQ nods09:28
LarstiQmgrandi: so if you do that and then do `bzr qdiff`, it will show you the same output09:28
mgrandik let me do that real fast09:28
LarstiQmgrandi: then under View Options you can toggle Complete to see the entire file09:29
mgrandik got it09:31
mgrandilet me fix thisss09:32
LarstiQmgrandi: I need to clear out an apartment and prepare for a talk. I'll check back later to see how things are going09:35
LarstiQmgrandi: so feel free to highlight me on irc for any questions you run into09:35
* LarstiQ away09:37
mgrandiLarstiQ, well i finished resolving the conflicts, now what do i do, do i push to the gpg_devttynotfound_fix branch? or do i commit the merge of my machine and push that somewhere?09:59
mgrandiLarstiQ, you can tell me and i'll do it later, now its bedtime~10:22
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LarstiQmgrandi|sleep: after resolving the conflicts: commit, push, update merge proposal13:06
LarstiQmgrandi|sleep: that last one might happen automatically, I'm a bit vague on what launchpad does nowadays13:09
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* jelmer waves17:56
LarstiQhey jelmer17:57
jelmerhey LarstiQ, how's it going?17:58
LarstiQjelmer: stuck on talk preparations17:59
LarstiQjelmer: how about you?17:59
jelmerLarstiQ: what are you going to talk about?17:59
jelmerLarstiQ: trying to clean up my digital garbage18:00
LarstiQjelmer: tensor products mostly18:00
jelmerah, uni stuff?18:00
LarstiQjelmer: yup18:01
wgzjelmer: ah, see your email (on the bzr list too)18:17
wgzwe have a GSoC enquiry18:17
wgzyou might have some useful points to add being a veteran18:19
jelmerwgz: heh, I'm not sure if veteran is the right word :)18:39
wgzexpert? maven? guru?18:44
jelmerwgz: euhm, let's stick with veteran :)18:48
LarstiQjelmer: "ervaringsdeskundige"18:51
mgrandi|sleepLarstiQ, now that i'm awake haha, i'm confused on commiting, cause since i did the merge, it says that if i commit then i do the merge locally, do i do that and then push to gpgdevttywhatever branch?19:12
wgzmgrandi|sleep: yes19:13
wgzbasically the stages are: pull latest 2.5, merge local 2.5 into local gpgdev, resolve conflicts in files, commit, push gpgdev19:14
mgrandi|sleepok. its just weird since i'm pushing the 2.5 branch into the gpgdev one, i'll do that19:15
LarstiQmgrandi|s: I think the answer is yes, though what says you're doing the merge locally?19:15
mgrandi|sleepwell you told me to cd 2.5, bzr merge ../gpgdevttynotfound_fix19:16
mgrandi|sleepto get it so it would generate the merge conflict stuff19:16
LarstiQmgrandi|sleep: aye19:17
mgrandi|sleepso then, now i commit to the 2.5 branch the 'merge' of the gpgdevtty branch, and then do i just push that to the one on launchpad?19:17
LarstiQmgrandi|sleep: push the result to gpgdev, yes19:19
* LarstiQ is being dense today19:20
LarstiQmgrandi|sleep: that should be it19:20
mgrandi|sleepkay. just seems weird that i merge it, push to that branch and then launchpad i guess will merge it with 2.5 when its already merged19:20
LarstiQmgrandi|sleep: yeah, it is a bit overkill in this case (even if you had done what wgz said instead of what I said)19:21
LarstiQmgrandi|sleep: with larger branches, the danger lurks that fixing the merge conflicts needs knowledge of what was done19:22
mgrandi|sleepyeah that makes morse sense19:22
LarstiQmgrandi|sleep: in which case it is safer to have the original author do it, insteadd of the integrator. Hence why poolie asked for it19:23
mgrandi|sleepnext time i'll merge 2.5 into the whatever branch and commit that, that seems to make more sense hehe19:24
mgrandi|sleepwhen i do this again19:24
LarstiQmgrandi|sleep: indeed, sorry for my density today :)19:24
mgrandi|sleepnah its fine, just trying to understand the workflow~19:24
* LarstiQ nods19:25
mgrandi|sleepand i pushed it19:25
LarstiQmgrandi|sleep: and the diff on launchpad is clean now too, cheers!19:27
mgrandi|sleepand now i eat food~19:37
LarstiQaand bedtime20:02
wgz...I think I won't try and review Jelmer's 3596 line diff this evening21:46
jelmerwgz: :)21:47
jelmerit's all simple renames :)21:47
jordiquick bzr newbie question21:53
jordiI have a few changes on a bzr branch of lp:intltool21:53
jordiwhat's the "lp way" of sending this diff to danilo?21:53
jelmerjordi: #launchpad is probably a better channel for this sort of question21:54
jelmerjordi: basically, commit the changes, push it to launch ("bzr push lp:~/intltool/branch-name")21:54
jelmerjordi: and then propose a merge ("bzr lp-propose")21:54
jordijelmer: thanks21:56
jordiI think something went a bit differently than expected21:56
jordiUsing default stacking branch /+branch-id/41904 at chroot-94560208:///~jordi/intltool/21:56
jelmerthat's correct21:56
jordijelmer: that's the name of my branch? It was meant to be manpage-fixes :)21:57
jelmerno, that's just saying what your branch is stacked on21:58
jordijelmer: hm, once pushed, there's no way of changing a commit message, right? :)21:58
wgzjordi: you can, especially if you've not told anyone else to get your branch yet22:00
jordigeez, python-launchpadlib has a few dependencies22:00
jordiwgz: not yet, no22:00
wgzuncommit locally, commit with fixed message, then push --overwrite22:00
jordiwgz: worked great, thanks!22:05
jordijelmer, wgz, thanks for the tips22:05
jelmernp :)22:07
pooliehi all22:35
jelmerhi poolie23:00

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