sreichwhat's pbuilder?00:00
rbelemsreich, it is a tool to build packages00:01
rbelemsreich, it manages the chroots by it self00:01
rbelemsreich, lets do it using pbuilder00:02
rbelemsreich, i dont know how the chroot i386 will work in fedora00:04
rbelemsreich, in the chroot run `apt-get install ubuntu-dev-tools`00:05
rbelemsreich, ready?00:20
sreichrbelem: ^00:23
rbelemsreich, lets try the 32bit chroot then00:24
sreichhow do i do that?00:25
rbelemsreich, `sudo debootstrap --arch=i386 oneiric /opt/ubuntu-oneiric-i386-chroot/ http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu`00:26
sreichshould i delete everythign i have so far?00:26
rbelemsreich, nope00:26
rbelemsreich, keep that if you want to build x86_64 packages00:27
rbelemsreich, sudo mount -o bind /dev /opt/ubuntu-oneiric-i386-chroot/dev00:30
sreichrbelem: done00:34
rbelemsreich, sudo linux32 chroot /opt/ubuntu-oneiric-chroot su -00:34
sreichrbelem: not i686?00:35
sreicher.. i38600:35
rbelemsreich, oops00:35
rbelemsreich, sorry00:35
rbelemsreich, sudo linux32 chroot /opt/ubuntu-oneiric-i386-chroot su -00:35
rbelemsreich, everything is the same now on00:36
sreichchroot: failed to run command `su': No such file or directory00:36
sreichsudo linux32 chroot /opt/ubuntu-oneiric-i386-chroot/ su -00:36
sreichvery interesting00:38
rbelemsreich, try file /opt/ubuntu-oneiric-i386-chroot/bin/su00:39
rbelemsreich, is it 32bit?00:39
sreichis what?00:39
rbelemsreich, run `file /opt/ubuntu-oneiric-i386-chroot/bin/su`00:40
rbelemsreich, what is the output?00:41
sreichi screwed up the moutn -o /dev00:41
sreich(so /dev was mounted on top of the chroot folder00:41
rbelemsreich, hhahah00:42
sreichworks now :)00:42
sreichrbelem: now what?00:43
rbelemsreich, same thing you did in the previous target00:44
sreichah ok00:44
yofelrbelem: what do you need linux32 for?00:44
danttinixternal: yes, if there are other CUPS you will see then (except if is a Mac CUPS - they don't use UDP broadcasting, they use DNS-SD)00:48
nixternalhrmm, do i have to be in the same workgroup as the other systems?00:49
nixternalactually, it doesn't work for me if I am in the workgroup or not with samba, and the other machines are windows machines00:49
danttinixternal: hmm I'm talking about linux - linux00:49
nixternalahhh, gotcha00:49
sreichrbelem: http://paste.kde.org/429314/00:49
danttito see samba shares it's not automatic00:49
nixternalsounds like an usability issue then with the wording, as it doesn't clarify Linux only00:50
danttiand rbelem has too add suport for it on the Add New Printer Wizard ;)00:50
danttinixternal: it's the same name you have on localhost:63100:50
danttibut maybe a tooltip or a more informative thing could be nice...00:51
nixternalanother issue I have with it is one of the shared printers I use has spaces in its name. instead of doing %20 in the URI in printer-config, it doesn't add the %, it just has 20, so it will never work until I change the 20 to %2000:51
rbelemyofel, to run 32bit efectively00:51
rbelemdantti, :-D00:51
yofelrbelem: dpkg doesn't really care what kernel you're running though00:52
yofel*care about00:52
rbelemsreich, that was because of pbuilder?00:52
yofelwell, not important anyway00:53
rbelemsreich, oops ubuntu-dev-tools?00:53
rbelemyofel, hum...00:53
yofelwas just curious as I've never used that so far00:53
rbelemyofel, i had throuble to build 32bits apps once00:53
rbelemyofel, with linux32 it worked00:54
sreichrbelem: yeah apparently00:54
rbelemsreich, you dont need to install it anymore00:54
rbelemsreich, that was the other method00:55
sreichactually..that was apt-get install build-essential00:55
rbelemsreich, hum...00:55
rbelemsreich, thats weird00:55
sreichmaybe it's still trying to install that one?00:55
sreichis there a way to --skipbroken?00:55
danttinixternal: hmm I have to do some stuff here email me with something I can test00:56
rbelemsreich, one minute00:56
rbelemsreich, i'm trying to reproduce the error00:57
yofeloh, that's upstart not supporting chroots -.-01:02
rbelemsreich, it worked here01:04
yofelrbelem: because you have upstart running01:05
sreichhah, yeah01:05
yofelthere was a way to work around that01:05
* sreich contemplating if a vm wouldn't be easier01:05
yofelsreich: try this: rm /bin/initctl; touch /bin/initctl; chmod +x /bin/initctl01:05
yofelmaybe telling it to do exactly nothing will work01:06
sreichno such file or dir01:06
sreichthere's initctl2dot?01:06
rbelemsreich, it would be much slower01:06
rbelemyofel, it worked on amd64 chroot01:07
sreichrbelem: in terms of what slowness?01:07
yofelrbelem: don't ask me...01:07
sreichthe vm itself could handle it. qemu-kvm that is01:07
yofelit's /sbin/initctl ^^01:07
rbelemsreich, not sure how slow01:07
sreichwell, i've compiled all of kde in a vm01:08
sreichdoesn't take long01:08
sreich(i have a reasonably fast cpu)01:08
rbelemsreich, did it work with the yofel tips?01:09
sreichhm,  yes01:11
rbelemsreich, awesome01:12
rbelemsreich, is everything running fine now?01:16
sreichworking on installing for now01:17
sreichbut yes, appears so01:17
rbelemRiddell, i uploaded the startactive again01:24
rbelemyofel, ping02:06
rbelemRiddell, i uploaded a daft for declarative-plasmoids. it has seven plasmoids. Do you thing each should go to its own package or one package for all?02:43
ScottKRiddell: I got a new router, so the arm boxes are accessible again.05:25
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bulldog98mgraesslin: hi, have you read this? http://ur1.ca/8dy2p07:32
CIA-42[lp:kubuntu-dev-tools] Jonathan Kolberg * 146 * (TODO zsh_completion/_kgetsource) Made the autoguessing for kgetsource series completion working08:46
Riddellrbelem: new kubuntu active error09:03
Riddelldpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/plasma-active-settings_2.0+git2012021101-0ubuntu1_i386.deb (--unpack): trying to overwrite '/usr/share/kde4/servicetypes/active-settingsmodule.desktop', which is also in package plasma-active-data 2.0+git2012021101-0ubuntu109:03
shadeslayerRiddell: yes, but I don't have the time till thursday ... 09:30
shadeslayerhey peace09:31
Riddellshadeslayer: what was my question?09:32
RiddellScottK: yay, thanks!09:32
peaceshadeslayer: hey 09:32
=== peace is now known as Peace-
Riddellwho understands launchpad?  this user yurikoles is offering to update launchpad.net/kde how do I give him permissions?09:33
shadeslayer#launchpad probably would know how :P09:33
Riddellaye they're probably all asleep on a weekend but :)09:34
Peace-i just tested and created a debian package for kwin button applet 09:34
shadeslayerah heh :P09:34
Peace-it seems good09:34
Peace-minimize maximize button on the panel :D http://nowardev.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/vlcaudiousb7.jpeg09:35
shadeslayerRiddell: <svuorela> fabo: watch out for kdevelops parsergenerator. it's going to require itself to build.09:41
RiddellPeace-: oh nice, putting it in a ppa?09:41
Peace-Riddell: :( i am noob on that 09:42
Peace-Riddell: andbtw i did with cpack 09:42
Peace-if anyone wants i have written some stuff here http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/kwin-button-close-minimize-on-your-panel-kubuntu-12-04/09:43
Peace-Riddell: i am not sure but on lauchpad you need to create control file right ? if you use cpack you should not able to upload the debian package .... or i didn't understand  :D09:46
CIA-42[lp:kubuntu-dev-tools] Jonathan Kolberg * 147 * zsh_completion/_khighestversion Added zsh completion for khighestversion09:46
bulldog98yofel: what’s about man pages for our kubuntu-dev-tools?09:49
RiddellPeace-: I don't have time to take you through it right now alas but you need to build the source package with debuild -S and ensure the .changes is signed with the same gpg key as you have in launchpad09:51
starbuckhello Riddell10:08
Riddellmorning starbuck 10:12
starbuckRiddell: Kubuntu on Android possible?10:19
yofelbulldog98: I never wrote any for my scripts (as I've never written a manpage)10:22
bulldog98yofel: ok10:24
yofelbulldog98: what did you use to write them?10:24
yofelhm, I'll read up on that10:25
bulldog98yofel: simply copy one of the .docbook files in the docbook folder and replace what you think must be replaced10:25
bulldog98It’s kind of like html10:25
Riddellstarbuck: possible most likely but I've not looked at the technology so I've no idea what's involved10:43
Riddellstarbuck: it might well include various technical bits that canonical won't make public10:43
* yofel reliably gets a kbuildsycoca crash when upgrading lucid to precise11:02
bulldog98rbelem: in kde-artwork-active you installed the pngs of ksplash into the wrong folder11:02
bulldog98you missed the images folder into which they belong11:02
shadeslayerRiddell: should I move Qt 4.8 from experimental to backports?11:09
shadeslayer( in ~kubuntu-ppa )11:09
starbuckRiddell: despite they say they're truly open? MArk said in his own blog comment about Ubuntu on Android that "all parts are open source"11:17
starbuckeverything is truly open at Canonical or has that changed?11:17
Riddellstarbuck: I know nothing aobut the specifics of the android project but for example in the past we have looked at kubuntu for ubuntu one..11:19
Riddelland that's all free software on the client side and open APIs, but the server is all proprietary and the APIs undocumented and changing11:19
Riddellso in practice it was impossible to make kubuntu clients at the time11:20
Riddell(they may have improved that and anyway ubuntu one is all qt now so it doesn't matter)11:20
Riddellsimilarly the ubuntu CD build process used to be hidden and secret and much of it is public and open now but it's not documented and I expect some bits are still secret11:20
Riddellso yes canonical (of which I'm a part) is 100% free software on the client but it's only 99% open bazaar development and server is all proprietary (which is fine, we all use google and don't complain)11:21
starbuckim talking about ubuntu an android, nothing server etc11:22
Riddellstarbuck: yes open source doesn't mean well documented and usable11:22
RiddellI've no idea about android stuff, it might well all be usable and setup for flavours/derivatives to use11:23
starbuckhehe thats true, just saying it hsould be possible to try at least, if the source is available, similar to android source... not saying its useable, but at least someone can try to make kubuntu on android useable11:24
Riddellyes, worth a try for sure11:24
starbucki love the idea, and mark was really smart there and i wish it succeeds for canonical11:25
starbuckjust that i love kubuntu for me perosnally :)11:26
Riddellthe term open source implies community bazaar development but the definition just implies the same as free software which doesn't necessarily mean community development friendly11:26
Riddellyeah the idea of using your mobile as your main CPU is a cool idea, it'll be interesting to see if the mass market can understand it and use it11:27
* Riddell out11:27
* yofel wonders how one is supposed to support something that doesn't work at all11:36
yofeli.e. kmail-migrator11:37
Peace-yofel: xD11:42
bulldog98yofel: flame in #kdepim or something like that :P11:46
yofelwell, that would be #kontact11:46
yofeland I'll do that after 4.8.1 is out11:46
yofelI haven't found a working configuration yet where a kmail upgrade from 4.4 to 4.8 works fine11:47
Peace-Riddell: i will use with a 4core smartphone for sure but only with kde11:47
* yofel goes making some tea to calm down11:49
bulldog98yofel: have you tried an empty config?11:49
yofelbulldog98: fresh install is fine, it's upgrades that don't work11:50
bulldog98yofel: yeah I mean have you tried to not change anything at the config and do the upgrade?11:50
yofelbulldog98: that was a clean install of 10.04 -> upgrade -> fail11:51
bulldog98yofel: have you tried it with working settings?11:51
yofelbulldog98: with configured kmail you get kde bug 29485511:52
ubottuKDE bug 294855 in general "mail migration fails" [Crash,Unconfirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29485511:52
* bulldog98 remembers that it didn’t worked for me too as I switched to the akonadi based kmail11:52
yofelI know it's not much of a bug report, but I'm tired of this11:52
bulldog98yofel: maybe we should put a warning into release notes, that you have to reconfigure kmail11:52
bulldog98and purge the configs while upgrade11:52
yofelbulldog98: that's already in the 11.10 release notes...11:52
yofelfell free to c&p11:53
bulldog98yofel: do you know how opensuse handels that?11:57
* bulldog98 will ask for that12:00
yofelrdieter: how does/did fedora handle kmail migration? (assuming you're using kmail2)12:00
yofelnote: don't use kmail2 in a VM with only 1G of memory. You'll run OOM12:03
bulldog98yofel: http://userbase.kde.org/KMail/FAQs_Hints_and_Tips12:23
bulldog98yofel: openSuse hasn’t anything special in their packages12:25
yofelprobably just a note in the release notes with workarounds like we did12:26
bulldog98which isn’t the way it should be :(12:29
yofelfun, upgrade calculation fails if you have skype installed12:40
bulldog98yofel: sure unfree software can break your system :)12:44
yofelnah, that's broken transition from skype:amd64 -> skype:i38612:45
yofelat least we won't have to worry about flash in the future12:45
bulldog98yofel: yeah flash is dead and long live html512:46
Peace-:) kwin buttons on the panel i like it ! www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXlf3xRMkIE13:03
rbelemRiddell, i will fix that in a minute13:17
rbelembulldog98, hum... maybe this is a bug in the buildsystem13:18
bulldog98rbelem: could also be but the qml want’s it to be in that folder13:18
rbelembulldog98, i'm not sure. could you check it?13:20
bulldog98rbelem: I alread checked that13:20
rbelembulldog98, what should be the right path?13:21
rbelembulldog98, i will fix that right after plasma-active package13:25
BluesKaj"Morning all13:38
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
rbelemRiddell, do you think that the desktop file should go to plasma-active-data or plasma-active-settings?13:42
Riddellrbelem: is plasma-active-settings upstream's?13:47
rbelemRiddell, yup13:52
=== bulldog98_ is now known as bulldog98
BluesKajhow does one find a KIO list ?14:04
yofelBluesKaj: they're usually /usr/lib/kde4/kio_* - or do you need an upstream list?14:05
Riddellrbelem: and you're asking about where to put /usr/share/kde4/servicetypes/active-settingsmodule.desktop ?14:07
BluesKajyofel,  i was looking for   , some ppl are having troublesamarok upnp14:08
yofelI think we're missing that14:08
yofelas libhupnp-dev which is needed by kdelibs is in universe14:09
Riddellrbelem: that's just defining a type not an actual module so fine in plasma-active-data14:09
Riddellit's /usr/share/applications/kde4/active-settings.desktop which defines the actual binary so keep that in plasma-active-settings14:10
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kdemultimedia] Philip Muškovac * 147 * debian/ (changelog control) Add Breaks/Replaces for kdemultimedia-dev against kmix << 4:4.8.0 (LP: #909852)14:14
rbelemRiddell, these are all active-settings files http://paste.kde.org/429536/14:38
rbelemRiddell, should just the three first files remain in the plasma-active-settings package and the others in the plasma-active-data?14:40
Riddellrbelem: first three and probably usr/share/kde4/services/plasma-package-org.kde.active.settings.time.desktop16:47
Riddellsince that .desktop file goes with usr/lib/kde4/active_settings_time.so I expect16:47
yofelhm, after upgrade from lucid amarok says that the phonon backend claims it has no mp3 support17:13
debfxwhich phonon backend is selected? I hope it removed the xine backend17:14
yofelwith base and good plugins installed17:16
yofelmp3 is -ugly I guess17:18
debfxok and does the qapt gstreamer thing install the right packages?17:18
yofelnope, I have a notification that I can install flash to enhance konqueror, but that's all17:18
debfxyeah ugly or fluendo-mp317:18
yofeldebfx: file a bug against qapt? or what should handle that17:21
Riddellyofel: that's the nost notable bug?17:21
yofelRiddell: no, it's kmail ending up unusable more often than not17:22
debfxyofel: yes17:22
Riddellyofel: but the upgrade itself works?17:24
yofeltried like a dozen ones in kvm by now, never had the upgrade itself fail17:24
yofelthe only thing that makes it fail that I found is skype, and there's a bug about that17:24
Riddellgood enough for beta, thanks yofel 17:26
Riddellcan you fill it in on iso.qa.ubuntu.com ?17:26
yofelRiddell: ah, one thing I almost forgot, during the upgrade you always get drkonqi window that tells you kbuildsycoca has crashed. Haven't yet found out why.17:29
yofeldoesn't break anything though17:30
Riddellyofel: hmm, well that's probably because something is loading a library which has changed during the upgrade, we just need to supress it somehow17:40
andreaxxxgtk styling has been broken on my kubuntu 12.04 since a bit more than a week, i think. Is there any way to currently fix it?17:54
yofelandreaxxx: do you have xsettings-kde installed?17:56
* yofel needs to fix something there17:57
debfxshouldn't the dist upgrade tool update to the latest lucid packages before allowing the precise upgrade?17:58
yofeldebfx: it should from what I know17:58
andreaxxxyofel: just installed it and now everything is back to normal. Thanks! i wonder why it wasn't pulled automatically17:58
yofelandreaxxx: me too, it's recommended by kubuntu-desktop17:58
debfxyofel: it doesn't seem to do that17:59
yofelfor me it installs some updater related apt packages from lucid-updates, but I'm not sure if those are regular updates or upgrade specific18:03
* bulldog98 gets a bug18:28
bulldog98has someone time to try to reproduce it?18:28
bulldog98it’s an qapt-codec search bug18:29
bulldog98JontheEchidna: ^ ?18:30
bulldog98open amarok install a radio station script e.g. German Radio stations18:31
bulldog98restart amarok18:31
bulldog98search for rpr1 add that to the playlist and play it -> qapt hanging while searching for the right codec18:31
JontheEchidnawhere do I add scripts from?18:32
bulldog98JontheEchidna: settings -> scripts -> get new scripts18:32
bulldog98hm other stations work but not all18:33
JontheEchidnaGerman Radio Streams service?18:33
JontheEchidnahuh, text/uri-list. doesn't look like something gstreamer would decode at all18:34
JontheEchidnalooks more like a mimetype18:35
bulldog98hm the question is where is the bug? amarok the script or something else18:36
JontheEchidnaI'd say it's either pornon or gstreamer. I'll try to make the qapt gst helper not hang tho18:39
bulldog98apachelogger: ^ is phonon guilty?18:42
=== tazz_ is now known as tazz
Riddellyofel: you got /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/kde4/plugins/phonon_backend/phonon_gstreamer.so ?18:47
Riddellyofel: and /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt4/plugins/phonon_backend/phonon_gstreamer.so is a symblink to it?18:47
BluesKajRiddell,  I've been using the phonon-backend-vlc in place of gstreamer and it's working fine 18:49
Riddellthat doesn't help yofel 18:50
yofelRiddell: I'll check in a bit when I have the VM open again18:50
BluesKajoh ..bummer18:50
yofelon my regular precise system I have:18:51
yofel$ la /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt4/plugins/phonon_backend/phonon_gstreamer.so18:51
yofel658795 316K -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 314K Feb 16 23:56 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt4/plugins/phonon_backend/phonon_gstreamer.so18:51
yofel$ la /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/kde4/plugins/phonon_backend/phonon_gstreamer.so18:51
yofells: cannot access /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/kde4/plugins/phonon_backend/phonon_gstreamer.so: No such file or directory18:51
JontheEchidnabulldog98: http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=libqapt.git&a=commit&h=e6acf4afdd70ae0c153d8b3b06fd3a5c7547786f18:51
bulldog98JontheEchidna: kool18:52
JontheEchidnayou still won't be able to play the radio, but it won't  hang18:52
Riddellyofel: hum, so something funny there18:56
* Riddell out18:56
yofelgrmls: beta1 iso images are up for testing btw.19:23
grmlshi yofel and thx :)19:27
bulldog98yofel: howto?19:30
yofelbulldog98: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/208/builds19:30
yofelclick on one of our images, fetch the ISO, click on a testcase, mark it as started, follow the test instructions, mark as passed/failed and mention all bugs you filed19:31
bulldog98yofel: for testing is an vm ok?19:41
yofelhardware is better. but vm is better than nothing. Just put it in a comment that it was a vm19:42
yofelyou can still find plenty of bugs with VM's19:42
bulldog98yofel: for the translation test and so on I think a vm is enought19:44
bulldog98btw we still have kopete in the favorits19:44
bulldog98do we have german translation installed on the iso?19:45
yofelbulldog98: I think we don't have a final decision  yet on what to use, so no point in removing it19:45
yofeliirc we do19:45
* bulldog98 doesn’t see any translation19:45
bulldog98yofel: if I find error to what should I assing them?19:48
yofelnothing, just file the bug like usual, and put the bug number in the testcase's bug field19:49
debfxbulldog98: we don't have any translations on the cd images19:51
bulldog98ok so not worth filling a bug report on that :)19:51
bulldog98debfx: maybe we should include some?19:52
yofelwell, no space to include them directly at least19:52
Tm_Tis there particular reason why recent kdm install doesn't populate /etc/kde4/kdm ?19:55
Tm_Tpackage seems to include files to there, but none exist after install19:56
yofelit should do that19:56
Tm_Tyofel: should do what?19:56
yofelinstall the files in /etc/kde4/kdm/19:57
Tm_Tyup, doesn't19:57
Tm_Teasy to reproduce: move that dir, reinstall kdm19:57
Tm_Tyofel: oneiric, kubuntu-backports19:57
yofelthat won't work19:57
yofelmove dir, purge kdm, reinstall. That will work19:57
Tm_Tyofel: well, same even if you purge AND then install19:57
Tm_Tatleast looks like it19:58
yofelok, that should work..19:58
Tm_Twill retry to make sure19:58
Tm_Thmm, indeed, now it's populated20:02
sreichis your torrent for i386 broken?20:09
sreichthe file downloads in full but it wasn't anything bootable20:10
sreichlike it didn't finish properly. i used ktorrent20:10
bulldog98Riddell: could you add iso testing to the topic? 20:10
yofelbulldog98: do it yourself20:10
sreich(i'm talking about oneiric btw)20:10
yofeltopic's unlocked20:10
bulldog98yofel: ok20:10
=== bulldog98 changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Friendly Computing | Precise: Feature Freeze, time to squish beasties | Iso testing http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/208/builds | http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/group/topic-precise-flavor-kubuntu.html TODOs! | Kubuntu is alive and weller than before!! Read:http://wp.me/pQ8xr-gr | Jussi's new baby's name is Elodi! :)
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bulldog98~help ninjas20:12
kubotuno help for topic ninjas20:12
bulldog98yofel: is ~ninjas still working?20:12
yofelbulldog98: that's not on kubotu but ubottu -> !20:12
bulldog98!help ninjas20:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about help ninjas20:13
ubottuNinja Time! apachelogger, bulldog98, debfx, JontheEchidna, Lex79, maco, neversfelde, nhandler, Quintasan, rgreening, Riddell, ScottK, stalcup, txwikinger, yofel20:13
bulldog98please help to do iso testing20:13
yofelfor testing we have !testers20:13
ubottuTesting help needed in #kubuntu-devel ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, em20:13
bulldog98yofel: btw what vm do you use qemu?20:16
yofelkvm mostly, yeah. Sometimes virtualbox20:17
yofelwhatever works at the moment20:17
yofelanyone an idea what's up with the input box on netbook o.O http://imgur.com/GSaPx20:53
yofelbulldog98: ^20:53
bulldog98yofel: that looks like the bug I have in the kde greeter of lightdm20:54
bulldog98is that written in qml?20:55
bulldog98yofel: maybe poke in #plasma ?20:56
yofelbulldog98: where did you say there are no translations?21:02
bulldog98yofel: live session if I choose German21:03
bulldog98the translation are missing as soon as you are logged in21:03
sreichit's a bug for all widgets that use the Plasma::LineEdit apparently21:04
sreichdidn't get a chance to hunt it down though21:05
sreichit's either a regression in plasma:;lineedit, or possibly Plasma::svg/plasma::framesvg21:05
sreichand yes, it looks terrible :/21:05
bulldog98yofel: did we updated some packages in the backport ppa? because I’ve got some people claiming it would break their system. http://forum.kubuntu-de.org/index.php?topic=16379.msg0 (German)21:13
yofelbulldog98: check his apt history. I messed something up in workspace which caused broken deps, but that's fixed since a few hours ago21:15
bulldog98btw is there a way to get rid of kdm’s message about being logged in in the ttys? atleast on the live-cd?21:49
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bulldog98good night23:03

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