meduseranybody here familiar with K3B or devede00:11
GH0Anyone here be able to help me on this issue: http://forum.subsonic.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=906900:16
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jmichaelxGH0: have you created a self-signed cert?00:28
GH0jmichaelx, no, I didn't have to do that when I was using it in Windows.00:34
jmichaelxGH0: i am no expert, but i think you need a self-signed SSL cert. i am not sure what the difference is between how linux and windows handles all of this, and i could be wrong. i assume that subsonic uses apache.... i use subsonic myself, but have never checked into that to be sure00:37
GH0No, actually, I think you are right, I do remember doing something like that.00:37
GH0However, I don't know how to do this in ubuntu.00:37
GH0Can I file that?00:37
GH0file = follow00:37
dahliaso this little toast thingie pops up and says 11 security updates are available but I cant find any way to apply the updates01:33
dahliaI did apt-get update and apt-get upgrade but I guess that wasnt enough to do it01:34
dahliais there some program I can click on that will install the updates?01:34
Sentyneldahlia: you probably need dist-upgrade rather than just upgrade01:38
Sentynelyou should be able to click the cog icon thingy to get the graphical updater, but sudo apt-get dist-upgrade from the console will do it01:38
dahliakk I'll try dist-upgrade. I clicked the toast that popped up but it didnt do anything01:39
dahliaty :)01:39
GH0I am having some issues with VNC recognizing my xstartup file, and actually commiting to it. Every time I go to launch a new vncserver it continues to use gnome instead of kde.01:39
GH0How can I fix this?01:39
GH0That is my current xstartup file.01:40
dahliahmmm I kinda remember a .vncstartup file but its been a while since I did that01:41
GH0Sorry, didn't realized pastebin changed their setup a bit.01:41
GH0Well, that is located in ~/.vnc/01:43
GH0The file never existed to begin with after I installed vnc.01:43
meduseranybody here know how to burn dvd using k3b?01:45
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jcook_5xdatameduser: is it a iso or files02:06
meduser<jcook_5data> I have it in iso, and I ran devede and have it in files, but and in avi format. I don't know what the audio and video02:36
meduserfiles are supposed to have. It has 14 files in video, and none in audio. I ran K3B, it says successful, but when put into Sony, It says dvd-r, can't play. I have used the dvd player for burnt dvd's before, I so I know wthat it can play them02:39
jazzy_anyone know of a good stylus app?03:44
jazzy_cant seem to get mine to work03:44
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RasperinHey guys, I recently installed amd64 kubuntu 11.10, to get into it I had to do a failsafe run, then I downloaded and installed the cataylist drivers, rebooted. Everything seemed to work at this point, until I used cataylist to configure my 4 monitor display system. After that reboot, kubu just hung during the boot process05:33
Rasperinis there any reason why this might have happened that I could track down? I really want to get this working...05:33
Rasperinreiserfs or ext4?05:56
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`Korvinhey, is there any way to change the color of the active window glow?07:00
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maitreyHi to everyone. I have some problem with playing the youtube videos and videos in general (10.04). I guess it must be some issue with the adobe flasplayer, but its installed and seems to run fine. Is there someone to help me? thanks11:19
maitreyafter starting youtube, imdb or anything like that it's loading just blank screen or black screen.11:20
bsidbthe flashplayer in the source may be old11:21
bsidbthe newest flash player is 11.0 beta11:21
bsidbmaitrey: try to update your flashplayer11:22
bsidbmaitrey:10.04's flashplayer may be out of date.11:22
maitreybsidb: i have the adobe flash player plugin ver. 1111:24
maitreybsidb: is there not any way apart from the adobe web page - where can i check for the mistake (terminal?)11:26
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viKtor_hi! does anyone know how to start an app with a .sh script?12:37
Peace-viKtor_: easy12:42
Peace-viKtor_: echo '!/bin/bash' >/tmp/test ; echo konsole >>/tmp/test ; chmod +x /tmp/test ; ./tmp/test12:43
sharpspearwhats the command for see what maps there is in a specific folders?12:48
sharpspearfor some reason "cd /Home/Documents/ doesnt work" says there aint no such file or directory12:49
viKtor_Peace-: i can't12:49
viKtor_the one i want to start is this12:49
viKtor_Peace-: http://pastebin.com/TrtQvNgm12:49
Peace-viKtor_: so you need to save that file12:52
Peace-then right click on the file12:53
viKtor_it is already saved12:53
Peace-set permission like executalbe12:53
viKtor_and i marked it as a executable12:53
Peace-then ./mystuff12:53
viKtor_./OmegaT (this is its name)12:53
viKtor_but i always get: permission denied12:53
Peace-chmod +x /path/file12:53
viKtor_still the same12:54
Peace-viKtor_: you have java right?12:55
viKtor_yeah but actually the app has its own java in it12:56
Peace-viKtor_: change the script in this line12:56
Peace-#!/bin/bash -x12:56
Peace-and try to execute it12:56
viKtor_Peace-: the same :S13:00
Peace-viKtor_: post what it says13:00
Peace-viKtor_: all13:00
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:01
viKtor_Peace-: it just says permission denied13:05
shashikhello can anyone help me, i once opened ktimetracker and closed it, but it allways open at startup everytime, how can i close it permanently , i.e, to remove it from startup13:11
DoctorPepper is it normal that nepomuk file indexing  stops completely after finishing indexing  and  going idle for few minutes (/)? the processes disappear form my process list  /usr/bin/nepomukservicestub nepomukbackupsync' , '/usr/bin/nepomukservicestub nepomukqueryservice' ,'/usr/bin/nepomukservicestub nepomukfileindexer','/usr/bin/nepomukservicestub nepomukfilewatch'13:12
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BluesKaj"Morning all13:38
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JuJuBeeI have some videos I took with a helmet cam (GoPro Hero2) and they are mp4.  What is a good program to convert them for facebook?14:04
bazhangJuJuBee, what does facebook require14:04
JuJuBeeNot sure really.  I don't use it much at all.14:04
bazhanghandbrake possibly14:05
bazhangno clue what facebook needs though14:05
medusergood morning. BlueKaj are you available?14:05
BluesKajmeduser,  hi14:05
bazhangJuJuBee, no need to crosspost in #ubuntu14:06
JuJuBeebazhang: why not?  Sometimes I get answers in one channel and not in another...14:06
bazhangJuJuBee, conflicting answers, same helpers for the most part, poor irc netiquette14:07
meduserhi BlueKaj, yesterday we were going over my dvd issues. I had an emergency come up, and I left unexpectedly.14:07
bazhangI was already helping you here..14:08
meduserI have medibuntu installed I believe and the restricted stuff from Kubuntu14:08
bazhangmeduser, libdvdcss2 deb from medibuntu.org ?14:09
JuJuBeebazhang: OK14:09
meduserhow do I check that? I am sure I installed medibuntu14:09
bazhangmeduser, no need to enable the repo even, just download the package14:10
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meduserwhen I type locate libdvdcss2, I get locate libdvdcss214:11
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FloodBotK1meduser: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:11
meduseroops, sorry14:12
bazhangmeduser, should just be a .deb14:12
bazhangmeduser, you can then double click it to install14:12
meduserinstalling now Blue, done14:14
yohi, how can i create a new directory using the command line??14:18
bazhangyo, of course, whats the purpose14:19
rorkyo: mkdir <dirname>14:19
yook thanks a lot :)14:20
yoand, how can I change a name by the command line ??14:26
bazhangyo name of what14:26
yothe name of a file14:26
bazhangwhich file?14:26
yoa python script14:27
rorkyo: mv <oldname> <newname>14:28
meduserok, so now what am I to do? If I use devede to convert avi, what am I supposed to be converting to?14:28
yothanks again, rork14:29
meduserblue? baz?14:33
bazhangmeduser, hi14:33
meduserhi..any chance of helping me get this thing going?14:34
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meduserI am new to Kubuntu, never on a linux system before 5 weeks ago. I am trying to make a dvd watchable on my home dvd player14:34
meduserThe Sony 2360 plays burnt discs, but when I make an ISO in devede, and burn with K3B, I get the Sony finding it as a dvd-r, and will not play it.14:35
meduserI have managed to get the title screen to play, but that is only 37 seconds long..14:36
bazhangmeduser, okay. to get people's attention it's good to append their nickname to your message, you use the tab key to complete like baz<tab>14:36
meduserbazhang: ok..I have never been on IRQ before yesterday either..lol14:37
bazhangmany of us are in different channels and may miss the reply otherwise14:37
meduserbazhang: I don't know IRC ettiquette, sorry.14:37
bazhangsony 2360 is an external dvd player?14:37
bazhangmeduser, not really etiquette, just a way to attract people's attention to your reply14:38
meduserbazhang: the sony is a BluRay player, 2 years old, external, hooked up to my tv14:38
bazhangdevede seems to be the tool for that14:39
meduserbazhang: I have devede, when I ran it, I tried to make an ISO from the AVI file, and it made one, but it won't play.14:40
bazhangmeduser, how did you burn the iso to dvd? as data? or image14:41
meduserbazhang: I believe I burnt it as an image, using K3B. If I put that DVD into my pc, it  gives me 2 folders, an audio_TS folder, and a video_TS folder14:43
bazhangI recall k3b not being terribly intuitive on burning images to dvd14:43
meduserbazhang: the audio_ts folder is empty, the video_ts  is 2.4 GiB, and has 13 files14:44
meduserbazhang: I am sure I am just not setting things up right14:44
BluesKajmeduser,  I haveny burned any video dvds in a while , did you try burning the TS_folders just as they are...i recall being able to play them on my dvd player14:46
meduserbazhang: I tried making the files in Devede to play on external dvd player, burnt them, and same thing. The avi does play fine in VLC14:47
BluesKajmeduser,  they show up as folders on your tv screen and you just choose the video TS14:47
BluesKajmeduser,  with K3B14:48
bazhangmeduser, I had issues with k3b finding on how to burn images, not sufficiently apparent for my liking14:48
meduserbazhang: I just can't stop shaking my head..it shouldn't be all that complicated..lol14:49
meduserBluesKaj: no, I have not been able to get them to show up as folders on the DVD player14:50
bazhangmeduser, agree on that. I just dont use k3b as a result14:50
meduserbazhang: what would your recomendation be?14:50
BluesKajmeduser,  have you tried burning the dvd as is with no conversion thru devede ?14:53
meduserBluesKaj: you mean staright from the avi?14:53
meduserBluesKaj: I don't rememeber. I have like 8 discs here that are good for placemats right now. And frustration beyond what I am used too. lol14:55
BluesKajmeduser,  that why i use cdrws14:56
meduserBluesKaj: I know, but when I bought the dual layer blanks, I thought it would be easy to do, and I would not be making garbage..lol14:57
BluesKajI've had 20dvdrws that ive been using for 3 yrs now ...haven't had to buy any ...a couple have reached thir EOL cycle but one can usually gey about 20 burns minimum from each disc14:57
BluesKajmeduser,  my theory is that most dvdplayers these days recognize all the codecs that are out there and will play them14:59
meduserBluesKaj: so should I try burning the avi straight to disc? I am just surprised that there is not much for how to's in plain english for the newbie like me14:59
meduserBluesKaj: My unit was top of the line 2 years ago.15:00
BluesKajmeduser,  well wait , let me do some looking around first15:00
meduserBluesKaj: ok..15:00
BluesKajmeduser,  it used to be a requirement for dvd players to recognize the "dvd format" , but I'm not sure if that's the case any longer...a lot of the forums have outdated info  on them..most dvd players even have usb/smartcard etc ports that will play media files directly , so why not some avi folders on a disc ?15:07
meduserBluesKaj: mine has a usb port, and can hook up to a network....when I put in a disc made using Nero on a windows based system, it just plays it like a regular dvd15:09
BluesKajmeduser,  i don't use a dvd player as such anymore ...this pc is directly connected to my HT (TV and audio system)15:09
meduserBluesKaj: I have thought about putting the movie onto a usb stick, and going from there, but I doubted the dvd player would play a file like that15:10
BluesKajNero does the dvd format conversion if you choose dvd-movie mode if I recall15:10
BluesKajmeduser,  it won't hurt anything to try15:11
meduserBluesKaj: I have even tried nero for linux, but I would start it, and it would crash right away15:11
BluesKajcopy the avi file to a USB stick , and try it on your dvd player15:12
meduserok..just a sec..copying now15:13
meduserBluesKaj: nope..no way to run it from the usb stick..used for updating or photos15:29
GH0When running samba, after a fresh reboot (updated all the programs since fresh install), I am able to access my home directory, but am unable to access other shares (music in paticular). However, once I navigate to the shares on the Kubuntu, I am then able to access them on the samba share. Is this because the drive is formatted in NTFS? Would this be resolved if I were to format and use Ext4?15:31
VoyackHello all :)15:31
BluesKajok meduser , it's good to know ...does your dvd player have Divx/Xvid logo ?15:31
BluesKajGHO , I'm not clear on the "other shares" , are they on a windows pc ?15:34
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meduserBluesKaj: DVD Playback: Yes15:41
meduserDVD+R Read Compatibility: Yes15:41
meduserDVD+RW Read Compatibility: Yes15:41
meduserDVD-R Read Compatibility: Yes (8cm)15:41
meduserDVD-RW Read Compatibility: Yes (8cm)15:41
meduserJPEG Playback: Yes (BD-R/REDVD+RW/+R/-RW/-R/CD-R,RW)15:41
FloodBotK1meduser: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:41
meduserno div-x15:41
meduserBluesKaj: no Div-x15:41
BluesKajGH0,  if the shares are on an ntfs partition , as long as the share permissions include you as a user , then they should be accessible15:43
BluesKajGH0,  and you shouldn't need samba to access shares on a ntfs partition , the partition should appear in Dolphin "places"15:45
meduserBluesKaj: yes?15:47
BluesKajoops meduser , K9copy kept crashing yesterday ...have you tried it since installing libdvdcss2 ?15:49
meduserBluesKaj: no I haven't15:49
meduserBluesKaj: it installed 2 options, k9 copy, and 9copy assistant15:50
VoyackHey people15:52
Voyackcould You help me a bit?15:52
meduserBluesKaj: So I open k9 copy..input: folder..direct to the folder holding avi, then when I hit open, I getExecutable: k9copy PID: 3806 Signal: Segmentation fault (11)15:53
Voyacki have problems with my KDE. Half of effect's aren't working at all15:53
Voyackeven when i enable them, reload the window menager and so.15:54
Voyackwhen i switch to compiz, it's even worse.15:54
BluesKajmeduser,  have you updated/upgraded lately , I have to ask15:54
Voyackall i want to do, is to have nice, neat effects as i saw on YT15:54
meduserBluesKaj: this am..first thing I do when I get on the pc15:55
BluesKajVoyack,  look in kmenu search type,  drivers15:55
VoyackBluesKaj - could you walk me through this step by step? Im kinda grasshopper.15:55
Voyacki was using ubuntu 2 years ago or so, and they change sooooo fast15:55
BluesKajVoyack,  check the additional drivers , if they are listed . choose the recommended on15:56
meduserBluesKaj: did a search..sudo apt-get libdvdnav-dev libdvdread-dev, I am installing that now15:56
Voyackwell, after installation i installed all the additional drivers that system recomended me.15:56
BluesKajmeduser,  have you rebooted laately ?15:57
meduserno..not since yesterday morning15:57
meduserBluesKaj: going to reboot now..brb15:58
BluesKajVoyack,  then I'll ask you as well, have you updated/upgraed lately15:58
Voyackyes, two hours ago or so.15:58
BluesKajVoyack,  so you've checked system settings>desktop effects ?15:59
Voyackyes. I was enabling and disabling them, and some of them are working on KDE, some of them are working on Compiz.15:59
Voyackwhen i choose compiz, i can't move windows, they seem to be fixed somehow. On KDE, i can't use cube.16:00
BluesKajVoyack,  well , compiz and desktop effects running simultaneously is a bit of overkill and probly pretty gpu intensive IMO16:01
meduserBluesKaj: back..16:01
meduserBluesKaj: same error with k9copy16:02
BluesKajVoyack,  most ppl settle for desktop effects only , no compiz required for most effects16:02
VoyackBluesKaj - so what i should actually do?16:02
Voyackto have all that window - folding effects, 3d cube and stuff?16:03
Voyackwhen i had ubuntu 8 or simmilar, it was very easy, but now it's tricky as hell16:03
meduserBluesKaj: updateing/ upgrading16:04
Peace-Voyack: just enable theme http://wstaw.org/m/2012/02/26/plasma-desktopCt1727.png16:05
VoyackPeace - are You from Poland?16:06
Peace-Voyack: systemsettings =>desltpè effects16:06
Peace-Voyack: of course no16:06
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Whiskey`Wonkaanyone know the trouble ticket number for the apt hash issue?16:06
Peace-Whiskey`Wonka: ?16:07
meduserBluesKaj: any I am back to: Executable: k9copy PID: 2961 Signal: Segmentation fault (11)16:07
bazhangWhiskey`Wonka, failed to update hash sum mismatch? that one?16:07
Whiskey`Wonkanot sure bazhang16:08
bazhangWhiskey`Wonka, then which hash apt issue are you referring to16:08
BluesKajmeduser,  I'm really ata loss , whyn k9copy crashes is beyond my scope16:08
Whiskey`WonkaPeace-: bazhang: If you use aptitude, kpackagemanager, muion, apt-get, they end up with dual packages and dependancies that can never be met16:08
meduserBluesKaj: I know, this makes no sense16:08
bazhangWhiskey`Wonka, got an error message to pastebin there?16:09
GH0Sorry, BluesKaj had to leave for a second. The drives are all placed on the Kubuntu server. I am trying to access the shares from a windows machine. So before I navigate to the folder on the Kubuntu machine, it is inaccessible over samba with the following error message: "Windows cannot access \\server\music". While other the other samba share (IE my home folder), is accessible even if I don't16:09
GH0login. Once I login as the user, and navigate to the drive using dolphin, I am then able to access the share over samba perfectly fine.16:09
BluesKajsudo apt-get install --reinstall k9copy , meduser16:09
Whiskey`Wonkano, as im trying very hard to /not/ get back in to that issue16:10
meduserBluesKaj: k..just a sec16:10
Whiskey`Wonkai reinstalled months ago to fix it and been waiting for a fix16:10
bazhangWhiskey`Wonka, minus an actual error message there not a real way to troubleshoot16:10
Whiskey`Wonkathe only error that happens is 'normal' dependancies16:10
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VoyackPeace - ok, i have most of my effects. But i still can't find one - grabbing corner of window, and kinda "folding it"16:10
BluesKajWhiskey`Wonka,  muon is buggy , you need to do the latest updates to get the fix for it16:11
Whiskey`Wonkabazhang: ok, the error is you install a app and it decides to uninstall 80 packages, then decides to install them etc16:11
bazhangWhiskey`Wonka, never heard of that.16:11
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Whiskey`WonkaBluesKaj: and how to DO that with out apt going buggy and doing the dual packags in the list and screwing you with dependancies16:11
Whiskey`Wonkasomeone else here did, said it was a hash bug in the package lists16:12
BluesKajVoyack,  dual packages , are you running 2 sources.lists ?16:12
bazhangno, the one about removing then installing 80 packages by itself16:12
BluesKajone for a different kubuntu version ?16:12
VoyackBluesKaj - i kinda don't understand, sorry :)16:12
meduserBluesKaj: Executable: k9copy PID: 3556 Signal: Segmentation fault (11)16:13
Whiskey`Wonkathats what the dual packages being displayed /cause to happen/16:13
Whiskey`Wonkaand no its a stock sources list16:13
BluesKajsorry wrong guy Voyack16:13
bazhangWhiskey`Wonka, with the hash sum mismatch, no it's not16:13
Whiskey`Wonkabazhang: ok well thats what i was told here16:13
Whiskey`Wonkaso, what DOES cause the dual packages16:14
bazhangthat's simply the apt-get update. nothing to do with removing or installing packages16:14
Whiskey`Wonkadual isnt the right word, double listed16:14
BluesKajstiock as in no ppas , or other OS version debs , Whiskey`Wonka?16:14
meduserBluesKaj: so k9 does not seem like an option for me16:14
BluesKajmeduser,  guess not ...I really don't get it ...you must ahve a broken dependy somewhere , try sudo dpkg --configure -a16:15
Whiskey`WonkaBluesKaj: my sources currently16:16
meduserBluesKaj: tried that, and it just dropped down a line16:16
Whiskey`Wonkameduser: whats the issue?16:16
meduserWhiskey`Wonka: trying to make a dvd from an AVI, not working for me. Tried k3b, the dvd player sees the dvdr, won;t play it,16:17
bazhangWhiskey`Wonka, and a pastebin of sudo apt-get update please16:17
Whiskey`Wonkabazhang: im scared to do that. the last time i did the package system was nuked into that double package listing dependancy hell16:18
meduserWhiskey`Wonka: it does play other burnt disks...I have tried iso made by DEVEDE, same issue, trying K9copy, get segmentation crash right away16:18
Whiskey`Wonkatry vlc?16:19
bazhangWhiskey`Wonka, to pastebin an error message?16:19
BluesKajok meduser try k9copy again16:19
meduserWhiskey`Wonka: it will play in vlc, just not on my tv16:19
Whiskey`Wonkabazhang: to DO a apt-get update16:19
Whiskey`Wonkabazhang: ive been reporting this for months and no one gets it16:19
bazhangWhiskey`Wonka, it will give an error message if something is wrong. pastebin lets us diagnose it16:19
meduserBluesKaj: Executable: k9copy PID: 3596 Signal: Segmentation fault (11)16:20
bazhangWhiskey`Wonka, I am trying to help you now16:20
Whiskey`Wonkabazhang: you dont get it, there is NO ERROR untill the package system is nuked16:20
Whiskey`WonkaTHEN the error isnt that something doesnt work16:20
Whiskey`Wonkaits that apt lists packages TWICE and then runs in a dependency loop16:20
bazhangand is fixable16:20
Whiskey`Wonkapackage a wants b, wants c wants d but d can not have a16:20
Whiskey`Wonkai spent 2 weeks here with the dependency loop and no one could, they said reisntall16:21
BluesKajmeduser which kde version ?16:21
Whiskey`Wonkathe packe lists were never less then 80 long, and quickly hit 400+ (IE everything in the system)16:21
meduserBluesKaj: I have a clean install of Kubuntu 11.10. Installed on thursday. I just tried k9copy on the iso file I had made with deveded, and no crash from K9copy..16:22
meduser mb16:23
BluesKajmeduser,  I thought k9copy was crashing at launch16:24
meduserBluesKaj: looking at a folder that says Titleset 2, with a subdirectory of title2 (16:24
meduserBluesKaj: I could open k9copy.I can direct towards the folders, when I clicked on open folder, it would crash16:25
L3topweird question... how would I determine if the distro I am screwing with is now kubuntu? What, for instance, will distinguish it from ubuntu other than the desktop?16:31
meduserBluesKaj: ok..I am burning the iso through k9copy...fingers crossed16:32
BluesKajkubuntu and ubuntu are the same under the skin , desktops and apps are different , L3top16:33
L3topgentoo then16:33
bazhangask in #gentoo16:33
BluesKajL3top,  what is it you want to know exactly L3top ?16:33
meduserBluesKaj: seems stuck at 00:00:0316:34
meduserBluesKaj: says burning finished..going to try it16:35
BluesKajmeduser, how long did it take ?16:35
meduserBluesKaj: about 2 minutes tops16:35
BluesKajnot good16:36
L3topI built an LFS distro, and after installing apt pretty much turned it into ubuntu. After loading a large kubuntu project it was effectively turned it into kubuntu.16:36
meduserBluesKaj: another 37 second video of the start screen....said the iso was 125 minutes long..16:36
L3topanother person has loaded the project onto gentoo, and I am asking what DEFINES the distro?16:36
meduserBluesKaj: going to try again..16:38
BluesKajL3top,  we should be asking you that ...looks like a troll question to me16:38
BluesKaj!kubuntu | L3top16:39
ubottuL3top: kubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde16:39
L3topIt is not a troll question. I work on linuxmce.org. Someone has successfully ported it to gentoo. I am curious if it is really gentoo anymore.16:40
meduserBluesKaj: ok..I am now trying to go back to the original avi file..I try to open the folder it is in, and I am back to having k9 crash16:40
BluesKajL3top,  then join #gentoo and ask them16:41
BluesKajmeduser,  do you have any other avi files to try ?16:42
mrrothhcloud_would this http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0354891 wifi usb dongle work out of box in ubuntu16:42
L3topYou are particularly hostile. Is it simply because you do not know the answer? I was looking for something along the lines of kernel version + kdm16:42
meduseryes, well mkv(bluray)16:42
bazhang!hcl | mrrothhcloud_16:42
ubottumrrothhcloud_: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection16:42
bazhang!info linux | L3top16:42
ubottuL3top: linux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 1 kB, installed size 36 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)16:42
meduserBluesKaj: yes, I have a few of them16:43
bazhangL3top, version numbers of packages you can find at packages.ubuntu.com16:43
BluesKajL3top, open a terminal and run uname -a for the kernel version16:44
meduserBluesKaj: if I try to open any of the folders that I have avi's in kpcopy crashes, segmentation error.16:44
bazhangmeduser, k9copy is to make one to one copies of dvd's16:45
BluesKajbazhang,  I've used it to make avi file copies to dvd format16:46
meduserbazhang: I have the avi, which is a dvdrip...700mibs16:46
bazhangBluesKaj, interesting, never seen that.16:46
meduserBluesKaj: ok..trying to burn the straight avi file to dvd, without going through devede16:52
TronicHow can I disable screen blanking on 12.04 nightly?16:53
TronicI have disabled screensaver and blanking settings already but it still blanks after about 10 minutes.16:53
bazhang#ubuntu+1 please Tronic16:53
meduserBluesKaj: well it burnt, but same issues16:57
BluesKajmeduser,  wow , i recall accessing avi files and burning them wirh k9ciopy , now I can't get past the folder that contains the avi ...strange17:01
meduserBluesKaj: so your having the same issue now?17:01
BluesKajk9copy doesn't crash it just denies me access to the actual file by not opening the folder17:02
meduserBluesKaj: I get full on crash17:03
meduserBluesKaj: there is a setting in k3b that allows for an iso to be created from the avi...trying that now. Good thing I had 50 discs at my disposal17:04
meduserBluesKaj: I am sure it is me, and my inexperience with the software geared for linux17:05
BluesKajthis is really strange17:05
meduserI have seen most say they use K3B...it has to work17:06
Peace-meduser: if the avi is less then standar 700mb i guess ues17:06
BluesKajk9copy uses the same burning program as k3b17:06
BluesKajPeace-,  this is a dvd17:07
Peace-BluesKaj: needs to create a dvd with menu ?17:07
Peace-or what?17:07
BluesKajPeace-, dvd structure from an avi file17:08
BluesKajfor an avi file17:08
meduserBluesKaj: the cd I made plays on the pc just fine17:09
Peace-meduser: http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/2ManDVD?content=9945017:09
Peace-it should be in the repo17:09
Peace-BluesKaj: the structure of a dvd is very simple17:10
BluesKajyeah meduser that's why i put my pc into the TV/Audio system mix ..got tired of the BS involved with dvds etc ...it's like media server. I play all media directly off the pc17:10
meduserPeace-: Blueskaj is trying ever so patiently to help me burn a dvd..lol17:10
Peace-in the most of cases you need just to create a dvd project and put the avi in the VIDEO_TS folder17:10
bazhang!find 2mandvd17:11
ubottuPackage/file 2mandvd does not exist in oneiric17:11
meduserBluesKaj: My pc is like 100 foot away from tv17:11
Peace-i have to go17:11
bazhangneed to compile that from source, not in the repos17:12
meduserwatching the dvd I just made on the pc..sony does not recognize it17:13
meduserfrustrting to say the least..lol17:13
BluesKajmeduser,  peaces has a point ...my k3b memories are rusty about media burning ...open k3b , File>New Project>New DVD Project ..that should open a folder tree , choose the avi file there17:16
BluesKajI should have checked this outm sooner17:17
meduserBluesKaj: so just add avi to the video_ts folder?17:17
BluesKajthat crates the dvd structure afaik17:18
meduserBluesKaj: ok..I have k3b open, I have addedthe avi to the bottom screen, then moved it to the video_ts folder. That folder now has 700.2 MiB, audio_ts has 0..is that looking right?17:19
meduserBluesKaj: trying to burn that now17:19
BluesKajbut pls don't curse me if it doesn't work ...my dvd player used to work with this procedure17:20
meduserBluesKaj: ok, clicked on burn, in settings, I have simulate, create image, only create image, veryify written data..all are unchecked.17:22
BluesKajcreate image17:23
meduserBluesKaj: k..click burn, and hold my breath?..lol17:24
BluesKajmeduser,  next time you're near a electronics store like future shop or bestbuy or the source , buy some dvdrw discs ...it's worth it17:25
meduserBluesKaj: when I click burn with create image, remove image clicked I get an error..could not dtermine size of resulting image17:25
meduserBluesKaj: lol..I know..I have burnt movies for years and never had more than 1 or 2 when learning a new system..lol17:26
BluesKajmeduser, try only create image17:26
meduserBluesKaj: won't let me burn when clicking create ..does not change anything17:27
BluesKajor move the avi file back out of the folder17:27
meduserBluesKaj: good lord..I am normally on the the other side of the advice ..lol17:27
meduserBluesKaj: so have the video_ts folder empty, the audio_ts folder empty, and the avi sitting below them?17:28
meduserBluesKaj: same error..this is getting comical...17:29
L3topmeduser: try growisofs -Z /dev/cd0 -dvd-video /path/to/video17:29
meduserBluesKaj: actually it says it does not contain all the neessary dvd files17:30
L3topor growisofs -Z /dev/dvd -dvd-video /path/to/video17:30
L3toppresuming you have dvd+rw-tools17:30
meduserL3top: I do l3top17:31
=== carlos is now known as Guest54782
BluesKajL3top, does that string convert avi to dvd structure ?17:32
BluesKajL3top,  ok good to know , i hope it works17:34
meduserL3top: genisoimage: Could not find correct 'VIDEO_TS' directory.17:35
medusergenisoimage: Unable to make a DVD-Video image.17:35
meduserPossible reasons:17:35
meduser  - VIDEO_TS subdirectory was not found on specified location17:35
meduser  - VIDEO_TS has invalid contents17:35
FloodBotK1meduser: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:35
meduser:-( write failed: Input/output error17:35
L3topyou may want to author it first... one second... I know that creates the structure, but not sure exactly what it will do without a menu...17:35
L3topyou will soon see17:35
L3topfor both?17:36
L3topsorry missed your last text17:36
L3top/dev/cd0 and /dev/dvd?17:36
meduserL3top: /dev/dvd17:37
L3toptry the other17:37
meduserL3top: L3top: genisoimage: Could not find correct 'VIDEO_TS' directory.17:37
tsimpsonyou can use k9copy to author video DVDs, probably the easiest way17:39
meduserL3top: ( unable to open64("/dev/cd0",O_RDONLY): No such file or directory17:39
meduserL3top: point and click seemed so much easier..I have been trying to make dvd's for almost 3 weeks now. ..lol..it should not be this difficult17:40
L3topto be clear... that dvd is blank and the device is a burner...17:41
=== debrisrat is now known as DebrisRat
L3topYes... it seems to want the VIDEO_TS file there from an authored file17:41
L3topsorry for that... not something I do, just knew the switch existed17:42
meduserThe disc, when inserted says blank dvd. It is out of a brand new stack of dvd's, dual layer 8.5 gbs. The dvd burner is an lg, 2 weeks old. I can burn cd's just fine17:42
L3topman details that it converts it to dvd player structure... was not clear on prereq at casual glance17:42
L3topjust checking the simple things first17:43
meduserL3top: n/p. I am willing to try anything..I just appreciate all the great folks in the linux society that are willing and patient enought o help out the new guys.17:43
L3topI am looking for a simple author tool that does so automagically... as I presume you don't care what the menu "art" is.17:44
meduserBlueKav has been helping for 2 days now...we are just throwing crap at the wall to see if it sticks..lol17:44
BluesKajmeduser,  we were new guys once too :) , at least I was17:44
* L3top was born with tux tattoo17:45
L3topI keed...17:45
meduserBluesKaj: I help out at other sites where I am the xpereinced one in networking and other such topics, so I know what it is like to be one the other side. I learn, and then pass the new knowledge on as best I can17:46
meduserBluesKaj: I need to step out with my kids for hockey practice. I'll be back in an hour17:47
L3topBluesKaj: sorry for being snotty earlier... I am sure my question is not clear. I chose to ask here rather than gentoo because it seemed smarter to look for something which now exists than something which doesn't/isn't, or misreports based on distro of origin. Sort of the prove a positive not a negative thing.17:47
BluesKajL3top,  mymedia conversion and burning skills are very rusty since I connected my pc to our home theater system and began using it as our meia server. ...I can recall using tovid to author and burn dvds in the terminal ...it worked well but one had to be very careful to follow the instructions as one went thru the process17:47
L3topI am convinced his distro is no longer gentoo... but have difficulty demonstrating it outside of kernel version. His repos are all ours or ubuntu.17:48
BluesKajL3top,  sorry fotr appearing hostile , it has to do with our frustration here today17:48
BluesKajL3top,  so you're updating from the canonical etc repos ?17:49
L3tophe is... yes17:49
L3topour project is ginormous... trunked to about a dozen other large projects17:50
L3topasterisk, myth etc17:50
=== seeker is now known as Guest4942
L3topand as I said... I am pretty sure his setup is working because it has been converted... and it occurred to me... I don't know how to tell.17:51
L3topBluesKaj: You can take a look at www.linuxmce.org . It is an open source home automation platform.17:56
L3topbuilt on kubuntu17:57
BluesKajyeah , the kernel obviously works for him , but does that determine what/how the OS is really defined17:57
L3topI don't really know...17:57
L3topmaybe I will ask in devel17:57
L3topthe user is basically anti-buntu... and I while it satisfies him to think he is on something else... I don't believe he is anymore. Primarily because he got it running in a few hours... and it is... tempermental at best... and with just lucid repos... I am pretty sure he has a kubuntu lucid install now which identifies as gentoo in grub17:59
=== sleepy is now known as waky
BluesKajL3top,  linuxmce looks very interesting , seems designed for much larger and fancier setup than mine tho18:19
BluesKajL3top,  is he anti gnome/unity or anti all 'buntu distros in general ?18:21
L3topI don't want to disparage the guy... so I can't really comment.18:22
L3topthat is the best way I can put it.18:22
L3top"ubuntu sucks" would be the answer if you asked him18:22
L3topand it would just tickle me to alert him that he is still on it once he goes on about how awesome it is18:23
L3topbecause I am petty I guess.18:23
BluesKajwell ubuntu sucks is a pretty strong statement... it'll be interesting to see how he likes the OS after a week or 2 :)18:26
roger_Lucid install?18:32
roger_why lucid?18:32
tsimpsonprobably because it's LTS18:33
L3topit is LTS18:33
roger_Always amusing to hear heated impassioned claims of true statements that have no facts behind them beyond uninformed opinion18:34
roger_Ah so he's ready to jump to LTS+1 ? :)18:35
ClutchDartHmm, noob here hoping for a bit of assistance, or am I in the wrong place? :)18:35
roger_ClutchDart: ask away18:36
ClutchDartI'm not really sure how I did it, but I managed to lose the 'start button'... Now to me my alternate computer isn't much more than a brick, I don't want to format and reinstall... Any idears on getting it back? I'm pretty much a noob with the command line and linux in general, so that doesn't help18:37
roger_ClutchDart: do you have a panel at the bottom of the screen at all?18:38
roger_ClutchDart: is there a button to the right of the panel (Kinda yellow)18:39
tsimpsonClutchDart: click the Plasma Tool Box button on the right of the panel, choose "Add Widgets...", find the "Application Launcher" and drag it on to the panel18:39
roger_tsimpson: noob. Easy with all the non expoosed names :)18:40
ClutchDartOoh, so THAT'S where it's hiding... And what it's called18:40
ClutchDartNow to get my mouse working on every click :P18:40
ClutchDartthanks :)18:40
roger_ClutchDart: sure :) what clicks does the mouse work with?18:42
ClutchDartroger_: I'm... Not sure yet... Some does and some doesn't, and I've not isolated what makes the difference18:44
ClutchDartI'm switching to a less advanced mouse, so maybe that'll help18:45
ClutchDartNow, for me to figure out the dual-boot... But that's another topic, so thanks for the help y'all and hopefully soon I'll be able to provide help to others rather than always needing the help18:51
BluesKaj!dual boot | ClutchDart18:54
ubottuClutchDart: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot18:54
Sleepwalker_Are there any germans?18:56
ClutchDartBluesKaj: Thanks :)18:58
ClutchDartHmm, would running Windows in a VM make it to where I'd lose system resources to the point of being unable to easily play games? It's already an older system... I'd prefer the VM option, I just don't know how much I'd lose because of it18:59
tsimpsonClutchDart: VMs are always going to be slower than running natively, however the only way to tell is to test it and see19:01
tsimpsontry a VM first, you can always go for dual-boot later on19:01
ClutchDartAlright, thanks :) Another noob question... Where do I find the system specs (I think that's the right term) I'm coming from a Mac where system profiler is easy to find and I know how to view it... I've got Kubuntu on an old IBM desktop, and that's where I'm wanting to put Windows as well19:02
yofelSleepwalker_: you can find germans in #kubuntu-de usually19:03
tsimpsonClutchDart: kinfocenter is probably what you want19:03
ClutchDartYep, that looks right :) Thanks again!19:05
meduserBluesKaj: I am back19:07
BluesKajmeduser,  any progress ?19:09
meduserBluesKaj: no, I had to take my kids to hockey practice. Just got back.....I am thinking of trying nerolinux ans see how that goes. But I can't help thinking this is some little setting I am doing wrong19:18
BarkingFishevening guys, need a little help here.  ndiswrapper is not loading when I boot.  I've tried to add it to /etc/modules, but for some reason that causes my system to forget my entire sound card.  Anything I can do to sort this out please?19:21
=== slappy is now known as Louey
BluesKajmeduser, ffmpeg can convert avi to dvd/mpeg which make it ready for burning on k3b under the heading , "Convert .avi to mpeg for dvd players " on this page ,http://www.catswhocode.com/blog/19-ffmpeg-commands-for-all-needs , if you don't mind trying the command line instead of guis.19:29
tsimpsondid you try k9copy, it's pretty much designed for DVD video authoring19:30
BluesKajtsimpson,  k9copy won't let himn acces the avi files , it crashes when he tries to convert19:31
tsimpsonBluesKaj: odd, it actually uses ffmpeg (and/or mencoder) internally19:32
Peace-2mandvd should be nice19:33
meduserBluesKaj: thanks Blueskag. I will try that. I actually prefer command or terminal over the guis. It's more fun when you are learning, And I want to learn it the right way. I'll check out ffmpeg.19:33
BluesKajyes , but there's something else causing the problem , I'm sure , because I used k9copy to make and burn avi files to dvd and now it won't let me access the avi file directly , can't get into the folder19:35
BluesKajtsimpson, ^19:35
Peace-BluesKaj: tried with kdesudo ?19:35
Peace-adding user on video audio groups^?19:35
medusertsimpson: thanks for the suggestion. We have been trying for 2 days here and I am sure it is something not setup right on my behalf. I am new to Linux, so I kust don't know the programs at all.19:35
BluesKajpeace . I'm the only user why would that have changed?19:36
Peace-BluesKaj: try is not die :D19:36
tsimpsonI really haven't tried to burn a video DVD in a long time (isn't wireless streaming to HD TVs fun), so I'm not entirely sure how these things work. I remember using k9copy, but this was a couple of years ago now19:37
Peace-1 or you try to convert with ffmpeg into mpeg2video  and use k3b to butn19:38
Peace-2 or 2mandvd19:38
BluesKajtsimpson,  I'm sort of in the same boat , having put all our media on this pc which isnow connected to the HT setup19:39
BluesKajPeace-,  kdesudo k9copy doesn't make it accessible either19:40
lukito    * /msg Free|205 xdcc send #40719:40
Peace-BluesKaj: ok19:40
meduserBluesKaj: ok, I am trying theffmpeg -i source_video.avi -target pal-dvd -ps 2000000000 -aspect 16:9 finale_video.mpeg19:43
meduserBluesKaj: using my source, In the terminal,  it appears to be converting the file19:45
BluesKajmeduser,  same here , just to see how it converts19:45
BluesKajso far no dropped frames either , which is good19:46
meduserBluesKaj: cool...You are such a big help. I really appreciate the help.19:46
BluesKajmeduser,  well ,  this me curious ..it will be a "help" if this works for you :)19:48
BluesKajmakes me curious19:48
BluesKajmeduser,  btw this looks like full rate conversion without any data loss19:51
rtdosmy shutdown (power off) and restart options are missing from my kickoff application launcher menu.19:52
rtdoshow can i get them back?19:53
kbroulikrtdos: umm… try System settings → login manager (one of the downmost entries) and on the I think last tab "Can shutdown" and then everyone … Ithink19:55
BluesKajrtdos,  dunno , but you can right click on the desktop to get it as well19:56
rtdossession management?19:56
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meduserBluesKaj: Looks like it is going to take a while to convert20:03
meduserBluesKaj: not that I care..lol..I just want it to work20:03
BluesKajmed , mine is a 2G file and I'm up to 1.8 so far , should be finished soon20:04
BluesKajmeduser, ^20:04
meduserBluesKaj: still going here..at frame 100 000..20:08
tsimpsonmeduser: go make coffee, or have a snack. maybe watch some TV, or play solitaire. transcoding video tends to take _forever_20:09
BluesKajmeduser,  hmm, yeah this file is gonna be larger than the original ...well i'll just let it run it's course20:11
medusertsimpson: I don't mind sitting here..I have nothing else to do...I just wanted to keep communication going..lol20:11
BluesKajnascar/daytona has a rain delay anyway:)20:14
meduserBluesKaj: Mine is done....video:2890649kB audio:294110kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead 2.116359%20:24
BluesKajmeduser,  what was the original filesize ?20:25
meduserBluesKaj: ^20:26
meduserBluesKaj: file was 700mbs avi. is this a good result or bad? it's what? almost 3 gbs now isn't it?20:27
meduserBluesKaj: 4x the size..lol20:27
tsimpsonmpeg (at least the MPEG standard used on DVDs) was never that good at compression20:28
tsimpsoncompared to more recent codecs anyway20:29
BluesKajmeduser,  yeah and it was probly compressed to fit on a cd20:29
medusertsimpson: but the result is what I needed right?20:29
meduserok, so now try and burn this with k9?20:29
tsimpsonI'd guess so20:29
tsimpsonthough expect it to do some more processing, DVD structure is convoluted20:30
BluesKajno meduser just burn it with k3b , I would think ,,it's already converted20:30
medusertsimpson: when I said mine was done, it had me back to the user prompt in terminal20:30
meduserBluesKaj: ok..just a sec20:31
FanfareQ: is there a kubuntu-hardware channel?20:31
tsimpsonright now you have a video in the right format, but it still needs splitting and other processing for it to be a "standard" video DVD20:31
tsimpsonotherwise it's just a video file on a disk20:31
medusertsimpson: Convert .avi to mpeg for dvd players20:32
meduserffmpeg -i source_video.avi -target pal-dvd -ps 2000000000 -aspect 16:9 finale_video.mpeg20:32
BluesKajmeduser, this ffmpeg string was upposed to convert to the dvd structure tsimpson20:32
medusertsimpson: that was the command used20:32
tsimpsonunless you have a bunch of .VOB and .SUB files, it's not in DVD format yet20:33
tsimpsonit's just in the right codec etc20:33
meduserBluesKaj: I know..I think tsimpson doesn't know what we tried..lol20:33
tsimpsonok, give it a go and see20:34
BluesKajtsimpson,  http://www.catswhocode.com/blog/19-ffmpeg-commands-for-all-needs , scroll down to "Convert .avi to mpeg for dvd players"20:34
BluesKajoops that command converted to pal not ntsc , meduser ...hope your player does pal :(20:35
tsimpsonBluesKaj: it's in the standard DVD video format, not in the DVD filesystem structure20:35
meduserBluesKaj: no..in North America..ha..try again..lol20:36
tsimpsonif you have a DVD to hand, mount it and take a look at the structure20:36
meduserBluesKaj: so is there one for ntcs?20:37
BluesKajmeduser,  just replace pal with ntsc20:38
BluesKajin the string20:38
meduserBluesKaj: I see it..20:38
BluesKajI have a problem here ...needs rebooting ..brb20:41
meduserBluesKaj: I'm converting again..20:41
BluesKajok trying again with ntsc, this time20:49
meduserBluesKaj: will I am at 85000frames now..almost there...21:02
roger_rtdos: are you using GDM to login ?21:14
roger_Fanfare: Kubuntu Hardware ?21:14
BluesKajmeduser,  install tovid , then to indicate if the file is dvd compliant (ready to burn to dvd) , in the terminal , idvid filename.mpg21:17
BluesKajmeduser,  if that indicates the file is not dvd compliant, then reprocess it with ,  tovid -dvd -ntsc -in filename.mpg -out nameofoutputfile21:21
meduserBluesKaj: typed   apt-get install tovid, says it is installed..typed  idvd myname.mpeg, got idvd: command not found21:22
roger_try jobsdvd21:23
meduserBluesKaj: missed the i..trying again..21:24
BluesKajmeduser,  I used tovid very successfully to make dvds from avi files and other video...however there several other tools/utlities required to author dvds using tovid , but it's worth researching and learning21:24
meduserBluesKaj: says this: idvid: command not found21:25
BluesKajmeduser,  use tovid id filename.mpeg21:30
BluesKajmeduser,  http://tovid.wikia.com/wiki/Tovid_Wiki21:33
meduserBluesKaj: Says I can burn it to NTSC dvd21:34
BluesKajmed there is also a support channel #tovid , but it's not very populated or busy from what I recall21:35
meduserBluesKaj: Audio is compliant with the following formats:21:35
meduser  448000 bps 48khz AC3 DVD (Dolby Digital)21:35
meduserVideo is compliant with the following formats:21:35
meduser  4656000 bps 29.970 fps MPEG2 NTSC DVD21:35
meduserYou can burn this video to NTSC DVD21:35
FloodBotK1meduser: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:35
BluesKajmeduser,  cool ...maybe that will work :)21:36
meduserBluesKaj: so, I have K3B open, I selected New Video DVD project21:37
roger_Anyone has an intimate relationship with networking?21:38
meduserBluesKaj: I can select the .mpeg we just made..it pute it outside the folders in the current projects box. Should the current folders box be just the 2 folders, video and audio?21:38
roger_if I ping a hostname it resolves the IP address and pings correctly21:38
roger_if I ssh it resolves as a different IP address and ssh freaks outs21:38
Fanfareroger_: supportchannel for kubuntu users with Hardwareprobs...21:41
meduserBluesKaj: I am going to assume that it is just supposed to be the two folders, and put the mpeg into the video folder.21:42
BluesKajmeduser,  I think since it's already to burn to dvd just open k3b and navigate to the file and choose it directly21:42
roger_Fanfare: You are in it21:42
meduserBluesKaj: so don't worry about clicking on video dvd, ju?21:43
meduserBluesKaj: just find file, click burn?21:43
BluesKajmeduser,  yes21:44
meduserBluesKaj: if i do that it says found files bigger than 2gb. These files will only be fully accessedible if mounted with udf21:45
BluesKajmeduser,  don't worry , that's some old std for older pcs21:47
meduserBluesKaj: burning..fingers crossed..lol21:48
BluesKajroger_,  I suggest you use static IP for your LAN for all pcs , list them in /etc/hosts.allow under portmap as  ALL:192.168,X.X21:49
BluesKajindividual IP addresses of course roger_21:50
BluesKajroger_,  http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/21:51
roger_BluesKaj: THey are static doesn't help the resolution being different from two different processes :(21:52
BluesKajroger_,  sorry I don't understand21:53
roger_BluesKaj: ping mycomp21:53
roger_it pings
roger_ssh mycomp21:54
roger_it sshes into
BluesKajssh user@192.168.X.X is the command , roger_21:56
roger_BluesKaj: yes but why would the name resolution be different?21:57
meduserBluesKaj: not looking good;P22:00
BluesKajssh requires an IP address in the string afaik , ssh-ing into pc-name isn't supported afaik22:01
roger_BluesKaj: :) Of course it is22:02
roger_for example I can from the other computer do ssh yourcomp22:02
BluesKajmeduser,  then why would it say burn to dvd compliant ...that's rhetorical btw22:02
roger_and it works fine (course it gets the same IP address every time)22:02
meduserBluesKaj: not being found by Sony22:03
BluesKajroger_,  i don't get it , what's this yourcomp mycomp thing?22:03
roger_BluesKaj: the names of the computers22:04
roger_I can call them xaiver and magnus if you like22:05
BluesKajwithout IPs in the command , roger_?22:05
roger_BluesKaj: Without ips22:05
BluesKajyou're using alisaes , right ?22:06
roger_BluesKaj: no. Just hostnames. The name resolves to an IP address and ssh kicks in22:06
BluesKajI'm not familiar with that method22:07
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BluesKajin etc/resolv.conf?22:07
roger_BluesKaj: right Though I have them in /etc/hosts22:08
BluesKajmeduser,  bummer guess I was wrong , k3b needs those TS files for you dvdplayer ...k3b>File>New Project>New Video DVD Project22:08
meduserBluesKaj:  should the mpeg be inside the video folder?22:09
BluesKajroger_,  ok , I've never tried listing the IPs in /etc/hosts22:10
BluesKajmeduser,  I really don't know22:10
BluesKajsorry I've forgotten , meduser22:10
roger_BluesKaj: shouldn't work any different from anythign else. It's just a lookup of a computer name to see what ip address it has22:10
roger_ same as trying to go to www.kubuntu.org22:10
BluesKajroger_,  you are aware of the new dynamic /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d file that overwrites the /etc/resolv.conf file , but I don't know how that would have anything to do with it , it's mainly for dns / nameservers22:14
roger_yeah. Didn't check that but let me take a look22:16
BluesKajdunno if it's on oneiric yet22:17
roger_ok give me a moment22:17
roger_let me reboot22:17
BluesKaj12.04 Precise here22:17
roger_nice :)22:19
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jmichaelxso i have this weird desktop effect going on, and would love to kill it. it has to do with the desktop switching animation. as the cube turns, the widgets all go kind of sideways (or something). anyone know what this is, and how i can make it go away?22:42
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viKtor_hi people, just one question, i can't decide between unity and kde so, for a really powered pc, which one could be better? i like both but both are lacking in something... just need to know! hehe23:55

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