rmkwgrant: Is it possible to have all history for a PPA deleted?01:50
wgrantrmk: No.01:51
wgrantrmk: You need to change the version.01:51
rmkProblem is I copied a newer version of this package from another ppa, deleted it, and am trying to copy a different one.01:52
rmkSo sure I can download and rebuilt it with a newer version..01:52
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ricotzhello, could someone look and restart at this build on a buildd where are at least 25gb available -- https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/ppa/+build/323910018:30
ricotzwgrant, ^18:30
Jeroen__Build status Failed to upload on muntries (virtual)21:51
Jeroen__What does this mean?21:51
Jeroen__My package builds fine, but it fails to upload?21:51
jelmerJeroen__: what's the exact upload error?21:51
jelmerJeroen__: usually uploads fail because the package already exists in the archive with the same version but different contents21:52
jelmeror because the package that's being uploaded has a version that's lower than what's in the archive21:52
Jeroen__Ah. That might be correct. I deleted the old package first though.21:52
Jeroen__Let me bump the version and try again.21:54
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Jeroen__\quit thanks + bye22:43

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