jbichagraingert: I don't, but I'm curious what graphics driver you use00:04
jbichagraingert: have you tried nouveau?00:04
graingerthow do I go back to nouvea from nvidia?00:04
graingertjust disable in jockey?00:04
jbichagraingert: yes, that should work & reboot00:05
graingertalso I can't seem to get java plugins working in ff or chrome00:05
graingertdo you know what I need installing00:05
graingertI have icedtea-plugin icedtea-7-plugin and icedtea-6-plugin00:06
graingertanyway just going to grab todays updates and see if it still happens00:07
snadgeits known not to work very well on some systems.. so the solution is to disable it on all systems.. even ones which work.. and give no simple way to re-enable it again00:20
snadge*golf claps* bravo ubuntu.. ;)00:20
DaekdroomIirc, they're going to work on a whitelist that's going to be constantly updated.00:21
snadgethe problem is.. its not that simple and it depends on the state of the system.. and if additional hardware devices have been plugged in00:22
snadgea blacklist is probably a smarter idea00:23
jbichaI don't think they can do a whitelist because there are too many variables for hibernate to work, hardware alone isn't sufficient00:24
snadgebut it sounds like they'd much rather prevent hibernate working on systems in which it works.. than accidentally allow hibernate on systems which might not.. a feature known as "retard" protection ;)00:24
jbichaOEMs can enable it by default00:25
snadgeand how many oems install ubuntu linux00:25
snadgeall zero of them00:25
DaekdroomDell, System7600:25
jbichathere are quite a few OEMs, Canonical has a whole team that works with various OEMs00:26
snadgewell.. here in australia i've never seen something for sale with ubuntu on it00:26
glosoliDaekdroom: you were talking about which Brands have best compatilibity with Ubuntu ?00:26
snadgeversus the almost 100% of the market that comes with windows00:26
DaniG2kguys what's the command to install gnome classic on 12.04?00:26
jbichaone of the few money-producing opportunities Canonical is going after00:26
Daekdroomglosoli, nope. I'm talking about OEMs that ship Ubuntu-powered machines.00:27
glosoliDaniG2k: it's already installed00:27
DaniG2kglosoli not for me00:27
DaniG2kglosoli I got rid of unity00:27
Daekdroomsudo apt-get install gnome-fallback-session00:27
DaniG2kk thnx00:27
jbichaDaekdroom: just install gnome-session-fallback or gnome-panel (installing gnome-shell will also work)00:27
Daekdroomor gnome-session-fallback00:27
glosoliDaekdroom: In my country most of them give you an option :) Linux or Windows00:27
Daekdroom!info gnome-session-fallback00:27
ubottugnome-session-fallback (source: gnome-session): GNOME Session Manager - GNOME fallback session. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.1-0ubuntu5 (precise), package size 3 kB, installed size 157 kB (Only available for any all)00:27
Daekdroomglosoli, Dell is the only one to do that around here, atleast among the respected and well known companies.00:28
jbicha!info gnome-panel00:28
ubottugnome-panel (source: gnome-panel): launcher and docking facility for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.3.90-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 472 kB, installed size 1372 kB (Only available for any all)00:28
snadgeive got an idea.. there could be a toggle to enable hibernate in the power settings.. on whitelisted systems.. its enabeld by default.. otherwise its set to disabled00:28
jbicha^ that's the actual version00:28
snadgeif you then re-enable it.. it could warn you that hibernate has not been tested on your system, and that you do so at your own risk00:28
glosoliDaekdroom: And do you know which brand has the best support for Linux ? Thinking of changing my laptop just for ubuntu... coz I love it. In about 4 months period00:28
jbichasnadge: I believe that was Design's idea, it just needs someone to write the patch00:29
Daekdroomglosoli, unfortunately, I don't. But I think somewhere on the wiki there's a page that describe how well Ubuntu works with some laptop models.00:29
snadgealso there could be a mechanism after a successful hibernate (for the first time on an untested system) it could prompt you to submit your hardware details to canonical00:29
snadgeso that in a future update.. that hardware may or may not be included in the whitelist00:29
glosoliDaekdroom: Well I won't find anything, coz If I buy smth most of the times it is new high tech thing :/ The same was with my Asus N61JA at the time I bought it00:30
snadgemy acer aspire one is not on the whitelist :( .. i thought they were a fairly common netbook00:30
penguin42the problem with doing tests is that the hibernation failures are often particular feature related; like doesn't hibernate with wifi in use or the like00:31
snadgewhich is why one successful result shouldn't be used to whitelist something.. and the result should contain whether wifi is enabled etc00:32
snadgeso if you get a bunch of successful hibernations.. but none of them have wifi enabled.. you could then be suspicious00:32
snadgeyou could also log when the hardware goes into hibernation.. which would tell you roughly how many systems go into hibernate, and fail to come back out of it again.. ie, the ratio00:33
penguin42snadge: Yeh I'm just saying that set of rules can be quite tricky to come up with00:33
penguin42snadge: It's like it might be only wifi on battery power connected to a WPA-2 network on 5GHz00:34
snadgei also wonder if some blacklisted hardware works in windows.. and what form of witchcraft / voodoo trickery they use to work around it00:34
penguin42(On a tuesday....nah, would never get a date dependent bug....)00:34
snadgetrue that.. and in those situations, as you know.. its possible to run scripts pre and post hibernate00:36
snadgeto do things like .. shut down and re-enable wifi00:36
penguin42snadge: Nod00:36
snadgeit makes sense to do that.. rather than disable it entirely00:36
snadgeit just underlines how much of an enormous problem it is though.. collecting useful information from the field would go a long way towards answering some of those questions00:37
jo-erlendhas online accounts been removed from system settings again, or is it just me?00:37
penguin42snadge: It's just really difficult - because what normalyl happens is you figure it hibernates sometimes and it can be quite difficult to pin down what the circumstance was00:37
snadgelike my netbook, im pretty sure that one time out of 10.. it stuffs up00:38
Daekdroomjo-erlend, not just you. It disappeared from here too00:38
snadgebut most of the time.. it works fine00:38
jo-erlendDaekdroom, thanks. Stuff has disappeared here before for no apparent reason :)00:38
glosoliDaekdroom: Do you know anything if Nvidia is getting Optimus for Ubuntu :)  ?00:38
Daekdroomglosoli, huh... I don't00:39
DaekdroomWell, I've read a few things about Optimus in Linux, but I don't remember them00:39
graingertrecent logs seem to have broken: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/02/26/%23ubuntu+1.txt00:49
penguin42graingert: Give it time - we're not an hour into 26 yet!00:50
graingertcan anyone remember who I was talking at?00:50
yofelthe cronjob generates them at 3 minutes past an hour looking at the timestamps00:51
graingerta moment ago00:51
graingertit was just at the wrong moment00:51
yofelgraingert: jbicha00:51
graingertjbicha: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell/+bug/941200 it does seem to be some nvidia "issue"00:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 941200 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "gnome-shell crashed with SIGSEGV in _nv022tls()" [Undecided,New]00:52
graingertalthough ubuntu-bug recommended gnome-shell00:52
Will123456hey guys. double clicking on the app menu (to unmaximise a window) is more sensitive than double clicking on a window to maximise. is this important enough to report as a bug?02:31
Will123456i was hoping one of you could try it out and see if i'm not being hypersensitive :P02:31
urfr332gOWill123456, I think it is a single click on the app menu02:36
urfr332gOto size it02:36
DaekdroomClick and drag or double click to restore.02:48
DaekdroomWell, to maximize too02:48
urfr332gODaekdroom, I thought they meant the maximize or half size button was the tick here in the app menu. :)02:51
Will123456Daekdroom: double clicking behaves differently on windows and the appmenu03:05
Will123456two clicks that the app menu registers as a "double click" will not register on windows03:06
Will123456that's what i meant by more sensitive03:06
Will123456try this: maximise a window, then find the slowest double click you can do on the app menu to unmaximise the window. now try that on the window title bar03:06
Will123456it probably won't maximise the window03:06
DaekdroomWell, you could try filling a bug report, but I'm not sure how important (if a bug at all) they'd consider it.03:07
Will123456yeah, that's why I asked here first :P03:07
Will123456am i being too precise? :P03:07
DaekdroomI personally cannot find a difference between speed for each of the actions.03:07
Daekdroom*minimum speed03:07
DaekdroomAh. Nevermind, just did.03:08
Will123456it's subtle, right?03:08
Will123456both window title bars and the app menu don't seem to take into account the "double click timeout" setting under mouse and touchpad settings, though maybe you have to restart the session to have that come into effect03:09
Will123456the only reason i can think this might constitute a proper bug is if they don't adapt to the double click timeout, which would be nice for accessibility reasons right?03:10
trijntjeping mhall119, is there a way to translate unity quicklists of precise?10:02
valdur55trijntje, yes. there is.10:05
valdur55use Name[lang]=Translated10:06
trijntjevaldur55: so I should use bzr to get the .desktop files, add the translations and push it to lp? I have no exprience with bzr10:09
trijntjethe above meaning: is that the correct procedure? Not meaning: explain all of bzr to me10:11
valdur55trijntje, http://mhall119.com/2012/02/contributing-to-unity-for-non-developers-quicklists/  and http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/ ...10:15
valdur55trijntje, first, test my idea. Maybe it doesn't work. It seems to work, but i can't test10:16
trijntjevaldur55: I'll try adding the translations to the .desktop files first, thanks!10:18
arshadis this the 12.04 channel?10:27
arshadIf you maximize the screen, why doesn't the unity bar hide anymore?? bug?10:28
ironhalikit appears to be a bug10:28
ironhalikthat it wont dodge windows10:28
arshadi hope so.. i was so mad.. i don't wanna install ccsm10:28
ironhalikyou dont have to, you can make it autohide from the wallpaper menu10:29
ironhalikautohide for now at least10:29
arshadokay good *phew.. i have a netbook.. prolly not a big deal for ypu guys10:29
ironhalikWell, when it doesnt hide, it obscures whatever is underneath it10:30
arshadare there any setting to change the size of the unity bar yet??10:30
ironhalikvia ccsm, yeah10:31
ironhalikor via Ubuntu Tweak10:31
arshadthat should be top priority to make defauly :(10:31
ironhalikthe icon resize? I think it was in the appearance menu for a while10:32
ironhalikbut not sure :>10:32
ironhalikyou probably could find it somewhere in the dconf editor too10:32
arshadoh yeah one more thing.. everytime i log out to LightDM it keeeps crashing and restarting.. have you ever had that??10:33
arshadi meaning restarting the xserver.. not the whole computer10:33
ironhaliknot on my desktop, but on intel based laptop, yeah10:33
arshadi guess you have AMD? lol10:34
ironhaliknah, Im on nvidia here10:34
ironhalikwell, I would suggest you file a bug :)10:35
arshadi hopw i have time to10:35
ironhalikits pretty much the point of using precise at its current state :)10:35
ironhalikyou can always use 'ubuntu-bug' command10:36
arshadi know.. usually i wouldn't be the fist to file a bug.. there are always repeats of the same filed bug on launchpad10:36
ironhalikit takes about 3 minutes to fill10:36
arshadyeah ill do it.. tomorrow tho10:37
ironhalikyeah, for me the most annoying thing is searching for dupes :)10:37
arshadwhaat version ubuntu are you using atm?10:37
ironhalik12.04 on desktop10:38
ironhalikits surprisingly stable for an alpha10:38
ironhaliklinux alpha :)10:38
ironhalikand I dualboot it on my laptop10:38
arshadoh! i thought you'd use something for mainstream.. like 10.04.4.. like im using10:38
ironhalikmy fallback to sanity is arch linux :)10:39
arshadubuntu is only good when you tinker too much with the inner parts.. lol10:39
arshadI remember when PCLinuxOS was the big thing10:39
arshadu remember that??10:39
ironhalikI remember when redhat was the big thing :P10:39
arshadhow long have you been using linux for lol???10:40
ironhalikfor some time, on and off10:40
ironhalikcompared to what linux was on desktop10:40
ironhalikubuntu is a dream10:40
arshad2006..ish for me.. i started at 1310:40
arshadi know! especially display problems back then!10:41
arshadLCD and native resolutions :S10:41
ironhalikyeah, I spent like two days on opensuse10:42
ironhalikto make it properly set resolution in gdm and desktop10:42
ironhalikwith two displays10:42
arshadi couldn't run opensuse.. i had my first kernel panic with it tho!10:42
ironhalikprecise pangolin is supposed to fix the dual display situation a bit10:42
arshadi saw when they were demonstrating it in orlando10:42
arshadit worked well for my netbook on the projector in the lecture hall too!10:43
ironhalikhuh, I never tried it that way10:44
ironhalikjust smaller screen next to bigger10:44
ironhalikand theres always a catch10:44
arshadi dunno.. it worked really well.. no lag or anything.. and this was a netbook..10:45
arshadit was annoying changing the size of the window in the bigger moniter to refit the smaller one.. but that was it.10:46
ironhalikwell, for me its not lag, its that the screen is either the height of the bigger one, and you actually can move the mouse outside of the display :)10:46
ironhalikor you cant set the native resolution at all10:46
ironhalikIm actually a little bit glad my oldish second LCD gave out ;>10:47
arshadhuh.. weird..10:47
arshadit was wayy easier using CRTs for multiple monitors10:48
ironhalikfirst linux distro ever for me10:48
ironhalikofcouse I installed it, got scared by it and returned to windows 8510:48
ironhalikI probably should have my LILO boot FDD somewhere :P10:49
arshadholy.. how old are you?? hahaha10:49
ironhalikonly 2510:49
ironhalikI was nerdish as a small kid10:49
arshadMy first comp was MSDOS.. i was pretty nerdy too!10:50
ironhalikhmm, I used to rock 'su-27 flanker' for hours on dos10:51
arshadmy first linux distro for me10:51
ironhalikmmm, woddly windows, the main selling point of linux desktop back then :>10:51
arshadi used it as a liveCD and i was impressed with its performance.. my computer couldn't run Vista which just came out at the time10:51
arshadgreat alternative. but ubuntu wasn't as good back then compared to this10:52
ironhalikI think I was playing with fedora at that time10:53
ironhalikand learned what bleeding edge means for them :P10:53
arshadhaha yeah10:53
arshadwhat do you think of Gnome3??10:54
ironhalikI actually like it10:54
ironhalikmany people hate it, miss the old gnome menus10:54
ironhalikbut I hated the menus - you had to know where  every shortcut install by default10:55
ironhalikand where is the line between preferences and administration :P10:55
ironhalikor you could launch everything from terminal10:56
arshadi have gnone 2 right now.. i downd10:56
arshadi used to run 11.04 before.. i needed something more stable for school10:57
arshadr u in college??10:57
ironhalikfor me, the metakey search/launcher is just a killer feature10:57
ironhaliktell, me, on 10.04.4, the gnome applets still move around on their own? :>10:58
arshadno.. atlwast not yet10:58
ironhalikit annoyed the hell out of me10:59
arshadeverytime i thikn about the weather applet tho.. haha.. i remember when my city got to -53C10:59
ironhalikmaybe they fixed it10:59
arshadmy city was second coldest in the world that night11:00
arshadthey probably did.. they better atleast11:00
arshadi had that problem in ubuntu 11.04 where if  put my computer to sleep but the machine wouldn't go into sleep mode. just the os did11:01
arshadi had not way of waking it back up again11:01
arshadhave you ever had that before??11:02
ironhalikHmm, I dont think so11:02
arshadi lost so much homework that week.. i was pretty mad11:02
ironhalikI made pushing 'ctrl + s' a habit, just for that ocasion ;>11:03
arshadso what r u studying in college??11:05
ironhalikcomputer science :P11:05
arshadhaha same! what year??11:06
ironhalikhad couple of years after highschool11:09
ironhalikof break ;>11:09
arshadanyways i g2g11:17
arshadnice talkin to ya!11:17
kklimondaironhalik: applet moving has never been fixed afair12:53
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bazhang!info vlc14:18
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.0-1 (precise), package size 1360 kB, installed size 3370 kB (Only available for any all)14:18
mortalwhy have I lost the network icon in unity14:53
ArnoldHello. The menu color being light rather than dark in Ambiance - is it a bug or a feature?15:07
robin0800Arnold: dark text is in radiance15:08
ArnoldIt seems to be like that, yes. However, it's kind of the same in Ambiance, in which it should be inverted.15:10
ArnoldIn Ambiance, it should be dark menu, and with light text.15:10
robin0800Arnold: correct15:11
ArnoldRadiance: http://ubuntuone.com/2eSehD43cTxnrsltW6Lz1S15:17
ArnoldAmbiance: http://ubuntuone.com/0tQiUFbO8g8uBaelzOzgpQ15:17
TronicHow to disable screen blanking on KUbuntu?16:54
TronicIt blanks after about 10 minutes even though I have disabled blanking and screensaver.16:54
penguin42hmm don't think it does here16:58
penguin42Tronic: Have you disabled it the right one of the On AC Power/On battery/On Low battery tabs ?16:59
* penguin42 has Dim Display turned off, and Screen Energy saving set to Switch off after 360min17:00
penguin42hmm spotted something I didn't realise about KDE 4.8 - the 'activity's are a bit more than just virtual desktops; you can have differnet power behaviour on each one17:02
ironhalikHmm, nice17:04
ironhalikKDE 4.8 seems waay better then last I remembered KDE17:05
ironhalikwhich was wieth 3.5/4.0 transition17:05
penguin42yeh the 3.5/4.0 transition was painful17:06
ironhalikand first iteration of KDE4 were painfull :)17:06
yofelpenguin42: iirc per-activity power management was added in 4.817:08
penguin42yofel: I hadn't previously seen the point of acitivities - but I can see for presentations or say watching a video that would be neat17:17
twistsyadadai need help logging in via lightdm, keeps making a loop and throws me out17:20
twistsyadadai need help logging in via lightdm, keeps making a loop and throws me out17:23
penguin42twistsyadada: After your password?17:24
bazhangtwistsyadada, in 12.04 ?17:24
twistsyadadaafter pasword yes17:28
twistsyadadahappened after yesterdays updates17:28
twistsyadadathis is the 12.04 channel i think17:29
ikoniatwistsyadada: you said this was also happening in 11.10 ?17:30
twistsyadadano, i have read on forums about similar problem with login on stable release17:30
ironhalikpenguin42: for me, activities (or workspaces) are a killer feature of linux17:30
ironhalikwindows kinda has it too, but not so nicely implemented17:30
twistsyadadai deleted some iceauthority filee17:31
penguin42ironhalik: Well KDE4.8 has workspaces and new 'activities'17:31
twistsyadadashould i update the system again and check maybe?17:32
ironhalikIs there some nice GUI formatting tool, except gparted and gnome format?17:33
twistsyadadai deleted Xauthority file too hoping that would help, bad idea probably17:33
buckyever mv a file to a .bak ?17:34
twistsyadadashould have17:34
twistsyadadatoo late17:34
twistsyadadaiam wondering why happen to my system and not to others17:35
twistsyadadais there a program which could alter thse settings17:35
penguin42ironhalik: There is one called palimpsest - that is the gnome disk utility or one of them17:36
yofelironhalik: for kde there's partitionmanager17:37
twistsyadadaso nayone have any ideas how to get into system17:37
ironhalikthanks, gnome disk utility will work great17:39
ironhalikanyone encountered problems when using ubuntus start disk creator?17:41
ironhalikeg. data fail mid install?17:41
twistsyadadaironhalik: what kind of , i have had many17:41
twistsyadadafailed to copy?17:42
twistsyadadapenguin42: you have any suggestion how to fix my problem?17:42
ironhalikdata corrupted during install17:43
valdur55ironhalik, data... what data.. boot data?17:43
ironhalikfailed to copy17:44
twistsyadadaironhalik: try formatting the flash disk and try fresh17:44
ironhalikyeah, doing it right now17:44
penguin42twistsyadada: Try selecting a different session type before entering the password?17:45
twistsyadadapenguin42: that is the problem, no other sessions are showing17:45
twistsyadadapenguin42: before, i saw unity 2d or gnome, now all are missing17:45
penguin42oh - that's odd17:46
twistsyadadaeven guest login logs me out17:46
penguin42Hmm did anything bad happen during the upgrade?17:46
twistsyadadaright now i have 2, my username and a guest session17:46
twistsyadadawell, its always a partial upgrade of course17:47
twistsyadadabut didnt notice anything odd17:47
twistsyadadano held back packages either17:47
twistsyadadai heard everyone got a new login screen etc17:48
twistsyadadawith a new > symbol next to password box17:48
twistsyadadai have the > but no sessions17:48
penguin42can't suggest much - maybe debug in /var/log/lightdm logs17:49
valdur55and that's why lubuntu fails...17:49
twistsyadadaok will do17:49
valdur55changes with lightdm :P17:50
twistsyadadapenguin42: lightdm log says authentication successful17:52
twistsyadadabah nvm, ill reinstall17:52
dashhowdy. I'm running precise on a freescale mx53 and it doesn't have some kernel modules i'd like (for example, 'tun'). what's the recommended procedure for getting that? "apt-get source <my linux-image package>" and then build modules myself?17:55
penguin42dash: Yeh you don't have many choices; probably a good idea to ask for them to be turned on in the config as well17:57
trismdash: the default config has tun: CONFIG_TUN=y, just not as a module18:08
buckydash, do you have a /dev/net/tun18:10
buckymknod /dev/net/tun c 10 20018:11
dashbucky: hmm, i don't even have a /dev/net18:25
dashah, just mkdir.18:25
dashtrism: it doesn't here18:27
dashtrism: /boot/config-3.1.1-1400-linaro-lt-mx5 has "# CONFIG_TUN is not set" in it18:28
buckymodinfo tun18:29
buckyoh.. no mod18:29
dashso i'm left with the idea of manually building the module for now and maybe building a custom kernel deb later18:32
yofeldash: why are you running 3.1.1? Are there no 3.2 kernels for arm?18:38
industrialmesshi folks18:39
industrialmessi was here before about the lightdm login problem18:39
glosoliAny new updates for someone ?18:39
industrialmessfixed it, the package gnome-session  was uninstalled it seems18:40
industrialmessi installed it and i can login back now18:40
industrialmessnot sure if that has anything to do with lightdm18:40
industrialmessglosoli: why18:41
industrialmessglosoli: libreoffice updates18:41
glosoliindustrialmess: just interested the second day that's silent for me :D18:42
industrialmessglosoli: try the main repos?18:42
yofelit's beta freeze, not much updates18:43
dashyofel: Good question. It's the only one I saw for mx5318:43
glosoliindustrialmess: using that one ;D18:43
dashit's what 'linux-image-linaro-lt-mx5' depends on.18:43
dashi see a 3.2.x one for omap though18:43
industrialmessare we on beta now?18:44
yofeldash: #ubuntu-kernel might know more18:44
dashOK thanks18:44
yofelindustrialmess: no, but archive is frozen for beta release testing18:44
glosoliindustrialmess: using that one already ;D18:44
industrialmessthats nice18:44
industrialmessglosoli: ya you said that twice :P18:44
jo-erlendTab completion in HUD would be nice, yes? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/94156818:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 941568 in unity (Ubuntu) "No tab completion for HUD." [Undecided,New]18:44
glosoliindustrialmess: hmmm ;D blindliness :D18:44
industrialmessok iam going now18:46
industrialmessentered ubuntu irc after many years18:46
zzecoolglosoli: ?18:59
zzecoolglosoli: i hate when  there are no updates  oufff19:00
ironhalikyeah, slow weekend19:01
zzecoolironhalik: we may have more updates when we we enter Beta UI19:03
zzecoolthere are many bugs that should get fixed for this version to be called LTS19:03
zzecoolso i hope we gonna have again a nice updates FIESTA19:04
ironhalikyeah, we'll get out update fix every day!19:13
ironhalikbtw LTS, I had pretty low opinion of 10.0419:13
ironhalikbut on the other hand, 12.04 so far, even in alpha, is amazingly good19:14
ironhalikespecially compared do 11.10 alpha19:14
zzecoolso true19:15
zzecooli can only agree with you19:15
ironhalikTrying to restrain myself from installing 12.04 on my lappy19:15
zzecooli got it on mine since alpha 119:16
zzecooleverything is ok19:16
ironhalikwhich so far is my fallback PC in case something went terribly wrong19:16
zzecoolremember the old linux day where almost any hardware driver was  KERNEL PANIC19:16
ironhalikpromised myself Ill install beta 1 on it19:16
zzecoolor even a hot plug usb lol19:16
ironhalikYeah, it was kinda insane19:17
zzecoolbeta 1  omgggg19:17
zzecoolyou have to wait almost a month19:17
ironhalikyou had to hack through conf's to get the simplest things working19:17
* zzecool says omg19:17
ironhalikbeta 1 should be out in a week19:17
zzecooli was trying to scare you19:18
* zzecool scare tactics failed19:18
ironhalikI want to try out Unity2D on my lappy19:20
ironhalikbut it wont let me log out from live cd19:21
ironhaliklightdm gets into a loop, restarting constantly19:21
glosolizzecool:  ?19:24
glosolizzecool: what's up :D19:26
zzecoolglosoli: you here?20:12
zzecoolironhalik: ?20:12
zzecoolomg someone must read this :  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto20:19
zzecoollook at the last part about : How Anacron is Arranged20:20
zzecoolafter readin this part i just said Bitch Please......20:20
yofelnow how did that happen o.O20:32
yofel21721 root      20   0  380m 131m  59m S 9999  1.7  5277862h /usr/bin/X :0 vt7 -br -nolisten tcp -auth /var/run/xauth/A:0-muFzIa20:32
yofel9999% CPU usage, that's new20:32
kklimondaanyone else seeing gnome-settings-daemon and dconf-service using 100% cpu?20:44
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TronicSetting Energy saving [X] Switch Off [360 min] solved the screen blanking issue. This needs to be fixed so that [ ] Switch Off never turns off the screen (instead of turning off after about 10 minutes like it currently does).21:20
Tronic(this affects Kubuntu)21:20
zzecoolwhat the ...21:23
ironhalikanyone knows which value is responsible for the nautilus tooltip22:02
ironhalikthe one that appears when you hover over a folder in left hand panel22:03
ironhalikIve got whitetext on light yellow background there and it annoys mine OCD22:03
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encryptHi im upgrading to Precise and the indicator for the NetworkManager is gone from the panel. Any ideas on how to get it back?22:58
htorqueencrypt: hi! do you have the package 'network-manager-gnome' installed? do you have a file '/etc/xdg/autostart/nm-applet.desktop' containing 'X-GNOME-Autostart-enabled=true'?23:04
encryptwill check it out!23:04
encryptAll installed and configured as per default23:07
encryptIm using xubuntu. btw. The NetworkManager package is the same though23:08
kklimondaencrypt: it can be now hidden using control center, now the question is how to do that without gnome control center? probably try looking through gconf and dconf keys looking for the right one23:28
kklimonda(it also sounds like a bug as the indicator should not be hidden by default)23:29
encryptwell, xubuntu uses another configurator editor, might be a key to switch the indicator on. In case it is a bug how do i report it23:31
encryptunless removing the indicator is part of the release, which wouldn't surprise me considering the eagerness of the development guys to change things23:33
kklimondaI can't talk for Xubuntu, but the indicator is definitely there in Ubuntu23:33
encryptim now in gnome-classic, which seems to be the fall-back session for xubuntu. Neither it is anywhere, but at least in gnome session i have the 'network' settings in 'System Settings'23:35
kklimondaI don't know what Xubuntu uses for network applet - if it's nm-applet (the same applet Ubuntu uses) then you can check if it's running from console23:35
kklimondaok, the switch for disabling applet should be in the lower left corner23:36
encryptIt is the same applet,23:37
encryptwhere the windows buttons are, u mean?23:37
encryptits gnome classic -with the top and bottom panels- still no indicator.23:43
encryptthis is the output when i run nm-applet in console:23:43
encryptGtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-widgets-dark-overrides.css:7:19: Not using units is deprecated. Assuming 'px'.23:43
encrypt** Message: applet now removed from the notification area23:43
encryptGdkPixbuf-CRITICAL **: gdk_pixbuf_scale_simple: assertion `dest_width > 0' failed23:43
encrypt** Message: using fallback from indicator to GtkStatusIcon23:43
kklimonda"** Message: using fallback from indicator to GtkStatusIcon" HUH23:44
encryptis it maybe sth to do with the theme??23:44
kklimondano, the message I've pasted suggests that gnome classic doesn't have indicator applet added23:45
kklimondabut it should be displaying an icon using old systray fallback code23:45
encryptanyway, probably will come back after an update one of these days. Is it possible to run the network manager from console. I insist that xubuntu uses the same package configuration23:46
kklimondawhat do you mean? you want to debug the deamon or just configure it from cli?23:48
encryptconfigure it from cli to check and log on to networks23:49
kklimondano I don't think there is any tool for that23:50
encryptlike using iwconfig to check my network status, similar to that but with options to log on to different networks23:50
kklimonda(well, there is a couple of them, but they all seem unmaintained anymore)23:50
kklimondawell, you can do it by hand23:51
kklimondalike in old good days ;)23:51
encryptthat what i mean23:51
kklimondawell, that's possible but you have to configure everything by hand using iwconfig, wpa_supplicant (if the network uses WPA) and then ifconfig/dhclient23:52
kklimondaI haven't done it for years23:52
kklimondait goes something like this:23:52
kklimondaiwconfig <interface> essid "your ap name"23:53
kklimondawpa_passphrase "ssid" "password" > /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf23:53
kklimondawpa_supplicant -i<interface> -c /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf &23:54
kklimondadhclient <interface>23:54
encryptits wep23:54
kklimondathere is some documentation on it on the internet23:54
kklimondathen you can ignore wpa_supplicant, and set the password using iwconfig23:54
kklimondano idea how, man page suggests iwconfig <iface> key23:55
encryptwill collect all the network's info from iwconfig, mac address, channel and so on. Just in case my indicator doesnt come back, i will use the console for future logins23:58

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