Ultimoorehey guys just wondering who is the media person for the Ubuntu Canada Loco?01:35
Ultimooreanyone online?01:42
DarwinSurvivori'm online01:44
DarwinSurvivorbut I have no idea who the media person is :P01:45
Ultimoorewell I need someone for CBC to talk to.01:45
Ultimooresay what?!01:51
willwh_say what?!02:59
willwh_I don't think there is an elected media person03:00
willwh_the best thing to do would probably be post to the ubuntu-ca mailing list03:00
willwh_I mean - bobjonkman is likely to know03:00
willwh_maybe dscassel too03:00
willwh_neither of whom seem to be around atm03:00
willwh_Ultimoore: do you know what the nature of the query is? :]03:01
willwh_maybe someone else can help?03:01
UltimooreIt will be most likely about Ubuntu for Android and Ubuntu TV03:01
willwh_ah probably03:01
willwh_they need to contact Canonical specifically for that I would say03:01
willwh_it's really nothing to do with the LoCo03:01
willwh_I would say03:02
willwh_whoever decides to write an article03:02
willwh_DO HOMEWORK03:02
willwh_TALK TO US03:02
willwh_don't do what the Guardian (in the UK did)03:02
willwh_when they mentioned ubuntu for android03:02
UltimooreI'm sure they will but remember CBC is about Canadian content so they may ask the Loco some questions03:02
willwh_the article was absolutely atrocious03:02
crondShould i buy a new laptop so I can do gaming?03:02
willwh_well - I am from Scotland :)03:02
willwh_but live in CA now03:03
willwh_so I don't know all that much about the CBC03:03
willwh_I understand they are vaguely similar to the BBC03:03
willwh_crond: I wouldn't03:03
crondwillwh_, yes, basically the same thing03:03
willwh_well - if you are going to - at the very least get an SSD in there03:03
willwh_5,200 rpm just doesn't cut it any more03:03
Ultimoorei could see them getting news video from BBC03:03
willwh_Ultimoore: are you in contact with the CBC?03:04
willwh_work for them per chance?03:04
willwh_what sparked the questions?03:04
crondbjonkman, wakeup.03:04
willwh_bah should've /n'd03:04
willwh_I didn't see bob - sneaky git changing his nick ;P03:04
willwh_(I run irssi and don't use the userlist plugin)03:05
Ultimoorei may have emailed them03:05
willwh_any engagement form a mjor outfit like that is great03:05
willwh_I'd love more expsure re: linux in mainstrea mmedia03:05
willwh_as long as they do their homework03:05
willwh_'cause let's face it03:05
Ultimoorethey never do03:05
willwh_most journalists are OSX fan boys03:05
willwh_or old windows users03:05
willwh_and they write such bullshit03:06
willwh_i.e. the guardian claimed "ubuntu created linux"03:06
willwh_rofl ?03:06
willwh_let me find the article03:06
Ultimooredear god03:06
willwh_(see the editor's note at the bottom)03:07
willwh_just sheer laziness03:07
willwh_you should just throw this log @ CBC :)03:09
Ultimoorelol that is retarded03:09
willwh_ask one of them to come and visit us in IRC :D03:09
willwh_we don't bite ^_^03:09
willwh_oh no doubt03:09
Ultimoorei will right now03:09
willwh_what is this IRC you speak of? is it like twitter?03:09
willwh_it might be best to let them know when the next LoCo meeting is ;)03:10
willwh_I am a galaxy nexus owner03:11
willwh_and full time (l)ubuntu user ;]03:11
willwh_well, that and backtrack ;]03:13
Ultimooreok sent the info about the march 13th meeting03:13
UltimooreCanonical needs as much help as they can get03:14
UltimooreIs there forums that this loco has? I wanna see if thee is anyone in my area.03:16
Ultimoorereally?! I go on there all the time and have never found that area in the forums. (I spend to much time in the gaming area)03:18
willwh_yes you do clearly :p03:19
willwh_Ultimoore: what you playing?03:23
willwh_just out of interest03:23
willwh_I don't really have time for games atm :(03:24
Ultimooreright at this moment...nothing but Am going to play soon Cardinal Quest or Battle for Wesnoth....on Desura03:24
UltimooreI like Desura because its like Steam for Linux03:25
willwh_ah nice03:26
willwh_I am a volunteer sys admin atm for a company making an mmo03:26
willwh_windows only tho;\03:26
Ultimoorewhat game?03:26
willwh_embers of caerus03:26
Ultimoorecustom engine?03:27
willwh_NDA :P03:27
willwh_I would love to roll a decent linux mmo tho ;p03:27
UltimooreLooks good they should have put this in Unigine to make it crossplatform03:28
Ultimoorehells yes03:28
willwh_full loot and open pvp ftw03:29
willwh_I was playing Darkfall03:29
willwh_but too busy now03:29
UltimooreDarkfall is cool there is a mmo I wish was on linux called City of Steam03:30
UltimooreI know what you mean its hard to make time for games, I'm in the military and they keep me busy enough03:41
willwh_anyone got a working thunderbird tray add-on for T-bird 10.2?18:34
DarwinSurvivorwillwh_: could you be more specific? Is there one that isn't working or something?21:41

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