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kklimondahey, any idea why are my gnome-settings-daemon and dconf-service using all the cpu?20:53
kklimondaboth have ~/.config/dconf/user opened and seem to be fighting over it..20:54
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RAOFdesrt: I'm awake now (nominally)22:05
RAOFStupid bloody heat.22:05
desrtRAOF: dude.  it's february22:05
desrthow hot can it be?!22:06
* desrt may or may not be intentionally oblivious22:06
RAOFIt was 39 on Saturday and 37 yesterday, and this house only has a day's worth of thermal mass.22:06
desrtno AC?22:06
RAOFDude, no.22:06
desrtya... that's pretty bad.22:06
desrtwhat latitude is taz?22:07
* desrt would figure it's cool by being close to antarctica or something22:07
ajmitchRAOF: move to NZ, you won't have that problem22:07
desrteh... same as toronto, more or less22:07
RAOFThese are outliers.22:07
desrtwe get weather like that in the summer22:07
desrtbut everyone here as AC to deal with it22:07
RAOFI'm surprised.22:07
RAOFWe get like one day or less a year at that temperature.22:08
RAOFOn average, clearly :)22:08
desrtya... 40 is nothing usual here22:08
desrtbut you expect to see it once or twice22:08
RAOFWhat, really?  Urgh.22:08
RAOFBah, missing negation.22:09
desrtanyway... wanted to ask about another X issue22:09
desrtyou a hendrix fan?22:09
desrtso my laptop sometimes gets what i can only describe as a purple haze22:10
RAOFAs in, the screen gets a purple tint?22:10
desrtit usually happens when i undock while suspended (although i think i've seen it when i'm not suspended as well)22:10
desrtthe resolution on the panel is exactly half (or double, depending on your perspective) of what it should be (ie: i see the left half of the content of screen, stretched across the entire screen)22:11
desrtand there is this purple haze effect22:11
desrtmaybe 'snow' is a better word for it, actually22:11
RAOFAh, ok.22:12
RAOFSomething's got confused.22:12
desrthave you heard of this at all or should i try to get it to happen so you can gather some info?22:12
RAOFI've not heard of this, but there are plausible guesses; what are the resolutions of your internal & external monitor?  This is intel?22:13
desrtit's intel on a t42022:13
desrtjust about as stock as you can get22:13
desrt(i have two 24" screens connected to the dock)22:15
robert_ancelldesrt, hey, why you hate the fork so much?22:15
desrtrobert_ancell: don't get me started...22:16
desrtFORK YOU!!!22:16
RAOFdesrt: Oh, wow.  Triple head!22:16
desrtrobert_ancell: fork() is truly insane...22:16
desrtRAOF: not quite.22:16
desrtRAOF: the chip only has two crtcs22:16
desrtso i dock it with the lid down22:17
* RAOF knew he should have lobbied jasoncwarner_ for funding for another monitor :)22:17
robert_ancelldesrt, is the only issue regarding glib the fact I can't create a new dbus connection (I was trying to do that) and it's not safe to return to the main loop (not going to do that)22:17
desrtrobert_ancell: well, the entire functioning of gdbus is predicated on a worker thread22:17
desrtrobert_ancell: and threads don't follow you across fork()22:17
desrtwell... one of them does... the one that's calling fork()22:17
desrtthe others don't22:17
robert_ancelldesrt, is that owned by the GDBusConnection?22:17
desrtno. shared.22:18
robert_ancellcouldn't that be changed?22:18
RAOFdesrt: Yeah, but you've got 3 connected devices.  Which is an uncommon case, so it's entirely possible that you're hitting a problem there.22:18
desrtya.  david has often mused about changing it22:18
desrtbut there's quite a lot of other problems as well22:18
desrt'not returning to gmaincontext' is impractical because that's how gdbus functions internally22:18
desrtie: it uses gmaincontext to communicate between its worker thread and your thread22:19
desrtRAOF: very possible.22:19
robert_ancelldesrt, but if you did synchronous calls it would be fine right?22:19
desrtrobert_ancell: no.  synchronous calls are implemented by creating a private main context and doing an async call22:19
desrtand waiting for the result to be delivered22:19
robert_ancelldesrt, yeah, so isn't that safe then?22:20
desrtrobert_ancell: there is very very little that is safe to do after fork()22:20
desrtlike __really__ not very much22:20
desrtpractically only the things that are safe to do in unix signal handlers22:20
desrtthe reason for that is because another thread could be in the middle of a printf() and therefore holding the libc's stdio lock22:21
desrtyou're really very much in a bad place when you start mixing threads and fork()22:21
desrt(to be more clear: the process memory gets copied with the lock held... it gets unlocked in the original copy of the process, but the new copy lacks the running thread to unlock it, so it is locked forever)22:22
desrtwhat are you trying to do?22:23
robert_ancelldesrt, making the PAM code in lightdm run in a separate process22:23
robert_ancellif you make it a separate program I have to copy a lot of state over which gets messy22:23
desrtis this so that you can run multiple concurrent pam conversations?22:23
desrtpam really really really needs to be killed....22:24
robert_ancelldesrt, yes, but also so I can handle crashing PAM code (it happens) and PAM modules can call setenv (which they do)22:24
desrteveryone uses it because everyone uses it22:24
desrtrobert_ancell: be bold!  be the change you want to see in the world!  occupy authentication!22:24
robert_ancelldesrt, it's not too bad, but it does force you to use fork22:25
robert_ancellI was avoiding it in lightdm, but it's too ingrained22:25
desrtso you want to fork and interact with PAM22:26
desrtand communicate the results back using dbus?22:26
robert_ancelldesrt, I need to open a CK session, and the best place to do it is when I open/close the PAM session (i.e. in the child process)22:27
robert_ancellwhich will be obsolete once CK dies :)22:27
desrtrobert_ancell: can whatever you're doing wait until after the LTS?22:27
kklimondaah, good we are switching to systemd - no more problems with CK.. oh, wait ;)22:27
desrtya.... that's what i'm getting at :)22:27
robert_ancelldesrt, not really, it breaks some corporate use cases currently22:27
robert_ancellkklimonda, not for 12.04 at least22:28
* desrt seems to recall mark saying during a keynote in orlando that we would not focus on the authentication needs of corporate users22:28
desrt(specifically -- he used that as an example)22:28
kklimondadesrt: bah, he did say that? :/22:28
robert_ancellit still needs fixing though22:29
robert_ancelldesrt, but from what your saying I have to do an exec anyway as printf could deadlock?22:30
desrtman 7 signal has a list of 'safe' functions22:30
desrtexec is among them...22:30
RAOFAlong with basically nothing else that you'd like to use :)22:32
robert_ancellRAOF, desrt, are you planning on flying into SFO or OAK for UDS?22:41
desrtSFO looked cheaper when i checked22:42
RAOFrobert_ancell: SFO for me.22:42
desrtthe BART goes to oakland, i think?22:42
robert_ancellcool, I assume you can just get a train from SFO to oakland?22:42
desrtBART = bay area rapid transit22:42
Sweetshark desrt: FORK YOU? nonono! FORK YEAH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zRN7XLCRhc (esp. minutes 33-40) ...23:14

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