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srini_hi anyone help me regarding ubuntu?09:50
srini_may i know for wat purpose ubuntu-devel is used?09:51
srini_please help me09:52
Ampelbeinsrini_: see the /topic ;-)09:53
srini_Ampelbein, what is that?09:54
Ampelbeinsrini_: The channel topic describes what the channel is about.09:54
srini_Ampelbein, where can i get to know the uses of upcoming ppa ? please dont show me your hand to launchpad..am new to this..i can't understand in that site09:56
jokerdinosrini_: what ppa are you talking about? if you give us more info, we can help you better09:57
Ampelbeinsrini_: I don't understand the question. Do you want to know what a ppa is, or how to use one, or how to create one?09:57
srini_Ampelbein, i need to know the upcoming releases of ppa.And also i need to know the details of it.09:58
micahghow to create a PPA -> #launchpad, how to create packages for a PPA -> #ubuntu-packaging09:58
srini_micahg, am writing a blog regardiing linux.i need something new to write post about ubuntu.10:01
srini_pls help me10:04
astraljavasrini_: I suppose #ubuntu-marketing could help you out.10:20
srini_astraljava, thank u10:23
micahgoops :)10:28
iulianBah, too late.10:28
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gesercjwatson: Hi, as you sponsored my vim merges in the past: bug #927642 is awaiting sponsoring if you want to grab it15:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 927642 in vim (Ubuntu) "Merge vim 2:7.3.429-2 (main) from Debian testing (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92764215:02
infinitygeser: There may be sentimental reasons why some of us would like to keep the changelog delta going back to warty.15:14
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geserinfinity: even if the real remaining delta is around 30-40 lines and the changelog entries over 1000 lines?16:13
penguin42they get truncated from the binary package these days anyway don't they?16:16
tumbleweedgeser: and the first entry is a merge, there is already missing history16:17
tumbleweedpenguin42: yes16:17
geserforget about it that the changelog is truncated now16:19
geserwill re-add those 800 lines of changelog delta which I truncated16:20
penguin42otherwise it would have been silly to dominate the size of vim.tiny by the changelog :-)16:21
geserI was trying to find a balance between preserving history and to ease the reviewer (by making it easier to find the real changes in the debdiff)16:25
geserhttps://launchpadlibrarian.net/85975298/vim.debdiff is the debiff of the last merge (with complete changelog delta)16:26
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