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david123מישהו אולי  יכול לעזור לי פה בבקשה?13:13
david123אני במצוקה :P13:13
ribhoohi all19:19
yuviliohey ribhoo19:21
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ribhoois it always so quite here?19:39
yuvilioribhoo: sometimes, depends on when there's a question that peaks someone's interest or if there is a meeting20:00
yuvilioSpinux: just answering ribhoo's question which was asked before you dropped in20:03
Spinuxis there meetings still?20:03
yuviliomoshe742 or GuySoft, are there still meetings20:04
Spinuxit feels like theres not much more intrest20:05
yuvilioI think it ebbs and flows20:05
yuvilioif someone were to bring up an interesting ubuntu or hebrew dev question, it'd probably wake up some dormant life20:06
Spinuxi`m newish20:06
Spinuxnever came to a meeting yet20:06
yuviliobeen a while for me20:06
Spinuxhow meny years20:07
GuySoftyuvilio, i have no idea20:07
GuySoftyuvilio, im too old i guess - I know all the old people in the club20:07
yuvilioGuySoft: I guess it's been quiet then20:08
Spinuxis there anymore cool israli irc channels?20:08
GuySoftyuvilio, I also coined the term "ubuntu on the grass" i dont think they have those anymore20:09
GuySoftthere is #linux-il20:09
yuvilioGuySoft: hehe20:09
GuySoftand There is #blender-il that comes and goes20:09
Spinux#linux-il is kinda sleeping20:09
Spinuxi`ll try blender20:09
yuvilioblender is app specific20:10
Spinuxah now i get it20:10
Spinuxthe 3d app20:10
Spinuxi`m looking for israli irc channels for a while now20:13
Spinuxi understad its history?20:13
yuvilioSpinux: i think just dormant more than history20:14
ribhoocan anyone tell me if LPIC tests worth anything?20:14
yuvilioribhoo: they're just one metric among many (like Linux+, etc.)20:14
ribhoobut does they worth anything in Israel?20:15
yuvilioribhoo: probably same as in US.  It depends on the kind of job you want.  If it's as a system admin of some sort, it couldn't hurt.  But if you already have a track record doing it, it might be redundant20:17
Spinuxi`dd like chats in hebrew20:18
Spinuxah ah sorry lol20:18
Spinuxtou mean the tests20:18
ribhooSpinux, is there tests in hebrew for linux?20:19
Spinuxno idea20:19
Spinuxtheres a co metrix in israel they should have stuff like that20:21
ribhootaking those exams for now, through prometric20:21
Spinuxno i mean like METRIX LTD20:22

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