quidnuncI am trying to create a package with cabal-debian. Prevu is spitting out the following error output http://paste.ubuntu.com/85726001:11
quidnuncCan anyone help?01:11
quidnuncI never managed to understand prevu's error messages. Usually it fails because a dependency is missing and I guess that might be the case here but I can't tell what exactly may be the missing dependency. Some of those listed should be installable.01:14
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pipedreamhow do I disable a ./configure option in debian/rules ?13:33
geserdepends on the configure script, but --disable-foo might work (see --help to be sure)13:33
tumbleweedpipedream: you'll want to add an override_dh_auto_configure rule (if you haven't figured that out already)13:35
Ampelbeinpipedream: like http://paste.ubuntu.com/857790/13:35
tumbleweedeven better :)13:36
* tumbleweed stops playing with rcbugs for the day13:36
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pipedreamI tried this in debian/rules, but it did not seem to have an effect:14:30
pipedreamexport DEB_LDFLAGS_STRIP=-Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions14:30
tumbleweedI'd prefer fixing that bug to stripping the flag14:32
tumbleweedbut more to the point, that won't work because dpkg-buildpackge exports LDFLAGS before you export this14:32
tumbleweedyou need to do something like export LDFLAGS=$(shell DEB_LDFLAGS_STRIP=-Wl,-Bsymbolic-functions dpkg-buildflags --get LDFLAGS)14:33
tumbleweed(this will get easire when dpkg-buildpackge stops exporting build flags14:33
pipedreamtumbleweed: OK, really I want to first do the prebuilt binary version, and then perhaps that bug has been looked at. (But I'll try that other LD stuff in the meantime as well)14:42
pipedreamSo I want to create a deb package the "bzr-less" way from this:14:46
pipedream0 jan@osprey:~/src/sagemath-upstream-binary$ls14:46
pipedreamsage-4.8-linux-64bit-ubuntu_10.04.3_lts-x86_64-Linux.tar.lzma  usr14:46
pipedreamI've unpacked it, and there is no building to do14:47
tumbleweedpipedream: right, so rename sage-4.8-linux-64bit-ubuntu_10.04.3_lts-x86_64-Linux.tar.lzma to sage-binary_4.8.orig.tar.lzma (or something like that)14:51
tumbleweedadd add a debian/install file, to instruct dh_install14:51
pipedreamtumbleweed: dh_install says the filename is package.install (not just install)15:06
pipedreamdh_install man page15:06
tumbleweedif you only have one binary pcakage, you can drop package.15:07
pipedreamSo I can have contents like:15:09
pipedream# to instruct dh_install15:09
pipedreamusr/bin/sage /usr/bin/sage15:09
pipedreamusr/lib/sage /usr/lib/15:09
tumbleweedexcept that the second column is always a directory15:09
pipedreamand then I need copyright, control, and changelog?15:09
tumbleweedand compat15:09
pipedreamok, re directory15:10
tumbleweedso "usr/bin/sage /usr/bin"15:10
tumbleweedsee debhelper(7) for explanation of compat15:11
pipedreamOK, I think that is done15:14
tumbleweeddid you do any rearrangement? I don't have a usr at the root of the binary tarball15:15
pipedreamuhm, I created usr/lib/ and untarred in there; then I copied /usr/lib/sage.../sage to /usr/bin and edited the variable SAGE_ROOT to point to it /usr/lib/sage...15:16
tumbleweedif you want to use their original tarball, you should do that all programmatically15:17
pipedreamin rules with shell commands?15:17
tumbleweedso, a quilt patch for the SAGE_ROOT, and change the dh_install paths to match the original locations15:17
tumbleweedquilt is easy, /me digs out the nice howto15:18
tumbleweedhttp://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/howto/quilt.html#the_post_modern_way + the quiltrc from http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/modify.en.html#quiltrc15:19
pipedreaminstall changed to:15:19
pipedream# to instruct dh_install15:19
pipedreamsage-4.8-linux-64bit-ubuntu_10.04.3_lts-x86_64-Linux /usr/lib15:19
pipedreamsage-4.8-linux-64bit-ubuntu_10.04.3_lts-x86_64-Linux/sage /usr/bin15:19
tumbleweedyou can omit the root directory name15:20
tumbleweedevery tarball should have a root directory, and the name is unimportant15:20
pipedreamso changed to:15:21
pipedream* /usr/lib/sage-4.8-linux-64bit-ubuntu_10.04.3_lts-x86_64-Linux15:21
pipedreamsage /usr/bin15:21
tumbleweedI would call it /usr/lib/sage instead of /usr/lib/sage-4.8-linux-64bit-ubuntu_10.04.3_lts-x86_64-Linux but sure15:22
pipedreammaybe for the real built-from-source (then you can also install both next to each other)15:23
tumbleweednot if thy both provide /usr/bin/sage15:23
pipedream/etc/alternatives, maybe, hmm, but yes15:23
pipedreamI wouldn't want to change the /usr/bin/sage name now, so I guess they can Conflict:15:24
pipedreamok, reading some quilt..15:24
tumbleweedpipedream: if I wasn't clear earlier, your debina directory should be inside sage-4.8-linux-64bit-ubuntu_10.04.3_lts-x86_64-Linux15:27
pipedreamd=. ; while [ ! -d $d/debian -a `readlink -e $d` != / ]; do d=$d/..; done15:33
pipedreamif [ -d $d/debian ] && [ -z $QUILT_PATCHES ]; then # if in Debian packaging tree with unset $QUILT_PATCHES QUILT_PATCHES="debian/patches" QUILT_PATCH_OPTS="--reject-format=unified" QUILT_DIFF_ARGS="-p ab --no-timestamps --no-index --color=auto" QUILT_REFRESH_ARGS="-p ab --no-timestamps --no-index" QUILT_COLORS="diff_hdr=1;32:diff_add=1;34:diff_rem=1;31:diff_hunk=1;33:diff_ctx=35:diff_cctx=33"15:33
pipedream if! [ -d d$d/debian/patches ]; then mkdir $d/debian/patches; fi15:33
pipedreammouse trouble :-P15:33
pipedreamok, so I still need a rules file and --with-quilt?15:48
tumbleweedsorry, yes rules15:48
tumbleweedrather put '3.0 (quilt)' in debian/source/format than use with-quilt15:48
pipedreamOK, got source/format and the standard almost-empty rules that just does %: dh $@15:50
pipedreamOK, and cat debian/postinst15:55
pipedream# Run sage once as root to set the paths correctly15:55
pipedreamecho 'exit' | /usr/bin/sage15:55
tumbleweedurgh, do you have to do that?15:56
tumbleweedwill that create files?15:57
pipedreamI'll ask15:58
tumbleweedif so, they must be deleted again in prerm/postrm15:59
tumbleweedalso, you want to check postinst arguments, see the standard examples: /usr/share/debhelper/dh_make/debian/postinst.ex16:00
Zhenechkauf ich mir das jetzt oder nid16:06
Zhenechups, ECHAN :)16:06
arandIs it possible to submit a screenshot to USC via some other means that screenshots.d.n? redeclipse is contrib/non-free and hence not hosten via s.d.n ...16:21
arand*hosted at16:22
pipedreamif I want to add a symlink, /usr/bin/sage -> /usr/lib/sage-.../sage, do I do this with postinst? (This will mean not having to do the quilt patching)16:30
tumbleweedpackages are much more reliable if they don't do anything in maintainer scripts (postinst et al), or at least only do things that were automatically added by debhelper16:32
pipedream$cat links16:36
pipedream/usr/bin/sage /usr/lib/sage-4.8-linux-64bit-ubuntu_10.04.3_lts-x86_64-Linux/sage16:36
tumbleweedother way around16:37
pipedreamwoops, ja16:37
pipedreamso then I can change format/source to '3.0'?16:37
pipedreamas quilt is no longer used16:38
tumbleweedthere is no "3.0". 3.0 (quilt) is the right choice for almost all packages16:38
pipedreamand remove the .pc the quilt commands made?16:38
pipedreamdebian/patches and .pc16:38
tumbleweedyou can remove .pc and debian/patches16:38
pipedreamSo, from what I can tell the running sage once from the postinst will not create new files (waiting on dfinitive answer though)16:39
tumbleweedwhat *does* it do then?16:39
pipedreamso I think I might be ready to turn this into a package?16:39
pipedreamit removes pyc files and recreates them16:39
pipedreamwith a new path hardcoded16:40
psusithe output of apt-cache rdepends --recurse is about useless.  is there a better way to visualize the dependency tree?  for instance, see how ubuntu-desktop depends on packageX?16:40
psusi( indirectly )16:40
quidnuncCan someone help me with this prevu error? http://paste.ubuntu.com/857260/16:40
pipedream0 jan@osprey:~/src/sagemath-upstream-binary/sage-4.8-linux-64bit-ubuntu_10.04.3_lts-x86_64-Linux$find local/lib/python/site-packages/ -name '*pyc' | wc -l16:41
tumbleweedpipedream: more likely it recreates them with the system's python. If this weren't a hacky binary-only package, I'd suggest doing that properly with dh_python216:42
tumbleweedquidnunc: I suggest trying to install all of those build-deps in a oneiric chroot, to figure out which one isn't installable. pbuilder doesn't give the most helpful errors16:47
pipedreamtumbleweed: ok, what are the next steps to turn that into a package?16:50
tumbleweeddebuild -uc -us16:50
pipedreamit fails, I think because it is finding the Makefile which shouldn't be there anymore, as everything is built. So I moved it out the way (to test that theory) and built a 1.2M deb17:01
pipedreamI had to change install as well (it tried to copy the debian directory as well)17:01
tumbleweedah, helpful makefile17:02
tumbleweedI suggest putting empty override_dh_auto_configure override_dh_auto_build and override_dh_auto_install rules in your debian/rules17:03
pipedreamOK, but dinner first ;)17:05
tumbleweedpipedream: oh, and I left out override_dh_auto_clean, which will actually be the culprit here17:08
navaHi, is software centre have a channel ?17:10
pipedreamis this channel logged?17:11
* pipedream realised his screen is not logging :-\17:12
tumbleweedpipedream: yes, irclogs.ubuntu.com. But there's 1hr lag17:23
quidnunctumbleweed: <sigh>. Thanks17:23
tumbleweedquidnunc: jtaylor was suggesting an alternative pbuilder dependency resolver a few days ago, apparently it gives better errors17:24
quidnunctumbleweed: Is grepping the irc logs to the best way to find it?17:25
quidnuncI really hate debian packaging17:26
quidnuncI can't understand why no one shares that disdain17:26
tumbleweedquidnunc: what would you fix?17:27
quidnunctumbleweed: Less painful to make packages, less painful to add custom patches to packages. Essentially more like arch's packaging system17:28
quidnunctumbleweed: But I would put the question back to you: Why do think it is the best packaging system on the "market" today?17:28
tumbleweedquidnunc: I don't find it painful at all. And I don't know arch's packaging system17:29
tumbleweedquidnunc: 00:27 < jtaylor> I prefer PBUILDERSATISFYDEPENDSCMD="/usr/lib/pbuilder/pbuilder-satisfydepends-gdebi"17:29
quidnuncMake is sane to build packages that have dependencies that also need to be built.17:29
quidnunc^ tumbleweed What about that use case?17:29
tumbleweedDebian is a binary distribution, not source17:29
quidnuncThat's pretty painful17:29
quidnunctumbleweed: Arch is mixed17:30
tumbleweedDebian isn't17:30
quidnuncI know17:30
quidnuncIt just shouldn't make it so difficult to build from source.17:31
quidnuncIn arch/gentoo it is possible to write a package that will build from git head.17:31
quidnuncThat is really nice17:31
quidnuncand it will build all the dependencies for you too17:32
quidnuncDebian is clearly worse there17:32
tumbleweedquidnunc: I don't see a reasonable way to implement something like that in a pure-binary distribution17:32
quidnunctumbleweed: I don't understand what the impediment is. There are already poor methods that do it in debian (e.g. uupdate)17:33
quidnunctumbleweed: THanks for the alt pbuilder17:33
tumbleweedquidnunc: I never use uupdate. If you have your packages in VCS, you don't really need it17:33
tumbleweedlaunchpad daily builds accomplish a lot of what you are talking about, but they need to be set up17:34
quidnunctumbleweed: ? How do you get changes from upstream?17:34
quidnunci don't think we are talking about the same thing17:35
quidnunctumbleweed: Anyway I have been beating this dead horse for years and I have to go.17:36
tumbleweedquidnunc: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/SourceBuilds17:36
quidnuncthanks for the help with pbuilder17:36
tumbleweedof course we aren't. The same thing isn't really applicable here17:36
quidnunctumbleweed: This is for code stored in lp only?17:36
tumbleweedlaunchpad can import branches from elsewhere17:37
quidnunctumbleweed: Thanks that looks interesting, despite how comparatively convoluted it is.17:38
quidnuncThough it still doesn't solve building dependencies I imagine.17:38
quidnuncAnyway I really have to go17:39
quidnuncThanks for the help17:39
* tumbleweed should stop feeding trolls, anyway17:39
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pipedreamtumbleweed: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/858168/18:43
pipedream^^ the from-18:45
pipedreamupstream-binary package18:45
pipedreamOn the other hand, the from source, with -Bsymbolic-functions removed got a LOT further18:45
tumbleweedaargh, dh_auto_test18:45
tumbleweedtrying to help without playing along never works well18:46
tumbleweedpipedream: you need another override: ^18:46
pipedreamI'll do the override18:46
pipedreamin the from-source packages, those html docs are always the last thing to build in sage. That means all the components built successfully18:46
pipedreamI think18:47
pipedreamthe dh_auto_test is the from-source package, not the from-binary packge18:47
pipedreamsorry, I am mixing two things18:47
tumbleweedI was talking about the binary one18:47
pipedreamfunny, the from-source one had this near the end18:47
pipedreamdh_auto_test: make -j1 test returned exit code 218:48
* tumbleweed suspects that they don't make test very often18:48
pipedreamactually, they make test quite a lot18:48
tumbleweedI suggest disabling the test suite (overriding dh_auto_test here too) for now18:48
pipedream(and make testlong and make ptestlong and many more)18:49
tumbleweeddebug it later18:49
pipedream(they got almost 90% doctest coverage now)18:49
pipedreamwill disable dh_auto_test18:49
l3onHi all!... someone of you can try a rebuild of flowscan ?20:17
l3onI'm getting this error: checking that service name for 80/tcp is www... no20:17
l3onconfigure: error: Please change /etc/services so that the service name for 80/tcp is www with alias http20:17
l3onso it's a local configuration issue... and I don't know if it's affect also the ubuntu build machines..20:18
l3onbuildlog → http://debomatic.debian.net/precise/pool/flowscan_1.006-13build1/flowscan_1.006-13build1.buildlog20:18
jbichal3on: would you be interested in packaging epiphany-extensions 3.3.90?20:21
l3onjbicha, why not...20:24
l3onbut, we can still add new features in ubuntu ?20:24
jbichal3on: epiphany-extensions 3.2 isn't installable & it should really be the same version as epiphany-browser so it shouldn't be a problem20:26
jbichaI don't think it needs a feature freeze exception20:28
micahgtumbleweed: chemical-mime-date was just uploaded to Debian to fix the rsvg issue, so maybe we can just sync20:32
micahgjbicha: still needs one if it has new features, but should be easy to get20:33
tumbleweedmicahg: I see20:33
jbichamicahg: 1 new feature: rewritten adblock extension20:35
micahgjbicha: right, so you need to request the FFe, just include the whole backstory and it shouldn't be an issue20:36
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Adri2000Laney: https://launchpad.net/oneiric-backports's description needs s/natty/oneiric/21:20
micahgAdri2000: Laney: oneiric-backports description fixed21:22
stefancti have not grasp launchpad completely yet... but the upstream connection here is bogus afaics https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashrom21:55
tumbleweedstefanct: unlinked21:56
stefancttumbleweed: thanks and sorry about filing the unnecessary FFE21:57
tumbleweedbetter that than ignoring the freeze and uploading new upstream versions :)21:58
tumbleweedockham: o/21:58
Adri2000micahg: thanks.21:58
stefancthm.. i presume qastaging.launchpad.net is synced by a cron job once in a while?21:59
Adri2000Laney: you can ignore my previous message, it's been fixed21:59
ockhamtumbleweed: setting DEBEMAIL and DEBFULLNAME in ~/.bashrc now.21:59
tumbleweedstefanct: qastaging is where LP developers test every new revision22:00
tumbleweedI don't know how often its data is updated, but I don't think that often22:00
stefancttumbleweed: hm ok... because i cant link my project as the upstream project because it is already linked... ;)22:01
tumbleweedstefanct: don't worry about qastaging, it's contents are throw-away22:02
stefanctcan projects be removed easily (so i can test on the live server without fear)?22:02
stefancttumbleweed: i dont worry about that.. i just cant test there because the upstream link you removed is still present there...22:03
tumbleweedah, let me unlink it there too22:03
stefanctthanks, now that step works.22:04
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quidnuncHow do I confirm universe is available in pdebuild?22:24
tumbleweedpbuilder --login and read the sources.list22:24
quidnuncargh. Why does it say hardy?22:25
tumbleweedquidnunc: what's in your .pbuilderrc ?22:26
quidnuncRight now: COMPONENTS="main restricted universe multiverse"22:27
quidnunctumbleweed: But I had some other things in there that I copy-pasted from who knows where a long time ago22:27
quidnuncwhich I have now deleted22:27
quidnuncbest to restart pbuilder create I guess22:28
tumbleweedright, and presumably those used to support multiple distributions22:28
Laneymicahg: merci22:28
ockhamtumbleweed: i've succesfully run backportpackage22:28
ockhamwould you suggest to just build a deb locally now, or upload to my PPA, or...?22:28
quidnuncWhat the hell? sudo pbuilder create says "Distribution is hardy"22:29
tumbleweedockham: whatever works for you. I generally end up with hacked versions of a few packages on my machines :)22:29
ockhamtumbleweed: then i'll probably build it locally. thx for introducing me to backportpackage, looks nifty.22:31
quidnunc"sudo DIST=oneiric pbuilder create" -> "Distribution is hardy". What gives/22:37
ajmitchquidnunc: got DISTRIBUTION set in ~/.pbuilderrc?22:38
tumbleweedquidnunc: because you removed the bits of your .pbuilderrc that did anything useful with DIST?22:38
quidnunctumbleweed: pbuilderrc is responsible for that automagic?22:42
quidnuncajmitch: No22:42
arandquidnunc: Also, pbuilder-dist might be more convenient.22:42
tumbleweedquidnunc: yes22:43
tumbleweedbut if you use pbuilder-dist, you don't need any of that22:43
quidnuncarand, tumbleweed: thanks22:43
ockhamthis is a bit embarassing, but given a source dsc file, what's the quickest way to build a binary deb?22:45
ockhamdo i *have* to dpkg-source -x it?22:45
tumbleweedockham: whatever you've already set up :)22:46
tumbleweedif you're going to use pbuilder/sbuild, no22:46
ockhamtumbleweed: sry, now i don't quite understand. backportpackage produced the dsc, but didn't leave a source directory, so i was wondering if i had to extract it...22:47
quidnuncockham: Use pbuilder22:47
quidnuncman pbuilder22:47
tumbleweedockham: if you want to build it directly on your system, you have to extract it22:48
tumbleweedif you are going to use a build system, they normally just take a source package22:48
ockhamtumbleweed: do i have to use pbuilder even if the target system is the one i'm on?22:49
ockhamor  is there another way that also can deal with the source package22:50
tumbleweednot at all. Packages should build correctly on dirty systems22:50
bobbyrwardHow does attaching a debdiff to a bug work when there's a version in -proposed?  Should I base it off of the proposed version?22:52
ockhamtumbleweed: could you sync now? :P22:52
tumbleweedonly when LP picks it up. Wait 12 hours22:52
stefanctbtw.. where can i check if LP has picked up a new debian version?22:56
tumbleweedstefanct: launchpad.net/debian/+source/$packagename22:56
stefanctah the "latest upload" thingy is the debian version?22:57
quidnuncWhat is the pbuilder-dist equivalent of pdebuild?23:52

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