pleia2welcome do your daily "we need summaries" call :)16:07
pleia2we'll make press, blogosphere and other news bullet point lists if we can't get summaries16:09
pleia2so if we can get folks to at least help work on the planet summaries that'd be great16:09
Myrttijust a reminder that please remember to include in the summaries "who said what"-aspect. Saying that microsoft is responsible for all the evil in the world without pointing out who thinks so can make UWN look weird.17:00
Myrtti(there was a discussion about it earlier in $elsewhere)17:01
pleia2oh, and remember if you write a summary, add your name to the doc so we can give you credit19:02
pleia2even if you're logged in with your google account, you show up as anonymous on the doc if you weren't explictly invited to it (so you may see my name or akgraner, but we can't see you)19:03
Silverlionpleia2: omg there is a video online now about the interview i mentioned this morning19:04
pleia2why sad?19:04
Silverlioni look horrible :(19:05
Silverlion50 seconds :D19:08
Silverlioni would link it but i dont know how good your german is ^^19:08
pleia2my cat probably speaks better german19:11
pleia2(that is to say, in spite of my heritage, none)19:11
pleia2ok, heading out to berkeley lug, maybe I can snag some people in real life to do some summaries ;)19:30
Silverlionpleia2: ;)19:34
akgranerFor those who are watching me edit the googledoc feel free to snag a summary  - just put your initials beside the one you are working on so I don't duplicate your efforts21:09
pleia2MrChrisDruif: are we good with Flavor team updates?21:18
pleia2akgraner: thank!21:18
akgraneryou're welcome :-)21:19
MrChrisDruifI'll check real qick pleia2 , I don't think right now21:19
MrChrisDruifI think I saw a Edubuntu meeting this week?21:19
* pleia2 hasn't kept up21:19
akgranerI'll finish the Planet section now - but can someone else look at one of the other sections and even if you can only write one summary that would be a great help - thanks!22:08
pleia2blogosphere may end up being bullet points, I'm finishing up press and other news22:33
pleia2my poor netbook is showing its age :(22:38
akgranerpleia2, no worries - I'll jump back in here in a few hours and I'll move all the completed stuff to the wiki  - I just need to run to the store (Pete's leaving for two weeks and there is some stuff we need to get finished)22:42
pleia2thanks :)22:43
pleia2akgraner: I wrote most of the summaries, so if you could quickly eyeball the articles when you copy them over later I'd hugely appreciate it22:47
pleia2I'd round up some proper reviewers tomorrow before I publish22:47
akgranerpleia2,  sure reviewed the ones that were already written and I'll review them all as I move them over.  I was really hoping some other folks would write some this week as well...22:48
akgranersorry you are having to write so much22:48
pleia2thank you :) it's ok for now22:55
akgranerpleia2, only the In The Blogosphere section needs summaries - I'll work on the stats and those when I get back :-) but everything so far has been moved over23:43

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