HiDeHoHi wondering why i cant have access to ubuntu channel. a week or two ago i came here and asked for permissions to be given for em to be allowed to enter again i was told to read the rules and i promised i would abide by them. then i thought i was unbanned seems i am not.02:11
HiDeHoweird that02:11
HiDeHoi can only assume i will never again be allowed to use the channel.02:11
ubottuurfr332gO called the ops in #ubuntu (Chenwoyoung)05:53
elkyHiDeHo, the thing is, we're aware you don't use ubuntu, but instead you use mint. We  *don't* and *cannot* support mint. You however, seem to expect us to, continually, despite hundreds of warnings. Why should we unban you?06:55
HiDeHoelky: i understand that. its ok. I really was thinking of installig ubuntu on another computer for testing the latest. you just helped me realise what to do. thanks again.07:14
HiDeHois moving on from here now07:14
HiDeHopm me if you hve any thing else to discues on this.07:14
M4dH4TT3rhello TMNT09:02
M4dH4TT3rnow why/when was i banned and how am i just hearing about it now while ive been there for approx 3 days?09:02
AlanBellM4dH4TT3r: you were banned on Feb 24 2012 10:12:55 for repeatedly using inappropriate language for a family friendly channel09:07
M4dH4TT3rso if i was banned then why did no one tell me about it?09:09
M4dH4TT3rbtw wtf isnt cussing ;)09:10
AlanBellwell I believe they did, and you then mentioned in #ubuntu that you had been banned which kind of acknowledges you were aware of it at the time09:10
M4dH4TT3rlol no09:10
AlanBellanyhow, I don't really want to discuss the ban with you, just answering your questions about when and why.09:10
M4dH4TT3ri was talking about something else09:10
M4dH4TT3ryeah im waiting for TMNT as he told me to come here09:11
AlanBellthat would be Tm_T09:11
M4dH4TT3ri fill in the blanks ;)09:12
Tm_TM4dH4TT3r: hi09:23
Tm_TM4dH4TT3r: I wasn't the one who set the original ban, but I see you were banned before being removed from the channel09:25
M4dH4TT3ri was?09:26
M4dH4TT3rwhile this doesnt come as a suprise to me i honestly dont remember it09:27
Tm_Tdexter: yes?09:28
dexterOkay, someone should check in on -ot09:29
M4dH4TT3rwhat your gonna make me a op did i hear you right? cause i strongly advise aginst this.09:30
Tm_TM4dH4TT3r: huh?09:31
M4dH4TT3rhaha its triangulated La59.454862 Lo135.319053 Al-5.04500009:35
ikoniaM4dH4TT3r: stop the games - leave the channel09:35
ikoniaM4dH4TT3r: you troll freenode it's boring, there is no further discussion to be head.09:35
M4dH4TT3rikonia please go away you know we dont like eachother for some years now why do you continue?09:36
ikoniaI don't disliked you, I just have no interest in allowing you continue to break the channels rules, so there is nothing more to discuss, please leave this channel and go about your behaviour in other channels09:37
Tm_TM4dH4TT3r: you've been banned multiple times by multiple ops because of your behaviour, so I believe you did all this on purpose09:37
M4dH4TT3ryeah a few of which ikonia incited, but anyways no i wasnt even there for some of them its suddenly my fauly ops bann me for things like typos,previous bans, ect and somehow you think this sets precidence and justifies your actions?09:39
ikoniaM4dH4TT3r: no more discussion. Bye09:40
M4dH4TT3rpoint made09:40
ikoniaagreed, bye09:40
M4dH4TT3rwere you leaving irc ikonia? because this would be doing me a great service09:41
ikoniahello amiacara12:46
amiacaraI can't use #ubuntu12:46
Myrttiyes, I'm still looking at the issue12:46
amiacaraI'm banned12:46
amiacaraby the floodbot12:46
MyrttiI've already told you to have patience, as I can't immediately see what's wrong12:46
ikoniathanks Myrtti12:46
amiacara!LTS > amiacara12:47
ubottuamiacara, please see my private message12:47
amiacara!precise > amiacara12:47
ubottuamiacara, please see my private message12:47
oCeanamiacara: you changed your nick while the bot muted you, /part and rejoin #ubuntu should fix that I think12:49
amiacarathanks Myrtti12:50
oCeanthere you are :)12:50
ubottuIn ubottu, FCR2012 said: WTF is wrong with you16:52
bazhangcaps lock delay looks familiar19:54
LjLKubuntu 12.04 here, doesn't happen19:54
ikoniaeither way, it's not something that needs to be taken up with "the kernel team" at this time19:55
bazhangie I recall a user a while back who claimed the exact same issue19:55
ikoniabazhang: I've seen it before too, the time I saw it was just X11 in fall back and lagging due to poor video input response19:56
LjLthere is an old report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-evdev/+bug/29499519:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 294995 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev (Ubuntu) "[hardy intrepid jaunty] IBM ps/2 keyboard - key delay on CapsLock button" [Low,Expired]19:57
ikoniaLjL: bingo, thank you19:58
bazhangrelying on common sense.20:26
bazhangwhen even ubuntu /member users are recommending non-supported distros20:27
ikoniaI don't see a problem with someone suggesting an alternative distro if ubuntu doesn't do something the user needs it to do,20:28
ikonia(I wasn't following the question)20:28
ikoniajust randomly spouting other distros isn't useful20:28
bazhangand lubuntu is the obvious answer20:29
ikoniawell, as that's pretty much an empty shell of a distro not sure why someone would push it20:29
bazhang<nRy> anybody know where it might be possible to download a beta version of "Ubuntu for Android?"20:37
bazhangdoes not exist?20:37
ikoniathat's got popey 's name all over it for reference20:37
popeyhilariously my wifi _just_ dropped immediately after i said 'heh'20:39
Silverlionwb popey20:40
LjLbazhang: tbh i don't see a problem either suggesting other OS's when they may genuinely be more suitable. i always say "if you're into games a lot, perhaps better to use Windows", for instance.20:40
ikoniaLjL: it's valid, ubuntu / linux can't tick all the boxes for some peoples needs20:40
LjLand yes, that's called common sense, suggesting an alternative when suitable instead of sticking to "but it's only strictly about Ubuntu here"20:40
ikoniasupporting an ubuntu user can be saying "maybe ubuntu isn't the best move for you"20:41
ikoniahowever just screaming "arch FTW" for every question is garbage20:41
ikonia"I want to update xorg" "try gentoo" - no20:41
bazhangLjL, lubuntu is the obvious choice. crunchbang is not a good choice at all. and it's not supported20:41
ikoniabazhang: you're right, however lubuntu is so new, maybe he didn't know ?20:41
tsimpsonSupportersGuide needs changing then ;)20:42
ikoniaI know I missed lubuntu getting developed until it was at a useful stage, then I found it20:42
LjLtsimpson: yes, i meant to object to that part.20:42
AlanBellit says "The user came to the channel to solve their problem in Ubuntu so avoid pushing people away to operating systems that are not recognised derivatives of Ubuntu http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/derivatives"20:42
ikoniaagreed, if it can be solved in ubuntu, fix it20:42
AlanBellit isn't stronger than "avoid" I don't want to say "never"20:43
ikoniaI'll cut the lubuntu guy some slack though as it is still quite new and not as well publicised as possible could/should be20:43
ikoniaAlanBell: avoid is fine, I like it's current wording20:43
LjLAlanBell: also "pushing people away" is one thing, "suggesting" is another. am i pushing people away by saying "if you really want to play commercial games, Ubuntu might not be suitable and maybe you're better off with Windows"?20:44
LjLif a user will say he wants to be able to compile everything from source in an automated fashion, i'll tell them to consider using Gentoo (not like that happens often, but just an example)20:45
LjLthere's a fine line between "only supporting Ubuntu" and "creating a channel of zealots", you know20:46
ikoniaUbuntu FTW20:47
ikoniawoot ubuntu20:47
bazhanghe shouldn't be offering help as he is not following the direction of either distro then20:48
AlanBellLjL: well I would suggest people get a Wii or playstation or something if they want to play games20:49
AlanBellbut anyhow, I don't want to deal with every specific example, common sense is still available :)20:49
AlanBelljust don't want people arriving and being told to go use $otherdistro for no good reason20:50
bazhangone would imagine someone with a ubuntu members cloak could at least keep up at a minimum20:50
Jordan_UThough when I say a link to a pic from 4chan in #ubuntu I was expecting a lot worse :)20:50
ubottuFloodBotK1 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from meduser)21:35
bazhang<kieppie1> ok - I'm sure this channel's been flooded with this request, but where can I download Ubuntu-for-Android so that I can run it on my Nexus Prime?22:24
bazhangdoes not exist?22:24
bazhangwhy are people continually mentioning this as though it is real?22:25
ikoniabazhang: it is "real" canonical have a web site up about it22:26
ikoniathe web site just says nothing beyond "check this out, it's real!"22:26
Myrttiand the email22:26
bazhangikonia, with actual working beta to download22:26
AlanBellwould only run on the motorola if it was available22:26
ikoniabazhang: is there a download ?22:26
ikoniabazhang: the website doesn't say one22:26
bazhangikonia, thats my question22:26
ikoniaahh. no22:26
ikoniait's not released yet22:26
ikoniait's vapour ware in terms of availability, and release dates,22:27
bazhangand everyone is re-directing to #ubuntu-phone22:27
ikoniaI agree, it's pointless22:27
popeyvapourware is a somewhat pajorative term22:27
ikoniajust people saying "when can I download this" in the channel22:27
ikoniapopey: it wasn't intended to be,22:27
bazhangtrickle down support22:27
ikoniabut in terms of public availability - it doesn't exist22:27
popeyespecially when I had one in my hand last week22:28
ikoniaand in terms of information, it doesn't exist22:28
popeythis is why I'm trying to get the FAQ completed22:28
ikoniaI know22:28
bazhangyou by a phone with it then? not something you could ever download and install yourself22:28
bazhangerr buy22:29
ikoniabazhang: at this time...who knowsx22:29
bazhangpresumably popey22:29
ikoniajust wait for ino22:29
ikoniadamn batteries are dying on keyboard now22:29
popeywell, thats exactly what we did22:30
popeybuy a phone and crowbar ubuntu onto it22:30
popeyso yeah, it's something you could do, given we did it22:30
bazhangand it will be available gratis22:31
popeyno idea22:31
bazhangdrm free22:31
Silverliongratis is a word i know ^^ and like22:31
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