stgraberhmm, just noticed wubi is missing from the Edubuntu DVD image... guess I'll have to figure out how to fix that02:43
* micahg wonders when the last chance to rebuild firefox to pick up powerpc for beta 1 would be (guessing late Monday)04:42
Riddellmicahg: depends how slow the ppc build severs are and how quickly people can test the ppc images10:49
Riddellstgraber: needs magic in the ubuntu-cdimage scripts?10:49
AmpelbeinHi! I think the upload of guile-pg should be rejected, the package build failure was caused and fixed in guile-1.6, see bug 935161.14:42
ubot2`Launchpad bug 935161 in guile-pg "guile-pg version 0.16-5 FTBFS on i386 in precise" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93516114:42
infinityAmpelbein: Thanks, rejected.14:48
Ampelbeininfinity: thank you! I mailed angel abad with an explanation.14:49
NCommanderinfinity: alternate image builds seem to be broken; d-cd's deboostrap sanity check fails; python3/3.2{-minimal} isn't getting put on the CDs.16:41
tumbleweedpython3 was dumped recently to make space, wasn't it?16:43
NCommandertumbleweed: python has a bit of a weird history with the base system16:45
NCommanderI'm doing a manual respin to make sure it wasn't a transitory glitch, but I'm not hopeful16:45
tumbleweedpython3 shouldn't, IIRC it was only depended on by lsb16:46
NCommandertumbleweed: seems it might have been a transitory hiccup. Didn't explode on a manual spin. Requeing ubuntu-server images now16:46
RiddellNCommander: yes we dropped python 3 by changing lsb17:41
Riddellso that sanity check needs fixed17:41
infinityNCommander: At first guess, I'd assume that no one dropped the archive priority of python3 after dropping it out of the seeded set.18:19
infinityNCommander: (since debootstrap only cares about priorities)18:19
infinityNCommander: But if it's working now, I guess someone fixed it before I got to it. :P18:19
stgraberRiddell: yeah, I guess so, not sure which part of the magic though, I'll have a look at the branches I have here see if I can figure it out19:17
stgraberRiddell: cjwatson marked the work item as done so I assumed wubi.exe was already on the Edubuntu DVD image but I guess something's missing somewhere...19:17
NCommanderubuntu-server and xubuntu-alternates respun19:21
NCommanderanyone else need anything respun ATM?19:21
micahgRiddell: skaet: should I add a note to the pad about firefox/thunderbird on powerpc?19:57
DavieyHo Ho Hum20:41
Riddellmicahg: can't you just e-mail both our powerpc users?21:58
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