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aarcaneHow to provision a perfect vm from vmbuilder on oneiric ?03:13
BuenGeniowhich incremental backup solution would people recommend here04:10
SHOVELLi have a apache server setup but how to share the files so they are acessable online?07:16
SHOVELLis it that i have to have a "site" or can i just tell it to use a folder and display the content07:17
SHOVELLlike this site^^07:17
RoyKSHOVELL: that's just setup using dir_index, nothing magick, but that won't allow you to update the files. I'd use ftp or ftp-over-ssh or perhaps samba or nfs or even afp07:41
SHOVELLi have a way to update the files that is not the problem dir_index?07:43
SHOVELLok yeah dir_index???07:44
SHOVELLnever mind i think i got it figured out07:46
Canadian1296Apache question: Is it possible, in digest authentication, to add an account that is valid for all realms?08:04
sirdeiuSHOVELL:  if you have your apache server already set up all you need to do is to do a symbolic link to the folder where you keep the files you want to access. For example:  ln -s  /filestosharefolder /var/www . Then your files would be accesible by the following url: http://your.ip/filestosharefolder09:51
sirdeiuthat is the quick way.09:51
SHOVELLthank you09:52
Neikiushello someone who knows about grub has a few seconds?11:40
NeikiusI've got a possibly broken grub install after updating, not sure how to check: the story: apparently I have LVM devices that are broken, grub tried probing them during update11:40
Neikiusand ofc it hanged11:40
Neikiusnow can I exclude that? I dont have the devices.map file... grub is 1.9811:41
Neikiuson ubuntu 10.411:41
Neikiusso what can I do with grub that fails to create device map?12:15
nibalizerNeikius: so do you boot as far as the emergency root shell thing? or does your box fail at grub?12:20
Neikiuswe will see12:21
NeikiusI just rebootet12:21
Neikius*rebooted... after fixing this thing I think12:21
NeikiusI had faulting multipathed devices freezing grub-probe and hence it never updated sucessfully12:21
NeikiusI guessed it won't boot, but I could not be sure. Also I am sitting at the remote pc with servers locked away so now I can pray12:22
ubuntuact 112:26
nibalizerNeikius: you have boot outside lvm ya?12:26
ubuntusrr thought something was wrong12:26
Neikiusduno why it even checks that damn lvm12:27
Neikiuswhy does it do config from scratch every time...12:28
Neikiusso much potential for fail12:28
NeikiusI am lucky, forgot kvm password ... machine is up12:28
Neikiusthough this leaves a bad aftertaste... I had to kill processes manually, I had to intervene on several levels to get the update finish; the cause is in multipath though12:29
epifaniohi ALl12:31
epifanioi'm tring to set-up a web app on a ubuntu server (lucid) , but i'm having some problems ...12:31
epifanioi tried to set up a trac instance, it seems to work .. but when i load it i see it fails to load the css style and all the links are broken12:32
Neikiusfunny thing is, when one disk in iscsi box crashes it rebuilds the array which is ok, but it gives a ton of I/O errors that cause devices to pull down, after that there is no way to get em back up - only restart helps12:32
epifaniothen i switched to redmine ... i was thinking of a trac issue .. but the same .. no css loded and broken link12:32
epifaniothe machine is :  http://aquarius.tw.rpi.edu/projects/ecoop/epy   http://aquarius.tw.rpi.edu/projects/ecoop/redmine12:33
epifanioyou can see the bad behavioure :(12:33
epifanioi'm clueless, i just received the login permision on that machine .. it is running on a Vserver .. and i need vpn to access it trough ssh12:34
epifanioi'm used to setup trac on debian without any problem, i guess it should be the same on ubuntu. or maybe something worng on the virtual server ?12:35
epifanioplese, many many thanks for any help!12:35
Neikiusseems like web site root is wrong?12:36
Neikiusit tries to load resources from  http://aquarius.tw.rpi.edu/redmine12:36
epifanioevery page i need to add /projects/ecoop/  to got the page loaded (without css)12:36
epifanioyes! :( how to fix the web/root ?12:37
Neikiusdont have no knowlege regarding trac12:37
Neikiusbut it is usually somewhere in settings12:37
epifanioi guess it is an apache iisse12:37
Neikiusor website config issue12:38
Neikiusi have one trac somewhere let me check a bit, but still I am no expert on this12:38
Neikiuson the other hand, I have problems waking up  2 kvm machines after update... guess they BROKE CONFIG with update12:39
Neikiusand that is on LTS ubuntu!  a disgrace12:39
Neikiussafe-upgrade should not break stuff12:39
Neikiusnow I am disinclined to update ever again12:39
Neikiusmaybe the config TracUriRoot?12:41
epifanioNeikius: so you are using mod python12:44
epifanioi was using cgi12:44
epifaniolet me try if it helps12:44
Neikiusprobably not its just random guessing12:46
Neikiusbut you definetely got some mappings wrong somewhere12:46
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philpemI'm trying to set up a Preseed file to set up a LAMP server. I've added 'tasksel tasksel/first multiselect server, openssh-server, lamp-server' to the preseed, but can't see any obvious way to set (or at least retrieve) the MySQL root password.15:10
philpemNow I find myself installing phpmyadmin... and MySQL is rejecting the root password. So how do I specify the MySQL root p/w in the preseed?15:11
uvirtbot`New bug: #941547 in postfix (main) "package postfix 2.7.0-1ubuntu0.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 75" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94154718:06
yann_hello! I'm trying to install vagrant on ubuntu lucid, but it complains about an older version of rubygems... actually after some investigation I found this: yann@mandragor:~$ /usr/bin/gem1.8 -v        1.3.5  < is this normal behaviour?18:54
qman___yann_, while I don't know about rubygems in particular, remember that lucid is almost two years old and will have major software versions of the same age18:57
yann_agreed, but as there is a package rubygems-1.8, I thought it would be rubygems 1.3? is there maybe a package I can install, to then update "alternatives" ?18:58
yann_it's really unlucky, it asks for >=1.3.6 and I have 1.3.5 :(18:59
qman___unfortunately I don't know enough about that software to answer that, but you may be able to update by enabling the backports repository, or there may be a PPA you can use19:02
yann_it seems I'm being lucky using Morgan Mackenzie's backport :)19:04
qman___doesn't look like it's in the backports repository19:04
koolhead17yann_: i thought ruby has something like easy_install19:04
koolhead17you can try that as well19:05
yann_koolhead17, might be...19:05
yann_but I think it it just worked :) thanks19:05
yann_pfiou there are gems missing everywhere and massive PATH problems everywhere, I'm not done yet :(19:10
hex20decHi everyone, I'm having a problem with my mail, when I send messages, the return-path header is set to "Return-Path: <www-data@example.com>". How do I change the 'www-data' to 'admin'?  I even added the return-path header to my php script but seems it isn't the problem. Anyone know what the problem is?20:37
RoyKhex20dec: that's set by whatever generates the email message20:38
hex20decRoyK, so how would I change that?20:39
RoyKchange the script or app or whatever doing the emailing20:41
hex20decI use postfix20:41
hex20decRoyK, I'm really new to Linux. You mind please elaborating a bit more on how to do it?20:42
RoyKhex20dec: what is it that generates that email?20:43
hex20decI use PHP as my scripting and postfix as mailing.20:44
RoyKthen just set the from field in php20:45
RoyKthere are docs about that all over the net20:46
hex20decThat is the problem.20:47
hex20decI did it in php, and nothing happens.20:47
hex20decIt seems to not be the PHP.20:47
RoyKyou need to create the envelope correctly in php20:47
hex20decI've done it before with php and everything was working fine, with my shared hosting, but now that I have a VPS, it's not working.20:47
RoyKit's no difference20:48
RoyKemail envelope20:48
RoyKit's called that20:48
RoyKand btw, it's not a server question - try on ##php ;)20:48
hex20decOkay, thank you.20:48
hex20decOkay, I'll look that up, because I saw somewhere envelope as well, and I didn't think it's that, and now that you mention it, I guess it is.20:48
hex20decSo, thanks.20:49
RoyKerm... when I chose "no" to automatic updates during install, how can I enable this later?21:02
guntbertRoyK: I'd say enable the corresponding lines in /etc/apt/sources.list  -- but I didn't look if they are there already21:07
cautionif a standard system program is deleted or missing from /usr/bin, how should I get it back?21:12
guntbertcaution: what is missing and how did you manage that?21:13
yann_soren, bumped into this, thought you might have interest :) https://github.com/jedi4ever/veewee/blob/master/doc/vagrant.md21:14
cautionhmm, I think I can fix it by installing coreutils21:15
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cautioncan I repair instead of apt-get remove?21:17
guntbertcaution: reinstall?21:17
cautionInvalid operation reinstall21:20
guntbertcaution: I see - that only works with aptitude21:20
guntbertcaution: does .. install work?21:21
guntbertcaution: definitely don't remove   the core-utils!!21:22
cautionyeah, doesn't sound like a good idea21:22
guntbertcaution: sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude reinstall should be ok21:23
guntbertalhtough aptitude has difficulties with the multi-arch feature21:24
cautionI don't have aptitude21:26
cautionif I install aptitude is it going to play nicely with apt and all the other existing stuff?21:27
guntbertcaution: I found it:    sudo apt-get install --reinstall ....21:29
cautionoh cool21:30
guntbertnice :)21:33
guntbertcaution: how in the world did you manage to lose that? (if you don't mind)21:34
cautionI was just curious about how to repair21:34
cautionI read that some malware modifies or delete them21:35
cautionI know it's important to completely reinstall if compromised though21:35
cautionbefore someone tells me :D21:36
guntbertah - you did not really lose them - but otoh if they are compromised what makes you believe that apt-get is still ok?21:36
cautionit might not be ok but it's worth a try21:37
guntbertcaution: no, it might pull in completely different things21:38
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philpemIs there any way I can get a Preseeded installation to run something (say, a small script which calls apt-get install) on the first boot, then never again?22:51
philpemI'm trying to install phpMyAdmin and it obviously won't work in the installer because it wants to set up the MySQL database... bit tricky when mysqld isn't running.22:51
kklimondaphilpem: add it to /etc/rc.local22:53
kklimonda(then in the script make it remove itself from rc.local when no longer needed)22:54
philpemkklimonda, as a late-command? hm. fair enough.22:54
philpemjust wondering if there was a better way22:54
kklimondaphilpem: create a package that removes itself? ;)22:57
ruben23hi guys22:57
kklimondabut that wouldn't really be much easier22:57
* kklimonda is surprised that dbconfig-common doesn't handle that22:57
ruben23guys please help me, on my hosted server - i got a modified kernel whihc i cant install the kernel source_ how do i revet it back to dafeult kernel of ubuntu server..22:59
ruben23please help me gusy22:59
kklimondaruben23: what do you mean by a "hosted server"?22:59
philpemkklimonda, dbconfig handles most things... it just can't deal with situations where mysqld isn't running, and you're installing an app which needs it :-/23:00
ruben23 kklimonda: the server is hosted on a datacenter- now the issue is i cant install linux-source coz the kernel is modified not the default i want to revet it back to ubuntu server default kernel.23:00
ruben23kklimonda: the server is hosted on a datacenter- now the issue is i cant install linux-source coz the kernel is modified not the default i want to revet it back to ubuntu server default kernel.23:01
kklimondaruben23: it really depends on how this stuff is handled by the datacenter you have it installed in, and by what do you mean by server - is it a dedicated machine? if so have you tried installing a distro-provided kernel?23:01
kklimondaruben23: maybe they provide source and headers for their kernel?23:02
kklimondaif it's a VPS - what kind of VPS is it? you can use stock kernel with xen and kvm VMs as long as you are provided with a way to change boot settings23:02
kklimondaphilpem: well, I wouldn't call it "handling" then23:03
ruben23kklimonda:i just want to remove the existing kernel and replaced it with default kernel of ubuntu server..how..?  http://pastebin.com/r51zWhD323:03
ruben23its dedicated im sure23:03
philpemkklimonda, :)23:04
philpemkklimonda, thing is, I want to be able to bring up a LAMP server using PXE, using a custom repo, and install everything I need to run a web app. turn-key, basically.23:04
kklimondaruben23: have you tried installing a stock kernel and updating grub entries?23:04
kklimondaphilpem: yeah, I get you23:04
kklimondaI wonder if it's some upstart issue23:05
kklimonda(i.e. if mysql is running during installation on Debian)23:06
ruben23 kklimonda:i havent yet started at all, im wating for your instruction before i start now23:06
kklimondaruben23: I can't really help you with your problem - I don't know if Kimsufi (which is OVH reseller afair?) supports running stock distribution kernels, or if they provide source and headers for their custom kernels (they should). I can tell you the generic description (install a correct linux-image package, make sure that grub entries are updated) but it may as well break your server setup if the box is depending on some custom kernel23:10
philpemkklimonda, mysql *isn't* running during install23:11
kklimonda(you should just try to do it and see what happens - of course assuming it's testing server)23:11
kklimondaphilpem: yes - but I wonder if that's an issue under Debian too23:11
philpemkklimonda, that's the problem -- phpmyadmin wants to create its database (to track DB relations and settings) but can't because MySQL isn't running :-/23:11
kklimondaI'm just often curious about weird stuff like that23:13
kklimonda"did we break it in Ubuntu? Or why is it this way? What can be preseeding used for in this case? configuring phpmyadmin for a remote DB? But what about..."23:13
philpemjust need to figure out how to create a virtual machine 'template' for libvirt now.23:17
philpemsomething I can copy, give a unique MAC address to and kick off a Cobbler / Orchestra auto install23:18
kklimondawould not setting any mac make it generate a new one?23:21
kklimonda(it does that when you create network using xml files)23:23
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