rick_h_ugh, going to take today to recover phew13:00
snap-lLate night last night? :)14:55
rick_h_umm, little hangover today I htink15:41
rick_h_and all that junk food kicking me15:42
rick_h_ordered the first set of plants for the fish tank last night as well15:48
snap-lwoo hoo18:07
rick_h_so these are the guys we're going to go with I think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JV2jZRw2N818:08
snap-lVery nice18:09
snap-lHuh, wasn't familiar with those.18:12
rick_h_yea, I like them, middle sized, colorful, active, schooling18:13
snap-lI've usually stuck more with Tetras18:13
rick_h_so think I'll get those, cardinal tetras, harlequin rosaboras, cory, and a clown/dwarf pleco18:13
rick_h_that's the plan anyway18:13
snap-lThe tiger barbs were an unfortunate result of trying to branch out of the18:13
snap-lI miss our clown pleco18:14
rick_h_tiger barbs are evil18:14
rick_h_I stay away from all barbs18:14
snap-lYeah, I'll not make that mistake again18:14
snap-lIt was because I wanted to get a clown loach, and they were all out of them.18:14
rick_h_I was thinking those. Always wanted some, but ready today they can get up to a foot long?!18:15
snap-lso for some reason I thought 4 Tiger Barbs in a 5 gal tank would work out better18:15
rick_h_tigers are mean little @!$#@s18:15
snap-lWell, and they're highly suceptable to ick18:15
snap-lwhich, funny enough, was my first encounter with it18:15
snap-lI never thought I'd see the OGL discussed on the CC license list.18:19
snap-l(Open Gaming License used for pen and paper RPGs)18:19
greg-gsnap-l: yeah, the current cc discussions are getting quite broad, which is good18:22
snap-lWell, I love how it was summarily dismissed as something Hasbro would like to forget18:22
greg-gcrafting a new license, that will hopefully last for a decade, the drafters/commenters should be well aware of the world in which it will live18:22
greg-gah, missed that18:22
snap-lSince there's a lot of games that survive because of it18:23
greg-g(it is hard for me to keep up on cc-license and cc-community right now, SO MUCH TALKING)18:23
snap-lPathfinder is one such example18:23
snap-lYeah, no kidding18:23
snap-lAlso Fudge took on the OGL, which spawned FATE18:23
snap-land OpenD6 has benefitted.18:23
snap-lI'd hardly dismiss the OGL. What would be cool is if the CC license could be harmonized with the product-identity pieces18:25
=== maxsilver_ is now known as maxsilver
* snap-l picked up a book "Prolog for Programmers" from John King North19:47
tjagodaOrdering pizza online is just enablement for both my hatred of humans, and my love of fat pizza foods.20:11
snap-ltjagoda: We are living in the future20:14
brouschI stumbled on an interesting problem with heroku. You use `git push heroku master` to deploy your site, but that means your production settings file is in your git repo.23:54
brouschIt turns out you're supposed to set sensitive settings in environment variables23:54
rick_h_brousch: yea, you can remove a file from git history though23:57
rick_h_brousch: or can't you have scripts that download a file from s3 or something?23:57

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