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Cheri703so...I have a possibly dumb question: can one use ssh -x while using ubuntu 11.10? it doesn't seem to be working for me06:14
canthus13-X or -x?06:15
Unit193Big X for enabling it.06:16
canthus13-x disables X forwarding.06:16
Cheri703ah, ok06:16
Cheri703thank you /me is very tired tonight06:16
canthus13all good. :)06:16
Cheri703thank you! it is working now :)06:17
Cheri703how are things?06:17
canthus13tryin' to get out of Toledo. :/06:17
Cheri703:/ I saw you're still looking for work06:18
Cheri703I'm looking as well, but likely outside of ohio06:18
canthus13I'm working.. I just tire of Toledo.06:18
Cheri703well, I meant looking for OTHER work06:20
* canthus13 nods.06:20
Cheri703my job is semi-tolerable now that I have a different supervisor, also helps that I can have fun riding to/from work on the trike :)06:21
Cheri703I still dislike it, but at least now I don't have a supervisor who is dumb and I have absolutely no respect for06:21
canthus13Heh. That's always fun.06:24
Cheri703current supervisor fought for me over stupid company rule that would have fired me for being sick and missing work WITH a doctor's note saying I shouldn't come back to work06:29
Cheri703friend put me in for internal microsoft referral system. doubt anything will happen from it, but who knows :)06:35
* canthus13 nods.06:36

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