beta0x64so, I have a $1,500 deposit for my electric bill :[01:20
InHisName1beta0x64: that's it just a half message ?01:53
beta0x64yep. just felt like saying that01:57
jedijfresorting to food in jam announcements19:08
waltmanoh, that.19:12
rmg51what, no oreo cake?19:12
waltmanSadly I don't think I'll be able to make it.19:13
jedijfrmg51: no cake...no people19:40
erstazijedijf: VBoxManage --version and pastebin the full error that you get for the segfault please22:19
jedijferstazi: i think it ram23:46
jedijferstazi: just ordered new ram....will try that23:47

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