humungulousconst_antine: nmap can do it but i couldnt tell you the syntax offhand00:00
trakinashumungulous, alright. will try that. in fact, I just want to test a pair of memories I bought today that look like they are deffected ones. random freezes and reboots on system. And that does not happen with my other two pairs.00:00
Chipzzzconst_antine: can you access the router's admin interface?00:00
humunguloustrakinas: report back00:00
Jordan_Ujoker2u: Can you pastebin the output of "fdisk -lu /mnt/drive1/dd-hack1-image-Ndd2-copy.dd"?00:00
const_antineMuelli: what for, ifconfig controls network interfaces on my host, not other people's hosts00:00
const_antineChipzzz: yes, but I'd rather not00:01
trakinashumungulous, I will. I just wanted to be sure.00:01
const_antinemy sneakernet is busted00:01
joker2uJordan_U http://pastebin.com/d4ZRWdXz00:01
Muelliconst_antine: it shows you "the networks you are connected to".00:01
humungulousconst_antine: http://nmap.org/book/zenmap-topology.html00:01
Chipzzzconst_antine: humungulous' suggestion of nmap is probably your best choice then00:01
dedicated1any quick way of checking how much space all files are taking and how much space still if free on the harddrive? ty :)00:01
ActionParsnipdedicated1: df -h00:01
trakinasgotta go. cheers all00:01
dedicated1great ^^00:01
Takyojihumungulous: So should I lower the transfer mode, or something?00:02
const_antinesweet, I'll look into nmap00:02
const_antinethank you!00:02
humungulousTakyoji: no it was just something i was checking but its fine00:02
Jordan_Ujoker2u: That doesn't look right. What is the exact command you ran to give you that output?00:02
humungulousTakyoji: i really dont know whats going on with your lag00:02
humungulousTakyoji: add RAM, of course00:03
joker2uJordan_U fdisk -lu |pastebinit00:03
TakyojiI'm a power user, but there should never be a reason for disk I/O to hold up an entire system.00:03
Jordan_Ujoker2u: That's not what I asked you to run.00:03
humungulousTakyoji: agreed. its definitely not right00:03
Jordan_Ujoker2u: Can you pastebin the output of "fdisk -lu /mnt/drive1/dd-hack1-image-Ndd2-copy.dd" ?00:03
zacktui've just followed the instructions for booting in grub rescue mode -- all is well -- i've done a "sudo update-grub" and saw a list of my kernels -- do i need to do anything else before a restart?00:03
humungulous!grub | zacktu00:03
ubottuzacktu: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)00:03
TakyojiThe program reliant on the disk activity should freeze, but not everything.00:03
Jordan_Uzacktu: Yes.00:03
MuelliTakyoji: FWIW I do have loads of problems when there is much disk i/o. That's not Ubuntu only. Seems to be a Linux problem.00:03
TakyojiLinux problem, yes; since it's across distros especially00:04
humungulousTakyoji: well, if you think of a system with too little ram hitting its commit ceiling, its going to bring the whole OS to its knees, not just one application00:04
l3dmushroomhey i am trying to make a .vob into a iso as so I can burn to dvd for playback in a dvd player what app is good for this task?00:04
joker2uJordan_U http://pastebin.com/1WJ3vPzj00:04
humungulousTakyoji: but 700MB should be "enough"00:04
TakyojiShall I bug people with bug reports or something?00:04
Jordan_Uzacktu: update-grub just rewrites /boot/grub/grub.cfg. If you're getting a grub rescue shell then grub isn't even getting to the point where the grub.cfg is read.00:04
joker2uJordan_U it's these transparent screens messing with my eyes, I appologize.00:04
TakyojiThat's my point though, while there's the frantic swapping and I/O, it could be using 150-200MB that's being used by disk caches/buffers00:05
humungulouswhat processes are thrashing00:05
TakyojiIt's usually kswapd (or however it's named), and then it's just completely sporadic between all applications00:05
humungulousTakyoji: have you fsck00:06
TakyojiUsually does such at boot00:06
humungulouswhats size of main memory and whats size of swap00:06
Jordan_Ujoker2u: My guess would be that the problem is with "Partition 3 has different physical/logical beginnings (non-Linux?):"00:06
Jordan_Ujoker2u: I think that means that something is wrong with the partition table, which is why kpartx doesn't understand it.00:07
Takyoji1.5GB swap00:07
joker2uJordan_U hmmmm, I have not touch anything on that drive. the image got pulled off that way. hmmm  reburn I guess.00:08
Takyoji400MB of swap used00:08
MuelliTakyoji: LWN had a story on disk i/o performance recently: http://lwn.net/Articles/477352/00:08
Takyoji380MB of RAM available being used by disk caches/buffers00:08
joker2uJordan_U I saw that too but was not sure what to think. I will dd again.00:08
Jordan_Ujoker2u: I doubt that dding again will give a different result.00:09
Takyojialso, any reason or merit whatsoever for pretty much all distros having a swappiness of 70 or so by default?00:09
humungulousbbl kids00:10
TakyojiAlso, what does swappiness truly determine? Does swappiness of 15 mean that 85% of RAM is actually used, and 15% is for disk caches/buffers?00:11
joker2uJordan_U two weeks ago I dcfldd and image and it was perfect and I could mount it with losetup no problem. Unplugged the drive. A scan blew my puter to smithereenze, rebuilt everything and plug it in just to do another dd and now this.00:11
zacktuJordan_U: the community insructions for GRUB 2 say that the user "may need to reinstall GRUB 2 using sudo grub-install /dev/sdX" --- should i do that now?00:11
Jordan_Uzacktu: Yes. But you should also determine why you got to the rescue shell in the first place, to ensure that it doesn't happen again.00:12
Jordan_Uzacktu: Did you do anything that you can think of that might have caused a probelm (like a partitioning change which might have changed partition numbers)?00:14
ubukinghi, wanna know where to find info about fstype from drive on system ( mounted and unmounted ) in /sys .. in wich directory ??00:14
zacktuJordan_U: i had a partition that was being mounted w/ truecrypt and i deleted it -- didn't think that this would affect anything -- clearly i was wrong -- the next time i booted i got the grub rescue message00:14
ActionParsnipubuking: try:  sudo parted -l00:15
Jordan_Uzacktu: OK. Then just grub-install should be fine.00:15
ubukingforgot to say, looking for user tricks ( )00:16
ubukingfor a script00:17
apache-tearscan I apt-get apache 2.4 ?00:17
zacktuJordan_U: Thanks very much  --- i'll get my list of installed packages before rebooting just to feel safer00:17
nicofsI can't connect to the internet via my integrated mobile broadband because i am not asked to enter the pin. how can i unlock my sim?00:17
Jordan_Uzacktu: You're welcome.00:17
apache-tearshi, can I apt-get apache 2.4?  I'm using LTS 10.04 ...00:19
ubuking"lsblk -f "  should give me that info ... .but it need admin right too00:19
MaxHr_Hello, recently installed lubunut and xfce alongside ubuntu, then decided to remove them, now the computer no longer finishes booting...00:20
MaxHr_it gets stuck stopping and stopping anac(h)ronistic chron... how can I fix this, besides reinstalling?  I was able to get a seperate x session started manually, which I am using now00:21
DaniG2kguys whats the ubuntu channel for 12.04?00:22
ubottudanig2k: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:22
Daekdroom!precise | DaniG2k00:22
ubottuDaniG2k: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:22
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PhateSudoStartX6register startxphate666.667@hushmail.com00:23
ActionParsnip!register | PhateSudoStartX600:24
ubottuPhateSudoStartX6: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode00:24
nicofsI can't connect to the internet via my integrated mobile broadband because i am not asked to enter the pin. how can i unlock my sim?00:28
zhuangDoes anyone use WMFS with Ubuntu 11.1000:28
Urchinhow do I get rid of framebuffer in 10.04?00:32
ActionParsnipnicofs: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=154924500:33
ActionParsnipnicofs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-applet/+bug/67503900:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 675039 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu) "NetworkManager asks pin code numerous times on 3G cards while the code is in the nm config" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:33
allu2how can i exclude all hidden directories from find?00:36
ActionParsnipallu2: pipe the result into:    grep -v '^.'00:36
ActionParsniphmm, may not work00:36
zhuangDoes anyone use the AWESOME window manager?00:37
zacktuJordan_U: i did a grub-install and it says it found /boot/grub and installed without errors -- then wants me to confirm about /dev/fd0 and /dev/hda -- anything to do here?00:37
jribzhuang: best to just ask your actual question00:37
bonesTdogQuestion for the crowd. Which is lighter on CPU demands - PCBSD w/Fluxbox or Lubuntu? I have a AMD Athlon 1.67 w/1G memory.00:37
Jordan_Uzacktu: What is the exact command you ran, and what is the exact output?00:37
Guest32138pcbsd works best with kde00:38
nicofsActionParsnip, thanks so far - this solves connecting... but if i don't want to connect to the internet via nm and just access the sim via something else (wammu) that won't help unless i connect to unlock and then disconnect... is there no way to "force the pin onto the sim"?00:38
allu2ActionParsnip: hum, if i give tar list of files and give parametre --exclude=".*" would it exclude all the hidden directories from the list?00:38
bonesTdogkde requires more CPU power though?00:38
ActionParsnipallu2: try it00:39
ActionParsnipnicofs: not something I use dude, sorry00:39
Guest32138yes, but pcbsd is new in the other window managers. kde allows more when installing from the ports collection.00:40
the-gibsonanyone know of a good all in one printer that is well supported in ubuntu?00:40
nicofsActionParsnip, never mind, i'll ask the community...00:40
ActionParsnipbonesTdog: fluxbox doesn't technically need a DE underneath. Lubuntu runs openbox and LXDE under00:40
nicofsI want to send an SMS using wammu and my integrated 3g modem - but my sim is still locked. how can i unlock it with my pin?00:41
ActionParsnipbonesTdog: install ubuntu minimal and then install fluxbox and it will be super light00:41
bonesTdogOK thanks. I will give that a try. PCBSD still lags in response time and I am hoping to speed things up.00:42
bonesTdogThanks for the help ActionParsnip00:42
ShermanBoydanyone using apache 2.4 on ubuntu 10.04 LTS? Can I use apt-get or do I need to compile it?00:42
Guest32138perhaps. i tried the release candidates installing in the flashdrive. kde worked the best. in fact i am using the 8.2 version.00:42
ActionParsnip!ppa | ShermanBoyd maybe there is a ppa there00:43
ubottuShermanBoyd maybe there is a ppa there: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa00:43
Muellinicofs: well. the hackers approach is to open /dev/ttyUSB0 and enter your PIN using AT commands00:43
L3topsherman apt-cache policy apache200:43
L3topnm follow their advice00:44
UrchinShermanBoyd: no, apache 2.2 is on 10.0400:44
l3dmushroomI made a .vob from a app now i would like to make it into a iso as to burn to dvd what app would i need to do this00:44
nicofsMuelli, how exactly do i "open" /dev/ttyACM0 (that's the device in my case)?00:44
Muellinicofs: you can use screen or minicom00:45
TigerboyI think I'm going to stick with aptitude with Ubuntu 11.10. So many package problems especially with the very newest GPU/CPU systems00:45
malkaunswhy has my ctrl key stopped working?00:45
ShermanBoydthanks guys00:45
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Jordan_Uzacktu: Did you see my question?00:46
nicofsMuelli, why  is "unlock sim" not a part of nm? it's quite a basic function in my mind...00:46
Muellinicofs: it is. It works fine for me.00:46
nicofsMuelli, where is it? i don't see it...00:46
grkbloodjoin #openvpc00:46
grkbloodjoin #openvpn00:46
kmicinskiThis is possibly completely off topic, but is the fact that caps lock won't "stick" after a while a sw or hardware thing?00:46
FloodBot1grkblood: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:46
Muellinicofs: dunno. You might want to check your logs.00:46
nicofsMuelli, logs of what exactly? me booting and not being asked to enter the pin...?00:48
Muellinicofs: networkmanager logs. Or better: modemmanager.00:48
Muellinicofs: in fact, I have an issue with ModemManager. It requires me to kill it and replug my USB dongle. So yeah, it's probably a bit buggy.00:49
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Guest70110Hi, how do I show the passphrase for an encrypted partition, please? (I have the password)00:50
nicofsEven connecting to the internet doesn't work anymore...00:50
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allu2how i can exclude hidden folders with tar?00:52
DaZallu2: * omits hidden folders by default00:52
=== pp7 is now known as malkauns
DaZdunno how exactly you're trying to tar it :x00:53
EMPHASISSHi, how do I show the passphrase for an encrypted partition, please? (I have the password) (I found out how for an encrypted *directory* OK)00:54
Muelliallu2: well. it's a bit complicated and other tars behave differently than the GNU tar. You could try --exclude='.*'. But I'd probably go with smth like tar cf foo.tar $(find . | grep -v './.') or the like00:55
ChopsieHello, I am looking for chat assistance with a machine that cannot run Ubuntu.00:55
MuelliEMPHASISS: "echo $yourpassword" will tell you your password...00:55
sparkthewordHi, I was wondering were to go to see my system information(something like my computer in windows)00:57
Muelli!info sysinfo | sparktheword00:57
ubottusparktheword: sysinfo (source: sysinfo): display computer and system information. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7-6 (oneiric), package size 105 kB, installed size 388 kB00:57
ActionParsnipsparktheword: what do you want to know?00:58
ActionParsnipsparktheword: you can install lshw-gtk  and see your hardware....00:58
TigerboyGuest70110: ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase ~/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase00:58
sparkthewordalright thanks00:59
ActionParsnipsparktheword: is that all you wanted?00:59
TigerboyGuest70110: when prompted just type your user password it will then show the passphrase00:59
sparktheword yeah for now thank you01:00
ChopsieI've done a little bit of research, and I know I need drivers, but I need to know how to find the drivers I need. Could someone please help?01:00
ActionParsnipChopsie: drivers for what??01:01
ChopsieAn old PC.01:01
ChopsieNetwork driver, in particular.01:01
ActionParsnipChopsie: ok what chip does it use?01:01
ActionParsnipChopsie: the network chip.....01:02
EMPHASISSTigerboy: that is for my home dir, what about a _partition_?01:02
ChopsieActionParsnip: That's the problem, I wasn't the one who built it. I am unaware of what chip. Let me look around and figure out if I can find the info I require via CMOS. Unless you could tell me how to boot into safe-mode (windows term, might cross over, dunno.)01:03
ActionParsnipChopsie: sudo lshw -C network     will tell you the chip01:04
ChopsieI am unable to open the command prompt function.01:04
totleI have been having these issues with antialiasing ever since unity came to light. I'm running an ATI card. Is this a know issue? I thought it was and I decided to wait but I'm still having this problem. Am I missing something? Thanks.01:05
ActionParsnipChopsie: press CTRL+ALT+T01:05
bluezonei'm experiencing video tearing and when i enable ati's "tear free desktop" option, it only lags the film and makes it worse, any ideas?01:06
ChopsieActionParsnip: I recieve an error. I'll message it to you to cut down on spam.01:06
ActionParsnipChopsie: np01:06
EMPHASISSMuelli: I can't make sense of "echo $yourpassword" ... $yourpassword or my password, or anything remotely like it, is not a bash variable.01:06
gogetabluezone: does not enabling it fix it01:06
_cb /msg NickServ identify <01:07
_cb /msg NickServ identify cali01:07
bluezonegogeta, no, it makes the video lag an extreme amount if it's in fullscreen01:07
MuelliEMPHASISS: well. sorry, but I can't make sense out of your question.01:07
allu2didn't deja dup use to support encryption?01:07
gogetabluezone: it sounds like a conflict with the gl rendering01:07
MuelliEMPHASISS: what is a "partition password"? on the block layer? i.e. dm-crypt?01:07
bluezonegogeta, gl?01:07
gogetabluezone: yea those 3d effects are open gl and its also used to acell video01:08
bluezonehmm so what do i do? xD01:08
gogetabluezone: ati has never played nice with desktop effects01:08
gogetabluezone: try running compiz 2d see if the videos work01:09
EMPHASISSMuelli: sorry - I want to show my passphrase for a mounted encrypted partition - built the system 8 months ago, have left my wife, and don't have access to my old paper folder where I wrote all these down. I have the password, (coz I can mount it) not the passphrase.01:09
gogetabluezone: sorry i ment unity 2d01:09
MuelliEMPHASISS: I seriously don't understand your problem. What is the difference between a passphrase and a password and why do you have a problem at all? you can mount, no? So you're set...01:10
bluezonegogeta, well right now i'm running gnome classic01:10
EMPHASISSMuelli: password is like FredNurka, passphrase is like djdid83w7jhd88f8dsffdsud8f01:11
bluezonegogeta, isn't it the same difference? i dont think there's any effects on classic01:11
gogetabluezone: ok then turn off desktop effects01:11
gogetabluezone: yea it has them01:11
allu2does deja dup encrypt backups automaticly?01:11
MuelliEMPHASISS: still doesn't make any sense to me. What do you want to achieve besides mounting your partition (which you haven't stated the technology you encrypted it with)?01:12
bluezonegogeta, such a shame because i have a high end video card xD01:12
gogetabluezone: the card works fine and will do high end stuf01:12
gogetabluezone: its just that firegl conflicts with unitys gl and slows things down01:12
ActionParsnipbluezone: what card is it?01:13
gogetabluezone: at least the newer cards for some reasion01:13
bluezoneActionParsnip, one sec01:13
bluezoneActionParsnip, for some reason it's not showing up in lspci lol01:14
ActionParsnipbluezone: try:   sudo lshw -C display01:14
EMPHASISSMuelli: coz my system had a hiccup & I couldn't mount the root partition coz I didn't have the passphrase - using 'rescue' from an installtion CD I couldn't mount it ... I then just tried a reboot, and the normal system came up OK, but it was a scary 20 minutes while I contemplated what to next.01:14
bluezoneActionParsnip, it's  a radeon 6950 HD01:15
EMPHASISS*do* next.01:15
ActionParsnipbluezone: not bad, tried different players?01:16
MuelliEMPHASISS: so you're set, no? I *think* I know what you want. Maybe you want to look up, how to backup a LUKS header. But then again, I still don't know, what technology you are using.01:16
bluezonegoing to disable the effects01:16
ActionParsnip!bootoptions > Chopsie01:17
ubottuChopsie, please see my private message01:17
EMPHASISSMuelli: I asked for an encrypted partition for /root when I built the system.  (/home I put into another partition - I've learnt about that, at least)01:17
bluezonegogeta, okay i disaled all the effects in compiz but it's still very laggy with the tear free environment01:17
MuelliEMPHASISS: yeah, check whether you have a LUKS partition. I.e. with cryptsetup01:18
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
MuelliEMPHASISS: if it is a LUKS partition, you can use cryptsetup to backup your header (I think).01:18
EMPHASISSMuelli: OK thanks.01:19
zacktuJorday_U: Here's my grub install: http://paste.ubuntu.com/857238/plain/01:20
zacktuJordan_U: Here's my grub install: http://paste.ubuntu.com/857238/plain/01:21
bluezonegogeta, ello? xD01:21
zhuang_anyone here use a tiling wm?01:22
Isaac_how do I join coldfront IRC?01:22
Isaac_how do I switch to the coldfront server01:22
ActionParsnipzhuang_: openbox here01:23
ActionParsnipIsaac_: what client?01:23
Jordan_Uzacktu: What is the output of "grub-install --version"?01:24
Isaac_ActionParsnip, its xchat01:24
ActionParsnipIsaac_: try:   /server irc.coldfront.net 01:24
WHAT_UP1I'm trying to follow this guide to install windows from an iso without a disc. I'm getting an Unrecognized Command error when trying to do "find --set-root /bootmgr" in grub. I know this isn't a strictly ubuntu command, but does anyone have any idea what I should do? http://tinyurl.com/84gkkdh01:24
zacktuJordan_U: the output is: grub-install (GNU GRUB 0.97)01:25
Jordan_Uzacktu: That's wrong. That's grub legacy.01:25
Jordan_Uzacktu: sudo apt-get install grub-pc01:26
=== jesse is now known as Guest23667
zacktuJordan_U: output now is grub-install (GRUB) 1.99-12ubuntu501:28
Jordan_Uzacktu: Good.01:28
Jordan_Uzacktu: Can you pastebin the output of "debconf-show grub-pc" and "ls -l /dev/disk/by-id/"?01:29
excowhat do I do about : google-musicmanager-beta:i386 : Depends: xdg-utils:i386 (>= 1.0.2) but it is not installable01:34
excoI have it installed in 1.1.001:34
lnxslckexco, where did you went to install that?01:34
technologovwhat's next ? Ubuntu for iPhone ? :)01:34
lnxslckWe're sorry. Google Music is currently only available in the United States01:35
BlackWebHey I'm trying to find the package download site for ubuntu which I've found it before but does anyone know what the URL is01:35
excolnxslck, dpkg -i google-musicmanager-beta_current_i386.deb01:35
yrgBlackWeb, packages.ubuntu.com ?01:35
lnxslckexco, my google acounts aren't from US, so i cant dowload it01:36
excolnxslck, well just use a proxy in the united stats (1 time) and login to google music01:36
aaaswhere is the nfs log file01:36
excolnxslck, if you want to use it ... that is01:36
BlackWebThanks yrg exactly what i was looking for :)01:36
excoso how do I go about an unmet dependency that is already met01:37
lnxslckexco, just install xdg-utils01:37
excolnxslck, it is ... in version 1.1.0 (which is > 1.0.2 imho)01:37
yrgyou're welcome BlackWeb01:37
lnxslckthat's a different thing then01:38
lnxslckexco, remove xdg-utils and install that particular version?01:38
zacktuJordan_U: outputs are at http://paste.ubuntu.com/857278/01:38
excolnxslck, can you tell me how I tell apt-get to install a different version?01:39
lotus-bladeI have multiple screens.  I have them set up as one desktop.  is it possible to set it up as desktop1 and desktop2 so that it is 2 screens on one login?01:40
coviHi guys. Why I can't 'sudo apt-get install haskell-platform' on my Ubuntu? The system is 10.04LTS.01:40
Jordan_Uzacktu: OK. Please run "sudo upgrade-from-grub-legacy" and then pastebin the output of "debconf-show grub-pc" again.01:40
lnxslckexco, search the web for that particular package for ubuntu01:40
tazaWhat happens if I am logged in with a guest account and the power cuts?01:43
excolnxslck, that's from way back 10.0401:44
allu2any way to get pass deja dup trying to be smarter then me with storage size problem?01:45
lnxslckexco, well, don't think you have much of a choice01:46
lnxslckunless you open an issue to google devs, and report that01:46
excolnxslck, moment of truth01:46
allu2i have webdav with 50GB space, deja dup sees it as 13.7GB space wich is left on the / partition (webdav mounted in /media/01:46
allu2deja dup says not enough storage when there should be more then enough01:47
zacktuJordan_U: new output is at: http://paste.ubuntu.com/857282/01:47
excolnxslck, same error with 1.0.201:47
TUX11how do i map a network drive01:47
lnxslckexco, maybe its broken google music manager01:47
ActionParsnipTUX11: nautilus will do it01:48
allu2TUX11: nautilus --> Files --> Connect to Server01:48
excolnxslck, maybe so ... do you mind giving it a try?01:48
lnxslckexco, i can't download it01:48
lnxslckexco, i'm not in the US01:48
TUX11now its a shared drive off a modem01:48
allu2lnxslck: whats the problem?01:48
lnxslckallu2, i don't have a problem, exco does01:49
allu2lol ^^01:49
allu2exco: what is it?01:49
excowget http://dl.google.com/linux/direct/google-musicmanager-beta_current_i386.deb01:49
lnxslckallu2, btw ubuntu only sees 2 GB when i have 4GB of ram... weird01:49
excoallu2,  google-musicmanager-beta:i386 depends on xdg-utils (>= 1.0.2).01:49
narcasI would like to participate in a project in python01:49
allu2lnxslck: weird :S old motherboard? old bios? bad memory?01:50
lnxslckexco, isn't there a source package?01:50
lnxslckallu2, no. new laptop01:50
excolnxslck, don't think so01:50
allu2let me see if i have music managed .deb somewhere..01:50
lnxslckallu2, it shows the memory right in windows but not on ubuntu01:50
excoallu2,  http://dl.google.com/linux/direct/google-musicmanager-beta_current_i386.deb01:50
lnxslckexco, it installed just fine01:51
allu2exco: i have music manager installed and working for a while now01:51
excodarned ... so what could that be, lnxslck ?01:51
TUX11guys how do i got about networking this drive, im bit of a newbie lol01:52
tazaWhat happens if I am logged in with a guest account and the power cuts?01:52
TUX11its shared through the usb port of the modem01:52
allu2TUX11: you know the protocol for the drive? Windows share? FTP? WebDav?01:52
lnxslckexco, don't know, it installed fine on my laptop01:52
tazaDoes the guest account just exist in a temp folder or a ramdisk so it's just gone or do I need to work to get rid of it?01:52
Jordan_Uzacktu: OK. That looks fine. But in the future remember that grub's boot sector should never be installed to a partition.01:53
|goofy|taza: your computer will suffocate and go out.01:53
TUX11errm should be windows share i thnk01:53
TUX11or its called ready share01:53
taza|goofy|: Trolling is super helpful, thank you.01:53
allu2TUX11: you see in nautilus side panel "Browse network" try looking there01:53
excotaza, what do you mean with "what happens"?01:53
tazaexco: As in will I have a ghost of a guest account hanging around my computer somewhere?01:54
tazaOr can I just do the fdisk you have to on a dirty mount and have everything be fine?01:54
tazaErr, fsck01:54
excotaza, sorry, no idea01:55
Jordan_Utaza: It's created in /tmp/, which gets cleared every boot.01:55
tazaJordan_U: Ah. Good to know. Thanks.01:55
Jordan_Utaza: You're welcome.01:55
tazaSo, in this situation which just happened - boot normally, it runs fsck, everything's fine after that?01:55
TUX11no it doesnt show up in local network01:55
Jordan_Utaza: Yes. Though most times power outages do not require an fsck since ext3/4 are journaled.01:56
TUX11has the router given it an ip adress instead01:56
taza(It WASN'T processing any files at the time. A kid decided to shut down the computer after he was done by pulling the power cord. Gets the job done I suppose...)01:56
zacktuJordan_U: I installed on sda and also on sda6 because i thought that i was being encouraged to do so by the conversion program --- will the installation on sda6 go away when i install 12.04?01:56
excook - so other question: bug in carl9170 - what package do I file it against?01:56
tazaOh, right, had an another question01:57
tazaAny way to force freshly created guest accounts to have compositing turned off or a different language than the systemwide one?01:57
taza(Running Xubuntu, it's slightly relevant here.)01:57
Jordan_Uzacktu: You didn't read carefully. It said to install to all *drives*, and specifically mentioned that you probably don't want to install to any partition.01:57
zacktuJordan_U: i must be more careful -- so i'm gonna reboot and cross my fingers -- thank you for all your help01:59
tazaI have a situation where the systemwide language is the one I use... but any guest user would want a different one. As it is now I have an user account for those guests I delete and remake as necessary.01:59
excoother question: how do I find out why my pc will stop booting during usplash sometimes?01:59
Jordan_Uzacktu: That said, you don't need to worry about the setting to install grub's boot sector to sda6 as the install in the mbr (sda) will basically override (actually ignore and not use) the one in the partition.01:59
=== Radea is now known as jslTBH
Jordan_Uzacktu: You're welcome.01:59
zacktuJordan_U: okay -- again thanks and thanks again02:00
tazaIt'll still be on sda6 though. It sometimes comes in handy actually.02:00
ActionParsniptaza: you could mark the file as not executable by all02:00
TUX11grrr i think i need some serious help02:00
tazaActionParsnip: Uh, I think you either misread or mispointed something.02:00
TUX11i do apologise linux is a learning curve for me02:00
ActionParsniptaza: then set the group ownership of compiz to a new group with the people you want to have compiz access02:00
tazaAh. Yeah, I'm looking for less of a kludge.02:01
ActionParsniptaza: then only users in the group or root can use compiz (and therefore get effects)02:01
tazaXubuntu compositing uses compiz? I don't need compositing at all, and it's actually a bit of a strain on my graphics hardware.02:01
ActionParsniptaza: its how you control whom can do, with groups02:01
tazaActionParsnip: I don't have any need to not allow guest users compositing, I just want it turned off for the slight speed boost.02:02
ActionParsniptaza: no xubuntu default doesn't use compositing, but users will be able to switch compositing on02:02
tazaActionParsnip: You are wrong.02:03
tazaBasically I want fresh guest accounts to be born with a few different settings from default, is the larger thing.02:04
moesBooting live cd of lubuntu...on high end computer logo and system specs are correct ....Onlow end coputer02:04
ActionParsniptaza: xfwin4 doesn't do compositing...02:04
ChopsieHellu, #ubuntu. I am in dire need of assistance with initial booting my computer into Ubuntu.02:05
tazaActionParsnip: Xubuntu has some kind of option called "compositing" which enables transparency and such.02:05
ActionParsniptaza: you could replace xfwin4 with openbox, it will be light02:05
moesthe logo is the purple uubuntu and the system specs are ubuntu..Why??02:05
tazaOh god stop.02:06
tazaReplacing the window manager and figuring out how to get the guest accounts to respect that is, well, first of all a kludge and second of all less suited and third of all a huge amount of work.02:06
moesBooting live cd of lubuntu...on high end computer logo and system specs are correct ....On low end computer the logo is the purple ubuntu and the system specs are ubuntu..Why??02:09
wolfmitchellkillall -HUP xinetd is not working...02:10
ActionParsniptaza: "less suited" in what way?02:10
wolfmitchellHad to exit then re-enter Bash02:10
tazaActionParsnip: As in the users in question are already used to xfwm, and reteaching them Openbox would be a lot of work for a minor problem.02:11
ActionParsniptaza: you can switch the WM and the panel at the bottom will still run, so the user interface will be the same02:12
h4ckm3I have a macbook that I can't get to boot from the kubuntu live disc, it is the 32bit, I already have puppylinux installed on the macbook with grub4dos.02:12
kieppieanone able/willing to help me with a frustrating broadcom driver issue, please? mine for broken on my lucid 10.04 LTS when I upgraded to kernel 3, and I've managed to load the b43 driver at last. in wicd I can pick up the networks, but it throws a "bad password" error (which is total BS), & in dmesg can see it authenticating OK but then "denied association (code=12)"02:12
ActionParsniph4ckm3: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?02:12
h4ckm3I want to manually add the neccessary fil;es from the kubuntu installation disc and then manually update the menu.lst so that I can get it to boot from kubuntu\02:12
tazaActionParsnip: Still a giant amount of work for questionable gain. I could fork Xubuntu and make one with the settings I want, too, but I'm not going to do that, either.02:12
ActionParsnipkieppie: kernel 3 isn't suitable for Lucid02:13
h4ckm3where can I go to find how and which files I need to copy out of the iso02:13
ActionParsnipkieppie: we don't support kernels which are not from the official repos02:13
kieppieActionParsnip: I had o install it, because power-management went completely FUBAR on 2.6.x kernel02:13
h4ckm3or perhaps could I boot the iso directly from grub4dos?02:13
h4ckm3okay then ubuntu02:13
ActionParsnipkieppie: its not supported here02:14
h4ckm3I also tried other ubuntu iso's02:14
h4ckm3the macbook is the problem i suspect02:14
h4ckm3the same discs boot fine on other computers as well as the iso in a vm02:14
kieppieActionParsnip: not sure it's a kernel issue, as such, but a wireless/networking one - damn broadcom drivers & all02:15
ActionParsniph4ckm3: menu.lst hasn't been  used for ages dude02:15
h4ckm3we use it a lot for puppylinux02:15
ActionParsnipkieppie: doesit work in the official Lucid kernel?02:15
h4ckm3just because it's eassy to configure02:15
kieppieit did, but in the 2.6 kernel (bcmwl-kernel-source), other stuff stopped working, like power-management - I've nearly damaged my netbook because it kept running/turning on in my bag.02:17
kieppieI've been forced to use the b43 driver on kernel 3.02:17
h4ckm3I can even just install grub2 in the partition with ubuntu and point grub4dos to grub202:17
steve84hi i am new to linux and i am having a minor issue i am running ubuntu 12.04 alpha 2 and i am missing the wifi setting on the main desktop top panel how do i get it back?02:18
ubottusteve84: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:18
ActionParsnipkieppie: if it works i the official kernel but not in the 3.x kernel. Then its a kernel issue. You have used a kernel not intended for your release, its not from the official repos, so its not supported here02:18
kieppieso atm it seems, for a "stable", LTS OS, I have a choice of wireless+boiling netbook or power-management+cable-only02:18
ActionParsnipsteve84: if you are new to Ubuntu, why are you using pre-release OS with bugs and glitches?02:19
urfr332gOh4ckm3, out of pure curiosity grub4dos?02:19
kieppieI'll run with the 2.6 kernel, but what about power?02:19
h4ckm3puppylinux comes with grub4dos in an easy to configure gui tool02:19
ActionParsnipkieppie: you could install Oneiric and get the kernel and you will be supported.02:19
saethi have a question .. i have tried updating my system logged in as a root user using apt-get update, apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade. I have pulled all the updates but the newest kernal image wont install. ive tried rebooting and doing the same process over with no sucess then apt-get purge the linux image and repulling and apt-get install still with no luck. any help on this would be appricated.02:19
h4ckm3it's just very simple to configure and use to boot different linux distros off a usb or w/e02:19
kieppiethis is my work-machine, so I want to keep with the "stable" in LTS02:20
urfr332gOh4ckm3, grub 2 will cover most.02:20
steve84ActionParsnip i had given my laptop to a friend to work on it as windows was not working well and he thought linux would be better im just still learing how to use it02:20
ActionParsnipkieppie: Precise is in Alpha and out in April. You could upgrade LTS to LTS and get 3,2 kernel02:20
administratorAnyone here?02:20
=== administrator is now known as Guest60559
kieppierunning precise on a desktop machine atm - far from stable or usable, sorry.02:21
Guest60559anyone here?02:21
=== Alexified is now known as xLexi
ActionParsnipGuest60559: nobody at all02:21
Guest60559I see.02:21
jribkieppie: all ubuntu releases are stable by definition02:21
h4ckm3or if there are any other caveats02:21
Guest60559Is this the type of place I would go to ask a question?02:21
jribGuest60559: yes, just ask02:22
urfr332gOGuest60559, using a guest makes it hard to tab your nic it has to be completely typed out and anybody here is not correct post your question.02:22
totesmuhgoatsit is always much nicer to sit in this room than the other room02:22
saethhere are the crash report and error i have recieved  when working on this. Crash :  http://pastebin.com/L6iJF9jj Error: http://pastebin.com/tZynKniY02:22
kieppieActionParsnip: ok - so if I downgrade to 2.6, how to resolve the power-management issue? I've read up, filed, bugs, etc, and the general consensus is to use the 3.x kernel.....02:22
totesmuhgoatswrong channel, sorry02:22
Guest60559I've installed Java, and A certain program that usually connects to a server on another operating system. But on ubuntu it doesn't work i get the error "Error cannot connect to server"02:22
Guest60559What do?02:23
ActionParsnipkieppie: you are free to use whatever kernel you want but if its from a PPA, we cannot support it here02:23
ActionParsnipGuest60559: can you ping the server?02:23
kieppie jrib: by definition, yes, but in reality, no. I've not seen a stable system of a stable release until x.x.1 is out02:24
Guest60559Yes I can ping the server.02:24
jribkieppie: stable just means the packages aren't changing02:24
kieppieActionParsnip: it's not from the PPA02:24
Guest60559But, It just doesn't connect on ubuntu.I have the correct network drivers and Graphics drivers to run the program.02:24
jribkieppie: anyway, why don't you use 11.10?  It has a 3.0 kernel02:24
kieppiejrib: sticking with LTS on my work/production systems. on "casual" systems I don't mind02:25
jribkieppie: but why?  Why are you preferring LTS (especially, since you have issues on it)?02:25
smagic39hi all02:26
ActionParsnipkieppie: where did you get the kernel from if not a  PPA?02:27
smagic39Waiting for sound system to respond02:27
kieppiejrib: stability.... I'd rather make use of a Ubuntu LTS than switch to Debian. Cutting-edge is fine for non-critical systems, but I need stability on systems that I rely on. I've had too many weird changes happen on non-LTS02:27
smagic39help me :02:27
smagic39Waiting for sound system to respond02:27
smagic39i am using Ubuntu 10.1002:27
jribkieppie: as I've said, 11.10 is a stable release (all ubuntu releases are)02:27
ActionParsnipsmagic39: what is the output of:  wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh02:28
kieppieActionParsnip: `apt-get install linux-image-3`<tab><tab>02:28
urfr332gO!help > smagic3902:28
ubottusmagic39, please see my private message02:28
ActionParsnipcan you pastebin the output of:   apt-cache policy linux-image-3*       thanks02:29
smagic39thanks so mck <ActionParsnip>02:29
smagic39i trying to do that02:29
kieppiejrib: I'd accept you position that the packages' composition does not change (new apps, etc), but I've experienced plenty of critical bugs in those releases - much more than in the LTSs02:29
smagic39glad to see <ActionParnsnip>02:30
jribkieppie: so which ones affect you on 11.10?02:30
ActionParsnipsmagic39: np man02:30
ActionParsnipsmagic39: upload to the server and a red URL will be made, what is it02:30
ActionParsnipsmagic39: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa;  sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get dist-upgrade; killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*    wait 10 seconds, reboot to test. Maveric is EOL in April this year (no more updates and no support)02:32
kieppieActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/agdTz19Y02:32
ActionParsnipkieppie: its the backport repo then02:33
somethinginterestried to install Debian base system, GRUB failed to install on /dev/sda. No logs accessible to know why. I had to install LILO and that booted my into an "(inframs)" prompt. Any ideas?02:35
JoeR1I have Xubuntu and I installed Nautilus and now I would like to make it the default file manager, how would I do this?02:36
yrgapplications > settings > preferred applications, j4q802:36
PsiKloPxscrewing around with things I shouldn't have...installed  gconf-edito compizconfig-settings-manager02:36
yrgJoeR1, rather02:36
jesse_wWhat grammar should I use in /etc/modules if I want a module insmoded when boot?02:37
JoeR1Thank you yrg, I feel foolish now - that answer seems so obvious02:37
kieppiejrib: other than arbitrary idiosyncratic changes to the interface (tried Unity, dislike it ATM)? Can't say now, since my old machine that ran that OS is fried. But why on earth, on an LTS, would power-management stop working & it's not being addressed? Was working, now it's not..... not exactly stable.02:37
PsiKloPxturned on a couple of the windows animations which apparently turned unity off...now when I boot into Ubuntu there isn't any menus or toolbars, can't do anything. Had to chance UI to02:38
urfr332gOPsiKloPx, it is not the installs but how you used them I suspect02:38
PsiKloPxGnome to get this far02:38
kieppieActionParsnip: could be02:38
PsiKloPxhow do I turn them off and get back to Unity02:39
jerzHas anyone tried getting an nForce 630i/7100 chipset to work in Ubuntu 11 64-bit. It just seems to lock up and I can't get the ethernet port to work. I went to both ASUS' and nVidia's site nad there's nothing I can find about video or etheernet support.02:39
urfr332gOPsiKloPx, you can do a reset in compiz.02:39
saethCan someone help me work out the issue im having please ?02:39
PsiKloPxhow do I get to compiz...sorry, long time windows user but new to linux02:40
PsiKloPxwait, think I found it.02:40
cjohnstonsaeth: just explain your issue/ask your question.. if someone is around who can help you, they will02:40
StravHi. Anyone experienced in maintaining a raid5 array?02:40
jribkieppie: I don't know why power management would stop working or how it's being addressed.  Bug tracker is probably the best place to find that out.  As far as issues with unity, use whatever interface you want on 11.1002:40
saethi have a question .. i have tried updating my system logged in as a root user using apt-get update, apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade. I have pulled all the updates but the newest kernal image wont install. ive tried rebooting and doing the same process over with no sucess then apt-get purge the linux image and repulling and apt-get install still with no luck. any help on this would be appricated.02:40
saethhere are the crash report and error i have recieved  when working on this. Crash :  http://pastebin.com/L6iJF9jj Error: http://pastebin.com/tZynKniY02:40
cjohnstonsaeth: are you on 12.04 then?02:41
Strav(I have some general question on the general good practices to prevent data corruption)02:41
urfr332gOPsiKloPx, you may just need to logout and back in or reboot to get some functions back but here is a link. http://www.webupd8.org/2011/04/how-to-reset-unity-launcher-icons-or.html02:42
jribsaeth: check that everything is in order with update-grub?02:42
saethcjohnston, no ... its a specialty distro built on top of ubuntu however i am unsure if the issue is something that would be specific to the distro or just a generic pebcak error02:42
saethjrib, update-grub runs fine however it does not pull the new image due to it not actually being installed .02:42
virtuHi... i need some volunteer to test a web conference at anymeeting right now02:43
urfr332gOPsiKloPx, ctrl-alt-t should bring up a terminal.02:43
virtuI am from Brazil and we are on 1st International Bicicly Meeting02:43
Ian_MooneHow do I change the audio output to a USB headset?02:43
SirGuy787I closed the Folders02:44
SirGuy787In FileViewer, or whatever its called02:44
SirGuy787How do i reopen the Folder's path?02:44
urfr332gOSirGuy787, repeat and rinse .02:45
PsiKloPxI'm in Gnome right now...gonna log out and try your suggestions...be back02:45
saethAny help would be appricated.02:45
StravIan_Moone: if you have plugged in your usb headset, it should show up in sound-settings/hardware ... just select it to make it the default output02:45
SirGuy787Repeat and rinse?02:45
SirGuy787What type of a suggestion is that?02:45
urfr332gOSirGuy787, repeat what you did in the first place to get to the folders, without you actually name them it is a bit difficult to help.02:46
Ian_Moonethere is no apply button.02:46
Ian_MooneNever mind02:47
Ian_MooneI just changed the wrong setting.02:47
SirGuy787I dont remember what i did to FileViewer02:47
jerzHas anyone tried getting an nForce 630i/7100 chipset to work in Ubuntu 11 64-bit. It just seems to lock up and I can't get the ethernet port to work. I went to both ASUS' and nVidia's site and there's nothing I can find about video or ethernet support.02:47
SirGuy787On the left was a Tree displaying the folder path to where i was, but now there isnt. Any help?02:47
urfr332gOSirGuy787, without folder names and fileviewer or whatever its called it is a guessing game. :)02:47
StravIan_Moone: just select it and press test speakers (it's been a long time I haven't tried a second audio output in ubuntu but my guess is that once selected, you don't need to apply, it'll remain the default while it's connected)02:48
urfr332gO!pm > SirGuy787 I don't do PM02:49
ubottuSirGuy787, please see my private message02:49
virtuplease... just need to check if it works on linux02:49
virtuwe are from porto alegre and are using open source for all main stream on First International Bycicle Forum02:49
urfr332gOSirGuy787, If I could be more helpful I would be the key to the IRC is details, if you can. :)02:50
SirGuy787Scroll left, click Home Folder. That was what i did to open FileViewer. I had a tree view of the folders up to the folder I was in, but somehow, i closed it. I cannot figure out how to reopen it. Any help?02:50
urfr332gOSirGuy787, what was the folder?02:52
SirGuy787Home Folder, but the tree view isnt there for ANY folder02:52
PsiKloPxurfr332gO - Looks like resetting Unity worked...thanks!02:53
urfr332gOSirGuy787, so what were you actually trying to do that might help.02:53
SirGuy787I want to get my Tree View back02:53
urfr332gOSirGuy787, what release and desktop?02:53
Ernesto_i need help!02:54
Ernesto_any body here?02:54
Ben64about 1408 people02:54
somethingintereshow long does it normally take for VLC to get from unstable to testing?02:54
Ernesto_How to transfer files from Ubuntu to Windows 7 via LAN Cable?02:55
urfr332gOSirGuy787, try this wiki it gives instructions for a tree view. https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/ubuntu-help/nautilus-views.html02:55
StravErnesto_: without a router, I don't think you can do it without fiddling with your ethernet cable.02:56
tensorpuddingErnesto_, share folder, then browse shared folder on network places02:56
tensorpuddingfirst you have to connect the cable between both machines and configure it to use a link-local connection02:56
tensorpuddingalso it assumes that one or both NIC's involved are auto-sensing, or the cable is a crossover cable02:56
Ernesto_I am just beginner. Help me how please. I am having a lan cable only. NOt a cross over calbe02:57
Ben64Ernesto_: then you need a router or a switch02:57
tensorpuddingErnesto_, it will work if you know at least one NIC is auto-sensing02:57
StravErnesto_: once you have the cable sorted out, look for something like this http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php02:58
wingnut2626lI have ubuntu 10.04 with oracle virtual box installed.  How can i share files between my host Os and my virtual machine (Windows XP)?02:59
tensorpuddingErnesto_, sharing a folder in the Files program by right clicking, going to Sharing Options and configuring it as needed is the first step02:59
tensorpuddingthis is in Ubuntu02:59
Ernesto_I have Modem..02:59
tensorpuddingit should then appear in windows 7's network places, in theory02:59
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Ernesto_<tensorpudding>  but it didnt appear03:00
=== notShadowh511 is now known as SHADOWH511
tensorpuddingdid you make sure that the connection worked?03:00
tensorpuddingdid you configure it to do a link-local connection, and did it give you an IP address?03:00
Ernesto_I dont know how to check it03:00
Ben64Ernesto_: you need a crossover cable, or two network cables and a hub, switch, or router03:01
urfr332gOwingnut2626l, you need to add a shred file.03:01
Ernesto_explain link-local connection?03:01
cjohnstonI'm having an issue restoring stuff from the Trash that was deleted by accident.. When I click a file and click restore file, I get "There was an error moving the file into /path/to/file because the file or directory doesn't exist"   The file exists in the Trash, and I have confirmed that the directory still exists. Any idea why I can't move the files back to where they belong?03:01
tensorpuddingErnesto_, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Link-local_address03:01
wingnut2626li tried that but i didnt work.  Perhaps i wasnt doing it properly03:01
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StravErnesto_: I think Ben64 is right, and you can quite easily modify a regular ethernet cable to create a crossover one.03:01
Ernesto_Strav, And how's that?03:02
=== shadowh511 is now known as unpinguino
=== unpinguino is now known as shadowh511
tensorpuddingvery short story, it's just associates each computer with a random IP in a certain subblock03:02
Ernesto_@Strav how is that?03:02
Ben64its not very easy to modify without the proper tools03:02
StravErnesto_: http://www.littlewhitedog.com/content-8.html03:02
tensorpuddingyou can't modify an ethernet cable that way without a cable stripper, a crimper and a lot of know-how03:03
tensorpuddingit's entirely possible that it's unnecessary03:03
Ernesto_this mess started when i tried to install ubuntu 11.10 using Wubi in windows 7, then it modified the mbr, i tried to fix it using recovery cd in windows 7 and deleted the windows 7 partition accidently. Now i cant even install windows since all the partitions are dynamic for god's sake.. :(03:04
tensorpuddingErnesto_, in ubuntu, under the networks, does it show that the wired connection is up?03:04
Stravtensorpudding: from what I remember, I managed to do it only with a simple knife and some tape. Of course it was a throw-away solution but it worked.03:04
urfr332gOwingnut2626l, right now I have nothing in my virtual box so I can't acces the edit but it is the edit of the nachine, and having a file in te host to point to.03:04
Ernesto_currently iam using ubuntu from live cd03:05
Stravoh... but I think I scrapped two cables for that ;)03:05
wingnut2626lHELLO ALL FROM NEW CASTLE, DE USA!!!03:05
Ben64Ernesto_: then what are you trying to do03:05
urfr332gOwingnut2626l, couple of ways to do it really since your host is windows this channel may not be your best help try ##windows, or #vbox03:05
jesse_wUsing my compiled kernel ,I cant switch to console through Ctrl+Alt+Fx,just a black screen  come out,any suggestions?03:06
Ernesto_the problem is, i need to unplug the inter net connection to connect with the friends' laptop which have windows 7 and that disconnect us.. So i need full procedures to fix this issue03:06
tensorpuddingErnesto_, there is an option in 11.10 to select the type of connection, and link-local will be on the list03:06
wingnut2626lmy host is ubuntu03:06
wingnut2626lthe guest OS is windows03:06
Ben64Ernesto_: no, what is your goal?03:06
Ernesto_how to mention someone in this IRC ?03:06
Ernesto_Ben64, how to mentiion you?03:07
tensorpuddingErnesto_, we don't know if it's going to work03:07
Ben64Ernesto_: just like that03:07
urfr332gOwingnut2626l, cool it is a sort of figure it out sistuation really virtualbox has lots of links investigate them and try #vbox.03:07
Ernesto_Ben64: Let me try03:07
Ernesto_no it didnt work you see03:07
Ben64it did work...03:07
Ernesto_i see red characters when i am replied. how to do that to others03:08
Ernesto_God twitter was easier03:08
tensorpuddingyou are doing that to others03:08
Ben64you just type your name03:08
tensorpuddingyou can't see it03:08
tensorpuddingbut they can03:08
Ben64your = their03:08
Ben64like this... tensorpudding03:08
Ernesto_oh.. I see {i cant see}03:08
tensorpuddingyes, that thing that Ben64 sent me was red03:08
tensorpuddinganyway, if it requires you to lose internet to try it it's not going to work03:09
Ernesto_ok.. i am very new to ubuntu and irc as well so dont get angry with me..03:09
Ernesto_there are lot of conversation going on here.. how can we chat in another window? like DM in twitter?03:10
Ben64Ernesto_: just try to explain the problem you're having, theres probably a better solution than making a crossover cable03:10
NyLesok, i have a problem with ubuntu not recognizing my sound card (aplay -l) so i tried linuxmint9, they have the same issue.. after clicking the volume icont, i received a prompt saying; GStreamer was unable to detect any sound devices. Some sound system specific GStremer packages maybe missing. It may also be a permissions problem. so can anyone tell me how will i do that permission thing with ubuntu?03:10
tensorpuddingcan you not connect this ubuntu machine without the cable?03:10
tensorpuddingis there no wifi?03:11
StravErnesto_: try to precisely describe what you wish to achieve.03:11
Ernesto_My Ubuntu  in Sony VAIO not supporting wifi..03:11
tensorpuddingyes there's no obvious reason why you need to do this03:11
Ernesto_strav i need to copy the files in my hard drive via lan cable to my friends windows 7 laptop03:12
Ben64Ernesto_: why03:12
Ernesto_Ben64 because i cant install os in my laptop so i need to secure files before i delete the entire disk (cant delete specific C: partition using windows cmd promt)03:12
Ben64Ernesto_: can't install which os?03:13
Ernesto_Ben64 I cant install Windows 7 again in my laptop any more.. It says all disk partitions are dynamic03:13
Ernesto_Ben64 I wish i had a 1 TB Portable Hard drive :P03:14
urfr332gOErnesto_, did you get dynamic by having to many primary partitions?03:14
StravErnesto_: do you have access to a desktop computer? (if you don't have an external storage, the fastest way to do what would be to take out your hd, and plug it on the desktop's motherboard)03:14
Ernesto_urfr332g0 Yes, i made 5 partitions including the 100 MB System Reserved shit'03:15
Ernesto_Strav, no desktop pc!03:15
Ben64this seems more like a windows issue, not an ubuntu one03:15
urfr332gOErnesto_, bummer I always mention this to people dual booting, many don't know these limitations.03:15
tensorpuddingwhy can't you boot windows03:15
tensorpuddingand copy the files over windows03:16
StravErnesto_: if you have a partition you can put all your important data on, then there's no problem. Just be caraful on what you're going to format during the install.03:16
Ernesto_tensorpudding i deleted the Windows 7 partition and MBR accidently03:16
tensorpuddingso where are the files you want to back up03:16
StravErnesto_: (I mean: if you have an EXTRA partition)03:17
Ernesto_Strav, the problem is, i can see different partitions in Windows 7 Repair Command Prompt using DVD, but GParted in Ubuntu Live 11.10 only shows 298 GB disk not the seperate 3 partitons i have.. Yet i can access these by mounting.03:17
Ernesto_tensorpudding My files are still in the partitions, i can mount in ubuntu and share using sharing options, but they're not visible in GParted.03:18
Stravif they do are partition, gparted should display them... I wonder why you can't see them03:19
Ernesto_Strav, I wonder the same.. But the cmd prompt using Windows Dvd shows them.. both in LIST PARTITION & LIST VOLUME command03:20
fulcanCan someone help me fix this?  http://pastebin.com/B3jHk2Ds03:21
Ernesto_Ok guys.. Its time to me for going  for an exam today.. KIndly @Mention me on twitter if you think you can help.. I am in twitter @iAmTheErnesto03:21
Ernesto_or mail me bala8vijay@gmail.com03:21
JoeR1HMM, I just apt-got pyneighborhood and it does not want to start, any advice?03:25
fulcanCan someone help me fix this?  http://pastebin.com/B3jHk2Ds I tried to just carve a partition out with dd, but just get junk on the screen.03:25
bonhoefferi'm on ubuntu 10.04 LTS, but apt-get install git doesn't install -- what are my next steps?03:25
Stravbonhoeffer: git-core?03:26
bonhoeffergot it -- sorry03:27
bonhoefferStrav, how, in general would i search package names to avoid a repeat of a question like this03:27
bonhoefferother than google?03:27
urfr332gOjoe75, older link may be helpful. http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2009/06/05/network-browsing-with-pyneighborhood-in-xubuntu-jaunty/03:27
Stravbonhoeffer: apt-cache search packagename (it also takes regex)03:27
=== r is now known as Guest43887
bonhoeffernice -- thanks03:28
Stravor, apt-get install synaptic and enjoy (unless you're on a headless server)03:28
=== Guest43887 is now known as Rodnnn
bonhoefferanyway -- i'll build from source -- but git-core is necessary as far as i can tell03:29
bonhoefferStrav, what should i do to make sure i'm generally up to date (on 10.04 at least)03:30
bonhoeffersudo apt-get update or similar?03:31
=== Rodnnn is now known as Rodnn
Stravsudo apt-get update (just to update the package list)03:31
Stravthen sudo apt-get upgrade03:31
Stravthere's man apt-get that does wonders too.03:31
lqgr00vehow would i go about resolving all the required dependancies for a particular package and then bundling them for installation on another machine?03:31
zymichow to remove Real-time sunlight wallpaper03:31
Stravlqgr00ve: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete03:32
urfr332gOzymic, did you get it from here. ppa:realtime.sunlight.wallpaper/rsw03:33
bonhoefferStrav, you are very, helpful thanks03:33
bonhoefferthanks for the man -- reference -- should have hit that first03:33
lqgr00veStrav: thank you.03:34
Stravbonhoeffer: man man is where to start ;)03:34
bonhoefferStrav, ! agreed03:36
urfr332gOzymic, if the ppa is correct look up ppa purge on the net.03:36
fulcanCan someone help me fix this?  http://pastebin.com/B3jHk2Ds I tried to just carve a partition out with dd, but just get junk on the screen?03:36
bsmith093while everyone's still paying attention to this conversation, my 1.5tb backup drive fell off a table, boom, click of death. it was mostly backed up tv shows, but theres enough on it that i cant easily replace, that is actually mine, that i was actually considering paying the insane recovery costs03:36
Stravbsmith093: try to open your case and plug the drive in a desktop... perhaps it's just something in the case that's broken.03:37
bsmith093i did, no joy... clicks from inside the dribve itslef03:38
Stravbsmith093: then all my condolences03:39
urfr332gObsmith093, have you tried ##hardware this is ubuntu support. :)03:39
bsmith093ah thanks03:39
Stravbsmith093: would be nice if hds allowed a magnetic disk transplant somehow.03:39
urfr332gObsmith093, good luck that is a bummer.03:39
rayden_where can i get mysql path dyrectory?03:40
Stravrayden_: hidden in var03:40
fulcanrayden_ my.cf03:40
rayden_Please enter MySQL binaries directory (no trailing slash):03:40
Stravrayden: sudo updatedb and then locate mysql will tell you enough03:40
bsmith093Strav: yes it really would :D03:40
rayden_Strav, fulcan ty03:41
Stravrayden_: /usr/bin/mysql should be the place for the binaries03:41
Stravrayden_: your dbs will be in vars though.03:41
EtheraelFYI, if you have the latest binary AMD drivers to get around openCL bugs installed and you install all updates on a fresh install of oneiric, even without fglrx debs on the system, it will totally break your system.03:44
EtheraelI had to force reinstall the amd binary drivers to fix it.03:44
ChopsieMy system has an Nvidia 600 series video card. I am booted with disk. I entered nouveau.blacklist=1 in the boot options, and booted from disk. In order to access internet, I need wireless to function. At System Settings > Network > Wireless, I see that Firmware is missing. What can I do to get my wireless to work?03:44
rayden_Strav, dont work03:44
rayden_i just instal xamp03:45
Stravrayden_: what do you mean? oh... well sorry, try: /usr/sbin/mysqld (the server itself)03:46
=== sk3ptic_1ne is now known as t3K-9
fulcanCan someone help me fix this?  http://pastebin.com/B3jHk2Ds I tried to just carve a partition out with dd, but just get junk on the screen?03:47
=== t3K-9 is now known as tek-9
CFHowlettfulcan   dd?  y u no gparted?03:47
=== administrator is now known as Guest99435
rayden_Strav, The data you entered is invalid. Please verify and try again.03:47
MrKeunerhello, anybody using ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3 on Lucid? I am wondering how stable that ppa and gnome3 are on lucid?03:48
Stravrayden_: what's exactly the question you are asked?03:48
fulcanCFHowlett gparted will fix images?03:48
CFHowlettfulcan   ah. not that I know of - strictly for partitioning hdd's.03:49
mister_mhow can I invert all my colors in gnome 3+03:49
trismMrKeuner: that ppa only supports oneiric+ (plus some old builds for natty)03:49
rayden_Strav, We were unable to find MySQL binaries on your path .. where to locate mysql binaries03:49
Stravmister_m: compiz has a plugin for this03:50
Strav(ccsm is risky though)03:50
MrKeunertrism, oh ok thanks03:50
urfr332gOStrav, gnome 3 runs with mutter not compiz  mister_m03:51
mister_mStrav: well I am fibbing a little, I am using linux mint03:51
Stravurfr332gO: you can't replace the wm with compiz? (wasn't aware of that for gnome3)03:51
rayden_can someone look on one error into xamp instalation ?03:52
urfr332gOStrav, compiz is used in fedora foe effects in mint I have no idea and mint is not supported here mister_m03:52
Stravrayden_: try /usr/bin/ or /usr/sbin/03:52
mister_murfr332gO: Yes I realize that, unfortunately #gnome is asleep03:53
urfr332gOmister_m, it against channel policy for us to help you, not a personal thing here. :)03:54
MrKeunermister_m, try irc.gnome.org, s #gnome03:54
mister_mMrKeuner: will do03:54
fulcanCan someone help me fix this?  http://pastebin.com/B3jHk2Ds I tried to just carve a partition out with dd, but just get junk on the screen? I need a gparted tool for images, does this exist?03:55
urfr332gOfulcan, you were carving for a ntfs right?03:56
rayden_Strav, look  Starting XAMPP for Linux 1.7.7... /////  XAMPP: Starting MySQL...  /////   XAMPP: Couldn't start MySQL!    /////     XAMPP: Starting ProFTPD...     /////     XAMPP for Linux started.03:56
hydrox24rayden_: what you've done so far is fine, but please be aware that any more output than that and you will need to use a pastebin03:56
fulcanurfr332gO yes sir!03:56
Stravrayden_: try: sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start what does it says?03:57
rayden_hydrox24, sry03:57
hydrox24rayden_: no, that's cool, just making sure you were aware :)03:57
urfr332gOfulcan, you might try ##linux this may be a non ubuntu thing or at least the help may be spase, justa heads up really.03:57
rayden_Strav, The data you entered is invalid. Please verify and try again.03:58
fulcanurfr332gO kk03:58
rayden_hydrox24, :P03:58
Stravrayden_: so you cannot manually start the mysql server?03:59
rayden_Strav,  i am begginer... if u tell me i can03:59
jiltdilchanel for virtual box please04:00
Stravwell, try: apt-get install mysql-cluster-server-5.1 --reinstall (we'll make sure you have it installed)04:01
CFHowlettjiltdil   #vbox04:01
jiltdilCFHowlett, thanks a lot :)04:02
lotus-bladehow do I make a mbr?  sudo lilo -M /dev/sdb mbr no longer works for me and ms-sys not in resp.04:03
lotus-bladeis this done with grub now?04:04
Stravlotus-blade: I would think so04:04
Stravlotus-blade: grub2 (major diff)04:04
Etheraeldoes oneiric have some kind of hardcoded max 4 virtual spaces thing going on?04:05
Etheraelno matter what I do I seem unable to raise it above that04:05
StravEtherael: this is defined in compiz04:06
brianp1992join/ #xubuntu04:06
StravEtherael: install compiz settings manager (but be careful with what options you change)04:06
EtheraelStrav: Yep, I can set up to 4 spaces, anything else is ignored.04:07
StravEtherael: last time I checked it worked, let me try again04:07
urfr332gOlotus-blade, what OS's do you have?04:08
StravEtherael: ah, yea you have to set the vertical/horizontal size to match.04:08
EtheraelStrav: That's what I'm doing, I set 7 horizontal desktops04:09
lotus-bladeI am trying to make a bootable usb stick drive for win 7.  I use ubuntu 11.1004:09
StravEtherael: I have Horizontal virtual size = 5, vertical virtual size = 1,  number of desktop = 5, everything is fine.04:09
lotus-bladecomp installing to has bad cd drive.04:10
lotus-bladegot to make bootable usb stick04:10
urfr332gOlotus-blade, just make a ntfs put a bootflag on the partition and exstrct the ISO to it with the file manager and you will have a bootable W7 usb the boot flag is the key here.04:10
lotus-bladeso cfdisk will do it all then04:11
=== fireball is now known as mi3
jayveeanyone know why in ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso the Rock Ridge boot image doesn't match up with isolinux/isolinux.bin any more?04:11
urfr332gOlotus-blade, never used that but if it does in the end what I just described go for it.04:11
mi3Hi people!04:11
EtheraelStrav: Hmmm.. interesting, now I can set 5, but not 7 (which is my normal)04:12
Etheraeldoes 7 work for you?04:12
mi3I install fortune-mod, to display fortune cookies in the terminal, can you suggest how do I make them start every time automatically in the terminal?04:13
mi3sorry *installed04:13
StravEtherael: yes it works with h = 7, v = 1, nb = 704:13
urfr332gOlotus-blade, here is link commonly given in the channel as well. http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/create-bootable-windows-7-usb-drive.html04:13
=== rayden_ is now known as RaydeN_ro
erik32533whats the future flash player04:13
Etheraelsetting to 7 for me just leaves 5.04:13
erik32533now that adobe is dropping linux04:13
=== RaydeN_ro is now known as Ady
Etheraelh 7 v 1 nd 704:14
urfr332gOlotus-blade, little different but it helps to have a few tools to pull from.04:14
StravEtherael: try reloading compiz (it gets screwed easily)04:14
Straverik32533: google chrome04:15
Strav(google maintain their own flash player embedded in chrome)04:15
erik32533what about gnash an lightspark04:15
asstreksI recently removed all my login managers. How do I log into the default UNITY interface?04:15
EtheraelStrav: Restarting compiz = only 2 desktops04:15
brianp1992search "flash" in the package manager04:15
zenonGreetings earthlings04:15
asstreksI've gotten as  far as ctraltF404:15
StravEtherael: haha04:16
EtheraelStrav: But when I messed with the settings again in ccsm, it went back up to five.04:16
urfr332gOasstreks, how did you remove them?04:16
asstrekssudo apt-get remove04:16
Straverik32533: never tried them, they're the free/clean alternatives but flash sucks anyways. There's no long term future for those unless they implement html5 canvas or something.04:16
urfr332gOasstreks, sudo apt-get remove what?04:16
erik32533i assume gnash  is not very good04:16
asstreksi did it so i could be taken to xinitrc (am I using this right?) defaulty, so I could get into wmfs.04:16
asstrekssudo apt-get remove gdm04:16
mi3I installed fortune-mod to display fortune cookies in the terminal, can you suggest how do I make them start every time automatically in the terminal?04:16
asstrekssudo apt-get remove lightdm04:16
EtheraelStrav: Are you using cube switcher or some other switcher?04:17
erik32533can unity be remove ubuntu04:17
urfr332gOasstreks, use the recovery get to a cli and reinstall them if you want unity04:17
xangua!nounity | erik3253304:17
ubottuerik32533: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic04:17
StravEtherael: nope, just the plain wall.04:17
Strav(ubuntu 11.10)04:17
asstrekstsk ahhhhh04:17
asstrekstbh I don't really want unity04:17
asstreksI want wmfs. But I didn't configure it before i removed lightdm and gdm, so I'd just like to get into something that would allow me to configure it04:18
urfr332gOasstreks, then don't post stuff like this "I recently removed all my login managers. How do I log into the default UNITY interface?"04:18
zenonI found Xfce the other day =)04:18
EtheraelStrav: could you possibly dpkg -S on the .so file for the wall plugin and tell me what package contains it? I don't even have it in my compiz setup (which is custom because I wanted to get rid of the broken compiz grid plugin in default)04:18
asstreksI just suggested Unity as a example...my bad04:18
erik32533one desktop i like is lxde04:18
urfr332gOasstreks, you want a headless setup?04:19
urfr332gOno X04:19
asstreksI want to be able to configure wmfs. Right now it's default and I'm pretty sure most of the default hotkeys don't allow me to configure it...04:20
zenonwhat distro comes with lxde?04:20
asstreksTOday is my first linux day, I don;t know what that is.04:20
StravEtherael: if there could only be a proper grid in compiz, it would be soo sweet.04:20
xanguazenon: lubuntu04:20
StravEtherael: let me find the -so04:20
erik32533goto package an install search for lxde04:20
zenoncheers, thought so04:20
erik32533package manager04:20
EtheraelStrav: I fixed it if you want the package, assuming you mean the way oneiric broke the 1/3 2/3 1/2 thing that used to work in natty and below04:20
zenonI need to figure out networking with xfce04:21
EtheraelStrav: http://quicksilver.umbralservices.com/eric/fixed_grid_oneiric.tar.bz204:21
zenonnot ditching u just yet04:21
AdyPlease enter MySQL binaries directory (no trailing slash):      (can someone help me to with these? i duno what to tipe in)04:21
StravEtherael: what I meant is a full blown tiling manager (no only splitting on the vertical) but I think grid has been able to do this at some point.04:21
=== Boo is now known as Emi--
erik32533its very light weight04:22
StravEtherael: I get: dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern *./libwall.so*.04:22
Strav 04:22
EtheraelStrav: grid splits into 8 sectors.04:22
StravEtherael: hmmm. then I'll take a look :)04:23
EtheraelStrav: It used to be that the way it worked was consistently you press a hotkey and the current window is alloc'd to a proportional area of that sector (eg, top right = half of top right of the screen) and then you press it again and it either grows or shrinks into the next sector ) (top right again = 1/3 top right)04:23
EtheraelStrav: They broke it in oneiric to make it more consistent (no idea what that means but that's the official word) and now it works exactly like that, except for left and right allocations *ONLY* go to half the screen04:24
Etheraelyou can't have any other proportions04:24
asstreksufr332g0, how would I get to a recovery?04:24
Emi--I've just download kubuntu iso image and burned it on a cd, but each time it tries to install it says " An error occured. Invalid Argument. For more information, please see the log file: c:\users\toshiba\appdata\local\temp\wubi-11.10-rev421.log "04:24
Etheraelso you can't have a browser window with 2/3rd of screen + term window in top right and messenger window in bottom right with 1/3rd.04:24
Emi--Though Ive used the same cd on a different machine and it works well, any help pls ?04:24
StravEtherael: consistent now means: we wish to reach dumb users so we'll ONLY provide a set of defaults that only dumb users will appreciate - evolution is just a myth.04:25
urfr332gOasstreks, second line in the grub menu.04:25
Emi--urfr332gO - Strav can u guys help me out pls?04:25
asstreksWHat is that?04:25
EtheraelStrav: Have you ever heard of a dumb user that bothers with a tiling window manager plugin? That's kinda crazy sounding to me.04:25
asstreksIs this grub menu a guide?04:26
urfr332gOasstreks, or any kernel set04:26
StravEtherael: my installed version for compiz is: 1:0.9.6+bzr20110929-0ubuntu6.104:26
asstreksurfr332gO, I still don't understand.04:26
urfr332gOEmi--, sure don't install a wubi.04:26
StravEtherael: but try disabling that grid plugin of yours and see if the virtual desktops increases properly04:26
asstreksno, I did install through wubi.04:26
urfr332gOasstreks, are you seeing a grub menu?04:26
asstreksi'm in windows 7 right now.04:27
Emi--urfr332gO, i tried booting it from the cd, it got stuck lol04:27
asstreksi don't what one looks like.04:27
EtheraelStrav: I installed main plugins and got the wall thing and just intalled my fixed custom grid binary over the top of it and all is good now, well, at least I can see the plugins, trying toa ctually get the virtual desktops to work is another issue, but that's what I'm doing now.04:27
Emi--it works well on other machines04:27
urfr332gOEmi--, I know nothing about wubi really.04:27
Emi--urfr332gO well, how can I install it without wubi04:27
asstreksThank you urfr332gO04:28
StravEtherael: I was only pointing out the new trend in ubuntu of restricting the set of configs so that it'll match a general use-case while not caring at all for the advanced (unity panel's position is a good example at that)04:28
urfr332gOEmi--, you would boot the cd, makes sure the cd is good, check the md5sum, and make sure it was burnt as a image at a slow speed.04:28
Emi--whats md5sum?04:29
Emi--any recommended speed?04:29
urfr332gO!md5sum | Emi--04:29
ubottuEmi--: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows04:29
StravEtherael: what I was suggesting is just: disable a maximum of plugins to make sure they don't interfere witht the virtual desktop/wall behavior.04:29
Emi--Okay thanks :)04:29
urfr332gOEmi--, slowest possible speed and as a image.04:29
EtheraelStrav: Yep, I get it, tried it, no joy.04:29
Etheraelin fact the wall plugin is limiting me to four desktops again.04:30
=== brian is now known as epistax
Etheraelinteresting when I restarted compiz it auto aligned my virtual desktops in 2x2 formation.04:30
Etheraeldespite the 7x1x7 config in ccsm.04:30
Emi--urfr332gO am confused, how can I get the iso image on a cd without wubi?04:30
Emi--Once i burn it on a cd it has wubi automatically04:30
StravEtherael: reset to defaults?04:30
EtheraelStrav: I think that's what it might be doing, it's like there's a hardcoded 2x2 layout that you can't change.04:31
urfr332gOEmi--, you want to be aware of the limitations of primary partitions on a single HD as well only 4 max or 3 with a extended, that would hold a logical type partition for ubuntu and swap.04:31
EtheraelStrav: and yeah, I agree, I think oneiric is a complete disaster.04:31
EtheraelI'm pretty disgusted with it.04:31
mi3can I delete and place my own fortune cookies?04:31
StravEtherael: well these are the defaults. What do you have as the config backend? (I'm using the gconf backend)04:31
Emi--urfr332gO I reached the select partion, and then I selected sd5 and set it to ext2, and then waited for like 5 mins, nothing happened..04:31
urfr332gOEmi--, ext2?04:32
brianp1992oneric was too much for me try xubuntu04:32
EtheraelStrav: I am using XFCE now since natty,w hereas I used to use gnome2- classic04:32
EtheraelI don't know if that has anything to do with it.04:32
EtheraelI have not used xfce before04:32
Emi--the installation type04:32
EtheraelI just hate unity.04:32
Emi--where it says fat32 or 16 or ntfs..04:32
Emi--I googled and got that ext2 is the best for linux04:32
brianp1992im runnung ext404:33
Random833how do you switch between windows in a single app?04:33
urfr332gOEmi--,do you have your windows set up bacled up with a image you can reload if you mess up?04:33
Random833also, 1987 called, it wants its mac multitasking model back04:33
Emi--urfr332gO yeah04:33
StravEtherael: well I actually like unity for a lot of reasons but I just don't like this trend of oversimplification. There's really no difficulties in adding an advanced config panel somewhere. Perhaps they wish to start on a clean slate to properly handle the bugs added complexity would introduce but I fear this is not the case.04:34
bonhoefferis there a way to chmod 755 (only directories)04:34
urfr332gOEmi--, cool it sounds like you may want to read up on dual booting a bit to be honest. The windows set up on many OEM installs covers 4 primary partitions.04:34
Emi--erm.. no idea what that means lol04:35
Emi--ill try installing ubuntu, am trying with kubuntu now04:35
jiltdilEmi--,  Actually ext2 is used for small size partition .we generally use this filesystem for /boot partition. And ext4 or ext3 is better for large partitons .04:35
Emi--i couldnt see any ext4 or 3..04:36
StravAnyways, gotta go. There's a fine wine and a good movie waiting for me. cya all.04:36
urfr332gOEmi--, to be honest sisnce you don't understand what I just posted makes me worry look at this site.  http://members.iinet.net.au/~herman546/index.html04:36
jiltdilEmi--,  scrool to drop down menu you will see04:36
EtheraelStrav: I can't think of any justification for the grid thing, it's expressly messing around in a piece of the system that nobody but a poweruser will ever even see, why do that to make the UX for newbies any different at all? doesn't make sense.04:36
Emi--ok thanks urfr332gO and jiltdil04:37
Aerosonicis hdparm installed on ubuntu by default?04:37
jiltdilEmi--, Anytime :)04:38
AerosonicIs it included in the reps?04:38
EtheraelStrav: https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz-plugins-main/+bug/878820/comments/15 <-- official explanation "consistency and to avoid confusion".. What? Normal users will never even know about that change.04:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 878820 in compiz-plugins-main (Ubuntu Oneiric) "Window Management, Keyboard shortcut - The grid keybindings are behaving inconsistently" [High,Confirmed]04:38
urfr332gO!info hdparm04:38
ubottuhdparm (source: hdparm): tune hard disk parameters for high performance. In component main, is standard. Version 9.37-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 89 kB, installed size 336 kB04:38
Etheraeland it's confusing and inconsistent to have it behave differently for 2 out of 8 corner cases.04:38
urfr332gOEtherael, ^^^04:38
urfr332gOAerosonic, ^^^^ sorry Etherael04:39
urfr332gOAerosonic, you see the bot info?04:39
StravEtherael: they (benevolent dictator mr. Shuttlworth) basically gave the same reason for the unity panel's position, despit countless users begging for the ability to configure the position. (actually, there's a non-official plugin that's been released for that)04:39
Aerosonicurfr332gO: Yes.04:40
Aerosonicurfr332gO: Thanks.04:40
EtheraelStrav: That at least I can almost sorta kind understand though, users do actually see that, they will actually notice which side it's on, it may be a stupid side, but if it must be consistent, that's at least internally logically coherent.04:40
urfr332gOStrav, lol benevolent from a colonial imperial format it means a whole other thang.04:40
EtheraelThis particular change is like coating the roads with a thin layer of putty to improve traction and then insisting that it's for consistency when people with a good sense of traction complain about it.04:41
urfr332gOAerosonic, no problem hope that helps.:)04:41
Etheraelnormal drivers will not even notice your thin layer of putty04:41
Etheraellaboured analogy.04:41
Etheraelbut it's just weird.04:41
EtheraelI'd love to hear a non ridiculous explanation.04:41
urfr332gOEtherael, how about if you don't like it find a OS you do.04:42
Etheraelurfr332gO: Why would I do that? I just fixed it.04:42
jiltdil!info 12.0404:42
ubottuPackage 12.04 does not exist in oneiric04:42
Etheraelurfr332gO: Just because I can fix it, doesn't mean it ought to have been broken, though.04:42
urfr332gOEtherael, cool.04:42
StravEtherael: I'm all for consistency, this is what defaults are for; but then, you have no reason restricting the options unless as I said, you wish to gradually manage the options you offer, precisely to offer well tested and stable options (which is not even the case in all the latest 3 releases of ubuntu)04:42
urfr332gOjiltdil, #ubuntu+1 for that04:42
urfr332gOEtherael, you tweaked compiz right?04:43
EtheraelStrav: Yeah, that particular plugin doesn't even have any options aside from what you want to set your hotkeys to, so nothing was changed in terms of options, it's just weird.04:43
Etheraelurfr332gO: I recompiled grid from upstream where it isn't broken.04:43
Etheraeland then just blew away the broken version with the unbroken version.04:43
=== Termana is now known as Guest50155
urfr332gOEtherael, outb of the release your running right.04:44
Etheraelurfr332gO: Yeah out of oneiric.04:44
Etheraeland I posted my fix to the bug tracker in case anyone else wanted it.04:44
urfr332gOEtherael, if you had left it alone it would not have broken. When you customize it your complaints are moot basically.04:44
Etheraelurfr332gO: You're not listening. It's broken on purpose, they did that, they admitted that they did it, and they said it was for consistency and to reduce confusion.04:45
Etheraelurfr332gO: It's a completely ridiculous explanation and the ticket is full of people saying so.04:45
Stravurfr332gO: you're preaching for linux fragmentation. Alternatives are good but some things require a common and cohesive effort - and the opinions of the people involved in those projects should be taken in account.04:45
fulcanerror = /bin/sh: line 0: cd: /pentest/forensics/testdisk/linux/: No such file or directory    right after I emerge it and no bin can be found to launch it???04:46
Stravanyways, I'm out. see ya04:48
EtheraelWhat's up with ssh key passphrases now asking every single time they're used on a shell rather than using the ssh agent?04:51
JadedJacobHow can I disable certain devices in ubuntu?04:52
JadedJacobsound, LAN, firewire, etc04:52
soreauJadedJacob: The sure fire way is to find out what kernel module is driving the device and unload it04:54
fulcanerror = /bin/sh: line 0: cd: /pentest/forensics/testdisk/linux/: No such file or directory    right after I emerge it and no bin can be found to launch it???04:54
JadedJacobI want to save power on my laptop :)04:55
=== munx_ is now known as munx
urfr332gOfulcan, you running backtrack?04:56
soreauJadedJacob: The general consensus is that the graphics device and monitor use the most power. Power consumption largely depends on how your graphics driver handles the task04:57
fulcanurfr332gO I meant to say apt-get04:57
fulcanurfr332gO yes04:57
pbandjI accidentally moved my downloads folder while i access my machine via ftp. I think it dragged to a hidden folder. I tried using reguar search to locate it with no luck. Is there a command i can use in terminal to locate it?  Or locate a file within it?   Thanks04:57
soreauJadedJacob: Depending on what you use your laptop for and what graphic hardware you have, there are a variety of things you can do to save power04:57
urfr332gOfulcan, we can't really help with that distro, there are a number of channels for them though.04:58
ignoredthoughtsDoes anyone know any good computer programming or comp science irc channels?04:59
urfr332gOignoredthoughts, you can serach or get a list of channels if that helps04:59
ignoredthoughtsurfr how?04:59
ignoredthoughtsrather what's the command?05:00
soreauignoredthoughts: There is ##programming and generally, ##<language>05:00
urfr332gOignoredthoughts, I don't know the freenode commands, but what IRC app are you running?05:00
ignoredthoughtsi just hit up java05:00
ignoredthoughtsthanks for the ##programming one05:00
=== ismael is now known as el_isma
urfr332gOignoredthoughts, right click the post part of the gui then server then list05:01
ignoredthoughtsdoes anyone know the keyboard shortcut to switch between chats for Xchat?05:01
urfr332gOlist of channels05:01
Fuegoi disabled gui and hide grub. during bootup, i cant see services that are being loaded since it has somewhat coloer violet or something coverinf the screen. i can only see the console prompt after the service had been started.05:01
ignoredthoughtsis there a terminal version of IRC?05:02
Fuegois that a gpu issue since i have a GT430 ?05:02
gopi!can anyone tell how to run hosts on virtual machine in a ubuntu server?05:02
ubottugopi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:02
gopican anyone tell how to run hosts on virtual machine in a ubuntu server?05:03
ignoredthoughtsurfr332gO, is there a type command for list of channels?05:05
pbandjAny ideas on how i can find where my download folder went?   I think it might be in a hidden dir. I tried locate file_name. And find ~/ -iname 'some file' but the both returned nothing05:05
ignoredthoughtsand is there any actual terminal IRC programs05:05
urfr332gOignoredthoughts, there is but I don't know it but if you google list channels freenode you will get it I would think.05:05
ignoredthoughtsurfr332gO, bonus and many thank you05:06
urfr332gOignoredthoughts, no problem.05:06
pbandjHmm ok locate Downloads says its in /home/ubuntu/downloads but i do not see it there05:06
ubottuuse @whoami05:07
urfr332gOpbandj, what are you trying to do?05:07
pbandjIm trying to find where the folder went. I accidentally dragged it somewhere05:07
urfr332gOpbandj, you running without X05:08
dannyhey i just install lubuntu on a friends computer install went fine and everything worked then i updated his computer and his internet doesnt conect anymore (he useing direct eathernet conection05:09
pbandjI have x urfr332gO but regualr find returned nothing05:09
Salinas-MGbuenas noches05:09
flavioola todos05:09
ignoredthoughtsare you using a wireless connection?05:09
=== flavio is now known as Guest5293
dannyignoredthoughts, no direct conection05:10
Salinas-MGpuedes me ayudar com el problema05:10
urfr332gOpbandj, I just use the search in home generally, not sure really.05:10
Salinas-MGhablas espanõl05:10
ignoredthoughtsdanny; can you open /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf05:10
ignoredthoughtsand tell me what the true or false value is?05:10
urfr332gO!es | Salinas-MG05:10
ubottuSalinas-MG: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:10
ignoredthoughtsfor [ifupdown]05:10
ignoredthoughtsand what Lubuntu build?05:11
urfr332gOSalinas-MG, no problem. :)05:11
dannyignoredthoughts, yes can u give me the code or tell me how to open it i am a linux noob myself but i know how to install but it is 11.1005:11
ignoredthoughtsopen the terminal05:12
JadedJacobCan disable modules on a livecd?05:13
pbandjAnyone else know of a way i can find this downloads folder?05:13
JadedJacobmy notebook is running a geforce4 2go05:13
urfr332gOpbandj, it is in home05:14
urfr332gOand Downloads05:14
starnhello i am in need of assistance i need a program like easybcd for linux.  i just got a computer for $40 from a friend and the bootmgr is messed up it can boot via usb i am actually on it right now.  so does anyone know a program like easybcd for linux that is free?05:15
urfr332gOstarn, there is not one what is the OS's?05:15
starneasybcd supports setting up windows bootloader to support multiple system including linux which i use on my main machine.. i need away to fix the windows bootloader while using linux for this machine.05:17
urfr332gOstarn,  if you identify the OS's we might jst be able to fix it.05:18
starnwindows vista 64 bit is installed on the machine05:18
starnthe boot manager is broken05:18
starni am on linux via usb05:18
urfr332gOstarn, if that is all use the ##windows channel they will be your best help05:19
starnbut i am in linux05:19
starni want to use linux to fix the bootloader05:19
urfr332gOstarn, or install u8buntu and let grub do the boot.05:19
starnfor windows will not boot05:19
yakkostarn: that's why we don't use windows at all05:20
hydrox24starn: Is letting grub do the booting acceptable?05:20
yakkostarn: install first windows, then ubuntu, so no mistake =)05:21
starni used to use grub but it often stopped working for me after updates.05:21
urfr332gOyakko, read the scroll back.05:21
nisitaany body is there05:21
hydrox24!someone | nisita05:22
ubottunisita: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:22
starni prefer linux but i hate grup.. go figure05:22
pbandjUrfr332rO i mentioned earlier that it is not in home05:22
yakkourfr332gO: my bad, I though I was apache channel05:22
hydrox24starn: fair enough, why do you hate grub though? LILO could be what you want, though it is kinda old now.05:22
bonhoefferhow can i copy a long string without newlines from a terminal window05:23
urfr332gOyakko, easy mistake. :)05:23
starni hate grub due to the fact it often stops working for me and when that happens i am un able to boot into any OS unless i use a windows cd to fix.05:23
collimicNot sure if this is the right place but I have a major problem with my ubuntu 10.04 server. php5 will not install after I did upgrades from 8.10 I get dependencies errors.05:24
yakkourfr332gO: I'm here because these fonts are killing me, how do I get windows fonts?05:24
hydrox24starn: Sorry for the bad luck that you've had. I can understand that it would be problematic installing grub w/out windows05:24
urfr332gOyakko, the restricted-extras have ms fonts05:24
urfr332gOyakko, if your running a server though yiou would not use that app I beleive.05:25
pbandjFound the folder.05:25
hydrox24yakko: you can also simply copy the fonts off of the windows partition into linux's fonts folder05:25
L3topyakko apt-get install msttcorefonts05:25
yakkourfr332gO hydrox24: I'm on a plain ubuntu10.10 fully installed to my hd, no partitions or vms05:25
yakkoI think I installed the windows fonts, but now they look worse05:26
yakkoit's unreadable, my head aches05:26
L3topcollimic: can you pastebin the output of /etc/apt/sources.list?05:27
urfr332gOyakko, in the terminal sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras05:27
yakkourfr332gO: I want to undo what I did first05:27
collimicnot sure how to pastebin in the web client05:27
urfr332gOyakko, go to appearance and set up the fonts, also that release has only a couple of months to being end of life.05:28
L3topthen give the url05:28
starndoes the grub on my ubuntu install for my external hard drive detect new OS'S???05:29
collimicok I pasted it there how di I get it to you05:29
=== jesus is now known as Guest44857
L3topjust copy the url05:30
L3toppaste it here05:30
urfr332gOstarn, grub 2 does yes which has been the grub since lucid05:30
coviHi. What is the Ubuntu equivalent of /etc/initab?05:30
starnok so if i reboot use USB boot load into grub than boot up into windows? if windows is not broken?05:31
motherbrainis their anybody out their that knows of a c Api that will allow you to plot routes on a map.05:31
L3topI dont know what those first two unhashed ones are.05:31
urfr332gOstarn, you have to basically have ubuntu installed.05:31
L3topdid you add them?05:31
collimicwhat 2?05:32
L3topdeb http://packages.dotdeb.org/ stable all05:32
L3topdeb-src http://packages.dotdeb.org/ stable all05:32
starnit's on my external and i am trying to repair windows boot manager on a computer i just got.. and i used the external drive i install ubuntu to.. using my main computer...  and if grub automatically can scan with out having to reinstall ubuntu would be great05:32
L3topjust not familiar with them is all...05:32
collimicI had to add them for 8.10 to work a few years ago05:33
yakkourfr332gO: how do I restart the window manager only?05:33
collimicI can remove then and I get the same errors.05:33
L3topI would hash them05:33
L3topand add a bunch05:33
L3topone second.05:33
urfr332gOyakko, not sure in that release.05:33
yakkourfr332gO: usually...05:33
hydrox24motherbrain: I would say that there is inbuilt capabilities for that in google earth if you don't actually need to do it in C05:34
urfr332gOyakko, I only know oneitrc which is running compiz you don't have that.05:34
collimichttp://pastebin.com/EJaaAAiY is the errors I am getting.05:35
urfr332gOyakko, I think have metacity just guessing here logout then back in.05:35
motherbrainwell , I am kind of writting a visual traceroute program so I kind of need a c api for it. And away to have a really detailed visual map such as google maps. The only current way I know of leveraging google maps is thur a scripting language like javascript... that won't due05:36
L3topcollimic: this is a new 1004 sources.list http://pastebin.com/iXAc02s905:36
L3topof kubuntu... but... lucid is lucid.05:37
L3topthose are all ubuntu.com05:38
collimicok tring it now05:38
L3topI would suggest you always be careful adding sources from strangers05:38
L3topapt-get update05:38
L3topafter sources added05:38
yakko_hey guys, just wanted to say I didn't install that package but my fonts look great again after removing the shoot I'd done05:38
collimicupdating now05:39
L3topcollimic... before trying to install05:39
urfr332gOL3top, that is why this works great.05:39
Chenwoyounghelp me please05:39
L3topapt-get install --dry-run php505:39
L3topjust to be sure...05:40
L3topty urfr332gO05:40
collimicwhats the --dry-run do?05:40
L3topit means "lets simulate what would happen if I did this instead of break things"05:40
collimiclooks like it might have worked. what is the now ubuntu 10.04 command to restart apache205:41
L3topassuming it doesn't lead to dependency hell... then run it05:41
L3topwithout the dry-run05:41
L3topmight do an apt-get upgrade as well.05:41
collimic0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.05:42
collimicL3top, I love you man. I have been working on this for 14 hours05:43
collimicit works05:43
konzaHi all , I am using ubuntu 11.10. I liked it very much except one thing (Grouping of windows of same applications). Is there any way to ungroup that.. Please help05:43
collimicall my virtuals are back online05:43
Chenwoyoungplease help me...05:47
Ben64Chenwoyoung: try turning it off and then on again05:48
konzaPlease help05:48
Ben64!pm | Chenwoyoung05:49
ubottuChenwoyoung: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.05:49
urfr332gOkonza, using the help is not advised you have to have some patience here it is free help.05:49
FederalThank you again L3top05:50
stiltzkinHello folks, just had a really quick question I'm hoping someone knows something about. I've noticed that after installing 11.04 (been dealing with this for a while), GRUB takes 2 boots to let me start an entry. In other words, if I start up my computer and pick Ubuntu, the screen just displays solid blue and nothing happens. If I press & hold the power button and reboot, I can then boot up properly. I should mention I use05:51
stiltzkindm-crypt on my /, I assume that probably has something to do with it. Not a mission-critical issue but just something that's been bothering me. I have to reset my computer many more times than I used to.05:51
cschroederHey guys, I need a basic terminal tutorial for my gf. Anyone have a suggestion of one they've liked?05:52
urfr332gOstiltzkin, could it be a graphic driver needed.05:52
stiltzkincschroeder, I liked the Bash Cookbook05:52
cschroederstiltzkin: Is that freely available?05:52
Ben64Chenwoyoung: stop spamming05:52
urfr332gO!op | Chenwoyoung05:52
ubottuChenwoyoung: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!05:53
cschroederstiltzkin: I don't mind paying for something, but I'd like something I can get immediately.05:53
stiltzkinurfr332gO, graphic driver? Not sure if that would have anything to do with it. This is before I even get to start the OS05:53
Chipzzzany bind9 experts in the audience?05:53
hydrox24!anyone | Chipzzz05:53
ubottuChipzzz: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.05:53
ludwin01hello everyone..i need help with a webcam..im using ubuntu 10.04 lts webcam is brand omega05:54
urfr332gOstiltzkin, "if I start up my computer and pick Ubuntu, the screen just displays solid blue and nothing happens" this is post grub.05:54
stiltzkincschroeder, no it's an o'reilly book, but you may or may not be able to find it online easily for free (but you didn't hear that from me of course)05:54
hydrox24ludwin01: just chuck your actuall issue out there bro! if someone can help they will!05:55
urfr332gOstiltzkin, not sure why it would work with 2 attempts but look in additional drivers.05:55
stiltzkinurfr332gO, I'm fairly sure this is a problem with GRUB. The default background on my GRUB select screen is light blue - if I select an entry on a cold boot the text just immediately disappears leaving me with a solid blue background. On the second boot the same blank screen appears, but disappears after 5-10 seconds and I'm greeted with the crypt unlock screen05:56
Chenwoyoungcan help me05:56
Chenwoyoungcan me install photoshop CS3 Portable?05:56
Chenwoyoungin ubuntu05:56
ChipzzzI'm trying to start named (the bind9 daemon) and it exits with a "/etc/bind/named.conf.local:9: unknown option 'zone'" error... the option is described as valid in an online ubuntu manual page - any ideas?05:56
stiltzkinurfr332gO, I just think it's especially curious that it has to be every other boot...like what would possibly cause that? It's perfectly reproducible.05:56
cschroederstiltzkin: That's not what I meant. I'm not looking to pirate something. I just want to have a nice guide she can follow to get a basic orientation of working in the terminal.05:56
cschroederstiltzkin: Something she can refer to while I'm at work etc. etc.05:56
urfr332gOstiltzkin, well it is difficult to help those that are sure, good luck.:)05:56
hydrox24Chenwoyoung: you should be able to without too much trouble using WINE, however it would be good if you could try and put more info on less lines ;)05:57
Chenwoyoungbut my portable cs3 open with wine05:57
Chenwoyoungwhy not work05:57
ludwin01my webcam output is wrong i tried the came pkgs, camorama, cheese defaults pkgs and only worked one time..after restart...wrong output again05:57
stiltzkincschroeder, I gotcha. Maybe this one? http://www.freeos.com/guides/lsst/ Haven't used it myself but it looks pretty comprehensive (and easy for beginners)05:58
stiltzkincschroeder, I'm not sure if you mean bash in particular either, or just basic Linux commands...there should be some overlap either way05:59
urfr332gO!info dm-crypt06:03
ubottuPackage dm-crypt does not exist in oneiric06:03
urfr332gOstiltzkin, dm-crypt appears to be a 3rd party nobody here may be familiar you might try ##linux06:03
urfr332gOyou have to be registered with freenode though.06:05
M4dH4TT3rumpa lumpas06:05
EtheraelWhenever I start compiz, no matter what virtual desktop settings I have, ti always defaults to 2x2 virt/horiz. I can change this to a max of five, but no higher than that, and I have to change the layout to the way I want it *EVERY SINGLE TIME*06:05
Etheraeldoes anyone know what causes this?06:05
Etheraeloneiric, just installed, XFCE406:06
=== Pikkachu is now known as Pikkachu^Away
crdueckis gparted included in the default software on the livecd version of 11.10?06:08
stiltzkinurfr332gO, dm-crypt is a disk encryption handler included with Ubuntu06:08
stiltzkinurfr332gO, but thanks for the suggestion06:09
lanajoin #php06:09
thevinciany advice for overclocking?06:09
urfr332gO!info dm-crypt06:09
ubottuPackage dm-crypt does not exist in oneiric06:09
lanahai all06:09
lanaam need join to php who i do06:09
thevincinot finding much of use on google atm06:09
urfr332gOstiltzkin, which release are you running?06:09
thevincineed to know better what to look for06:10
lanaam need join to php who i do any body know06:10
foxxtrotDoes anyone have any advice on diagnosing a printer where CUPS says the print job succeeded, but the printer itself never responds?06:10
lanaam have probelm,. for php06:10
stiltzkinurfr332gO, I don't think it's a package that you would find in the repos, though it might be under LUKS. I'm currently running 10.04 on this machine06:10
lanaon my ubuntu, am need ask.... on php channel06:10
urfr332gOstiltzkin, cool, I was just saying the help here may be sparse.06:10
lanaurfr332gO, did you know php channel ?06:11
urfr332gOlana, never used it.06:11
stiltzkinurfr332gO, you're right, just thought I'd ask here first since it's actually a  pretty common installation option.06:12
stiltzkin!info cryptsetup06:12
ubottucryptsetup (source: cryptsetup): configures encrypted block devices. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.1.3-4ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 118 kB, installed size 560 kB06:12
thevinciany over clock advice? Maybe another channel I could ask in?06:12
urfr332gOlana, you need the channel address?06:12
lanatry join #php.net what happen on thare06:12
stiltzkinthevinci, not sure about overclocking, but I did modify my CPU frequencies for underclocking with a project called linux-phc, which you might want to google. That's about all I know.06:13
urfr332gOlana, it is ##php06:13
lanaurfr332gO, what mean.?06:13
thevincithanks stiltz thats a start06:13
Amonhi. i have a question about the trash folder: in the directory ~/.local/share/Trash/info is a .trashinfo file for each and every file i ever deleted. is it safe to remove all these files? (over 3000 files present)06:14
urfr332gOlana, I have no idea what you want just trying to help, uyou addressed me first.06:14
lanaurfr332gO, try /join #php.net am have ready on thare ?06:14
urfr332gOlana, it redirects to ##php06:14
=== fireball is now known as mi3
lanai do know how to addressed you urfr332gO, so ... join on thare ?06:14
stiltzkinAmon, I'm 90% sure that's safe to delete since it's in .local...maybe someone can confirm for me.06:15
thevincino go, its just for undervolting06:16
ttti'm on 10.04.  When I run tail -f x.txt | ls (x.txt is just some ascii file ) I get behavior I don't understand.  It alternates between returning to the command prompt, and me having to do cntl-c to get back to the prompt.  What's going on?06:17
stiltzkinthevinci, yeah sorry about that...just read that myself. Thought it might be for OC and UC. There must be entire communities dedicated to OC if you google "linux overclocking" or "ubuntu overclocking" no? I imagine most of the procedures involve compiling custom kernels.06:17
thevincii'm not pulling up anything useful06:18
thevincijust utilities to monitor cpu freq and voltage/temp06:18
mi3I seem to have a problem with my .bashrc script here is the paste http://pastebin.com/D3rS0sBG and here is the image http://imagebin.org/20085206:19
thevinciits very frustrating06:20
stiltzkinthevinci, you may want to google around for your specific hardware rather than the general searches then. OC is difficult on certain chipsets, etc06:20
mi3when i write a long sentence it replaces the entire second line with the text it seems06:20
thevincithanks, i'm figuring out my specs now06:20
=== M4dH4TT3r is now known as Dustin3
mi3maybe someone can help me out06:20
williamchani just restarted my xubuntu. im able to login, but my desktop background isn't loading properly... the wallpaper is blank and I cant right click on my desktop anymore... what gives?06:21
williamchanmy WM is xfce06:21
=== karthik is now known as treadstone90
tttAmon:  Is your trash empty?  I only have two file in info and my empunged and files folders are both empty.06:22
dinwilliamchan: try running 'xfdesktop'06:22
williamchandin: thanks it works06:22
Amontrash is totally empty06:22
williamchandin: any idea whats wrong? let me restart and see if it still autoloads06:22
Amonso i suppose i can delete those files06:23
stiltzkinmi3, maybe try resetting your .bashrc to default? Try making a backup of your current one and then copying /etc/bash/bash.bashrc to ~/.bashrc06:23
williamchandin: kkk restarting it still auto loads now . any ideas what happened before?06:23
mi3i have a backup already stiltzkin but i want my existing one so can you suggest whats wrong?06:24
dinnone whatesoever.06:24
stiltzkinmi3, unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with that file to tell you what's going wrong there. I'm sure someone else can help...sorry about that.06:24
mi3stiltzkin i think the problem definately is in line 53 but i cant figure it out06:24
mi3ok thanks 4 ur time stiltzkin06:25
mi3I seem to have a problem with my .bashrc script here is the paste http://pastebin.com/D3rS0sBG and here is the image http://imagebin.org/20085206:25
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=== shadowh108 is now known as shadowhua108
mi3in the paste, there is some error in line 53, can someone suggest me whats wrong?06:26
=== shadowhua108 is now known as shadowkua108
williamchanmi3: compare it with the default bashrc ... or you can try deleteing that line and check if it still works06:27
=== Dustin3 is now known as M4dH4TT3r
tttAmon:  I'm on 10.04.  I just moved something to trash,  the info file showed up, but when I emptied the trash, the file was removed.06:28
mi3williamchan, cant you tell me whats wrong? its guaranteed to be in line 53 in that paste ?06:28
williamchanmi3: nope . that line is what defines your prompt .. i.e. your >06:29
mi3williamchan, have you ,too, modified your terminal?06:29
neoplus__ubuntu bridge captive portal ?06:33
=== AJC_Z0 is now known as AJ_Z0
dannydoes anyone know of a good audio play /cd burner for the lubuntu version of ubuntu that works well rythmbox and banshee wont work for different reasons06:39
someh4x0rHello. I'm trying to install ubuntu 11.10 on the 2011 macbook air. I'm using instructions from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookAir4-2. However, whenever I try to boot the USB disk, it boots windows instead. Does anybody know how to fix this?06:40
kuldeepdhakahelp----i installed minimial ubuntu and now its loading but cannot load ubuntu os....[bootloader is showing up]06:43
hydrox24someh4x0r: Do you already have OSX dual-booted with windows?06:44
kuldeepdhaka=============help----i installed minimial ubuntu and now its loading but cannot load ubuntu os....[bootloader is showing up]============06:44
kuldeepdhaka======help----i installed minimial ubuntu and now its loading but cannot load ubuntu os....[bootloader is showing up]=====06:44
dinsomeh4x0r: i think you can hold the option key when booting to choose a disk to boot to06:44
kuldeepdhakahelp----i installed minimial ubuntu and now its loading but cannot load ubuntu os....[bootloader is showing up]06:45
=== david is now known as Guest53842
someh4x0rI already have windows. I tried using both refit and holding down option. When I select the USB disk, it boots windows06:45
Guest53842i know this isnt the place but is there an android script that will auto update apps at a certain time?06:45
kuldeepdhakahelp----i installed minimial ubuntu and now its loading but cannot load ubuntu os....[bootloader is showing up]06:45
hydrox24someh4x0r:  are there any more options that might be your actual USB?06:45
kuldeepdhakahelp----i installed minimial ubuntu and now its loading but cannot load ubuntu os....[bootloader is showing up]06:46
hydrox24kuldeepdhaka: If the bootloader is showing, then what happens if you choose the normal ubuntu OS06:46
hydrox24kuldeepdhaka: Also, if no-one responds, that probably means no-one can help so please stop spamming06:46
someh4x0rWhen I hold option, I get rEFIt, Windows (on hard drive), Recovery HD, and Windows (orange, flash drive, actually contains ubuntu). Selecting the orange "Windows" disk makes it boot windows on the hard drive instead of ubuntu06:47
kuldeepdhakahydrox24, i installed minimial ubuntu ,bootloader is loading but after that i cannot see anything ,,,,,i read a tutorail in which it is not expected06:47
dinsomeh4x0r: sounds like windows is on your usb ;)06:47
hydrox24kuldeepdhaka: do you mean the GRUB menu by "bootloader"?06:47
kuldeepdhakayes grub06:48
someh4x0rNo, I'm sure windows isn't on the USB. I just formatted the USB.06:48
hydrox24kuldeepdhaka: can't you use the up/down keys to change to the OS/Kernel you want?06:48
Juvenalhello, im having some issues with my sound card under ubuntu 11.1006:48
hydrox24Juvenal: What sound card are you using and what is your actual issue?06:49
Juvenalevery time a new track plays it shuts off the subwoofer06:49
Juvenalbut nothing changes under the sound settings panel06:49
Juvenalit still says its in 5.1 mode, and changing it to 4.1/5.1 at this point make the sub come back on06:49
Juvenalbut only till the current stream is done, soon as a new one starts its back to the beginning06:50
kuldeepdhakahydrox24, i can use the grub menu but when i click to load minimal ubuntu i cant see anything ...no responce from that point of time06:50
someh4x0rI just tried using an external CD drive. That just hangs on a black screen. ctrl+alt+f1 doesn't give me a text terminal either06:50
Etheraelhttp://pastie.org/3461258 <-- where might this handle be registered from? it is ignoring my settings from ccsm until I make them manually every time and driving me up the wall.06:50
Juvenalhydrox24, its an asus xonar DG06:51
someh4x0rok, i got the isolinux menu to show up06:51
Juvenalit has a C-Media CMI8786 on it06:51
dinsomeh4x0r: i am using ubuntu on a macbook air right now. i can tell you all i had to do was use the usb-creator-gtk app to build the install on a usb drive and it just worked.06:52
hydrox24kuldeepdhaka: just checking... by "click" I am gonna assume you mean "hitting enter key"06:53
kuldeepdhakahydrox24, click means enter key06:53
hydrox24kuldeepdhaka: OK, and do your other OS's still work? if so, what OS's are they?06:54
kuldeepdhakahydrox24,no other os on system06:54
john_doe_jrhow do I use grep to search for an exact phrase "this text here" grep -r "this text here" /var/www/etc06:55
someh4x0rok, i can get the cd to boot. I can't get usb's created using the "setup_mac_usb_boot.sh" script to work06:56
kuldeepdhakai have a old hardware on which i wanted to install minimial ubuntu,,,,,the installation was fine[showed some error in installing but i intsalled the bootloader somehow],,grub is loading but when i press enter to load ubuntu nothing shows up,,,,i was doing with the help of a tutorail06:57
kuldeepdhakahydrox24,i have a old hardware on which i wanted to install minimial ubuntu,,,,,the installation was fine[showed some error in installing but i intsalled the bootloader somehow],,grub is loading but when i press enter to load ubuntu nothing shows up,,,,i was doing with the help of a tutorail,,,,,06:58
dinkuldeepdhaka: give this a shot: add rdblacklist=nouveau to the end of your kernel entry in grub then boot it06:58
someh4x0ris ubuntu on mac using gpt?06:59
kuldeepdhakadin,what will that perform,,,06:59
dinkuldeepdhaka: if you have the nouveau driver it will disable it.06:59
dinand if it works then you know that is your issue.06:59
hydrox24kuldeepdhaka: try choosing the ubuntu-minimal option, then wait a minute or so, then hit the ctrl-alt-F1 key combo06:59
hydrox24kuldeepdhaka: that will change it to a terminal and tell us if the issue is with X or the graphics card or if you truly have a non-booting system07:00
kuldeepdhakahydrox24, ok07:00
hydrox24M4dH4TT3r: Fair point, but please share it on ubuntu-offtopic07:01
kuldeepdhakahydrox24, i will return i a while i have to change the screen to see i will tell u if it work07:01
hydrox24M4dH4TT3r: Admittedly I am a teen too :) but  I reckon I ain't a nazi.07:04
gEO_I installed ndiswrapper,, But now it gives me cpu stall error  on startup and doesnt boot07:04
gEO_Any idea how to fix it?07:05
someh4x0rgEO_: it would help if you mentioned what driver you were trying to use under ndiswrapper07:05
gEO_i meant07:06
hydrox24gEO_: when you say that it doesn't boot, can you be any more specific about the symptoms?07:06
rsMedHello! Why is it that some man command returns text from Linux Programmer's manual and other from User Commands? When I did man stdin, the title said 'Linux Programmer's Manual' and man cat gives 'User Commands'. Whereas man scp gives 'BSD General Commands Manual'... And how can I get comlete Linux users manul or Users command07:09
kuldeepdhakahydrox24, i can see the moving dots of ubuntu [it is loading ] but i m unable to see the terminal,,,07:09
gEO_it just stays black for a while then says   " iNFO  rcu_sched_state detected stall on CPU 2 t= 15000 jiffies07:09
gEO_even in recovery mode07:09
kuldeepdhakahydrox24, it is taking time07:09
someh4x0rWhat does the "downloading language packs" part of the installer do? It takes forever to run07:09
gEO_It can be CPU0 CPU1 or 3 everytime07:10
someh4x0rgEO_: doesn't brcmsmac support your wifi card?07:10
gEO_I was getting frequent disconnections07:11
gEO_and problems with sharing and all07:11
`Korvinhow can I stop a user from automatically logging in07:11
kuldeepdhakahydrox24, i can see the moving dots of ubuntu but it is not showing terminal.....does it take time07:12
din`Korvin: break their fingers?07:12
kuldeepdhakadin,,,, can see the moving dots of ubuntu but it is not showing terminal.....does it take time07:13
gEO_Well. I'm fine if I have to remove ndis  can anyone help me with it?07:13
korvin_sorry I'll ask again07:13
dinkuldeepdhaka: does the screen say anything?07:13
korvin_is there any way to prevent automatic login on startup?07:13
korvin_I turned it on when I installed07:13
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
=== korvin_ is now known as `Korvin
kuldeepdhakadin, no significant errors that can help07:14
dinkuldeepdhaka: does ctrl+alt+f2 produce a shell?07:14
kuldeepdhakacant see anything....07:15
someh4x0rHow come it takes forever to "download language packs" anyways? Is it possible to tell the installer I only want en_US and not some useless ones like en_HK?07:15
dinkuldeepdhaka: it almost seems like you are having a display driver issue.07:15
dinhence my suggestion earlier.07:15
kuldeepdhakadin, then what should i do07:16
dinkuldeepdhaka: i would try adding rdblacklist=nouveau to the end of your kernel entry in grub then boot it07:16
dinand see if it works.07:16
kuldeepdhakadin,sometime graphics become big and  something small07:16
dinkuldeepdhaka: i had that same issue on my home server07:16
dinkuldeepdhaka: if it comes up without the nouveau driver then at least you can get rid of it afterwards07:17
kuldeepdhakadin, let me try the rdblacklist method...reply u back in a min07:18
gEO_I hope you haven't forgotten about my questions.. thanks07:20
someh4x0rndiswrapper is getting less and less popular so nobody may actually have an answer07:20
gEO_I mean how can I boot now...07:21
gEO_I just want to blacklist it.07:21
dingEO_: can you not boot to recovery mode and do it that way?07:21
gEO_it is the same in recovery mode07:22
gEO_But I can login as root in read only07:22
dinif not i have used the init=/bin/bash method to get into systems before07:22
gEO_but I dont know how to proceed from there07:22
dinso mount -o remount,rw /07:22
dinthen it should be read/write07:22
skyballjust installed ubuntu. screen is flashing purple. what can i do?07:24
gEO_in root shell?07:24
dingEO_: yes07:24
gEO_it gives me a  mount help info07:25
gEO_doesnt do anything else07:25
dinare you in the busybox shell?07:25
gEO_sorry.. How do I check that07:25
dingEO_: it should say something about it when you actually did drop to a shell07:27
dini.e BusyBox 1.1 etc...07:27
someh4x0ruh oh now windows gives me "missing operating system" after installing ubuntu07:27
gEO_it didnt07:27
skyballthe "try ubuntu first " works then it says remove USB drive hit enter to restart. when i do the screen starts to flash purple?07:27
someh4x0rrefit resync gives me "analysis inconclusive." how do I fix this?07:29
urfr332gO!nomodeset | skyball07:31
ubottuskyball: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:31
=== shadowkua108 is now known as shadowh511
urfr332gOskyball, your booting the usb?07:31
urfr332gOor had?07:32
rsMedHello! How can I get complete 'Linux Programmer's Manual' ?07:32
urfr332gOrsMed, not sure there is acomplete many out there though.07:33
crizzyrsMed: dno what you're looking exactly, but http://developer.ubuntu.com/ might get you started07:33
skyballyes i did07:33
urfr332gOskyball, so your not installed yet?07:34
skyballeven tryed to re install and same thing07:34
skyballwell i guess not07:34
urfr332gOso do you get a grub menu now?07:35
urfr332gOskyball, ^^07:35
urfr332gOskyball, I'm confused as to where you at.07:35
skyballi have a flashing screan07:35
rsMedurfr332gO: crizzy: The one which Ubuntu uses.. If you do man stdout, you see the title as Linux Programmer's Manual. So, in that context I'd like to see the complete manaul07:35
skyballi took out the usb as the computer told me07:36
urfr332gOskyball, so you have a install and on the reboot a flashing screen?07:36
skyballrestarted and now the screan is flashing07:36
crizzyrsMed: http://www.kernel.org/doc/man-pages/07:37
urfr332gOskyball, try the nomodeset option in the bots link it may be that you need a graphics driver. If nomodeset gets you in run a update and upgrade to get any packages needed and then look at the app additional drivers a graphic driver may be there.07:37
urfr332gOrsMed, I have not ever used one, I'm just a enthusiast, so not much help really.07:38
skyballbots link?07:38
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:38
urfr332gOskyball, ^^^07:38
rsMedThanks crizzy urfr332gO07:39
gartralis there something totally epically screwy with the way the windows USB installer makes a bootable flash drive? it keeps throwing "Unable too find medium medium containing live file system"07:39
urfr332gOrsMed, no problem.07:39
urfr332gOgardar, windows usb installer?07:39
* gardar slaps urfr332gO07:39
skyballthank you i will try07:40
gartralurfr332gO: gartral != gardar07:40
someh4x0rOK, I've fixed all my problems07:40
urfr332gOgardar, back at you with a large dead trout, can you name the app like unetbootin, or is it the actual MS dvd loader for loading W7.07:40
gartralurfr332gO: i'm going too drop a boatload of TUNA on you if you don't stop confusing us! :P07:41
urfr332gOgartral, yeah when you have a nic close to anothers and we use a tab complete this happens.07:41
urfr332gOwhat ever07:42
gardarhaha no worries07:42
EtheraelAnyone know what causes xscreensaver in lock mode to just black the screens and never pop u p with a prompt for password?07:42
urfr332gOgardar, sorry I have the ignore on the actual user now. :)07:43
gartralurfr332gO: we're just playing with you man07:44
gartralurfr332gO: The program is Universal USB installer, it's the application that's on ubuntu.com/download when you select "Show Me How" and have windows, and USB stick selected07:45
gardargartral: I'd try unetbootin, it has never failed me07:47
gartralgardar: Unetbootin installs ALWAYS dump me too a GRUB shell..07:48
gardarhow's your usb key formatted? fat32?07:49
gartralgardar: Yep.07:49
gartralgardar: (No, it's in Solaris Format :P joke)07:50
gardarwell everything is better than ntfs :)07:50
calamityI've googled extensively, but I'd like to know if anyone has any recs on a good language learning application for the buntu07:52
dr3mrohello , what is the file responsible for default gtk theme in ubuntu oneiric cutom live cd07:53
someh4x0rQuick question: how do I change the grub menu timeout to 0?07:54
L3topwhich version07:55
L3topcheck /boot/menu.lst07:55
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
L3topfor grub < 207:55
sixdahssomeh4xor usually there is a timeout option07:55
sixdahschange to 007:55
someh4x0ryeah, I don't want to google for what it is :) (also, using grub2)07:55
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sorrymyenghi, is it possible to change wifi mac adress without macchanger program?07:58
someh4x0rit is with atheros but I don't know the command07:58
=== angel is now known as him
sorrymyengand atheros i have not too08:00
keyboardtalkMy external harddrive connected via eSATA is not automatically recognized in 11.10. It would be auto-mounted in 11.04. How can I fix this?08:02
jameslordhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/857492/ , what is the command to make the following rules as a side effect of iptables08:03
urfr332gOL3top, boot/menu.list is grub legacy08:04
urfr332gOsomeh4x0r, changing the timeout to 0 can be not a good idea if you ever want to see grub.08:04
sixdahsiptables -I work?\08:05
Canadian1296urfr332gO: Cant you just hold shift on boot?08:05
Canadian1296Apache 2 question... Is it possible, in digest authentication, to add an account that is valid for all realms?08:06
urfr332gOCanadian1296, sometimes yes, but with ) many times not08:06
Canadian1296urfr332gO: Ah I see08:07
urfr332gOCanadian1296, better to check to be sure iof yo9u ever want to get the grub menu08:07
urfr332gObad spelling sorry. :(08:07
Canadian1296That's alright, and yeah mine is set to 1 second. Just enough.08:08
urfr332gOCanadian1296, good idea, a person could chroot in to fix it if needed.08:09
keyboardtalkMy external harddrive connected via eSATA is not automatically recognized in 11.10. It would be auto-mounted in 11.04. How can I fix this?08:09
urfr332gOkeyboardtalk, you mean it is not automounting in 11.10?08:10
Canadian1296urfr332gO: Yes, someone could. Any ideas for my question?08:10
keyboardtalkurfr332gO: yes08:10
urfr332gOCanadian1296, not a clue. :)08:11
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
urfr332gO!fstab | keyboardtalk08:11
ubottukeyboardtalk: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions08:11
keyboardtalkurfr332gO: the drive doesn't seem to be anywhere in /dev08:11
urfr332gOkeyboardtalk, fstab is where you set up automounts is this a upgrade to 11.10?08:12
keyboardtalkurfr332gO: it is a new install08:12
keyboardtalkurfr332gO: I have tried mounting manually but the system doesn't seem to recognize the drive at all08:12
urfr332gOkeyboardtalk, youhave to set up fstab to have it automount the link should be what you need I don't have any NTFS auto mounting so would have to google to find the correct syntax.08:13
urfr332gOkeyboardtalk, ah wont mount at all, you have a windows setup perchance so you can run a chkdsk?08:14
urfr332gOkeyboardtalk, if it was being read you would see it in the left panel of home.08:15
keyboardtalkurfr332gO: I do have a windows install08:15
keyboardtalkurfr332gO: and like I said the device isn't showing anywhere in /dev08:15
urfr332gOkeyboardtalk, I would check it in computer with a disc check.08:16
urfr332gOin windows08:16
keyboardtalkurfr332gO: is there a way to make the system to rescan esata ports?08:16
urfr332gOkeyboardtalk, I wouldn't't know08:16
keyboardtalkurfr332gO: okay I will try chkdisk08:16
Chipzzzdoes anyone remember what ubuntu is recommending to replace webmin?08:17
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.08:18
Myrtti!zentyal | Chipzzz08:21
ubottuChipzzz: zentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).08:21
T_H_XGwibber is soo sloow :(  any alternatives?08:21
seroqueldoes ubuntu have a vmware view client? i want to try it and i can still use windows things through my school's vmware view client like office 201008:21
MyrttiT_H_X: depending on what you want from gwibber, you might find Tweetdeck (for Chrome or Air) useful, that's what I did.08:23
ChipzzzMyrtti: thank you very much :-)08:23
bellmanis ext2 safer to run on flash than ext408:24
T_H_XMyrtti: just want it for facebook feed08:24
brian1992can anyone learn me how to mount a .vdi ?08:24
sstaseroquel: yes, it's called "vmware-view-client", should be in the software centre08:25
seroquelsick, thanks ssta08:25
sstaseroquel: or: sudo apt-get install vmware-view-client08:25
brian1992hmm ill checit out08:25
urfr332gObellman, flash are pretty solid now I would not worry about it08:25
bellmanso journaling will not destroy the write cycles?08:25
T_H_XMyrtti: thank you08:26
urfr332gObellman, theoretically in the past that was a arguement check your sources for that info.08:26
brian1992 sudo apt-get install vmware-view-client (couldent find package)08:28
gartralgardar: ok, this is perplexing. Unetbootin and USB Installer are giving the same crap with multiple distributions and mutiple drives..08:28
bellmando I need to switch to windows for my rear speakrs to work?  i have asked #alsa and there is no answer08:29
bazhang vmware-view-open-client brian199208:29
brian1992thanks :)08:29
urfr332gOgartral, I use this one it uses grub and is a multi ISO loader http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/08:30
brian1992yeah thank a ton that did it08:30
ajnabicanceri have removed nvidia drivers from "Hardware drivers" 3 drivers are listed there (nvidia-173, nvidia96 and current). i don't know much about ubuntu & now i want to installed drivers that don't make any error and i can easily change resolution. Last time i faced errors were these "signal out of range" and now i see something like "VGA=775 is deprecrated 'loadpay' or 'playload' i don't remember well. then it login to ubuntu. Here 08:30
bellmani cannot believe this OS can be claimed feature-complete for desktop use without surround sound support08:30
gartralurfr332gO: I only have a 1 gig flash drive too work with..08:30
zenonmorning folks =D08:30
urfr332gOgartral, it is just another option you can load just one, you can DD the iSO to it and boot it.08:31
tejaswidpI installed r using "sudo apt-get install r-base-core" but I can't seem to run the R interpreter by typing "R'08:32
ultrixxgood morning, everybody08:32
gartralurfr332gO: also, I'm working off of a windows base at the moment, a /sh script doesn't do me much good08:32
sstabellman: I can't believe it can be claimed feature-complete without a lady to make my coffee, free unlimited mp3 downloads and a marching band ready to do a rousing chorus of Hail to the Chief every morning in my living room...but there it is...08:32
brian1992 vmware-view-open-client okay what do i do with it?08:32
tejaswidpbash say R is not currently installed08:32
ajnabicancerultrixx: good morning08:32
tejaswidpand asks me to type "sudo apt-get install r-base-core"08:33
tejaswidpwhat should I do to overcome this problem?08:33
YohanMeisterHi. I'm trying to remember how the dd command goes to write all zeros to a drive. Does anyone know and is there a way to do it where it will complete faster (even if it isn't real thorough)?08:33
ajnabicancerAny suggestions? http://paste.ubuntu.com/857515/08:33
gartraltejaswidp: have you tried "r" instead of "R"? just a thought08:33
tejaswidpyes gartral08:34
tejaswidpdoesn't work08:34
Stanley00YohanMeister: you can use /dev/zero as input to dd, like this dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/your-drive08:35
sstaYohanMeister: it will be faster if you do more than one zero at a time.  something like: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdxx bs=1M08:35
gartralYohanMeister: and you can make it slightly faster with oflag=sync08:36
bellmanssta: unlimited free mp3 downloads with transmission on what.cd are working fine   that is not my problem.  and I can download 5.1 surround movies with sabnzbdplus.  but i'm stuck in the last century with 2 channel stereo output.08:36
urfr332gOssta, yeah where are those apps lol. :)08:37
YohanMeistercool. that's the part I couldn't remember - the "bs=..." part. Also I was wondering one other thing. I have actually 3 drives in that machine. Is it possible to dd them simultaneously? They are 3 TB ea (would take forever if I have to do them one at a time).08:37
ajnabicanceri have removed nvidia drivers from "Hardware drivers" 3 drivers are listed there (nvidia-173, nvidia96 and current). i don't know much about ubuntu & now i want to installed drivers that don't make any error and i can easily change resolution. Last time i faced errors were these "signal out of range" and now i see something like "VGA=775 is deprecrated 'loadpay' or 'playload' i don't remember well. then it login to ubuntu. Here 08:37
ajnabicancerAny suggestions? http://paste.ubuntu.com/857515/08:37
sstaYohanMeister: I don't know of a safe way to do them simultaneously other than running three commands at once (but since they're all over teh same bus, it probably wouldn't increase speed much)08:38
ajnabicancerwhere can i get help for my solution?08:39
gartralYohanMeister: yes.. though not through the same instence of dd. you can "dd if=/dev/zero of=/sdx bs=x & dd if=/dev/zero of=/sdx bs=x" etc..08:40
almoxarifeajnabicancer: you should be fine with one driver, 'nvidia-current'08:40
bellmanajnab   u can switch to Debian and install the latest nvidia driver from nvidia.com that works fine  or just run Windows where there is real modern support08:40
gartralYohanMeister: but as ssta states, if they're all on the same bus, you won't notice much difference in speed..08:40
almoxarifebellman: that was about useless as help goes08:40
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: will that let me change resolution, because at nvidia-173 it won't give resolution size more than 1024x768.08:41
almoxarifeajnabicancer: yes, it should08:41
gartralbellman: you just made my brain ache.08:41
bellmanxcuse me are you saying this ubuntu is a real os with world class support? i have been led to believe otherwise08:41
YohanMeistergartral: that's what I was wondering. If the dd command itself would run several instances of the program at the same time. Also, not sure if you are referring to the old ide mobo architecture when you say bus. These are sata drive. (Not sure if it makes a difference).08:41
YohanMeisterthx for the info btw08:41
bazhang!behelpful | bellman08:41
ubottubellman: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.08:41
ultrixxbellman: if you refuse to learn and inform yourself go buy an apple or use windows08:42
sstabellman: I use it for everything.  Your needs may be different08:42
bellmanmy brain aches from sound blasting me from my front speakers without rear fill08:42
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: ok, i'm trying. if it remained same, i'll be here with you. many thanks.08:42
ultrixxbellman: well sometimes ignorance hurts08:42
dark2How can I get my Logitech Dual-Action gamepad to work with ubuntu? (11.04)08:42
almoxarifeajnabicancer: you will need to reboot and adjust the settings in the config app08:42
gartralYohanMeister: very very very few mobos have sepereate sata busses.08:42
brian1992how do i use vmware to mount a vdi?08:43
urfr332gObrian1992, VM OR VBOX?08:43
urfr332gOsorry caps on08:43
gartralurfr332gO: VBOX! :P08:43
bellmanmount -o loop some.vdi   using the fuse-vdi package08:44
brian1992well its used for VM, but i want to mount it to my real computer08:44
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: One more thing, i have also done some changing in etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-graphics-drivers.conf. but now there is no such file. maybe bcoz i have removed those drivers.  I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO SETTINGS IN CONFIG APP08:44
sstaYohanMeister: the dd command doesn't do that.  You can do it "by hand", as indicated before.  Personally I don't think it will make much difference in speed, but I don't know that for sure.  All you can do is try it and see :)08:44
YohanMeisterok. I see that the problem is I have a misunderstanding of the definition of bus. It's ok. I have enough to go on and I can look it up if get really curious   :)08:44
johntronwhenever i try to install ubuntu (or fedora) from my USB drive, i get a message about udevd timing out and killing modprobe. any ideas?08:44
almoxarifeajnabicancer: you wont need to do setting in a conf file08:44
almoxarifeajnabicancer: the configuration app for nvidia is straight forward, pick a resolution that your display can handle and set it as your default08:45
brian1992urfr332g0: well its used for VM, but i want to mount it to my real computer08:45
sstaYohanMeister: actually, I take that back...since most of the time will be spent waiting on disk, then as long as the disks don't block each other, it would be faster (no idea whether they will block each other)08:46
hydrox24ajnabicancer: Errm, by "config app" do you mean the default "displays" section to the ubuntu setting? Also, what exactly do you want to change in the configuration>08:46
urfr332gObrian1992, not sure really of your definition of mount it to your real computer, is it uase it a a partitikoned install?08:47
urfr332gOuse as a partitioned install? brian199208:47
YohanMeisterhmm. Well how would you know if they did or didn't. If I recall correctly, the way the dd command works you can't see any progress info. You just wait and wait until you see a new command line appear and that's the only way to tell it has completed. Unless there's a way to tell if the disks are blocking one another, maybe better safe than sorry... eh?08:48
sstaYohanMeister: the only way I can think of would be to experiment.  time one way, then time the other way, see how much difference it makes...08:48
brian1992urfr332g0: the .vdi its used for my VM, i want to access the vdi as a hardrive on my actual desktop08:48
dark2Is there a way to reactivate my 2nd monitor without restarting every time?08:49
muumioo_I have a problem: I have a ftp server installed. I can download files with filezilla but uploading does not work. What could be wrong?08:49
sstabrian1992: fuse-vdi package08:49
urfr332gOdark2, displays] does not get it running?08:49
gartralmuumioo_: do you have write access in the server and too the destination?08:50
brian1992ssta, should i apt-get install fuse-vdi package08:50
someh4x0rmuumioo_: is there a reason why the server isn't sftp?08:50
sstahmm, it's not there08:50
padhuUbuntians, suggest me P5B-MX/WiFi-AP supported Graphics card working on ubuntu 10.0408:50
sstabrian1992: used to be called that I thought, but I can't find it now...hang on08:50
YohanMeisterssta: hmm. Maybe an experiment for another time then. I'm just trying to git er' done right now   :)08:50
YohanMeisterthx for the help08:50
brian1992ssta, thanks, any help apprecaated at this time08:51
dark2It tells me it can't be applied08:51
muumioo_Not shure:) Where I could check it?08:51
sstabrian1992: ah, called virtualbox-ose-fuse now08:51
dark2Tells me the requested position/size is outside the allowed limit08:52
sstabrian1992: then you should be able to loopback mount the vdi08:52
brian1992ssta, thanks, ill give its a try08:52
someh4x0rmuumioo_: if it's your server and your client, you probably want to use sftp08:52
brian1992ssta, how do i  loopback mount the vdi?08:52
muumioo_someh4x0r: It is sftp.08:53
almoxarifebrian1992: why not use 'virtualbox' to mount the vdi?08:53
brian1992almoxarife, there are file on my computer im trying to put on my VM08:53
sstabrian1992: something like: mount -o loop foo.vdi mountpoint/08:54
almoxarifebrian1992: files not on the vdi you want included on the vdi?08:54
sstabrian1992: there are probably instructions in the package (/usr/share/doc/<packagename> often has hints)08:54
bellmani am considering a day protesting Ubuntu in the middle of union square in NYC  for wasting my time installing an OS without rear speaker support08:56
urfr332gObellman, imageibn the pics for us. :)08:56
almoxarifebellman: ubuntu does have read speaker support if the audio card provides it!08:56
brian1992almoxarife, yes, file on my computer08:57
brian1992ssta, okay ill give its a look08:57
selig5bellman: Did you try running 'alsamixer' in the terminal? It has a lot of settings you can try.08:59
Crash_O-Dim looking for a good alternitive to wysiwyg html site builder like dreamweaver08:59
=== kag_anil_ is now known as kag_anil
bellmani do not see a 'rear' channel in the ALSA mixer. I do have 'surround' and 'center' channels maxxed to 100%08:59
brian1992ssta, nope nothing there08:59
brian1992ssta, im thinking about just scraping the whole idea and just getting a dos emulator to do what im trying to do09:00
urfr332gObrian1992, is this vdi on this computer normally running in vbox?09:01
Myrttibellman: we heard your complaint on the first round, please consider filing a bug or +1:ing an existing one; alternatively asking in forums or askubuntu if anyone else has experience about your symptoms with similar hardware. This is a support channel, repeating your complaint here will not make your problem go away if it is a bug, and even if it isn't not without more information09:01
urfr332gObrian1992, anyway there are several ways to transfer stuff to the vdi in Vbox without mounting it like your trying to do.09:03
brian1992urf332g0,  its a fixed size .vdi that virtual box OSE created, i want to mount the image to move files from my hard drive to my virtual hardrive09:03
bellmanok, I am switching my efforts to the bug reporting channels... I am a professional software developer myself so I expect that my issue will be assigned a high prioirity and addressed with the same rigor that I resolve customer issues09:03
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: (ee) Nvidia: falied to load nvidia kernal module09:04
urfr332gObrian1992, why don't you just have a shared folder?09:04
brian1992urf332g0,  .. wow, im an idiot09:05
brian1992urf332g0, you just blew my mind09:05
urfr332gObrian1992, no. no I am. :)09:05
almoxarifeajnabicancer: how did you remove the drivers?09:05
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: please check you (ee) Nvidia: nvidia: system kernal log for additional error message.09:05
brian1992urf332g0, ahh ha! actual no i cant do that, the VM is running MSDOS09:06
almoxarifeajnabicancer: how did you remove the drivers?09:06
bellmanurfr you can simply mount the vdi as a loopback device with mount...  if there is a fuse-vdi package you can use that  if not you can look at another FUSE driver and make the neccesary source code modifications to mound VDI files directly09:06
urfr332gObrian1992, ah.09:06
brian1992urf332g0, yeah.. i dont think theres a way to have shered folders09:06
urfr332gObrian1992, I have only done it with Os's.09:07
YohanMeisterI don't know if the math works like this or not, but...  If I recollect, I think dd'ing a 100 GB drive cost me about an hour once before. That means 3 TB = 3 X 10 X 100 GB = about 30 hrs! Good lord I hope that isn't correct because there's three of those and that would be 90 hrs total (or about 3,75 day - nonstop).09:07
sstabrian1992: you could put the files into an iso and mount the iso in the vm09:07
ajnabicancerAlmoxarife: System>Administration>Hardware Drivers09:07
almoxarifebellman: how about he just brings up the vdi up on virtualbox and then moves the file from where ever it exists into the vdi running in virtualbox? to sexy, not eneough terminal vudo-chilly?09:08
brian1992ssta, how do i go about makeing an .iso   is it as simple as placeing them in a . zip and renameing it?09:08
sstabrian1992: no.  nowhere near as simple as that sadly :)09:08
urfr332gOnight night09:08
almoxarifeajnabicancer: how did you install 'nvidia-current'?09:08
brian1992ah ha.. alright well how do i do that?09:09
sstaumm, is there a GUI tool for making isos?  I'd use mkisofs, but I suspect there's a more point and puke method these days09:09
brian1992ssta, ah ha.. alright well how do i do that?09:09
gartralssta: yes, brasareo can "burn" too iso09:09
sstabrian1992: Personally I'd use mkisofs, but there's probably a better way09:09
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: i installed via synaptic package manager09:10
almoxarifeajnabicancer: so you are familiar with synaptic?09:10
sstabrian1992: ah, there you go.  "brasareo" (whatever that is)09:10
djedayhello, it is possoble to configure ubuntu to mute sount in acoustic system when i attach headphones ?09:10
brian1992alright well im going to go mess around whith these ideas, thx a lot09:10
Ajay_can any tell me how to get to redhat chat09:11
almoxarifeajnabicancer: thats a yes or no question09:11
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: yes, only now i know about synaptic. someone from hear told me to installed drivers from there.09:11
Q_ContinuumWhat is the proper channel for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS support? (Server)09:11
zenonhow can I set it so this chat dont get dumped through & cut off? I like to digest.09:11
YohanMeisterajay: try #redhat09:11
Ajay_YohanMeister, thanks :)09:12
almoxarifeajnabicancer: fine, open synaptic and place the word 'nvidia' in the search box09:12
gartralzenon: what client?09:12
sstaQ_Continuum: I guess if there is one, it's here?09:12
WingedeAnyone done an efi boot on macbook pro and managed to disable the second graphics card ?09:12
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: done09:13
almoxarifeajnabicancer: how many packages showing as installed?09:13
Q_ContinuumUpdated a fresh 10.04.04 LTS server install, x64 - and when updating grub hung with this: 'Running postinst hook script /usr/sbin/update-grub.'09:13
Q_ContinuumHas been sitting there for over 24 hours at that.09:13
zenonubuntu, smuxi irc09:13
muumioo_its working...09:13
muumioo_I didn't have the write access set on:)09:14
almoxarifeajnabicancer: and is one of the installed 'nvidia-current'?09:14
gartralzenon: never heard of smuxi, i use irssi. and by hitting pgup once it stops the auto scroll and i can manually page down09:15
gartralmuumioo_: i told you!09:15
sstaQ_Continuum: never seen that one before09:15
zenonit see,s to dump what it can't hold09:15
gartralQ_Continuum: might time for grub rescue cd09:16
zenonI scroll up & its not all the infro from when I launched09:16
sstawe never had these problems back when it was lilo :)09:16
Q_ContinuumBTW, the Install was fresh 10.04.04 LTS CD into HyperV VM.  Then update, and VOILA09:16
zenongartar: thanks anyway09:17
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: Nvidia 173 and 96 modaliases09:17
Q_ContinuumI haven't rebooted the VM yet, but it was the last to update and power down before I rebooted the host for its once-a-month-patch-athon09:17
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: those are installed, but not 'nvidia-current', correct?09:18
sorrymyenghi, how to activate fakeie6 and gecko in winetricks 20110629? or how to change its version and select that in new version?09:18
Q_ContinuumIts still stalled on that last line, since about 30 hours ago.09:18
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: Nvidia current modaliases and nvidia current is also there?09:18
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: Nvidia current modaliases and nvidia current is also there. yes09:18
Q_ContinuumThis isn't the first time I hit this problem, either.09:18
Q_Continuumgartral: grub rescue CD - something special, or just booting off the Ubuntu install disc and running grub-magic-foo09:19
AmdpcHi...I have a .dmg file. I want to burn it to a dvd..which software to use ? I dont want to convert it into .iso and then burn..09:19
sstaQ_Continuum: I'd assume it had hung, reboot it and see if the problem recurs.  If it doesn't put it down to sunspots, if it does then start tearing it to pieces (BTW: Kudos for the patience to wait 30 hours, I'd have given up after 10 minutes ;)09:19
Q_ContinuumI hit this same problem in a previous VM install of the same, and just decided to nuke it.  Next VM didn't have that problem.09:19
Q_ContinuumSo First VM: this problem.  2nd one: not this problem.  3rd one: this problem.09:19
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: complete unistall all mentioned,09:20
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: How?09:20
Q_ContinuumFresh install from both old and latest media, then update.09:20
sstaQ_Continuum: *maybe* something has reordered the disks away from what grub expects?  That *might* cause it to hang (complete guess though)09:20
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: see them, right click on each09:20
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: do i have to completely remove every package from nvidia09:21
Q_Continuumssta: I haven't done anything to the disks at all...so I don't know.  Powered down the VM, gonna reboot the VM host and bring it back up.  Means taking down the IRC shell as well - so I'll be back when/if it that VM doesn't return.  (The IRC shell VM didn't hit the problem when updating, but the VM before it did)09:21
brian1992whats the feature called when the windows are all jellow like when you move them09:21
Q_ContinuumAnyway back in 3-5.09:21
god-zotacbrian1992:: wobbly windows09:21
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: yes, you want to do a clean install of 'nvidia-current' once you have purged what ever it is that was there before, that is the key, purge old, start fresh09:22
sstabrian1992: distracting eye-candy09:22
brian1992god-zodiac,  ssta,  is there a package for it?09:22
sstalooks cute for about 30 seconds before it starts to irritate me09:22
sstabrian1992: you just enable all the eye-candy IIRC...09:23
god-zotacbrian1992:: its a part of emerald and/or compiz... aka excessive resource abuse09:23
sstadesktop-effects or something09:23
brian1992ssta, hahaha09:23
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: everything i found by typing nvidia is now removing....09:23
MonkeyDustso at least someone *does* like all the eye candy09:24
sstanot that I Can ever find anything in the new control panel thingy09:24
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: in synaptic, 'purge' is 'mark all for complete removal' , that is what you chose?09:24
sstaMonkeyDust: there's no accounting for taste09:24
NyLeswhat is mesa drivers for?09:26
YohanMeisterdoes anyone know if that figure sounds about right?09:26
sstaYohanMeister: if you're blowing aaway the disk anyway, just do a small section (say 1G) and time it: time dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/XXXX bs=1M count=102409:27
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: on bottom left there is a tab called 'status' chose it if not already chosen, above there is a choice called 'installed', chose that too, and place 'nvidia' in search box, the contents on right should be blank, verify that09:27
sstathen multiple by 3000 to get the (approximate) time to do 3TB09:28
altabqi installed Libreoffice from deb but forgot to install a jre before so the installer resulted in error. i installed the open jre and reran the deb installation of libreoffice. now, libreoffice is there, but when i open synaptic i get the error that a package is not correctly installed and i should reinstall, synaptic quit09:28
altabqi reinstalled the package using dgebi\09:28
altabqbut it didn't change anything09:29
sstaYohanMeister: actually, I think you can specify the blocksize as 1G (check the manpage to be sure)09:29
god-zotacNyLes:: mesa is a graphics development library for rendering GL objects09:29
srinihow to know the upcoming updates of ubuntu?it may be either ppa or other.I need to know about upcoming releases without searching in google.i mean it should no longer be available in any other sites except one or two.please help me09:29
YohanMeisterssta: good idea. thx. and I will check that 1G thing on the man page.09:29
NyLesgod-zotac: is it for nvidia? ati? or intel?09:29
god-zotacNyLes:: all should support mesa and opengl09:29
soreauNyLes: yes09:29
soreauNyLes: It is for the open driver set09:30
god-zotacNyLes:: unless your card is rather old09:30
NyLesgod-zotac: soreau thanks..09:30
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: there is nothing in synaptic now.09:30
eQuiNoX__hey guys for a device listed inside /dev, say /dev/adsp, how can i figure out what driver is used by the device?09:30
sriniplease help for my problem09:30
altabqsynaptic error is "Internal error opening cache (1). Please report" then synaptic shuts down..what should i do?09:30
altabqi tried cleaning cache and ran autoremove09:31
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: on bottom left there is a tab called 'status' chose it if not already chosen, above there is a choice called 'installed', chose that too, and place 'nvidia' in search box, the contents on right should be blank, verify that, as per these instructions?09:31
sriniAnyone please help me09:32
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: yes its black09:32
almoxarifeajnabicancer: now highlight the 'not installed' option and choose 'nvidia-current' along with recommended packages09:33
soreausrini: ubuntu.com should have everything you need to know09:33
almoxarifeajnabicancer: mark for install and install09:34
drounsehi, after installing vuze on xubuntu 11.10 it wont start09:34
srinisoreau, what is ppa?09:34
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: there are three packages for nvidia current, do i have to chose "nvidia-current"09:35
soreau! ppa | srini09:35
ubottusrini: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa09:35
almoxarifeajnabicancer: choose, 'nvidia-current'09:35
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: done09:35
almoxarifeajnabicancer: mark for install and install09:35
srinisoreau, i understood ppa.can we have our own ppa?09:35
soreausrini: anyone can create a ppa09:36
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: installation is in progress09:36
almoxarifedrounse: vuze uses java yes?09:36
srinisoreau, can you please help me to create ppa? i am new to this.09:36
drounsealmoxarife ahhh thank you i dont have a jre installed09:36
srinisoreau, does it require any programming knowledge?09:36
almoxarifeajnabicancer: once the install is complete you need to reboot09:37
soreausrini: Not necessarily09:37
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: Ok09:37
srinisoreau, can you help me in creating ppa?09:37
drounsealmoxarife it worked i had to install jre709:37
soreausrini: See https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA09:38
almoxarifeajnabicancer: assuming there will be something else broke, install package 'pastebinit' prior to bugging out09:38
almoxarifedrounse: cool09:38
drounsealmoxarife thanks09:38
srinisoreau, where can i find all ppa?09:38
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: be right back after reboot. Thanks for you paitience09:38
altabqi guess i should ask more clearly.. i installed libreoffice via deb, forgot jre. now synaptic won't start due to error in cache, one package of libreoffice is missing but even if i reinstall it, synaptic won't start due to same error.. any suggestions?09:38
soreausrini: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas09:39
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sstaaltabq: try: sudo apt-get -f install # see if this fixes the missing dependency issue09:39
soreaualtabq: maybe you need to remove that package and clean the cache?09:39
=== companion is now known as Companion
altabqssta, it can't find the deb file09:41
srinisoreau, i am writing a blog regarding linux.i want to post something new that is related to ubuntu.where can i find it?09:41
altabqi'll try removing and reinstalling then, thanks soreau09:42
almoxarifealtabq: you mean deb as in you download it?09:42
soreausrini: Im not sure if that question actually asks anything09:42
=== ShKoDrAnI is now known as Guest1080
soreauyou will have to be more specific09:42
=== babilen is now known as Guest57238
altabqalmoxarife yes09:43
vagvafsrini, try this: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/09:43
almoxarifealtabq: using apt-get will only help in purging what ever it is you installed, and yes, purge it all first09:43
srinisoreau, where can i find the laetst things/upcoming things that google doesn't know the exact answer09:44
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: http://paste.ubuntu.com/857565/09:45
altabqalmoxarife it's libreoffice, and removing the package didn't work.. gdebi says the lockfile is still running. should i delete the lock file, then delete the package then reinstall the package?09:45
someh4x0rHow come I can't get X11 to load mtrack09:45
srinisoreau, i need to know the upcoming updates that are not become popular09:46
almoxarifealtabq: close synaptic or what ever you have opened having to do with package install09:46
soreausrini: I dont know what you are fishing for exactly but you can always try the latest ubuntu image or hang out in #ubuntu-devel to see what they are discussing I guess09:47
altabqi used dpkg09:47
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: open a terminal09:47
kinglethello guys , I want to install google-chrome but I've got this error msg http://pastebin.com/CtTMTv1x09:47
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: done09:47
xaxeshey all .. where to find server for python2.4 deb?09:47
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: did you manage to install 'pastebinit'?09:47
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: what is pastebinit?09:48
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: simple method to pastebin a file09:48
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: how can i install pastebinit?09:48
soreaukinglet: Looks like you possibly have an unsupported ppa installed09:48
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: from terminal              sudo apt-get install pastebinit09:49
kingletsoreau, what should i do? i am a ubuntu n00b09:49
soreau! pastebinit | ajnabicancer_09:49
ubottuajnabicancer_: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com09:49
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altabqalmoxarife, i removed the lockfile, then reinstalling the packages worked and synaptic starts again09:50
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: done09:50
soreaukinglet: I would get rid of that ppa and fix the package manager then just install the google chrome deb from their website, if for some reason chromium from the repos isnt enough for you09:50
altabqthanks a bunch09:50
kingletsoreau, can u plz tell me step-by-step09:51
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: in terminal              pastebinit -i /var/log/Xorg.0.log09:51
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: share the link09:51
soreaukinglet: First start synaptic and look at what repos you have enabled09:51
xaxeshey all .. where to find server for python2.4 deb for _armv7l_? ^^ forgot the architecture ;)09:51
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: http://pastebin.com/iX5nFqsV09:51
kingletsoreau, here isnt synaptic! i'm using ubuntu 11.1009:52
soreaukinglet: Im pretty sure you have synaptic09:52
srini_soreau, where can i get to know the uses of upcoming ppa?09:52
soreausrini: The questions you are asking are vague and impossible to answer. I dont know what to tell you, sorry09:52
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: oh by the way did you mention that was a WUBI install?09:52
kingletsoreau, u mean ubuntu-software-center?09:53
soreaukinglet: sure09:53
sstasoreau: synaptic isn't installed by default on 11.10 IIRC09:53
soreaussta: That is interesting09:53
kingletsoreau, where r repos?09:53
soreaukinglet: if you can find anything that says software repositories09:54
sstasoreau: more of the "that's too complex, let's baby the users" syndrome I guess09:54
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: i don't understand. i actually installed ubuntu from within xp.09:54
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: yes you did, a WUBI install09:54
soreaussta: Yea their talk of getting rid of ccsm as an effort to ignore bugs instead of fix them is laughable as well09:54
kingletsoreau, i cant find! is it in resources.list?09:55
soreaukinglet: Maybe you cant get to it from software center, not sure09:55
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: yes, that sound familiar. so what now?09:55
kingletsoreau, sources*09:55
kinglethello guys , I want to install google-chrome but I've got this error msg http://pastebin.com/CtTMTv1x09:56
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: in terminal         sudo apt-get install dkms09:56
soreau! cn | chen09:57
ubottuchen: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:57
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: donw09:57
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: done09:57
soreau! ja | chen09:57
ubottuchen: 日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。09:57
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: in terminal   sudo update-grub09:58
kingletsoreau, aahh, i think nobody can help atm09:58
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: done09:58
soreaukinglet: I dont really know what you did to your package manager but you can still try installing the google chrome deb from their site09:58
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: in terminal sudo apt-get remove nvidia-current09:58
kingletsoreau, i tried! but nothing happened!09:58
soreauI guess you did it wrong then09:59
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: done09:59
laristerHi, first time on IRC. Could anybody give me a quick bit of advice regarding an installation problem with Ubuntu?09:59
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almoxarifeajnabicancer_: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current09:59
soreau! ask larister10:00
soreau! ask | larister10:00
ubottularister: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:00
kingletplz someone help me! I want to install google-chrome but I've got this error msg http://pastebin.com/CtTMTv1x10:00
kingleti cannt install anything!10:01
nibbierkinglet, thats a 3rd party application. ubuntu comes with chromium, try this maybe?10:01
kingletsoreau, i cannt install anything else :( via apt-get10:01
soreaukinglet: Thats because you broke it10:01
sstakinglet: looks like you have a hung debconf process (or a stale lockfile)10:01
kingletsoreau, how can i fix it?10:01
MonkeyDustkinglet  type sudo apt-get update, first10:02
soreauIt looks like you have some unsupported ppa installed and youll need to remove it10:02
kingletMonkeyDust, ok10:02
kingletsoreau, how can i remove it? xD this is the problem!10:02
nibbierMonkeyDust, kinglet: "ebconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable" is the key to all the errors i guess. there might be another process running blocking this. use fuser, lsof etc to find out about it, or just reboot maybe10:03
sstasoreau: where are you seeing evidence of that?10:03
gordon1234kinglet, have you got package manager open at the same time as doing to sudo apt-get install?10:03
amimusahello, i recent update flashplugin to last version and now it is not active in firefox, please, how can i active it ? thank for your time10:03
soreaukinglet: maybe ssta is right10:03
kingletnibbier, aha! ok i'll try to reboot at first10:03
nibbierssta, soreau: Get:1 http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable/main google-chrome-stable amd64 17.0.963.56-r12196310:03
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: done10:03
soreaussta: I thought google-chrome wast in standard repos10:03
sstanibbier: which succeeds...10:04
kingletthanks guys, rebooting and will come back10:04
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: pastebinit -i var/log/kern.log10:04
nibbierssta, yep, but its still 3rd party. as i wrote before i see the file lock as the problem which i pasted10:04
laristerI installed Ubuntu on my external HDD as I couldn't backup my main HDD, but now GRUB seems to have made my main HDD non-bootable (i.e. in the BIOS it appears as 'not present'). I can still access the drive and load windows through Ubuntu but if my external HDD is disconnected I'm screwed. Any ideas?10:04
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: pastebinit -i /var/log/kern.log10:04
sstasoreau: no, he DOES have an unsupported ppa setup...that's not what's causing the issue though (as far as I can see).  The issue is because debconf won't run because it thinks it's locked10:04
MonkeyDustppas :(10:05
Amozguys, it looks like he had chrome installed previously, thus the chrome repos are there10:05
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: Unable to read from: var/log/kern.log10:05
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: pastebinit -i /var/log/kern.log10:05
soreaussta: My suggestion is to remove the ppa since its unsupported to begin with.. then install the deb manually10:05
soreauif chromium isnt good enough10:05
sstappas are fine.  As long as we don't bounce on "unsupported ppa" as an excuse for not thinking straight10:05
almoxarifechromium is an excellent browser10:05
sstasoreau: if the ppa was what was causing the issue, I might agree...I'm not seeing how this is going to help though10:06
soreaussta: Basically I dont want to advocate wildly using ppas for any package a new user might want10:06
Amozsoreau, after installing the chrome deb you get the repo automatically10:06
sstasoreau: that's not the same thing as proactively telling users to remove any ppa you disapprove of10:06
Amozsoreau, so everything is fine imho10:07
soreauAmoz: Installing google chrome deb installs a ppa?10:07
Amozsoreau, it's not a ppa really. It's a normal repo, but from google10:07
Amozdeb http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/ stable main10:07
KebabsvarvareHello, I've encountered a silly issue with my newly installed server. I was powering it down, giving a 5 minute warning when the power went and now I can't access it anymore... It just says "The system is going down for maintenance in 4 minutes" no matter what I do. Any suggestions?10:07
sstasoreau: IIRC it asks you if you want to so that you can get updates10:07
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: http://pastebin.com/dyzcEkiQ10:07
AmozI've got the same line in my source.list.d directory10:07
larister! ask I installed Ubuntu on my external HDD as I couldn't backup my main HDD, but now GRUB seems to have made my main HDD non-bootable (i.e. in the BIOS it appears as 'not present'). I can still access the drive and load windows through Ubuntu but if my external HDD is disconnected I'm screwed. Any ideas?10:07
ubottularister: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:07
soreaussta: Fair enough, I will leave it to those more experienced in this area10:08
soreaussta: ie. No one else was helping so I decided to try but since you are here now, go for it10:08
bazhanglarister, dont use ! to being your post please10:08
gordon1234Kebabsvarvare, I assume you are remote from the server and trying to access using ssh or something?10:09
sstasoreau: nothing wrong with helping.  Just be caregful that the help you give is accurate :)10:09
amimusahere there is the output (screenshot and apt) I get after the update process, seems to be installed, but it is not working, please I'll appreciate one help. thanks for your time: http://pastebin.com/zT6t6T7x10:09
soreaussta: How is suggesting that an unsupported ppa is by definition.. unsupported and should be removed, not accurate?10:09
soreautechnically, unsupported repos are... not supported here10:09
KebabsvarvareYes, but I also went and tried to access it with a keyboard and it just keeps on saying the same over and over again. Not letting me log in :(10:10
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: http://pastebin.com/dyzcEkiQ10:10
sstasoreau: there is NOTHING to say that unsupported repos have to be removed10:10
sstasoreau: and the unsupported repo was not the cause of his problem10:10
soreaussta: Well to get support from me, you have to remove unsupported repos fistly10:10
sstasoreau: why?10:11
gordon1234Kebabsvarvare, the chances are that you will need to locally attach keyboard and monitor to the server or try a physical reboot.10:11
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chown_how do i know if a certain software came with my ubuntu installation? I mean, i installed a lot of softwares and if i would like to remove one of them, how would i know if its a default ubuntu software?10:11
Amozgordon1234, that's what he did?10:11
soreaussta: Dude I dont understand why you are attacking me. Make yourself useful and go help someone instead of nitpicking my methods10:11
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: reboot10:12
KebabsvarvareRebooted about 5-6 times now. I have attached a keyboard and screen is connected and I just think this is ridiculous atm10:12
gordon1234Amoz, he said that he was remote to the server10:12
sstasoreau: if you feel attacked, I apologise.10:12
Amozgordon1234, Yes, but I also went and tried to access it with a keyboard and it just keeps on saying the same over and over again. Not letting me log in :(10:12
soreaussta: I do now please drop it10:12
bazhang!ru | Guest7758410:12
ubottuGuest77584: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.10:12
Amozgordon1234, he also said that10:12
Q_Continuumssta: Powering down, rebooting, running dpkg --configure -a something (as it prompted me when I ran a apt-get update) fixed it.10:13
KebabsvarvareSSH times out after a while, normal logging in locally gives the same message the whole time10:14
gordon1234Amoz, maybe I am misunderstanding him then, but he did say he was using ssh.10:14
sstaQ_Continuum: excellent10:14
Q_ContinuumSo it just hiccuped.  In two seperate VMs, the same way.10:14
laristersoreau: do you have a second to help me?10:14
KebabsvarvareI have tried both, gordon123410:14
Q_Continuumssta: Figured I'd come back and letcha know the result.  So, working again.10:14
soreaularister: ok so your external hdd isnt recognized or something?10:14
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: What now?10:14
ziyadbHello, what's the default directory for the wallpapers?10:14
almoxarifeajnabicancer: rebooted?10:14
ajnabicancerAlmoxarife: Yes10:14
sstaQ_Continuum: glad you got it working :)10:14
soreauziyadb: /usr/share/backgrounds10:14
ziyadbsoreau: thank you.10:15
laristersoreau: Ubuntu boots on the external HDD just fine, but if that isn't present then there's no way I can access Windows on my main HDD10:15
AmozKebabsvarvare, basically, the "reboot in 5 minutes" command has become permanent?10:15
almoxarifeajnabicancer_: in terminal pastebinit -i /var/log/Xorg.0.log10:15
KebabsvarvareYes, that is pretty much it :(10:15
soreaularister: Ah so grub is installed to the external hdd10:15
laristersoreau: yup10:15
laristersoreau: probably a big mistake, I'm a bit of a n00b as I'm sure you can tell :)10:15
soreaularister: You probably want to install grub to the internal disk I guess10:15
ajnabicancerAlmoxarife: http://pastebin.com/sY9BPFmi10:15
Amozlarister, you only have windows on the internal drive?10:16
laristersoreau: to be honest I'm not so bothered, I was just trying out Ubuntu as I'm starting a new job10:16
laristeramoz: yup, I just want to be able to boot up in windows if the external hdd is not present10:16
Amozlarister, in that case Grub won't help. you need to "recover" the bootloader from the windows install cd10:16
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laristeramoz: oh ok great thanks I'll give that a go; pretty straight forward?10:16
Amozlarister, should be10:17
laristeramoz: either way, I  know what to try now thanks very much10:17
Amozlarister, boot the dvd and look for "recovery options" or something10:17
laristeramoz: brilliant will do10:17
laristeramos, soreau: thanks for making my first IRC foray pleasant and helpful :)10:17
Amozlarister, hopefully it will recognize the lack of bootloader and try to recover10:17
soreaularister: Yea thats fine.. but now that I think about it Im not sure that installing grub to the internal drive would help. Perhaps what you want to do is restore the windoze MBR, then when you want to boot ubuntu from the external drive, just boot it like a usb pen drive10:17
someh4x0rHow come no matter what I do X ignores my InputClass?10:17
Amozlarister, however, as always, be careful and take backups10:17
lhki got this problem: on a 64bit laptop running ubuntu 11.10 with gnome 3 I installed a few QT packages in order to run qtparted. Now the whole appearance is messed up. Everything is grey/white, buttons seem to have been designed back in the 90s and for example the terminal has become opaque with a white background. Moreover and even more unnerving : I can't open files anymore. Can you help me ?10:18
laristeramoz: sure will do10:18
laristersoreau: yup I'll try that10:18
soreaularister: ie. it sounds like you have installed grub to the MBR on the internal disk but the actual files it needs to load grub are on the external drive10:18
laristersoreau: sorry, MBR?10:19
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soreaularister: Master Boot Record10:19
soreau! mbr10:19
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)10:19
laristersoreau: ah ok, maybe I just followed the ubuntu wizard when installing from a pen drive10:19
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: ?10:19
almoxarifeajnabicancer: here, wait one10:20
soreaularister: Yea the default probably should be different when installing to an external drive10:20
laristersoreau: yeah I thought it would be quite safe to install to the external HDD, keep it isolated10:21
laristersoreau: didn't bank on it making those kind of changes...10:21
ronsonolAnyone much on navigating launchpad bug reports?  There's gotta be one already for 3.0.0-16-generic #28 AMD64 kernel doesn't recognize virtual terminal logins.10:21
soreaularister: Fail ;)10:21
gordon1234Kebabsvarvare, can you try CTL+ALT+F2 and see if you get a second login screen?10:22
amimusasomebody has upgrade flashplugin to version 11 ? I am experiencing problems, now i can't see flash with firefox... thanks10:22
laristersoreau: what else are Sunday mornings for other than frantically trying to fix one's botched tech adventures ;)10:22
MonkeyDustlarister  cynic ;)10:22
ronsonolMay not just be on AMD64, I wouldn't know.10:22
Amozlarister, it would be safe, if you'd choose the bootloader to install on the external HDD as well10:23
laristerMonkeyDust: hehe10:23
laristerAmoz: I didn't see that option, I was just using the default wizard10:23
soreaularister: Helping people that are frantically trying to fix one's botched tech adventures10:23
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: .... waiting10:23
laristersoreau: touche, and appreciated :)10:23
lhkcan you help me how to get back the default ui settings on ubuntu 11.10 with gnome 3 ?10:23
Amozlarister, default wizard?10:24
Amozlarister, did you install via Wubi?10:24
soreaularister: no problem.. so anyway I'd boot that windoze disk and repair the mbr but that is beyond the scope of this channel unfortunately10:24
aLeSDhi all10:24
KebabsvarvareSame problem, gordon1234 :/10:24
Amozlarister, or did you make an ubuntu install cd out of your HDD with the live cd creator tool?10:24
almoxarifeajnabicancer: NVRM: No NVIDIA graphics adapter found! <-- you sure about having nvidia?10:24
laristerAmoz: sorry just trying to remember I think so10:24
aLeSDsomeone could give me a tutorial to install the kernel 3.2.5 on 11.10 ?10:24
laristerAmoz: it was a little while ago I made the install pen drive10:24
ronsonolKebabsvarvare: what kernel you running?10:25
arshadi hope this irc thing works10:26
Siegel-hello. i have a question. i dont know how to install codecs plugins for firefox/google chrome ubuntu latest version.10:26
laristerAmoz: I think it was something like LinuxLiveUSB but not sure10:26
arshadanyone here>10:26
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: Yes.10:26
mionickamimusa: i use flasplugin 11.1 r102 with chromium and firefox . In all two it works (ubuntu 2.6.32-24-generic)10:26
ajnabicancerAlmoxarife: i'm using it on XP10:26
arshadI have a question about unity in 12.0410:26
almoxarifeajnabicancer: in terminal           lspci | pastebinit10:26
Amozlarister, in the case you didn't really "install" ubuntu on it. You were probably making a live usb of it10:26
bazhangarshad, #ubuntu+1 please10:26
arshadokay sorry10:27
laristerAmoz: maybe, but then I ran the 'install linux' wizard and selected my external HDD as the place to install it10:27
Siegel-does anyone know how to install codec plugin on ubuntu10:27
bazhangSiegel-, ubuntu-restricted-extras package10:28
Siegel-bazhang: how to i attain that?10:28
amimusamionick, i have this: http://pastebin.com/zT6t6T7x10:28
bazhangSiegel-, from the software centre10:29
amimusado you know what could am I skipping ?10:29
Siegel-bazhang: ill have a look, thanks10:29
KebabsvarvareI just installed a fresh 11.10 x64 3.0.0-12 install just a few hours ago, ronsonol10:29
amimusai just upgraded now, mionick10:29
ajnabicancerAlmoxarife: http://pastebin.com/1dEf13a210:29
amimusathe sumbolic link maybe ?¿10:29
Siegel-bazhang: its just that i usually download things and then i get a zip file that i dont know what to do with10:29
AmozKebabsvarvare, what was the command you gave for shutting it down?10:30
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bazhangSiegel-, software should be installed from the software repositories10:30
bazhang!repos | Siegel-10:30
ubottuSiegel-: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories10:30
Kebabsvarvaresudo shutdown 5, was that stupid?10:30
AmozKebabsvarvare, no10:31
mionickamimusa: sorry for stupid question .. after update you closed and opened browser ?10:31
amimusanot stupid question ... haha, sometime we skip the most obvius lol10:31
amimusabut i did it10:31
amimusaseveral times10:31
AmozKebabsvarvare, but it sounds like you put the command in rc.local  or something10:31
amimusai feel confused ...10:31
kinglethello again and thanks! problem solved xD after rebooting10:31
ronsonolKebabsvarvare: I just reinstalled,  after update manager upgraded to 3.0.0-16,  attempts to login to alternate tty's were greeted with "login incorrect."10:32
mionickamimusa sorry again //  in about:plugins you have plugin listed ?10:32
almoxarifeajnabicancer: do you know how to edit grub?10:32
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: What is grub? tell me may be i can easily follow.10:33
amimusamionick, is not active ... that's what i don't understand why10:33
amimusaso, no, it is not at the list10:33
kingletsoreau, thanks problem solved xD10:33
soreaukinglet: cool10:33
Siegel-bazhang: ok it opened up my ubuntu software center and it told me i already installed the extras package. but still many websites wont play because they say im missing the codec-c plugi or something. for example, veehd.com, gorillavic10:33
almoxarifeajnabicancer: http://askubuntu.com/questions/79325/problem-with-fresh-wubi-installation <-- see answer 1, see if you can follow thru10:34
AmozSiegel-, you need flash maybe?10:34
Siegel-Amoz: alright, im trying to download the flash plugins now10:34
laristerAmoz: Windows said 'it couldn't detect any problems with the startup' - helpful as always. Any other ideas?10:34
MonkeyDustajnabicancer  this is what grub looks like http://www.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/image55.png10:34
Siegel-the flashplugin-installer package Amoz10:34
AmozSiegel-, what version you on? 11.10 ?10:35
Amozof Ubuntu10:35
mionickamimusa: and it don't allow you to reactivate ?10:35
Siegel-ye the latest10:35
AmozSiegel-, i think it is adobe-flashplugin then10:35
Siegel-Amoz: yes thats whats being installed right now10:35
mauricessidHello, quick question: I am using Apache 2.2.20 on Ubuntu and would like to upgrade to 2.4. I how read throught the upgrade notes but am unable to complete this successfully. I downloaded the unix source and when using ./configure it says APR not found...Anyone have an idea10:35
Siegel-Amoz: on the list i also saw that one wasnt checked.10:35
Amozlarister, hmm, that's weird10:35
laristerAmoz: yeah bit of a pain10:36
laristerAmoz: desperately trying to avoid a complete reinstall10:36
Amozlarister, you've got an option though10:37
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: i have edited grub before.10:37
Siegel-Amoz: does veehd work for you?10:37
laristerAmoz: what's that?10:37
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: which line i have to replace. "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset"?10:37
Amozif the windows partition is still intact , you can install ubuntu to disk, and get a fresh grub bootloader, and hopefully it will detect the windows install as well10:37
Amozlarister, no guarantees though10:37
ajnabicanceralmoxarif: just tell me here. i can't properly follow the answer mentioned in the link. it's confusing....10:37
Amozlarister, and it's not really a solution. more like a workaround..10:38
almoxarifeajnabicancer: is that your current line?10:38
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: no, but i changed that line before. so i remember this line has to be edited. i copied the mentined line from the link you pasted.10:38
almoxarifeajnabicancer: in terminal        pastebinit -i /etc/default/grub10:38
laristerAmoz: ah ok, so just install ubuntu on to the main HDD and hopefully it'll then play nice with it's brother on the same HDD?10:39
Siegel-Amoz: just went to veehd and it still says im missing the plugin10:39
amimusamionick, no, that's the thing  I can't understand why10:39
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: http://pastebin.com/XWP3QFk810:39
amimusamionick, i click and nothing happends10:39
Siegel-Amoz: gorillavid says the same. missing codec-c plugin10:40
ajnabicancermonkeydust: i never heard sound in ubuntu. is this sound problem10:40
mionickamimusa: sorry for my bad english ... i don't know ,, is strange .. usually for me works not very well but always worked10:40
Amozlarister, well dualboot should be no problems10:41
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:41
almoxarifeajnabicancer: nomodeset is already there, so that wont help, not sure what vga=775 does10:42
laristerAmoz: not a bad idea, thanks10:42
Amozlarister, ubuntu should be able to shrink the windows partition and run side by side together with windows10:42
Amozlarister, I've done it for a few years, when I still needed windows for other stuff10:42
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: i know nothing brother.10:42
lhkwhen i try to start nautilus this happens:10:42
amimusano worries mionick ... thank you anyway, your english is not bad10:42
Amozlarister, great option if you don't want to choose one10:42
laristerAmoz: yeah I think you're right. only thing is, when I was installing Ubuntu on my external HDD, it didn't give my main drive as an option10:43
amimusamionick, maybe i installed a wrong package, i am redoing the process10:43
almoxarifeajnabicancer: is your monitor max at 1280×1024?10:43
mionickamimusa:  i seen you have not others plugins that enter in conflict10:43
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: i am using 1208x1024 in XP10:43
almoxarifeajnabicancer: ok10:44
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: and maybe that is max.10:44
mauricessidHello, quick question: I am using Apache 2.2.20 on Ubuntu and would like to upgrade to 2.4. I how read throught the upgrade notes but am unable to complete this successfully. I downloaded the unix source and when using ./configure it says APR not found...Anyone have an idea10:44
mionickamimusa: good idea .  first meake sudo apt-get upgrade   ( i always read this in internet :D )10:44
almoxarifeajnabicancer: look in ' additional drivers' insure nvidia is picked chosen10:45
Siegel-Amoz: i downloaded the flash and installed and its still not working. is it the dvix plugin that i need? how do i get it/10:45
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: where is "additional drivers"10:45
almoxarifeajnabicancer: in systems10:46
mohan__Does anyone able to update via Update Manager ? I can browse well...but not able to update..getting error message says "Check your internet connection.."10:46
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: its not there "additional drivers"10:46
mohan__to be more accurate ..Failed to download repository information10:47
lhkhey could someone here answer me ?10:47
almoxarifeajnabicancer: restricted drivers?10:47
lhki've got a serious problem:10:47
lhkeven after reinstalling everything related to canberra via synaptic10:47
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: no10:47
amimusamionick, it's working now10:47
lhkthis still happens10:47
almoxarifeajnabicancer: Press System → Administration → Hardware drivers10:49
MonkeyDust!info canberra10:49
ubottuPackage canberra does not exist in oneiric10:49
amimusamionick, thanks for your feedbacks10:49
amimusahave a good day10:49
Oerlhk did you reinstall " sudo apt-get install libcanberra-gtk-module "10:49
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: not present10:49
mionickamimusa: well i happy for you     what you done ?10:49
lhkOer: I'll run that code now10:49
almoxarifeajnabicancer: which, the option or the driver?10:50
soreauajnabicancer: almoxarife: It's called different things in the menu depending on the ubuntu version. It's all jockey(-gtk|-kde)10:50
lhkubotto: i never had a problem with canberra so far10:50
lhknautilus just stopped working10:50
almoxarifeajnabicancer: what version of ubuntu?10:50
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
soreauajnabicancer: It's probably the restricted drivers entry10:50
lhkOer: sudo apt-get install libcanberra-gtk-module10:51
lhksorry that was the wrong paste10:51
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: soreau: nothing relative present10:51
lhkOer: libcanberra-gtk-module is already the newest version.10:51
almoxarifesoreau: this is why people rely on terminal, its impossible to point to a graphics option10:52
almoxarifeajnabicancer: what version of ubuntu?10:52
soreauajnabicancer: I don't even know what' you're trying to do10:52
soreaualmoxarife: Yes that's why I prefer cli in most cases10:52
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: how to check version10:52
almoxarifeajnabicancer: what did you install, 11.04/10 10.04/10 ???10:52
soreauajnabicancer: lsb_release -a10:52
Oerlhk what did you do before this happened, installed a theme or .. ?10:53
lhkOer: I installed a few Qt packages in order to run qtparted10:53
ajnabicancerDescription:Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS Release:10.04 Codename:lucid10:53
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: soreau: Description:Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS Release:10.04 Codename:lucid10:53
almoxarifeajnabicancer: hey, i dont know that it would make a difference in this present problem, but have you considered upgrading??10:54
* soreau wonders what the present problem is10:54
almoxarifesoreau: installing and having a working nvidia configured wubi install10:55
NyLeswhat is the channel again for off topics?10:56
soreauajnabicancer: What is the output of 'lspci|grep VGA'?10:56
Oerlhk i don't see how that could be related, but it might be the cause ..10:56
soreau! ot | NyLes10:56
ubottuNyLes: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:56
almoxarifesoreau: the card is there10:56
NyLessoreau: thanks10:56
soreaualmoxarife: Clearly, or else he wouldn't be able to see the screen10:57
ddidderrmy default locale is not set. ls sorts files beginning with lowercase chars before files beginning with uppercase chars. I remember it had something to do with the locale. I already tried update-locale command and tried to set the variable by hand, but behaviour of ls didn't change.10:57
InfernalHello. Running 11.10. Tried running TF2, after crash i can no longer log in, it gives a black screen with battery check etc for ~1sec. And then returns me to the login screen. I'm able to login via Ubuntu 2D.10:57
MonkeyDustwhat's TF2?10:58
InfernalTeam Fortress 210:58
pauserhi, does anyone has problems with browsers ?10:59
soreau! anyone | pauser10:59
ubottupauser: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.10:59
almoxarifesoreau: http://pastebin.com/1dEf13a2 , ajnabicancer lspci10:59
ajnabicancersoreau: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV30GL [Quadro FX 1000] (rev a2)11:00
mionickhi .. anyone know if is possible increase size and move  casper-rw in other devices out of usb key  ?11:00
soreauajnabicancer: and you see nothing in the restricted drivers manager?11:01
somethinginteresI am getting a "requires installation of untrusted packages" error when I update and when I try to install anything. Why?11:02
pauserok, im having problems with all my browsers (even with links2) . when i have to submit something , they just load all the time . is something wrong with system , how can i fix it ?11:02
ajnabicancersoreau: there is restricted drivers manager in system > administration11:02
lhkOer: I'm currently removing those new packages11:02
soreauajnabicancer: yes, and what do you see after starting that program11:02
NyLescan ubuntu beat puppy with regards to hardware support?11:02
lhknope, nautilus still doesn't run11:03
lhksame error:11:03
ajnabicancersoreau: sorry my typing mistake. i don't see restricted drivers manager in system11:03
soreauajnabicancer: Try 'gksu jockey-gtk' from your terminal11:03
soreauajnabicancer: In Lucid it's called Hardware Drivers11:04
maitreyHi to everyone. I have some problem with playing the youtube videos and videos in general (10.04). I guess it must be some issue with the adobe flasplayer, but its installed and seems to run fine. Is there someone to help me? thanks11:04
ubuntumam problem11:05
ubuntuz lubuntu11:05
ubuntunie mogę sie zalogować ani wpisać hasła11:05
ubuntumoże mi ktoś pomóc ?11:06
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.11:06
ajnabicancersoreau: hardware drivers was present there before removing nvidia drivers. but now there is no "hardware drivers"11:06
soreauajnabicancer: What are you trying to do?11:06
phpn00bubuntu, I have a stability problem11:07
ajnabicancersoreau: i'm trying to solve nvidia driver problem.11:07
soreauajnabicancer: Then why did you remove the drivers?11:07
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: can you please tell soreau: all what we did.11:07
mionickmaitrey: which real problems ?11:07
soreauajnabicancer: Sounds like a lot I'm not interested in..11:07
phpn00bI was watching Youtube and  playing glines and my laptop suddenly stopped responding. I could move the mouse pointer but nothing was reacting on any action of the mouse. The system also can not switch to the console when pressing on alt+ctrl+f1. Any idea. How I can locate the cause next time it hangs11:08
almoxarifeajnabicancer: hes above the little problems in life, some people are, what to do11:08
soreaualmoxarife: Did you have him remove jockey in pm?11:09
NyLescan i update my ubuntu 10.04 to kernel 3.x?11:09
almoxarifesoreau: dont make accusations, and no11:09
ajnabicancerSoreau: i removed jockey while removing nvidia package.11:09
AmozNyLes, wouldn't recommend that11:09
almoxarifesoreau: i dont do PM11:09
phpn00bsome one helps me11:10
AmozNyLes, but I'm quite sure you can11:10
almoxarifeajnabicancer: did jockey crash?11:10
maitreymionick: if i want to open some video on youtube or imdb its loading black screen. i know there is a trick for youtube  apart from having flash running, but i need that for any videos (imdb and so on).11:10
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: i don't know.11:10
almoxarifeajnabicancer: you did?11:10
mohan__what is the  keyboard shorcut to show desktop in Ubuntu ?11:10
NyLesAmoz: i see, I'm having this problem with my sound card and on the other channel 3.x has support for more older hardware..11:11
almoxarifeajnabicancer: might want to re-install jockey11:11
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: there was jockey present in nvidia packages, when you told me to remove nvidia packages.....11:11
NyLesAmoz: i see, I'm having this problem with my sound card and on the other channel they sad 3.x has support for more older hardware..11:11
AmozNyLes, why are you still on 10.04 ?11:11
almoxarifeajnabicancer: perhaps, but you did not mention 'jockey', no matter11:12
ajnabicancerSoreau: yesterday, i believe you told to remove all drivers and said something about graphic utility.11:12
almoxarifeajnabicancer: have you re-installed 'jockey'?11:12
zanehi i am running ubuntu without X installed and my console resolution only takes up a small portion of my laptop screen. can someone tell me how to change it so it fills the entire screen?11:12
mionickmaitrey:   i know ,maybe is stupid but try this test if it works   http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/155/tn_15507.html11:12
NyLesAmoz: I'm into like testing mode? and uses 10.04 as the starting point :D after a successful install i will move on to 10.10 and so on..11:12
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: there was many of packages those i can't type...11:13
MonkeyDustmohan__  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KeyboardShortcuts11:13
zanei can get the resolution of grub to change but it doesn't carry over into the console11:13
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: tell me how to install jockey11:13
mohan__monkeydust ...thank u11:13
AmozNyLes, in that case, test as much as you want11:13
AmozNyLes, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/11:13
almoxarifeajnabicancer: lets insure your ubuntu is complete11:13
soreauajnabicancer: I didn't tell anyone to remove all drivers.. ever11:13
AmozNyLes, you need to install three packages from the version you want11:14
soreauajnabicancer: Just try apt-get install jockey11:14
zanewhat is causing this because it's very aggravating11:14
almoxarifeajnabicancer: type    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop11:14
NyLesAmoz: thanks, what packages?11:14
almoxarifeajnabicancer: lets insure your ubuntu is complete11:14
almoxarifeajnabicancer: type sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop11:14
AmozNyLes, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.2.7-precise/11:14
Amozfor example from that version11:14
soreaualmoxarife: I suspect he already has ubuntu-desktop installed.. perhaps you mean with --reinstall?11:14
AmozNyLes, you need to install linux-headers _all and _amd64 for instance11:15
ajnabicancersoreau: you are right, i'm just reminding about you suggestion you made for me yesterday. but i havn't took any action at that time due to some electricity reasons.11:15
almoxarifeajnabicancer: that will insure what ever is missing is reloaded11:15
AmozNyLes, and the linux-image11:15
pauserhow can i solve my problem with my browsers , they load all the time when i submit something ?!11:15
zanecan someone help me to change my console resolution so that it fills the entire screen?11:15
AmozNyLes, with the correct architecture11:15
MonkeyDustzane  F11 ?11:15
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: done11:15
almoxarifeajnabicancer: see packages needing to install/ed?11:16
=== X__ is now known as FreeNET
maitreymionick: i'll try11:16
zaneMonkeyDust: F11? what?11:16
=== root is now known as Guest3476
almoxarifeajnabicancer: did jockey install along with the ubuntu-desktop install?11:17
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: soreau: now there is "hardware drivers"11:17
MonkeyDustzane  in general, F11 is for fullscreen11:17
almoxarifeajnabicancer: good11:17
zaneMonkeyDust: i'm pressing it right now and nothing11:17
almoxarifeajnabicancer: is nvidia shown?11:17
ajnabicanceryes three of them. current, 96 and 17311:18
Afzalis there a way to install ubuntu in another partition from an existing ubuntu session? preferably some installer, don't feel like editing files right now11:18
maitreymionick: yeah, really i can't see it as well as anything else. However it's surely not stupid. It's only testing if I am not stupid :-)11:18
almoxarifeajnabicancer: shown as active?11:18
zanewhat governs the console resolution once the system has booted?11:18
piyushUnable  to reset root password of Ubuntu box from a fedora Live CD...11:18
bazhangpiyush, there is no root password enabled11:18
zanei've never seen anything like this where the screen is rendered to a small box surrounded by black.....11:19
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: current is active11:19
piyush@bazhang :exactly..but i had issured init 0 from # n machine went down11:19
almoxarifeajnabicancer: cool,11:19
zaneshouldn't it fill the ENTIRE screen regardless of the resolution?11:19
bazhangpiyush, you would not use a fedora live cd to fix an ubuntu issue11:20
almoxarifeajnabicancer: reboot :)11:20
soreauzane: You might need to set a video option.. do you have two screens plugged in?11:20
rayden_how can i change root passwd? or how can i find it?11:20
piyush@bazhang: yeah , but right now m out of options. only fedora at spare..can we make way out of it..11:20
zanesoreau: no, one screen. this is on my laptop screen.11:20
pausercan somebody help me solving my problem , please ?11:20
bazhangrayden_, you dont. use sudo11:21
soreauzane: what graphics card is it?11:21
zanesoreau: radeon mobility 700011:21
=== _apostate_ is now known as open_sauce
zanesoreau: that shouldn't matter. i dont have X installed11:21
ganeshranHi Everyone, my wireless network stops getting detected intermittently on Ubuntu. I am able to see all other networks though11:21
zanesoreau: doesn't the console use the frame-buffer?11:21
=== open_sauce is now known as opensauce
soreauzane: It does indeed matter. The radeon driver does KMS11:22
zanesoreau: then how do i uninstall it and use a regular vga driver11:22
ganeshranAfter keeping the machine shut down for 2-3 hours , it starts detecting the wireless again. But windows works either way. Please help!! :)11:22
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: reboot done.11:22
zanesoreau: or turn off KMS?11:22
almoxarifeajnabicancer: in systems is there a app to make changes to nvidia?11:22
soreauzane: as a kernel parameter, try something like 'video=VGA-1:800x600' changing VGA-1 to the relevant information found from 'ls /sys/class/drm/'11:23
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: nvidia x server settings11:23
almoxarifeajnabicancer: thats it, use it to configure your settings now11:23
piyush@bazhang : if we could load the environment on boot disk onto live one we can run "pwconv" ...11:23
soreauzane: or you can disable kms if you'd like with 'radeon.modeset=0' also as a kernel param11:24
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: i cannot11:24
almoxarifeajnabicancer: can not?11:24
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: yes, it only show some lines with check boxes11:24
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: when i clicked the app it shows "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server."11:25
almoxarifeajnabicancer: can you snapshot your desktop and imagebin it?11:25
rayden_rayden@ubuntu:~$ su11:25
rayden_su: Authentication failure11:25
rayden_why this?11:25
LjL!root | rayden_11:25
ubotturayden_: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo11:25
bazhangrayden_, root is not enabled11:25
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: ok wait...11:26
bazhangrayden_, use sudo as I suggested earlier11:26
rayden_how i enable bazhang ?11:26
piyush@rayden_ : try su -11:26
bazhangrayden_, you have no reason to11:26
LjLrayden_: don't. use sudo.11:26
bazhangpiyush, no11:26
LjLpiyush: that won't work either.11:26
almoxarifeajnabicancer: never mind the snapshot, follow the directions given by the error message11:26
rayden_my tutorial say use sudo :)11:27
piyush@LjL: but it worked ...well i wont do it again if u say..11:27
MooMoosudo is good11:27
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: http://imagebin.org/20087411:27
zanesoreau: 'radeon.modeset=0' didn't work11:27
soreau! work | zane11:27
ubottuzane: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.11:27
zanesoreau: 'radeon.modeset=0' resulted in the same issue11:28
ganeshranSorry to post this again, but does anyone face intermittent issues while connecting t wireless networks. It mysteriously stops dectecting only my wireless every now and then11:28
zanesoreau: which is the console resolution being redered to about 25% of my laptop screen11:28
soreauzane: What is the output of 'dmseg|grep modeset'?11:28
zanesoreau: Kernel command line with stuff that was in grub entry with 'radeon.modeset=0' attached11:29
zanesoreau: how can i remove the radeon module and use standard vesa11:30
NyLesAmoz: ok,, they can be installed using using apt-get right?11:30
soreauzane: Does 'lsmod|grep radeon' show the radeon driver is loaded?11:30
daem0nanyone know if ubuntu 11 has support for ms keyboard & mouse?11:30
OTELO_Koitihy. i want to use gparted to make my systemvolume smaler, but i cant edit it when ubuntu is running. what am i doing false?11:30
almoxarifeajnabicancer: there is something that cant be discounted, a wubi install may allow or not allow certain things to happen, i dont know, i used wubi for the longest time too, didnt have nvidia though to play with11:30
zanesoreau: yes11:30
soreauzane: Try booting with radeon.dontloadme=111:30
rayden_ if i see this i am root full access ?11:31
MonkeyDustOTELO_Koiti  you cannot edit or modify an active or running partition, better use a live cd11:31
zanesoreau: ok11:31
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: what do you recommend. i want to use xp too.11:31
nullslashdo you have ubutnu dev channel ?11:31
soreaurayden_: yes, # means root11:31
Dr_willisrayden_,  thats showing you are logged into a root shell. so yes. you are root.11:31
OTELO_Koitiok thanks. i thought that isnt possibly, but i hoped there will be a way without live dc11:31
rayden_is there a way to make more space in / ?11:31
almoxarifeajnabicancer: how long you been using wubi?11:31
nullslashdo you have Ubuntu dev channel ?11:31
daem0nlast time I checked out ubuntu (ver 9 I think) it wouldnt recognize my ms mouse/keyboard11:32
Dr_willisrayden_,  resize it to make it larger. or delete stuff you dont need. you could move /tmp or /var/ to other partions or move /home/11:32
nullslashWhere is it? it seems that Ubuntu-dev has only 4 people11:32
soreaurayden_: You could make the partition larger I suppose11:32
ajnabicanceri am xp user. i installed ubuntu past 6-7 month.11:32
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: i am xp user. i installed ubuntu past 6-7 month.11:32
almoxarifeajnabicancer: nevermind, ok, do this, install the latest wubi installable ubuntu, what is it? 11.10?11:32
rayden_i just need to install updates and say no have space11:32
Dr_willisrayden_,  an sudo apt-get clean, sudo apt-get autoremove  might clean out some cache space to let you do the updates.11:33
AmozNyLes, no11:33
AmozNyLes, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/11:33
AmozNyLes, visit the link11:33
AmozNyLes, and download the packages you want11:33
MonkeyDustrayden_  make sure you don't have any obsolete kernels11:33
piyushbooting from live CD. how to load boot disk environment onto live ,so that i can run commands as if booted from bootdisk...11:33
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: can you please find me a link. this linux stuff is new for me. i only use this much cause of DOS & xp11:33
NyLesAmoz: i see thanks..11:33
zanesoreau: was the cmd 'radeon.dontloadme=1' ?11:33
rayden_Dr_willis, i am confused11:34
soreauzane: it's a kernel parameter11:34
almoxarifeajnabicancer: link to ?11:34
zanesoreau: outputted 'unknown kernel parameter'11:34
Dr_willisrayden_,  about what?  sounds to me like you may need to figure out how to give ubuntu more space if you are allready out of space.11:34
ajnabicancerwubi ubuntu11:34
soreauzane: Right, it's a nonexistent parameter so it should just not load the radeon module11:34
rayden_Dr_willis, yes but i am new to ubuntu i am a windows user :P11:35
Dr_willisrayden_,  so?11:35
rayden_Dr_willis,  so all u say to me is like a labirinth11:35
zanesoreau: ?11:35
Dr_willisrayden_,  the command  'sudo apt-get clean'  cleans out the old apt cache.  'sudo apt-get autoremove'  removes unneeded packages.11:36
zanesoreau: oh ok, the radeon mod isn't loaded but same issue11:36
rayden_Dr_willis,  is there a command or somthink for that?11:36
MonkeyDustrayden_  http://mybroadband.co.za/news/software/32474-a-windows-users-guide-to-linux.html11:36
zanesoreau: let me try that vga parameter11:36
zanesoreau: but if i try that parameter will the radeon kms override it?11:37
Dr_willisrayden_,  for what exactly?11:37
rayden_Dr_willis, root@ubuntu:~# sudo apt-get clean11:37
rayden_ done??11:37
zanei just came from arch because pacman broke my system, so i know the console will fill the screen.11:38
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: i am also facing sound issue. i don't hear startup sound or any action sound.11:38
zanei'm going to try that vga parameter11:38
ajnabicancersoreau: what do you recommend about nvidia drivers?11:38
soreauzanoi: No, you need kms enabled for the video parameter to work11:38
soreauajnabicancer: I'd try just removing and reinstalling the driver with the jockey utility11:39
almoxarifeajnabicancer: no sound at all?11:39
rayden_Dr_willis, may i pm?11:39
figure002hi. my PC has an on-board VGA chip (brand VIA UniChrome), but it's poorly supported (no compiz and stuff), so I'd like to know if it's possible to connect a second video card (say Intel, which I believe is well supported) to the motherboard and make Ubuntu use that one. Is that possible?11:39
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: yes11:39
Dr_willisrayden_,  i may leave at any time. and its best to chat in the channel..11:40
ajnabicancersoreau: i have done this removing and reinstalling method. it's my 3rd day i repeated this method. please be more specific about jockey utility.11:40
Dr_willisrayden_,  if the command did not return an erorr.. then it succeded... thats normal for unix/linux commands.11:40
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: no sound at all.11:40
soreaufigure002: If it has an AGP or PCI-E slot (a video card slot) then you can install another card. Otherwise you're stuck with whatever onboard gpu it has11:40
rayden_Dr_willis, ok11:40
soreauajnabicancer: The jockey utility is just the 'hardware drivers' entry11:41
almoxarifeajnabicancer: anything in the ubuntu side that needs to be saved? personal stuff created? if yes then move it to /host, that is your win hardrive, on windows uninstall wubi, and start from scratch, with a newer ubuntu version11:41
mionickmaitrey:  is good if you don't see nothing in any part , so you know is a general problem :)11:41
rayden_Dr_willis, i want to install xampp and when i start xampp apache ftp run msql no...11:41
lalakisdoes anyone know about c programming language ?11:41
almoxarifeajnabicancer: or is it /media/host/?11:41
ubottuWe do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.11:41
LjLlalakis: the guys in ##c most likely do11:41
Dr_willisrayden_,  sounds like you need to set up your system with more space dedicated for the linux install.11:41
zenonhello people, on ubuntu 11.10 & just was looking in sys info graphics & it's listing Driver Unknown Experience Standard, I take it I'v not fully set up my graphics card?11:41
Dr_willisrayden_,  are you using a wubi install? or a normal install?11:42
lalakisLjt i try to connect to c channel but i cant11:42
rayden_Dr_willis, console install11:42
Neikiushello, anyone knows how to stop grub from probing certain devices that cause it to hang?11:42
Neikiusduring update that is11:42
Dr_willisrayden_,  you did an actual 'server' install you mean?11:42
figure002soreau: thank you for your answer. so if one of those slots is present, I have to buy a GPU card which has a connection for that specific slot?11:42
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: there is nothing important i have in ubuntu.11:42
rayden_Dr_willis, yes... i need database for lineage 2 game11:43
ajnabicancersoreau: what should i do in "harware drivers"11:43
almoxarifeajnabicancer: i know this about wubi, if the wubi.exe is in the same folder as the ubuntu.iso it will use it11:43
soreaufigure002: Yes. There are also video cards for PCI slots but whether or not it would be worth it is debateable11:43
figure002soreau: ok, thanks11:44
Dr_willisrayden_,  so whats the problem? - your disk space is going tobe very tight if this is a clean install and you are allready running out space.11:44
soreauajnabicancer: just remove whatever is installed and reinstall the latest version11:44
lalakisdoes anyone know about c programming language ?  i cant connect to the #C  channel thats why i am askign here11:44
almoxarifeajnabicancer: so, take a current ubuntu version? 11.10?11:44
theadminlalakis: It's ##c11:44
Dr_willislalakis,  you need to be a 'registered' user to join that channel i imagine..11:44
soreaulalakis: ##C? you might need a registered nick11:44
lalakishow can i register?11:44
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode11:44
soreau! register | lalakis11:44
ubottulalakis: please see above11:44
rayden_Dr_willis, i just dont know exactly why no space ... i install ubuntu on a hard drive with 150 gb space11:45
ubuntudoes anyone know how to accelerate the download?11:45
mionickmaitrey: with about:config you can see all plugins in your browser . try to deactivate them all and let only flashplayer plugin11:45
Dr_willisrayden_,  time to check the output of mount, and fdisk -l, and see how your disk is partioned then .  could be you made /  too small.11:45
soreauubuntu: Get a faster connection? What download?11:46
ubuntufaster connection that's what i mean11:46
chown_just out of curiosity, how is it possible to do this things at the desktop: http://download.tuxfamily.org/glxdock/mediacolor/album3/1318236597_2e7a89592a.png11:47
bkerensaubuntu: Could you better explain your question?11:47
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: i have made another partition for ubuntu installation and iso is in other partition.11:47
zanesoreau: i fixed it by adding 'set gfxpayload=keep' in grub11:47
rayden_Dr_willis, Disk /dev/sda: 320.1 GB, 320072933376 bytes11:47
rayden_255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 38913 cylinders, total 625142448 sectors11:47
rayden_Units = sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes11:47
rayden_Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes11:47
rayden_I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes11:47
rayden_Disk identifier: 0x40d49aee11:47
FloodBot1rayden_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:47
soreauzane: cool11:48
zanesoreau: so aggravating........11:48
zanesoreau: thanks for your help though11:48
bkerensarayden_: Please use paste.ubuntu.com for pasting11:48
zanei don't know if i like grub211:48
Dr_willisrayden_,  install and use the 'pastebinit' command or a pastebin site.11:48
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: Release:10.04 | Release:10.0411:48
zanedoing this was soooooooooooooooooo simple in grub legacy11:48
Dr_willis!mount | rayden_11:48
ubotturayden_: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount11:48
bkerensachown_: You could customize like that with Cairo Dock11:48
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS11:48
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almoxarifeajnabicancer: you want to have a more current version!11:49
zenonwhys it say linux swap / solaris?11:50
marius1Hi everyone! I have a problem here and I need some help.11:50
rayden_Dr_willis, i have one hor of ubuntu and i have so many uestions :|11:50
Dr_williszenon,  why what says that and where?11:50
ajnabicanceralmoxarife: ok, i also hear about something named fodera or ???? what do you say about that.11:50
BhaveshWUBI installs ubuntu on a windows partition then will my Ubuntu run on NTFS or the standard Ubuntu format partition?11:51
Dr_willisrayden_,  you may want to go spend an hr or 3 reading some beginner guides. and bash guides. and you may want to start with the normal desktop version.   it can work as a server just like the server edition does.11:51
almoxarifeajnabicancer: i dont know fedora, but i dont think fedora allows itself to install via windows11:51
Neikiusso can anyone help me with my grub problem? I dont wanna have an unbootable system...11:51
zenonI try'ed sudo fdisk -l11:51
Bhaveshas NTFS may not be as good as Ubuntu partition, shall I install Ubuntu with wubi or install it directly on the hard drive?11:51
almoxarifeajnabicancer: fedora is a distro/version of linux, like ubuntu11:51
Dr_willisrayden_,  starting from zero knowledge and learnng only from IRC. is not going to be very easy. time spend reading will get you more knowledge of the fundamentals faster.11:51
rayden_Dr_willis, i have the desktop ubuntu11:51
Dr_willisrayden_,  you said you did a server/console install earlier...11:52
almoxarifeajnabicancer: can you pm me?11:52
almoxarifeajnabicancer: not sure if the pm'er is off11:52
MonkeyDustzenon  and you want to know what swap is?11:52
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info11:53
pilzHi. Where do I find checksums for the CD images?11:53
maitreyyou know whats funny. I have seen the plugins in mozzila and chrome as well both are saying its disabled because its old and that i should update. as long is i try to update its loading and on the end it says that i have flash already installed (which i really have). this is the message in mozilla : For your safety, Firefox has disabled your outdated version of Flash. Please upgrade to the latest version.11:53
Bhaveshwhat is preferable wubi or direct installation?11:53
Dr_williswubi is somthing that most people in here seem to hate.. for good reasons. :)11:54
ikoniaBhavesh: up to you, I don't think wubi as a technology is a sound process, but some people like it11:54
BhaveshI've never used wubi before. But have installed and uninstalled ubuntu almost 15 times..11:54
Dr_willisfrom a 'techinal support person' - wubi is a real pain.11:54
Dr_willis!lamp | rayden_11:55
ubotturayden_: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)11:55
=== Guest50155 is now known as Termana
Dr_willisrayden_,  all i know about lamp and xampp is from that url. i dont use them.11:55
Rim3nXindeed it is... wubi isn't your first choise of solution to mutliboot11:55
Dr_willisrayden_,  and theres no need to msg me.11:55
marius1I just installed ubuntu 11.04 and after restart i can't choose between windows and ubuntu, just windows is booting, i google that and ppl say it's a grub problem, someone can help me pls?11:56
Dr_willisrayden_,  if your lamp install is in   /opt/lampp/lampp   i  have to wonder how you installed it.11:56
rayden_Dr_willis, u now how to install a database for server? other if xampp no work?11:56
ikoniamarius1: what happens when you try to boot ubuntu11:56
ikoniarayden_: don't use xammp11:56
Dr_willisrayden_,  i dont use xampp or lamp. so no idea.11:56
marius1i cant boot it11:56
marius1i cant even see it11:56
theadminDr_willis: That's where XAMPP installs to (a very popular Apache-MySQL-PHP-Perl-etc package)11:56
ikoniarayden_: it's a self contained stack which really isn't useful11:56
marius1now i am running from stick live11:56
rayden_ikonia, what to use then?11:57
ikoniarayden_: a standard lamp stack can work with your OS much clearner and you'll have less problems11:57
ikonia!lamp | rayden_11:57
ubotturayden_: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)11:57
zanerayden_: what are you trying to accomplish?11:57
ikoniamarius1: are you saying you no longer get the grub menu ? it just boots straight into Windows11:57
marius1ikonia: yes11:57
ikoniamarius1: did you ever see the grub menu  ?11:57
Dr_willisrayden_,  if you have been using Ubuntu for under 2 hrs..  and are now trying to jump right into using lamp/xampp  well...  thats  going to be a steap learning curve11:58
ikoniamarius1: what changed ?11:58
marius1inokia: nothing changed, it just doesnt appear11:58
marius1it just boots straight to windows11:59
ikoniamarius1: grub doesn't just delete it's self - something must have changed, re-installed/fixed windows, changed a setting in the bios etc11:59
ikoniamarius1: something HAS to have changed.11:59
Dr_willisive seen windows av apps or bios features over write grub to 'remove viruses' :) and trash grub.11:59
marius1ikonia: i havent change anything.. 1st time i used wubi, it was very slow with it.. and i deleted it and made a new partition for ubuntu, i installed it and now i cannot see the grub menu.. that's it12:01
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pilzMy ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso doesn't work, anybody have an md5 or something to verify?12:01
theadmin!md5sum | pilz12:01
ubottupilz: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows12:01
ikoniamarius1: OK - so you've re-installed ubuntu and deleted wubi, that is a pretty big change, rather than "nothing's changed"12:01
marius1ikonia: what to do now?12:02
ikoniamarius1: well, the first thing you need to do is think about your answers when people ask a question12:02
soreaumarius1: You could try installing grub from a live session12:02
Dr_willis http://releases.ubuntu.com/MD5SUMS    seems empty.. odd...12:03
marius1soreau: a help with that would be great.. i am noob12:03
soreau! grub2 | marius112:03
ubottumarius1: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)12:03
pilzubottu: that links to http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/MD5SUMS which is what I was looking for. Thanks!12:03
ubottupilz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:03
Dr_willishttp://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/MD5SUMS   there we go...12:03
theadminDr_willis: It indeed is, use releases.ubuntu.com/RELEASE/MD5SUMS12:03
theadminDr_willis: Yep, you guessed it :D12:04
Dr_williswonder why they dont put them all in there. :)12:04
Dr_willisbe nice to have the url in the factoid.12:04
Rim3nXI'm bad with irc clients... how do I connect to #ubuntu from epic5... I don't know how to change host to irc.freenode.net12:04
OldManMagnusxmorning all.12:04
zanemarius1: just reinstall ubuntu from the cd, your in over your head trying to re-install grub from a live cd12:04
Dr_willisRim3nX,  most support the /server servername  or /connect servername   command12:04
Dr_willisRim3nX,  you may want to try some differnt irc clients. like weechat or irssi or the other gui clients out.12:05
zanemarius1: you have to mount fs, chroot, way tooooooooo much for a noob12:05
marius1zane: i just re-installed ubuntu12:05
OldManMagnusxi want to compile some windows exe binaries on ubuntu. am i right in thinking that mingw isn't the tool i should be looking at?12:05
zanemarius1: did you install grub to /dev/sda ?12:05
marius1zane: now i am about to..12:05
soreautheadmin: Dr_willis: Perhaps they shouldn't have md5/sha sums in the 'root' releases directory (since they're empty)12:05
OldManMagnusxRim3nX: irssi is a good client.12:05
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=== emir is now known as Rim3nXXXXXXX
Rim3nXXXXXXXhehe... here it is, thanks :))))12:06
Dr_willissoreau,  or make it a link to a dir with all the sums for all the releases.12:06
zanemarius1: and once you do that windows becomes dependent on grub for boot capability!!! so take heed noob! :-P12:06
Rim3nXXXXXXXI prefere to do it from a terminal12:06
zanemarius1: meaning, if something happens to you ubuntu install you won't be able to boot ubuntu or windows12:06
soreauDr_willis: Yes, anything would be better than the confusing emptiness it is currently12:06
=== Rim3nXXXXXXX is now known as Rim3nX
Dr_willisRim3nXXXXXXX,  weechat and irssi are both very popular for terminal only irc.12:06
zanemarius1: i mean if something happens to your grub through ubuntu install12:07
Rim3nXhey guys, how to add grid plugin to compiz ???12:07
soreauRim3nX: install compiz-plugins-extra12:07
marius1zane: i get an error: it says cannot stat `aufs'12:07
pauseris there any way to reinstall the default audio drivers, because my mic did not record well and i tried to reinstall a new driver but i dont have any sound now12:08
zanemarius1: are you trying to install grub from the live cd?12:08
marius1zane: yes12:08
marius1zane: actually live stick12:08
zanemarius1: if so, you have to mount your ubuntu install and chroot. your in over you head12:08
marius1zane: usb12:08
Dr_willispauser,  how did you 'reinstall a new driver' ?12:08
zanemarius1: just reinstall ubuntu again!12:08
soreaumarius1: You probably need to chroot into the system on the hard drive12:08
zanemarius1: don't do that because then you have to mount proc and all that, too much for you. reinstall UBUNTU again12:09
SomelauwHi, I can't upgrade my ubuntu because I'm holding broken packages. I don't know which are broken. Can anyone help me fix this problem?12:09
zanemarius1: make sure you install grub to the MBR /DEV/SDA12:09
Dr_willisrepairing grub is not that hard these days from a live cd with that new grub reparir tool.. when it works. :)12:09
Rim3nXit seams like I need to add ppa for that compiz-plugins-extra since it's not found12:09
soreauzane: It's not particularly polite to assume a task is too advanced for any user..12:09
zanesoreau: he said he was a complete noob12:09
marius1zane: after reinstall i cannot boot ubuntu, so how could i install something?12:09
Dr_willisHopefully that tool will be on the default 12.x live cds12:09
Neikiushello, anyone knows how to stop grub-probe from probing certain devices? it hangs my entire apt update and I have a possibly broken system now!?12:09
zanemarius1: you didn't install grub correctly12:09
soreauzane: That's why we have guides.. for people that want to learn12:10
soreau! chroot | marius112:10
ubottumarius1: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot12:10
pauserDr_willis: I downloaded it from www.alsa-project.org12:10
SomelauwI'm using 10.1012:10
marius1zane: how to install grub?12:10
soreau! grub2 | marius112:10
ubottumarius1: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)12:10
zanesoreau: that is a highly advanced process for a linux noob12:10
Rim3nXcan't find compiz-plugins-extras, maybe cause this is 10.04.4 ?12:10
zanesoreau: with or without a guide12:10
Dr_willispauser,  if you compiled it from source, then a 'sudo make uninstall' MIGHT remove it. but im not sure what the proper command would be to reinstall the old drivers.12:11
zanemarius1: when you install ubuntu from usb stick it will ask you where to install grub12:11
soreauzane: I guess that all depends on your will power and intelligence level12:11
marius1zane: i never saw that12:11
pauserDr_willis: no it was already compiled12:11
zanemarius1: it's there, near the end of the install process12:11
zanemarius1: ok marius1 i will walk you through the chroot process, are you ready?12:12
zanemarius1: are you in the live cd environment right now?12:12
theadminzane: It only asks where to install grub if you use advanced partitioning, if you use those simple options it just guesses where to install it12:12
marius1zane: yes12:12
piyusherror at boot : sulogin  cannot open password database12:13
zanemarius1: ok open a terminal, press CTRL+ALT+T12:13
marius1zane: done12:13
SomelauwCan anyone help me upgrade from 10.10 to 11.4?12:13
ajnabicancer_almoxarife: how to pm again12:13
zanemarius1: sudo fdisk -l, paste output to pastebin12:13
theadminSomelauw: Just run the update manager, it'll take care of it for you12:14
marius1zane: ok.. i did that too12:14
Dr_willispauser,  so we are back to 'exactly how/what commands' did you use to isntall them.12:15
Somelauwtheadmin, I did that but got an error. I will run it again so I can screenshot the error (since I can't copy-paste it).12:15
zanemarius1: show me output12:15
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:15
marius1zane: Disk /dev/sda: 500.1 GB, 500107862016 bytes12:15
marius1255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 60801 cylinders12:15
marius1Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes12:15
marius1Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes12:15
marius1I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes12:15
marius1Disk identifier: 0x6140f6bb12:15
FloodBot1marius1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:15
theadminSomelauw: Meh the basic process is: disable third-party repos (ppas etc), remove third-party packages, run the upgrade.12:15
SomelauwIt had something to do with broken packages.12:15
soreaumarius1: Pastebin means to use a pastebin service such as pastebin.com or paste.ubuntu.com12:16
soreaumarius1: Don't flood into the channel, that's why there's pastebin12:16
Somelauwtheadmin: I just disabled ppa's. I didn't remove anything. I will run again and if it fails, I think I will try removing them.12:16
zenonthanks for info12:16
zanemarius1: no, copy the text that came after 'sudo fdisk -l' ALL OF IT and put into pastebin and give me the link12:17
zanemarius1: so i can identify your ubuntu partition12:17
viktor_133! ubotto | off-topic12:17
viktor_133!ubotto | off-topic12:17
piyush error at "single user boot" : sulogin  cannot open password database password database12:17
Dr_willisi wonder if it wouldent be easier to just try the 'boot-repair' tool --> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair12:17
SomelauwIt is probably easier to download ubuntu from scratch then removing anything I didn't install by using some update manager.12:17
drake01guys, how do i set the xterm cursor shape underline instead of default block shaped??12:18
oCeanviktor_133: what are you trying to do?12:18
theadminSomelauw: Correct. A clean install is always a better option12:18
viktor_133oCean, find the off-topic channel12:18
Dr_willisSomelauw,  theres the various ppa-purge tools also.12:18
Daekdroom!offtopic | viktor_13312:18
ubottuviktor_133: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:18
oCeanviktor_133: it's #ubuntu-offtopic. To ask ubottu, us:  /msg ubottu !offtopic12:18
Neikiusmultipath devices + grub = DEATH IN FIRE12:18
Neikiusdont ever try to update grub when multipath fails12:18
theadminNeikius: multipath?12:19
viktor_133oCean, thnks, first time trying cli irc12:19
Neikiusgrub will hang itself and you will have a broken system12:19
oCeanviktor_133: welcome!12:19
Neikiustheadmin: yea, using ISCSI devices12:19
SomelauwWill a dist-upgrade nicely ask if I want to close irc?12:19
theadminNeikius: Oh. Huh. I didn't know those cause problems... Then again, I write my grub configs manually lol...12:19
Neikiusgrub-probe hangs12:19
Dr_willisSomelauw,  ive never noticed it forceeing irc to close.12:20
=== fireball is now known as Guest19819
Neikiusgrub-probe hangs probing devices that are broken/unavailable etc12:20
theadminSomelauw: It won't close anything. See "man 2 unlink" for more details, but basically if the system needs to delete a currently open file (program, too) it will wait till that program closes before doing so. So you've got nothing to be scared of, you can use IRC while updating12:20
Somelauwtheadmin: http://pastebin.com/C3jG0nM312:21
Guest19819Hi, I just installed cairo-dock, can someone suggest how can I replace gnome-panel with that? I dont want gnome-panel, so is there a way to hide it?12:22
theadminGuest19819: Why not stop using gnome? Use openbox or something like that...12:22
piyushhow to run pwconv from livecd to sync shadow and passwd files on boot disk?12:22
theadminGuest19819: Basically you can't use gnome without gnome-panel or gnome-shell or unity or some similar nonsense. You want a standalone window manager most likely12:23
Dr_willisGuest1080,  using unity/gnome-shell/gnome-2 or whate exactly?  And you may want to change nicks to somthing more readable.12:23
Guest19819theadmin, gnome and openbox are entirely different? i heard that name for the 1st time12:23
Dr_willisoops :) to avoide auto nick completion issues..12:23
Dr_willisGnome is a desktop. openbox is a window manager.12:24
=== Guest19819 is now known as mi3
theadminGuest19819: openbox is a wm (with an app launch menu though to make things a little easier), gnome is a huge load of apps (desktop environment)12:24
mi3hey, openbox is interesting after all theadmin12:25
Dr_willisYou could just set whatever panel you dont want to see to auto hide.12:25
theadminmi3: Sure is.12:25
theadminThe best *box around in my personal opinion... fluxbox, blackbox etc are meh12:26
theadminBut that's just me :D12:26
SomelauwIs there a single command that uninstalls all third-party packages?12:26
Dr_willisopenbox dident handle compitiong does it?  or has it gained that featyre yet?12:26
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html12:26
SomelauwIs everything I installed using sudo make deb considered a third-party package that precents me from updating?12:26
theadminDr_willis: You can use it with xcompmgr so it kind of does have compositing :)12:27
Dr_willisSomelauw,  not 'all'  but you can do them one at a time.12:27
Dr_willistheadmin,  thats what i was thinking. I had issues with xcompmgr last i tried it.12:27
theadminDr_willis: Works for me :$ Then again, I don't *usually* use compositing, but last I tried it worked12:27
SomelauwOr should I just uninstall everything I installed by using a ppa?12:27
mi3theadmin: hey, can I change the permissions of gnome-panel so that it wont load when I log in?12:27
theadminmi3: That will end up giving you a loop -- it will log you out right after being logged in. Nay, won't work.12:28
Dr_willismi3,  theres also this --->  http://www.webupd8.org/2012/02/how-to-create-standalone-compiz-session.html12:28
mi3theadmin: ohh i see12:28
Dr_willismi3,  gnome and its panels are so tightly tied..  its easier to create your own session if you dont want the panels.12:28
mi3Dr_willis, i dont use compiz, dont like it much12:29
Gallomimiahi there. i'm trying to use a script called ftpmirror which crashes perl. i'm reading some bug reports from 2 years ago that claim it was fixed. is anyone familiar with these scripts? if not, can you tell me how i should go about discovering and upgrading the perl module installed on my ubuntu server?12:29
Dr_willismi3,  it all depends on your needs and experience level.12:29
Dr_willismi3,  you could use that guide as a basis for your own openbox+awn session i guess. or other ways12:29
=== iqpi|off is now known as iqpi|on
Dr_willissome docks want compoziting, so that would require a wm that supports it. or like openbox+xcompmgr to get the eyecandy.12:30
SomelauwDr_willis, theadmin: Is everything I installed using sudo make deb considered a third-party package that prevents me from updating or should I just uninstall everything that comes from a ppa?12:30
mi3Dr_willis: well my needs are umm conky[which i rely the most], and cairo-dock [which i installed right now], a few movies[for that i have a vlc] and some gallons of beer :)12:30
Dr_willisSomelauw,  'sudo make deb' ?12:30
SomelauwDr_willis: That's how you make a debian package if you have the source code.12:31
theadminmi3: You can use openbox with all that just fine :)12:31
Dr_willismi3,  cairo-dock can make use of compositing. not sure if it will cry if its not there.12:31
Gallomimiami3: no lusty wenches?12:31
karthickI would like to setup  samba server in my office. Which one will be better desktop edition or a server edition of ubuntu?12:31
Dr_willisSomelauw,  cant say ive ever done it that way. :)12:31
=== Knorre`BNC is now known as Knorre
almoxarifecairo-dock does not need compiz12:32
Dr_willisKartagis,  the server edition can work as a samba server.12:32
mi3update: i use gnome 2.32 [natty, classic with no effects, repeat NO effects :)]12:32
Dr_willisKartagis,  unless you want a headless machine for some reason. and never ever want to have a desktop on it.12:32
theadminmi3: My suggestion for a perfect de is openbox + launchy + lxpanel + nitrogen + pcmanfm + xcompmgr (optional) + obkey + obconf.12:32
* theadmin doesn't need anything more xD12:33
Dr_willisjwm+rox-filer  :P12:33
ruslanfuck all12:33
Gallomimiaare you okay?12:33
SomelauwWhy can't ubuntu just ignore third party packages when upgrading?12:33
FloodBot1ruslan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:33
Gallomimiadid you skip your medication?12:33
mi3thats a long list[and being new to ubuntu[which i am trying since a year] dont know most of them]12:33
Dr_willisSomelauw,  some coule have the same name/replace packages in the default repos.12:33
mi3what the hell man whose flooding?12:34
Gallomimiahe's just spamming random junk into the channel12:34
mi3I saw ruslan in the movies now he's a reality in this channel man!12:34
piyushin normal mode system reboots and under single user mode it says :sulogin : cannot open password datavase12:34
mi3:) hahahaha12:34
pangolinit's over. move on please12:34
theadminmi3: openbox = window manager, launchy = simple app launcher, lxpanel = a panel, nitrogen = wallpaper changer, pcmanfm = filemanager, xcompmgr = compositing manager, obkey = key shortcut configuration tool, obconf = openbox configuration tool12:34
karthickDr_willis: is it possible to have gui on a server edition?12:34
zanekarthick: ofcourse but why would you want to12:35
Gallomimiafrom movies to channels? kinda like so many holywood big names12:35
Dr_willisKartagis,  it basically would be a desktop edition then. :) theres a few defaults that may be differnt.12:35
eQuiNoX__given a device file how does one go about finding the driver used to interface to it?12:35
mi3Gallomimia: hehe12:35
whiiduipHi, what happens if i delete ubuntu installation partition?12:35
benhelps  Zane hehe12:35
SomelauwCan someone answer the following question:12:36
karthickzane: i need to have a server with gui?12:36
zanebenhelps: i love the console myself12:36
Gallomimiawhiiduip then you use a different install, or reinstall that one12:36
SomelauwIs everything I installed using sudo make deb considered a third-party package that prevents me from updating or should I just uninstall everything that comes from a ppa?12:36
whiiduipGallomimia, i arleady have win712:36
zanekarthick: 'info coreutils'12:36
whiiduipbut will it affect me?12:36
KartagisDr_willis: I'm pretty sure you meant karthick12:36
benhelpsZane yeah me too, and given my "server" runs on a 4gb mem stick12:36
Gallomimiayes. you won't have any space on that part of your drive12:36
whiiduipcan i format it safely?12:36
Dr_willisSomelauw,  i wouldent think that would be counted as a ppa.12:36
mi3theadmin: thanks for the details, will check them out on google...12:36
piyush@whiiduip: you wont be able to access rest of OS12:36
zanewhiiduip: if you installed from a cd/usb you wont be able to boot windows712:36
Dr_willisSomelauw,  i do belive the various tools would count it as a 3rd party.12:36
whiiduipwhy zane?12:37
GallomimiaSomelauw: that's the same thing you asked 5 minutes ago but didn't reply when people asked you for clarification12:37
SomelauwDr_willis: But I disabled all ppa12:37
whiiduipthen what shall i do?12:37
karthickzane: What ?12:37
whiiduipI installed win 7 over it12:37
Gallomimiayou want no ubuntu installed?12:37
zanewhiiduip: oh then your good12:37
Dr_willisdisable, then use ppa-purge, perhaps. and remove whatever extra debs you installed.12:37
whiiduipi want lubuntu12:37
whiiduipubuntu is too slow12:37
SomelauwDr_willis: Only on the ppa's?12:37
zanewhiiduip: if you installed win7 over it your fine to delete the partition12:37
whiiduipzane, but i did this once the same12:38
Gallomimiaoh. yeah. check whatever partition tools exist in the world of windows and sort out your partitions12:38
Dr_willisSomelauw,  id disable them ALL if you want to maxamize your upgrade chances..12:38
whiiduipand i had to reinstall ubuntu12:38
whiiduipand then reinstall win 712:38
whiiduipare you totally sure?12:38
whiiduipi have win 7 boot mgr12:38
whiiduipnot grub12:38
FloodBot1whiiduip: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:38
Gallomimiamaybe a problem with your MBR12:38
zanewhiiduip: omg, what are you trying to accomplish12:38
Dr_willisSomelauw,  upgradeing can be problematic. i tend to do clena installs whenever possible.12:38
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:38
Gallomimiahe didn't paste bomb. he just talked normally12:38
Gallomimiathrottle your bot12:38
zanelol i know12:38
zaneno my bot12:39
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:39
zane!ubottu flooding12:39
SomelauwDr_willis: Then is there a way to keep /home?12:39
Gallomimiathat's a better response there12:39
ikoniazane: id you don't know how to use the bot - please don't.12:39
GallomimiaSomelauw: sure. don't delete the partition12:39
Dr_willisSomelauw,  my /home/ is on its own partion/hard drive. :) so i always keep my /home/12:39
Gallomimiaor back up the directory on another drive12:39
SomelauwI would like to see a list of third-packages I need to uninstall, because I don't remember them by heart.12:39
Dr_willisSomelauw,  i think the synaptic package manager tool can show a list of them.12:40
zaneikonia: id?12:40
theadminSomelauw: If you already removed all the PPAs, the computer janitor will remove third-party packages for you12:40
=== marius is now known as Guest11914
Somelauwtheadmin: I just unchecked them in software-centre12:40
Dr_willisI recall 'computer-janitor' being a bit over-zelous in what it likes to clean out. :)12:40
mi3theadmin: I have 18 repeat 18 flv files [file size around 770MB] and they all are parts of a movie, so  i tried to join them by mencoder, and the file size became 2.6 gb! need suggestions! also the overall timing of the movie was 1hours 30 min and it became 3 hours, so something must have gone wrong, can you suggest some good alternative12:40
Somelauwtheadmin: Okay, I will try12:41
theadminmi3: Try something like pitivi or openshot or whatever lol12:41
mi3are they both cli and gui? theadmin?12:41
SomelauwOkay, that is certainly a lot.12:41
theadminmi3: They're video editors, so GUI12:41
Dr_willisconvert from flv to  somthing else, then try to join them perhaps.12:42
Myrttiwhiiduip: please try to keep your questions and comments in one line instead of hitting enter for comma12:42
mi3totally? or even support cli?12:42
zenonyou guys are awesome! =)12:42
Dr_willismencoder, and ffmpeg can both  join them but you may need to play with the various options mi312:42
mi3thanks zenon appreciated12:42
theadminmi3: No CLI support in them. Again, they're video editors. I don't know how to honestly do it over CLI.12:42
mi3ok theadmin thanks12:42
mi3thanks a lot12:43
theadminBah, placement... "I honestly don't know how to do it over CLI" < there12:43
Dr_willisshouldent 18x770mb = be a lot more then  2.6gb ?12:43
mi3i will preview openbox as well12:43
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zanemi3: have you tried 'mplayer'12:43
theadminDr_willis: (s)he meant the overall size of all the 18 files12:43
zanemi3: cmus is awesome12:43
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
=== whiiduip is now known as amiacara
mi3every file size is different Dr_willis the combined file size of all parts is 770 mb[approx]12:44
mi3zane, whats cmus?12:44
Dr_willisYou could do it via vlc also i imagine. :) it can play/stream to a differnt file.12:44
zanemi3: sudo apt-get install cmus !12:44
zanemi3: then man cmus12:45
mi3what is cmus? i dont install anything that i dont know of zane12:45
Dr_willis!info cmus12:45
ubottucmus (source: cmus): lightweight ncurses audio player. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.2-1 (oneiric), package size 208 kB, installed size 620 kB12:45
Gallomimiami3sounds to me that you got codecs flipturned around12:45
Dr_willis'its all about the codecs' :)12:45
mi3brb guys brb12:46
Gallomimiaodd that joining them has resulted in a loss of compression, if that's the case12:46
Dr_willisi wonder if arista, or avidemux have 'join all in the playlist into a single file' feature...12:47
Dr_willisI have a few videos that are in 2+ parts i need to join. someday. but i normally just let vlc play them via its playlist so its not a big deal12:47
SaqksHello all12:48
amiacaraIs there anyway to access ubuntu partition on my windows?12:49
theadminamiacara: There's ext2read (possibly the safest way)12:50
ikoniaamiacara: not safley, no12:50
amiacarathanks theadmin12:50
theadminamiacara: Still better be careful with it12:51
Dr_willisit suggest using those tools in 'read only' mode and have windows unmount them. befor you exit windows.12:51
jribDr_willis: avimerge, mencoder, ffmpeg are the usual tools12:51
Dr_willisI have had thsose tools under windows trash data on the linux side.12:51
amiacaratheadmin, what could even happen? I want to copy intel and then remove ubuntu12:51
Dr_willisjrib,  can avimerge do flv directly? would you have to go flv -> mp4 -> avimerge12:52
Dr_willisamiacara, may be safer to use a live cd - if the ubuntu side is broken.12:52
pilzDr_willis: I'd use mkvmerge12:53
Dr_willispilz,  but if they are flv to begin with.. will that do  the converting, then merge.. or will a middle-step still be needed?12:53
starnhow do i make speakers stop playing when my headphones are plugged in?12:53
SomelauwComputer janitor says: System clean up could not complete. Be sure no other package manager such as Synaptic or Update Manager is running.12:54
SomelauwBut no other package manager is running.12:54
sharpspearwhats the command for see what maps there is in a specific folders?12:54
sharpspear for some reason "cd /Home/Documents/ doesnt work" says there aint no such file or directory12:54
SomelauwSince there is no key in tray that says someone with root access is busy.12:55
jribsharpspear: linux is case-sensitive ("home", not "Home")12:55
Dr_willissharpspear,  Linux IS CaSe SenSeTiVe12:55
kalim0j0is there a way to mount an iso file to see whats in it before burning it to disk ?12:55
pilzDr_willis: flv is just a container, as are avi and mkv. Except flv and avi can't contain all codecs. mkvmerge will just get the video out of one container and put it in another, like zip or tar.12:55
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.12:55
aLeSDhow can I trasparency on the unuty topbar ?12:56
NyLeshi, i just want to know if i can just use a kernel coming from kernel site?12:56
ikoniaNyLes: why would you do that ?12:57
kalim0j0dr_willis why did you put a ! before iso ?12:57
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.12:57
Dr_williskalim0j0,  its a bot trigger...12:57
NyLesikonia: cause i think the source of my sound card problem is the kernel?12:57
ikoniaNyLes: why do you think that ?12:57
sharpspearjrib: tried both ofc, it still says the same12:57
jribsharpspear: likely because you mean to put /home/username/Documents12:58
SomelauwComputer janitor just doesn't work.12:58
NyLesikonia: because sound card works fine with puppy linux? specifically Lucid Puppy which is Ubuntu-based..12:58
ikoniaNyLes: ok - so again, why do you think it's a kernel problem ?12:58
sharpspearjrib: aaaa. didnt have a clue that username had to go between. very fresh in linux, tyvm12:59
jribsharpspear: ~ will expand to your user's home, so you could just do "~/Documents"13:00
NyLesikonia: i just thought of it because i can't see any difference with puppy linux and ubuntu.. and as i am reading things they say drivers are inside the kernel.. so i thought the process of compiling the kernel between puppy and ubuntu are so much different..13:00
amiacaraare there any grub usb?13:00
amiacarawich scans for all partition13:00
ikoniaNyLes what version of ubuntu are you using ?13:00
amiacarain order to find bootable one?13:00
amiacaraor let's you choose?13:00
FloodBot1amiacara: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:00
rumpe1amiacara, supergrubdisk/recatux13:00
kalim0j0i get error "mount: you must specify the filesystem type"13:00
rumpe1amiacara, rescatux13:00
NyLesikonia: i've tried all the stable version already with same result.. aplay -l no soundcards found..13:01
Dr_williskalim0j0,  normally it would be -t is09660 or -t udf13:01
ikoniaNyLes: just aplay or no sound card at all ?13:01
sharpspearjrib: all right, tyvm again :)13:01
NyLesikonia: just aplay -l.. i posted already at ubuntu forum but no one seems interested or know the root of my problem, wanna see the result of alsa script?13:02
ikoniaNyLes right, so think it through, you have a working sound card, just not working with aplay......13:02
ikoniaNyLes: is it likley to be a kernel problem, or an aplay problem ?13:02
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tziOmI cant manage to get wpa_supplicant working the way I want it.. when I change network, dhclient is not rerun. My interfaces has: iface wlan0 inet dhcp\nwpa-driver wext\nwpa-conf /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf13:04
tziOmWhat am I missing?13:04
tziOmit comes up fine first time, but when switching network, I have to manually trigger new dhcp lease13:04
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
NyLesikonia: here, please analyze this for me, i just shifted to linux and ubuntu was the first linux i tried before puppy.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/857752/13:05
NyLesikonia: that's why i don't know if I'm right, I'm just acting with my thoughts ..13:06
ikoniaNyLes: what is there to analize13:06
ikoniaNyLes: test your sound card with other applications, does it work/yes no, if the answer is "yes" then your kernel is fine, so if your sound card, the problem is aplay13:06
Dr_willispuppy can tend to be a rather large pile of patches over bandaids :)  NyLes  id be curios if it worked in the 12.x release if not defainatly file a bug on it.13:06
NyLesikonia: it doesn't work.. totally..13:07
Dr_willisit sounds (pun?) like it may just be an alsa mixer/muted setting.13:07
ikoniaNyLes ok - so when I asked if it was your soundcard not working or just aplay, why did you say "just aplay"13:07
NyLesDr_willis: yeah that's my only hope I think..13:07
ikoniaDr_willis not sure if it's a muted issus as there would still be sound "devices" even if they are muted13:08
Dr_willisNyLes,  is this a HDMI connection? or normal stero outs?  Ive seen issues where hdmi needed exta work. but normal stero out worked fine.13:08
NyLesikonia: because I thought that if the card isn't working with aplay, it means it doesn't work at all.. "Beginner's Thought"13:08
NyLesDr_willis: just a normal stereo outs dr..13:09
ikoniaNyLes have you tried the sound card with other applications, eg: playing a CD/DVD,13:09
monsterripperHi there, I'm not sure which website I was on , but I saw a website where you could pay for someone to write the code/a feature for you in an open source program like firefox etc   ....  Does anyone know what this website was .. I thnk it was french but I can't remember...13:09
pilzWhere are the settings for the launcher bar on the left? Want to stop it from disappearing.13:09
Dr_willispilz,  the ccsm tool, unity plugin has some settings for it. but be carefull with that tool13:09
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' (or 'simple-ccsm' for pre-Oneiric). If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz13:09
ikoniamonsterripper not an ubuntu question, sorry13:10
NyLesikonia: yes but still no sound..13:10
ikoniaNyLes: ok, have you worked through the ubuntu guides to check/test/setup the sound card13:10
pilzIt's "advanced customization" to make that thing stay there all the time?!13:10
ikonia!sound | NyLes13:10
ubottuNyLes: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.13:10
monsterripperikonia ... err it is 'cos it involves open source programs used by ubuntu !13:10
amiacaraubuntu is powerfull, but will it blend?13:10
* XVampireX has seen ubuntu/android in local newspapers today13:10
Dr_willispilz,  theres like 4 settings for its hideing features. I alwyas set mine to be 'always show'13:10
ikoniamonsterripper no it's not, asking "how can I pay someone to write an open source application" is not an ubuntu support question13:11
ikoniaalisunjaya: what ?13:11
Dr_willispilz,  i think always show - may be the default in the next release13:11
kkj3Anyone lknow if it's possible to make a copy off all your files and packages?13:11
=== fireball_ is now known as mi3
zenonalmoxafife, sounds like some sorta bad medication13:11
Dr_willis!clone | kkj313:11
ubottukkj3: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate13:11
mi3I m back13:11
Somelauwcomputer janitor is just being stupid, I think13:11
NyLesikonia: ok there are 2 new links, i already tried that SoundTroubleshooting but no luck.. I'll try the other 2 thanks..13:12
SomelauwI will just apt purge everything she says, since she can't do it on her own.13:12
ikoniaNyLes: swapping the kernel blindly is a massive task that shouldn't be done unless you are %101 certain you NEED to do it13:12
Dr_willisSomelauw,  log out/back in and try it again. or try it from a clean boot. could be some lock file is stuck.13:12
inx-livehola buenas13:12
MoDDDhi all13:13
SomelauwDr_willis: I already tried the login trick. I will now do the reboot trick.13:13
Dr_willisComputer Janitor is one of those tools that is getting phased out i belive. its just not well done.13:13
Dr_willisand it can be a bit dangerous :)13:13
=== emir is now known as Xrain
pilzDr_willis: thanks, it worked (though I did have to log out)13:14
Dr_willispilz,  thats common for many unity setytings/tweaks.13:15
amiacaraubunutu 11.10 is grub or grub2?13:15
Dr_willisamiacara,  should be grub213:15
amiacarau sure13:15
mobherowhat is difference grub and grub213:15
alisunjayawhat is it grub???13:16
Dr_willisUnless you are upgradeing.. it should use grub2 by default.13:16
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)13:16
ubuntu-guyStill i did not able to configure the ubuntu 11.10 for text mode login prompt13:16
Dr_willisGrub2 was a total rewrite of grub, with many  improvements.13:16
Dr_willis!text | ubuntu-guy13:16
ubottuubuntu-guy: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode13:16
mobherowhat is the difference bw ext3 and ext413:17
airtonixmobhero: ^13:18
zenonI love AI.13:19
NyLesikonia: ok thanks again..13:19
broc93hello everybody!13:19
mobheroerror: YPBINDPROC_DOMAIN : Domain not found in nis ubuntu 10.04 lts pls help on this13:21
ubuntu-guyDr_willis, I simply want to edit /etc/default/grub and configure it as text mode so that i get Text mode login prompt then command "startx" to get X interface. I was able to do it for Ubuntu 10.04.13:21
broc93I have a question: I have installed Xubuntu on the computers of a public place. I don't want any data to be saved on those PCs, so I thought I could use the "guest" mode. I suppose that people who log in as "guest" can't save anything on the hard drive, because their data is deleted after they log out.13:22
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=980263 mobhero13:22
Dr_willisubuntu-guy,  you edit the /etc/default/grub and replace the 'quiet splash' with 'text' (or  'text noquiet nosplash nofb'13:22
bazhangbroc93, kiosk you mean?13:23
Dr_willisubuntu-guy,  then rerun update-grub13:23
broc93anyway, I want to be able to edit the environment; for example, can I add an application at startup on guest mode?13:23
broc93bazhang: well, on Xubuntu there is already a "guest" option in the login interface, don't know it it's "kiosk" :D13:23
kalim0j0dr_willis : yes -t iso9660 worked fine13:23
kalim0j0how do i unrar a .rar file13:24
bazhangbroc93, or did you mean a thin client type set up13:24
ubuntu-guyDr_willis, I was replaced 'quiet splash' with 'text' but no luck... OK let's try 'text noquiet nosplash nofb'13:24
jribkalim0j0: double click on it13:24
alisunjayahello??ada orang13:24
tensorpuddingkiosk mode isn't quite the same thing13:24
broc93bazhang: sorry, but I haven't understood. After installing Xubuntu on those machines, I could log in as "admin" (my account) or as a guest.13:25
bazhang!id | alisunjaya13:25
ubottualisunjaya: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia13:25
tensorpuddingwith that, you can't log in, log out, or touch the filesystem at all, it just runs a single program to my understanding13:25
broc93bazhang: but I want to add a startup program to that "guest mode"13:25
mobherobazhang -_: we have already acquainted with that document but no luck.13:25
bazhangmobhero, you are running a cluster then?13:26
mobherobazhnag:-: no13:26
mobherojust we install nis then getting this error,13:27
bazhangmobhero, that error seems associated with a cluster13:27
broc93knock knock, anybody there?13:27
mobherobut we dont have any cluser bazhang13:27
bazhangbroc93, yes? you wish a thin client?13:27
Dr_willisubuntu-guy,  text normally works for me.13:27
Dr_willisbroc93,  i recall seeing some info about the guest user - on the askubuntu.com site. how its used  has changed in recent releases.13:28
Dr_willisbroc93,  there are also system wide 'autostart' features for the Desktops. or per-user auto start features.13:29
zenonI love you ubottu! =D13:29
mobherobazhang ???13:29
bazhangzenon, lets keep chit chat to #ubuntu-offtopic please13:30
broc93Dr_willis: where can I find  those "autostart" features?13:30
Dr_willisubuntu-guy,  you are rerunning 'sudo update-grub' after making the changes?13:30
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot13:30
sharpspearis there any way i can safely remove everything that has to do with java so i know i get a fresh installation next time i do it?13:30
Dr_willisbroc93,  in recent releases the guest user gets a clean /etc/skel on each new login13:30
Dr_willisbroc93,  you may want to check the info at askubuntu.com - i only skimmed it a few weeks ago.13:31
broc93Dr_willis: yeah, I've done that but I get that program at startup only when I log in with my account, not with the guest one13:31
alisunjayadr willis13:31
ubuntu-guyDr_willis, Do you get command mode login prompt and startx ? Text works for me too but still i get lightdm GUI  to login13:31
mobherobazhang byee..13:31
broc93ok, I'll look there13:31
ubuntu-guyYeah i run update-grub13:31
salmiakhow do I do to have two versions of an application installed at the same time? if I for example want to keep my current version of VLC and not change that, but want to testrun VLC 2.0 anyway?13:32
SomelauwWhenever I run computer janitor, it generates a new list of packages that should be removed.13:32
ikoniasalmiak: that depends on how the person who packaged it built the package13:32
ikoniasalmiak: normally you'd have to find a dev package that didn't conflict with libraries or binary locations already on the system13:33
SomelauwAlso, can I deinstall multiple at once, by doing something like sudo apt-get purge thing-*?13:33
bazhangcancer, there is no need to keep targeting a single person, ask the channel you r issue13:33
ubuntu-guyDr_willis, It should be like     username:         password:         then username@host:startx       does it work for you please?13:33
salmiakikonia: aha... so I can't download their normal for-users-.deb, but have to get a special version?13:33
broc93Dr_willis: is this one? http://askubuntu.com/questions/9515/how-do-i-change-the-guest-session-defaults13:34
ikoniasalmiak pretty much, or it's locations will conflict with what is already on your system/overwrite it13:35
Somelauwcomputer janitor is gonna deinstall anything if it keeps generating a new list13:35
ubuntu-guybroc93, Perhaps try to disable Guest session or?13:36
Dr_willisbroc93,  all i did was skim the site for someone and gave them a few urls. i dont use the feature.13:37
Dr_willisSomelauw,  you mean 'uninstall everything' ?13:37
broc93ubuntu-guy: why should I disable it? I need it, but I just want to load a program (firefox) at startup, and add an icon to the desktop, if possible13:37
SomelauwDr_willis: Oh finally it stopped. It keeped on generating a new list. After about 7 lists, it finally showed an empty list. Maybe this time it is going to work.13:38
Dr_willisbroc93,  in the /etc/skel directory you would add/make the proper directories/shortcuts then.13:38
ubuntu-guybroc93, Sorry i was thought that you want to disable it.....13:38
ikoniaalisunjaya: what ? why are you saying my name13:38
ikoniaalisunjaya: stop saying random peoples names, you have been asked to stop13:38
salmiakso any normal way to install two normal versions of an application is by install some sort of virtual machine, and run one of them in that??13:38
Dr_willisbroc93,  each time a guest user starts up. they get a clean tempary home thats a copy of that /etc/skel directory i belive13:38
alisunjayatak apa2 ora iso//..13:39
theadminsalmiak: Yeah I guess... But you don't really have to worry about VLC, 2.0 is great13:39
ikoniaalisunjaya: what language do you speak ?13:39
bonhoefferany way to have files in list mode in gnome13:39
bazhang!id | alisunjaya13:39
ubottualisunjaya: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia13:39
bazhangcancer_, stop that13:39
cancer_bazhang: ok13:40
bazhangcancer_, stop targeting a single user; ask the channel you r issue13:40
broc93Dr_willis: yes, it's also written in the answer. Anyway I don't need to add files to the guest home (that would be easy), but I need to add a startup program. How can I do that?13:40
alisunjayaspeak russian13:40
theadmin!ru | alisunjaya13:40
ubottualisunjaya: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:40
bazhang!ru | alisunjaya13:40
ubuntu-guyDr_willis, Hope you would not mind telling me if text(Username+password+startx) Login works for you.13:40
geirhabroc93: Untested, but might work: sudo mkdir -p /etc/guest-session/skel/.config/autostart && sudo cp /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop /etc/guest-session/skel/.config/autostart/13:40
broc93geirha: ok, I might try that later :)13:41
Dr_willisbroc93,  the  auto started apps are ran from the autostart dir. similer to what geirha  said.13:41
SomelauwOkay, it still says I have broken packages, even though computer janitor cleaned almost anything.13:41
bazhangalisunjaya, ubuntu support question?13:41
Dr_willisbroc93,  any NEWLY made users would get a clone of /etc/skel also which may not be what you want. if geirha is correct that would be only for the guest user.13:41
theadminSomelauw: Why not just do a clean install?13:41
die7any exp with ubuntu on mac mac mini here with iso amd63+mac13:42
Somelauwtheadmin: Maybe I should.13:42
broc93well, Dr_willis I don't need to add other users. Those computer should work as an "internet point", or sort of.13:42
ikoniaI've run it many times without issue13:42
emirI scaned google.com for 32 bit addresses and now my internet is gone for a moment13:42
ikoniadie7: I've run it with the mac mini core solo version and the current generation without issue13:42
die7ikonia: mid 2007 core 2 duo13:43
almoxarife!info xchat13:43
ubottuxchat (source: xchat): IRC client for X similar to AmIRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.8-3ubuntu8 (oneiric), package size 350 kB, installed size 928 kB13:43
geirhabroc93, Dr_willis: It's based on jo-erlend's answer in the askubuntu link broc93 pasted earlier13:43
ikoniadie7: I'd say that's quite acceptable to use based on my experiences,13:43
die7ikonia: i have running linux min on it just wish to try efi thing13:44
broc93ok. geirha, Dr_willis thank you both. I'll try it later ;)13:44
Dr_willisbroc93,  there also seems to be a  /etc/xdg/autostart that would be for ALL users all the time. :) which could be annoying..or very handy.13:44
theadmindie7: Mint is not supported in this channel.13:44
die7ikonia: i see there is a amd64+mac iso13:44
die7theadmin: roger13:44
ikoniadie7 I would just use the amd version13:44
ikoniadie7: the mac one in my experience is aimed at the macbook pros with the touch pads etc13:44
die7ikonia: yeeah but bootiny in legacy mode and mbr caused boot time over 1 :30 min13:45
SomelauwWould I avoid these problems if I had a rolling release distro?13:46
die7ikonia: also low perfomance with sata since no ihc mode13:46
broc93geirha: and what about an icon in the desktop?13:46
OerSomelauw, i think a rolling release does not fic broken packages, removing ppa's and sudo apt-get install -f does13:47
die7ikonia: you use gpt with reffit or mbr (msdos) hdd table13:47
geirhabroc93: Put the firefox.desktop file in Desktop/ as well13:47
SomelauwI'll try sudo apt-get install -f, whatever that means.13:47
OerSomelauw, -f = fix13:48
SomelauwI already tried computer janitor, but I will try that as well.13:48
broc93geirha: ok, perfect. I thought it was different :D13:48
ubuntu-guyDr_willis, I should get kicked for my simple fault... Thanks!!!13:49
ikoniadie7: I changed the disk to ms dos partitions as I was only running ubuntu on it13:50
die7ikonia: and boot time ? my need over 20 sec to switch to legacy mode even if I blees a disk13:51
ikoniadie7: sorry what ?13:51
Dr_willisubuntu-guy,  what fault? :)13:52
Adycan someone tell me how to get into my c dyrectory? pls13:52
Dr_willisAdy,   you mean your installed windows drive?13:52
bazhangAdy, no such thing in ubuntu13:52
Dr_willisAdy,  or what are you refering to?13:52
die7ikonia: on the start it need 20 sec to swicht to legacy mode (bios emulation) and then start to boot13:52
ubuntu-guyDr_willis, The fault is "#"13:52
Dr_willisubuntu-guy,  you had somthing commented out? :)13:52
ikoniadie7 I never saw it taking 20 seconds before it even started to boot13:52
Adyi mean some c:/ ... or sompthink13:53
canceralmoxarife /msg13:53
Dr_willisAdy,  windows uses c: nameing schemes for their disks.. so again.. you are wanting to access your pre-existing windows drives?13:53
ubuntu-guyDr_willis, yeah and i did not see it for 24 hours(Perhaps i was blind and asked here too many questions)13:53
AdyDr_willis, yes13:53
Dr_willisAdy,  use the file maanger. it should show up in thelist on the left hand side.13:54
Dr_willisAdy,  or mount it where you want.13:54
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents13:54
die7ikonia: that's my examp so i wish to try ubuntu with efi support13:54
auronandaceAdy: see what is under /media/13:54
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE13:54
ikoniadie7 ok, try it13:54
Dr_willisactually it should be a big icon in the unity left side launcher also shouldentit?13:55
die7ikonia: tnx bro will see if there some improvement will blog it13:55
die7ikonia: how long your is your boot time or switch to boot process13:56
zenonthank you all for info.13:56
ikoniadie7 I don't have a mac mini running ubuntu at the moment, but the core solo one was pretty much an instantanious boot with approx - 10, 15 seconds from start of boot to desktop,13:57
ikoniadie7: although I don't see boot time as a massive factor, I don't feel it's an important factor in a static device, the difference between 10 seconds and 15 seconds wait for boot when you are going to use it for 2 hours seems a pointless chase13:57
die7ikonia: woow nice time , sure your point is correct in may case is just wish to try efi13:59
ikoniadie7 1.) efi is not a performance booster, its a flexability enchancment 2.) you're chasing a pointless ghost, if boot time is important to you tune the OS post install or by an SSD, best of luck14:00
die7ikonia: yepp correct ssd is next step, thx and out14:01
JuJuBeeI have some videos I took with a helmet cam (GoPro Hero2) and they are mp4. What is a good program to convert them for facebook?14:04
sw0rdfishwhat is the network "Loopback Interface lo" for?14:04
mijenixdoes ubuntu provide the virtualbox guest additions or do I have to install the additions which come with virtualbox14:06
AdyPlease enter MySQL binaries directory (no trailing slash):14:06
Ady can someone tell me what to enter here?14:06
Dr_willisAdy,  what is asking that?14:06
ikoniaAdy: what are you doing ?14:06
Adyi make l2j server14:07
zanecan someone help me get my sound working. i installed ubuntu base with no X no gui. i just install 'alsa' but still no sound14:07
Adyi want to install database installer14:07
MonkeyDustzane  type alsamixer, see if you find something disturbing14:09
zaneMonkeyDust: nothing unusual, i can adjust the levels14:09
MindSparkok, I played around with the packages and now I do not see a battery sensor applet in the panel14:10
MonkeyDustzane  no MM? if yes, go there and press M14:10
MindSparkcan someone tell me what package that is in?for unity14:10
zaneMonkeyDust: LOL yes there was MM, i'm such a noob14:11
zaneit works now14:11
MonkeyDustwe're here to learn :)14:11
grobda24What can actually play DVD's with working menu's ?14:13
zaneMonkeyDust: i get an error in cmus though???14:13
bazhanggrobda24, vlc, mplayer to name two14:13
grobda24bazhang, tried those. They don't do the menu's properly14:14
zaneMonkeyDust: could it be permissions related?14:14
auronandace!dvd | grobda2414:14
ubottugrobda24: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats14:14
MonkeyDustAdy  i'm not familiar with cmus14:14
MonkeyDustzane  "14:14
bazhanggrobda24, what do you mean properly. they work 100% fine here14:14
grobda24auronandace, thanks, already done all that14:15
zaneMonkeyDust: " ???14:15
Adyi need to tipe in mysql path i think14:15
grobda24bazhang, that's interesting. So you have all menu options and perfectly looping background video ?14:15
AdyMonkeyDust, how to find rote to mysql files?14:15
MonkeyDustzane  i'm not familiar with cmus14:15
bazhanggrobda24, correct14:15
grobda24bazhang, what versions are you using ?14:16
bazhanggrobda24, whatver version is current on 11.0414:16
theadmingrobda24: DVD menus work fine for me with VLC 2.0 (not in the official repos yet, watch out for that!)14:16
grobda24bazhang, that's oneiric ?14:16
theadmingrobda24: 11.04 is natty14:17
bazhanggrobda24, I have no 3d effects going on here, if that is an issue.14:17
=== distoops_ is now known as distoops
theadmingrobda24: Hm, actually, DVD menus work fine in older versions of VLC too (not sure about any other players)14:18
grobda24theadmin, ah, could be that my cpu is too slow on this machine14:20
* grobda24 goes to try playing on his quadcore super dooper machine14:20
theadmingrobda24: I don't see how that'd affect it actually.14:20
Adycan someone tell me the route for mysql ? i installed xampp earlyer14:21
Zeratulalguem poderia me ajudar a instalar o modem gobi 2000 3g no ubuntu 10.10. amd6414:21
bazhangAdy, xampp is not supported here14:21
theadmin!br | Zeratul14:21
ubottuZeratul: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.14:21
bazhang!xampp | Ady14:21
ubottuAdy: We do not support XAMPP installs here. Please use the LAMP stack that is in our repositories; see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for more information.14:21
bazhang!lamp > Ady14:21
ubottuAdy, please see my private message14:21
=== IggyInf is now known as Ignisss
Zeratulcould someone help me install the modem gobi2000 3g to ubuntu 10.10 amd6414:27
auronandace!modem | Zeratul14:28
ubottuZeratul: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up14:28
pyboywhy is there bots logging chats14:28
Dr_willispyboy,  so people can search the logs... and find answers14:28
IgnisssGuys ive got a clean ubuntu 10.04lts install on a pc with a mainboard with the ck804 audio chip but ive got no audio at all, ive followed this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting but it still doesnt work, anyone has any idea? Ive also made a post here https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/188890 in wich the results of aplay -l and lspci are posted14:28
MindSparkI am not getting any battery applet in the panel14:29
theadminauronandace: Wrong factoid... 3G isn't exactly a regular modem xD14:29
SomelauwWell, sudo apt-get install -f does nothing.14:29
theadminZeratul: You might need usb_modeswitch. Actually, first go to the Mobile Broadband tab of networkmanager and try creating a connection14:29
auronandacetheadmin: one of those usb modems then?14:29
theadminauronandace: Yeah those things14:29
Zeratulnot the problem and connects it does not recognize the modem in network manager14:29
SomelauwI'm gonna reboot and try again. I don't do a clean install because I think that takes even more time.14:29
Dr_willisclean install = 20 min here perhaps...14:30
Dr_willisless time then what you have been spending in here.14:30
epistaxI moved my PC from one part of the room to another, and now X doesn't work! Compiz segfaults on startup (dmesg). I get the Ubuntu loading screen, and login screen. Then I get an error about not being able to apply the stored configuration for monitors. xrandr reports "Can't open display". The only thing I can think that could have changed is the port my monitor is plugged in to, so I tried switching and rebooting to no avail. Any id14:30
phaidrosehlo, just to be sure: with disc encryption I need at least an unencrypted /boot, right?14:30
Zeratulnot use kde but gnome14:30
Dr_willisepistax,  could be you knocked a card loose also.14:31
epistaxDr_willis: Good point, I will check that. My terminal sessions are working over the monitor though.14:31
Dr_willisalso ive seen pc's need to have the moniotr plugged in/powered on when the system boots.. but that may been a quirky box i had.14:32
Zeratulalready created the connection but it does not recognize the modem but if I install the modem in the usb it recognizes no problem14:32
=== beboj_ is now known as beboj
epistaxDr_willis: Everything is locked and loaded14:33
=== SunTsu_ is now known as SunTsu
ikoniatotospider: don't14:34
ikonia!list > totospider14:34
ubottutotospider, please see my private message14:34
ikonia!it > totospider14:35
blinkdo you guys do linux help?14:35
ikoniatotospider: hi14:35
ikoniatotospider: please see the private messages from the user ubottu14:35
ikoniablink: ubuntu support, yes14:35
blinki am having a lot of trouble with a particular machine14:36
Zeratulthen someone with some idea of ​​how to operate14:36
ikoniatotospider: stop14:36
ikoniatotospider: READ the messages ubottu has sent you in the private message window14:36
blinkso. i have just installed ubuntu minimal, but it won't boot, and i don't know where to start troubleshooting14:36
Zeratulit was for me?14:37
ikoniablink: why have you done a minimial install if you have no idea how to setup it up and trouble shoot it?14:37
ikoniablink: why not just do a desktop install ?14:37
epistaxHow do I tell X to rediscover attached monitors?14:37
blinki don't want a desktop environment.14:38
ikoniablink: then remove the desktop environment14:38
ikoniablink: or disable it14:38
blinkso, i am able to mount /dev/sda1 (this is where i installed the root of hte filesystem)14:38
ikoniablink: great, now what ?14:39
blinkit seems to be there.14:39
blinki have also tried reinstalling grub14:39
auronandace!lamp | Ady14:39
ubottuAdy: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)14:39
ikoniablink: no, there are "things" on the file system14:39
ikoniablink: doesn't mean you've installed what you need14:39
ikoniablink: just use a desktop install and remove/disable X/gnome/whatever you want14:39
blinki have successfully installed the minimal iso in the past14:40
Zeratulthen something about how to install the modem14:40
ikoniablink: ok, then you should have no problems14:40
blinkcan we get past my motivation and intent and address the problem?14:40
SomelauwNope, it still gives the same error message.14:40
SomelauwI think I have no other option than downloading an iso of the newest ubuntu.14:41
SomelauwI think that is ubuntu 11.10.14:41
ActionParsnipSomelauw: 11.10 is the latest stable14:41
SomelauwOr I can go for 12.4 so I don't have to update in 2 months.14:42
f0xxxxi have a problem on an alienware m18x ubuntu 11.1014:42
Zeratulmy ubuntu 10.10. amd64  not recognize the modem gobi 200014:42
f0xxxxif i remove the charger and hook it back in the computer refuses to charge14:42
auronandaceSomelauw: i'd wait till its released14:42
f0xxxxi have to shut i down and start it again14:42
epistaxIt's probably not helping my issue that my monitor is VGA...14:42
f0xxxxand it's a linux issue because on windows works14:42
ikoniaf0xxxx: what makes think it's not charging ?14:43
theadminNeed a reboot, brb.14:43
f0xxxxafter i remove the charger and connect it back14:44
f0xxxxit says on battery applet14:44
f0xxxxon battery14:44
f0xxxxand discharging14:44
FloodBot1f0xxxx: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:44
f0xxxxand if i wait till it all consumed the laptop shuts down14:44
ZeratulIf I install another modem so that it recognizes the usb and connects no problem but not the own the lenovo T410 model 222514:44
ikoniaf0xxxx ok, that may be a bug, have you actually waited and see if the battery does drain ?14:44
bawlawlhi everyone, I want to install Ubuntu on a USB stick, but I'm wondering if it will work consistently across multiple systems (right now when I start up a live environment on my system it just werks on a lot of PC's)14:45
f0xxxxbattery is fine14:46
ActionParsnipZeratul: is it detected in an Oneiric liveCD (Maveric is EOL in April)14:46
f0xxxxi also orderd a new charger because i thought theres something wrong with it14:46
f0xxxxbut on windows works it's a linux issue14:46
ikoniaf0xxxx sorry, I meant if you unplug/repluig and sit and wait, does the laptop actually run out of power14:46
f0xxxxikonia, yes14:46
ikoniaf0xxxx: ok, then I think you'll need to log a bug on launchpad as it will be a hardware bug against your laptop's power managent/apci functionality14:47
Zeratulbut do not want to install another version to version 10:10 Love fast but simple and very customizable14:47
ActionParsnipZeratul: tried Xubuntu?14:48
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:48
ikoniabawlawl: please stop14:49
SomelauwI give up trying to update this.14:49
ikoniabawlawl: if you don't know how to use the bot, don't. Just ask14:49
SomelauwIt just can't be done if it doesn't give more descriptive error messages.14:49
JDiogoRusing ubuntu and choose when start "session xubuntu" is the same thing that using xubuntu??14:49
bawlawlikonia: But I did, I'm sorry I've tried searching on wiki but it only covers installation from USB stick.14:49
ikoniabawlawl: ok then don't just hit the bot with random words14:50
MindSparkcan someone tell me what to do to get the battery indicator running again?14:50
MindSparkI reinstalled indicator-power, nothing happened14:50
ActionParsnipJDiogoR: essentially, yes14:50
yeatsJDiogoR: yes, essentially14:50
JDiogoRthanks ;)14:50
Zeratuldamn expensive to install another version so because the modem and something to think about because it was not able to run the modem if necessary with another version so I will not move anymore.14:50
bawlawlikonia: all right, but could you please direct me towards a helpful resource which I can read?14:50
ikoniabawlawl: about what ?14:50
yeatsJDiogoR: it won't be exactly the same as it would be if you installed xubuntu from scratch because it has all the standard GNOME programs installed14:51
bawlawlikonia: I want to install Ubuntu on a USB stick, but I don't know if it will work across PC's (compatibly), because as of now when I start up the live environment it all just werks.14:51
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent bawlawl this is "to usb"14:51
bawlawl*live environment from USB stick14:51
SomelauwOr maybe i should report this as a bug.14:51
ikoniabawlawl if your PC's all have non-propritary linux supported hardware only, then it will work fine14:52
=== SocioSnai is now known as DkrTremos
bawlawlthanks bazhang14:52
ikoniabawlawl: if your PC has any deviation from that, then it will need configuring for each host at some level14:52
ZeratulI have not downloaded the normal version of ubuntu even the 64 version and I will not so wonderful all running the modem14:52
bazhangbawlawl, that persistent, not live14:52
bawlawlbazhang: exactly what I need :)14:52
manojhow can i use web cam for chat14:53
manojwhich software support webcam14:53
ubottuThe Empathy Instant Messenger is installed by default and supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and  variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete and !pidgin14:53
Dr_willismandje,  what is the person you are wanting to chat to using?14:53
bawlawlikonia: though that's what I'm wondering, wouldn't the install have to be configured across different hardware architectures? I know that the liveCD just autodetects and autoconfigures the environment14:53
bawlawlbut I have no idea how it will be once it's installed :|14:54
manoji instaled both but i cant use wecam there is no icon showing for web cma on \14:54
bazhangmanoj, using which chat service14:54
ikoniabawlawl if the hardware has no propritary devices and has full linux supported devices, you will have no issues as the kernel is modular, if you have anything outside that, you will have to configure for that host14:54
manoji am using msn and yahoo14:55
manojnow installed empathy but ther is no intication for webcam14:55
Zeratula modem and my output? some driver work?14:56
bawlawlikonia: sadly the amounts proprietary devices (such as GPU's) are vast across a lot of PC's, but still Ubuntu detected my nVidia GTX 260m and showed without any problem (it even offered me drivers), but that was the live environment, so you're saying I should configure on anything else (for example if the PC has an ATi card instead of an nVidia)?14:57
ikoniabawlawl in that situation I think you'll have a lot of problems14:58
Dr_willisbawlawl,  you are using a live-usb across differnt pcs? or a full install to a usb across differnt pcs?14:58
SomelauwCould this be a problem? http://paste.pocoo.org/show/557000 If yes, then how to solve it?14:58
bawlawlDr_willis: as of now I have used live-usb, but thinking about using a full install for persistence purposes14:58
epistaxHow to a completely kill X so it doesn't just respawn? I'm trying to run X -configure but I can't get X to stay dead14:59
Dr_willisbawlawl,  using a full install and changfeing pc's/video hardware can be problmatic. I move a usb from an nvidia to an ati box. often. basically i just use the GPL ati drivers because  and keep the nvidia one installed. I sometimes need to move/rename the nvidia or ati sprcific xorg.conf for them to work totally correct15:00
Dr_willisbawlawl,  using a live-usb+persistant file can be even more hassles.15:00
bawlawlepistax: have you tried going into a runlevel which doesn't have X?15:00
Dr_willisepistax,  sudo service lightdm stop15:00
Dr_willisubuntu dosent really use runlevles like other disrtos do15:00
theadminbawlawl: Ubuntu doesn't have runlevels15:00
Dr_willisI thought X -configure was depreciated also.15:01
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution15:01
epistaxDr_willis: Thanks. Everything I found was telling me to stop gdm, which was not the right answer.15:01
Dr_willisepistax,  it would be for the older reelases.15:01
theadminepistax: gdm was used up to Oneiric15:01
Dr_willisgdm-> gdm2 -> lightdm  :)15:02
bawlawlwhy doesn't Ubuntu have runlevels actually?15:02
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.15:02
theadminbawlawl: Upstart15:02
epistaxThanks guys. configure failed anyway. I'll try your link. I'm trying to convince X that my VGA monitor supports 1280x1024.15:02
bawlawlhmm I see15:02
Dr_willisepistax,  there used to be a xmode generator web site - i used years and years ago. :)15:02
tyler-riddlehow can i enable my headphones on ubuntu? the speakers work fine, but my headphones don't. i am using 11.10 64 bit15:04
epistaxArg this is so annoying. I want it to just revert all monitor settings to default. Every time I start X it tells me about all the resolutions it tried and failed to set. Odd resolutions with odd refresh rates (52 Hz!)15:05
codebansheetyler-riddle: are your headphones plugged into a different output socket? If so, you may need to change the Connector setting under Output in Sound Preferences15:05
djskiddHi all15:06
djskiddI need help syncing Ubuntu with my phone15:06
epistaxThanks X. I was curious if my monitor supported 680x384@55Hz. Now I can rest easy with the reminder that no, it does not, every time I boot up.15:06
djskiddMy phone is a KIN TWOm, and I'd like to be able to sync over my music.15:07
djskiddIt's Zube-based, if that makes a difference.15:08
pyboydjskidd i dont know try ubuntu one i think its only for smartphones15:10
djskiddAs in the smartphone app UBuntu One?15:11
djskiddThe KIN doesn15:11
djskiddhace an appstore15:11
djskiddif I can type15:11
djskiddhi jan_15:11
epistaxI tried adding a Monitor section to xorg to tell X that the monitor supports 1280x1024, but that doesn't seem to have an effect15:14
Amozepistax, afaik you should be able to just remove Xorg.conf15:14
Amozepistax, and it will "autoconf" it ootb15:15
epistaxAmoz: It's a VGA monitor that doesn't report what it can and can't too..15:15
Amozepistax, ah, so you can15:15
epistaxAuto configuration gives me a fuzzy 1024x76815:15
jocker69hi all15:16
Amoz*you can't see it in the display config? the graphical utility?15:16
epistaxAmoz: I can "see" it. It's reported as an Unknown monitor with two valid resolutions: 1024x768 and 800x60015:17
salmiakwhere can I find VLC 2.0 for ubuntu10.04 ? I can't find any ppa that have it15:20
Dr_willissalmiak,  the webupd8 site had guides on nstalling it in ubuntu -  i dont use 10.04 so no idea on anythign else15:21
salmiakok I go see that www.webupd8.org webpage15:22
* tommylommykins waves15:25
epistaxNo ideas on what the "new" way is to force a resolution? The stuff I'm finding through google is about editing xorg.conf15:25
* tommylommykins is on 11.0415:25
tommylommykinsshould I run an in place upgrade to get 12.04,15:25
* ikonia wishes tommylommykins would ask a question rather than doing /me commands or emoted15:25
tommylommykinsor install it anew?15:25
ikoniatommylommykins 12.04 is not released yet15:25
tommylommykinsAre there stability issues witht he in place upgrade?15:25
ikoniatommylommykins: it's due for release in month 4 - it's currently month 215:25
tommylommykinsFreudian slip15:25
FloodBot1tommylommykins: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:25
ikonia!upgrade > tommylommykins15:26
ubottutommylommykins, please see my private message15:26
=== fx is now known as Guest42116
ikoniatommylommykins: ubottu has just sent you a private mesage detailing how to upgrade15:26
* tommylommykins is aware of the process.15:27
sstatommylommykins: my experience with in place upgrades of ubuntu has always been "just reinstalling si easier and more reliable".  Other people may have different experiences.  Clean install should always work well though15:27
tommylommykinsI want to know how stable it is15:27
Dr_willisi alwyas do clean installs. :) makes life easier.. but also keeps me at whats normal 'defaults' for tech support help in here.15:27
sstatommylommykins: it's not released yet, it's not all that stable15:27
tommylommykinsReinstalling is usually easier?15:27
ikoniatommylommykins: it's been out for a long time, it's a stable release.15:27
sstatommylommykins: imo, yes15:27
Dr_willisreinstalling is often much easier/faster for me.15:27
tommylommykinsok :)15:27
tommylommykinsDoes FGLRX work with 11.1015:28
Dr_willisgot my /home/ on its own hard drive. got a list/script to reinstall packages i normally want.. takes me about 30 min to do a clean reinstall15:28
* tommylommykins remembers that was the reason why he didn't upgrade back in october15:28
ikoniatommylommykins: depends on your model of video card and the drivers versions it needs to be supported, you'll need to do research on that15:28
Dr_willistommylommykins,  it can. and it depends on the exact hardware.15:28
Dr_willisgnome-shell has issues here with my One ATI machine.15:28
Dr_willisunity works.15:28
* tommylommykins would have installed it to use gnomeshell15:29
Dr_willisit all depends on your card i imagibne15:29
* ikonia wishes tommylommykins would stop doing emotes/me commands15:29
* Dr_willis seconds that :)15:29
* Dr_willis waits for someone to ask 'how are you printing that text in red'15:30
starnhello, i need assistance with fixing my sound.. i just got a new machine.. and when i plug my headphones sound still comes from the speakers. i am not used to this sound device it's fancyer than my old one. my old one was IDT HD audio i believe this one is Realtek i think..15:30
Dr_willissome irc clients colorize /me actions differntly15:30
VoyackHello all :)15:30
starnDr_willis: i see everything in green or blue.. or light green. than again i use irssi...15:31
sstaDr_willis: oh.  Probably some of them there gui clients I've heard tell about :)15:31
Dr_willisirssi can do colors. :) as can weechat15:31
VoyackIs here any channel especially for tech support, cause i have problem, and i googled it, but there is no answer :(15:31
tommylommykinsOK, thanks for the help, I shall disappear on your behalf :)15:31
theadminVoyack: This is the one.15:32
theadminVoyack: #ubuntu-offtopic is for general discussions15:32
Dr_willisstarn,  i see variations of that question all the time in here. Not sure there is a definitive 'fix' it may be hardware spefific. You could check the askubuntu.com site and the forums to see if they have some guides  or work arounds.15:32
Voyackoh, great. So, i will try to be as fluent as possible. I was googling all my problems, but i can't deal with this one.15:32
theadminVoyack: Just state the problem and we'll try to help :)15:33
Dr_willisseen where headphones do or do not switch over. seen where the speakers dont switch back.  seen variants with usb speakers/headphones..15:33
Voyacki have Ubuntu 11.04. I run without Unity, cause i don't like it. But compiz effects aren't working. All my windows are snapping to right upper corner, and i cannot deal with it.15:33
Dr_willisVoyack,  so what desktop are you using?15:34
Dr_willisif you alt-click on a window and drag it back down, does it move down?15:35
bazhangVoyack, ccsm installed?15:35
starni've googled everywhere Dr_willis   to be honest with my old machine i wanted it to play music from speakers and VoIP software such as teamspeak 3 play over headphones.. my old hardware couldn't do it in linux.. considering how this new hardware is functioning playing audio on both i assume this hardware can do it. also in sound options i see analog headphones and speakers.. but i can't figure out how to force stuff to play on a single one.. it just appears t15:35
VoyackDr_willis - nope.15:35
Voyackbazhang - i'm not sure.15:35
epistaxOh good, ubuntu just swapped which port on the graphics card corresponded to the first monitor. I was worried that things were going to get boring.15:35
bazhangVoyack, compizconfig-settings-manager is the package15:35
Dr_willisstarn,  ive never had to fight with the problem. :) ive just seen it asked in here about once a day it seems.15:35
Dr_willisstarn,  the new sound cards all seem to do the switching of ports in differnt ways. that can cause issues.15:36
robin0800Voyack: are you sure you have compiz working?15:36
Voyackyes i do15:36
bazhangrobin0800, he said they were not working15:36
Voyacki have compiz fuzion icon and stuff.15:36
Dr_willisVoyack,  so you see a title bar and window borders?15:36
xaxeshey all .. Im searching for a way to get python2.4 for ubuntu natty on a ARM .. any suggestions? I added http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ maverick / lucid, but no python2.4.. when did it leave?15:37
bazhangVoyack, check in ccsm on window move plugin15:37
Voyackbut i can't move the window. It's like fixed15:37
Dr_willissounds like a compiz plugin to me also..15:37
Dr_willisdisable compiz perhaps, try moveing them. restart compiz. see if they move back perhaps.15:37
robin0800Voyack: in classic compiz is broken it needs a hack to work15:37
Voyackrobin0800 - so what do i have to do?15:38
marius1can any1 help me install my ATI driver on 11.04 ??15:38
bazhangrobin0800, which is what?15:38
Voyacki was restarting compiz, and no effect15:38
bazhangVoyack, and you checked the appropriate plugin in ccsm?15:38
epistaxWell maybe someone can help with this. When i boot up, there's about a 50/50 chance that Ubuntu will decide my one and only monitor is the left monitor or the right monitor. When it decides that it's the right monitor, I have no ability to start any programs in X because I have no access to anything but the right click context menu. Any suggestions?15:38
Dr_willismarius1,  tried the 'jockey-gtk' app yet? (called 'addational drivers' in the menus)15:38
robin0800Voyack: to check can you edit panels by holding alt?15:39
Dr_willisepistax,  whats your video chipset?15:39
IgnisssGuys ive got a clean ubuntu 10.04lts install on a pc with a mainboard with the ck804 audio chip but ive got no audio at all, ive followed this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting but it still doesnt work, anyone has any idea? Ive also made a post here https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/188890 in wich the results of aplay -l and lspci are posted and also posted15:39
Ignisssthem http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11719125&postcount=39 here15:39
epistaxDr_willis: nvidia15:39
Voyackmmkay guys, now it's working kinda better.15:39
crfripperwhere do I find pulseaudio? it says it's installed in ubuntu software center but I Can't find it15:39
Dr_willisepistax,  try running the nvidia-settings tool and  see if you can set which monitor is the primary, and turn off the other.15:39
Dr_williscrfripper,  theres pulse audio tools that have icons. but not pulseaudio itself.15:40
marius1Dr_willis: yes i have already installed that one..but it doesnt work, i feel it, even a video on youtube is lagging15:40
bazhangcrfripper, to configure it? such as pavucontrol and the like?15:40
epistaxDr_willis: I'd love to but I don't know how to spawn anything from just the right hand monitor :). Also it looks like it doesn't work from non-x session15:40
Dr_willismarius1,  sounds like its not using the nvidia drivers then. does nvidia-settings run?  this is a desktop? laptop? not one of those weird new laptops wth the dual gpus is it?15:40
crfripperahh I see, well I'm trying to set up a sound server to get 2 windows computers to share 1 set of speakers15:41
crfripperusing ubuntu in virtual box15:41
marius1Dr_willis: it's a laptop and i have ATI Radeon15:41
Dr_willisepistax,  go to the console and try restarting the X server15:41
rymate1234is there a way to resize my partitions without reinstalling?15:41
Voyackone more question - when i got to choose window menager which should i use? i have Compiz, metacity, and Kwin15:41
Voyackand GTK and Emerald as window decorators15:41
bazhangrymate1234, to do what exactly15:41
Dr_willismarius1,  i had to use some guide on askubuntu.com to get my only ati box to use the newer ati drivers. even then. gnome-shell dosent work.15:42
Voyackshould i use Compiz and Emerald to have these effects working?15:42
rymate1234i want to resize my /home and shrink my wid15:42
marius1Dr_willis: so what to do?15:42
Dr_willisVoyack,  emerald is basically dead. so use gtk window decor. and compiz.15:42
bazhangrymate1234, via gparted live cd? is that what you mean?15:42
rymate1234oh waits15:42
Dr_willismarius1,  you could hit up askubuntu.com and see if the guide helps you.15:43
rymate1234i'll use that thx15:43
crfripperjust got the PulseAudio Volume Control15:43
marius1Dr_willis: ok i will do that15:43
Dr_willismarius1,  it walked through making .deb packages of the newer drivers.15:43
Dr_williscrfripper,  so what are you expecting to find?15:43
Dr_willistheres other pav* tools you can install for more tweaking of pulse audio15:43
CowaRdHello everyone... I need some quick advice. What's the best way to install both Ubuntu and Windows without having a boot conflict. (Am starting from scratch)15:45
Dr_willis!info libflashsupport-jack15:45
knubbze-is there a way to remove *all* packages that are not necessary? (i.e. any package that a debootstrap wouldn't install)15:45
ubottuPackage libflashsupport-jack does not exist in oneiric15:45
Dr_willisknubbze-,  not that i have ever seen15:45
crfripperlooking for a tool for settuing up a sound server15:45
knubbze-trying to get rid of gnome15:45
Dr_willisCowaRd,  each on its own hard drive - works very well15:45
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome15:45
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »15:45
Dr_willisThose guides MAY be out of date.15:45
bazhangknubbze-, why not start with the minimal iso and build up15:46
knubbze-no I actually15:46
knubbze-bazhang: because that involves a lot of work; I have already worked my way down the dpkg -l15:46
ubuntu-guyDr_willis, For long time i am trying to remove Ubuntu default plymout Background(Boot logo) in order to setup my own custom Background... Any hints please?15:46
knubbze-and started removing all sorts of packages15:46
Dr_willisits easier to install stuff with apt  then it is to remove.15:46
Dr_willisubuntu-guy,  i just disable plymouth.15:46
CowaRdDr_willis: I got only one, is on a laptop... and I need windows only for couple of stuffs, my main OS will be Ubuntu15:46
Dr_willisCowaRd,  you can run ubuntu from a external usb/flash drive.  or you repartion your HD and let grub handle it.15:47
Dr_willisCowaRd,  install windows first to the first part of the HD. leave rest unallocated. let ubuntu installer partion unallocated space as needed15:47
elsojahow can i ajust the mouse speed in a touchpad?15:48
elsojai already have put the sensitivity and acceleration at the maximum15:48
ubuntu-guyDr_willis, I chroot the iso ... So i can disable the plymouth permanently ?15:48
elsojabut i want it even more fast15:48
CowaRdgreat Dr_willis Thanks... coz when I tried to inst win7 after ubuntu, it mucked up my boot. :) thanks15:48
crfripperthink I found a good guide on techytalk15:50
zhuangHow would I go about having gtk/qt themes, through lxappearance or gtk-dhtheme, in a wmfs only session?15:50
epistaxMan this is all so confusing. I don't know what the relationship is between the resolution list given my nvidia, the resolution list available under Displays, and the resolution list given by xrandr. They are all different.15:50
VoyackYay, it's me back :)15:51
Voyackthis right - corner snapping appears only when i switch to compiz15:51
Voyackthere is no problem with KDE15:52
Voyacki want to kill myself15:52
knubbze-alternatively is there a way to15:52
knubbze-get the list of packages that a debootstrap *would* install?15:52
knubbze-I can then make a delta of these two lists and remove the remainig set15:53
okumanybody know if i can make my panel in ubuntu 11.10 look like this? file:///home/tyler/Downloads/2-mcubuntu.jpg15:53
crfripper"paprefs" was what I was looking for15:53
epistaxI'm punting. I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do. Apparently xorg.conf doesn't matter anymore, so nothing I can actually configure matters. Why Ubuntu won't let me just set the resolution and try it I have no idea. Why I have a different resolution list in three different places is confusing me.15:54
Dr_willisubuntu-guy,  i dont remaster isos so no idea.15:54
Dr_willisubuntu-guy,  the nosplash kernel option turns it off.15:54
KyshtynbaiHi everyone. I've gota laptop with ubuntu 10.04 Gnome 2, and I'd like to use laptop display and an external one. How do I do this? It would be great to have one of the virtual desktops on the external monitor.15:54
salmiakis it too early to get a 2.0 version of VLC for ubuntu10.04 ?15:55
ubuntu-guyDr_willis, You mean /etc/grub/grub.conf or other location ?15:55
Dr_willisKyshtynbai,  virtual desktops dont work that way. You can have a 'wide' desktop if you wanted15:55
Dr_willisubuntu-guy,  the live cd uses syslinux for its bootloader i belive.15:55
Dr_willisubuntu-guy,  an installed system would use grub15:55
KyshtynbaiDr_willis: I see, thanks.15:55
zhuangHello everyone, when I load up my tiling manager wm, I do so through wmfs. How can I have a gtk/qt theme when I do so? Would I install a DE in the wmfs-only session?15:55
escottepistax, nvidia doesn't follow the full xrandr protocol so that may be a source of confusion. you just have to follow what is in their tools15:56
Dr_willis!info wmfs15:56
ubottuPackage wmfs does not exist in oneiric15:56
sstaKyshtynbai: you can do it, but you'd have to use a different xorg.conf for each VT.  It's not a trivial thing to get right15:56
ubuntu-guyDr_willis, i see , will try it soon15:56
okumcan anybody assist me in making my panel in ubuntu 11.10 look like this? http://cdn.unixmen.com/wp-content/uploads/stories/ubuntu/mcbuntu/2-mcubuntu.jpg15:56
epistaxescott: Even nvidia doesn't list the resolution that my monitor supports. It goes above it and below it, but no 1280x102415:56
Kyshtynbaissta: I also thought about modifying xorg, but this is tough for me for now).15:56
epistaxxrandr list is much larger than what Ubuntu will actually allow me to set as well15:57
sstaKyshtynbai: then don't bother.  It's difficult15:57
Dr_willisKyshtynbai,  that would make a sepetate X session for Exch monitor. not exactly what you asked for. ;015:57
okumis there a global menu for ubuntu 11.10?15:57
KyshtynbaiDr_willis: does it mean to x servers running?15:57
Dr_willisI tend to just fullscreen an app. and drag it over/make it sticky on the 2nd monitor.15:57
epistaxand compiz still segfaults on start up. I don't know if I should care or not.15:58
Dr_willisKyshtynbai,  you would have 2 X sessions, 2 desktops and so forth - on on each moniotr. You could even set up a 2nd mouse/keyboard to have a 2 user box. :) with a single machine.15:58
KyshtynbaiOh, that could be handy15:58
Dr_willisKyshtynbai,  but thats not what you asked how to do. :)15:58
Dr_willisNo factoid on that yet. :(15:58
=== nikolja is now known as nikolja|Odsutan
crfripperI keep getting failed to download check your internet connection in ubuntu software center even though I can surf just fine15:59
epistaxUbuntu refuses any refresh rate other than 50 Hz. Lucky for my it's configurable in my monitor on screen settings15:59
epistaxYou'd think there'd be a single file somewhere that I could say that the monitor accepts 1280x1024 @ 60 Hz16:00
marius1i need help with ati radeon driver, to install it to work properly!16:00
ActionParsnipepistax: what GPU do you use?16:01
ActionParsnipDr_willis: http://www2.userful.com/products/userful-multiseat-linux16:01
ichbinderhello. When the playback of an MP3 starts, it "lags" once or twice, like a little skip... happens with VLC and Amarok. Also happens for avi files in VLC. I have that problem since a few months and a "solution" I found online was to delete some hidden folder in home. Then, it didn't skip anymore for a few files. But after a while, it started again. So I decided to ignore the skipping... but it's getting to annoying now. Anybody an16:01
ichbinderidea what to do? Already searched a bit but couldn't really find anything.16:01
epistaxActionParsnip: It's a.. large.. nvidia. 8800 GTS16:01
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:02
epistaxIn windows I'm running skyrim with half the bells and whistles at 1280x1024..16:02
ichbinderah, also happens if I pause a song and continue16:02
skyballjust installed Ubuntu. Screen is Flashing Purple. I believe it is a configuration issiue?16:02
skyballwhat can i do?16:02
marius1my ati radeon driver doesnt work properly, any help?16:03
ActionParsnipepistax: if you run:  sudo nvidia-xconfig; gksudo nvidia-settings    you can set the reslution and refresh rate, you can then run:   gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf    and SET the refresh rate in that file16:03
ActionParsnipskyball: what is you log into the Unity2D session?16:03
ansuli need help to build a cross compiler from c to mips16:04
ansulwhere shld i go16:04
ansulplease give me the channel name... :/16:04
skyballcan not sdo any thing with srean flashing!!16:04
ActionParsnipskyball: log off, does it happen on the login screen16:04
skyballcan not log in16:05
skyballgos to flashing16:05
skyballright after boot16:05
ActionParsnipskyball: press CTRL+ALT+T and run:  killall -u $USER16:05
epistaxActionParsnip: I'll try this out. What I've been hearing so far today is that xorg.conf isn't used any more. I'll give it a shot.16:05
ActionParsnipepistax: it IS used, ubuntu uses udev now but if the xorg.conf file exists, it will be used16:06
skyballActionParsnip thanks i will try16:06
ichbinderah, and I think it helped to delete pulseaudio or so... but like I said, only for one or two playbacks, then the lagging is back16:06
ichbinderi mean the hidden pulseaudio folder in home16:06
shaagzhi theadmin16:08
theadminHello shaagz16:09
shaagzhey m newbee to irc chats16:09
ikoniashaagz: Hi there, this channel is for ubuntu support discussion only, if you feel you have a question you need help with this is the place you ask16:09
ikoniashaagz: if you want to just chat about "stuff" try the channel #defocus16:10
ActionParsnipor #ubuntu-offtopic16:10
greenithi, is there a way to show the creation-date of a file in the terminal?16:11
ikoniagreenit: you see if it you do ls -la (or the last edit date)16:11
danyells -a16:11
linuxajuda com a instalaçao de driver da placa de video S3 onboard16:11
danyells -la my bad16:11
linuxno linux16:11
ikonia!es | linux16:12
ubottulinux: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.16:12
linuxfoda se all16:12
linuxse nao foi mal16:12
theadminYou don't have to do "a", it gets hidden files in and that's annoying16:12
epistaxActionParsnip: I don't see any effect. I'm restarting X by using "sudo service lightdm restart" (which is new to me). I added a subsection Display to the Screen section and added the new resolution I want. There are no other resolutions anywhere in the file.16:12
okumhello, i tried to do a autoreconf command, and got a msg saying configure.ac or configure.in is required. anybody know how to fix this?16:12
ikoniaokum: you'll need to have one of those files,16:13
dddbmtIf I have ssh access to a remote server. How can I mount an folder from that server, so the programs on my local machine can access the files?16:13
okumikonia: where is the file suppose to be?16:13
greenitcan i use this date which i see in any way to sort the files through a shell-script? i am too lazy to sort them by hand^^16:13
phnomdddbmt: sshfs maybe.16:13
ActionParsnipepistax: X needs restartinig, or you can reboot the OS16:13
epistaxActionParsnip: I thought that was the "new" way to get X restarted. Bah. Okay I'll look some more.16:14
kishis there a way to install chrome next to chromium?16:14
theadminkish: Sure, they don't conflict with each other at all16:14
ichbindercan nobody help me with my audio problem? :-/16:14
danyelgreenit, use the -t option to  modify by time16:14
okumkish: why the hell would you want both?16:14
ActionParsnipkish: sure, just install the deb from google's website...16:14
kishokum, because chrome coimes with flash16:14
dddbmtphnom, thanks - I'll check it out!16:14
kishit comes with flash inside the browser and i need flash16:15
okumkish: ahh, ok, gotcha.16:15
kantlivelongxanyone know how to get a SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum to work on 11.10? Ive got the front panel working fine but the actual output on the card doesnt work :(?16:15
danyelex: ls -ltr will show you files ordered by modification time with the most recent all the way at the bottom of the list. remove the r to have it at the top16:15
lotorI want to make gameplay videos of games in linux  to promote linux and show  ppl that u can game in linux,but i fail so far to find a proper program for desktop recording is kk to use recorddesktop but for games the video sux.Can someone help me ?16:15
greenitdanyel, how do u mean this?16:15
okumikonia: where the hell does the configure.ac file go?16:15
danyelin terminal16:16
bazhanglotor, tried kazam? eidete? or what16:16
greenitdanyel, ah, just read ur example, didnt see it first^^16:16
lotorYeah ive tried kazam the picture freezes after i start the game16:16
lotorin the video afterwards i mean16:17
greenitdanyel, however, i want to put files with a predefined date in one folder and all others in another one... is there a way to use the date of ls -al in a shellscript?16:17
lotorwhen i play its no problem16:17
theadminokum: Run "autoconf", it will generate a configure script, after that run the configure script, and finally make16:17
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flo`is it possible to install ubuntu with / on a LVM volume? and how?16:19
epistaxActionParsnip: This actually worked. Thank you. I still don't know how to really reset X without resetting the computer though16:21
unpersonI've been reading a bit on backup software, but I'm looking for some advice.  I'm trying to to find software that: 1) doesn't have a steep learning curve, 2) Will perform backups both locally and over a network,  3) uses space efficiently, 4) can be scheduled for a certain time, and 5) can do nuanced management of past backups.16:21
epistaxOh well it only took 3 hours to figure this out16:21
unpersonBy 5 I mean I'd like to for example have snapshots for the last 2 days, 1 week ago, 2 weeks ago, and 1 month ago.16:21
flo`unperson, write a script.16:21
unpersonA GUI is not necessary (as long as documentation is good), but I would like do avoid any significant scripting (simple stuff I can do).16:22
flo`unperson, rsync is your friend. it's really easy to create incremental backups with rsync (that is "simple scripting")16:22
ubottuNo warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:22
unpersonAssuming it's compatible, I can do 2 with sshfs and 4 with cron, so those are not strictly necessary.16:23
okumtheadmin: it won't run autoconf for some reason....16:23
bazhangwarriors8710, no file sharing here16:23
theadminokum: Well, I assume you have that installed?16:23
Mixxithi i have a resolution of 1920x1080 but man ubuntu is just too fat16:23
Mixxithow can i maket his smaller16:23
ActionParsnipepistax: no idea, just easier to reboot i some cases16:23
okumtheadmin: lmfao.. does it come installed when upgrading 11.10?16:24
flo`unperson, read up about rsync, especially that "hardlinking" option. then read up about the date command and its output. then read up about how to erase files. with a bit scripting you should be able to write your script16:24
epistaxActionParsnip: Fair enough. Thank you!16:24
unpersonflo`, I've used rsync but never for this purpose.16:24
unpersonflo`, I gather it can be used to make incremental backups using hardlinks.16:24
theadminokum: I don't think so, no. "sudo apt-get install build-essential flex m4 bison autoconf make" should get you going with essential building tools16:25
flo`unperson, true16:25
psionhello, I'm trying to apt-get install something, but when I do it says -- The following packages have unmet dependencies: -- boxee : Depends: libxmlrpc-c3 but it is not installable -- note, I'm not even trying to install boxee right now, I battled with it a while back and got it to install, but it still presents that message16:25
psionhow do I tell apt not to worry about it anymore?16:26
unpersonflo`, It seems like it can be adapted to do full backup and subsequent incrementals, but it's not clear to me that I will then be able to delete my oldest backup in any sane way (without destroying the subsequent backups).16:26
flo`but unperson: beware! it will not compress files, it will not detect MOVING files, it will store changed files completely (that is, if oyu change three bytes in a 4G file, the whole file is stored again), and deleting backups takes some time (there are lots of file references to be changed)16:26
okumtheadmin: yeah, it's installed already.16:26
theadminokum: Okay, when you cd to the directory where "configure.ac" is and run "autoconf", what is the result?16:26
flo`unperson, if you do HARDlinking (not SYMlinking), it'll work as easy as rm -rf backups/2012010116:26
bazhangwarriors8710, not here16:26
unpersonflo`, Oh, yeah, I guess that makes sense.16:26
flo`unperson, a hardlink lets three file names point to one file. if you now delete one filename, the file isn't deleted16:27
unpersonflo`, Right.16:27
flo`it's only deleted if you delete the last backup referencing there16:27
flo`but the rsync solution has its disadvantages, as i just stated above16:27
flo`and it doesn't deal _super_ efficient with your disk space. but you quickly can access any random backup.16:27
dddbmtphnom, sshfs worked out great. thanks alot!16:28
unpersonflo`, Right.  Ideally I'd like something with compression too.  Although if I get everything else I want that's not too bad.16:28
bazhang!it | warriors871016:28
ubottuwarriors8710: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:28
unpersonflo`, I thought about combining it with some sort of compressed file system./16:28
phnomdddbmt: np :)16:28
flo`unperson, i also had that idea. never tried it, though16:28
unpersonflo`, Although I have no experience with those.16:28
flo`same problem here ;)16:28
gioragozzino_salve havrei bisogno di un aiuto con un problema di ubuntu 11.10 qualcuno può aiutarmi?16:28
psionanyone know how to tell apt not to worry about a package you once tried to install?16:29
bazhanggioragozzino_, #ubuntu-it for italian please16:29
flo`are the alternate images also hybrid-images?16:29
unpersonflo`, I was playing with Back In Time.  I think it is basically doing what you describe under the hood.16:29
greenitwhen i use "ls -al | grep "09/04/2011" " can i also add a command to copy all found files into a separate directory?16:30
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salmiakichbinder: dod you find more about the music startlag problem? I think I have same problem, at the start of the song there is some small soundproblem, but not after a pause I think? allso if I use the loop-between-two-points button to make it restart the song then there is no sound problem16:31
okumtheadmin: ok, i got past that command, now i'm stuck on another one.. this time it's to install the applet. "make: *** No rule to make target 'install'. Stop."16:31
mrrothhcloud_what is the best ubuntu workable USB WIFI dongle16:32
theadminokum: Did you run the configure script after autoconf?16:32
mrrothhcloud_that works out of the box16:32
theadminokum: "sudo apt-get install checkinstall && ./configure && make && sudo checkinstall"16:32
mrrothhcloud_which one should I buy that will work out of the box with linux ubuntu for wifi dongle16:32
unpersongreenit, I think maybe "cp `ls -al | grep "09/04/2011` /foo/bar" might work.  Although really this is the sort of job the find command is for.16:32
unpersongreenit, Take my advice with a grain of salt.  My kung fu is not strong.16:33
greenitunperson, how can i copy files with the find-command?16:33
salmiakichbinder: I don't use Amarok, only VLC, so I don't know about that one. About pulseaudio, what folder, what file/folders do you remove?16:33
unpersongreenit, The find command has an option to perform an arbitrary command on each file found.16:34
ichbindersalmiak: sorry, didn't see response first. let me read16:34
unpersongreenit, But you'd have to look at the man page for details.16:34
unpersongreenit, Anyway, it may not be necessary here, but it's worth knowing that it's very powerful for this sort of thing.16:34
FCR2012you made typo16:34
FCR2012Man instead of main16:34
greenitunperson, thx16:34
bazhangFCR2012, ubuntu support question?16:35
salmiakichbinder: I suppose it possible to remove pulsaudio soundsystem completely from the ubuntu system to... perhaps that is worth testing... there is those other too OSS and ALSA I think they take over then16:35
unpersonFCR2012, Sorry16:35
unpersonFCR2012, Er, I mean thanks.  :-)16:35
edgyHi, what's the difference between encrypting a file using my private key or my friend public key? using gpg of course16:35
salmiakichbinder: nothing really *needs* pulsaudio I believe16:35
FCR2012Bazhang ...nope just here to watch the chat16:35
ichbindersalmiak: do "$ mv ~/.pulse ~/.pulse.backup16:35
unpersongreenit, Yes, I meant man page.  If you do look into find, look at using the -exec option.  I'd look for examples on the web.16:35
theadminsalmiak: False. Gnome nowadays really *depends* on pulseaudio, it won't work with alsa16:35
ichbindersalmiak: well, in general, pulseaudio is a nice frontend, afaik. But that problem is really annoying... :(16:35
salmiakoh. how bad :-(16:36
kantlivelonganyone know how to get a SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum to work on 11.10? Ive got the front panel working fine but the actual output on the card doesnt work :(?16:36
ichbindertheadmin: thanks for that input16:36
okumtheadmin: i'm confused, autoconf won't open, commands don't work and i need a toke.. lol, thanks for the help, i'll look into it later, don't have the patients to figure it out.16:36
mrrothhcloud_what a good plug and play usb Wifi dongle?16:36
unpersongreenit, but anyway enclosing a command in back ticks `` should basically put the output of that command on the command line.  In this case a list of files...although it may not work because it may have all the extra cruft from the -l command16:37
skyballmy box boots to Ubuntu 11.10 terminal.  How do I get to desktop?16:37
ichbindersalmiak: so, moving the .pulse folder helps... I've played 4 or 5 songs now in different players and no lags so far... but I promise, after I few more, the lags will be back. :)16:37
crfrippermrrothh, I believe  RTL8187 is the most universally supported wifi adapter chipset16:38
unpersongreenit, That would be where find would be your friend./16:38
kantlivelongthis stinks :/16:38
crfripperanything with that, you can't go wrong16:38
theadminokum: k, good luck16:39
okumtheadmin: what i was trying to do, is make my panel bar at the top have a global menu/clock and app indicator.. (i'm using 11.10//gnome classic)16:40
theadminokum: Meh... simpliest way is by using Unity of course >.>16:40
okumtheadmin: lol, i'm new to linux.. how do i do that?16:41
theadminokum: Um, Unity is the standard Ubuntu desktop environment (which you decided not to use)16:41
thomas__what is a good program for converting avi files to dvd for burning?16:42
okumtheadmin: yes, i'm using a lion os x theme, hence why i'm using gnome classic. the launcher on the left was quite annoying that is why i'm using gnome classic.16:42
theadminokum: I see.16:42
theadminthomas__: Any DVD burner can do that... Brasero, K3b, etc16:43
theadminokum: Well... good luck, I have no idea what you are actually trying to compile and whether it will even work with gnome316:43
robin0800okum: hold alt and right click16:43
thomas__oh, ok. ty.16:43
bazhangthomas__, devede16:44
okumrobin0800: yeah i got that, need to install a global menu for gnome 3.16:44
georgewhat s up?16:44
sdahi all, i have an Broadcom Corporation BCM43225 802.11b/g/n, with kernel 3.0.0 default ubuntu it works, but it doesn't my touchpad, so i decided to compile the 3.2. With alpha 12.04 3.2kernel works for wifi but not my audio. With my personalized kernel i have a working touchpad, working audio but no wifi. What can I do? where can be my mistake?16:45
okumtheadmin: lol, alright. thanks anyhow. but uhm, i was basically trying to make my panel look like mac.. :P16:45
_jayheyall, I've been getting the partial upgrade warning for a few weeks now, in the update menu 2 firefox listings have the checkbox grayed out, just wondering what to do. 10.10 64 bit16:45
theadminokum: That's kind of disgusting to me, but good luck anyway :P16:45
Kareempharmacistwhat do mean by global menu16:45
robin0800okum: yes sure you can do that see omg!ubuntu! or webupd816:46
okumtheadmin: ahha, i enjoy it quite much! (friend has mac, use friends computer often, he told me about linux, with mac theme, i now love it to death.16:46
marius1Hi. My Ati Radeon driver doesnt work properly.. what should I do to install it right??16:46
ichbindersalmiak: did you try it?16:46
okumtheadmin, robin0800, i think i'll just wait untill macbuntu works for 11.10 or something.16:47
salmiakichbinder: haven't tried yet. am looking for what the directory is used for16:51
ichbindersalmiak: kay... hm, so far after a few songs in my playlist, no lagging anymore... maybe "it" improved, magically. :)16:52
zykotick9ActionParsnip: so I was curious about size of ubuntu.  Mini with nothing selected 872M, add Xorg 975M, add Openbox 1008M (after "apt-get clean" 974M), add vim 1012M (1004M after "apt-get clean")16:53
MooMoothis is a bit off topic BUT Is there anyone in here that are Italian or french (not canadian french) who also knows decent english?16:54
bazhangMooMoo, try ##english16:54
supertuxhello nybody know an android channel please?16:54
supertuxi need to root my hone16:55
bazhang#android supertux16:55
nobuuhi, I have some trouble with virtualbox under unity. When I launch virtualbox-qt it doesn't appear on the unity application panel (and nor virtual-machine's windows does)16:55
supertuxtnk bazhang16:55
supertuxbazhang, can't enter the channle16:55
nobuuMooMoo: i'm italian16:55
supertuxnobuu, ancheio16:55
supertuxconosci un canale android? devo rootare il cell16:56
oCeansupertux: english only here16:56
bazhang!register | supertux16:56
ubottusupertux: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:56
MooMoonobuu do you write italian too?16:56
supertuxbazhang, my nick is not registered can't enter that chanle16:56
oCeanMooMoo: this channel is only for ubuntu issues16:56
supertuxi have a galaxy wonder need to root16:56
bazhangsupertux, /join #freenode for that16:57
supertuxok than you16:57
LorraHi everyone, I was thinking about the following thing: I changed a bit partitions on my hard drive from when I installed Ubuntu 11.04 (now updated to 11.10) and swap partition is under a different device now and it's not automatically mounted and activated anymore. How can I get it mounted and activated on boot again?16:57
supertuxhandle fstab16:57
supertuxcheck fastab ;-)16:58
unpersonDoes anyone here use Unison?  I used that quite extensively for a while, and now I'm thinking that that may double as a back-up solution.16:58
supertux--->  /etc/fstab16:58
supertuxLoRez, maybe you'll need a uuid to identify it16:58
supertuxthe partition i mean...16:58
Lorrasupertux, fstab says about the old location, but I am not sure which options I should mount it16:59
Picklefaceguys for wow what wine should I download?16:59
Pickleface1.2 or 1.3?16:59
InfernalMy external drive stopped mounting in my USB3 slot, it mounted once in USB2, but now it also doesnt show up in 2.0.16:59
Picklefacefor world of warcraft16:59
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu16:59
Lorrasupertux, I mean which options should I mount the new swap partition with?16:59
bazhangPickleface, ask in #winehq after checking the appdb16:59
nobuuLorra: paste your /etc/fstab and ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid17:00
supertuxLorra, listen nobuu .... options are simple17:00
nobuuanyway you have to put the right uuid in the fstab file17:01
supertuxneed a new identifier i suppose17:01
nobuuyou can check if it works by running sudo mount -a17:01
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