Len-1204knome, you are welcome, our menu files are a bit of a mess...00:05
Len-1204I think I will actually import the xubuntu file and edit/rename it.00:10
Len-1204Because our menu file has as much "funny" stuff as it does, I will probably comment it a bit more though.00:11
Len-1204It is handy having xubuntu on one drive and US12.04 on the other.00:11
* knome is off for now00:14
knomesee you later :)00:14
Len-1204ScottL, the menu file belongs in ubuntustudio-default-settings. How do I set up a bzr branch... first and second how do I set up a package that will not interfere with the settings package?01:59
Len-1204I could take over the menus file.... but it might be nice to leave it around as backup.02:01
Len-1204Anyway, gone for a minute to reboot. I think I have the menu done.02:03
Len-1204ScottL, I have removed the start file for menus as well as renaming the merge file.02:09
Len-1204after rebooting we seem to be using the one file in /etc/xdg/xdg-ubuntustudio/menus02:10
ScottLLen-1204, we can put the menu files into whatever package we want, we have it currently in the ubuntustudio-menu package and xubuntu has it in xubuntu-default-settings03:06
ScottLto streamline the process, i would suggest we just keep the menu in ubuntustudio-menu for now03:06
ScottLwe always have the revisions in launchpad if we need to revert to a previous version03:07
Len-1204ScottL, Ok, what do I need to do to have access?03:08
Len-1204 I think I need to reboot to a permanent account so I can do an ssh key thing.03:09
Len-1204Time to reboot03:15
ScottLlen-nb,  my suggestion would be to use bzr to pull the branch for ubuntustudio-menu03:20
len-nbScottL, i thought I was putting stuff in it...03:21
ScottLaye, you are going to push, but not before pulling03:21
len-nbI have to get ssh stuff figured out first...03:21
ScottLbecause this is a version control system you want to pull the bzr branch from the main trunk first03:22
len-nbSo they know I am who I am... whoever that is.03:22
ScottLno problem, but i'll still type this because i will probably be away from irc for a bit with the family03:22
ScottLhttps://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio/ubuntustudio-menu says to 03:22
ScottLGet this branch:03:22
ScottL    bzr branch lp:~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio/ubuntustudio-menu 03:22
len-nbDoes it end up on my system then?03:23
len-nbOr my own branch on theirs03:23
ScottLyou will have a local copy of the code that you can change03:23
ScottLthen you will push it to your own branch under your launchpad id03:24
ScottLalso, you will probably want to set 'bzr whoami' as well03:24
ScottLand also 'bzr launchpad-login' or similar03:24
len-nbI have a login with them already03:25
len-nbor is this different?03:25
ScottLhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LaunchpadStepByStepInstructions is an okay tutorial03:26
ScottLbzr whoami 'Your Name email@example.com'03:26
len-nbI may have that already too. It spits that out when I login03:27
ScottLthis shows the launchpad login (which i think allows you to push to launchpad)03:27
ScottLand right below that section is the pushing to your own branch as well03:28
len-nbI could ask more questions, but it is prolly best if I work through the tut.. and stumble though03:29
len-nbI think you have given me enough.03:29
len-nbI'm going to try setting up the account and branch under my account first then pull and push.03:30
len-nbAnyone... I got two different ways of making an ssh key thrown at me03:35
len-nbwhen I try to make my own code branch it asks for rsa and the tutorial says dsa.03:36
len-nbwhat is the difference? and dose it matter which kind I use?03:37
len-nbbzr pull seems to be telling me I have to have a user called ubuntustudio-dev03:58
len-nbOk, I used branch. I have a copy on my drive.... busy messing it up04:14
len-nbThen I guess I put it in my own branch and tell you it is there.04:15
* micahg waves to ScottL04:35
len-nbScottL: https://code.launchpad.net/~len-ovenwerks/+junk/ubuntustudio-menu07:47
len-nbOff to bed07:48
* ScottL waves back at micahg 15:00
ScottLmicahg, i have the copyright file, but i have a concern15:00
ScottLthe original image (start-here.svg) was in the ubuntustudio-icon-theme package....checking on version15:00
ScottLubuntustudio-icon-theme version 58 in bzr15:03
lenScottL, good morning15:03
ScottLthere is a copyright file but i can't tell who should be attributed to the image15:03
ScottLgood morning len 15:03
lenI don't know if you saw things or not. I have only one question though.15:04
lendoes it matter who the owner on the files is? does it matter what group does it matter what permitions?15:04
lenLP doesn't show any of that.15:05
ScottLi have not had to worry about that, len, so i suspect it does not15:05
ScottLas to why...i can't say thoughn15:05
lenMakes sense as it is all copied by root.15:05
lenOk menus is done then.15:06
lenScottL, you will do the copy from where it is?15:06
lenI don't know if it matters, but the copyright is set up to the person who first made the package... I don't know that there is anything in there that is original ;-)15:09
len Maybe a few *.directory files15:10
lenDoes the copy right have to be a person? If it could be the project that would mean less worries.15:13
lenAll, The Meetings page lists the "next" meeting as last week. Is there one this week and where?15:20
lenSpeaking of the Meeting web page... the top still says first sunday of the month which last week was not. Should the web page be changed?15:21
ScottLlen, i'm not up to date on how copyright files should be handled16:24
ScottLlen, re: meeting - nobody is keeping up with the meeting wiki page and we had decided to do every 2nd week for meeting but that has fallen through mostly so i don't know how the meeting announcement should go at this time16:24
* ScottL is off to the store, this is my weekend that i'm taking care of a lot of yard work16:25
lenOK, I off to do stuff too.17:31
* astraljava notices our meetings aren't effectively no more.17:38
shnatselmeeting? what? where?18:58
astraljava*sigh* bi-weekly formal, and alternating informal. But yeah, seems no one cares anymore.19:25
astraljavaI shouldn't complain, though. I'm going to drop my contribution significantly, anyway.19:26
micahgScottL: yeah, I'm not sure either, that was part of my hesitation in uploading originally19:49
ScottLmicahg, there was a single copyright file with those images, i can make an authors file explaining that i created the images based on a previous image that is one of the other authors listed and even link to the original version of the code21:00
ScottLmicahg, shouldn't that take care of the copyright (and author) file(s)?21:00
micahgyes, as long as we know who created and owns the copyright and what license's they're usable unser21:01
micahgcreated is less important than owns the copyright21:01
ScottLwell, the original authors file listed a lot of authors but doesn't attribute to a particular image21:02
ScottLhowever, the copyright appears to be the same for all of them21:02
ScottLi'll be happy to license my work under the same (after i make sure it isn't something like MIT or other crazy one) to make it simple21:03
ScottLmicahg, with ^^^ allow us to move forward then?21:03
micahgI think so21:04
ScottLokay, is there any reason that i can't update (or pull) the branch from bzr and add this?  (i.e. did you have other changes)21:05
micahgI pushed everything up IIRC21:05
ScottLokay, doing this now21:06
micahgI won't be able to upload for a few more hours, so no rush21:08
lenScottL, is the menu going to be included? or not yet? Maybe one thing at a time.21:14
ScottLlen, i would say let's keep the menu in the menu package21:49
ScottLlen, i would like to include it but i don't think we have time to get it by monday21:50
ScottLmicahg, i have pushed to default-settings to bzr21:50
lenI have left in the same package ScottL I think we will all be happy to have something that has X again right now.21:56
ScottLlen, i don't think it's the menu package that is causing the loss of x, it was the lightdm configuration (which was in the -default-settings package) that was causing problem, i believe21:57
ScottLlen, i'm sorry, i completely misread your statement21:58
ScottLdisregard my previous statement21:58
lenNo prob. I'm going to finish what I have for panels. I want to have a clear drive for installs again this week.22:00
lenI will do two sets. One with a second panel as on my web page and one without so it doesn't haunt us...22:01
lenIn both cases the clock will be replaced with orage. but look the same.... unless otherwise requested.22:02
lenThe main reason I wanted to be here for the meeting today was to see if there was a firm thought one way or the other about the second panel.22:03
lenBTW I don't care if you use my panel setup (either one) I just spent some time on it and feel I shouldn't just toss it.22:05
lenThe panel stuff would be part of the settings package as it all ends up in /etc/xdg/xdg-ubuntustudio/xfce (i think.22:06
lenI can email the few files, or set up a branch in my login. Your choice...22:07
len-nbScottL, Just checking through things to see what I could pull to base panel settings on.23:07
len-nbScottL, found the settings package, but looking through things it looks like the menu files have already been merged into settings.23:08
len-nbWarning, if you grab my branch for menus and install it beside the current settings I think things may end up broken again.23:09
len-nbSo it looks like ubuntustudio-settings and ubuntustudio-menus are no longer compatible.23:11

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