HiDeHoHi all just wondering what apps ubuntu studio uses for running liv performance microphones adn guitars etc, as well as recording them etc.00:01
CFHowlettHiDeHo   ardour + jack handle multi mic inputs00:05
HiDeHoCFHowlett: i have linux mint 9 built on ubuntu 10.04 atm having trouble running jacke server so cant try freewheeling app. audacity works great.00:20
HiDeHo* jack. jackd00:21
HiDeHoCFHowlett: its one input thru the mic jack atm to run audacity awsome00:21
CFHowlettHiDeHo   I agree.  Audacity helped even an old dog like me get into podcasting.00:22
HiDeHoCFHowlett: well its good i can record each track seperatly. its great. just wish there where more apps in linux like mac garage band, drum machine etc. maybe there are some that i have yet to descover.00:27
CFHowlettHiDeHo   umm, have you installed the ubuntustudio audio packages?00:28
CFHowlettHiDeHo   hyrdrogen = drum machine + about 50 audio music apps00:28
CFHowlettokay, I counted - it's only 42 by default...00:29
HiDeHoa have not instralled the ubuntu studio repos here yet.00:34
CFHowlettHiDeHo   if you're  a musician, you just might want to check out the audio meta-package.00:34
HiDeHowould probabbly prefer to get ubuntu studio itself. or even buy this great os http://www.getstudio4.com/ <- studio 4 is baised on puppy linux and uses allot of ubuntu studio apps from what i gather.00:35
HiDeHoyea i might lol00:35
CFHowlett$50?  Seriously?00:35
HiDeHonot sure if to add that to my current mint 9 os, mint 12.00:35
CFHowlettOK, MAYBE it's worth it00:35
HiDeHowell if its good i might00:35
HiDeHohe is targettign professional market with it lol00:36
CFHowletteasiest install is to (1) use LTS only 10.4 currently.  Install the bas system, then add your mint themes.00:36
HiDeHothere is the free version puppy studio 3 and this http://pupitup.org/ all built on pup studio i believe.00:36
HiDeHoCFHowlett: mint 9 is built on ubuntu 10.0400:37
HiDeHotha is my maon os i love mint 900:37
CFHowlettHiDeHo   slso see puppy studio00:37
HiDeHoCFHowlett: lol i mentioned that ^00:37
HiDeHopuppy studio came first the guy who makes studio 4 origionally made it00:38
CFHowlettfun times.  As always use what work00:38
HiDeHohe had a disagreement and left in a huff adn created his studio 4 from there i believe. not that he has anythign against puppy linux00:38
HiDeHolol yes i coudl take the free puppy studio dn build my own from that lol00:39
HiDeHoto much work though00:39
HiDeHoubuntu studio is great but a bit bloated thats where puppy studio adn studio 4 come itn lighter but still having the great apps lol00:39
HiDeHoi am lol00:40
* HiDeHo wishes ubuntu studio had a live cd version 00:41
HiDeHolive is best always00:42
HiDeHothanks CFHowlett for your help today00:43
CFHowletthave fun/be safe00:43
HiDeHocool man00:45
HiDeHois it safe to use the comand sudo apt-get autoremove to clean up apps hte os thinks are not needed any longer01:45
HiDeHooops wrong channel01:45
HiDeHoHi does ubuntu studio have any apps like freewheeling07:31
astraljavaHiDeHo: I don't think I understand you correctly (also, please don't SHOUT!) :D08:09
astraljavaHiDeHo: Both audacity and ardour can record live performances just fine, and I'm sure there are others as well.08:10
HiDeHoastraljava: any recording app can record anything. i want to be able to hear the input back in my computer speakers = live performance i was mentioning ok08:13
HiDeHoaudacity cn record adn playback songe fine but it cant live feed play in pseakers whild recording can it. or even without recording. this is what i want.08:14
HiDeHoif ubuntu studio has thes type of apps i am going to test it from live cd08:15
HiDeHo..... wait there is no live cd for ubuntu studio. darn.08:15
astraljavaHiDeHo: Not for the existing releases, no, but for the upcoming, there is.08:18
astraljavaHiDeHo: I have no experience on such issues, but I'm sure you will find a plethora of answers on #opensourcemusicians, go ahead and try it.08:19
HiDeHoI wonder how this compares to ubuntustudio http://www.getstudio4.com/ it seems to be a lighter os08:30
HiDeHoalso wonder how ubuntustudio cpompares to Dreemlinux studio http://www.youtube.com/user/sneekylinux?feature=watch08:33
HiDeHo???cant seem to find downloads on the tango studio site weird09:03
HiDeHoi just found it. stuff this 6 hours to download and no torrent link provided09:04
HiDeHowoah now says 4 hours download09:05
HiDeHook so its a big os then they deffinatly should have an official torrent09:05
astraljavaDon't know about those, and really they aren't the topic for this channel anyway. Again, you can ask about those (and possible users) on #opensourcemusicians, for instance.09:22
DrumplayrMy buddy uses Sonor. As an experiment, I wanted to see if Linux could out perform his Windows setup.10:41
DrumplayrI'm using a PreSonus FirePod (FP10) and a Sound Blaster Live! sound card. I'd like to hear what I'm recording through the sound card. So far, I can only record without hearing anything, then switching all the settings around so that when I play back what I recorded it comes through the sound card.10:45
DrumplayrLet me explain that again... I can't get both the FP10 and the SB Live! to work at the same time.10:46
sPrinGfieldhi@all could someone help me with jack configuration? I didnt get it work and google didnt helped too ....14:54
DrumplayrHello. Anyone home?19:48
DrumplayrAnyone there?21:16

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