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LyTeHomehi Xubuntu02:26
LyTeHomeANyone here?02:26
psycho_oreospatience is a virtue02:28
LyTeHomeyes yes02:28
LyTeHomeWhy is my xubuntu running slow02:28
LyTeHome512 ram02:28
LyTeHome2.1 ghz single core02:28
psycho_oreosthe RAM might be the issue here02:29
LyTeHomeIts a clean install02:29
LyTeHomeinstall is just slow02:29
LyTeHomePsycho is Kubuntu your main OS/02:29
LyTeHomeWhy is this room dead02:31
LyTeHomeNo one uses the distro?02:31
psycho_oreospeople have day to day lives to commit, they're not glued to the computer screen 24x702:32
starnHello, i am wondering if it's possible to unplug an internal hard drive after telling linux to unmount it.. than pluging another one in and tell linux to mount it kinda like with external..  reason i ask is i only have one cord for data.. and it has two power cords for them and they're both powered just one has no data cord..03:15
NyLesok, i have a problem with ubuntu not recognizing my sound card (aplay -l) so i tried linuxmint9, they have the same issue.. after clicking the volume icont, i received a prompt saying; GStreamer was unable to detect any sound devices. Some sound system specific GStremer packages maybe missing. It may also be a permissions problem. so can anyone tell me how will i do that permission thing with ubuntu?03:17
brianp1992and im back04:07
uofm49426small hardware question xubuntu07:39
uofm49426tv and nvidia driving me crazy07:39
uofm49426is ati a little better in his aspect07:41
uofm49426is ati a little better in this aspect07:41
uofm49426i can only use 1280x720 or 1080p07:42
uofm49426over hdmi07:43
Sysinew atis can be huge pain, nvidia should work nicely when you use driver from "Additional drivers" and nvidia's own settings07:43
Sysiit's possible that your TV only supports those resolutions07:43
uofm49426using vga i can use more07:44
Sysithose are hd-ready and fullhd standards07:46
uofm49426but at 1080p it to small from were im sitting and 1280x 720 is to big sweet spot is around 1440 by 90007:46
uofm49426but the linux verson i cant get there windows i can07:47
uofm49426i was reading about a edid bug with nvidia07:49
Sysidriver bug totally is possible, you could maybe work around that problem by creating xorg.conf07:51
uofm49426scaling dont even work in the driver07:58
uofm49426im may need to just say o well and use vga07:59
uofm49426the only thing with that i vga mode the tv can keep up with the resolution changes and i have to turn tv on and off to refress it or ill have a half inch black line at the bottem and panel will be hidden08:03
arezjust installed xubuntu...08:24
arezfeels a little unstable08:25
arezwould not using nvidia drivers make a mouse hang up every few seconds?08:26
areznvidia drivers are not activated08:27
arezmaybe i´l l try that too08:27
arezalso, my frickin keymap is screwed up...08:27
TheNocturnalistso i just installed xubuntu oneiric, i am attempting to use jockey to install the nvidia driver.... but it's been going for quite a while, i cannot tell whether or not it is doing anything... any suggestions?10:08
TheNocturnalistnevermind, i killed it. i believe my ralink wireless adapter is not working well, for some freaking reason.10:13
ronsonolIs jockey what comes up on Settings > Additional Drivers?10:14
ronsonolnevermind, just answered my question running it while watching top.  It is.10:17
Os_Maleushello together!10:56
Os_Maleus have a Nexus i9250 and running xubuntu with xfce on my PC. until now, I didn't manage to find out how to connect the both over the USB-cable. does anybody know how it is possible to mount it? it is listed under lsusb. but that was it. no icon on the desktop available.10:56
Starnhey, i recently got a new computer from a friend and i am kinda wondering if wintv card can be used in ubuntu/xubuntu..10:58
well_laid_lawnStarn: I use one with me-tv11:04
Starnwhat's that?11:04
well_laid_lawn!info me-tv11:04
ubottume-tv (source: me-tv): Me TV, it's TV for me computer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.6-1 (oneiric), package size 507 kB, installed size 1860 kB11:04
well_laid_lawnit is a live tv viewer with an epg guide and scheduled recordings11:05
well_laid_lawn+ other stuff11:05
Starnalright i shall check it out sounds amazing! i don't even know what to use on windows lol but windows just finished updating so i am gonna setup bootmanger to allow me to load xubuntu.. my issue is it's been a long time since i've done that and i don't fully remember how to do so in easyBCD.11:06
jadoeI have a strange problem with with dead keys: I set the keyboard layout to "German eliminate dead keys" in the xfce settings. Works like it is supposed to, at first. Pressing ^ brings ^. I use a KVM Switch. When I switch to the other PC and back, pressing ^ brings deadcircumflex instead of ^. What is going on?11:06
Starnwell_laid_lawn: i shall be right back. i'm rebooting. probably take a bit.11:08
well_laid_lawnjadoe: when you switch the kvm over a new keyboard is getting recognised would be my guess11:10
well_laid_lawnif I did that sort of thing regularly I would put a shortcut in the panel to switch keyboard types11:11
starnok.. well_laid_lawn what was the name again? me-tv?11:13
well_laid_lawn!info me-tv11:14
ubottume-tv (source: me-tv): Me TV, it's TV for me computer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.6-1 (oneiric), package size 507 kB, installed size 1860 kB11:14
starnoh i have a random question.. how come ubuntu/xubuntu and like systems can run off of any machine even if it is not the same hardware it was installed on?11:15
well_laid_lawnthere's no one trying to make money off it so you can do what you like with it11:15
well_laid_lawnit's free11:16
starnlike i installed it on an decently fast usb hard drive and it's able to boot up on any machine even though it's not been installed on it..11:16
starnfree= better haha11:16
starnalso is it true that 32bit doesnt display 4gb but still uses?11:16
well_laid_lawnafaik it only uses what it sees and reports11:17
starndang i need to update to 64bit than.. ok.. well_laid_lawn does any antana work with this tvcard? kinda like how any works with my lil box to convert digital to analog?11:18
well_laid_lawnI've used both analog and digital antennas to get free to air tv with mine11:19
well_laid_lawnif the antenna can find the digital stations me-tv will11:20
starnalright i shall be right back grabing my old antana that i don't use.. if it works it's being used haha11:20
starnholy crap the tv thingy startled me..... well it works!11:29
starnumm... well_laid_lawn i feel really stupid.. but how do i change channels?11:33
starnpersonally not to thrilled with some home improvment show.11:33
well_laid_lawnthe channels should be on the left side of the epg11:34
starni don't see it.11:36
well_laid_lawnhave you moved the epg to see what's on later?11:36
starnno?? i don't even know what epg is.11:37
well_laid_lawnelctronic program guide11:38
starni see record button vol epg event search? sheduled recordings fullscreen  name of show and stations... than two arrows <-  and two arrows ->   than top i see file view video audio help11:38
well_laid_lawnthis is a shot from the net - http://www.mpeg4ireland.com/img/metv.jpg - channels on the left11:40
starnwhaaaaa i don't have that!11:41
well_laid_lawnyou can toggle seeing the epg from the menu11:42
starndoesn't show what you had11:42
well_laid_lawnany buttons with station names?11:43
well_laid_lawnif you have live tv and showing the epg selected from the menu you should have at least one station showing in the epg11:44
well_laid_lawnshould is relative tho11:44
starnyeah.. it's live tv.. checked with tv..11:44
starni'm gonna rescan the channels.11:45
starnit finds six channels... but i can't seem to switch to them...11:48
starndoes it matter i am in USA and we only have digital?11:48
well_laid_lawnit doesn't do cable afaik but I could be wrong11:50
starnwe don't have cable.11:50
well_laid_lawnbut if it finds six channels there should be six in the epg11:50
starnbut all our signals here are digital forced by the government.11:50
well_laid_lawnI use digital channels here11:51
well_laid_lawnpost a screenshot11:51
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:51
starnwould you like me to show nvm you just asked lol11:51
starnwell good news i just learned a lot about housing and roofing and stuff... and sealing it for weather.. haha also uploaded one second11:53
starnnvm says image to larg.11:53
puchuanybody  here?11:55
starnwell_laid_lawn: http://imagebin.org/20087611:57
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:57
well_laid_lawnstarn: you should be able to click on    view    in the menu and select to show the epg12:00
starnthere is no "show the epg".12:01
starnwell_laid_lawn: there is change view.. which only removes the buttons you see.. scheduled recording, auto record, epg event search, channels (which allows me to scan for more), preferences.12:03
well_laid_lawnhang on I'll go fire my comp up that runs me-tv12:03
puchuHow can i set a keyboard shortcut for restart x server in Xubuntu 11.10?12:04
puchurestart JUST the x server, not the entire session12:05
Sysirestarting X will restart/kill all GUI apps anyway12:05
puchuwell, how?12:06
well_laid_lawnstarn: I click on   change view mode   and the epg toggles on/off here12:06
SysialtGr PrntScrn K by default12:06
starndoes it have the next arrows and previus arrows and the next day arrows?? and the now button?12:06
puchuis there a way to restart just the x server?12:07
starnfor those buttons don't seem to respawn to me12:07
baizonwhat backup gui programm do you recommend?12:08
Sysipuchu: not that I've heard of, what do you actually want to do?12:09
Sysiapps depend on xserver running12:09
puchu'because i used to change my primary monitor when i watch a movie, i switch to another monitor with the nVidia application, ma for restart the x server  i have to logout everytime...12:10
Os_Maleusbaizon: rsync12:11
puchu...wich close all my windows...12:11
Sysinvidia supports dynamic configuration nowdays12:11
baizonOs_Maleus: with gui12:11
Os_Maleusbaizon: but it depends how You want to make a backup. and where?12:11
baizonOs_Maleus: my music and configuration12:11
baizonin a folder12:11
baizonso the backup goes into a folder12:11
puchuit says "u have to restart x server for apply changes..."12:12
puchuetc etc12:12
Os_MaleusI like the gui-s as well. ... got used to rsync meanwhile. and am very sattisfied with that.12:12
baizoni think i will give backintime a try12:13
well_laid_lawnstarn: yep it has those12:13
starnsays E key brings it up but nothing is happening what version are you using well_laid_lawn ?12:16
starnit says mine is me TV 1.3.6......12:17
starnso much for downloading stuff from apt-get.12:17
Os_Maleusrsync -avb --progress    --backup-dir=[trace to Your backup folder where changes should be saved]  --log-file=[trace to the log-file] --del  /[trace of the uppest folder You want to backup]  /[trace to where You want to have the backup to]12:18
Os_Maleusbaizon: rsync -avb --progress    --backup-dir=[trace to Your backup folder where changes should be saved]  --log-file=[trace to the log-file] --del  /[trace of the uppest folder You want to backup]  /[trace to where You want to have the backup to]12:18
well_laid_lawnstarn: the 2 series shouldn't look too much different to 1 series afaik12:19
starni hope not. for i cannot find me-tv12:22
baizonthanks Os_Maleus12:23
starnwell_laid_lawn: i'm not only one having issue with this version.12:25
Os_Maleusbaizon: You are welcome!12:28
well_laid_lawnstarn: going by the launchpad page for me-tv that's the version most distros are using12:31
starnhmm.. how do i make me tv 2.0.1 scan for channels... it's not letting me do so says something about command line scan is a good way to generate channels.conf12:34
starncan someone tell well_laid_lawn when he gets back i fixed it?12:51
bbakalisis there a way to safely remove gnome desktop and all of its dependencies without affecting my xubuntu? it was installed through updates and i want to uninstall it.14:19
mongybbakalis: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce14:24
mongybest check what its removing in case you want any of it.14:24
bbakalisyes but as i can see it removes stuff necessary for xubuntu. am i  wrong?14:34
mongynever used that personally.14:49
mongytest it in a vm before?14:49
bbakalisno but i guess this is what i have to do...14:49
bbakalisthanks a lot14:49
mongycould install fresh xubuntu but keep your home folder and settings.14:50
mongyI have a spare vm I will try that purexfce for giggles.  If it gets hosed I will drop pschocat a line15:00
mongyok, so I just did that command on a pure xubuntu already system, and the only things that are gonna be removed are gvfs-backends libarchive1 libcdio-cdda0 libcdio-paranoia0 libcdio1015:04
mongyso none of those things getting removed are needed by the looks of it15:05
starnhello, i need assistance with fixing my sound.. i just got a new machine.. and when i plug my headphones sound still comes from the speakers.15:24
mongy`oppsite for me, it stops playing speakers and nothing comes out of headphones15:31
mongyi may boot into 12.04 in a while to tst15:32
starnyeah it worked just fine on old machine.. not how i wanted but it worked.. i wanted it to play music through my speakers and VoIP on my headphones.. still want to do this.. but first i need to fix sound coming out of both like all audio does.. and i didn't change any settings.15:32
starnmongy: do you use realtek?? if so please let me know how it goes for you.15:32
mongyudio device: Intel Corporation 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset High Definition Audio (rev 06)15:36
mongyAudio device: ATI Technologies Inc RV710/73015:36
mongyonly 1 I use is the intel, the ati is the hdmi port15:37
mongyActually... I just saw in pavucontrol the options to choose headphones15:37
mongylemme test15:37
starnugh i forgot how to check what sound i got..15:39
mongylspci - grep Audio15:40
mongytry pulseaudio control and in output devices, select analogue headphones15:40
mongyor whatever is there.15:40
mongyjust tried 12.04, and although sound options were a lot nicer and had a few extras, and even though pluggin into headphoens automatically set output to headphones, nothing actually came out of them :(16:10
mongysadly, sound is still a showstopper on linux for people.16:11
mongyif I had some hdmi headphones I would test..16:11
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lartzaWhere is the iso supposed to fit since i's 710megabytes? :/ I only have 700 discs19:42
lartzaand one that is 600 or 65019:42
lartzamy dvd burner is broken yeah...19:44
magerquarkdo you have a dvd-burner?19:44
lartzaalso 10 megabytes over is kind of a f* this shit situation...19:44
mongyit will fit on a regular '700'19:45
magerquarkyou can also take the alternate-iso19:45
magerquarklartza, from wich mirror did you get your iso19:46
magerquarkthere is no iso that is above 700 MB19:47
lartzamagerquark: md5sum is right :S19:52
magerquarkah ok19:52
lartzabut it is 710.2 MB19:52
lartzanot 677 it is saying on the download page19:52
lartzaI'm gonna download it from there then, totally weird19:53
lartzafirefox says it's downloading a 677M file now19:53
magerquarkdo you have an usb.stick?19:53
lartzaYes but the laptop wouldn't boot it19:53
lartzajust a flashing _19:54
magerquarkah ok, rather old laptop19:54
lartzaYea it has a "removable device" on bios but no idea why it failed to boot19:54
lartzait even detected it and tried it but just didnt19:54
magerquarklartza, there is a #xubuntu-offtopic19:54
lartzaYes? Why?19:55
magerquarkwell your problem is solved19:55
lartzaWell yea but I can do this :)19:56
bodomHi there! Does anybody knows whether there is an integrated VNC in xubuntu?20:12
mongybodom: unless I removed it when I was drunk, no there is not.20:25
bodomso, i'm looking for away to remotely access my running local xfce session20:29
mongyI think you can just install vino (the vnc in regular ubuntu)20:31
mongythere is also other vnc server like x11vnc and tightvnc, also chrome remote desktop is a handy extension that works rather well.20:32
bodommongy: didn't knew vino can handle other windows managersthan gnome, i'll use it then. Ty20:34
mongybodom: umm, I never tried it tbh20:35
mongythere is xrdp but I never got it to work21:26
ronsonolIs there a config to define unmounted hd partitions as not removable devices (so they don't show up on the desktop, but thumbdrives & cds do)?21:30
GridCubeadd them to fstab ronsonol21:34
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions21:34
ronsonolTNX GridCube.  Had some fstab tweaks to do anyhow.21:34
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encryptHi im upgrading to 12.04 and the indicator for the NetworkManager is gone from the pannel. Any ideas on how to get it back?22:56
starnfor some reason xubuntu will not mount primary "C" partition.. it's 500gb with vists 64bit23:33

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