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vindolinis someone here using loggerhead?08:34
poolievindolin, yes, but right now i have to go08:36
pooliemight be best if you ask on the list08:36
Kamping_Kaiseri'm using bzr builddeb and just tracking debian/. should i keep debian versioned, or a directory above debian? (eg, bar/debian , where bar has the .bzr in it)08:57
mgzmorning all09:06
jelmerhi mgz09:22
jelmerKamping_Kaiser: hi09:34
jelmerKamping_Kaiser: you should keep debian/ versioned09:34
pooliejelmer, mgz, hi?10:33
mgzhey poolie10:33
jelmerhi poolie10:34
pooliewill help if i talk in a channel that has you in it10:38
pooliemgz, jelmer, how about a mumble?10:38
poolieor hangout or whatever10:38
mgzmumble works for me10:38
jelmersure, one sec10:39
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mgzjelmer: what's the status of your two approved-but-yet-to-land branches?12:35
mgz...I can never remember which two of shelve/unshelve --destroy/--delete match up12:38
mgzthey should just use the same switch12:38
jelmermgz: there was a test failure or two, I should bump them back to in progress I think12:39
jelmerthe downstairs neighbours have been noisly redecorating for the past couple of hours, I'm going to find a better place to work12:54
mgzI've got room here!12:58
mgzit's just a short swim away...12:58
mgzokay, upgrading cythong fixed the importing of static_tuple, but broke the version parsing thing in setup.py again...13:00
jelmernot sure if that's worth the effort, considering the ferry already takes 5 hours or so :)13:01
jelmermgz: urgh :(13:01
mgzthey now like the form '0.16.beta0'13:03
sladenI'm puzzled:  https://code.launchpad.net/~sladen/unity-2d/unity-2d-no-glow-lp933578 (Diff) shows "=== renamed file 'shell/launcher/artwork/launcher_pip_ltr.png' => 'shell/launcher/artwork/launcher_pip_ltr.png.OTHER'"14:06
sladenbut  find -name \*.OTHER  doesn't find such a file14:07
ahasenackhi guys, where can I find a 2.5b6 build for ubuntu? The beta ppa only has beta214:23
ahasenackI'm being hit by this bug in beta5, which is in precise: #91773314:25
jelmerahasenack: 2.5 should be in precise now14:26
ahasenackjelmer: 2.5 final?14:26
ahasenackjelmer: cool, let me try that, didn't see it14:27
ahasenackjelmer: nice, it's working now, thanks14:28
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mgzdarn it, would notice problem just after merging everything up15:02
mgzah well, should have tested again with the cython problem fixed before merging, could see it was causing failures15:05
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DBOwhere can I get bzrlib api docs?19:13
DBOdoh, nevermind19:13
DBOrelated comment:19:13
DBOthe bzrlib api docs link there is busted19:14
jelmerDBO: hi19:23
jelmerDBO: thanks for the hint19:23
jelmermwhudson: hi19:23
jelmermwhudson: http://starship.python.net/crew/mwh/bzrlibapi/ seems b0rked19:23
DBOjelmer, if Im writing a plugin to a text editor to make it support bzr19:28
DBOis it best to use bzrlib19:28
DBOor to just call out to the bzr binaries?19:28
jelmerDBO: if the plugin is in python then the best thing is indeed to use bzrlib directly19:28
jelmerif not then there are perhaps other things that may work better19:28
jelmerthere is a fair bit of overhead in invoking the bzr binary directly (because of starting python, importing all modules, etc) so you probably don't want to do that, at least in a naive manner19:29
DBOjelmer, are there good examples of doing simple things with bzr lib?19:30
DBO(and yeah, the plugin is in python, so bzrlib should be easy enough to use)19:30
jelmerDBO: hmm, that's a good question19:31
jelmerDBO: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.dev/developers/ that you linked to is a good place to start19:31
jelmermost of the existing trivial plugins are also good for inspiration19:32
jelmer"from bzrlib.branch import Branch; b = Branch.open('/some/url'); print b.last_revision_info()"19:32
DBOjelmer, yeah I am getting along now, is there really a need to do the initialize call?19:42
DBOit seems to work without19:42
DBOmeh no big deal actually, just will do it anyhow19:44
jelmerDBO: it's not strictly necessary at the moment but might become necessary i nthe future19:49
DBOjelmer, okay will just do it19:50
DBOjelmer, let me know if you mind the stupid questions, Im not a python guru :)19:50
jelmerDBO: no problem at all :)19:53
DBOjelmer, is there any way I can tell python where to look for some other packages, it seems this application ships a complete version of python with it...20:02
DBO(so the plugin cant find bzrlib)20:03
thumperDBO: really?20:03
jelmerDBO: you can modify sys.path (which is a list) to include other locations it should look in20:03
DBOjelmer, like this: sys.path = sys.path + ["/usr/lib/python2.7"]?20:05
DBOthumper, yeah20:05
jelmerDBO: yep, something like that (or sys.path.append(...))20:05
DBOoooo append duh20:05
DBOdoesn't seem to work20:06
DBOjelmer, sorry...20:08
DBOsys.path = sys.path.append("/usr/lib/python2.7")20:08
DBOAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'append'20:08
DBOIm guessing that the sys hes shipping doesn't work right?20:09
LarstiQDBO: append works inplace20:13
LarstiQDBO: and returns None20:13
DBOLarstiQ, ah20:13
LarstiQDBO: so just do sys.path.append("/usr/lib/python2.7")20:13
DBOgobject has forever broken me20:13
DBOLarstiQ, actually its still complaining with the same error20:14
LarstiQDBO: is this some longer running process?20:14
LarstiQDBO: what application is it?20:15
DBOsublime text20:15
LarstiQDBO: http://sublimetext.info/docs/en/basic_concepts.html says "This embedded interpreter is intended only to interact with the plugin API, not for general development."20:18
LarstiQI wonder how far they took that20:18
LarstiQDBO: in a normal python sys.path should never be None20:18
LarstiQI think20:19
LarstiQDBO: what you could try then is assigning to it, sys.path = ["/usr/lib/python2.7"]20:19
DBOthat got me further20:20
DBOjelmer, do you know how I can turn an lp: link into something bzrlib understands?21:26
mwhudsonjelmer: you should be using the people.c.c version now21:41
mwhudsonjelmer: how did you get that link?21:41
pooliehi mgz, jelmer, all21:48
pooliedbo, if you have the launchpad plugin loaded bzrlib ought to just understand it directly21:49
DBOpoolie, do I need to do something special to make it load21:50
DBObecause I am just getting an error21:50
DBOpoolie, I am getting an unsupported protocol error21:51
jelmerhi DBO, mwhudson, poolie21:53
jelmerDBO: where are you passing the URL to ?21:53
jelmermwhudson: it's in one of the bzr docs21:54
jelmermwhudson: what is the proper URL?21:54
DBOjelmer, branch.push(Branch.open("lp:myurl"))21:55
mwhudsonjelmer: http://people.canonical.com/~mwh/bzrlibapi/21:56
mwhudsonjelmer: i had a redirect, but it seems to have stopped working at some point21:56
jelmermwhudson: thanks, I'll fix thew link21:57
jelmerDBO: did you call initialize() ?21:57
jelmerDBO: and are you calling load_plugins()?21:57
mwhudsonjelmer: thanks21:57
DBOjelmer, ahhhh that makes it crash but I'll figure it out :)21:58
DBOis it possible to get bzrlib on python 2.622:11
jelmerDBO: yeah, it works with 2.622:12
DBOjelmer, how do I make it do that on ubuntu?22:13
* DBO knows nothing of python22:13
jelmerDBO: it would just be available for the default python in that case I think (which is 2.7 in your case, I think)22:16
DBOjelmer, yeah but im stuck on 2.6 :D22:17
jelmerDBO: you can manually compile bzr into a specific location I guess, or get your editor to use the system python22:22
DBOjelmer, it breaks with python 2.7 :)22:23
DBOscrew it, abandoning S.S. bzrlib22:23
jelmerDBO: you should be able to build bzr for python2.6 into a specific location (e.g. "python2.6 setup.py install --prefix=bar")22:23
DBOjelmer, where do I get the sources?22:24
jelmerDBO: https://launchpad.net/bzr/+download22:24
DBOokay, trying that22:25
DBOthis guy needs to update his editor to python 2.7...22:25
DBOjelmer, it gives a bunch of errors, Im thinking this might be more hassle than its worth22:38
DBOi can probably just call the bzr command directly and get decent enough results to not care22:39
jelmerDBO: I guess it depends a bit on what you're trying to do exactly22:39
DBOI want to do a full out integration22:39
DBObut its really not nice to have to deal with this python incompatibility22:40
jelmerDBO: the issue with not using bzrlib but the bzr command-line executable is that you have to parse the output it generates22:40
jelmeror use bzr-xmloutput and parse the output that generates22:40
DBOwhy is bzrlib looking to build C files22:41
DBOI dont get that...22:41
DBOgcc -pthread -fno-strict-aliasing -DNDEBUG -g -fwrapv -O2 -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -fPIC -I/usr/include/python2.6 -c bzrlib/_static_tuple_c.c -o build/temp.linux-x86_64-2.6/bzrlib/_static_tuple_c.o22:41
DBObzrlib/_static_tuple_c.c:35:33: fatal error: _simple_set_pyx_api.h: No such file or directory22:41
DBOits puking on that22:41
jelmerDBO: there are (optional) implementations in C of some functionality, faster than the python implementation22:42
jelmerhmm, I think that header should be included22:42
DBOokay, just using the python fallbacks then22:42
jelmerDBO: that header file should be included in the tarball I think22:42
DBOI just grabbed trunk22:43
DBObad juju22:43
jelmerDBO: if you want to run trunk with the C extensions, you need to have cython installed22:43
DBOjelmer I do22:43
DBOthat was one of the first thigns i did22:44
DBOits still complaining about not having it22:44
DBObut it is installed22:44
DBOjelmer, so this is the same error I was getting before when I moved teh bzr 2.7 stuff to be used with 2.6 (just to test)22:47
DBOthats what I get with my locally installed bzr now22:47
jelmerDBO: your python installation doesn't support ssl, it seems22:54
DBOjelmer, a man could be driven to insanity this way...22:54
DBOIm sorry I have dragged you along :)22:54
jelmerDBO: this is really unusual; I think you might not get very far in communicating with launchpad if there is no ssl support22:56
DBOI wish I could talk with the app author22:56
DBOand get maybe a better version of python on this22:56
DBOeither way I have switched his program to using system python 2.622:56
DBOwhich works mostly22:56
DBOexcept now bzr is complaining about not being able to import future, which I can do from an interpreter22:57
DBOah I see22:59
wgzthe easiest option would be if the editor supported building against the system python22:59
wgzrather than bundling another copy22:59
DBOthis is the program unsetting the sys.path22:59
DBOwgz, its not open source22:59
wgzthen all the stuf you've just had break would work22:59
DBOyeah, not my program though23:00
DBOalright going to ask the program author to try to give me a better python env to work in...23:02
DBOwill see what happens23:02

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