danweehello people, i need help with juju, i m stuck at a corner and cant find a solution. can anyone help  ?07:32
SpamapSdanwee: did you ask on askubuntu.com yet?07:32
SpamapSdanwee: most of the regular juju users/contributors are generally in here between 9am and 5pm in the US (so 1400 UTC - 0800 UTC)07:33
danweeSpamapS, i didnt, i figured here is the officail support for juju,07:34
danweeSpamapS, can you help ?07:34
SpamapSdanwee: definitely, but it seems you've asked at very off times for us, so we keep missing you . :-p07:34
SpamapSdanwee: I have about 10 minutes then I need to go to bed... I'm all yours for the 10 minutes though. What seems to be the trouble?07:35
danweeSpamapS, thans alot , can u take alook at this and tell me what u think http://paste.ubuntu.com/857589/07:35
SpamapSdanwee: first question, what version of juju?07:36
SpamapSdanwee: second question, does your cobbler setup include full power control or are you turning systems on/off manually?07:37
danweeSpamapS: mmm... lastest i suppose, i dowloaed juju over orchestra server, i manually  turn on and off the systems07:37
SpamapSdanwee: apt-cache policy juju will show you the version of juju07:38
SpamapSdanwee: has the system you're trying to connect to completed its installation?07:38
danweeSpamapS: juju:   Installed: 0.5+bzr398-0ubuntu1   Candidate: 0.5+bzr398-0ubuntu1   Version table:  *** 0.5+bzr398-0ubuntu1 0         500 http://jo.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ oneiric/universe amd64 Packages         100 /var/lib/dpkg/status07:38
SpamapSdanwee: ok, that explains some of it.07:39
SpamapSdanwee: I'd recommend you enable the juju PPA, and use the latest version from the PPA. The one in Ubuntu 11.10 has a lot of bugs and we haven't been able to update it yet.07:39
danweeSpamaps: hmm , so you think it might be a bug07:40
danweeSpamapS: can u explain to me please what exactly going on between juju, orchestra server and the machines,07:41
danweeSpamapS: where do you recommend i shoud start digging07:41
danweeSpamapS: i still have two minutes :)07:43
SpamapSdanwee: the first step, bootstrap, has your client machine interrogating cobbler about available systems, and then allocating one, and feeding data into cobbler to boot and install that system.07:43
SpamapSdanwee: until that machine boots and runs the juju agent (which it will do after installation), juju will basically be unaware of its progress installing.07:44
SpamapSdanwee: so, I need to go, but basically if you have cobbler (the main piece of orchestra-provisioning-server) setup right, then on rebooting the system that you've allocated, it should net-boot via PXE, and start installing Ubuntu07:47
danweeSpamaps: on the cobbler web interface, i edit the system , and mark it as orchestra-juju-available, then i juju bootstrap, it shows a msg that bootstrap completed succefully, and when i check cobber web interface, it shows that the system orechstra-juju-aquired07:47
SpamapSdanwee: once it is done installing and reboots, it should run the agent, and juju status should be able to connect to it.07:47
danweeSpamapS: thanks for your time , and have a good night sleep, i lll try to catch you guys in a better time07:47
SpamapSdanwee: good. Cobbler also should have generated a PXE configuration (based on the MAC address of the first network interface) that will cause it to boot into the installer.07:48
danweeSpamapS: hmm i ll check this also, it doesnt boot by itself07:49
SpamapSdanwee: if you don't have a PXE capable system, you can also just boot with url=http://cobblerserver/cobbler/kickstart/systemname  .. I forget the exact url.. but you can see it by viewing the system's kickstart file.07:49
SpamapSdanwee: good luck. Be encouraged, what you're attempting has many many pages of documentation that need to be written on top of the few that are already in existence, and a huge effort is under way to make the whole thing much simpler!07:50
* SpamapS heads to bed07:50
danweeSpamapS: piece out and thanks agian :)07:50
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koolhead17hello SpamapS08:11
TeTeTusing juju/lxc my machines do not get a public ip, see http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/858965/10:07
TeTeTanything I need to enable this?10:07
TeTeTguess state: pending is not too good10:08
koolhead17TeTeT: it does take sometime :)10:09
TeTeThmm, ok10:11
TeTeTany place to monitor progress on setting up the container, e.g. logs or so?10:11
TeTeT~/juju/ubuntu-sample it seems10:12
TeTeTkoolhead17: thanks, was not patient enough10:13
koolhead17TeTeT: yes thats where things are10:19
koolhead17you have logfiles there10:20
TeTeTkoolhead17: yeah, they are somewhat populated now, some d/l seem to have happened.10:20
koolhead17and also you can go inside state and  units to see more!! :)10:20
TeTeTkoolhead17: though in units a log file to a non existing log under lxc points to.10:22
TeTeThmm, state is actually empty too10:22
koolhead17TeTeT: ooh :(10:22
koolhead17first state gets populated and then unit10:23
koolhead17are you on oneiric10:24
TeTeTkoolhead17: no, precise10:24
koolhead17TeTeT: i have not played with juju on precise yet, am still on oneiric10:24
TeTeTkoolhead17: I have two new nics, vethw7LG25 and vethAluklw10:24
TeTeTkoolhead17: guess they are used for the containers10:24
koolhead17hmm possible10:25
koolhead17TeTeT: http://paste.ubuntu.com/858979/  this is what i used to get my Juju envirnment working without any pain on a physical machine running oneiric10:26
koolhead17also in precise i think default-series: oneiric     default-series: oneiric will change to precise10:27
TeTeTkoolhead17: looks about the same, I use the contains in oneiric as well, maybe that's the problem, no oneiric containers inside precise?10:27
koolhead17TeTeT: i don`t know much about juju/precise :(10:28
TeTeTkoolhead17: let me issue a juju destroy-environment and start with all precise again10:28
koolhead17TeTeT: sounds cool :P10:29
koolhead17TeTeT: also you have not used PPA correct?10:29
TeTeTkoolhead17: correct, just the precise repo10:31
TeTeTgonna install oneiric in another vm and see if it works there. would you recommend a ppa for use with oneiric?10:33
koolhead17TeTeT: i have used the default repo and it just worked with the config and manual i shared with u  via ubuntu paste10:34
koolhead17i have configured it all on a physical machine with oneiric on it not in a Vm, so i have no idea how will it work/behave in the VM env10:35
TeTeTkoolhead17: ok, we'll see then if the virt env makes any differenc10:35
TeTeTkoolhead17: with an oneiric vm juju bootstrap on the virtual net start :( I have seen this before in precise, guess it's fixed there now11:11
TeTeTkoolhead17: installed juju on my precise running laptop, lxc worked just fine, must be a prob with the vms then11:30
TeTeTI wonder if it's a generic problem with lxc inside a vm or a juju specific one11:32
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_mup_Bug #941873 was filed: upgrading charms that use symbolic links fails <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/941873 >12:04
koolhead17TeTeT: congrats!! :P12:05
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jcastroSpamapS: we should probably work on our slides today14:19
SpamapSjcastro: I am free after 14:00 EST16:18
jcastroSpamapS: ok16:19
jcastroit's a date, also, we have a rehearsal tomorrow so we can't keep procastinating.16:19
jcastroeven though I enjoy not writing slides.16:19
SpamapSjcastro: :)16:19
jcastrothat we will put in U116:19
jcastroand then lose.16:19
SpamapSthey're not lost, they're "merged"16:19
jcastromarcoceppi: nijaba: FYI, m_3 is going to strata this week and gets on a plane soon, so any help reviewing incoming charms would be <316:58
jcastroanyone else getting an install error on the mysql charm?17:15
andrewsmedinajcastro: what error?17:15
jcastroI am looking now, I was just hoping someone knew before I had to do the work myself. :)17:16
jcastrook weird, it installed this time.17:23
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jcastrohazmat: where's the code to the charm browser?17:48
hazmatjcastro, on the site18:03
danweehello, anybody free to talk about juju ?18:14
SpamapSdanwee: did you get any further?18:19
SpamapSjcastro: 5 minutes?18:19
jcastroSpamapS: sure18:20
danweeSpamapS: hello SapmapS, hmm yeah kinda, ubuntu doesnt explain deploying openstack on juju using orchestra, there page is really missed up, so after i talk to you, i find out that u have to install juju first on orchestra then bootstrap the enviroment and boot the machine, i did and didnt work yet, maybe cause i manually booted it i dont know, and i installed juju from ppa18:23
danweeSpamapS: but at least i m getting the idea now18:24
danweecheck it out, its really upside down, if someone deosnt know what hes doing , he will get nowhere with these steps https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuCloudInfrastructure18:27
jcastroour docs on that are pretty horrible unfortunately18:28
danweevery horrible man, first i had to get back to frdora docs, to read a bout cobbler, then i got the RSA key thing, so i have read even more on ssh keys, and then i find out that you have to add it in the evnirnments.yaml by hazmat, and that i have to make it available on cobbler18:32
danweeand now i find out that you have to make it avialable to juju and then bootstrap it, just by luck18:33
danweeand still didnt manage to deploy juju yet , i m stand still18:33
SpamapSdanwee: part of the reason there's not more information available on this is that it is being so heavily changed18:37
SpamapSdanwee: in many ways, the 11.10 story for this is a proof of concept, and a tech preview.. and the preview has revealed that we had to change a few things :)18:38
SpamapSjcastro: by 5, I meant 30 ;) almost ready18:39
jcastroSpamapS: it's ok, I am cloud scale, I am used to elastic time.18:39
danweeSpamapS: you know if i manage to deploy juju, i will right it step by step so windows guys will find it even easier to deploy18:40
danweewith explination pictures18:40
SpamapSdanwee: so where are you stuck now?18:41
SpamapSdanwee: when you say you bootstrapped it.. did you then boot it into the installer with the pre-seed URL?18:41
danweeSpamapS: ok thats what i did, i installed orchestra with all the distros and profiles it comes with, then i installed juju , made an environments.yaml, went to cobbler web interface and made a new system with precise profile persay, from management i chose > juju-orchestra-available > then juju bootstrap > i went back to the web interface and it was juju-orchestra aquired > ok now the node machine is still off power but configured for pix18:47
danweethe whole thing started , then when machine finished installing, i juju statused it with a big disappointment18:47
SpamapSdanwee: when it booted up, did it show juju starting on the console?18:48
danweewhich console? the orchestra ?18:49
danweeon orchestra just connecting to environment18:50
danweethen connection refused18:50
SpamapSdanwee: no on the machine18:50
danweealthough i chose a profile with juju preseed18:50
danweeon the machine i just saw it pixie booting the OS18:51
danweei didnt notice a msg about juju18:51
SpamapSdanwee: did you upgrade to the latest juju?18:51
danweeyes i did18:52
danweebut i didnt boot it from the URL, couldnt find it, so i manually powered on the machine18:52
SpamapSdanwee: the url is critical18:53
SpamapSdanwee: if you PXE booted though, then the installer booted with that url18:53
SpamapSdanwee: the install proceeded automatically, right?18:53
danweeand there is a post installation preseed i saw at the end on installation18:54
danweeand the last key command were executed18:54
SpamapSdanwee: ok, you should be able to ssh to the machine18:54
danweechecked the kickstart for the system , it was all executed18:55
danweeyes but after i add authrized_keys to the machine18:55
danweeotherwaise will ask for a password18:55
SpamapSdanwee: ok thats evidence that something went wrong then18:56
SpamapSdanwee: juju installs your key on all the machines18:56
SpamapSdanwee: once you ssh to the machine, is juju installed already?18:57
danweeok where is that key located exactly? /var/lib/orchestra/.ssh/id_rsa.pub ?18:57
danweeu mean on the machine ? there is no sign for juju whatsoever18:58
danweewhat user should i use on orchestra when i juju bootstrap? root user ?18:59
SpamapSdanwee: ok, so something failed during the automatic install18:59
SpamapSdanwee: ubuntu18:59
danweeon the orchestra server ?18:59
SpamapSdanwee: no, from your machine, to the bootstrapped machine19:00
SpamapSdanwee: what profile is the machine in?19:00
danweetried oneiric also with and without juju19:01
danweei have two machines , orchestra with juju , and the node(machine )19:02
danweeon the node i have ubuntu user19:02
danweeon the orchestra/juju what user should i use when i juju stuff19:02
danweeSpamapS: when orchestra server installed by default, it creates and RSA key on var/lib/orchestra/.ssh19:05
danweeand a system user : orchestra19:05
danweei gave orchestra a pass and login with it , juju bootstrap with it , and i tried root and ordinary user, no luck19:06
danweesince you have a create .juju folder in the home directory of a user , which user ?19:07
bachi m_3, could i ask you some questions about your review of the buildbot charms?19:12
SpamapSdanwee: you actually don't need to use the orchestra server for anything.19:14
SpamapSdanwee: it just hosts cobbler and the webdav server that juju uses to install/boot machines19:15
SpamapSdanwee: everything should work fine from your client19:15
danweeSpamapS: where is juju installed? on what machine?19:18
SpamapSdanwee: your client machine, and all machines that are bootstrapped or provisioned using your client machine19:19
SpamapSdanwee: bootstrap installs the "juju server" so to speak19:19
danweeSpamapS: thats how you lost me conpletely19:20
SpamapSdanwee: juju consists of about 5 parts19:22
SpamapSdanwee: juju the client CLI program, and then some agents19:22
SpamapSdanwee: juju bootstrap provisions a machine to run the 'provisioning agent' ..19:22
SpamapSdanwee: all machines that are provisioned by juju run a 'machine agent'19:23
SpamapSdanwee: and any service units that are deployed run a 'unit agent'19:23
SpamapSdanwee: at the center of all of that, lies zookeeper, which is not really "part" of juju, but is used as the system of record that the agents inspect to find out what they should do19:24
_mup_Bug #942179 was filed: Spec needed for subordinates <juju:In Progress by bcsaller> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/942179 >19:25
SpamapSdanwee: so your first step in running juju is to run 'juju bootstrap' to allocate a machine to run the provisioning agent and zookeeper19:25
SpamapSdanwee: with EC2, you do this by making EC2 API calls19:25
SpamapSdanwee: with orchestra, you do this by making Cobbler API calls19:25
SpamapSdanwee: the cobbler API call you  make tells cobbler to allocate the machine, and sets some values that will be fed into the installer19:26
SpamapSdanwee: those values install juju on the server19:26
SpamapSdanwee: *and* they install your SSH key19:27
SpamapSdanwee: so, if your SSH key is not appearing on the server (under the ubuntu user) then its likely the automated install failed in some way.19:27
SpamapSdanwee: make sense?19:27
SpamapSdanwee: and also, does it then make sense why we would try to change this so its not so mind-blowingly complicated?19:28
danweeSpamapS: i m gonna have to read couple of times and think about it19:28
danweeSpamapS: would we see changes on 12.04 ?19:30
SpamapSdanwee: yes19:30
danweeSpamapS: well what are you waiting for, go and do your thing, u only have till spring :)19:31
danweeSpamapS : thanks for the explination, wish i couldve helped somehow19:33
SpamapSdanwee: you have helped.. you've helped confirm that it needed work. :)19:40
danweeSpamapS: thanks mate, i m still not giving up on juju, i ll try different things tomorrow , time to take my leave, sleep time , you take care and thanks again really19:45
danweepeace out19:47
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hazmatSpamapS, re doc merges, people seem to be having trouble hitting the right places for merges, i'm thinking we should just merge them for people if needed21:53
SpamapShazmat: Sure. I think that one was just done before the switchover21:56
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