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knoncan anyone help with a problem mounting SSD _00:22
roger_knon: what's the problem?00:27
knonThank you for answering00:27
knonI got files on SD , I can mount no problem but as soon as i copy or do anything to the files the SD goes offline - running Mint Blue00:28
roger_knon: you can cd to the directory and ls the gilee?00:29
knonI can see all the files until i try to open any of them00:31
knoni suspect a problem with partion header - is a fat3200:32
abmorazcan someone give me a hand?00:34
abmorazI did a fresh install of kubuntu 11.10 and my apt sources are broke out of the gate00:34
roger_knon: did you run a chkdsk against it?00:35
roger_abmoraz: what would you like?00:35
knoni did it did not work00:35
abmorazI've tried switching them and everyone gives me a "Hash Sum invalid"00:36
abmorazor something of that nature00:36
abmorazone second, I will paste the error00:36
knoni tried partition magic too00:37
bazhanghash sum mismatch?00:37
abmorazyes, that00:38
bazhangjust got that one00:38
abmorazhash sum mismatch00:38
abmorazI get it no matter what repository I choos00:38
roger_knon: the chkdsk failed?00:38
abmorazI have tried using apt-get -f and --fix-missing00:39
abmorazneither work00:39
roger_knon: possibly the disk is corrupted? hve you tried testdisk on it?00:39
abmorazI have removed the partial debs00:39
abmorazno avail00:39
knonchkdsk is win right ?00:39
bazhangabmoraz, removed the folder?00:40
abmorazbazhang: what have you tried so far?00:40
roger_knon: yes00:41
roger_testdisk is linux00:41
bazhangknon, perhaps he meant fsck00:41
knoni think this partition is gone but if I can see the files i should be somehow able to get them off the medium ...00:41
knoni tried testdisk00:41
abmorazno, just the broken debs and sources in each respective partial folder (/var/cache/apt/archive/partial/ and /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/)00:41
roger_it's a fat32 disk. I meant chkdsk though at this point it doesn't make a difference00:41
bazhangabmoraz, how did you delete those00:41
roger_that's going to be the issue if it's a partition error. if the chipset is messed up though then it maybe that youc an't remove anything from the drive without bypassing the firmware00:42
abmorazbazhang: sudo rm /var/apt/cache/archive/partial/*00:42
bazhangabmoraz, and the subsequent apt-get update had the same issue?00:43
abmorazI've been pulling my hair out over this issue for 2 days now.  I have re-installed 5 times and still get the same error every time00:43
abmorazbazhang: yes00:43
abmorazI am running kubuntu 11.10 amd 6400:44
bazhangremoving the ones from /var/lib/apt/partial fixed it here00:44
abmorazok, I will try that00:44
bazhanglet me just double check it still is ok00:44
abmorazI was removing the partial debs (According to some forum posts)00:44
abmorazI will try the partial lists00:44
knonwhat firmware?00:45
roger_on the SSD00:45
roger_lets' go with good thoughts and presume it's a software configuration error00:45
knonno firmware on there as i formatted the whole thing00:46
roger_hard drives noawadays are so propietary that if somethign goes wrong your data is screwed without an electron microscope00:46
abmorazbazhang: ok, no errors on update00:46
roger_knon: Your firmware would survive the formatting. It is what would do the formatting00:47
abmorazbazhang: but errors on the upgrade00:47
abmorazbazhang: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/s/samba/smbclient_3.5.11~dfsg-1ubuntu2.1_amd64.deb  Hash Sum mismatch00:48
bazhangabmoraz, yep, it's back here after being fixed momentarily. will have to check launchpad for the specific bug and comments for possible workarounds00:48
knonsorry i meant to say SD no SSD00:48
abmorazbazhang: what is launchpad?00:49
knonit is just  a little chip as used in cameras and phones00:49
bazhangabmoraz, where the bugs are noted and addressed00:49
abmorazknon: are you trying to mount an SD chip to your linux?00:49
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.00:49
knonvia usb of course00:50
abmorazI had an issue with that at work last week.  I had to use a different USB mount for it.00:50
abmorazI got a 32GB SD chip, but my old USB SD adapter wouldn't handle it00:51
knon32gb it is00:51
abmorazit would mount my old 2GB SD chip fine.  I borrowed a co-worker's USB adapter and it worked fine with my 32GB SD chip00:51
knontried 3 so far00:52
knonwill explore this as you may be right although 1 of them came with the chip00:52
abmorazit may not be the same issue, then00:53
abmorazI would assume that the one that game witht he ship would work00:53
abmoraz*came with the chip00:53
knonthing is the whole set-up worked initially and then stopped working00:53
abmorazafk a few minutes to switch laundry00:53
roger_abmoraz: it mounted but then unmounted when you looked at the files?00:54
bazhanghttp://askubuntu.com/questions/82747/update-manager-not-working   abmoraz this one, correct?00:55
knonyes that happens now but before i could save to the device and read/write everything00:55
abmorazbazhang: yes01:01
abmorazbazhang: wait, no01:01
abmorazbazhang: same final error, but the start of the error is different01:02
roger_knon: when did this start?01:02
abmorazbazhang: I am not seeing signature errors01:02
bazhangso my hash sum mismatch errors are gone, and now I got that. wunderbar01:02
knon2 days01:03
knonstarted while saving to the device - was not even full01:03
roger_knon: who makes the device ?01:04
knonanyway i will keep searching for solutions - should have backed up of course01:04
roger_knon: does it support SMART ?01:05
roger_might want to run smartmontools on it if it does01:05
roger_if not then look on sandisk's site if they have an integrity tool01:06
roger_Disks do fail01:06
knonit is the partition header i am certain01:06
abmorazhere is the error I get when running "sudo apt-get update"01:07
abmorazGet:31 http://archive.ubuntu.com oneiric-updates/universe amd64 Packages [97.4 kB]01:07
abmoraz99% [23 Packages bzip2 0 B] [31 Packages 1,533 B/97.4 kB 1%]                                              584 kB/s 0s01:07
abmorazbzip2: Data integrity error when decompressing.01:07
abmoraz        Input file = (stdin), output file = (stdout)01:07
abmorazIt is possible that the compressed file(s) have become corrupted.01:07
FloodBotK1abmoraz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:07
roger_knon: testdisk should be able to list the files and pull them then01:08
knonit failed sadly01:09
bazhangabmoraz, well it seems I fixed the hash sum mismatch by deleting the partial folder01:11
knononce the sd goes offline I have to reinsert it and it mounts again01:11
abmorazbazhang: try and do an "apt-get upgrade" and see if it really fixed01:12
bazhangthen switching servers on the subsequent update got rid of the linked one abovce01:12
bazhangupdate and upgrade yep01:12
knonmust go cheers everyone01:13
abmorazwhich server did you witch to?01:13
abmorazI will try that one, no matter how far away it is :)01:13
bazhanganother one , same country01:13
bazhangwas tw.archive switched to some other tw01:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 914936 in Ubuntu on EC2 "'Hash Sum mismatch' for oneiric-updates and oneiric-security" [High,Fix released]01:18
bazhangbut ec2 is the cloud iirc01:18
abmorazI found another guy who had the problem and he is using the same NIC card I am.  I'm gonna swap it out and see if that helps01:20
abmorazthanks for the help.  good luck01:20
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1905494 abmoraz01:22
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abmorazbazhang: that's what it was.  I switched out my NIC and everything is working fine now02:20
abmorazbazhang: thank you for your help earlier02:20
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Ho^OhHow can I install KDE without apps like their text editor and such?02:44
doomonquestion, does kubuntu 32bit support 8GB ram?02:47
mgoldenQuestion: last night I noticed a large number of changes that made it to the kubuntu-ppa/beta repository.  When I applied them, I found that I could no longer log in to my system - after it accepted the password nothing much happened.  I removed the beta repository from my list and purged all the packages and it fixed the situation.02:56
mgoldenI noticed in my .xsession-errors what seems to be a problem in nepomuk or Soprano02:57
mgoldenAnyway, I now see what seems to be a similar set of packages appearing, I think in the backports repository02:57
mgoldenAnyone know what these are?02:58
TorpedoSkylinemgolden: Are you working with the next version of Kubuntu? You should probably be in #kubuntu+102:58
mgoldenAh, ok02:59
TorpedoSkylinenp mgolden02:59
mgoldenI am still running 11.10 not 12.0402:59
mgoldenbut I do have the 4.8 KDE installed02:59
mgoldenShould I go there?02:59
almoxarifemgolden: its a bug, i see it too03:08
mgoldenalmoxarife: And if I apply the recent update from backports it'll break my machine?03:28
almoxarifemgolden: i doubt it, i apply every update that comes along, do you mean the updates i am seeing avail right now?03:29
mgoldenYes, they look just like the updates in the beta repository that I applied yesterday, and then I couldn't log in03:30
mgoldenI took the beta repository out and purged all the packages.03:30
almoxarifemgolden: but i will tell you in a sec as i am about to install them03:30
mgoldenOTOH, if you can't log in you won't be able to reply!03:31
almoxarifemgolden: wth, its just another issue to resolve :)03:31
almoxarifeif it all crashes i have the install iso for 12.04 kubuntu03:33
mgoldenalmoxarife: good luck!03:33
almoxarifemgolden: installing right now03:33
mgoldenalmoxarife: logging out and re-logging in should be sufficient to see it;03:34
almoxarifemgolden: got you03:34
mgoldenalmoxarife: actually, now that I think of it, I think I restarted X as well03:36
almoxarifemgolden: a nice cold boot should prove or disprove03:36
mgoldenalmoxarife: yes03:36
almoxarifemgolden: is there suppose to be a work around?03:37
mgoldenalmoxarife: I came here to find out!03:37
mgoldenalmoxarife: IOW, no idea03:38
almoxarifemgolden: stick around then, the install is about complete03:38
mgoldenalmoxarife: glued to the scrren03:38
almoxarifemgolden: going to log out/in brb03:39
almoxarifestill here03:41
almoxarifemgolden: no issues found03:43
mgoldenalmoxarife: so the kubuntu-backports one is okay, but kubuntu-beta isn't?03:43
almoxarifemgolden: i have both ppa's, which updated?03:43
pazhitoxque tal03:44
pazhitoxhola hola03:44
mgoldenalmoxarife: last night it was beta, but now I guess it looks like backports03:44
pazhitoxcreo que ando un poco perdido03:44
almoxarifesim, fala engles03:45
pazhitoxah pero hay que hablar ingles ?03:45
almoxarifemgolden: i am guessing its safe03:45
mgoldenGood to know, I'll try it tomorrow03:45
almoxarifeyeap pazhitox, english03:45
mgoldenalmoxarife: too much to do tonight03:46
mgoldenalmoxarife: thanks, BTW03:46
mgoldenalmoxarife: do you know where we should be reporting this problem that we saw on the beta channel?03:46
mgoldenalmoxarife: I don't even know what application/package caused it03:46
pazhitoxPero soy de chile solo hablo español :'(03:46
almoxarifemgolden: the soprano error ?03:47
mgoldenalmoxarife: Well, the problem logging in03:47
mgoldenalmoxarife: I don't know if it was the Soprano error that was causing it03:47
mgoldenalmoxarife: It was just what I saw in the .xsession-errors03:47
almoxarifemgolden: i cant duplicate the login error, the soprano error is something i see being googled and no fix found03:48
mgoldenalmoxarife: So you never saw the login problem, just the soprano problem?03:49
almoxarifemgolden: correct03:49
mgoldenalmoxarife: makes me nervous03:49
mgoldenalmoxarife: I suppose I'll just have to try it03:49
pazhitoxALMOXARIFE: Como me voy a una sala de chat que hablen español?03:50
almoxarifemgolden: the soprano error is easy enough to correct in user session, kill the kactivitiesd03:50
mgoldenpazhitox: que problema tiene?  (Hablo poco)03:50
almoxarifepazhitox: aki se ninguen tiene problema03:51
mgoldenalmoxarife: What was its symptom for you03:51
pazhitoxhow I'm going to a chat room to speak Spanish?03:51
almoxarifemgolden: none, i just noticed the xsessions log indicating the error every 5 sec03:51
Snowhog!sp | pazhitox03:52
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:52
pazhitoxthank you very much :)03:52
almoxarifemgolden: my not seeing symptoms may have to do with the fat-free settings i use03:53
mgoldenalmoxarife: Those being?03:55
mgoldenalmoxarife: I am just using the defaults03:55
mgoldenalmoxarife: I suspect, from what you say, that the login problem has nothing to do with the Soprano issue03:55
almoxarifemgolden: i would agree03:56
mgoldenalmoxarife: sux03:58
mgoldenalmoxarife: you know any way to debug the failure of KDE to start?03:58
almoxarifemgolden: what happens at login?03:58
mgoldenalmoxarife: the login box disappears03:59
mgoldenalmoxarife: and then nothing03:59
almoxarifeblack screen?03:59
mgoldenalmoxarife: no, it stays blue03:59
mgoldenalmoxarife: just no rectangle with the startup stuff in it03:59
mgoldenalmoxarife: when I switch to a terminal to look at things, and then switch back, then it's black04:00
almoxarifemgolden: try uninstall kdm and re-install?04:00
mgoldenalmoxarife: good idea04:00
mgoldenalmoxarife: what I did try was creating a new user04:00
mgoldenalmoxarife: with no profile04:01
almoxarifemgolden: or install lightdm just to see04:01
mgoldenalmoxarife: tried loggin in as him, same result04:01
almoxarifemgolden: purge kdm and install fresh04:01
mgoldenalmoxarife: you know where this stuff is logged?04:01
almoxarifemgolden: in syslog and kern.log04:02
almoxarifemgolden: perhaps also xorg.0.log04:02
mgoldenalmoxarife: saw nothing much in syslog, didn't think about kern04:02
mgoldenalmoxarife: you think it would be an xorg thing?04:03
almoxarifemgolden: might as well look04:03
mgoldenalmoxarife: will do04:04
jorgealguien que hable español04:33
jorgenecesito aser unca consulta04:34
Unit193En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en  el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:34
jorgetengo un problema con mi tarjeta04:34
jorgetengo un problema con mi tarjeta04:37
jorgede video04:37
jorgesoy novato y no pude intalarla04:37
almoxarifejorge: what is 'tarjeta'?04:37
mgoldenalmoxarife: card04:38
almoxarifejorge: ke problema?04:38
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almoxarifese fue iguess04:40
alex_k  05:01
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LinuxephusSo what's the take on Ubuntu dropping support for Kubuntu in the coming months? Is that going to effect future releases in a negative way? Personally I don't think so.06:05
Tm_TLinuxephus: Ubuntu isn't dropping any support (:06:08
LinuxephusUbuntu isn't dropping support for Kubuntu or KDE in general as per an article published on Zdnet last week?06:14
mgoldenLinuxephus: Canonical is dropping paid support for Kubuntu.  JRiddell will not be working on it during his job hours.  Other than that no change06:16
mgoldenLinuxephus: Unless you have a support contract for Kubuntu, you probably won't notice06:16
Linuxephusmgolden: That's right. I just went back over the article in question. I had a few of my details mixed up. Good news mixed up aforehand.06:19
mgoldenLinuxephus: Partly the confusion was brought about by Riddell's somewhat philosopical post announcing the change.  Non-careful readers may have thought that there was some possibility of Kubuntu going away06:20
LinuxephusExactly. All in all though, it's good to know that it's not a complete negative situation for Kubuntu in those regards.06:22
LinuxephusThis "auto nickname" completion with-out tabbing it is beginning to be a painfull annoyance.06:26
nixmaniackhi, I'm getting this error. -> http://i.imgur.com/pp9uZ.png06:45
nixmaniacki'm not able to connect to my WiFi06:45
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argentumanyone home?08:46
bazhangargentum, whats the issue08:47
argentumjust checking in; seeing if anyone is active at this hour08:47
argentumI was wondering though; if anyone has experience running a hackintosh virtual machine08:47
bazhangdont think thats allowed. iirc only mac os x servers are legally available for virtualization08:49
argentumyou mean08:49
argentumdiscussion of non-legal mac servers08:49
argentumis prohibited by the governance of this IRC?08:49
bazhangyou should ask in a ##macos channel08:50
argentumyou're eright08:50
bazhangnothing to do with Kubuntu support08:50
argentumI understand08:50
bazhangtry alis08:50
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*08:50
argentumthank you08:50
argentumI'll be sure to come here when I have any serious issues;08:51
argentumthank you very much for your responsiveness08:51
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faLUCEHi. I'm using a 8 channels video card based on saa7134 chip. I can see good images for 5 channels simoultaneously. But when I add the remaining channels, the quality decreases very strongly and I see horrible lines when there is a motion on the video. how can I solve?09:28
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Anypotaktosanyone can help me?09:57
Anypotaktosmy kopete cant connect on msn acc10:00
AnypotaktosThis means Kopete cannot reach the instant messaging server or peers.10:02
AnypotaktosThis can be because either your internet access is down or the server is experiencing problems. Try connecting again later.10:02
ubuntuI have lost my kubuntu desktop by updating my kubuntu yesterday10:14
ubuntuvery funny10:15
ubuntuhow can I reinstall itM10:15
ubuntuI m on the live CD oneric10:16
L3topyou could apt-get install kde-standard... or kde-minimal I suppose.10:18
ubuntuL3top: I m on the live CD10:18
L3topok... then lets have some fun. Ready?10:18
L3topopen file manager10:19
L3toplocate and select drive10:19
ubuntudolphin if open10:19
L3topctrl l10:19
L3topsee the path?10:19
L3topprob /media/disk10:19
L3topor something like that10:19
L3topthats a lowercase L btw10:20
L3topyou with me?10:21
ubuntuhow can I switch to french keymap please10:21
ubuntuyep I see 4 folder in mediq10:21
L3topI just want the raw path to your disk...10:22
ubuntuthe /10:22
L3topif you press ctrl l with the disk selected in dolphin, it will show you the path10:22
L3topopen a terminal10:22
L3topsudo su10:23
L3topmkdir /mnt/recover10:23
L3topwe dont need that10:23
L3topmount none -t proc /media/ac257c06-88ea-495d-a6bc-7ca9cc093a08/proc10:24
L3topmount none -t devpts /media/ac257c06-88ea-495d-a6bc-7ca9cc093a08/dev/pts10:25
L3topmount none -t sysfs /media/ac257c06-88ea-495d-a6bc-7ca9cc093a08/sys10:25
L3topchroot  /media/ac257c06-88ea-495d-a6bc-7ca9cc093a0810:25
L3topapt-get install kde-standard10:26
ubuntubash: /dev/null: Permission non accordée10:26
ubuntufor the last line10:26
L3topfor which command10:26
L3topchroot /media/ac257c06-88ea-495d-a6bc-7ca9cc093a08/10:26
L3topthrow a / on the end10:27
ubuntu# chroot /media/ac257c06-88ea-495d-a6bc-7ca9cc093a08/10:27
ubuntuchroot: impossible de changer le répertoire racine vers /media/ac257c06-88ea-495d-a6bc-7ca9cc093a08/: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type10:27
L3topimpossible I understand10:28
L3topone second10:28
L3topbefore we go further...10:29
L3topcat /media/ac257c06-88ea-495d-a6bc-7ca9cc093a08/etc/X11/default-display-manager10:30
ubuntucat: /media/ac257c06-88ea-495d-a6bc-7ca9cc093a08/etc/X11/default-display-manager: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type10:31
L3topCan you translate that for me10:31
ubuntuno file exist10:31
ubuntuor directory10:31
L3topwhen you click on your drive10:32
L3topwhat do you see as contents?10:32
L3topin dolphin I mean10:32
L3topdo you have a normal /bin /boot /etc etc?10:33
L3topcd /media/ac257c06-88ea-495d-a6bc-7ca9cc093a08/etc10:35
L3topcd X1110:35
L3topassuming you have an X1110:36
ubunturoot@ubuntu:/media/ac257c06-88ea-495d-a6bc-7ca9cc093a08/etc/X11# ls10:37
ubuntuapp-defaults             X                 xorg.conf.p  Xsession.d10:37
ubuntucursors                  xinit             Xreset       Xsession.options10:37
ubuntudefault-display-manager  xkb               Xreset.d     Xwrapper.config10:37
ubuntufonts                    xorg.conf.backup  Xresources10:37
FloodBotK1ubuntu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:37
ubunturgb.txt                  xorg.conf.old     Xsession10:37
L3topI clearly see a default-display-manager10:37
L3topmust have typoed... sorry10:38
L3topcat defau*10:38
* L3top doesnt know why we cant chroot either...10:39
L3topcan you boot into the system?10:39
L3topto a prompt?10:39
L3topor arre you on it now to be here?10:40
ubuntuI have try to repear with recovery mode10:40
L3topIs this possibly a grub error?10:41
ubuntu* had tryied10:41
L3topthis is a grub thing then I think...10:41
ubuntuno grub error in boot sequence10:42
L3topbut if it was just the desktop not loading, you wouldnt be in recovery mode10:42
L3topyou would just be sitting at a prompt10:42
L3topIf I cannot chroot in, I dont think I can help... something is very broken.10:44
L3topumount -lf /media/ac257c06-88ea-495d-a6bc-7ca9cc093a08/dev/pts10:44
ubuntuI have try to add the cd rom to apt10:44
L3topumount -lf /media/ac257c06-88ea-495d-a6bc-7ca9cc093a08/proc10:45
L3topumount -lf /media/ac257c06-88ea-495d-a6bc-7ca9cc093a08/sys10:45
L3topbefore moving on, just cause.10:45
ubuntuI reboot10:46
ubuntuthx for your help10:46
kbroulikwhy does the kubuntu live session do a better job in detecting screen configuration than an installed kubuntu? on the live cd, I just started it and all the monitors had perfectly native resolution, I had to rearrange them which was okay, but otherwise it worked fine. on the installed, I mostly end up with one monitor being disabled or me not able to wake that monitor up from standby, sometimes it's one monitor, sometimes both11:26
kbroulikstay offline …11:26
L3topI believe that the live cd is using vesa drivers11:29
L3topand linux support from hw manufacturers suck in large part.11:30
L3tophowever if you want to take advantage of the capabilities of the card11:30
L3topyou have to use their driver/config tools11:30
L3topvesa drivers work on almost anything11:31
L3topbut are very limited. WOuldnt wanna watch video on em prob.11:31
kbroulikL3top: well the vesa drivers are the basic 2d only stuff?11:32
kbroulikbut it was composited, even wobbly windows worked11:32
L3topI find that confusing11:35
L3topoh wait11:35
L3topIm still thinking xorg stuff.11:35
kbroulikI use the radeon drivers here and they work quite well, I can play all my favorite games in maximum settings but … that it just doesnt remember the monitor config properly sucks11:36
L3topati linux stuff is a pain.11:36
kbroulikI come from nvidia and it isnt better either11:36
L3topI would argue that.11:36
kbroulikthe nouveau driver just doesnt work on my machine11:37
kbroulikit crashes reproducibly once there is more than one monitor attached11:37
L3topoh gosh no... nouveau is not awesome.11:37
L3topbut the glx stuff is quite nice11:37
L3topaccelleration vdpau...11:37
kbroulikproblem with the open source drivers is their automatic monitor detection11:38
kbroulikand this sucks and screws upt he config everytime you restart the machine11:38
kbroulikbecause … well … it's not in a config file but generated on startup11:38
kbroulikfunny that Plymouth (the start screen) does a perfect job in finding the correct resolution while X just messes it all up11:38
L3topyou can get around that11:38
L3topcreating an xorg11:38
L3topit will default to that.11:38
L3topWe use proprietary drivers because of the media heavy stuff we do.11:39
L3topand ati is going to put me in an early grave11:40
kbroulikI also used the proprietary nvidia driver because nouveau was not usable11:40
kbroulikbut now I am not going to install a proprietary driver again11:40
kbroulikbecause they also suck11:41
kbroulikwell all sucks11:41
kbroulikthat's sad11:41
FloodBotK1kbroulik: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:41
L3topwell... again... the nvidia stuff plays much nicer.11:41
kbrouliknouveau crashed frequently, nvidia-current is slow as hell … fglrx ruins the entire system, radeon works perfectly except for that screen detection thingie11:42
kbroulikI am jealous on my mom's computer … she just has an Intel onboard, and I never had problems with it11:42
L3topwhat nvidia card are you using?11:42
kbroulikI was using a Geforce 250 GTS11:42
L3topshouldnt use current11:42
kbroulikwhatever, I just installed nvidia-current and that's all ^^11:43
L3topcurrent is the 29511:44
kbroulikokay …11:44
L3top260 is much better and the opposite of slow11:44
kbroulikI dont care … I dont have that card in my machine anymore :D Now I got a Sapphire Radeon HD687011:44
L3topfor that card11:44
L3topI would think that fglrx would be the direction for that one11:45
L3topa much better driver, but... finicky11:45
kbroulikfglrx left me with an unbootable system11:45
L3topyou are running multiple monitors?11:45
kbroulikfglrx is just causing trouble … both on my computer and my notebook11:45
L3topour project wouldn't suit you.11:45
kbroulikI have three monitors11:45
kbroulikone attached on DP, the other two on DVI11:46
L3topI have to write all of the autodetection/driver install stuff... and as I said... ATI has been the bane of my existence the last few months.11:47
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BluesKajHiyas all13:37
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jonahhi trying to change desktop icons but they won't save. also my menu editor won't work and wine apps aren't showing up on my kmenu so would like to add them in but when i do they're still not there. any suggestions what may be causing it?15:59
BluesKajjonah,  open system serttings>workspace appearence and application appearance to finalize your settings , when making changes make sure you click apply16:07
ubottuTesting help needed in #kubuntu-devel ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, em16:09
Riddellnew images http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/20120225/16:09
jonahBluesKaj: hi thanks but it's when I right click an icon on the desktop to change the icon to another. for example there's a text file on the desktop, so i click it and choose an icon with a notepad desig on instead of the default and press save and it stays the same as how it was already16:09
jonahBluesKaj: then also my wine menu doesn't have photoshop or dreamweaver entries, even though i installed them and they run if i find them in dolphin. so i tried to add entries by pressing right click on the kmenu icon and edit menu / add application, enter it all in and press save then exit out and it's not on the menu still. then i click menu editor again and what i added has dissappeared...16:11
excognachi all16:21
excognacI am debugging print problems with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingPrintingProblems I did atep four i. e. sudo ls -1 /var/spool/cups but there is no file beginning with d16:23
excognacwhat shall i do now?16:23
excognac*step 416:25
BluesKajexcognac , reboot and the prinbter should be recognized16:31
excognacBluesKaj: prtinter is recognized but does not print, I reported a back. I think you also tried to help me with this issue last week16:32
BluesKajyes , dell printer ?16:33
excognacIgnore it. my fault16:39
BluesKajexcognac,  have you run the printer wizard in system settings>printer configuration?16:39
excognacBluesKaj: I did, 10 times. Never helped.16:40
BluesKajwhich driver is it recommending ...try some alternatives if there are any listed16:42
excognacI've tried all. None of them worked16:44
BluesKajdid you reboot in between driver installs ?16:45
excognacI did16:48
BluesKajand the printr show up with lsusb in the terminal ?16:50
BluesKajprinter shows16:50
excognacthe printer is recognized16:50
excognacjust does not print, only the text page. Now I am trying to follow the debugging manual16:51
BluesKajwel, that's a start ...sounds like a drive rissue to me ...wonder about dell linx support , is there any?16:51
BluesKajit prints the test page ? then make sure you click "ok" after it prints , not before .that "sets" the print settings16:52
excognacyes, they shipped the printer with a cd with install.sh on it. Either I ran it from the disk or HDD with chmod +x, it always has logged me off from kubuntu16:52
excognacand the dell software never worked16:53
excognacsame if i download it from their webpage16:54
meNthahey guys16:54
meNthai have a little problem16:54
BluesKajexcognac, , well dunno how to help otherwise16:55
meNthamy cpu is on 100%  cause virtuoso -t use 90%/16:55
meNthait s a bug?16:55
meNthaany solution?16:55
BluesKajmeNtha,  why use virtuoso ...it' a hog16:55
excognacBluesKaj: no problem, you've always helped me out whenever you could16:56
meNthawhat i should to do? :D16:56
BluesKajMetaBot,  do you need virtuoso/nepomuk ?16:56
BluesKajmeNtha, ^16:56
BluesKajsorr to many nicks with the same first 2 letters16:57
BluesKajtoo many16:57
meNthaidk, what does this application?16:58
meNthai'm just updated my system, and amarok :D16:58
BluesKajmeNtha,  are you a home user or in a workplace ?16:59
meNthanice question17:00
meNthai'm seo/sem consultant, so i working on my home computer :D17:00
BluesKaj!info nepomuk17:00
ubottuPackage nepomuk does not exist in oneiric17:00
meNthaohh, its better, just 95% and 55C :D17:01
BluesKajwth , where's the bot17:01
BluesKajMetaBot,  do you need file indexing , is the question, if not you can turn nepomuk off in system settings , startup&shutdown>service manager >startup services17:03
BluesKajmeNtha, ^17:03
meNthai cant :O17:05
BluesKajyes you can17:05
BluesKajuncheck the box beside nepomuk , and it won't start the next boot up17:05
BluesKajbut you have to check "restore session " in seession management17:07
BluesKajand to amke sure it never starts again , type mepomuk in the dialog applications tobe excluded from ....17:08
* BluesKaj curses his phat phingers17:08
BluesKajhmm what ?17:09
meNthastartup services doesnt have nepomuk checkbox17:09
meNthait hink i have to restart my pc17:10
BluesKajmeNtha,  service manager does17:10
BluesKajmeNtha,  are you on kubuntu ? or ubuntu17:11
meNthakubuntu ofc17:11
BluesKajlook for nepomuk search module17:12
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meNthacant find17:13
meNthawat a min, i'm gonna restart17:13
meNthanow i can uncheck the nepomuk17:18
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excognacactually, why would one need nepomuk?17:26
BluesKajmeNtha,  and to make sure it never starts again , type nepomuk in the dialog box " applications to be excluded from .... '17:26
meNthai dont need it17:26
BluesKajand unless you need kmail , do the same for akonadi17:27
jcgsexcognac: nepomuk does the things that windows search and spotlight do, ie makes things like emails easily searchable17:27
meNthappa:kubuntu-ppa/backports added, and it istalled17:27
meNthai think17:27
meNthaBluesKaj thanks a lot!17:27
excognaccos I also had for some reason but now eliminated:)717:28
BluesKajif want to search files and not ahve a cpu hog daemon , install krusader17:28
jcgsHi :) Does anyone know what to do if kmail loses all your emails? for some reason, my kmail is starting up blank, despite me having two accounts registered with it :( Also, whenever I click on "mail" in Kontact,it opens kmail in a separaet window, which is also blank. Very strange behaviour!17:29
BluesKajjcgs,  is akonadi running ?17:30
BluesKajkmaul uses akonadi to search the db for emails , afaik17:31
BluesKaji give up ...kmail17:31
jcgsBluesKaj: seems to be, it has plenty of processes open, and i can change settings and stuff17:31
jcgsBluesKaj: might it have anything to do with the fact that I recently tried to change to "disconnected mode"?17:32
BluesKajsorry jcgs , my attempts to get kmail to work were fruitless ..I finally gave up after akonadi kept erroring with my ISP email settings17:33
BluesKajso my knowledge base about kmail is very scattered17:34
jcgsoh dear :( i suspect it would be difficult to file a bug along the lines of "this program is fail"17:34
BluesKajI loved kmail in kde317:34
jim_@jcgs: Thunderbird has issues like this depending on the startup directory.  If it autostarts, it has the wrong directory because it uses /etc/passwd.  If I start it myself, it looks in the right directory because I set the starting directory.17:36
jcgsjim_: do you know what the "right directory" is? kmail doesn't store its emails in a directory, it stores them in a database, so it shouldn't matter where i start it, surely?18:01
yofeljcgs: can you install akonadiconsole and see if the database is up fine?18:04
jcgsyofel: it's installed, how do i check if the database is "up fine"?18:07
yofeljcgs: just go on db browser, and press refresh18:09
yofeldoes it show anything?18:09
jcgsyofel: yeah, an incomprehensible table appeared :) is that ok?18:10
yofelyeah, meaning mysql works at least18:10
yofeljcgs: is your mail account shown on the agent tab?18:10
jcgskk, presumably all that means is that kmail / kontact is failing to talk to it properly18:11
jcgsyofel: yeah, they both are18:11
excognacBluesKaj: I don't get stg: I just removed nepomuk search module from startup apps, set start with an empty session, and I have virtuoso-t, nepomukcontroller, four(!) nepomukservicestub and nepomukserver running. Why?18:11
excognacobviously after restart18:11
yofeljcgs: then I'm not really sure what's wrong...18:12
yofelkmail version?18:12
jcgsi just opened it and it seems to be doing better :)18:13
jcgssome folders have appeared :)18:13
BluesKajexcognac,  don't start with empty seession , then the defaults startup including nepomuk , set it to 'restore previous session" . after turning nepomuk etc off inthe service manager18:13
jcgsyofel: 4.7.318:13
yofelwhy not 4.7.4?18:13
excognacBluesKaj:  ouch ok, so I shouldn't have changed it18:14
jcgsyofel: kde is version 4.7.4 kmail is version 4.7.3. i have a screenshot, but i presum it's running the latest version. i keep kubuntu updated regularly (i did updates this morning)18:16
yofelthen I guess just the version number is wrong18:17
BluesKajwish there was a method runkmail kontact independently of alaonadi and the db ..the db is of no use to ppl like me who don't store thousands of emails18:17
BluesKajto run kmail18:17
yofelwell, mails are stored in akonadi now, so without that, kmail is practically useless18:17
excognacBluesKaj: still have them18:18
BluesKajwhy isn't  more like t-bird ..independent with it's own storage dir18:18
jcgsyofel: http://imagebin.org/20107818:18
BluesKajexcognac,  stiil have nepomuk ...like I said earleir , make sure you enter nepouk in the textbox in session managemet , "Applications to be excluded...."18:20
jcgsI know this is going to be quite controversial, but i think (in principle at least) akonadi is quite a good idea. There are good reasons to separate the checking-and-storing-mails process from the looking-at-mails process (the e-mail client) and sharing the former between all the clients ought to engourage better development :)18:21
jcgsThat presumes of course that akonadi is actually well-implemented18:21
BluesKajjcgs,  it's fine for office situations which need to maintain a large email database , but what use is it for home users like me who just want kmail to be optionally availble with links to an uneeded database18:23
BluesKajwithout links rather18:24
jcgsit ought to allow faster and more efficient searching, and checking of e-mails in background while the e-mail client is closed, saving memory, and meaning that the email database is much more up to date. therefore it also ought to improve start-up times for clients, as they shouldn't need to do a manual email check every time18:25
jcgsbut obviously it depends how you use email as to which is more appropriate, searching and background checking may not be worth having18:27
yofelit does do mail fetching in the background when kmail is closed18:28
yofeljust uses a lot more memory than before :(18:28
BluesKajjcgs,  the lack of non-db and other options in kmail is my complaint18:28
BluesKajkmail is tied to some enterprise vision the canonical management has for kubuntu ...sad really18:30
BluesKajor had , I guess :)18:30
BluesKajmy next peeve is the so called playlist setup in amarok ...that's a bloody mess too18:32
jcgsBluesKaj: in a sense, a mailbox is by definition a database, however it's stored, so it makes sense to use a program that specializes in handling data, rather than re-inventing the wheel18:32
BluesKajjcgs,  did you ever run kde3 ?18:32
DarthFrogBluesKaj: Canonical doesn't drive either KDE or Kmail development.  If you think that Kmail is tied to some management vision, well, that's the devs choice.18:33
jcgspossibly, but probably not as my main os18:33
BluesKajkmail didn't use a mysql/akonadi db in kde3 ...so the devs actually did reinvent the wheel already, jcgs18:34
jcgsCould you search e-mails from krunner? or sync them without kmail being open?18:35
fakherhi everyone, i install kde minimal on ubuntu and i want install french language, how pls18:35
fakhersorry my poor english18:35
ubottufakher: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.18:35
BluesKajwell DarthFrog they approved the inclusion and drastic changes to kmail in kde4 ..I don't find that any different in their vision18:36
DarthFrogBluesKaj:  Who is they?18:36
jcgsfakher: what about running "sudo apt-get install language-pack-fr language-pack-kde-fr" in a terminal?18:37
BluesKajthat's my opinion and I'm sticking to it :)18:37
DarthFrogBluesKaj:  Good for you. :-)  But Canonical, via the Kubuntu boys, merely implemented what upstream developed.18:38
jcgsBluesKaj: No worries :) I can well imagine that kmail in kde3 was better, since kmail in kde4 has a long way to go before mathcing something like outlook, or thunderbird18:39
BluesKajsplitting hairs , DarthFrog  ...the devs answer to management to use or not to use aspects of the desktop environment18:39
BluesKajjcgs,  yes , afraid so18:40
jcgsBut my point was that i think there are good reasons for what has happened, and i personally quite like the idea, but that's not to say that everyone has to18:42
yofelBluesKaj: well, this was more a question of supportability, as upstream support for kmail1 is dead. And we didn't think it would be *this* bad. (The pre-release test were somewhat acceptable)18:42
yofelCanonical had nothing to do with this though18:42
BluesKajyofel,  yeah sure18:42
BluesKajlets hope there's abetter independent email program developed for kde that doesn't need some clunky database gumming up the works18:44
BluesKajnatve kde email app that is18:44
yofelnah, they're working on fixing kmail - more or less successfull18:45
BluesKajjust try getting rid of akonadi  and see what happens ,, it's bloody ridiculous18:45
BluesKajand I've already complained about it in kde and kubuntu-devel18:46
yofelwell, I know. Not that I can do anything about it -.-18:46
BluesKajyeah it's really unfortunate , yofel  :(18:47
yofelat least I think I've figured out why ktimetracker doesn't work18:49
yofelso some less breakage in kdepim18:49
BluesKajRocknRolla,  just ask you qestion18:56
RocknRollaBluesKaj: which is suitable editor for web dev like dreamveaver in windows?18:57
TSKRocknRolla: http://alternativeto.net/software/adobe-dreamweaver/?platform=linux&license=free19:00
BluesKajhttp://webdesign.about.com/od/htmleditors/tp/Free-HTML-Editors-Linux-UNIX.htm , RocknRolla19:00
oqpohi, I have a problem, the KDE fonts sometimes change automatically, and I have to revert it back. Can I prevent this from happening?19:02
TSKPersonally, I've tried more than a few web editors and eventually just settled on hand coding in Kate editor instead.  Cleaner code, and Kate is one of the better editors I've found for pretty much ANY code in every language.19:03
antonio_русские есть??19:13
Unit193!ru | antonio_19:14
ubottuantonio_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:14
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:14
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oqpoSome times when opening files from Dolphin, I get the error: "Could not find the program 'rekonq'. I don't have that program installed, and I don't need it either. How can I fix that?19:18
TSKoqpo: You need to edit the default file associations and find the one that's trying to load rekonq (lightweight web browser) and change it to your preference.19:21
bobluHi, bit of a n00b here.. can someone point me in the direction of installing the flash debug player in chrome and/or firefox?19:23
oqpoTSK, I have search for that in System Settings, but the default program to is every time kate. And kate opens after I click ok in the error message.19:24
oqpoboblu: I have never hear of a debug version of flash. But the normal flash package is adobe-flashplugin19:28
TSKoqpo: There are two places in System Settings that I've had affect which app tries to open a file.  If it's not in one, then it's in the other.  Check "System Settings > Default Applications" first, as it's simpler, but if it's not there, then it's somewhere in "System Settings > File Associations".  Another way to solve the issue is to right click on one of the problem files in Dolphin, and select "Properties" from the context menu and then19:30
TSKclick the little wrench button and edit which app opens in there.19:30
kamelie1706I have just update from http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu + oneiric + main and I have lost all my widget/icons settings on the default activiyt ... Search and Launch & Desktop Icons activities are also completly empty19:30
bobluI'm sure there is one. I'm a actionscript developer but mostly on win.. but now I would like to move entirely to linux. I do have the debug player standalone version but I must have the plugin debugger aswell. Otherwise I wont be able to work...19:30
oqpoTSK: Thank you for your help, but there is nothing, the file association is already in this order: kate, kdiff3, firefox, opera. There is no rekonq in the list.19:32
TSKoqpo: Well, that's just plain strange then.  I haven't had anything try to open rekonq for a LOoooooOooong time now.19:32
kamelie1706KDE update 4.8.0b :-(19:33
oqpoTSK: I think maybe it is hard-coded somewhere in a kde lib. I searched for files containing rekonq, but there is noting in ~/, maybe in /etc/.19:35
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TSKWhat filetype is giving you this problem?19:36
kamelie1706has anyone successfully update to 4.8.0b19:44
yofelkamelie1706: can you check if kubuntu-desktop is installed?19:45
yofeland libkactivities-bin19:45
kamelie1706yofel: kubuntu-desktop not there19:47
yofelplease install that19:47
yofeland please pastebin your /var/log/apt/history.log19:47
jamil_1hi all, I am trying to change shortcut for show desktop widget to Meta+D but the shortcut is not being assigned19:48
kamelie1706yofel: my mistake kubuntu-desktop there already19:48
yofelkamelie1706: and libkactivities-bin?19:49
kamelie1706yofel: libkactivities-bin also there19:49
yofeldo you have this? /usr/bin/kactivitymanagerd19:49
kamelie1706yofel:kactivitymanagerd there19:50
jamil_1here: http://imgur.com/2Rexi19:51
yofelcan you pastebin your history.log please? so I see what the upgrade actually did19:51
jamil_1you can see, some not printable characters rather than meta key19:51
kamelie1706yofel: not familiar with pastebin. How do you do that?19:52
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:52
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com19:53
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kamelie1706pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com/859638/19:58
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:59
kamelie1706yofel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/859638/19:59
kamelie1706yofel: Did you manage to access the log?20:08
yofelkamelie1706: hm, that's trimmed already, can you please run this?20:09
yofelcd /tmp20:09
yofelgunzip -k /var/log/apt/history.log.1.gz20:09
yofelpastebinit history.log -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:09
yofelpastebinit history.log.1 -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:09
kamelie1706sorry I trimmed only the part of today update20:10
yofelwell, that one looks fine20:10
yofelyou might find a hint to what's wrong in ~/.xsession-errors20:10
kamelie1706pastebinit /var/log/apt/history.log -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:11
kamelie1706!pastebinit /var/log/apt/history.log -b http://paste.ubuntu.com20:12
ubottukamelie1706: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:12
kamelie1706yofel: the complete log http://paste.ubuntu.com/859655/ (sorry thought pastebin was irc command getting back to irc after 14 years!)20:14
yofelkamelie1706: hm, nothing recent that would cause this.20:15
yofelkamelie1706: if you press ctrl+esc, and search for kactivitymanagerd, is it running?20:16
kamelie1706yofel: maybe something wrong there http://paste.ubuntu.com/859662/20:19
kamelie1706yofel: errors related to /usr/bin/kactivitymanagerd(2401)20:20
kamelie1706yofel: found using ps -ef | grep kactivitymanagerd20:21
yofelthen I'm out of ideas, sorry20:21
yofelanyone else?20:21
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kamelie1706yofel: thanks ... at least I learn some new thing today :-)20:37
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darthanubisanyone here try an upgrade to Kubuntu Precise?20:49
TopGearHi Folks. I've got a problem with Amarok. I have quite some gigs of music on my 2nd HDD. I moved everything from that HDD to the Amarok playlist, but it won't migrate the album covers. What do I need to do to have the album covers shown in Amarok?20:56
TopGearOh. Working now. Whatever.21:04
jcook_5xdataanyone know f it possible to have the Im windows pop up in the new KDE telepathy client list in 12.0421:35
ArchangelSe7ennot sure , but Kopete does it afaik21:38
excognacis there anyway I can automatically copy outputs from the terminal for a while?22:13
excognac*a way22:13
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