ricotzwgrant, hello07:08
ricotzwgrant, you mentioned that the buildd have different sizes -- could you look at and restart this build on a buildd where are at least 25gb available -- https://launchpad.net/~ricotz/+archive/ppa/+build/323910007:09
wgrantricotz: No, we can't sensibly do that.07:10
wgrantYou need to reduce the build size to something sensible, I'm afraid.07:10
ricotzwgrant, i see :\ - could you just restart it with fingers crossed?07:12
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stefancthi! i was playing around on qastaging.launchpad.net, created a project and tried to import our source from subversion. the import itself seems to have finished successfully, but updating the (bzr) branch seems to come to no end (is running for 10 hours now).09:42
czajkowskistefanct: morning, not sure let me find out for you09:54
stefancthttps://code.qastaging.launchpad.net/~stefanct/flashrom/trunk is the one09:56
stefanctcant find a link from the project page to that btw09:56
StevenKYou need to specify that branch as the trunk on the project page if you wish too09:57
stefanctStevenK: well i used the import feature on the project page09:58
stefanctso i would have thought that it gets linked automatically... is that a wrong assumption?09:58
mgedminhttp://pad.lv/nnnn redirects to a launchpad bug nnnn; https://pad.lv/nnnn returns 40409:58
StevenKstefanct: It does not get linked automatically09:58
StevenKmgedmin: I've made a note to ask the author of pad.lv about that09:59
* mgedmin thanks09:59
stefanctStevenK: hm ok, done. can a project have a branch that is not owned by an individual?10:02
stefanctah i need a team. that wasnt obvious from the UI alone (a "create new team" option in the owner drop down menu would have been great ;)10:12
StevenKstefanct: Feel free to file a bug describing that. Perhaps with a screenshot if you wish10:27
stefancti think 5k open bugs are enough already :)10:53
nigelba smaller bug is probably fixed faster by a random contributer.10:54
stefancttrue. i would rather get my code into launchpad first though.10:56
stefanctczajkowski: any idea yet? else i will try on the stable server10:56
stefanct(or should i first try on staging?)10:56
czajkowskistefanct: it is scheduled to run and runs every 5 mins10:57
stefanctoh i did not check it again, sorry10:58
stefancthm.. well but it looks like it was not fixed10:59
stefancthttps://code.qastaging.launchpad.net/~stefanct/flashrom/trunk still shows "Updating branch..." and "This branch has not been imported yet."10:59
czajkowskiwill ask again11:02
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stefanctimporting on staging worked without a problem: https://code.staging.launchpad.net/~flashrom-developers/flashrom/trunk12:59
stefanctjust to find out that there are no active (x86) builders there https://staging.launchpad.net/builders :)13:20
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JoseeAntonioRHello! I would like to know how can I create an answer to a FAQ, so I can just link a question to it whenever it's asked.15:59
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tom95can anyone tell me why this build is failing: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/94533558/buildlog.txt.gz ?18:39
dobeytom95: unsatisfiable build dependencies18:42
dobeytom95: clearly says "Unmet build dependencyies: <list of dependencies>" near the end :)18:42
tom95dobey: uh... how could I have missed that... :S thanks18:43
dobeyis there a way to see what the queue/load is like on the recipe builders?18:55
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abentleydobey: they are the i386 virtual builders.  There are graphs  here: https://lpstats.canonical.com/graphs/CodeRecipeDelay/ https://lpstats.canonical.com/graphs/BuildersActiveVirtual/ and a queue description here: https://launchpad.net/builders19:44
dobeyah right; thanks abentley19:49
abentleydobey: np.19:49
abentleydobey: We are instructed not to panic until the queue nears 1K https://wiki.canonical.com/Launchpad/BuildFarm19:51
exarkunThere are some tickets that I think should be closed somehow.19:53
exarkunThey affect a source package in Ubuntu.  They seem either bogus or duplicates.  Should I ask more about them here?  Or somewhere else?19:54
dobeyabentley: yeah, i don't think this is a panic situation. i think it's maybe recipes don't have build scores or something, so even if our PPA builds have a better build score, and build sooner, the recipes will still take forever if the system is bogged down with requests19:54
kirklandwhat time does poolie typically show up?20:07
lifelesskirkland: 2 more hours; its 0718 for him20:18
kirklandlifeless: k, thanks;  looks like pad.lv had a hiccup, but it appears to be back up now20:18
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audifahrerCould someone help to tell my why my lib on launchpad doen't link: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/94535857/buildlog_ubuntu-oneiric-amd64.stateval_0.1-0~201202262108~oneiric1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz21:22
audifahrerit's compiling local with amd64 and oneiric without problems and even used -pthread. I don't understand this21:22
stefanctis there an easy way to donate cpu time/hosts for the builder farm?21:44
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