blud2_what does lubuntu use again.. um, not gdm, not lightdm..?00:04
bludshotwhen i turned on my computer, it was saying Checking for running unattended upgrades, and getting stuck on that. So I booted to recovery and apt-get removed that and rebooted and then it said Could not write bytes: broken pipe. So I rebooted to recovery and did dpkg-reconfigure lxde to see if that fixes it, and now when I turn on the computer i just get a black screen, then a lubuntu loading01:57
bludshotscreen for a split second and then a black screen forever (like more than an hour, presumably forever)01:57
Treat1Hi, to all03:00
Treat1I'm having some trouble with Audacious "No decoder" when trying to listen to online radio station,03:01
holsteinTreat1: i would try VLC03:02
holsteini would try adding some codecs for whatever audio support you need03:02
Treat1I'm want to stay as close to the original disto as I can03:02
holsteinTreat1: cool03:03
Treat1when I installed it I checked the Restricted Formats03:03
holsteinthen ask for a stream from the provider that doesnt require a codec03:03
holsteinyou'll either need to add a decoder, or try a different stream.. but i would do this after trying VLC03:04
Treat1I would like to get the codec's which ones do I need03:04
holsteinTreat1: not sure... you'll need to check with the stream provider and see what it is.. or just install VLC.. fire up that stream and see what VLC says it is03:05
holsteinyou can go from there :)03:05
Treat1Oh ok you convinced me, I'll get vlc03:05
Treat1Damn, the one time that I thought I'd get by on the bare essentials.:-/03:06
bludshoti did some stuff to fix some problems, including doing dpkg-reconfigure lxdm   and now when I get into the desktop i have no start menu or task bar04:43
asdeexcuse me05:34
Fudgeam now, pace barplaying p ol10:07
karsten_hey there. does anybody knows why i can install updates via the "Aktualisierungsverwaltung" (I think its Update Manger in English) in Lubuntu 11.10 without typing in my root-password15:13
Treat1After a fresh install of Lubuntu 11.10 I'm not able to set up printing on my networked printer. This has alway been a breeze, it's not even found when I put in the ip add. of the printer. Has anyone else had an issue like this.16:48
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Armin-Maywaldhi im currently testing lubuntu via an usb-stick and I noticed that my Media-Keyboard-buttons dont work. Is no such feature implemented in Lubuntu or do the Buttons work when I Install Lubuntu on my Harddrive.17:33
Armin-MaywaldI would be happy if i get an answer17:33
Unit193Look for "media" in .config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml, it's all commented out.17:35
Unit193Not sure if they work as I don't have those keys.17:35
Armin-Maywaldok thanks for the advice17:35
valdur55damn it! I missed17:52
Unit193Howdy, leszek.18:11
smkatzHi. I can connect to wireless networks manually, but unclear how to get the list of wireless networks to appear19:47
smkatzusing netgear usb dongle19:47
smkatzno problem that no one hears me. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1932472 posted thread with more detail19:55
Unit193I hear you, but all I can say is to look into nm-applet as I don't really use wireless.19:59
Unit193http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1796785 that's also something that turned up.20:00
smkatzshould I worry that update manager is not moving the progress bar, even though I have hard drive activity? It's applying changes20:36
Myrttiif the system is otherwise responsive, no20:41
wxlsmkatz: i could imagine that happening with the installation of a big package e.g. a new kernel20:42
Unit193Or since it's the update manager....20:42
smkatzso it asks me to escalate privileges, and then I had to click the apply changes button again20:43
smkatzI did add the ppa repository but did not add anything to the system from it20:43
wxlyou could watch /var/log/dpkg.log20:44
wxlas it makes changes it will update it20:44
Unit193Doens't it also have a "Details" button?20:44
wxltail -f /var/log/dpkg.log20:44
smkatzwhat's the terminal command to display that log? sorry. I know a bit of terminal, and am learning more20:45
smkatzthe details button doesn't seem to be working20:45
wxlsmkatz: what irc client you on?20:45
smkatzchatzilla running on firefox20:46
smkatzrunning on a mac20:46
smkatz(not the computer I'm talking about)20:46
wxlaw well that probably won't help. :) you're not on the same machine20:46
smkatzif you need me to be20:47
smkatzI can be20:47
wxlanyways like i said "tail -f /var/log/dpkg.log" will produce the last few lines of the log and keep watching for further updates, printing them to the screen as they come20:47
smkatzyou going to do x-windows screen sharing or something?20:47
smkatzsounds good20:47
wxli was just thinking with, e.g. irssi, you could use the exec command and echo the last line of the log here20:47
wxlof course you could just look and tell us manually ;)20:47
smkatzknowledge is a dangerous thing20:48
smkatzwhat does the -f parameter do?20:48
Unit193Same as `tailf` will do.20:50
wxl  -f, --follow[={name|descriptor}]20:51
wxl                           output appended data as the file grows;20:51
wxl                           -f, --follow, and --follow=descriptor are20:51
wxl                           equivalent20:51
wxl^^ the joys of the /exec command20:51
smkatzit says it half-configured and installed some things20:53
smkatzthe last line is "startup packages purge"20:53
smkatzdoes that help or do you need more detail?20:54
wxlnaw that doesn't really help much.. half-configuring and installing is pretty standard fare stuff20:54
smkatzdo you need more info? do you think there's a problem at all?20:55
wxlwatch it and see if it continues to update20:56
wxlthus tail -f or tailf20:56
smkatzso there's something weird about this log21:00
smkatzthe most recent log entry says it happens in 1980 (the bottom)21:01
smkatzthe others are all in military time and in 201121:01
smkatzthe time appears to be correct on the machine although in 24 time21:01
smkatzand it still is at "purging startup packages"21:01
smkatzthis is an old machine21:02
smkatzcould the cmos battery be going?21:02
smkatzdoes it sync time as soon as it's connected to the internet?21:02
wxlthere's only one reliable way to test your cmos battery (voltmeter) but that certainly could be one explanation21:04
wxlregardless of network time sync, cmos should maintain system time21:06
smkatzI just installed this last night (lbuntu)21:06
smkatzI didn't have a network connection until now21:07
wxlas i said should be irrelevant21:07
smkatzthe time was wrong when I installed it21:07
wxlah ho oh ho21:07
wxltime to get out the voltmeter :D21:07
wxlif you don't have one just replace the battery21:07
wxlmake sure you know your cmos settings ahead of time tho21:07
smkatzcould this explain why the updates are failing?21:08
wxli can't say it is btu i'21:08
wxlm not sure how apt uses time21:08
smkatzwell apt-get appears to work21:08
smkatzI can add stuff to the repository21:08
smkatzand do an update21:08
wxlupdate manager is an apt front end21:08
wxlyou can just kill update manager and do everything with apt21:08
smkatzit was after I added ppa to the repository that update manager popped up21:09
wxli don't use update manager. i don't trust it21:09
smkatz(I also did an apt-get update21:09
smkatzis that the same command?21:09
wxldid update proceed without problems?21:09
wxldid you then apt-get upgrade?21:09
smkatzno not yet21:09
wxlwell you need to do that too in order to duplicate what update manager is doing21:09
smkatzI was following some instructions for installing some software21:09
smkatzok sounds good21:09
wxlbtw they don't work together simultaneous21:09
smkatzthe commands?21:10
smkatzor the software?21:10
wxlboth of them put a lock on the cache and so if one of them has it locked, the other one can't access it21:10
wxlupdate manager and apt21:10
smkatzthat makes sense21:10
wxlor more generally apt and any apt front end (synaptic, lsc, aptitude, etc.)21:10
smkatzah ha.21:10
smkatzI have synaptic running21:10
smkatznot doing anything21:10
smkatzbut running21:10
smkatzI'll close it21:11
smkatzwhy it was able to proceed at all?21:11
smkatzwho knows21:11
wxlif it wasn't doing anything that's probably no big deal21:11
wxli think the way synaptic works it doesn't put the lock on until it actually starts a process-- about when it asks for privs21:11
smkatzI think I may have given it though? not sure21:13
smkatzI closed synaptic. the update manager then became responsive21:13
smkatzI told it to cancel21:13
smkatzit's back at the package list21:13
smkatzshould I try running it again? or run an apt-get upgrade?21:14
wxlsmkatz: you can do what you like but i prefer apt21:15
smkatzI mean I'm going to be giving this to a novice user, so it would be nice to either set the update process with a script/cron job and disable the update manager or to get the update manager to work?21:16
wxlupdate manager should work21:18
wxli suspect synaptic was what's giving you the trouble21:19
wxlthough possibly the cmos battery too21:19
wxli like NOT automatically updating as sometimes you find out there are updates you don't want because they're troublesome. usually that's not the case with the standard repos but if you have testing, proposed, any ppa's, etc-- you kind of never know21:19
smkatzso, it is now telling me in the log that it half-configured and half-installed a bunch of packages21:22
smkatzis it in the process of cancelling?21:22
smkatz(update manager, locked cache, cancelled)21:22
wxlso it's not running now?21:23
smkatzno, it appears to be writing log entries21:24
smkatzbut it isn't running gui-wise21:24
smkatz(I cancelled it)21:24
wxloh ok so it's not running21:24
wxlcan you do "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit" ?21:24
smkatzshould I control c out of the tail -f?21:26
smkatzit appears the dpkg lists and stuff are locked21:40
smkatzmaybe something like update-manager or sypantic didn't kill correctly21:40
smkatzI am going to try rebooting21:41
smkatzthen doing apt-get upgrade21:41
smkatzfor the record, my tackpad stopped working21:58
smkatzwill reinstall21:58
smkatzthanks for the lessons everyone21:58
wxlsmkatz: the trackpad was your problem?!21:59
TrplHelixGreetings All!  I <3 lubuntu.  But I broke it.  Modified /etc/apt/sources.list to include the 'precise' libraries.  Now apt-get fails to install software (even after all the apt-get autocleans/autoremoves ....)  Should I just reload my computer or is there an easy recovery?22:28
wxlTrplHelix: do you have pastebinit installed?22:28
wxlwell ok then you can do it manually22:29
TrplHelixwell,  i typed paste then hit tab and nothing came up22:29
wxlrun `sudo apt-get update` and paste the results to paste.ubuntu.com and give us the resulting url22:30
wxlfor that matter it might be good to have your /etc/apt/sources.list too22:30
TrplHelixwxl:  sudo apt-get update running now.  will provide sources.list too22:32
wxlTrplHelix: out of curiousity, what exact feedback to get you when trying to install software (and what are you trying to install?)22:32
wxlfor that matter, what version are you on?22:32
TrplHelixI was trying to install angband 3.3.0.  I was using a .deb package that I found online but it has been removed.  I could not correctly compile from source.  Now I have 77 held packages and my librarys are half 11.10 and half 12.04.  Right now I just want to get back to using mysql22:34
TrplHelixi have lubuntu 11.10 and i modified apt/sources.list22:35
TrplHelixwxl:  http://pastebin.com/RFX3vLuF22:36
TrplHelixAdditionally,  Update Manager is running at this moment claiming that, "Not all updates can be installed".  Buttons are Partial Upgrade and Close22:37
TrplHelixI clicked on the Partial Upgrade button and it wants to remove 2 apps.  one of which ‎is the LXDE login GUI...22:43
wxlsorry work's calling over here22:44
wxlbut long story short you did a bad thing :D22:44
TrplHelixNo sweat, take your time!22:44
TrplHelixand yes.... i figured i did wrong.  Should I just reload?22:44
wxlok back22:58
wxlso sadly the problem with what you've got going on is you're now half way in between precise and oneiric22:58
wxland unfortunately it's not very easy to undo what apt has done…22:58
TrplHelixok.  to bad, i really like the new bluefish.22:58
TrplHelixI'll reload 11.10 and wait patiently with the rest of us mortals :(22:59
TrplHelixer ;(22:59
wxlso unless you want to spend a bunch of time basically backtracking by hand, or unless you want to fully dip into precise, you should either use a backup or reinstall22:59
TrplHelixThank you for your time!22:59
TrplHelixand for providing a troll free zone hehe :D23:00
wxlwhat you did wasn't necessarily bad but you'd want to be a little bit more careful about what you let the next version install23:00
wxlor you could just grab a deb from packages.ubuntu.com23:00
TrplHelixooh let me research that option23:01
wxlall this for a game too23:02
* wxl shakes his head :D23:02
TrplHelixlol yup23:02
TrplHelixangband is my achiles heal23:02
wxlnethack/asciiportal ftw ;)23:03
wxloh you want to see some rad text based game???23:03
wxlhttp://jsbin.com/egiqul/49 <-- the source code is only <140 characters23:03
TrplHelixwow... looking23:04
wxl(and that's why it's rad-- the actual game is pretty lame)23:04
wxlok enough offtopic stuff for now :D this channel gets logged. if you want to chat about random stuff, feel free to pop over to #lubuntu-offtopic23:04
TrplHelixoh.  TY for your time once more.23:05
icerootcan someone on lubuntu 12.04 provide me the output of "dpkg -l gnome-screensaver"? does it start with "ii" for you? do you only have lxde installed or also unity/gnome?23:29
wxlNo packages found matching gnome-screensaver.23:31
icerootas it seems we have "gnome-screensaver" and "xscreensaver" lubuntu-desktop is suggesting gnome-screensaver which is pulling gnome-time-admin -> gnome-system-tools -> gnome-screensaver23:32
iceroothm, something on my system was pulling gnome-screensaver which is now conflicting with xscreensaver23:33
wxland by "we" you mean "you??" :D23:33
icerootyes :)23:33
iceroothm, maybe we should have a "conflict" for xscreensaver and gnome-screensaver? lubuntu-desktop is pulling gnome-screensaver (indirectly) and lubuntu-settings is pulling "xscreensaver" (indirectly)23:34
icerootbut i am not sure what that means if we have unity and lubuntu installed23:35
wxlaw man i remember one day i spent trying to figure out how to do reverse dependencies and now i don't remember how :/23:35
wxlwe don't have unity anymore though, right?23:35
icerootwxl: aptitude why foobar23:35
wxlright i tried to figure out how to do it withput aptitude :D23:35
icerootwxl: no but if you do "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop"23:35
* wxl does not do sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop :D23:36
wxl(which is why i don't have ubuntu…)23:36
icerootor if you do "sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop" on ubuntu :)23:36
wxlneither would i do that23:36
icerooti thought i am stupid, i told xscreensaver not to do anything and the screensaver was active after 5 minutes... and it was gnome-screensaver23:37
icerooti will do some research about that tomorrow and why i have gnome-screensaver and you dont have it23:37
icerootdo we have a workarounf for this "grey on black"? i really need evolution usable at the moment23:39
wxlnot afaik23:40

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