encrypthow do i report the bug? ubuntu-bug NetworkManager??00:02
kklimondaencrypt: ubuntu-bug network-manager-gnome00:05
snadgehelp, i get a black screen and a mouse pointer when i log in with unity for some inexplicable reason00:32
snadgewhich logs can i look at for a clue?00:32
snadgelol if i restart lightdm, it restarts about 20 times00:34
DebolazWThe UserInterfaceFreeze doesn't stop bug fixes does it?00:39
DaekdroomNo, it doesn't.00:41
DebolazWGood, hopefully there's still time for someone to fix the intel titlebar bug then. :)00:42
snadgeand fglrx title bug00:46
snadgeim glad it affects intel too, maybe someone will do something about it00:46
DebolazWsnadge: Which bug # is that?00:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 770283 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "[fglrx]title bar does not update on non-maximized windows" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:48
DebolazWUnfortunately, it's not the same bug as the intel bug which is bug 93051500:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930515 in compiz (Ubuntu) "title bar text glitch offset shadow" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93051500:49
snadgethat also happens on radeon00:49
DebolazWBut that being said, I have noticed the title bar sometimes doesnt update properly.00:49
snadgethe glitchy text that is00:50
DebolazWIt "lags behind" kind of, but I never really took that much notice of it.00:50
snadgeyeah on fglrx it fails to update entirely00:50
DebolazWThe glitchy text is annoying however. Its really only a visual thing, but it just makes the interface look a bit broken when its there 24/7 of your ui experience. :)00:50
snadgeso all windows look like they have focus, v annoying00:50
DebolazWDoes the radeon version of that also start with 12.04?00:52
DebolazW*Did rather00:52
DebolazWAnd does it appear exactly like seen in the screenshots attached to the 930515 bug? If so, you should mark that it affects you.00:54
snadgei cant even get unity to start atm01:02
snadgeotherwise i would01:02
snadgesigh, mondays01:02
DebolazWFor some reason, ubuntu wont let me alt-tab switch to terminals started with ctrl-alt-t anymore.01:14
urfr332gODebolaz, you can set it up in compiz01:14
DebolazWurfr332gO: Has it been disabled?01:14
urfr332gOif your running unity that is.01:14
urfr332gODebolaz, shouldn't have been has it worked at all?01:15
DebolazWYes, until a few updates ago.01:15
DebolazWActually, the ctrl-alt-t terminal isnt the only app. I just started ccsm and it wont let me tab switch to that either. :)01:16
DebolazW(But I can select it as normal on the launcher to switch to it)01:16
urfr332gODebolaz, here is where in compiz you set it. http://imagebin.org/20099501:18
urfr332gODebolaz, this is from the compizconfig settings manager01:19
DebolazWurfr332gO: You misunderstood me, I can start it. It's alt-tab switching to it at some later point that does not work here.01:21
urfr332gODebolaz, I was just trying to give you the option of having the crtl-alt-t launch.01:21
urfr332gOI guess I missunderstaood.01:22
DebolazWYes, and I appreciate it, but that isn't the problem, that works just fine. :)01:22
urfr332gOalt tab has a opened windows choice per stock setup01:23
DebolazWIts doing alt-tab to switch to that application later that doesn't work. I just noticed something now though, all the apps I cant switch to are marked with a "hollow" arrow on the unity launcher, while all the switchable apps running are marked with a filled arrow.01:23
mhall119trijntje: you still here01:23
urfr332gOwith multiple terminals open the alt-tab has a dropdwon that you would click on the one you want on my setup, but I'm in oneiric right now. I wonder if you need to restart X01:25
DebolazWDoes anyone here know what the different arrows on the left side of the icons on the launcher indicates?01:25
urfr332gOsudo restart lightdm wil restart the ldm01:26
snadgeunity wont even start for me at the moment01:28
DebolazWurfr332gO: I solved the problem. :D01:28
DaekdroomDebolaz, it's because those 'hollow arrow' apps are supposedly in a different workspace.01:28
DaekdroomBut sometimes they're nowhere.01:28
DaekdroomPressing Super + S twice usually fixes it01:28
DebolazWurfr332gO: It turns out it was a new setting in the unity plugin that when enabled would only let me switch between windows in my current viewport (Whatever that means)01:28
DaekdroomNope. It's a bug.01:29
DebolazWDaekdroom: Ah.01:29
DaekdroomBecause the window wasn't being treated as in the current workspace.01:29
Daekdroom(Some people do, however, prefer the alt-tab switcher to show all windows)01:29
urfr332gODebolaz, compiz is a bit slow in rendering and since unity is a plugin a field offrun at the least. :)01:30
urfr332gOof fun*01:30
DebolazWDaekdroom: I don't really use workspaces, I havent found a good way of switching between them yet.01:30
DaekdroomI don't use them either.01:30
DebolazWI guess I could bind S+arrow keys to them, but will that occupy something already used?01:30
snadgectrl-alt arrow keys01:31
urfr332gOI have the cube all set up with it and other stuff but regularly loose the window headers.01:31
snadgefor whatever reason.. gnome-shell doesnt bind that by default.. so nfi how to switch workspaces with gnome shell01:31
* DebolazW learns something new about unity every day. :)01:31
snadgeunity wont start.. or if it does, i get no launcher or panel01:31
DebolazWI only get to use it on this little netbook a few times a week though.01:31
urfr332gOsnadge, have you tweaked compiz?01:32
snadgeive reset my compiz settings to default01:33
urfr332gOsnadge, ah have you tried the 2d?01:34
snadgeunity-2d works yeah.. but i only have one desktop for some reason01:34
snadgewell actually theres 4.. but the keyboard binding to switch between them doesnt appear to be working01:35
urfr332gOI have been installing the gnome-shell, and have actually switched to it now that gives you 4 desktops unity, unity 2d, gnome 3 and the fallback.01:35
urfr332gOsnadge, you can add more desktops in compiz within unity.01:36
snadgeyeah thats for unity though, which isnt working properly01:43
snadgeno idea why01:43
urfr332gOsnadge, are you getting all the choices in the dash you should the links at the botom of the window?01:47
urfr332gOsnadge, I had these disappear in my oneierc set up, and just restarted the ldm fixed it.01:49
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bluefoxicyI am about to break the download mirrors09:46
bluefoxicyYes I meant that.09:46
bluefoxicyTrying to update to u+1 now :)09:46
bluefoxicylet's see if they choke09:46
bluefoxicyearlier I tried to download a pdf file... it was 8.7 megabytes and took a little under 3 seconds to download ;)09:47
ironhalikdont worry, you wont get close to saturating the mirrors ;>09:49
mortalhow do I disable dri (for battery reasons)?10:48
mortaloh, found it but it seems that unity does not decrease the effects10:52
pmjdebruijnif you disable DRI, you can't run unity 3d anymore AFAIK10:53
pmjdebruijnand with Unity 2D running on your CPU, I doubt it'll save you any power10:53
pmjdebruijnthough you'd need to test to be sure10:53
zzecoolbluefoxicy: what connection  speed ?10:58
zzecool100 ?10:58
zzecoolironhalik: =) morning11:00
ironhalikhi zzecool :>\11:41
ironhalikHmm, I wonder11:41
ironhalikIn current state, Ubuntu will be updating packages? or only fixes?11:41
ironhalikie. will I get the latest vlc when it comes out :)11:42
ironhalikhate the package freeze, you technically get stuck with whatever was the latest month before release, for half a year11:42
micahgironhalik: precise already has 2.0.011:43
brobostigonthis is one reason i like debian unstable, as it constantly gets updates, but also risk due to lack of testing, breakage,11:44
ironhalikyeah, but theyre working on 2.0.1, which has a fix that I need, and wonder of it will land in Ubuntu11:44
brobostigonironhalik: try the vlc ppa?11:44
zzecoolironhalik: you can use the official ppa's of every project11:44
micahgmaybe, maybe not, the bug fix can probably certainly get in11:45
ironhalikyeah, but the dependencies are broken currently :)11:45
ironhalikin vlc's ppa11:45
zzecoolironhalik: the way ubuntu is doing it is the right one because imagine a company running ubuntu on unstable releases11:45
zzecoolmaintain 1 2 pc its ok11:45
DaekdroomIf VLC 2.0.1 is a bug-fix release, then it might get updated.11:45
micahgand precise comes with a nice requestbackport tool in ubuntu-dev-tools for those willing to help test backports for updates they'd like11:45
zzecoolbut having an epic breakage11:45
ironhalikzzecool: I run arch linux also, its rolling distro - latest packages, and everything pretty much works :P11:46
zzecoolbut there is a risk11:46
zzecooli like unstable too11:46
zzecooldont get me wrong11:46
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zzecool_eatingim afk11:47
zzecool_eatingill be back :o11:47
ironhalikIm also asking, because vlc2.0.0 got two ubuntu updates since its in the repos11:48
ironhalikso theyre fitting it already :)11:48
dupondjeWe need a Ubuntu rolling release :(12:05
dupondjebut yea :P12:05
Ian_Cornezzecool_eating: they could just have a rolling version too i think12:11
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zzecool_eatingIan_Corne: they should have an official ppa like universe multiverse  etc that will have the rolling updates12:59
zzecool_eatingIan_Corne: like rollingverse12:59
zzecool_eatingsomething like that12:59
zzecool_eatingbetter than an allnew  version13:00
zzecool_eatinggiving the ability to go back13:00
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zzecoolironhalik: today i got a Vlc update13:02
zzecooli <3 the new interface  , actually its only the color on the time bar13:02
zzecoollittle things that matter13:02
zzecoolMyunity 3 released today i think13:03
zzecoolnice interface and easy fast edit of the basic features :)13:03
sociallyawkwardphello everybody, is this the right place to talk about bugs?13:17
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oconnoreeek, updates today broke on openjdk-716:58
bigjoolsis there a separate channel for precise-on-kubuntu questions or will here do?17:08
PiciThis is the place.17:08
bluefoxicyi started mine upgrading yesterday but it only made it 1 package in :|17:09
bigjoolsexcellent - in that case, is it a known problem that notifications don't have any sound?17:09
bluefoxicythen it paused and asked me about restarting services for glibc17:10
ironhalikoconnore: there are some problem with java vm all the time17:18
ironhalikso it may have been already broken :)17:18
oconnoreironhalik: Oh, it was already broken, but now it is extra broken :)17:19
zzecooloconnore: you are right17:20
zzecoolmy java somehow revert back to verson 617:20
zzecool what the  happened?17:20
oconnorezzecool: yeah, I had to redo all of my /etc/alternatives links because the openjdk-7 package still uses openjdk-6 links somehow.17:20
oconnoreor it just fails to overwrite them when you upgrade to 717:21
bluefoxicytoday is a crap day17:21
bluefoxicyI've already gotten job offers :(17:21
oconnorebluefoxicy: sorry17:21
nhainesbluefoxicy: congratulations?17:21
ironhalikoconnore: http://webupd8.googlecode.com/files/update-java-0.5b17:21
ironhalikoconnore: this handy script allows you to switch betweem JVMs17:21
bluefoxicyI can't obtain clearance, so 100% of the job offers I've gotten thusfar are not feasible for me.  So I guess I will just sit around and play Go today.  If Java isn't too broken to get me on the KGS.17:22
zzecoolironhalik: i had install java using this script17:22
bluefoxicyoconnore:  how broken is Java :|17:22
zzecoolbut as oconnore  says some updates revert the verison back17:22
ironhalikI had to force eclipse to use java 1.7 :>17:23
bluefoxicyhaha what... all the updates are downloaded, it's installing17:23
bluefoxicytime remaining:  1 day 14 hours17:23
oconnorebluefoxicy: it seems rather broken to me. Sorry. You got a government job offer that needs clearance?17:23
oconnoreironhalik: that's cool!17:23
bluefoxicyoconnore:  I lost my job because after 4 years they decided to deny clearance, so of course every job I get offered requires an even higher level clearance.17:24
bluefoxicyThat's why I'm sitting home playing Go and testing the new version of Ubuntu.  Because I have nothing better to do except complain to someone that their software's broke.17:25
oconnorebluefoxicy: sorry to hear it. Although I do like Go17:26
bluefoxicyheh :)17:26
logDo anyone else's libnotify notifications randomly turn royal blue?19:53
logEr, never mind. Confirmed in Bug #934425.19:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 934425 in notify-osd (Ubuntu) "Notifications appear bright blue instead of cameleonic like the launcher" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93442519:54
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ironhalikbug #66620:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 666 in Launchpad itself "can't file a bug on Ubuntu" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/66620:39
Oerbug one is more fun20:45
darthanubisanyone here try an upgrade to Kubuntu Precise?20:48
glosoliIs there any way or irc channel to talk with the developers who fix the bugs ?20:51
pangolinthe bug should have a Contact maintainer link20:53
yofeldarthanubis: me, worked mostly fine20:54
zzecoolironhalik: you here?21:09
glosoliis there any way to get "Ubuntu locally integrated menus" in Precise ?21:28
glosolizzecool: you here ?21:43
zzecoolglosoli: yes21:44
gabyhello every body - can any one guide me - how to update my ubuntu to 12.0421:44
glosolizzecool: do you know where I can find some indicators-applets for ubuntu ?21:44
zzecoolwhat exactly do you need?21:45
glosolizzecool: I don't actually know atm, think i need to see a list to understand, it just feels like something is missing21:46
zzecoolgaby: press alt + f2    and type  update-manager -d21:47
zzecoolhave fun and good lock21:47
zzecoolluck ;p21:47
gabyzzecool: i did - and nothing happend21:48
zzecoolyou should see  "a new version is rdy"  or something21:48
gabyhow to refresh then21:48
zzecoolpress the refresh button21:48
gabywhere is it21:49
zzecoolgaby: press alt + f2    and type  update-manager -d       PRESS ENTER21:49
zzecoolglosoli: i use one for ubuntu one one for dropbox and one for system monitoring21:50
gabyi did21:50
gabyand nothinghappend21:50
glosolizzecool: what's with that for ubuntu one, what can it do ?21:50
zzecoolahh was and one more to change the speed of my cpu21:50
zzecoolit shows you the status21:51
gabyzzecool : i did it again - and nothing happend21:51
zzecoolif it syncing etc21:51
glosolizzecool: can I do disconnect from it ?21:51
zzecoolglosoli: how did you upgrate to precise21:51
glosolizzecool: where Can it get it ? I did not upgrade, I picked daily cd21:53
zzecoolgaby: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDH4i1J6QoE21:53
zzecoolits the same like in this vid21:53
zzecooldont pay attention on the version21:54
zzecoolglosoli: wait21:54
zzecoolglosoli: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rye/ubuntuone-extras && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ubuntuone-indicator21:55
zzecoolim the man21:55
glosolino you aint :D21:55
zzecoolyou know that i am21:55
glosolianyway does anyone here know how to enable global menu for Libreoffice as lo-menubar package not working21:57
glosolizzecool: that indicator sucks, it's not monochrome21:58
zzecoolwhat is it ?21:58
zzecoolits mono for me21:58
zzecoolim using faenza icons  ho ho21:58
gabyone more thing please - my software center - i cant find the search box to search for the soft ware i  need - can you tell me how to get this search box back21:59
glosolizzecool: it's like standart icon for me21:59
zzecoolgaby take a screenshot uploaded somewhere  and post the link here so we can see22:00
glosolizzecool: show me a screenshoot22:00
zzecoolglosoli: wait22:00
gabywhere can i post the screen shot22:01
gabygive me the sit22:01
zzecooltry imageshack22:01
zzecoolglosoli: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24436243/ubuntuone.png22:02
glosolizzecool: do you have any dropbox vs ubuntuone expierence ? ;D22:02
zzecoolwhat do you mean ?22:02
zzecoolIn simple terms Dropbox is better in everything22:03
zzecoolbut i use the both22:03
glosolizzecool: why better ?22:03
zzecoolnumerous reasons22:04
glosolizzecool: for examle22:05
zzecoolPerfect website  , speed , features22:05
gabyhow can i give you the screen shoot22:05
zzecoolpost the link gaby22:05
gabywhere to post the link - please give me the site to upload my picture22:05
glosolizzecool: so what's point for using Ubuntu One for you22:05
glosoli  ?22:05
zzecoolglosoli: more free space  + i only have tutorials and guides that i need to remember for linux there22:06
zzecoolDropbox is for everything else22:06
zzecoolglosoli: do you have dropbox acc ?22:06
zzecoolif not i can send you an invite22:06
zzecooland get me and you 250mb bonus22:06
gabywhat is the site to upload my screenshoot22:07
zzecoolthats one more reason22:07
glosolizzecool: Can I sync local folders with dropbox ?22:07
zzecoolgaby: dont get me wrong but do you have any experience with linux and generaly computers  - internet  :)22:07
zzecoolgaby: you are asking about the most simple things and still trying to upgrade to beta in a quite techy OS22:08
gabyiam only user22:08
gabynot so experienced like you22:08
zzecooli will help you :)22:08
zzecoolbut learn the first rule22:08
zzecoolgoogle is your friend22:08
zzecoolthis is maybe the most known site for images upload22:09
zzecoolyou can use anything22:09
zzecoolyou can also upload it to you facebook almbum and send the direct link22:09
zzecoolglosoli: no you cant22:11
zzecoolglosoli: with dropbox you can only sync Dropbox's subfolder22:11
zzecoolits like sandbox  where the Dropbox folder is the root22:12
zzecoolwith ubuntu one you can pick any folder if i remember right22:12
diegoviolawill ubuntu start shipping wayland this year?22:13
zzecooldiegoviola: i dont think22:13
diegoviolaso when this will start to happen please?22:14
glosolizzecool: can it sync local folders ?22:14
diegoviolais there any plans...22:14
zzecooli answered you22:15
glosolizzecool: friggin smuxi died22:15
jtaylorwhen there is a stable release maybe22:15
zzecoolglosoli: no you cant22:15
zzecoolglosoli: with dropbox you can only sync Dropbox's subfolder22:15
zzecoolits like sandbox  where the Dropbox folder is the root22:15
zzecoolwith ubuntu one you can pick any folder if i remember right22:15
diegoviola1.0 is coming soon i heard22:15
glosolizzecool: yeah, then ubuntu one pownz for space and for my needs ;D22:15
zzecoolbut its freaking slow ;p22:16
glosolizzecool: for what ?22:16
zzecoolupload - sunc22:16
glosolizzecool: it aint here22:16
zzecoolrly ?22:16
zzecoolyou are lucky22:16
glosolizzecool: my internet provider is good22:16
glosolizzecool: I have my upload in ubuntu one limited to 2048 kB/s22:17
zzecoolermm whats your upload speed22:17
zzecoolin mbits ?22:17
zzecoolHere at Greece for public lines its only 1 mbit22:18
glosolizzecool: it's fiber, so upload and download uses the same bandwidth so 5 megabytes down/up22:18
zzecoolthe best you can get its 24 mbit / 1mbit    ( down / up )22:18
glosolizzecool: it's considered as slow in my country :)22:18
zzecoolhmm yeah22:18
glosoliBest you can get is about 500 mbit22:18
zzecoolwe are ADSL22:18
jtaylor<1mbit/128kbit :(22:18
zzecooljtaylor: that sucks rly bad22:19
zzecoolwe were there some years before22:19
zzecoolinternet is ok if you are 10 mbit or more22:20
zzecoolif you can download data with 1 mb / sec  then its ok22:20
zzecooli can handles this22:20
zzecoolglosoli: 500 ?22:20
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glosolizzecool: smuxi............22:30
=== magn3ts is now known as golangolier
zzecooli blame you isp22:31
glosolizzecool: Nah :) Chatting with skype and using www just fine22:31
glosolizzecool: in btw, i saw that your post about dodge window gathered a bit more attention22:31
zzecooli blame your freenode server22:31
zzecoolglosoli: yes it does22:31
zzecoolbut i think that there is a better workaround22:32
glosolizzecool: what ?22:32
glosoliwhat exactly'22:32
zzecoolto have the ability to choose  launcher behaviour per workspace22:32
zzecoolinstead of dodge22:32
glosolinah, dodge would be enough for me22:33
zzecoolalways on on the 1st workspace22:33
zzecoolautohide to all the other let say22:33
glosolizzecool: sorry but this time I'm pretty sure your idea wouldn't be considered22:33
zzecoolthis is onna be ok for me22:33
zzecoolif they dont want to bring dodge back whatever the cost may be22:33
zzecoolthen this is my only chance :D22:34
glosolizzecool: Does anyone from devs answered ?22:34
zzecooli dont think so22:34
zzecoolno sure22:34
glosolizzecool: have you tryed to Email Mark, or anyone else ?22:34
zzecooli think dev's are loyal to the guide canonical gave them22:35
zzecoolonly time will tell22:35
zzecoolno reason glosoli  because they allrdy know22:35
zzecoolits simple they didnt wan to fix the bugs or didnt have the time22:36
zzecoolso the removed the feature for the lts22:36
zzecoolsimple as that22:36
zzecooleverything else are just excuses22:36
zzecoolnot even a child could believe ..22:37
zzecoolIm sure they are also paying attention to blogs like omgubuntu22:38
zzecooland its was a carnival parade   when pl realied that dodge is or will be removed  ever from the code  ( not accessible thought ccsm or dconf )22:39
zzecoolppl realized22:39
zzecoolomg its late so many typos22:39
zzecoolglosoli: im gonna sleep :)22:39
zzecoolc ya22:40
lan3yapport seems very messy at the moment23:36

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