dpmgood morning08:17
ajmitchhi dpm08:18
dpmhey ajmitch :)08:18
mhall119stgraber: wendar: I'm going to have davidcalle submit his graphic design lens and scopes separately to MyApps for you to use in setting up your source packaging process14:44
stgrabermhall119: ok14:46
stgrabermhall119: I won't have much time (or any really) to deal with this this week as I'm responsible for the installer components and we're releasing beta1 but hopefully someone else from the ARB can have a look and prepare the packaging branch, or I'll have a look next weekend14:47
mhall119stgraber: ok14:47
wendarmhall119: okay, thanks! I will have some time this week, so hopefully we can get them through quickly14:50
davidcalleHello arb15:19
davidcallewendar, stgraber ping15:20
wendarhi davidcalle15:21
stgraberhey davidcalle, I'll let wendar answer, I'm kind of busy fixing ubiquity ;)15:21
davidcallewendar, I'm catching up on friday's lens/scopes discussion. I have one lens and four scopes to submit.15:22
davidcallehey stgraber :)15:23
wendardavidcalle: great!15:23
davidcallewendar, myapps or here?15:23
wendarwe should be good to go with the policy side15:23
wendardavidcalle: have you got them in source form? packaged? in bzr repositories?15:24
davidcallewendar, Bzr branches for each and PPA.15:24
wendarSo, drop one submission into myapps, but instead of submitting any package data, just submit a dummy file, and put links to all the bzr repos and PPAs in the comments15:25
wendarthat way, we have a record of the submission15:26
wendarand, a place to hang any followup comments15:26
wendarthe way we'll handle this is to create one merged package out of the len + all scopes15:26
wendarso you only need to do one MyApps submission for the whole lot15:27
wendarif you have a bit of time, you can put the links here in channel, and I'll start looking at them15:28
davidcallewendar, the 5 branches at the top.15:29
wendardavidcalle: cool. Which one is the lens? 'graphicdesign'?15:30
davidcallewendar, yes15:30
wendarpulling it down now...15:31
davidcallewendar, the installation in /opt is not possible for a few files (the .scope/.lens ones have to be in /usr/share/unity/lenses/<lensname> and the .service file in /usr/share/dbus-1/service)15:33
wendardavidcalle: yes, we have established exceptions for those files15:33
davidcallewendar, ok, I didn't know if you were aware of it.15:33
wendardavidcalle: they're always allowed to be installed in the "normal" locations, since they just don't work in /opt15:33
wendardavidcalle: see down near the bottom of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppReviewBoard/Review/Guidelines15:34
wendardavidcalle: yeah, this is nice and simple code15:35
wendardavidcalle: will be no problem to get it together and launched15:35
davidcallewendar, ok, as it's now an official guideline, do you want me to change the files and folders names or are you taking care of it?15:37
wendardavidcalle: we can do it either way, it partly depends on what's easier for future versions15:38
wendardavidcalle: that is, I can just change the filenames in the Extras merged bzr repo15:38
wendardavidcalle: but, when you go to submit an update for precise, we'll need to change the filenames again (or merge your updates into the Extras repo)15:39
wendardavidcalle: actually, how about this, I'll just quickly make the changes, upload them to the Extras repo, and then you can decide what to merge back to your repo15:40
davidcallewendar, future versions will have to be updated to the new unity api, so there will be some work needed on them anyway.15:40
wendardavidcalle: true15:40
davidcallewendar, I will add your changes to the Precise version.15:41
wendardavidcalle: okay, sounds good15:42
wendardavidcalle: are you the upstream author on the lens and all the scopes?15:42
davidcallewendar, yeah15:42
wendardavidcalle: that'll make the merged copyright file simple :)15:42
davidcallewendar, I haven't looked at the apparmor part as I don't really know how it works. Some scopes create files in ~/.config (for example, when you click a "Colour palette" result, it automatically adds it to Inkscape, Agave, Gimp, which have folders dedicated to palettes in ther .config/app/ folder)15:45
wendardavidcalle: we have several good examples of apparmor with lenses/scopes out now, it's helpful to look at those as examples15:47
wendardavidcalle: https://launchpad.net/~app-review-board/+archive/ppa15:47
wendardavidcalle: do you have a png icon? we'll need that for the Software Center15:51
davidcallewendar, I don't, I'm doing the myapps submission, and I'll add one there in a moment.15:52
wendardavidcalle: cool, I'll pull it from there15:53
wendardavidcalle: I've pushed the first changes (just the filenames) to https://code.launchpad.net/~app-review-board/ubuntu/oneiric/unity-lens-graphicdesign/trunk16:11
wendardavidcalle: you'll be able to see ongoing changes there16:12
davidcallewendar, thanks, it will be very helpful for the other submissions.16:12
wendardavidcalle: yes, once we get this one rolling, we can use it as a template for the others16:13
davidcallewendar, especially for the quickly template, yes16:14
wendarstgraber: I'm going to build this with a streamlined directory structure, will get all the ARB to review it before we call it the standard template17:21
stgraberwendar: sounds good17:23

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