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hrwflash-kernel should die in pain10:49
ogra_hrw, it already did, you are dealing with its dead corpse atm :) ... (there is a rewrite from lool that didnt make it into debian or ubuntu yet)11:04
steev_rewrite or refactor11:12
hrwone day I will get pissed enough and will write own tool11:14
hrwon mx53loco it does not takes care of boot.scr11:15
zumbiogra_: the thing in experimental? are you syncing it in ubuntu anytime soon/11:40
ogra_not for precise, no11:41
zumbifor precise+1?11:41
ogra_we would like to but dont have the resources to fix each and every isssue11:41
zumbiogra_: I would be happy if debian and ubuntu will sync f-k11:42
ogra_and there is a prob with the handling of the kernel cmdline .... all ubuntu images use root=UUID=*, it doesnt support that at all yet11:42
ogra_since there is a weird mechanism to have an initrd script for finding the rootfs partition ... we cant use that since we are working towards an (optional) initrdless boot11:43
zumbiogra_: file a BR ? :)11:43
ogra_well, i would rather just like to submit a patch that fixes it ... but that requires that i have the time to actually look into it ...11:43
ogra_and due to the changes in ubuntu land (ubuntu-arm was dropped to make the actual ubuntu teams care more for arm stuff and not just dump their stuff on other teams) i'll be busy until release11:44
zumbiogra_: ok, thanks, just syncing f-k would be nice11:47
ogra_i doubt a BR would help much here, simply because there is a conceptional difference between debian and ubuntu in this space ... it would be an ubuntu only thing, debian doesnt plan for initrd-less boots i think11:47
ogra_we cant sync the one in experimental yet ... have to looked at the diff ubuntu vs debian has in the *current* code ? there is tons of stuff to be proted11:48
zumbino, it does not, but it's nice to have initrd-less boots11:48
ogra_once we have time for that (i.e. beginning of P+1) we will look into it11:49
steev_starting from an ubuntu-core tarball, what's the proper way to add a normal user to the system?12:39
NekoXPsteev_, useradd right?12:54
steev_NekoXP: i know how to useradd, i just want to add one "properly"12:54
steev_ala the way oem-config does it, guess i can look through oem-config's code12:55
NekoXPit uses useradd :)13:26
steev_yeah i guess that's the smartest move, i was considering just using oem-config itself but holy hell it wants 221MB on top of ubuntu-desktop, which seems retardedly stupid for some reason13:31
steev_not sure why oem-config-gtk would pull in kde but hey, who am i13:33
ogra_steev_, adduser (never use useradd manually)13:37
ogra_steev_, also, oem-config autoremoves itself and all its deps once it ran so these 200M are moot13:41
steev_ogra_: just find it odd that oem-config-gtk would require installing 200M (mootly) just to uninstall it a few minutes later13:45
ogra_well, there might be a bug, not sure13:46
ogra_it needs all tools for all possible config options though13:46
ogra_i.e. encryptions bits ... -gtk needs X indeed etc13:46
ogra_it sums up13:47
ogra_i would also not recommend using -gtk for minimal images, there is also a -debconf frontend13:47
NekoXPogra_, okay you're right, adduser (but that calls useradd, and useradd exists on BSD so I picked that :)13:48
steev_ogra_: debconf was broken in maverick13:48
steev_so i've tried to avoid it13:48
NekoXPnoooo.. it worked, we just avoided it because it wasn't the best solution13:48
ogra_maverick ? ... well, ubuntu-core was nonexistant in maverick :P13:48
steev_NekoXP: no, it didn't work properly13:48
NekoXPalso having -debconf run was great but it didn't run on a serial console properly at all13:49
ogra_it runs by default on the preinstalled server images since natty iirc13:49
NekoXPsteev_, I ran it tons of times, I even considered using it... the idea was ship a headless system with it but it never panned out because it refused to output on a serial console13:49
steev_NekoXP: i used it on a natty install and it utterly failed (that natty sdcard i used to have), i had to go with -gtk then13:50
ogra_all preinstalled server images default to a headless serial install ... so that issue is fixed since several releases13:50
NekoXPyeah it has been13:50
steev_if it's been fixed, then i'll give it a shot13:50
NekoXPsteev_, in fact -debconf is the only backend that really works 'cos the gtk ones don't stop oem-configing when you're done :D14:04
NekoXPugh this is just taking far too long14:35
steev_ogra_: mmm, shouldn't oem-config-gtk start before lightdm?14:42
steev_lightdm is starting and all i have is guest session, not exactly what i'm after.  adduser route it is14:42
ogra_steev_, you need to enable it before booting14:48
ogra_touch /var/run/oem-config iirc14:48
steev_ah whoops, forgot that step14:58
steev_ah, because /var/run is now a symlink to /run which doesn't exist15:04
ogra_well, i remembered wrongly ...15:06
ogra_it is /var/lib/oem-config/run15:06
ogra_(see the upstart script)15:06
NekoXPsteev_, see the maverick installed oem-install script, it enables it before it unmounts the target15:06
steev_yeah, i remembered after i tried that stuff15:07
ogra_GrueMaster, could you attach a syslog of a failed preseed install to bug 924018 ?15:09
ubot2`Launchpad bug 924018 in ubiquity "Preseeding doesn't work with oem-config" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92401815:09
Person987Hi all, I have a pandaboard where I've installed the "power button" hack on pins 12 and 8.  Connecting the two does make the pandaboard shut down and start up.  My question is, does it do a "safe" shutdown or is it basically like cutting power?15:15
Person987(using Ubuntu on the PandaBoard)15:15
ogra_Person987, probably ask in #pandaboard, we rarely do HW hacks in ubuntu :)15:33
ppisatiGrueMaster: for when you are awake - http://people.canonical.com/~ppisati/lp861296/linux-image-2.6.35-903-omap4_2.6.35-903.31~3g1gsplit_armel.deb15:36
ppisatiGrueMaster: M/omap4 that should fix the mmap() issue, please try it out15:37
steev_ogra_: it left ~70mb on the system; not horrible, but still a minor annoyance  i can live with it though, since i was just messing about15:40
ogra_that was with ubuntu-core as a base ?15:41
steev_yeah, ubuntu-core, then ubuntu-desktop were installed15:41
ogra_not sure if you can call that a bug, oem-config was definitely never designed for something as weird as ubuntu-core :)15:42
steev_lots of libakonadi stuff, whatever that is15:42
ogra_kde libs15:42
ogra_intresting that you got them at all when you only installed oem-config-gtk15:42
ogra_(or oem-config-debconf fwiw)15:43
steev_well something oem-config-gtk deps on deps on something in the kde camp15:44
ogra_it shouldnt, it should only install the kde bits if you install i.e. the toplevel metapackage like oem-config15:44
ogra_if you explicitly just install -gtk or -debconf, nothing from kde should get pulled in15:44
steev_i'd say i wish i had done this on a faster sdcard, but that's one of my class 10s, so i wish i had done this on the ssd15:46
steev_ogra_: http://www.steev.net/files/oem-config-gtk.png16:02
GrueMastersteev_: Try "apt-get install oem-config-gtk ubiquity-frontend-gtk".  That should fix the dependency issue.  The problem is oem-config-gtk depends on ubiquity and ubiquity will pull in all frontends unless specified.16:07
ogra_oh, right16:08
NekoXPthat's true16:08
ogra_i had thought about --no-install-recommends :)16:08
ogra_but GrueMaster's guess is the better one16:08
steev_of curiosity, why wouldn't you depend on ubiquity-frontend-gtk instead of ubiquity?16:09
NekoXPbecause ubiquity is the core installer16:09
NekoXPthe frontend part is just the bit that shows the gui components16:09
NekoXPwhat it should do is oem-config-gtk depends on ubiquity-frontend-gtk which depends on ubiquity but ubiquity should NOT depend on frontends16:10
NekoXPthat's the cause of the problem here right?16:10
GrueMasterppisati: Test kernel for lp:861296 passed.16:17
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