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benonsoftwareHello Gitzo 06:55
Gitzowhats this "team" thing about..  is it like a local suport group for ubuntu users?06:56
benonsoftwareYeah, sort of06:57
Gitzoive used linux before.. mostly fedora and a small amount of suse..  but havnt seen a local team for a linux distro before.06:59
Gitzojust decided to try out ubuntu this evening.06:59
benonsoftwareThey is a few LUG (Linux User Groups) for each State also, what state are you in?06:59
benonsoftwareGitzo: As well as Ubuntu-AU there is also http://www.linuxsa.org.au/07:01
Gitzook thanks07:03
benonsoftwareNo worries07:04
benonsoftwareGitzo: We also have IRC meetings on the second Sunday of each month07:04
Gitzoin this channel?07:05
Gitzowow ok..  what happens in a meeting?07:05
benonsoftwareUsally if there is any Gobal Jams happening we discuss that (The is a few this weekend) and other things07:06
Gitzodo you know if ubuntu is bigger than fedora and suse?   in terms of support/features etc.. 07:09
Gitzoubuntu has its own gnome desktop and its own cloud..   fedora & suse dont have this that im aware of. duno about any others07:12
benonsoftwareI'm not sure, depends 07:23
Gitzonice and easy to install my fav apps without knowing or having to research commands ...it instructs you how.   i like that.07:27
head_victimsagaci: regarding the /Meetings wiki, I agree, it was on my list of things to do11:04
sagaciI'll just leave it to the wiki jam this weekend11:12
head_victimYeah when I saw the wiki jam I thought it'd be perfect.11:13
head_victimI'm hoping to make it along to a couple of the jams but I'm not certain when exactly I'll be around this weekend so don't want to promise anyone anything at this stage.11:13

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