r4yI want to test for skipping in my audio. Is there a program or tool that can do that?01:54
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grasshopper1234hey, i'm having problems establishing a net connection that goes through a router. modem -> computer on a lan cable works fine but  modem -> router -> computer  does not work. the router is a linksys wireless g wrt52gs. the wireless seemed to work on my cell phone before the router was reset but the lan connection to the computer did not. all of the lan cables do work. im running ubuntu 10.04 lts. not sure if there are 20:23
Unit193You were cut off at "not sure if there are", and have you checked router/modem conflicts?20:24
grasshopper1234im not sure, im fairly novice. i can follow directions well and ill be as thorough answering as possible. the router was broadcating a signal with an old configuration and password20:29
grasshopper1234and i was able to use the wireless connection through my cell20:29
grasshopper1234but aside from that no checking20:30
Unit193Can you now? And what happens if when you are connected from your computer and you go to
grasshopper1234i cannot connect now because i am plugged directly into my modem on my computer. its a dell latitude laptop.20:31
grasshopper1234when i was entering that ip address in both chrome and firefox it said the page was unavailable20:32
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper1234 Maybe try with
grasshopper1234and i tried a variety20:32
grasshopper1234like that one lol20:32
grasshopper1234i think the numbers i entered were 192.168.101
Unit193Since you are into the router now, open a terminal and type  ifconfig20:33
Unit193It'll tell you the IP20:33
Unit193But that doesn't seem to be the issue.20:34
grasshopper1234ah im not plugged into the router though, im plugged into the modem20:34
Unit193I'd like to rule out the OS, do you happen to have any live CD?20:34
Unit193And yeah, that's what I'm talking about, I just said router in plkace of modem. :P20:34
grasshopper1234no live cd20:34
grasshopper1234thanks for helping me though20:35
grasshopper1234i could probably get computer to router going again, is there a good irc program for android?20:35
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper1234 http://www.yaaic.org/20:36
grasshopper1234thank you sir20:36
grasshopper1234cant send messages from my phone though20:44
grasshopper12342alright where to start20:47
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper12342 You said you reset your router, right?20:49
grasshopper12342yes sir20:49
grasshopper12342still here20:50
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper12342 Did you reset all the configuration or just turned it off and on?20:50
grasshopper12342factory reset i believe, using the buttom on the back20:51
JoseeAntonioRs-fox Hello!20:53
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper12342 Have you checked with your ISP that all values in the router are the same they give?20:53
s-foxHello JoseeAntonioR :-)20:54
grasshopper12342dont know how to do that20:54
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper12342 By ISP, I mean Internet Service Provider, the enterprise who gives you the Internet connection, as sometimes default values in the router are different from the ISP's configuration.20:55
grasshopper12342im not sure where to locate those addresses, do i have to call them or is there an easier way to find out20:56
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper12342 I think the easier way is to call them. In my opinion, this is a router configuration failure.20:56
grasshopper12342i see. but i cant access the router from my computer when its connected through lan. is that a problem?20:58
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper12342 Have you connected your router, and checked that the LAN connections are active?21:00
grasshopper12342the router will acept the modem plugged into the internet slot and before reset it would21:01
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper12342 I mean, if there are any lights indicating LAN activity, do they turn on while the router is on, and your PC is connected to it?21:02
grasshopper12342yeah the lights on the front are blinking when plugged it so connection must be good21:04
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper12342 Then, once the router is on, wait 1-5 minutes, and try connecting to
grasshopper12342i have firefox and chrome, which is better to use?21:06
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper12342 Both of them are fine.21:06
grasshopper12342connection timed out21:07
grasshopper12342or unable to load page21:07
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper12342 Are you on Ubuntu?21:10
grasshopper12342yes 10.04 lts21:11
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper12342 Then, please, on the network menu, click on Connection Information, and then, please give me the Default Route21:12
grasshopper12342i dont even see a wired connection on the network list21:16
JoseeAntonioRThen, you aren't connected, even to the router.21:17
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper12342 ^^^21:17
grasshopper12342but how can i connect to the modem21:17
grasshopper12342with the same connections21:17
grasshopper12342internet works with direct modem plus in over lan21:18
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper12342 Then, maybe it's a router problem, probably it's not working21:19
grasshopper12342thanks for your help though21:19
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper12342 No problem.21:20
grasshopper12342if im plugged into the modem, i dont see a connection either but can surf web21:21
JoseeAntonioRgrasshopper12342 But with the router you should see one...21:22
grasshopper12342got you.21:22
E3D3Has Google's searchresult's anything to do with the distro or browser ? I found nothing on Debian's ? Iceweasel but Opera on Ubuntu 1st result is perfect !22:47

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