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roignachi all, can anyone reproduce bug #938605?13:49
ubot2`Launchpad bug 938605 in nautilus "No way to cancel a drag in Nautilus" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93860513:49
seb128roignac, I can't, do you use list view, icon view...?13:51
roignacactually, all the views. But I can't reproduce it myself13:51
seb128hum, no, view mode doesn't change that13:51
seb128works for me13:51
roignacHowever there is a video - and the issue is there13:52
roignacwhich make me think that nautilus has nothing to do with this - another package is to blame13:52
seb128roignac, could be a wm thing, try asking which one he uses, I think he's not an unity user (I know the name)13:57
roignacthis might work. I've tried this both in unity and gnome-shell in oneiric on bare metal - worked fine14:00
roignacalso precise in VirtualBox - fine too14:00
seb128roignac, he could be using lubuntu or xfce or whatever, try asking if he gets the issue under unity or gnome-shell14:01
roignacthe video shows that this is gnome-shell14:02
seb128roignac, well I guess it would have to do with some a11y settings or key configuration or something, try asking if he gets the issue in a guest session14:07
roignacgreat, thanks, seb128!14:10
seb128roignac, thanks for the triaging work!14:10
roignacit's my pleasure =)14:12
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zzecoolroignac: about the nautilus bug i did reproduce it14:28
zzecoolrunning nautilus 1:3.3.90-0ubuntu214:28
seb128zzecool, did you have to do anything special?14:28
zzecoolsame results with the video here , it only flashes the icon and didnt cancel the drag14:28
zzecoolseb128: no14:29
seb128zzecool, does it happen in a guestion session?14:29
zzecooljust start a drag and press esc14:29
seb128guest, yes, sorry14:29
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zzecoollet me try14:29
zzecoolill be right back14:29
zzecoolseb128:  im back14:31
zzecoolyes it is the same14:31
seb128zzecool, ok, so it's something at the system level and not the user config14:32
zzecoolohh here another bug .... me theme is now corrupted  switching guest main user  ruined it14:32
roignaczzecool: could you please comment bug 938605?14:42
ubot2`Launchpad bug 938605 in nautilus "No way to cancel a drag in Nautilus" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93860514:42
zzecoolroignac: look at th alst comment14:42
zzecoolthe last*14:42
zzecoolall rdy did and pressed affects me too14:42
roignacgood, thanks!14:43
zzecoolermm i hate rhythmbox   banshee looks much better , i wonder why ubuntu going back and forth14:45
seb128zzecool, back and forth because we have no great player, just some okish ones14:49
seb128zzecool, without banshee we don't need mono on the CD nor to support it officially for the 5 years of the lts14:50
seb128not speaking that mono still doesn't have gtk3 bindings shipped14:50
zzecoolwhats mono ?14:50
zzecooli see14:51
seb128it's an high cost to maintain a C# stack only to ship banshee instead of rb14:52
zzecooli can understand14:52
zzecooli was speaking not form a dev side of view but as an End User14:52
zzecoolwhat you get with banshee is way better than rhythmbox14:53
seb128zzecool, well, we did consider the user side14:53
seb128lucid has rhythmbox14:53
zzecoolbut there is a dev cost as it seems ;po14:53
seb128so lts to lts is less change14:53
seb128we stay on the same player14:53
zzecooli see your point14:53
seb128but we agree it's suboptimal14:54
zzecoolthis is obvious14:54
seb128just stating the reasons since you asked about those ;-)14:54
zzecoolYou were clear ;) thank you14:54
zzecoolseb128: do you have any idea in unity 5.6.0 will land on beta 1 ?14:55
zzecoolin = if *14:55
seb128zzecool, no, beta1 candidate images are already set up14:55
seb128zzecool, it's planned to land on thrusday after beta114:56
seb128they should freeze today and start testing tonight,tomorrow14:56
seb128to get it ready for thursday14:56
zzecoolsomething irrelevant i was watching a video form the mobile congress demoing the ubuntu for android14:57
zzecooland on th ubunut install there was 2 or 3 icons on the unity launcher  from  microsoft cloud  office14:58
zzecooland it was running like native apps14:58
zzecoolwhats the trick chromium apps or any other way14:59
zzecoolim curious here is the vid : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gRoYlgOC9z015:00
brendandis this damn touchpad freezing on first boot bug *never* going to be fixed!!16:17
zzecoolbrendand: i can feel your pain16:21
zzecoolsame thing happening to the keyboard too16:21
zzecooland if you watch the logs16:22
zzecoolits a Alps device  Driver problem16:22
zzecoolbrendand: there is a workaround i found16:22
brendandinteresting it doesn't impact my keyboard16:23
zzecooland let the system "calm down"16:23
zzecooldont start on the fly to press super to open the dash and "move" with touchpad fast16:23
zzecoolbrendand: yeah for me it affects both mouse and keyboard , but every time a log out log in fix them ;d16:24
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zzecoolim on somthing quite interenting , but dont know if it is a bug , most of the times when i start google chrome  it has  2 panels21:10
zzecool1 is his top panel21:10
zzecool2 the gtk top panel21:10
zzecoolso i have double buttons to maximize  minimize  etc21:11
zzecoolbut like now chrome looks like  running with only his ignoring  the gtk one21:12
zzecoolThis is nice but not permanent it only happens rarely21:12
zzecoolohh here it is21:16
zzecoolafter some minimize - restore its back http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24436243/chrome2.png21:16
zzecoolnevermind i found it it suppose to work from chromes settings but didnt  , and i exclude chrome form the windows decoration plugin21:25
zzecoolend voila21:26
bdmurrayperhaps somebody could confirm / triage bug 942262 for me?21:45
ubot2`Launchpad bug 942262 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu "slide shows a paw print of an ocelot" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94226221:45
greg-gbdmurray: done21:48
bdmurraygreg-g: thanks!21:48
greg-gnp :)21:49

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