mhall119akgraner: I am sort of around01:26
mhall119akgraner: all I have on my schedule for tomorrow is a call at 1pm, otherwise I'm free01:26
* nigelb puts "rewrite summit" onto mhall119's schedule :D01:50
mhall119bzr branch lp:summit; cd summit; bzr remove *; echo "done" > newsummit.txt; bzr add newsummit.txt; bzr push;02:10
mhall1192w 9402:22
dpmgood morning all08:17
benonsoftwareHi dpm08:20
dpmhey benonsoftware08:20
benonsoftwareHow are you?08:20
dpmfine, thanks, had a nice weekend, and you?08:59
dpmmorning dholbach08:59
bkerensagood dholbach09:01
dholbachhey dpm, hi bkerensa09:03
bkerensatime to sleep I think :) got a busy week ahead of global jam09:05
dholbachbkerensa, good night :)09:12
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
s-foxHello :-)11:06
dpmhi s-fox12:01
bkerensahi s-fox12:01
s-foxHello dpm & bkerensa12:01
bkerensadholbach: I decided no bed :(12:01
s-foxHow are you both ?12:01
bkerensas-fox: Good :D12:01
dholbachbkerensa, can't sleep?12:02
dpmallright, just finished replying to a long e-mail and can go back to "real" work12:02
bkerensadholbach: Unfortunately no... Its very odd... I go to bed at 10pm and wake at 6am and I'm tired all day =/ but I stay up till 4am and sleep for five hours and I'm fine :)12:02
dholbachbkerensa, doing a bit of exercise helped me whenever my sleep cycle went out of whack12:04
czajkowskifresh air or going to the gym works for me12:05
czajkowskibut not allowed do the latter till I get signed off by the consultant12:05
bkerensadholbach: :) Drinking Oregon Chai sometimes helps but I'll keep the exercise bit in mind12:06
nigelbI can vouch for the exercise bit as well.12:11
mhall119dholbach: I noticed the Egyptian LoCo team has an event registered, but no venue12:20
mhall119you might want to email them and see if they need assistance with that12:20
mhall119I did the same for the Palestinian team12:20
dholbachalright, will do12:21
bkerensamhall119: You don't have permission to view this pool <-- loco.u.c ?12:39
jokerdinohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/usermode/+bug/602680 can i fix it then?12:49
ubot2`Launchpad bug 602680 in usermode "Description: About Myself" [Low,Confirmed]12:49
jokerdinothe original assignee seems inactive.12:49
jokerdinooh oops wrong room.12:59
mhall119bkerensa: what pool are you trying to view?13:21
jokerdinohm mhall119 can you verify if the gedit has quicklist or not?13:21
jokerdinomine doesn't and i thought i would make one, but bilal seems to have submitted a patch earlier13:21
mhall119jokerdino: doesn't look like it13:23
jokerdinoi see. what should i do now?13:24
mhall119jokerdino: following my blog posts?13:25
jokerdinonot today.13:26
jokerdinoright. i am filing a bug.13:26
mhall119jokerdino: http://www.mhall119.com has some articles on adding quicklists to app launchers13:26
jokerdinowell, yeah, that is why i am pinging you here.13:27
jokerdinoi will file a bug and submit the patch.13:27
mhall119jokerdino: ok13:28
mhall119I'm 99% sure that gedit is in Main, so it should be accepted13:28
mhall119jokerdino: but it would still be best to submit the changes to upstream GEdit too13:28
jokerdinonext step :)13:28
jokerdinomhall119: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gedit/+bug/941921 valid?13:56
ubot2`Launchpad bug 941921 in gedit "gedit does not have a quicklist" [Undecided,Fix committed]13:56
jokerdinolol, it got closed as a dupe.13:59
mhall119jokerdino: so there was a gedit quicklist last cycle?14:01
jokerdinoyes, but it was removed before the stable release.14:01
mhall119jokerdino: you might want to ping bilal in #ubuntu-unity then and get the whole story behind it14:05
dholbachmhall119, ok, I mailed the team14:06
dholbachhuats, salut - comment ça va?14:10
huatsdholbach: hey14:11
huatsI am fine thanks !14:11
huatshow are you ?14:11
huatsI haven't finished my bog post14:11
dholbachhuats, retour à la santé?14:11
huatsblog post14:11
huatsbut it will be done by tomorrow :)14:11
huatsI am feeling better !14:11
dholbachtrès bien :)14:11
huatsthanks !14:11
huatshow was your weekend ?14:12
* czajkowski hugs huats and never lets go 14:12
dholbachgood good - my brother and a friend were here over the WE - so we spent some together and went to my sister's birthday party together - it was good fun14:12
huatsczajkowski: please let me breath :)14:12
huatsbut I hug you too :)14:13
dholbachI also managed to speak a little bit of french there, but just a bit :)14:13
czajkowskinope need to get my hugs out of the way before the game!14:13
huatssounds really nice dholbach !14:13
dholbachhow was yours?14:13
huatsdholbach: building a lot of ikea stuffs :)14:14
huatsand filling them with boxes :)14:14
dholbachhaha, I took some of my ikea shelves down - they'll be replaced by a bigger hand-made shelf14:14
huatsczajkowski: I am sure the game will be fine :)14:14
dholbachalso got rid of a heap of books14:14
dholbachit was a bit of an early spring cleaning :)14:14
huatsdholbach: hehe :)14:15
czajkowskihuats: if it's not too cold for your lot :)14:15
snap-ldholbach: How could you have parted with those Turbo Pascal books? I'm sure it'll make a comeback someday. ;)14:15
huatsczajkowski: that was a bad move14:15
czajkowskinext it'll be too hot for them :)14:15
dholbachsnap-l, things quite similar to Turbo Pascal books :)14:16
huatsczajkowski: remember the issue was not with players14:16
dholbachhuats, we might have to persuade a few folks to help in the d-a-t (so go after them instead of just blogging) - our lists get longer and longer :)14:16
huatsbut with the enlish referee14:16
jcastrodid someone say OS/2?!14:18
czajkowskihuats: heheh :)14:18
snap-ljcastro: I knew that would wake you up.14:18
huatsdholbach: well14:23
huatsI will start clearing it up...14:23
dholbachI'll pick a few off the list now myself14:24
huatsit is just that I have so many things to do to clear all the mess I had since I was ill14:24
dholbachyeah, I know14:37
dholbachhuats, don't worry14:37
jokerdinomhall119: i pinged him on twitter (http://twitter.com/jokerdino/status/173905071602536448)14:49
jokerdinoand he said he has it in locally14:50
dholbachhey jono15:28
jonohey dholbach15:29
jonoabout set?15:29
akgranermhall119, great...let's find a time and add to our calendars then - thanks!15:50
mhall119akgraner: anytime that is good for you15:50
akgranerk one sec let me double check my calender - thanks mhall119 :-)15:52
jonodpm, heya dude15:58
jonodpm, all set?15:58
dpmhey jono, all set15:59
akgranermhall119, how about 1900 UTC/1400EST will that work for you?  If so do you need a calendar invite?16:00
jonodpm, invite sent16:00
cjohnstonballoons:  what time did you say you would be showing up on friday16:17
balloonsmm.. something like 10:30 or 1116:17
akgranermhall119, will a hangout work for you  - or do you prefer some other method of communication16:18
mhall119akgraner: sounds good to me16:25
mhall119G+ hangout is fine16:25
akgranermhall119, thanks - email to follow with more details of the call.16:26
cjohnstonok balloons.. mhall119 lets do 1030, ok with you?16:30
mhall119cjohnston: where?16:32
dpmjono, I can hear you16:42
dholbachmhall119, I'll add a virtual event to the LTP - on Friday we'll have Fix It Friday again :)16:42
dpmjono, please stop!16:42
jonodholbach, thanks for the patch pilot update16:42
dpmjono, not sure what it is, skype hasn't been working for me for a while16:42
cjohnstonmhall119: my house16:42
dholbachjono, anytime16:43
dpmjono, ok,checking...16:43
mhall119cjohnston: cool16:43
dpmjono, can you call me in 2 mins? I'll try the tablet.16:44
jonodpm, yup16:44
dholbachmhall119, ah, maybe I don't - I wouldn't want to register it as an event for the German team - nevermind :)16:44
mhall119dholbach: ask the LC to register it as a global event, like Ubuntu Hour is16:45
dholbachmhall119, I'll think about it16:46
dpmjono, ok. Can you try to call me on skype again now?16:47
dholbachmhall119, are you on ubuntu-devel@?17:03
dpmmhall119, do you have some time for a quick hangout to sync up on unity documentation on d.u.c?17:03
mhall119dholbach: I think so, yes17:04
mhall119dpm: yup, I have ~1 hour before my call with jono17:04
dholbachmhall119, ok cool - I just asked because the add_quicklist items came up in a discussion17:04
dpmmhall119, cool, fancy hopping on the phone right now?17:05
mhall119dholbach: yeah, I know there have been some issues with my recommendations17:05
jonodaker *awesome* work on loco.ubuntu.com :-)17:05
jonodaker man, it is such a cool site17:05
mhall119dholbach: I'll be in contact with the people who submitted changes to go over the necessary fixes17:05
dakerjono, thanks ツ17:06
dholbachmhall119, no worries - I just explained it as it just came up :)17:06
* dholbach hugs daker17:06
jonodaker would you be free to join a weekly call to discuss next things to work on?17:06
dakerjono, well it depends if it's not on my working time17:07
jonodaker what times and days are best for you?17:07
dakerjono, 21h30 GMT+0 any day would be good17:08
dpmmhall119, shall we try skype?17:10
dpmg+ doesn't seem to work very well today17:11
mhall119dpm: I'm mhall119 on skype17:11
jonodaker 2130 GMT17:12
jonodaker let me check17:12
dpmmhall119, added you17:12
jonodaker what about Wednesdays every two weeks?17:13
daker it's good17:13
dakerdholbach,  jono we are still fighting with the main ISP , they are blocking skype, viber,  teamspeak, dl.google.com plus.url.google.com17:13
jonodaker ahhh yikes, does phone work?17:13
jonodaker if I was to call a landline?17:13
dholbachalright, I have to move out of the coworking space here - today they close early17:14
jonoor could you dial into a conf call service?17:14
dholbachI'll be back in a bit17:14
jonodholbach, laterz skaterz17:14
dakerjono, we can still do a hangout17:14
dpmhttp://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/platform/documentation/ mhall11917:17
mhall119jono: can I have 15 minutes to grab some lunch before our call?17:57
jonomhall119, can you grab lunch afterwards?17:58
jonoI am a tight schedule17:58
jonoand you should have eaten earlier :-)17:58
mhall119jono: tell that to dpm17:58
jonomhall119, go eat, we can talk later17:58
dpmoh sorry mhall119, I hadn't realized it was your lunch hour17:59
mhall119akgraner: would you be available at 3pm instead of 2pm?18:01
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow18:02
akgranermhall119, yep :-) I'll change the invite18:02
dpmdaker, thanks for reporting bug 942113. I think it'd be really easy to fix by someone with your experience, do you think you could have a go at it?18:05
ubot2`Launchpad bug 942113 in ubuntudeveloperportal "Linkify the featured apps" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94211318:05
dakerdpm, where is the code ?18:05
dpmin the same project, let me give you the link...18:05
dakerah good18:06
dpmdaker, here's the code https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntudeveloperportal18:06
jonomhall119, about set?19:00
jonomhall119, invite sent19:02
jonoballoons, all set?>19:30
balloonsyou know it19:31
mhall119akgraner: I can hangout whenever you're available19:42
akgranermhall119, I'm back - sorry about that I got stopped by every bus and stop light on the way home - inviting you now20:17
akgranermhall119, invite sent :-)20:20
s-foxThanks for the comment on my blog AlanBell,  I wasn't  totally sure I did it right20:59
cjohnstonmhall119:  nice article22:13
cjohnstonor whatever you want to call it22:13
balloonscjohnston, we don't compliment mhall119 ! it'll go straight to his head!22:55
cjohnstonballoons: I want something from him22:55
jo-erlendcan someone tell me what this desktop wallpaper is called or where it's available? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/93192855/HUD%20issue.png23:18
jo-erlendthat has got to be the most beautiful Ubuntu-inspired wallpaper I've ever seen.23:19
balloonsjo-erlend, I don't know.. but I wantz!23:20
bkerensajo-erlend: Is that a real pangolin or is that just a pangolin toy like pleia2 has?23:20
jo-erlendbkerensa, I don't know, but it's not in the original photo :)23:20
bkerensaHmm does anyone know about the appearance settings saying certain backgrounds change throughout the day? So far I have not seen any changes23:26
daker_jo-erlend: balloons do you want that wallpaper ?23:28
jo-erlenddaker_, very much so.23:28
balloonsbkerensa, shotwell will let you have a slideshow of wallpaper23:29
balloonsand it does so thru the appearance dialog.. not exactly sure how to get the option without going thru shotwell.. just noticed it the other day23:29
balloonsdaker_,  thanks ;-23:29
bkerensaballoons: ahh ok23:32
jo-erlenddaker_, thank you! :)23:35
popeyi agree thats a nice wallpaper23:39
daker_found here http://www.flickr.com/groups/1860176@N24/23:42

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