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EvilResistanceanyone from the IRCC or ops team online?  got a question about PPAs and recommending them for certain support cases in the Ubuntu IRC channels17:28
AlanBellfunnily enough we had a topic on that at the team meeting last night17:29
AlanBellmust do the minutes17:29
EvilResistancefunny that i was stuck in a 12 hour conference, having to spend 4 hours giving an extraordinarily detailed description of how much Microsoft Sharepoint is a pain to develop in >.>17:30
pangolinEvilResistance: it is fine to recommend PPA's if you explain the possible drawbacks and make it clear that they are not officially supported.17:32
EvilResistanceto my question:  the nginx team (and incidentially, the GC for #nginx here on freenode) runs a PPA that has up-to-date releases of nginx.  is recommending that "official ppa" as is referenced on the nginx site acceptable when a person's issue is fixed by upgrading?17:32
EvilResistancepangolin, indeed, although you should read my last message for a very very specific case17:32
EvilResistances/upgrading/upgrading the package/17:33
pangolinif upgrading via the official repos fixes the issue then I think it is best to suggest that but if for whatever reason the user can't or won't upgrade, recommend the ppa17:33
pangolinEvilResistance: common sense and best judgement :)17:34
EvilResistancethe only reason i ask is because a lot of the questions seen in #nginx are for ancient versions of nginx that are from the Ubuntu repos, (11.04 / 11.10), and the first thing recommended over in the nginx channel is "Upgrade using the PPA"17:34
EvilResistanceso... i was curious what #ubuntu wanted ;P17:35
pangolinEvilResistance: it is one of those iffy situations. we do our best to advise the user. Final decision is up to them.17:35
EvilResistancei see.17:35
pangolinin #ubuntu I think it was decided yesterday that it is fine to recommend PPA's as long as we also let them know of potential dangers involved17:36
oCeanBut since no one knows the dangers...17:37
pangolinas for what #nginx recommends, we can't really do much about it.17:37
pangolinI am glad there is a #nginx for the users to get support in if they have issues with the ppa17:37
EvilResistancethey also provide legacy support17:37
EvilResistancebut for the record, the versions in 11.04 and 11.10 qualify as legacy17:37
EvilResistance(as for 12.04, they've got the upgraded versions from Debian)17:38
EvilResistance(and those arent legacy)17:38
pangolinoCean: We do know what the dangers are.  possible complete system explosion17:38
oCeanpangolin: I mean dangers/risks of this specific ppa17:39
oCeanbut, nvm, let's not get that discussion again17:39
pangolinEvilResistance: I think you are smart enough to use your best judgement when helping a user. I don't believe we need to make rules for every possible situation.17:39
AlanBellEvilResistance: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/SupportersGuide17:40
oCeanEvilResistance: so, nginx will be >1.0 in 12.04?17:40
EvilResistanceoCean, lemme double-check the precise repos, i'll get you a better answer, but about a month ago, nginx was updated in Debian to be more recent17:40
oCean!info nginx precise17:40
EvilResistancethey decided to put the *development* code into Debian17:40
ubottunginx (source: nginx): small, but very powerful and efficient web server and mail proxy. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.14-1 (precise), package size 5 kB, installed size 80 kB (Only available for any all)17:40
EvilResistanceyeah, that's the version in debian17:41
AlanBell"(Only available for any all)" whut??17:41
EvilResistancewhich is actually running developmental code17:41
* EvilResistance knows the Debian maintainer, he's also the guy running the nginx ppa17:41
EvilResistancei'm actually slightly concerned about the nginx team's decision to put developmental code into Debian17:51
EvilResistancebut i'm not in a position on the nginx irc team to do anything about it17:51
EvilResistance(except voice my concerns :/)17:52
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