alo21hi all19:45
alo21i wanna know if you have a project that improve using Ubuntu inside library19:46
alo21EmmaSystem76Chic: hi19:49
alo21EmmaSystem76Chic: can i talk to you?19:49
EmmaSystem76ChicAbout Ubuntu Marketing? Yes! I've been working on some ideas and wanted to run them by the group19:50
alo21EmmaSystem76Chic: do you have a project that brings Ubuntu in Library, or sensitises using this OS?19:52
EmmaSystem76ChicI am not currently working on something like that, but that is a great idea. I am focusing on Loco events and reaching out to non-developers19:55
alo21EmmaSystem76Chic: I am a member of Ubuntu-it20:25
EmmaSystem76ChicIf you have something you'd like to market to local libraries, I'd be happy to assist. 20:29
alo21EmmaSystem76Chic: i askd here because usually all Italian project refers to interenational one20:31
EmmaSystem76ChicAre you looking to get advice on marketing Ubuntu to libraries? 20:35
alo21EmmaSystem76Chic: not only..20:46
alo21EmmaSystem76Chic: only if you have the same project20:47

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