arandquidnunc: Aren''t they doing pretty much the same thing?00:12
jtaylorstrange, I synced espeakup via syncpackage today but still not accept mail00:16
jtaylorits been a couple of hours already00:17
RAOFjtaylor: Beta freeze is a hard freeze; it'll be sitting in unapproved.00:19
jbichajtaylor: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+queue?queue_state=100:19
jtaylor:O O forgot about the freeze :/00:19
jtaylora its not seeded so no damage done?00:19
ajmitchjust have to be patient :)00:20
RAOFIt's in unapproved; it hasn't hit the archive, so no damage done, even if it were seeded.00:20
quidnuncarand: I can only build dsc with pbuilder-dist00:36
quidnuncI think00:36
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stefanct"[qastaging] Launchpad is processing new changes to this branch which will be available in a few minutes. Reload to see the changes." that was 10 hours ago...? :)09:39
tumbleweedstefanct: -> #launchpad09:39
pipedreamtumbleweed: I kinda crashed last night. more or less ready to resume my efforts now09:50
tumbleweedpipedream: maybe we should move this to #ubuntu-packaging, as it's about a PPA package09:51
* ajmitch wishes he had an SSD in his desktop now, upgrading from natty to oneiric is taking awhile09:52
pipedreamtumbleweed: ok09:56
geserdholbach: thanks for sponsoring my vim merge. So the changelog shortening I've done is in your opinion ok (dropping 800 lines of debian/changelog delta)? There was a short discussion yesterday if it should be kept10:38
dholbachgeser, personally I think it's alright10:38
dholbachit has happened before :)10:38
Laneycall it "rebase" instead of "merge" and kill the changelog delta :-)10:39
* ajmitch should finish off this merge & upload it 10:40
geserI tried to find a balance between preserving history (1000 lines) and the size of the real delta (30-40 lines) and dropped entries older than lucid10:40
dholbachsounds reasonable to me10:40
dholbacharchaeologists should be able to find old changelogs still :)10:41
geserit's not like LP forgets something (for the main repositories)10:41
ajmitchthough I'm merging a new upstream release of phpldapadmin due to some security issues in the current one :)10:41
micahgajmitch: might need an FFe still10:43
ajmitchmicahg: yeah it likely will10:43
ajmitchhttp://phpldapadmin.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Release shows a number of new features since 1.2.010:43
micahgajmitch: and thanks, that saves me from doing it :)10:43
ajmitchmicahg: I don't want to deprive you of your fun ;)10:44
micahgheh, I've got a large bucket of "fun" to choose from :)10:44
debfxgeser: my apt-cacher-ng sync has superseded your upload so you need to upload it again based on 0.7.1-110:44
micahgdebfx: I'd venture to say, depending on who uploaded whoever uploaded the package second is responsible (don't know if there's a way to tell at this point)10:47
geserwill do, my change just quietens the logrotate warning from the unknown option10:47
geserwould soyuz allow to upload a version if a newer version is sitting already in the queue?10:48
micahgyes, it was sitting in unapproved (since we're frozen)10:48
micahgbut whoever's approving the queue should be watching for these things :))10:48
debfxstill lp shouldn't allow accepting both10:48
micahgsure, it's unapproved10:48
micahgoh, accepting...10:49
micahgwell, it's accepted, but wouldn't build10:49
debfxyeah it is accepted but it shouldn't allow it to be accepted10:50
micahgwell, that doesn't seem like a high priority at this point10:51
ajmitchLaney: what do you need from me for this FFe fun? :)10:51
* ajmitch has 10c around here somewherew10:51
ajmitchI can post it to you, should arrive in a couple of months10:51
Laney£ please10:51
ajmitchclosest I have is euros, sorry :(10:52
Laneyplay money :(10:52
Laneyusual stuff10:52
Laneyhow major is the update? any rdeps?10:52
ajmitchclosest to an rdep is a Suggests from samba4, the update looks to be about 85% bugfixes10:53
Laneysmoke testing would be nice, otherwise bug with rationale10:54
Laneybuild/install logs probably wouldn't be that interesting ...10:55
ajmitchit's a php app, so build logs should be boring10:55
nigelbLaney: can we gift you the metric system instead? :D10:55
ajmitchthe main rationale is OMG security holes (it's php...)10:55
tumbleweedso, it'll still have security holes :)10:56
tumbleweedmaybe even bigger ones, if php itself is anything to go by :P10:56
ajmitch2+2=4, except when running php? :)10:56
* Laney measures nigelb in links, then runs several furlongs away10:57
* nigelb goes to find a converter.10:57
Laney1/25 of a rod10:59
Laney1/100 of a chain?11:00
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ajmitchLaney: bug 941855, want u-release subscribed?11:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 941855 in phpldapadmin (Ubuntu) "[FFe] phpldapadmin 1.2.2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94185511:02
Laneydid it11:03
Laneydo you have any ability to test?11:03
ajmitchlimited, I don't have an ldap server up & running11:04
* Laney sticks a cherry on top11:04
* ajmitch is just trying to look at some of the big bad bugs on the rc bugs page, though tumbleweed & micahg seem to have got most :)11:05
nigelbphpldapadmin *shudder*11:05
ajmitchnigelb: I know...11:06
nigelbI spent 2 weeks playing with it :)11:06
ajmitchit's like giving a teenager the keys to an expensive car & hoping that they don't crash it ;)11:06
tumbleweedajmitch: I'm sure there are lots of worthwile things there, still11:06
nigelbajmitch: wow, exactly!11:06
tumbleweedthe automated lucid->precise upgrade tests are main-only, right? It'd be nice to run some on universe packages. But I doubt we'd have the manpower to deal with them...11:07
micahgtumbleweed: stgraber is running upgrade tests on the flavors11:08
tumbleweedright, but nothing approaching debian's piuparts upgrade tests of the whole archive11:08
tumbleweed(a few issues in rcbugs were squeeze->wheezy ugprades, which applied to lucid->precise)11:09
* ajmitch thinks having universe upgrades tested is probably almost as important11:11
tumbleweedI agree, they are important bugs for our users11:12
tumbleweedUbuntu has a reputation of not upgrading cleanly, and only part of that comes from crazy PPAs :P11:13
micahgI fixed a release upgrade bug in lucid at the last UDS :)11:14
tumbleweedunfortunatly, they are a pain to test, becasue of the debconf upgrade problem (that's worked around in update-manager)11:15
ajmitchLaney: ta for the ffe approval, uploading now11:23
Laneyye beauty11:33
hakermaniaHello :) May I be told when is the last timeline (which 'freeze') in which ubuntu can accept backports(new version of program already in the repos). I have thhe realease schedule link but setill not sure. Thanks :)12:55
tumbleweedhakermania: the last time for FFes to be processed is unseeded universe final freeze https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule12:56
tumbleweedand the -backports for new packages process doesn't appear to be usable yet12:57
hakermaniatumbleweed, so, what do you suggest for having a ready backport?13:07
tumbleweedgo with an FFe ifyo want a newer version in precise, and please try and do it before beta 213:18
geserjtaylor: do you plan to get your planner FTBFS fix directly into Ubuntu or wait some more on a new upload?13:50
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=== dholbach changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: REVU is back up | Precise: Feature Freeze | Want to get involved with the MOTU? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Sponsor queue: http://bit.ly/fz6AyQ | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ftbfs | http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/bugs/rcbugs/
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jtaylorgeser: probably makes sense to fix planenr directly, the new upload will likely include new features18:08
jtaylorI'll do that later18:08
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AnAntHello, is universe/multiverse also freezed ?20:24
broderAnAnt: universe and multiverse are subject to feature freeze20:24
broderdue to lp limitations, uploads also get held for beta freeze, but if the package isn't on any beta products (cds, etc.), then they basically get instantly approved20:25
broder(so effectively not beta-frozen)20:25
AnAntbroder: so, I can sync packages that aren't on CDs ?20:26
broderAnAnt: yes20:26
broderAnAnt: note that https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BetaFreeze only mentions main and restricted20:26
micahgAnAnt: the archive is frozen, but sources that don't affect images are usually waved through20:29
micahgthat wiki page needs updating20:29
brodermicahg: i thought non-imaged packages were actually an automatic accept and not just "usually"20:30
micahgit still requires a human20:30
broderright, but as automatic as anything done by a human can be20:31
micahgand if someone uploaded some crazy universe package that took 2 days to build, it might not go through20:31
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broderfyi, for people who are doing the stripe ctf, they're planning to shut it down on wednesday21:04
tumbleweedso soon?21:05
tumbleweedbroder: have you finished yet?21:05
broderno :-/21:05
broderbut i haven't put more than about 5 minutes of serious effort into it21:05
broderi know conceptually what i want to try and do, but haven't figured out how to do it yet21:06
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