fluvvelldoes the current distro of mythbuntu boot being able to run live myth running system?00:26
fluvvellfor testing tv cards for example00:26
mrandfluvvell: if you mean the live-cd (without doing an "install"), there is no backend in the live-cd, so you can't use THAT to test tv cards.  But you could use vlc or mplayer that is there to test the tv cards.01:10
fluvvellyes, I have a going myth 0.23 install on a 10.04 release that cant seem to use a new card I've put in, so I was considering booting a live distro to test it.01:13
fluvvellI could install a backend for test purposes I guess01:13
mrandyeah, creating a second partition isn't hard, if you want to go that route01:16
fluvvellwell, I was actually thinking of apt-get installing on the ramdisk -I have 2Gb RAM onboard01:18
fluvvellbut there is 37G available on the myth drive, I could snaffle a few gigs of that just for a test run01:34
superm1fluvvell: well the backend is present on the live cd, but the upstart job for both it and mysql-server are set to disabled03:33
superm1if you rename those jobs, you can probably finagle getting it running on the live cd03:34
fluvvellah, so all I have to do is enable in /etc/default and start them up?03:34
superm1 in /etc/init03:34
superm1they should stand out to what they're renamed to03:34
superm1whenever myth grows automatic card detection and such it might make more sense for us to have a functional backend on the CD03:35
superm1but right now it's just way too much configuration to be useful for most people03:35
fluvvellsuperm1, sounds much better.  now if only I can get him easily into remote support mode I'm cooking with gas.03:37
superm1as in VNC?03:38
superm1that should be do-able too03:38
fluvvellwell I might use teamviewer03:38
superm1i think the MCC VNC option will work on the live cd03:38
fluvvelloh, right03:38
fluvvellno firewall?03:39
superm1not enabled by default03:39
superm1you need to set a password for the VNC though when you turn it on03:40
superm1it isn't "on by default"03:40
fluvvellyep, very used to using vnc.03:40
fluvvellI'd forgotten about mcc03:40
fluvvelli've got ssh into the box atm, but when he boots the live cd that will all be gone03:41
superm1ah i see.  well don't think there is an easy way to solve that - you will at least need a USB keyboard while on the live cd to get to things and re-enable SSH or anything else03:42
fluvvellyep, he can do most of that form me. but if he can enable vnc from the MCC then I'm probably good03:43
fluvvellthanks :-)03:45
superm1sure, hope it works out!03:46
fluvvellwhats with the username and password on the live cd????05:58
fluvvellanyone familiar with the stupid login on the 11.10 live cd???06:56
fluvvellmrand, do you know why the cd just boots to a stupid box with a pc icon and the username Ubuntu under it, but keeps giving the X server fail on failsafe error??07:05
fluvvellsuperm1, do you know?07:08
fluvvellcan somebody please tell my why the live 11.10 cd won't login to an xfce session???07:58
fluvvellhmm, nobody answered it in the ubuntu forum http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11463929 either.08:03
TechnophilHi Can someone tell me where to put "sudo service dvbhdhomerun-utils start" in to run at boot time, as referenced at http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/dvbhdhomerun/wiki/UbuntuPackages and http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/dvbhdhomerun/wiki/FAQ08:44
Zinn[sourceforge.net] UbuntuPackages – dvbhdhomerun08:44
TechnophilI tried writing a file under /etc/init.d/starter.sh and put it in there, less the sudo, made it executable but that does not seem to work...08:46
TechnophilI think I see the problem, LAN not up yet...08:59
superm1fluvvell: if it's asking for a username and password, that means the X server crashed in it's initial attempt and the failsafe attempt started15:25
superm1you can put in the username "ubuntu" and no password to login however15:25
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fluvvellsuperm1, yes then the x server re-crashes and it comes back to the login.  This same iso downloaded in two places boots the same on two different pcs.21:24
fluvvellthere are hints that it may have to do with xfce, but as no other desktop option exists on the distro, its effectively a non-starter.21:26
superm1fluvvell: double check the md5sum of the ISO image i would recommend22:08
superm1and if you can, write it to a USB stick instead22:09
fluvvellthe MD5 Checksum is just fine superm1, the disk is fine also. I think this is a dud distro.22:11
fluvvelland it pains me to say it.22:11
fluvvellits mythbuntu-11.10-desktop-amd64.iso22:12
fluvvellI can CTRL-ALT-F1 across to a terminal, ps aux |grep xfconfd    shows that xfconfd is in fact not running, just as the failsafe error message suggests.22:18
fluvvelltrying to start or restart dbus locks me out of the computer and requires a reboot22:20
DaveMorrishey all22:37
DaveMorrisnot sure if what I want is possible so any pointers.22:37
DaveMorrisI'm looking to run MythTV client and a Squeezebox client on the same PC. (Which I know I can do and currently do)  However I want to output Myth sound over HDMI and squeezebox sound over coax22:38
DaveMorrisis it possible?  Will I need to maybe run squeezebox in a virtual machine with a second sound card in the machine?22:39
DaveMorrismight pick up a raspberry pi to run squeezebox22:41
fluvvellsuperm1, mrand and anyone else listening to my ramblings - I added a user via the tty console, and was able to log in with that. The ubuntu user will NOT let me log in (apart from via tty)23:21
fluvvellI am about to reboot, because I also tried other things before adding the user - I want to see if that is the main issue.23:21
rhpot1991DaveMorris: is this Squeezebox just some network music app?23:21
DaveMorrisopensource java client23:21
DaveMorristhe free app on my phone is good for selecting and playing music23:22
DaveMorrissince I cna use it without having to turn on the TV  (like with myth music)23:22
rhpot1991DaveMorris: I'd venture its as easy as configuring sqeezebox to use your coax output and leaving mythtv alone23:22
DaveMorrisfrom what I've played with, they both just want to use the one clingured via sound preferences23:22
rhpot1991DaveMorris: well in myth you can tell it what sound device to use23:23
rhpot1991so maybe you make coax the default and let sqeezebox use that23:23
DaveMorrisworth a play :)23:23
rhpot1991and then in myth (frontend, setup > general > page 3 I think)23:23
rhpot1991tell it to do hdmi23:23
rhpot1991and hopefully your hdmi isn't jumpered from the same sound device as the coax23:24
DaveMorrisbtw I'd recommend Squeezebox, it works nicely23:24

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