pleia2bkerensa: for release training, does 5PM or 7PM (or later?) work best for you?03:39
pleia2should only take a half hour or so, 7PM is better for me but I can be flexible03:40
bkerensa|mobilepleia2: 5pm will work see you tomorrow04:10
pleia2great, thanks :)04:11
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akgranerpleia2, working on UWN now15:57
akgranerBlogosphere still needs summarizing I'm working on stats now16:08
pleia2akgraner: I think we're just going to make blogosphere a list of bullet points16:51
akgranerpleia2, totally works for me :-)16:52
akgranerI can do that while I am in there if you want16:52
akgranerI just want to have everything ready for you training session today with bkerensa :-)16:53
pleia2can you add http://viajemotu.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/ugj-df/ for "Mexico" to the bullet point list of UGJs we have in the LoCo section16:53
pleia2thanks :)16:53
akgraneryep will do :-)16:54
akgranerpleia2, are you having to login to the wiki with SSO like 2 to 3 times before it keeps you logged in?16:54
akgranerwas curious if it was just me or if someone else was having an issue as well16:55
pleia2akgraner: yeah :\16:55
pleia2people in my loco complain about it all the time, it's been this way since the upgrade last year16:55
akgranerI normally don't notice it b/c I don't logout - but since I am upgrading all the time now I am getting signed out so now I notice it16:56
pleia2akgraner: I can do the security and updates if you're out of the doc17:59
akgranerI'm pulling those now :-)17:59
pleia2oh ok, thanks :)17:59
pleia2let me know if you have any trouble with the scripts18:00
akgranerwill do :-)18:02
akgranerpleia2, everything but 'In This Issue" is there18:15
akgranerbkerensa, thanks for learning the publishing process :-)  and thanks pleia2 for teaching it.18:15
pleia2yay, thanks!18:16
AlanBellhello, can someone help me with deleting a fridge calendar entry?19:03
Unit193May want to say what one.19:04
AlanBellthis one https://www.google.com/calendar/render?eid=NGRiZ3JkcWs1dW1vNGNlOTFhY3ZtNW91MjBfMjAxMjAzMTBUMTEwMDAwWiBqNXE4NW1taTZ1anZqdGlpNXMxbjNsaTVpb0Bn&ctz=Etc/GMT&sf=true&output=xml19:05
AlanBellwant to delete that and future occurences of it19:06
pleia2AlanBell: done19:06
AlanBellthanks pleia219:06
Unit193http://digitizor.com/2012/02/22/adobe-flash-linux-chrome/ yey.....19:22

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